and they are so much alike omg


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  

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My position involves moving around to different shops and helping out and today I went to a shop with another Chinese girl and the amount of "omg you're best friends", "what are you?", "you look alike", "how do you say ____ in Chinese?", and "where are you from?" comments made me want to punch them, but I put on my best customer service laugh/smile and my face literally hurts now

I wouldn’t be able to smile without murder in my eyes. Jesus fucking Christ that is so rude. I’m sorry you put up with that so much. May they all trip over a poorly placed bucket, filled with something smelly of questionable origins, so they’ll fall into the resulting puddle.  -Abby

What Are The Odds? - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,538

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1

“How was your first day of school, baby girl?” You ask Kelsey.

“Good.” She mumbles as she quickly walks into the next room.  

“That’s all I get?! Just one word?” Sigh. 

You walk into the living room and Kelsey is already watching TV. 

“Do you like your teacher?” All you get is a head nod. 

“Do you have any homework?” She looks at you like you’re crazy. 

“Mom, it’s the first day of school. Of course we don’t have homework.” 

“Fine. Do you remember what I said the other day? When you get home from school, you get an hour to do whatever you want. Then it’s homework time. No TV or video games until it’s done. Ok?”

“Omg, that’s the worst rule ever!” 

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Oh you’re a BoruSara shipper and you’re quitting? Let’s talk.

WARNING: Pro-BoruSara, if you are an anti/hater and you still read this then don’t blame me if you get triggered. I already warned you, not my fault. Learn to stay in your lane, mofos.

Agree or disagree, this is my opinion IDGAF

Alright so earlier this morning I just learned that my friend, who is a BoruSara shipper, decided to deactivate apparently because of Boruto Episode 3. I really wanna  blog about it right away but I had to go to work so I restrained myself.

This blog is dedicated to all BoruSara shippers and more importantly, my friend @borutoverse-deactivated20170419 who I’ve been friends with since Boruto was born/created by Kishi. We would always spazz together and talk about next gen stuff specially BoruSara. Even during the times that I was hiatus, she never failed to update me everything about Boruto (she messaged me every time which I really appreciated) I am sad that you decided to gave up right away. I thought we would go down with this ship no matter what happens but unfortunately you already quit. I respect your decision however I am a bit disappointed to be honest…

I promised myself that I would not go ham regarding “BoruSara vs other ship” or “BoruSara vs haters” since I wanna stay chill and positive while enjoying my pairing. You know, I just wanna peacefully fangirl with other BS shippers while throwing shitty BS fanarts to guys that’s all. Well I’m not saying I’m going to go war now just because of what happen. I simply cannot keep my mouth shut any longer and will now share my thoughts regarding these issues even though I originally planned to stay silent.

1.) BoruSara shippers who already gave up, or giving up

Wow seriously guys? We are just 3 episodes in the anime and 11 chapters in the manga and y’all already quitting? I mean bruh, I fuckin shipped SasuSaku since like I was ten and I waited a decade to see them go canon. Even during the darkest times I didn’t leave and I didn’t lose hope. DARK-FUCKING-TIMES like:

  • Sasuke leaving Konoha - imagine the pain?! The fucking agony that Sakura can’t see Sasuke? No interaction, no communication?!
  • Sasuke going crazy, wants to kill everyone, wants to destroy Konoha - ugggh the other half of your OTP just became a villain like wtf 
  • Sasuke and Sakura tryna kill each other - BRUUUHHHHH YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH THAT BROKE MY FUCKING HEART
  • During Sasuke’s rogue times, he’s with a new team, with another female character who clearly likes him??? - Holyshit that was scary af.

I went through all of these and I didn’t give up. And you guys, just because of the introduction of a new character who is so much alike with Boruto’s mother are already calling GG? That’s it? I know you’ll all be like “OMG How rude! you just cant compare this and that” I know I sound rude rn and I am indeed comparing BUT this is the only best way that I can think of to tell you guys that PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP YET, IT’S WAY TOO EARLY TO TELL!!! I fuckin went through all this hell and shit but in the end, I became victorious since my ship became canon so please don’t lose hope yet. 

