and they are leaving his house

shinee goes grocery shopping


  • picked up a package of dubu and carried it around (”don’t talk to me or my son ever again”)
  • rotisserie chicken 
  • fried chicken tenders 
  • takes a sample, waits five minutes to casually walk by and take another one 
  • buys a pineapple to remember his boy pinee 
  • if lost can find him watching the crabs in the tanks 


  • smells candles until everything is just one indistinguishable strong scent and he has a huge headache 
  • pls no more chicken breast 
  • stress bought a whole chocolate mousse cake 
  • reenacting risky business in the aisles 
  • people are staring but what is shame???
  • uses most of his time choosing a body wash (”we are going to leave you here if you don’t pick one in the next three minutes”) 


  • buying fruit for juice cleanse and jam 
  • wallet is full of receipts and coupons 
  • actual coupon master. his total goes from $56.35 to $24.70
  • buys french baguettes and cheese to feel fancy 
  • another trip to the store, another pair of house slippers (he has too many for a person who has only two feet but this one is pink and has bunny ears so) 
  • ketchup 


  • avocados + bananas + protein powder 
  • buys all the practical shit like toilet paper and garbage bags 
  • helpful bagger 
  • lines up the shopping carts so well people keep asking him if he works there
  • doesn’t have the heart to tell them no so he helps customers get things from high shelves and stuff 


  • waits until he’s surviving off cup ramen to even go
  • puts random shit in the cart 
  • buys a jackfruit bc “it looks cool” but doesn’t know how to eat it so it’s just there… in the fridge… mocking him 
  • also never knows which groceries are his??? 
  • rides the shopping cart like a scooter (push, push, weeeeee)
  • makes direct eye contact with all the video cameras and doesn’t. look. away. security is v uncomfortable 

I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…

Alex Galchenyuk - Pre-Game Naps

This wasn’t a request but the idea for this came to me this morning and wouldnt leave my head until i wrote it.  I hope you all like it. 😘

Originally posted by ladysstardust

Driving through the city you couldn’t help the butterflies that were swirling around in your stomach.  You were on your way to Alex Galchenyuk’s house and it was all Brendan Gallagher’s fault.  

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CBX Choose Your Own

Three boys stand in front of you, Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen. They ask you to choose one of them to spend your life with. Before you chose, you had to spend a full day with all of them. This is how each day went. Read and reply with who you’d choose and soon see how your relationship goes.

Baekhyun Date:

He arrived at your house right on time. He didn’t dress up too much but still looked very nice. His presence was awkward but cute, leaving an impression on you. He took you to a nice restaurant and although he was nervous, he made good conversation. You would laugh at all of his jokes and funny stories. After you finished your meals, he gave you a gift. You opened it and it was a beautiful necklace. He put it on you, telling you how beautiful it looked on you. After he brought you home he took your hand and kissed it, before leaving.

Xiumin Date:

He showed up 15 minutes early because he was excited to see you. His jaw dropped when you came out. He didn’t stop smiling once, even though he tried multiple times. When you arrived at the restaurant, he reserved a quiet table in the back. There wasn’t a lot of conversation because Xiumin was nervous, every time you looked at him. After dinner, he took you to the river to enjoy the view and the stars. When it got too cold, he gave you his jacket and told you to keep it. He took you home late but you didn’t mind it. His goodbye consisted of cute reasons why he is the best choice.

Chen Date:

He barely made it on time but it wasn’t his fault but it made him very very nervous. His nerves showed through his actions, blinking hard and often. You thought it was cute. He takes you to the movies to see whatever you wanted, getting every snack you wanted as well. During the movie, he kept an arm wrapped around you and, leaning his head on your shoulder. After the movie, he took you to his place where he made a home cooked meal. The two of you talked all night, not realizing how late it got. He took you home but at the door he handed you a gift, a gold bracelet. Afterwards, he said goodnight and left.

Blurbs: Your Special Day

Vik: Vik would be super nervous. He’d get ready with all the Sidemen and friends at the Sidemen house and he’d be running around to make sure everything goes perfectly. No matter how many times you told him everything would be fine anyway, he asked the boys to fix his tie on multiple occasions and ran through the entire house twice before leaving, just so he wouldn’t forget anything. When he sees you walking down the aisle, he can’t help but shed a tear. Looking down at the people sitting in front row, he sees his parents and all the Sidemen already crying, too.

Callux: Cal would be strangely confident about it all. He’d be cocky and before leaving to his own wedding, he’d sit down with his mates at home and scroll through pictures of you, telling everyone you’re the beautiful girl he’s marrying today. He’d have the photographer take lots of pictures of the both of you so he could post them everywhere later.

Chrismd: Chris would be nervous as heck too, and he’d constantly be asking his family for reassurance. His parents would be there of course, and he kept asking them how they dealt with their day in the hope of getting some tips on how to not panic. He’d throw some jokes here and there to try and make himself feel better but as soon as he sees you walking down the aisle he feels better straight away. There was something about you that made him feel relaxed.

JJ: JJ’s wedding would be small and luxurious. It would take place in a very nice hotel, where he invites only his close family and best of friends. You only announced you got married after the event, which is a huge shock to all his fans. He hired several videographers and photographers to capture every moment, framing the best pictures to hang up in your apartment and to create a video to post to YouTube.

