and they are so much alike omg


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  


Okay, don’t push him Toby. When I feel like Caleb’s relaxed enough, I’ll tap you on the foot, and that’s the heads up that I’m going to change the subject.

let’s be real here. I know everyone likes to think Sirius had long hair to piss off his mother but that’s not it at all?

I dunno, but we have repetitive proof that in the wizarding world long hair isn’t against any pureblood fashion code. The purest purist pureblood to ever pureblood, Lucius Malfoy, has extremely long hair. Regulus Black is briefly shown with shoulder-length hair - but still, he’s described to look quite alike Sirius, except for his ‘natural beauty’ (omg Harry so gay). This could just as much say that Regulus has his hair in a fashion similar to Sirius’. 

Not to mention that many non-pureblood do too. Dumbledore wears long hair, Snape does too. Hagrid. The wizard with Bellatrix/Hermione has long-ish hair.

The only character that seems to be reprimanded for his long hair is Bill Weasley, and only by his mother, whom I wouldn’t consider an indication that pureblood families condemned the practice altogether.

Also no one seems to think any less of him (Bill clearly says no one except Molly cares about his hair and earring as long as he does his work).

Also Harry says he’s hot (so gay harry, SO much GAYness)

  • Emma:You traded your ship for me?
  • Hook:Aye.
  • Hook:*wait whats happening*
  • Hook:*omg shes leaning in closer holy shit is it happening*
  • Hook:*calm down hook dont get upper lip sweat thats not hot*
  • Hook:*her lips are on my lips oh yes sweet jesus*
  • Hook:*they are so soft yes*
  • Hook:*god i love her so much*
Read this omg

Okay so I think I just figured out something major, idk if people have thought of this yet. CeCe Drake. Her impersonation of Ali at Radley. That flashback wasn’t meant to show how much CeCe and Ali were alike, it was supposed to say CeCe was at Radley which means she could’ve met Bethany Young while she was pretending to be Ali! That means Bethany Young doesn’t know who Ali really is, she knows CeCe as Ali. CeCe talked to Bethany and Bethany met CeCe in Rosewood that night. Bethany thought CeCe was Ali and that is why she was wearing the yellow top that Ali had on!!!!!!!

Nathan is renowned over and over as an incredibly humble guy by those who know him and if there’s one thing I know is that having all that attention on you while being a humble person can be exhausting, so I imagine after a long day of press and welcome back events and so many congratulations and pictures and autographs for strangers and friends and family alike Nathan would just be drained, so much to the point where you almost thought he was upset or angry but really he was just exhausted, it takes a lot to smile all day and yes he was happy and so thankful for everything but he just didn’t feel like he needed to be made such a big deal, like he’s proud of his accomplishments and loves what he does but he’d rather celebrate with few, those closest to him, and after those long days of being celebrated and hailed a hero he’d just flop in bed and close his eyes and let out a long, deep breath and you’d crawl into bed next to him and not know whether he wants to be left alone for a bit or if he wants your affection but he’d just reach for your hand and lace his fingers between yours and squeeze it and let out another breath and you’d roll over so you were laying against him and his eyes would still be closed and his free hand would run through your hair and you’d just whisper how much you love him and how he deserves all the attention and he’d smile a little and glance down at you all sleepy and you’d lean up to kiss him knowing he sometimes doesn’t know what to say when someone says nice things about him but he’d be so thankful to have you there supporting him and being a constant source of normal for him in life.

Story for Steven

So I know everyone is super excited about tiny Amethyst and cute Pearl and OMG ROSE, but did anyone pick up the hint that Marty IMPREGNATED a girl from Beach City named VIDALIA who, I dunno, maybe had a son (with musical talent) whose name was SOUR CREAM and later got married to a fisherman and had another son named ONION. And Sour Cream was all angsty about his step dad for not understanding him. Marty and SC look so much alike!

