and they are getting divorced

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So I met this guy about a week ago. He was my Uber driver and I found out he’s 10 years older than me. I’m 20, and he’s 30. We were just having fun nothing serious, he was telling me how dope I am and about his past relationships. He went on saying he was married about 10 years ago for 5 years to help a girl get her papers then they divorced. We had sex last night and today I get a call 5 times from an unknown number, and long and behold it’s his wife... she’s currently pregnant with their 2nd..

wow. this goes to show how grimey guys can be. im sorry you were put in that situation but you should of done better research too

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I'm out of the loop, why hasn't Geoff and Griffon's relationship been good lately? Basically why are they getting a divorce

Well I can’t say exactly why they’re getting a divorce but it’s probably partly to do with the fact that their jobs are leading them in different directions, as they said in their statement on Facebook. Geoff has spoken about how Griffon is often away for her carving. I think I remember them speaking about how Griffon wanted to move but obviously Geoff is so dedicated to RT that he couldn’t leave Austin. They made it fairly obvious on their show Relationship Goals that they didn’t always have the smoothest of marriages. I’m just wishing them both the best in what must be a really difficult time for both of them <3 

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Ohh man, do you guys have any HCs for Stan??? :)

Stanley “Stan” Marsh Headcanons:

  • Stan is Bisexual 
  • When the boys are fully grown, Stan is 6’0” tall, tied with Token as second tallest of the guys.
  • Stan realizes he is bisexual in his freshman year of college.
  • Randy and Sharon get divorced—and stay divorced—after Shelley leaves for college. Stan has a difficult time picking which parent to spend holidays with, actually spending the first Thanksgiving with the Broflovskis in order to keep the peace.
  • The divorce is pretty hard on Stan, and he starts drinking with the guys on weekends to cope with the immediate aftermath. He is careful not to drink around Kyle, who disapproves of this habit, but always makes sure that he drinks with Kenny because he knows Kenny will watch out for him if he gets too drunk.
  • Randy pushes Stan to play football in high school, something that Stan proves to be pretty talented it. By the time the boys are sophomores, Stan is the regular quarterback. Due to his nerves, Stan is always queasy on game days and throws up before leaving the locker room. 
  • Stan and Wendy are on-and-off again throughout both middle and high school, much to the gang’s collective chagrin. It isn’t until Stan is on his way to college at UCLA that the two permanently break-up. 
  • Stan’s soft-spot for animals stays with him into adulthood; with Stan volunteering to walk shelter dogs every weekend (aside from football season). He also advocates for the adoption of rescue pets. 
  • Stan is always clean-shaven, afraid that growing facial hair—especially a moustache— will make him look too much like his father. 
  • Stan secretly loves that Kyle didn’t grow to be super tall like him, because he thinks that it’s cute. He will deny that, though.
  • Stan does averagely in high school, partially due to the emotional strain of his parents’ divorce. Applying for college left him queasy, because he knew that Kyle would get into amazing schools for his flawless academic record and Stan wouldn’t be accepted into those fancy schools. He gets into UCLA on a huge athletic scholarship and is extremely upset when Kyle decides to go to Penn State on the opposite side of the country. It takes him a stupidly long time to figure out why he was so upset about that.
  • Stan and Kyle continued to have sleepovers on Friday nights all through high school, with Stan frequently either ditching early or canceling dates with Wendy in favor of spending time with Kyle. This is the case of many arguments between Stan and Wendy.
  • Stan believes in the best of people even at the worst of times, having learned from his experience as a cynic after his 10th birthday. He is the reason that the gang (Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, and himself) stay “close” friends until 8th grade. He cuts ties with Cartman after he tries to intentionally and hatefully sabotage Kyle’s bar mitzvah. Stan and Kenny go to great lengths to ensure Cartman fails. Kyle’s bar mitzvah was great.
  • Stan is a little insecure in his relationships and gets jealous easily. For example, he gets super jealous if Kyle confides in anyone except him, taking it personally. When questioned why he is getting so bent out of shape—usually by Kenny, as he is the one Kyle confides in aside from Stan—Stan will say it’s because HE is Kyle’s best friend. If pressed further, he tells you to fuck off and promptly drops the subject.
  • Stan absolutely hates all forms of social media, because he doesn’t want to get sucked into it. Kyle and Kenny set up both his Instagram and Snapchat, but he hardly uses it.
  • When Stan and Kyle FINALLY get together, he discovers that he developed a fetish for Kyle’s hat.

