and they are so much alike omg


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  

MBTI is a bullshit personality inventory that nobody should be using:

Although popular in the business sector, the MBTI exhibits significant psychometric deficiencies, notably including poor validity (i.e. not measuring what it purports to measure) and poor reliability (giving different results for the same person on different occasions).[8][9][10] The four scales used in the MBTI have some correlation with four of the Big Five personality traits, which are a more commonly accepted framework.

it pretty much exclusively continues to be popular because 1) it’s convenient for HR departments to abuse as yet another “scientific” metric to arbitrarily filter out some people with before hiring, 2) momentum + the Forer effect, 3) people will literally take and retake the test until they get INTJ, so they be part of the INTJ-omg-we’re-so-alike-and-rational-and-misunderstood circlejerk.

The Introvert/Extrovert part of MBTI is the only one that is even somewhat reliable, and most people can tell if they’re particularly one or the other just from the definitions, without taking a corporate-Scientific™ test. Heck, even if you really wanted to take such a test, Big Five / CANOE / OCEAN is empirically better anyway.

MBTI is not only bad, but due to its momentum and its continued corporate abuse under late capitalism (and because it embodies some of the worst aspects of naive positivism and bad-psychology) it’s also harmful.

In conclusion, the signs >>> MBTI. At least the signs are fun and harmless.

edit: Though there is actually one thing that one MBTI result predicts really well: the people who strongly identify with their INTJ result, and list it on their descriptions / about pages like it’s a coherent identity category, are overwhelmingly the most boring and insufferable people on this website. And even then, that’s not the test itself being useful, it’s just the hype around one of the results enabling a subset of middle-class white people to advertise their boring asses.

edit edit: feel compelled to say, don’t be mean to minors listing their MBTI type tho. lot of kids on here, who are marketed at heavily / pressured to identify with a whole bunch of different corporate-nonsense-things

let’s be real here. I know everyone likes to think Sirius had long hair to piss off his mother but that’s not it at all?

I dunno, but we have repetitive proof that in the wizarding world long hair isn’t against any pureblood fashion code. The purest purist pureblood to ever pureblood, Lucius Malfoy, has extremely long hair. Regulus Black is briefly shown with shoulder-length hair - but still, he’s described to look quite alike Sirius, except for his ‘natural beauty’ (omg Harry so gay). This could just as much say that Regulus has his hair in a fashion similar to Sirius’. 

Not to mention that many non-pureblood do too. Dumbledore wears long hair, Snape does too. Hagrid. The wizard with Bellatrix/Hermione has long-ish hair.

The only character that seems to be reprimanded for his long hair is Bill Weasley, and only by his mother, whom I wouldn’t consider an indication that pureblood families condemned the practice altogether.

Also no one seems to think any less of him (Bill clearly says no one except Molly cares about his hair and earring as long as he does his work).

Also Harry says he’s hot (so gay harry, SO much GAYness)


Ok so like people say that Yashiro and Guren look alike, now I totally saw it before, but then I found this picture, on my phone, of Guren/ Owari no Seraph crew in like formal/ normal clothing 
They are the same and that’s ok cus I love them both so much

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H-hey... I was a bit too much embarrassed to come and apology (and I don't like to so it either), but... *bows* I'm sorry, I send (or sended? Not sure) a question, which sounded more like an scenario o something, I know that this is an ask, but, I couldn't put it in a ask alike way, so I writed in the way I could, so, now I have a question for you (omg, I feel so bad for not know your name, sorry), ¿may you forgive me for that and my horrible English? Btw, your blog is amazing *a lot of hearts*

Kou: Wah~ M Neko-chan, you tried and that is good enough! It is good that you apologised to us, but remember~ We’re not a scenario or a react blog~ We’re an ask blog! You ask us questions~ So if you phrase it in a question like way, we may answer it~


Am I the ONLY person to notice how similar Koro-sensei and Lelouch are?

They both look alike, they both have the same Japanese voice actor (who also gives Sensei’s human form a Lelouch-like voice to the point where their “cold, calculating mastermind” internal monologue voices sound pretty much exactly the same.)

They are also both geniuses and brilliant actors with good ways with words and the capabilities to hide their darker sides behind the most genuine looking fake smiles and masks of calm demeanour. Although Lelouch is more arrogant and still has a kinder side (both of which, especially the latter, human Koro-sensei mostly lacks), they also both have penchants for using people like tools to achieve their goals. There are a number of times where they act similar.