Shoutout to all my fellow SS shippers who stayed despite the darkest times! You dabest fam. And to all SS shippers who gave up early then went back when SS went canon, welcome back but ya’ll weaklings lol #sorrynotsorry

 2.) BoruSara is like NarSak or SasNar that’s why they won’t go canon

I think this triggers me the most. I don’t really get why people think like this. Yes they are the children of their parents but that doesn’t mean they are the same as them. BORUTO AND SARADA HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING IDENTITY FFS. I know they resemble them physically, and their interactions remind us about their parents BUT STILL, they are who they are, not who their parents are. Stop comparing them with these ships because they are different with each other! Each pairing have their unique relationship and dynamics. Didn’t you guys watch Boruto episode 1? Boruto was so triggered when Iwabe said that he was riding the coattails of his father. Don’t you get the point? SMH We’re in the new generation now, this is a different and new era. 

3.) Boruto would definitely choose the Class Rep because she’s just like his mother

I actually have a simple counter to this. Remember how people were saying Naruto would definitely end up with Sakura because Sakura was like his mother Kushina? Well guess what, he married Hinata, who is the complete opposite of his mother. Boruto has been saying the whole time at the beginning “This is not the story of my father, THIS IS MY STORY” What’s the point if he’ll end up doing and choosing the same things like his father did lol. So as of now,  don’t really see the Class Rep as a complete threat to BoruSara. I only see her as a caring class rep to her classmates and gets shy & nervous way too fast that’s all.

4.) BoruSara relationship dynamics was destroyed

Uhm, since the anime is during pre-Gaiden and pre-Boruto the movie, Boruto and Sarada’s relationship is nothing but rivals. Yes it was said that they were childhood friends but they treat each other nothing but as rivals. I think they will later deepen their bond when they finally become teammates and all.  So I hope, people don’t get confused about this. I mean calm yo tits guys, their relationship development will happen as time goes by. I am actually enjoying this rivalry relationship thing between them. You know unlike in the first gen where Sakura fell for Sasuke right away and Hinata to Naruto, I wanna see a different approach here in the next gen. 

For example, the thing that I mentioned in my blog last week, Sarada and Boruto as rivals who do nothing but to compete with each other then will eventually fall for each other but no one from them wants to confess because they think that the first person to fall in love is the loser and of course you can’t lose to your rival so yeah both of them try their best to hold it in until one of them can’t take it anymore (I wonder who lol)

So yeah something like that XD Nevertheless, I have no problem with their relationship towards each other rn.

5.) Let’s go down with this ship no matter what happens

This is going to be my last point. I hope that whether BoruSara goes canon or not, my fellow shippers would continue to support and love them like I do. If they won’t go canon, it doesn’t mean we can no longer ship them. As long as the fandom is alive, and we continue to love and ship them, they will always be canon in our hearts and eyes. It hurts a lot when you’re ship doesn’t/impossible to go canon, don’t worry I feel you (SuzakuxEuphy, ZeroxYuuki, GrayxLucy, RinxIzumo, IchigoxRukia) but please do not let this to be a reason to stop in shipping them.

So these are my points. At the end of the day it’s still your decision whether to stay on this ship or not. But I hope you learned a thing or two from me. I actually do not know how to end this blog since my brain is already dead and I need to sleep now since I got work @ 7am tom so yeah. 