Wow okay this isn’t even all the pictures I have as Stan omg okay anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN🎁🎈🎉🎂🎊 he is honestly my favorite character of all time and he means the freaking world to me omg I can relate to him so much and I’ve learned a lot from him as well which sounds stupid because “it’s South Park” but I know my South Park dudes understand me. Me and Stan are practically the same person it’s actually scary how much we are alike. And I just feel so much for him and ugh I just want him to be happy poor guy. Anyways I’m just wicked happy to say happy birthday to this lil cutie bb in the red puffball hat because I literally love him so much it’s actually ridiculous how much he means to me ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 (& of course happy birthday to Trey! Thank you for doing what you do it literally means the world to us)

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I was watching again Suga in Agust D mv and start thinking that him and CL from 2ne1 would look so cute together 😳😳 they would be THE kpop couple

OMG I HAD A DREAM ABOUT SUGA SUGA AND CL LAST.ANON WHAT ARE YOU 😱😱😱THIS COINCIDENCE IS TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE 😲😲😲 I always thought that CL and YOONGI looked alike 😂😂😂 They’re similar to Bakehyun and Taeyeon couple, they have these physical traits that scream the words “soulmates”.The eyes , the sultry look and they look badass without even tryin👌👌👌 I actually ship it!!!😚😚😚

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janto janto janto (for the fall questions)

Oh, I love knowing I can rely on you all to give me Janto.

  • Who gets excited about Halloween in July: Honestly…neither of them. They don’t have time to really care about something like Halloween. If anything, they hate it. It’s just an opportunity for people and aliens alike to make some extra mischief that they have to clean up after. Tho Bek @young-bek and I always figured that at some point Owen got drunk and dressed in one of those full body suit alien costumes.
  • Who starts wearing sweaters and scarves on the first day of September and completely overheats: Ianto, absolutely. He’s such a freeze baby, bless him. Also, can you imagine him in all those sweaters? Fuckin adorable. Jack thinks so, anyways.
  • Who thrives in Fall/Who prefers Summer and warm weather: Ianto likes late summer/early early fall because it’s the best time to wear his suits in Cardiff; not too hot, not too cold. Jack loves both. Warm weather, roll up the sleeves. Cold weather, rock the coat. Though Ianto can and will roll up his sleeves when necessary. You’re welcome, Jack.
  • Who thinks the other looks so cute when they’re cold and trying to fight it with 50 sweaters: see above. Really though. Jack thinks it’s really cute. Kinda pathetic sometimes, but still. So cute. He probably gave him a sweater with the torchwood logo on it. Ianto wasn’t amused. 
  • Who offers the other their jacket: Jack is always willing to lend Ianto his coat. The first time he did it was around the time Broken was set. Ianto was really awkward and bitter about it but he was about to freeze his ass off in the rain, so he begrudgingly took it. After that it happened more and more frequently, and now Ianto loves it. If there’s a slight chill in the air, all Ianto has to do is shiver and Jack’s already got the coat halfway off his shoulders. Ianto feels bad, but he knows Jack doesn’t get nearly as cold, and it smells like him, so…he doesn’t feel too bad.
  • Who doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning because it’s too cold and has to run from the warm covers to the shower: Again, Ianto, our poor freeze baby. I mean, Jack by no means likes leaving the comfort of their bed, but for Ianto it’s just agony. Jack sometimes repeatedly tries to get him to stay in bed instead of getting ready for work, and every time he does, Ianto takes the comforter and wraps it around himself before walking to the shower, leaving Jack absolutely appalled and shivering slightly.
  • Who touches the other with their freezing cold feet at night: Fuckin both of them, because they’re both brats, but Ianto mostly. Jack’s horny but all Ianto wants is to bury himself in their blankets and go to sleep? Yeah. Jack’s getting his cold ass hands pressed to his neck.
  • Who makes the hot cider to snuggle under a blanket and drink: Both of them. Sunday mornings on the couch, watching tv with some hot cider and five blankets (four of which are on and around Ianto).
  • Who loves carving pumpkins and buys about 300: neither of them take the time to carve pumpkins, but Ianto bought a bunch and decorated the Hub and the tourist office with them. Everyone’s got a special one for their desk. Gwen’s carved hers. Tosh has put lights around hers. Owen’s is too small to carve, and he’s pissed. Not because he wants to decorate it. No, of course no, but because he knows Ianto did it on purpose. So he taped one of the pins from his lab coat onto it just to spite him. Jack’s put a fuckin torchwood logo decal on his. Again, Ianto is not amused, and says he should have put a picture of himself on it so it could be a Jack o’ Lantern.
  • Who is terrible at carving pumpkins: Both of them. Jack doesn’t have the patience, and Ianto doesn’t have the experience. But if he was dared to, Ianto could learn how to carve one in a day and make a fine ass pumpkin.
  • Who thinks pulling the pumpkin guts out with their hands is icky: Again, both of them, but mostly Ianto. He learned how to carve the pumpkin, he followed through with the dare. Now let him never touch that disgusting stuff ever again.
  • What is their favourite Fall activity: Jack’s is walking around Cardiff with Ianto or the whole team and just enjoying the crisp air. Getting a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant and taking the food with him on his walk. Enjoying the dramatic swoosh of his coat. Ianto likes this too, as long as he’s bundled up and his gloved hands are holding some seasonal flavored coffee.
  • Who gets scared when they watch Horror movies: I don’t think either of them would be too affected by horror movies after everything they’ve seen, but Ianto still jumps sometimes, even if he’s seen the movie more than once. There are a few movies they know they can’t watch, though. Jack does thorough searches on the internet of each horror movie they consider to make sure cannibalism isn’t referenced at all.
  • Who hands out candy to trick-or-treaters: Neither of them exactly have the time, but they do wait until Halloween is over to get the chocolate on sale for Myfanwy.
  • Who accidentally scares the kids: both of them. Imagine being a little kid from outside of Cardiff coming to visit family or friends on Halloween. You’re minding your own business, completely unaware of how weird this city is. Walking down the street, bag of candy in hand, when two men walk past, carrying the still-bleeding severed heads of aliens. Yeah. That’s terrifying.
  • Who suggested the couples costume: Jack, because he’s ridiculous and he thought it’d be funny. Also, he’s sure they can find several uses for them….
  • What is their couples costume: Bond and a Bond boy, because if they’re going through with this stupid idea, Ianto’s going to have his say in how they dress, and he’s going to be Bond. End of story. I don’t know what a Bond boy would look like, and neither does Ianto or Jack, but they figure it out.
  • What is the best Halloween they ever had: …….I’d really like to write a fic for this….but it’d definitely include a lot of what I’ve stated above.
  • What is the worst Halloween they ever had: that one time Cardiff thought it would be funny to start making costumes that look exactly like Weevils. Meanwhile, the last of the Saturnyns are on the loose, ensuring everyone that yes, their vampire teeth are totally fake. Creatures like the werewolf in Tooth and Claw are roaming the streets. Fuckin ghosts everywhere. Owen reassures them that if any zombies show up, at least he’ll know how to talk to them.
  • Who eats too much candy and ends up sick the next day: neither of them. Jack’s too conscious of everyone’s health (although Ianto still doesn’t like coleslaw), and torchwood’s salary has weaned Ianto off of the cheap stuff sold around Halloween that he used to love so much as a kid. Dark chocolate only, thanks.