They both had troubling incidents in their pasts and at some point in their lives they both walked through towns filled with corpses and death as children (except sensei was doing it since young but Lelouch only by the time Japan became a war zone).

They both received strange powers being researched by top secret research facilities that are seen also used by several other characters in each of their respective series (tentacles and Geass). On both occasions, gaining the powers sped up both their schedules (Lelouch’s schedule of defeating Britannia, and Sensei’s goal of escaping the lab). They both get somewhat “drunk” on these powers and regret it after a pivotal incident (sensei focuses on destructive purposes but laments as to why he didn’t think about using them to help others when Aguri died. Lelouch hates himself for being too reckless and losing control over his Geass at the Euphinator/SAZ incident. By the end of the series he punishes himself for using his Geass on people.)

They both gained famous, legendary aliases at some point in their lives, and were responsible for the deaths of thousands under those identities/aliases (Koro-sensei became the legendary assassin the God of Death while Lelouch became the legendary masked revolutionary Zero.)

They both, at some point in their lives, met a girl/woman who they became close to (Aguri and Shirley.) both girls died from an outside influence caused by someone or something that came from the facility that researched sensei/Lelouch’s powers (Aguri was hit by a tentacle mine created by the antimatter research facility, Shirley was shot by Rolo who was trained by the Geass Order.) Both girls got fatal wounds in the torso, and Koro-sensei and Lelouch both kneeled over said girls as they died while despairing over how the power they had couldn’t save Aguri/Shirley. Aguri and Shirley both put themselves in line of danger because they wanted to help/save sensei and Lelouch. Around the time of Aguri and Shirley’s deaths (regardless of the specifics – whether before or after), both sensei and Lelouch destroyed the research facilities researching their power (Yanagisawa’s lab/the Geass Order.)

At some point (regardless of exact order in their characters’ stories), both Koro-sensei and Lelouch fell from their aliases/positions as the God of Death and Zero when they were betrayed by their followers (they were also both in spotlights with guns aimed at them in the process, although the apprentice/Second God of Death wasn’t doing the gun-pointing in Sensei’s case – he just abandoned sensei).

In order to achieve their final goals, by the time of which they had both character-developed into nicer people, (goals of world peace/getting to teach 3-E), they both set up new identities for themselves (the super-destructive tentacle organism Koro-sensei and the demon emperor/99th Britannian Emperor Lelouch). They both made final plans in which they turned themselves (in their new guises/identities) into the enemies of the world (when they weren’t really like that on the inside anymore), and planned to intentionally end with their own deaths (so the Assassination Classroom and the Zero Requiem are similar in nature.)

On top of all of THAT, they both died from stabs to the heart, with people crying on them as they died, and were both remembered by the entire world as monsters after they died while in both cases the only people who remembered them fondly as good people are the people who knew/figured out the reasons for their final plans or suspected something about the plans (Nunnally, Suzaku, Jeremiah, Kallen, 3-E students, Karasuma, Irina).

And there are more parallels between Code Geass and AssClass than those two (like Rio Nakamura and Milly Ashford, Aguri and Shirley, Yanagisawa and pre-joining-Lelouch’s-side Jeremiah, the Second God of Death and Rolo/the Core Black Knights, etc.)


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Omg! There are these Italian siblings at my school, an older brother and a younger sister, and they look so much alike and spend so much time together. I think of them as Sara and Michele Crispino; it's gotten so bad I can't even remember their real names. But yeah, I think the Crispinos go to my school. :)

please keep sara safe that’s all i ask

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Just found out im the girl version of jungkook and im upset bc i refuse to marry myself. My friend said we're both artsy, memey, shy, virgos, 97 liners, love spicy food, athletic, musicians, love the demon, we basically like all the same stuff and i used to really avoid men lmao. So since we're so alike our relationship wouldnt work out. So ill have to marry the demon or hoseok :/ sorry i dont make the rules

“i refuse to marry myself” uh…y don’t u just marry me? 🤧

lmao kidding 👀

but i feel u, bc i feel di same way about tae. he reminds me of me a lot , i would b best friends w him but it would b hard to b w him bc we’re so much like each other omg

but imo , date hoseok sis , the demon is a libra n a gemini, he would ruin ur life bc he would b so hard to tie down tbh , like omg , save urself di trouble n get a fine horse to ride 😩💦

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if you don't mind, may I ask 6, 13, 16, 29, 38, and 49? thank you for talking about your OCs and showing them omg they're so fun to learn about!! have a nice day!!

thank you gentle anon :’3 c I’m having too much fun talking about them !!

