and they are getting married

*WTTM is leaked*

Some antis: lmao this is all fanservice, otayuri won’t ever be canon!

Me: remembers the weeks of victuuri butt shots, naked stretching, cuddling, and apparent “fanservice” all leading to a canon engagement.


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anyway isn’t it amazing how even is gonna walk in on isak and sana studying tomorrow and he’ll say “so how’s my fiancé doing” and sana is gonna be like ?????? and isak says “oh yeah we’re gonna get married” and the wedding is gonna be beautiful and sana is the one marrying them and no fake friends are invited and all is well in the world


You were sitting there with papers spread out in front of you and a glass of wine in your hand. You couldn’t help but smile as you realized you were only months away from becoming Mrs. Horan and even the fact that you had no clue where everyone was sitting didn’t even phase you. But that was the task at hand tonight and so far the only people who had seats were you and Niall, you placed your wine glass down on the table and replaced it with your handy yellow highlighter.

“Babe?” You couldn’t fight the smile that spread across your face as Niall’s voice filled the house. You heard his footsteps getting closer and soon you felt a sweet kiss to your cheek as arms wrapped around your shoulders. “You have shit taste in wine love.” You just rolled your eyes as you saw the wineglass being put back on the table as Niall took a seat next to you looking at the sheets of paper with a confused look on his face.

“I say we let everyone pick where they want to sit.” You dropped the highlighter and let out a frustrated sigh, Niall scooted closer to you and draped an arm over the back of your chair as he leaned in closer to look at the progress you’ve made. “Because trying to choose where to put my aunt Linda is going to be the death of me. She can’t go next to my mom because they aren’t speaking at the moment, and she can’t go next to my cousins because they don’t like when she drinks.” In the middle of your rant you felt Niall place a kiss to your cheek and then another to the side of your neck.

“Let me help you love,” you looked at him and he just gave you a smile and turned his attention to the papers in front of him. “Now I say we put crazy aunt Linda next to me great aunt and put that lot at a table towards da back.” You felt instantly relaxed watching him pick up the highlighter and begin marking names off the list.

“Why does making seating arrangements come so naturally to you? Is there anything you can’t do?” He leaned his head back and laughed causing you to smile, you were going to get to hear him laugh for the rest of your life. The fact you didn’t know where to seat people didn’t matter anymore because at the end of the day when all was said and done you were marrying Niall and that’s all that truly meant anything to you.

Still feeling the heartache

It’s almost been a week and I still haven’t got over the finale of samurai jack…I know it’s only a cartoon…but I theres something about jack and Ashi’s relationship hit me on a personal level…no I’ve never had a girlfriend that tried to assassinate me lol it’s hard to explain, I just really I loved them together and wish we had gotten a better ending. Don’t get me wrong all the happy jashi fanfiction’s I’ve been reading on Tumblr and are slowly helping mending my heart back.

Also I may be just in denial by saying this but is it wrong for me to think that there might be a small chance of them doing a continuation series. I mean I recall during the live interview with Genndy and his wife I believe it was the night of the premier of season five, someone had asked a question saying “is there any hope of Samurai Jack living beyond season five ?” Genndy did say “you never say never” “and if somebody wanted to pick it up find a different way in that could be cool, maybe a different alternate timeline” he also did say that this was an ending, I take it as it is an ending…to THIS series with the possibility of leaving it open for more. So, if there is some higher being out there… please find somebody who can make a continuation series with an alternate timeline where ashi survives and lives happily with Jack ! I don’t care if I have to wait another two years please make it happen lol…oh and make it even more adult rated without restrictions


Tomorrow is uncertain, who knows what it will bring. But one thing is for sure, love. With you, I have everything. And Happily Ever After, is the way these stories go. Used to think that’s what I wanted, but now I finally know. There’s no storm we can’t outrun. We will always find the sun. Leave the past and all it’s scars. A happy beginning now is ours.

When you gotta get married at 2 but have to go hunting w/ the Winchesters at 5