Josh: Josh would need constant reassurance. He panicked, wondering how things were going with you right now, and he begged the boys to let him call you to see if you were okay. The two of you weren’t separated very often, so this was a little difficult for him. In fact, the boys stole his phone from him to make sure he wouldn’t contact you in any way, shape or form. Throughout the entire day leading up to the moment you walk down the aisle he’d be repeating his vows to himself in his head to make sure he hadn’t forgotten a thing. His vows were mostly about how beautiful he thinks you were and that he promised to take care of you forever.

Simon: ‘Hands sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti,’ Was Simon’s phrase for the day. Obviously he had never felt like this before and he didn’t really know what to expect. Other than the jokes about 'Hey! You always said you were forever lonely and now look at you!’, Simon felt pretty good about himself. Today was a day where he finally appreciated how good he looked, despite his insecurity about his looks. You didn’t forget to remind him about it throughout the entire day. Simon was the clingiest he’s ever been; always having an arm around you, holding your hand or trying to kiss you.

Calfreezy: Cal knew he was going to be awkward today. He was so much taller than you, and so when it came to your first dance as a married couple, he tried so hard not to step on your feet. The song you chose was beautiful, and for the rest of the evening, he had made a playlist especially for you that was playing the whole time. Fast forward a couple years later and your first born always listens to your wedding playlist in his/her free time.

Tobi: Tobi made the entire day as perfect as possible. He and Manny even designed your wedding cake because it had to be unique and like no other. He would never let you out of his sight, mainly because you looked even more beautiful than you usually did (if that was possible) and because he now felt responsible for you, being your husband. He didn’t want to let your father down after he allowed Tobi to propose to you. Tobi kept calling you his princess throughout the entire day , and it couldn’t have ended up more perfect.

Ethan: He and his mum organised the most of it, because his mum was beyond excited. He had the whole thing professionally filmed so he could post it on his YouTube and remember it forever. He had his best man be Simon, 'just for the Emon bants’, but the other boys weren’t offended by it luckily. You had your wedding in Essex, where you were soon going to be living in your first home together. Little did you know you wouldn’t be living there for a while yet though, as Ethan had organised a surprise honeymoon trip for the both of you.

Harry: Your wedding was a big deal because all the boys had to fly from London to Guernsey, where your wedding will be taking place. All the boys were talking about it and how excited they were for it in their videos, so everyone knew it was upcoming. Harry hadn’t posted in weeks, but he hoped your wedding video would make up for it. Your wedding was traditional and all your friends and family were invited. 'God, I’m married! Can you believe it? I can’t believe I’m married, I sound so old!’ Harry laughed as he walked out the building where you just got married. He couldn’t stop smiling all day.

Apologies if I forgot someone, and that this isn’t an imagine. I’ve just had such a busy week that an imagine just wasn’t possible. Let me know if I missed a boy,

gnight (I can barely keep my eyes open)

Mel xx

Dear cigarettes,

I hate the smell you leave in my grandad’s house, even if the last cigarette smoked was the day before, the stale smell lingers. I hate the smell of you that sticks to my clothes even though I don’t smoke myself. I hate the way I can feel the smoke when I breathe in.

I hate seeing the hold you have over the love of my life. I hate that he craves you. I hate that he can’t go too long without you or he’ll start to get a headache. I hate that he can’t enjoy his holiday because of the withdrawal symptoms. His hands are shaking, his headache is intense and he feels he might pass out but he can’t smoke in front of his extended family. 

You’re kiling my boyfriend. He needs to quit but he can’t, not yet. He’s too stressed, too busy, he’s not strong enough to break free from you yet. 

When the time comes, he’s going to kick your ass. It’s going to be a challenge but neither of us will give up. I’m going to help him defeat you because I am NOT letting you kill him. 

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Hiya guys! Do you have any protective!josh, jealous!josh or pining!josh? I know it's a lot but I hope you can find some!

yeah heres some! - Karri

A Little Bit Youthful by cherry_shot (8/9 | 22,012 | Not Rated)

Tyler Joseph is a mess. He doesn’t like to go home because ever since his siblings moved out of the house, his stepdad’s drinking problem has gotten progressively worse as his mom spends more time cultivating her affair than controlling the man she married. And so he spends most of his time wandering around the city and crossing off the days on his calendar as he counts down to the day he’ll be 18 and leave forever.

But when he one day meets a stranger with a taste for music and pastel blue hair, Tyler finds Columbus becoming a bit more tolerable.

//violence //anxiety //depression //physical abuse //underage sex //homophobia //implied eating disorder //dysfunctional family //self-harm //child abuse

Don’t you think this is getting awkward by yukiisama3 (40/? | 57,954 | Not Rated)

Every morning Tyler suffers awkwardness after disturbingly, inappropriate dreams of his own best friend.

Josh happens to think Tyler’s adorable when he gets all flustered and awkward. He also happens to find Tyler cute…in every way…

Tyler also finds it hard to handle when Josh suddenly starts to flirt with him?

“Your so cute, I just want to cuddle you all night.”