6.Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

Not sure if I have any…But if this counts: everyone in my “Alexander in Wonderland” (just a placeholder, real title pending) story except the protagonist and the Tweedles is basically an AU version of one of my already existing OCs who have their own stories. So they look identical despite essentially being different people…but with the same names…and generally similar personalities.

For example Astor is the troublemaker Mad Dr. Hatter in AiW but his true name is still Astor and he still hangs out with his little friend whose name is still Cindy Lou but is also the March Hare :)

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Astor and Bianchi. Astor lives to prank and scare people and wreak havoc, he thrives on it. Bianchi is a sadist and enjoys being the cause of others’ suffering…so while he tries to keep his hobbies more or less secret it usually ends up causing trouble for Ptero, who often has to clean up after him.
The Tweedles are also huge troublemakers! Before they started working for Silk they were robbers and highwaymen and huge bullies who’d pick on anyone who looked at them funny. They stopped robbing people since getting their new jobs but they still pick fights all the time, with just about anybody :^) :^)
I bet they’d all get on pretty well.

29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?

Ptero. He never tells anyone where he’s going in general, because he’s always trying to ditch his bodyguards (and Bianchi), and he’s also very into the occult and creepy places. 
Like…he’s also fond of taking nighttime walks in cemeteries and lying down in the family crypt for hours imagining he’s dead until he falls asleep or someone comes down to find him.
He’s a fuckn weird.

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?

Alter is hands down the best dancer. Along with singing he was trained in dance since a young age (various styles; he did ballet until highschool :3c). You wouldn’t know it from seeing how stiff and serious he usually is, and he hasn’t danced since joining the band so Id (who was his roommate in uni and saw him perform on stage) is the only one in the band who knows about that particular skill.

49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes

Bianchi. Once in every while he texts Ptero with bait links that he pretends are something important but are actually stale memes and rickrolls. His favorite thing to do used to be texting Ptero like “um boss why is there a picture of you on the internet”. Or “look boss it’s us :)” 

Ptero no longer checks Bianchi’s texts.

I swear, Stiles and Chandler are like the same person, omg!  (Bonus points because Dylan loves Friends ^u^ But seriously, I love these two and that they are so damn alike :D)

They’re random and funny.

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They’re sassy and loud.

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Like, really. A lot.

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Incredibly sarcastic.

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They’re fidgety and spastic.

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They get annoyed so similarly

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Seriously, they’re the same person when they get annoyed

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They’re sometimes childish and immature

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They’re clumsy and restless.

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And they can be so sweet too, they’re pretty much cuties.

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Besides, Chandler and Joey kind of remind me of Stiles and Scott’s friendship too.

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BROTPs, dude!

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Read this omg

Okay so I think I just figured out something major, idk if people have thought of this yet. CeCe Drake. Her impersonation of Ali at Radley. That flashback wasn’t meant to show how much CeCe and Ali were alike, it was supposed to say CeCe was at Radley which means she could’ve met Bethany Young while she was pretending to be Ali! That means Bethany Young doesn’t know who Ali really is, she knows CeCe as Ali. CeCe talked to Bethany and Bethany met CeCe in Rosewood that night. Bethany thought CeCe was Ali and that is why she was wearing the yellow top that Ali had on!!!!!!!




(Please Shinya, punch Guren again please)

I’m so disappointed. I thought they’re going to fight for real. Youthful punches and kicks and then followed by make-up sex all the springtime youths should have done to make Rock Lee proud.

Shinya looks much angry (while still adorable af) and trembling and looks like he’s trying so hard not to cry! Just my baby kittyyyy!!!

At the end though, I sincerely hope that Guren is going to meet the rest of the squad (and also hoping they’ll punch him too, though unlikely that it is).


Also am I the only one who thinks Ferid and Kureto’s poses are so much damn alike? Like ‘world-domination-come-join-me’ alike.

Story for Steven

So I know everyone is super excited about tiny Amethyst and cute Pearl and OMG ROSE, but did anyone pick up the hint that Marty IMPREGNATED a girl from Beach City named VIDALIA who, I dunno, maybe had a son (with musical talent) whose name was SOUR CREAM and later got married to a fisherman and had another son named ONION. And Sour Cream was all angsty about his step dad for not understanding him. Marty and SC look so much alike!