Yours truly,

- Diane (A victor and veteran from the first generation shipping wars)


Sorry for ranting and being rude/harsh, here’s a quick and crappy BS doodle to compensate somehow

i love everything about prequels and clone wars-era star wars so much… i love the politics, the insight we have into galactic and interplanetary affairs… i love the vibrance of the people, the uniqueness of the alien races and cultures and languages… i love the fashion and the design… i love the incredible, out-of-this-world technology, the seamless blending of the mysterious Force and futuristic science… i love the diversity of the planets, from the endless cities of coruscant, to the stormy skies of kamino, to the dark fluorescence of umbara… i love meeting and getting to know senators, bounty hunters, slaves, jedi and sith alike, as complex individuals…. i just think it’s so special to be able to experience the star wars universe in its prime, before it all fell so tragically to war and corruption, and i really love the prequels and treasure them so much because of that. to me, there’s nothing like them, and that’s why they’ll always have such a special place in my heart.

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omg ive followed you for like ever and i noticed that alex and pn7k look alike :O (btw i missed alex&clem SO MUCH)

I’m sorry for not answering this sooner I feel bad buuut firstly alex is pretty cute but not THAT cute c’mon lol and secondly thank you for being so patient; I promise to post more of them soon! :)

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Hey there! This is a silly request but since the new Harry Potter movie is coming out soon I was wondering would you be willing to do a headcanon of what it would be like if the Akatsuki attended Hogwarts? Like what house would they be in what class they would ace and what animal they could transform into if they were animagus. Thanks again! (Team Hufflepuff!)

Heyy x This isn’t silly at all! I’m very excited to answer this one! Love my akatsuki boiiiissss (and the beautiful Konan) <3 x OMG I’M TEAM HUFFLEPUFF TOO!! Got the key ring and everything haha <3 


I would put put Nagato in Hufflepuff! Nagato is shown to be constantly selfless and loyal to his friends - Konan and Yahiko, always putting their needs above his own. He also has a strong sense of justice, wanting what he believes is best for the corrupt world. I think Nagato would ace the ‘Care of Magical Beasts’ class as he seems to have a strong connection to animals and his gentle and sensitive personality would suit the class perfectly. I think if Nagato was animagus he would probably transform into a bird; something like an eagle because they are smart and sensitive creatures.  


Ravenclaw!!! She is intelligent and witty, basically fitting the Ravenclaw criteria perfectly! OMG CHARMS! She would ace charms class! She’d make little origami butterflies and charm them to fly around the room ect… I think she’d also be pretty good at potions class! If she could turn into an animal it would be a black cat! Elegant, sassy and mysterious- pretty much Konan!! 


I’d say his house would be either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff! Itachi is brave and shows courage in the sacrifices he has made for the village, yet he is also extremely loyal and hard working so he is like a mix of both really. Him and Nagato are really alike so I’d probably say more Hufflepuff. He would be a top student in every class to be honest, but I reckon his favourite would be ‘History of Magic’ because he loves reading and history. CROW! He would turn into a crow!! 


Again Kisame would be quite difficult! Maybe Ravenclaw because of his intelligence and wit, but I’d probably put him in Slytherin because of his sadistic and cunning nature. In contrast to Itachi, classes with intense reading would be boring to him so he’d probably prefer something like ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ or ‘Potions’ so he can poison people he hates XD Of course his animal would be a shark! No doubt about that!


Slytherin! Cunning, ambitious and sadistic at times- defo Slytherin! He loves flying classes! He’d be one of the more athletic students and would be great at Quidditch because he is just really good at balance and being really fast! His animal would also be something that can fly and most likely a predator. Maybe an eagle or falcon?? He would be that cocky kid who thinks they can do everything, always trying to provoke a fight with the talented ‘prodigy’ kids like Itachi. 


Either Slytherin or Ravenclaw! He would be so good with passages because he knows how to answer pretty much every riddle out there! His favourite classes would ‘History of Magic’, ‘Astronomy’ and ‘Potions’ which he is always the top of his class in. He is great with poisons and always has Kisame and Hidan on his case asking for the deadliest poison he can make. The animal he’d turn into would be either a scorpion, (because they are sharp and poisonous like him), or a fox because they are cunning and crafty.     