//past self-harm 

you are out of my mind by forged_in_darkness (3/? | 2,555 | Mature)

Tyler is asleep in Josh’s lap and Josh has no clue what to do.

//implied suicide attempt

This is frustrating

First off, let’s hold off on my rant of Brettonio. I feel like this is bigger unfortunately. Why the hell did they write off Jimmy if at the end of the season or well almost at the end, they add in someone else? It’s beyond frustrating cause I loved Jimmy. Not because I wanted him with Sylvie, not because of anything else but cause he was a great addition to the cast.

He was younger, he was just a newbie, but again, a great addition to the cast and to the Firehouse. They tend to do this. They add in someone, we’re skeptical at first, but then we start really loving the character. And then either the character just leaves, falls off the face of the earth (Newhouse anyone?) Or they move them to another house (Clarke. Thank god he’s on Med now.) Or in Jimmy’s case, they do something for all of us to completely hate his character. Which is so terribly wrong.

Me? I never hated Jimmy. He was a grieving brother, so I ignored what he did and said. I was frustrated but more cause of the route the writers chose to go. They did Jimmy wrong, so wrong. Like, whenever I think of Jimmy, I think of the great things he did. Like when he box with Antonio. Come on, he knew deep down inside, he had no chance. But that didn’t matter to him, he was doing it for a good cause. Or the time he wasn’t letting Sylvie out of his sight when she was being harassed. That was what I remember. Not what he was like in season 5, cause the writers was trying to edge him out. For what? I don’t know. Because ‘we have no more use for him.’ There are times they have no use for Kelly when they make him do stupid things. Come on, there are just times in a series that not every character is going to be useful, it happens. But now we have to watch this newbie try to flirt with Sylvie (probably, idk.). It’s crazy. I rather see Otis try anything before this guy. At least that would make sense. He did have feelings for her (which was dropped out of the blue btw), so it would make sense once he feels like her and Antonio were over to scoop in. But no, let’s see this guy we have no clue who he is, try it.

What’s also frustrating me is that they’re trying to go down the Dawsey route. What I mean is, I would be perfectly okay in the break up, if they didn’t use his work as an excuse. It worked with Dawsey cause they worked together! Sylvie and Antonio should have never used that excuse, ever. The reason of their ‘break’ was cause of Laura and they know it. And we know it. Use that. She should have said ‘when things settled with Laura’ instead of his job, cause hello, his job had NOTHING to do with Sylvie. Absolutely freakin’ NOTHING. Sure, maybe cause she was stressing him out and his job was too, but sorry to say, but that’s a lame excuse anyway. Us females know how to stress out the guy we’re with, it’s in our DNA. My point is, we need, as a fandom, to stop comparing Brettonio to Dawsey even though they want us to (and I think in a way we do too, since they’re married now, but stop), cause Brettonio does NOT equal Dawsey. Dawsey still had to interact, Dawsey still saw each other every day, Brettonio doesn’t. And I know what’s going to happen, I can see it. They are going to try to make a fling with this guy (sorry, but it happened with Dawsey, trying not to compare them but they are -eyes roll-)  and then somehow Antonio will come back into the story next season. Sucks but I don’t think we’re gonna get them this season, maybe at the end, but I don’t know.

 I just really hope they don’t go down the Dawsey route completely and make them have just a night together and Brett gets pregnant. It’s cheap and lazy. 

What they need to realize is that if every couple in the One Chicago franchise is the same, it’s boring. Especially two same couples in the same show. Brettonio does NOT equal Dawsey, cause they are different. Antonio has an ex-wife and kids, Matt doesn’t. Sylvie was left a few days before her wedding, Gabby wasn’t. Antonio and Sylvie didn’t meet at their jobs (ha, well technically I guess they did LOL.), but I mean is that they didn’t have a crush on each other for a while and then got together. So, please for the love of god, stop trying to make them go through hell like Dawsey. And so soon! 

Ugh, sorry for the rant lmao. I’m so sorry but this is beyond frustrating. I fell in love with Brettonio cause they were so different from every couple. They have obstacles they, of course, need to get through. I just thought they wouldn’t try to bring someone else into the mix. We already have too many people in their relationship haha. But I still have hope, no doubt about that!! Always, no matter what. 

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Could I request reinhardt and a disobedient/obedient crush? How would he treat them or what would he do to them and such?

When you were “good,” he treated you like gold. You weren’t allowed to leave his home, of course, but the days where you would accept his affections, even reluctantly, he would treat you kindly.  You’d be gifted with chocolates and trinkets, mostly pretty things he wanted to see you wear around the house. Sometimes, he’d take you outside, through the sprawling gardens in the sunshine to let you breathe. Watching the stress slide off your shoulders as you wandered, dipping toes in the pond, sitting in the grass, it was almost a reward for him.

… He hated when you misbehaved. If it was minor, he just locked the door to your room and only brought you strictly portioned meals. He kept the lights off and tried to ignore your sniffling and wailing, the way your fists beat the door.

If it was any worse, however? Well, he did his best to not let you test his patience.  And you generally shied away from going that far after the first time. You would never forget the look on his face when you’d thrown the lamp at his head and the utter flatness of his voice still filled you with terror. You had been better behaved for weeks, quaking anytime he’d moved too quickly or reached for you.