This is absolutely canon. In fact this is SO canon I very almost actually HAD a picture of Papyrus telling Sans to go change at the end of the first picture, but I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to finish the second one so it didn’t get drawn.

You read my mind and frankly it’s kinda spooky.

And yet I’m kinda proud of myself at the same time???

also kdfhkjdshkjsdfhkdhf thanks so much omg.

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fuck/marry/kill: Kenma, Kuroo, Hanamaki~!


well, assuming everyone is of legal age and consenting …

F: Kuroo
M: Kenma
K: Hanamaki 

this is so mean Hanamaki doesn’t deserve this ;;;; and tbh Kuroo would make a better husband to me than Kenma (Kenma and I are too much alike ahaha), but I can’t f*ck Kenma because he is my son … but I can’t kill him either for the same reason!!!

how about I marry and f*ck Kuroo, and it’ll be an open marriage so he can be with Kenma too … and Hanamaki comes over for dinner where we slaughter him in Trivial Pursuit. yes. good. perfect. problems solved!

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I'd like someone to think Sonny's Rafis son. Obviously that person is an idiot but it would tick off Rafi.

Omg, but how does that even happen, though!!? :D

Like they literally look nothing alike. So I’m assuming that this person would probably be basing their assumption on their age difference alone, which would piss Rafael off so much, hah!

And Rafael’s fuming after the person walks away, and of course Sonny thinks that this is hilarious, so he says, “Hey, Rafi, I can’t help it if I got a baby face!” and Rafael just glares at him and then kisses that stupid smirk off of Sonny’s face.

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I don't know you well but honestly? I feel like you do a lot with your life. I think you work hard, go to school, chase dreams, and love your friends and favorite shows with passion and joy. You remind me of my actual mom (she's a fire look out for the local forest service). She's 60 and she works with her hands and is regarded as one of the best fire look outs by men and women in the forest service alike. I see a lot of her in you. Don't listen to stupid anons, you're amazing.

Hey!!1 Thank you omg, this is really sweet. I do throw myself into pretty much everything I do, but it’s really nice to see that people can see it clearly through the stuff I post. I consider myself, above all, passionate and driven so this is just… really nice??? Thank you <3 She!th mom is here for you <33