SLYTHERIN!! He would be the Hogwarts bully, like no one messes with him! I mean the dude carries a freaking scythe around. He doesn’t really try in any of his classes, and the only that would be of any interest to him would be ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ because the Dark Arts seem really cool to him. Like Deidara he would probably be on the Quidditch team but would be a really foul player, prone to cheating by kicking people off their brooms. His animal would be something viscous and bloody thirsty, maybe a large wolf or a bear that can rip people to shreds. 


Again either Slytherin or possibly Ravenclaw because he is intelligent and responsible with money. He’d be the guy to steal books and other equipment so he doesn’t have to spend any of his precious money buying his own. He’d be at the top of the class in ‘Arithmancy’ because he is good at maths and working with numbers. Hmm his animal is difficult! It would be something predatory like a bear or something…


SLYTHERIN! He was just born to be in Slytherin! He’d be really good at potions and other science based subjects in which he can preform experiments in! He’d also be good at Transfiguration, and would creep all of the other students out by making things turn into snakes. He’d take an interest in the Dark Arts, even going as far to practice it in secrecy. He’d also extensively research ‘Divination’, wanting the power to see the future and make sure his ambitions come true. His animal would of course be a snake!! 


White Zetsu would be Hufflepuff- loyal and trustworthy! Black Zetsu would be Slytherin! Their cloak would have to be divided into 2 colour schemes appropriate to their house XD They’d be both top of the class for Herbology because they are basically plants themselves. In fact, they would spend the majority of their time in the greenhouse with the other plants. Zestu would be the ‘weird looking’ kid that people tend to distance themselves from. So yeah I guess they’d be able to turn ‘fully’ into a plant? Or maybe a small insect so they can spy on people without them knowing. 


Obito is basically Professor Snape XD Like he is just Professor Snape, I dunno what else to say haha XD As a kid he’d be Gryffindor but as an adult he’d be more Slytherin. He’d take an interest in the Dark Arts like Orochimaru and his animal would be a either a raven or a dog.    

Thank you for this request! It was really fun to write! I’d love to get some more Harry Potter ones in the future! <3 x 

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Let Me Love You - Part 3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1,055

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Part 1 Part 2 

Well shit. 

You look down and notice his wedding ring is gone. How the hell did you miss that?! 

“You…wait a minute.” You stutter out.

Jensen pulls the ring out of his pocket and drops it on the table.

“I still have to wear this in public until the divorce is announced. I don’t want to deal with any rumors. But we are officially separated.” 

You study his face and realize he doesn’t seem that upset.

“You don’t appear to be that unhappy about it. Should I be saying congratulations?” You say annoyed.

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Ok so like people say that Yashiro and Guren look alike, now I totally saw it before, but then I found this picture, on my phone, of Guren/ Owari no Seraph crew in like formal/ normal clothing 
They are the same and that’s ok cus I love them both so much

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i was gonna send another jjp concept about jinpeach and jb switching bodies/personalities but then i realized that they're so much alike, no one else would probably notice the change and it strengthened my faith in jjp being soulmates so

OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER😂😂😂 congrats anon you have discovered the true meaning of soulmates👏👏👏

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( PART 1 )Hey mari.. your blog is the place i go to whenever i need any comfort. And i just thought why not ask you for advice.. Look i have a huge problem.. I'm a dreamer. I feel like a disappointment and i never get things done. I always dream about doing this and that but i never do. It's just so hard for me and idk why. I have huge dreams of my future but the problem is i don't do things to fulfill my dreams.