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Hi.I have a friend who's like a sister. We've known each for ten years and I've been there for her through so much. She's been through a lot in her past relationships and recently got a divorce. She's trying to get herself together and always comes to me for advice. Every single day. She doesn't listen much and keeps getting in dangerous situations with crazy men ans thinks everyone's against her. I'm trying to get myself together and sometimes feel drained. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks

I often get messages like this. Where it’s one friend who feels like the friendship is one sided. And I wonder how much of a friendship it can be, if you don’t feel comfortable saying “hey, I’m not sure if you notice, but sometimes you come to me for advice and you don’t really ask how I’m doing. I know it’s not intentional, and I’ll always be there for you. But sometimes, I need you to be there for me too.”
A friendship is a relationship. Which means it requires communication, trust, and support to work. So really, I think we have to hold friendships at a higher standard. I think we use the word friend too loosely. And if we were more intentional with our friendships they would be healthier relationships.

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You say they will never last and aren’t meant to be but u say they could get married so which is it

They can get married and get a divorce, at the end Jelena will not work. That’s the lesson kids




  • Person A: *sits at kitchen table to join Person B for breakfast*
  • Person B: *stares down at table quietly*
  • Person A: (Person B), is there something you wanna tell me?
  • Person B: *chokes back a bit of laughter* ah-pfft- no, why do you ask?
  • Person A: Well as you may know, we recently bought Chocolate Chip Swirl bread. And right now its not here. Could you please explain to me why, when we finally have enough money to afford the good bread, why on earth its not at the kitchen table, right now.
  • Person B: *snorts then covers it up with a cough* Oh, uh, sorry honey I wouldn't know.
  • Person A: Fine. Then allow me to tell you why its not here. Earlier this morning, I put some in the toaster, and I was so excited for this chocolate chip bread. So when I went to take a bite of one, do you know what I found?
  • Person B: *literally cannot breath from holding laughter* w-what???
  • Person A: RAISINS.
  • Person A: I FUCKING KNEW IT!!
  • Person A: *reaches across the table to strangle Person B*

Help find a home for Checkers!

Checkers, everyone’s favorite puppycat, needs a new home. See, I’m getting divorced, and I’m moving to an apartment that doesn’t allow kitties. I could never put her in a shelter, and as for Craigslist…I just don’t know, guys. But she has this huge internet fan base, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Checkers is twelve years old and is fixed and microchipped. So if you love her as much as I do and you live in the Chicagoland area, please send me a message or reblog. I’ll personally read every message. We can do this. Help me help Chubby Checkers! Thank you!


  • Keith: In ten years, I guarantee you, I'll be your second husband.
  • Lance: What happened to my first husband.
  • Keith: Nothing you can prove.

After a few hundred years of marriage Taako decides things are getting a little stale and decides to fake a huge, blowout divorce just for the drama of it all.

Of course it might have been better to let Kravitz in on the bit BEFORE Taako comes stopping into the kitchen, wailing and proclaiming that they just /have/ to get a divorce, that he can’t do this anymore, but luckily his overblown hysterics don’t fool Krav (or anyone else) for a second and Kravitz just says “Okay” before going back to his paper.

Essentially Taako spends a lot of time in public crying demurely into handkerchiefs dressed in the height of wealthy divorcee fashion and no one is fooled at all but they all have the decency to pretend that they are.

Except for Merle who genuinely believes Taako is going through a messy divorce and comes round a lot to give him fatherly pats on the hip and engage Taako in conversations about his own sexual intimacy issues with his ex wife, which eventually proves to be enough to make Taako let the bit go.