No. You were much better at not angering him, now.

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She was the bright moon in his night sky, he loved her more than he loved books. He was the soft side of her and she didn't care if he was her weakness. Who knew that the genious boy and the tough girl would be in love with each other

He had been smitten by her from the moment he saw her parking her motorcycle in front of his favourite bookstore and then listened to her conversation with the owner of the place about the new book her independent publishing house was finally going to release next month.

When he saw her leave, he decided to follow her outside because he knew he needed to see her again –she was too intriguing–, and, swallowing his doubts and second thoughts, asked her to go on a date with him sometime.

She, on the other hand, had been hesitant throughout the date, but only until he started reciting her (secretly) favourite poem right next to her ear after walking her to her door:

Not a red rose or a satin heart.

His lips had tasted sweet, like caramel, the last drops of the coffee he had had still lingering in his tongue as she opened her mouth craving more, finally allowing herself to believe that this beautiful man really wanted to be hers.

Thank you for sending a message, lovely! 💖

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Writing Bits

Based (very) loosely on this prompt from @daily-prompts


“We meet again,” Death said, hovering in the doorway. The room, like the house, had a pall of—well, Death—hanging over it, as if it knew that one of its residents was ready to leave them.

“It’s not so surprising, is it?”the man asked bitterly from his place at the bedside. His hand clasped the bed’s occupant’s, an old hand, wrinkled and weathered, a stark contrast to the his own, smooth and firm with youth. He glowered at Death, defiant and angry. “You’ve been hovering around for ages haven’t you? Waiting.”

Death smiled benignly, a beautiful smile that comforted the ones she ushered into the next life. “I have been. But not for you.” She approached the bed, and the old man resting in it lifted his lids, his face lighting with incandescent joy at the sight of her. She leaned in, stroked a hand over his hair. “Are you ready?”

The younger man’s angry expression broke, defiance melting into panic, into grief. He held tighter to the old man’s hand. “Please. Not yet. Not my son.”

Death stopped smiling. “He’s had a life, a good one, I think. It’s more than most get.” She glanced at the man in the bed, stroked his hair again. “And he is ready to go.” With that, she bent over the man, brushed her lips gently over his, and the man breathed his last.

The young man keened in agony, holding the lifeless hand to his chest. Here was the last of his children, the last of the ones he had loved. Finally, truly, he was alone. “Take me with you. Damn you, why won’t you take me with you?”

“You have made your choice,” Death said coldly, rising to leave. “Live with it.”


As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)


Protests, riots continue after Paris police accused of raping 22-year-old black man with baton

  • Days of both peaceful protests and rioting have rocked metropolitan Paris after a group of officers allegedly beat and sodomized a 22-year-old black man with a police baton.
  • The man, only identified as Theo, told BBC he was leaving his house in the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois when he was stopped by police doing identity checks that are believed to target drug dealers. 
  • During the stop, officers are said to have beaten and penetrated the man with the baton, leaving him with anal injuries severe enough to require hospitalization and surgery. 
  • Authorities subsequently charged three officers with assault and one with rape. Read more. (2/11/17, 4:24 PM)

Hawaii GOP lawmaker Beth Fukumoto is leaving the party over its treatment of women, minorities

  • Hawaii State Rep. Beth Fukumoto resigned from the Republican Party on Wednesday, saying her party’s treatment of minorities and women is unacceptable.
  • Fukumoto, who was removed from her post as Hawaii’s House minority leader in January after criticizing  Trump’s treatment of women and his “unabashed prejudices,” is now seeking to join the Democratic Party.
  • Fukumoto said that after speaking out about Trump’s treatment of minorities and women, she was censured instead of listened to. Read more (3/23/17 10:45 AM)

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relatable things in lotr/the hobbit

  • bilbo hiding and whispering he’s not home when someone knocks on his door
  • bilbo hoarding his food 
  • bilbo dipping out on his own birthday party 
  • bilbo basically telling gandalf “don’t cash me outside, howbow dah”
  • bilbo wanting to leave his house but not leave his house at the same exact time 
  • bilbo thinking that the quest was gonna be like glamping 
  • i realize these are all bilbo
  • bilbo baggins is the most relatable character 

LGBTQ activists are throwing a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house

  • At the end of this week, Mike Pence and his family will be moving out of their temporary residence in D.C.’s Chevy Chase neighborhood and into the posh Naval Observatory. 
  •  Before he leaves, one group is going to give him one good look at the queer side of America he will soon have to represent.
  • Over 700 people have confirmed their attendence to the Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.
  • The party is a protest action organized by WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20, designed to send a message to “Daddy Pence” that “homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country,” according to the event’s Facebook page. Read more

4.2k of smut, I’m not even sorry

‘OUCH! Stop, st- STOP IT PANSY! Argh, fuck, I think I broke a rib.’ Draco sat down on his bed, a painful expression on his face which was paler than usual.

‘You’re an ungrateful bastard’ Pansy flopped beside him pouting ‘the whole Slyntherin house knows I’m the best on giving massage’

‘Well, I better look for someone from other houses then’ Draco made another pained expression as he got up. ‘I can’t, I can’t walk. Argh, fuck!’ He laid down slowly. Pansy only stared at him from the door, the look on her a face a mixture of pity and remorse.