( PART 2 )Idk how to stop and everything is just getting too much for me and i have this huge pressure on me. You can ignore this i know i sound pathetic and dumb and i’m sorry for bothering you :)

hi, gosh it’s okay! you can come here and rant whenever you want. actually, you and me are sooo much alike, omg. 2016 was the year I struggled the most with this, just like you I’m a daydreamer and I have a hard time accomplishing chores or small tasks that are not directly related to the future I want for myself. have you ever thought of going to a therapist? it’s not like it ‘fixed’ me, but it did help me a whole lot with the issues you’re describing. I am still struggling with it, but I found that setting small goals for myself makes it slightly better. I also started sketching some plans for my future and different ways of how to get there, and after I had that slightly clearer, I started working on smaller objectives - the ones I need to achieve in the near future, not the faraway future. I hope this helps you lovely. I’m honestly the same so I know the struggle, but just be patient with yourself, sooner or later the path will not be so rocky. ^^


If Gravity Falls is ending, it needs to end on a high note.

I like to think this captures what I believe Gravity Falls is ultimately about: friendship, family and silliness, of course.

I did this sketch for the finale, which my friend is in the process of colouring, but I couldn’t not post this before the finale.

Speaking of the finale, I am so happy to have found this show and this fandom. I haven’t been in it very long, but I feel like I really found a place here. I’m gonna get sappy for a moment (insert humorous Land Before Swine reference here) to thank some awesome people here on Tumblr:

@thesnadger @jimsdeadbones @demona-silverwing are the reason I rejoined Tumblr, and boy am I glad I did, else I wouldn’t have discovered awesome stuff from @logicalbookthief  @kazriku @mistrel-fox @frigginconfused @pitopishi @pinesinthewoods @cirilee @notthistimespock @jamiekinosian @moringmark @taccoman @zettapoke


I’m also super-mega-ultra grateful and flattered by all the followers I’ve gotten over the past few months (I just looked and the number is in the 130s, OMG), so thank you followers! ^_^

Just…just thank you for existing. Fandom and show alike. @shmalexsmirsch and the Gravity Falls team for creating something so universally wonderful. I truly haven’t gushed this much over a show since Avatar TLA. 

I’m so happy to have been part of this journey, even if it was the last leg of it.

Oh, but don’t worry. There’s loads of fanart and fics left in me yet. Just you wait!

But for now…bring on the finale!

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P.S. Wouldn’t it be the biggest punk in the world if at the end of the finale we get an infuriating cliffhanger followed by Alex Hirsch-toon popping out of a plant pot screaming KER-PRANK’D, SUCKUHS!

Okay I’m about to go to sleep but I wanna complain real quick, my (white) momma has hair that’s way longer than mine bc I chose to cut off more than a yard bc of chemical damage although my hair still looked real nice!

And her hair is still down to her ass but she’ll try to give me hair tips even though… our hair is nothing alike? Her hair is really thin and she doesn’t know how to take care of her hair anyway? Literally all she does is not cut it lol, she throws it up in messy french braids so that it doesn’t tangle as much and that’s it.

I get that it’s probably her trying to help in the only way she thinks she can but it’s like… how are you gonna this clueless? Lol I love her but omg!

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hello! just wanted to let you know that I adore your blog!!!Another 18 year old aspiring author here, who is also starting university next year (though not abroad). I was wondering what are your fears and aspirations for university and writing since we seem to be so alike! thank you and wishing you lots of luck in life.

hi babe ❤ thank you so much omg! what are you going to study? are you nervous? tell me everything!

to answer your question: i’m scared i’m going to fail all my classes & waste all my money on booze & pot (just kidding) (although…).
my biggest flaw is my compulsive need to be the best at everything with the least amount of effort possible - for example, i’m used to getting high grades without studying, and i know that won’t be possible, not where i’m going. i hope the pressure i put on myself won’t lead to a breakdown, and that my goddamn ego will let me accept the fact that no matter how smart i am, there will always be someone better.

i want to get into the honours english program, write for both the french & english university mags, get a part time job & self-publish my first book of poems in my first year of uni (remember the breakdown i mentioned earlier? lmao). i’m also planning to write my first novel & try to have it published before i graduate.