'I’ll get someone. Even though you were a little bitch just now.’ She glared at him before leaving.

It’d started three days before then. He was getting ready on Wednesday morning to practice quidditch. Everything was fine when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, but the second he straightened his back an acute pain hit him on his hips. It’d gotten worse the past two days to the point now he couldn’t even sit properly without feeling it.

He laid there, thinking maybe he would have to look for Madam Pomfrey after all. But fuck, those potions always messed up with his stomach, he’d do anything to avoid taking them even if it meant asking for someone he didn’t know to give him a massage. Pansy had told him she knew what she was doing but at the end it’d only worsened it.


'It’s for a friend, you see. He’s in a lot of pain at the moment and I was hoping you knew someone good on giving massages’ Pansy flopped down on a chair at the eighth year common room.

'Well,’ Hermione started, closing her arithmancy book. 'I do, but… who exactly is this friend of yours?’ She gave Pansy a look that could be translated as 'Are-we-talking-about-who-i-think-we-are-talking-about?’

'Draco’ Pansy sighed, predicting the other’s answer. 'But… I swear he’ll behave. And you owe me this one, right? After I brought you those French hair products’ Pansy smirked.

'You really are a Slytherin’ Hermione sighed 'but they were actually amazing. I’ll help you with this one but I can’t guarantee it’ll go well.’

Pansy gave her a quick hug, grinning. 'Who is it then?’

'Harry’ Hermione murmured to herself.

Pansy gasped and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

'Holy. Shit. Are you sure he’ll want to do it?’

Hermione gave her a little smile.

'He owes he a favor’

Pansy’s giggling was catching the attention of everyone around them.

'Who’s the Slytherin one now?’


'Tell me how amazing I am’

The girl bursted inside his dorm an hour after she’d left to find Draco in the same position.

'You found someone?’ He got up, regretting the decision immediately. 'Ah, shit! Are they outside? Please tell me they’re outside’

'They’ll be here in ten’ Pany sat by his side and poked his cheek 'go on, tell me how amazing I am’

'You’re amazing’ he grunted. When he looked at his friend, though, she wasn’t paying attention, busy with a little pink bag Draco hadn’t noticed she’d brought before. 'What-’

'Oils. For the massage’ she smirked and Draco felt blood going to his cheeks.

'There’s no need for that’

'They have properties. They could help’ she started to take the little flasks with different colors out of the bag and pile them on Draco’s bed.

A light knock on the door told them Pansy’s friends had arrived.

'C'mon in!’

'I just don’t understand why… No. No fucking way.’

'Harry, please, Pansy said-’

'What the actual fuck, Pansy!’ Draco started talking at the same time Hermione tried to stop Harry from leaving the room. 'This is… ah, shit shit- ARGH!’ Draco’s attempt to get up brought back the striking pain on his lower back and he felt his knees failing. The next second he was tumbling to the ground with a loud thud. Tears came uninvited to his eyes and he bit his lips as hard as he could to stop from screaming.

Draco didn’t look up to see who it was that was trying to help him get up. A firm hand went on the underside of his thigh as the other grabbed his shoulder firmly, pushing him to his feet just long enough for him to get to his bed. When he collapsed on his bed, flushed cheeks and tears still streaming down his face, everything he could think about was that maybe his time had come. Die would be better than suffer so much humiliation in front of Saint Potter, who was panting by his side.

Harry stared down at the boy in front of him, Malfoy’s face twisted in an ugly expression. It was like he was trying to sneer at Harry but the pain was too much even for that. Harry sighed and turned to see he was left alone in the room with an incapacitated Malfoy. Well, shit, that was just great. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone? Peace, it was all he was asking for after everything. But, oh no, he had to have asked Hermione for help with his potions homework the week before, and now he owed her this. Harry wouldn’t have denied giving a massage to any of his friends if they’d asked him. He’d helped Hermione, Ginny and even Luna in the past. But Malfoy? Give Malfoy a massage, after everything, almost sounded funny.

Except it wasn’t because Harry had a hero complex and he knew Malfoy wouldn’t ask for such a thing if he wasn’t desperate. It wasn’t even Malfoy who came looking for Hermione, it was Pansy, which meant he probably was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t walk, from what Harry could see.

Small flasks caught his attention, all of them pilled up beside Malfoy.

'What’s this?’ He grabbed one and put it against the light. The liquid inside was thicker than water.

'Oils. Pansy brought them. She said they could help. Not like you need to know this anyway since you won’t use them.’ Malfoy spoke through gritted teeth, facing the wall opposite to where Harry stood. So he was expecting him to leave, that cocky bastard.

'Take off your shirt then’ Harry levitated all the tiny flasks to the ground and picked up one randomly. When he opened it the smell of cinnamon filled the room. Malfoy stared at him like he’d gone insane.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked slowly.

'Well, maybe a massage since that’s what Hermione asked me to do and I can’t have a fucking moment of peace in this castle. And since you seem to be unable to even walk I advise you shut the fuck up and take off your shirt so I can see what’s wrong and finish in time for dinner’ Harry looked up to find Malfoy gaping at him.

'Do you even-’

'Yes, I do know how to do it, you prick. And I’m using this one, so take off your shirt’ Harry signaled to the open flask in his hands as he sat down on the far end of the bed.

He didn’t quite know how the oil would help since he’d never used them when he gave massages before. He liked the smell of it, that was all.

Malfoy struggled to sit down. He undid his tie, opened every button and started to take it off, really slowly trying not to move too much, wincing everytime he did. He folded his shirt and put it on the chair beside the bed. Harry couldn’t help staring at the huge scars on his chest he knew he was responsible for. Guilt settled on his stomach as he tore his gaze away.

'Lay down on your stomach’ Harry got up and sat beside Malfoy’s body as close as he could without brushing their thighs. It was ridiculous, he knew, since he would be touching him quite soon. Malfoy did as he was told and stilled, realising what that meant.

And what it meant was that, like that, he was completely vulnerable. He turned his face to Potter’s side and searched the other boy’s face for any sign of danger but all he could see was a frown as Harry dripped the oil in his fingers. Draco felt his cheeks heat up for some reason he didn’t understand.

'I’m going to start’ Potter’s voice was low when he spoke. Before Draco could say anything Potter’s hands were on his shoulders, placed at the same distance from the centre of his back. They were warmer than Draco’s skin, soft and sticky with oil. His breath got stuck on his throat  when Potter squeezed and, even though his lower back still hurt, Draco felt some of the tension leave his shoulders. He exaled, relaxing into the matress.

Harry maintained the rhythm for a while, squeazing and releasing Malfoy’s shoulders, his thumbs pressing small circles on the other’s neck as he did. Harry, then, started to let his hands go lower, maintaining the pressing of his thumbs as he did until he reached the high of Malfoy’s kidneys. He stopped there to smear his hands with more oil.

'Where did the pain start?’ Harry found his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

'Hm… my hips’ Malfoy sounded sleepy when he spoke. He was so relaxed Harry had to hold back a giggle. He must really be great at giving massage if it meant even Malfoy was enjoying it.

He stopped shortly.

'Your hips?’ Shit, he wasn’t expecting that. 'Er… okay. I’ll- I’ll need you to lower you trousers a bit.  

'What?’ Draco opened his eyes, snapping out of his daze. What did Potter just say?

'So I can reach your hips. I can’t do much with them in the way’ he said slowly, almost like he expected Draco to start yelling at him.

'So you want me to take off my pants?’ Draco couldn’s believe what the fuck was going on.

'No! Just- Just open it, okay? I can do the rest…’ Draco stopped for a second. He reached for his buttons, opened them and laid down again. He turned his face the other way since he was pretty sure he was blushing. Shit, Potter better know what he was doing.

Harry exhaled gradually. He most definitely didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he did, but he shouldn         ’t be doing this. He should’ve stopped, told Malfoy to go look for Pomfrey and got out of there.

Instead he placed his hands on Malfoy’s lower back again. He rubbed his thumbs in circles there, with less pressure this time, and started to press lower as he did. He reached his trousers but since the buttons were open it hang loose on Malfoy’s hips. Harry let his thumbs go under the waist and Malfoy froze.

Harry exhaled again. 'This will probably hurt but if it doesn’t work I’ll know what I have to do, okay?’ He pulled his trousers lower until he could see the other’s boxers. They were black, just like his trousers. Harry could see the fine blond hair that covered his lower back was up.

'Just don’t break my bones’ His tone was sarcastic.

Harry had his weigh on one knee which was pressed against the matress, both hands on Malfoy’s hips.

'Inhale’ Harry instructed. 'Hold’ Malfoy did as he was told.

'Exhale’ he pushed all his weight on his hands as quickly as he could. Malfoy screamed and Harry cursed. They were panting, Malfoy still too shocked to say anything.

'It won’t work, not like this’ Harry got off the bed to take off his shoes. When he looked back Malfoy was staring at him with a strange expression on his face, fear mixed with something else. Was it anticipation?

'This will work’ Harry got on the bed again and before malfoy could say anything he passed one of his legs over the blond’s body, straddling him. Harry sat on Malfoys thighs, trapping him so he couldn’t turn around.

'WHAT THE FUCK, POTTER?’ Malfoy tried to free himself but Harry pinned both Draco’s hands above his head in a strong grip.

'I’m telling you this will work! Stop fidgeting and shut up!’

But focusing on Potter’s words was hard since all he could sense was the warmth and pressure on his thighs, so close to his ass. He’d never felt anything like that before, something disturbingly intimate and his whole body was reacting as if it was. He closed his eyes, cursing inside his head as blood rushed into his cock. Fuck fuck fuck, this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be…

'Inhale’ Potter’s words resonated closer to his ear than before. He shivered, inhaling as deep as he could. 'You need to relax’ Potter’s voice came out hoarse, his thumbs still tracing circles on his hips. Draco shuddered but felt his shoulders lose tension again.

'Inhale’, Harry repetead. 'Hold’ And Draco did.

Potter shifted on his thighs and Draco almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

'Exhale’ he did it again, placing all his weight in his hands, his thighs pressing hard against Malfoy’s as he did. A loud crack made Harry smile and Draco scream.

And then Malfoy let out a loud moan and Harry lost his train of thought.

Suddenly all the blood in his brain was going down, making his pants too tight. His ears felt like they were full of water when he heard Malfoy hum against the pillow.

'It worked’ Draco breathed, lifting his hips a bit to check if the pain was still there. The motion caused his ass to rub against something hard.

Draco gasped.

Harry moaned low.

Draco’s hips rose up again, higher, rubbing harder against what he knew was Potter and fuck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And then Potter pressed down, literally pressed against Draco’s ass so he could feel it, the whole length even through the fabric. Potter was hard, really hard and Draco felt his own cock twitching at that.

Draco moaned, the sound ringing in Harry’s ears. He should go, he knew he should, but Malfoy was panting, and lifting that roundy ass for him, to rub against him, and Harry saw his face when he turned his head to the side. His cheeks were flushed and lips parted.

Harry pressed again, leaning forward until his mouth was just above Malfoy’s left ear.

'Do you want me to go?’ He needed to be sure, to be certain he wasn’t imagining all that.

Malfoy gasped, his eyes tightly shut. 'No’ He lifted his arm, grabbing Harry’s thigh and craving his nails on it. Harry bit his earlobe, went for his jaw and started sucking there.

Draco’s cock was throbbing beneath him, so hard he was sure he might faint any second.

The next minute the pressure against his ass was gone making a small cry escape his lips. Fuck fuck, Potter must have come to his senses before he did…

His pants were suddenly yanked down to his knees, his boxers with them. The sudden movement ccreating friction against his cock, now leaking on the matress. Draco was sure he couldn’t blush any harder but it didn’t stop him from moaning when hands grabbed his arse cheeks. How come he didn’t know he could get pleasure from there? Potter’s hands were everywhere, squeezing, pinching, scratching the soft skin.

Harry opened his cheeks, exposing his hole and run his thumb there tentatively.

'Ah- ha fuck…’ Draco buried his face in the pillow again. This wasn’t right, this was so fucking wrong, what was he doing moaning for…

'I wanna eat you up’ Harry didn’t mean to let the words escape his lips. His gaze was fixed on Malfoy’s pink hole and when it contracted under his thumb the thought of licking there, fucking him with his tongue, assaulted his mind immediately. Malfoy shivered under him.

'Wh-What are you saying?’ the tips of his ears were even redder from where Harry could see them.

Harry got off of Malfoy’s thighs and pushed them apart. He grabbed Malfoy’s hips again, pulling his ass up a bit. He could see the blond’s cock was hard and swollen, rubbing against the matress. Harry got on his elbows, squeezed Draco’s arse again and bit the already marked skin.

Draco gasped, his head jerking to the side so he could get a glimpse of Potter between his legs. Potter was sucking him at the spot he’d bitten before, his hands massaging the place where his thighs met his ass. He run his fingers there, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. Draco drew a sharp breath.

He could hear Harry fidgeting with his own pants followed by the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Draco waved his hand towards the door, a click signalling it was now locked. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen if anyone decided to come in.

Draco felt something wet, warm and firm press against his hole.

'Fuck fuck, you can’t- ah… ahhhh P-Potter this is…’ he gave a choking moan when Harry began to lick him relentlessly, his own moans reverberating in Draco’s skin.

Harry licked, savoured until his tongue got past the tight ring, and then he was fucking Draco, fucking him with wet and hot thrusts of his tongue. Draco kept pushing  back, gasping as he did, completely out of control.

Harry had never done that before but the sencond he laid eyes on Draco’s ass, naked before him all he could thing about was opening him, filing him up to get all those delicious sounds out of him.

Draco moaned, and moaned, louder each time. The words that came out of his mouth were incoherent, interrupted by sharp intakes of air.

'Yes… This- fuck Potter… I-deep-deeper’

Deeper, he wanted it deeper. Harry grasped the tiny flask he’d left on the ground and smeared his fingers with the oil again. He retreated his tongue earning a whimper from Malfoy that turned into a sob the second Harry’s middle finger replaced his tongue, getting in smoothly. Draco gasped, shivering uncontrollably and Harry just stayed there, mouth hanging open at the view. His finger disappeared and reappeared, Malfoy sucking him in while rutting against the matress. Harry curled his finger experimentally getting Malfoy to jolt and scream, throwing his head back. Harry caressed his thigh marked with purple bruises, another finger going inside his hole. The blond hissed but didn’t tell Harry to stop so he thrusted them to the base.

Draco’s brain was shutting down. The lewd sounds filling the room paired with the smell of cinnamon overstimulating his whole body. He wanted more heat, more pressure, more skin against his but the words kept getting lost in his throat everytime he tried to voice his needs. And Potter, fuck, he knew what to do with his hands, with his mouth. That fucking tongue worked like magic inside him. Potter was moving his fingers inside him in a way Draco didn’t even know was possible, scissoring them, thrusting them to the base.

The fingers were suddenly gone. Draco inhalled sharply but before he could complain Potter grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He laid there on his back, legs spread open, cock dripping with pre come. And Harry stared him down, took in every inch of his light skin shamelessly. Draco felt exposed even though they were both naked. His hole twitched, stretched and leaking all the oil Potter had rubbed inside him and Potter stared. He fucking stared, jerking himself as he did.

Draco grabbed his own cock and began to do the same. It was unfair, having to do it all by himself after all Potter did, that bastard. The gesture caught the Golden Boys’s attention, though, and Draco smirked.

'i want,’ Harry bent down, their chests flushed against each other, his mouth whispering in Draco’s lips. 'I want to put it in you’ he sucked Draco’s lower lip. Holy fuck, he was on the edge already. Potter moved his lips to Draco’s ear and shifted, the head of his cock now poking Draco’s entrance. Draco felt it tingle as Potter cast a protective spell. 'I want to fill you up’ he whispered against his ear.

'Fuck, fuck…’

'Has anyone ever done that?’ he nuzzled Draco’s temple, his glans rubbing against his hole. 'I’m going to take you’ Harry hold his cock steadily as he pushed an inch, stretching Malfoy for him. The blond was panting on his cheek, small sobs inbetween gasps for air.

Harry’s ability to dirty talk, even as his own mind wasn’t working properly was something he didn’t know he could do. He was blushing, panting, but the possessivness he felt made him talk. Malfoy was his, all his, he just never thought that that anger, the rush of adrenaline he felt every time they were close could be hiding something else. He always thought Malfoy was his to take down, to fight against. But he also was his to consume, to bury himself into.

Harry thrust slowly, taking in the tightness, the heat engulfing him. Malfoy was fisting his cock under him, eyes tightly shut and mouth hanging open. Harry stopped Malfoy’s hand with his own and, with a tight grip, trapped them both above his head. Malfoy opened his eyes, his grey irisis thin rings around blown pupils.

'Touch my cock’ he whispered against Harry’s lips, more a command than a pleading. Harry smashed their mouths together instead, refusing to let go of his grip. Draco shivered under him, opened his mouth, let Potter invade his mouth with that tongue. Fuck, that tongue that’d fucked him just minutes ago. And Harry kissed him, his cock deep buried to the hilt inside him. He was full, so fucking full he felt his whole body collapse when Potter started to pull back.

He thrust again, the friction, the pressure, sending shocks of pleasure to Draco’s cock, up his spine, everywhere. Through half opened eyes Draco saw Harry gazing at him, his glasses gone, his lips red, parted as puffs of air escaped them. Harry thrust hard when he realized Draco was staring back. His complex changed immediately.

'I-yes fuck ahh-ah…’ Draco’s whole body was trembling, his ass thrusting back against Harry’s cock, trying to get him to go deeper.

Harry released Draco’s hands, grabbed his thighs instead and lifted them, shoving in until his fingers were numb from the tight grip. He’d leave marks there, crimson lines, and the thought made him moan. Harry bent down again, his mouth reaching Draco’s neck. He sucked him there while he fucked hard and fast. Draco fisted his cock with one hand while the other scratched Harry’s back repeatedly.

His moans were louder now, loud enough Harry was sure people could hear them from outside the dorm. Draco didn’t seem to care, or even realize he was making those sounds.

The next moment Draco was contracting around him, trembling violently and coming on their stomachs. The pressure was enough to send Harry over the edge, his thrusts erratic as he came deep inside Draco.

Draco moaned again when he felt something hot filling him up, Harry’s last thrusts too much to handle.

Harry flopped beside him, his limbs drained of strengh.

'Merlin’ he whispered to himself.


'That was…’


They didn’t speak for the next couple of minutes. When Harry got up to leave, though, Draco reached for his arm.

'You could… we- uh… we could…’

Harry kissed him softly, almost clumsily before speaking 'Yeah, I- I’d like that’


Draco sat down that evening with Pansy and Blaise at their common room to warm themselves in front of the fire. He couldn’t help wincing a bit when he did.

'What’s wrong? I thought Potter had fixed you back’

Draco felt his face flushing immediately.

'He did! I just…’

'I’m sure he did. Just remember to go somewhere else with thicker walls next time you call him to fix your back’ Blaise didn’t even care to lift his eyes from the book he had in hands.

His cheeks were in flames and the expression on Pansy’s face wasn’t helping.

‘You owe me two favours now!’ She smirked, leaning against the couch like she’d won a bet.

‘What- Why two?’ Draco shifted and winced again at the new burning ache.

‘Because,’ She stuck up a finger like she needed to count all the favours Draco owned her. ‘I found someone to fix your back’ She lifted another finger. ‘And,’

Right that second Potter walked through the portrait followed by Granger and Weasley. He spotted Draco immediately and, well wasn’t that great, strode towards him, leaving Weasley with a confused look and Granger with a knowing one. He glanced at Pancy and saw her waving at the Gryffindor girl. Fucking amazing.

‘Hey,’ Potter stood awkwardly there before sitting on the arm of Draco’s chair. Draco knew his cheeks were already flushed but when Potter bent down and whispered in his ear he was sure he probably looked like a tomatoe. ‘Fancy a game of Wizard’s chess later?’

Pansy was shaking trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing.

‘Your dorm?’ Draco found himself playing with the hem of Potter’s hoody. The bastard blushed at Draco’s words, but nodded with a smile on his face.

He’d barely turned his back when Draco heard Pansy’s voice loud and clear.

‘And, I got you a cute boyfriend. Two favours!’