and they are flawfree

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Everyone's darkness will be "unique". Betty will still be flawfree and boring but will squeeze her palms every episode instead of every other episode. Kevin will still make bitchy quips but refuse to apologize after. Cheryl will only mention Jason every other episode. Archie will turn to freestyle rapping instead of Shawn mendes ballads to express himself. Jughead will refuse to say thank you to Alice or Fred when they feed him causing Betty to fret that he's changing too much.


July 2nd/3rd, 2016 - “go suck a turtle!”

R.I.P. me because Willam held my hand and told me to stand between his delicious legs. I have literally never been THIS happy with meet & greet photos. His Shafter Party provided two of the most hilariously unpredictable shows I’ve ever seen and no one can touch this bitch on a hoverboard.

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About Sehun knowing, I think he's known something for months. Back in their second weekly idol appearance last summer when Baek was ranking the members, Sehun was like "Chanyeol is over there!" near the beginning when he was still choosing the top 5 as if Sehun was surprised that Baek hasn't picked Yeol yet (and if it wasn't for teasing Chen& revenge on D.O. for his round) I think he would have picked Chanyeol to be last just to tease him for staring at him like OuO to pick him (there's a gif).

You’re not the only one anon, Sehun is very suspicious sometimes. There’s something about his smug grin sometimes that just rings a bell and awakens the senses, like I can almost feel he knows stuff. But he could be completely in the blue and we could both be very well wrong.

Regarding Weekly Idol, their second appearance was my favorite. I liked the Weekly Idol they did during the Wolf!era, it was lighthearted and funny, but lacking in Baekyeol moments a tad. 

First of all, both Baekhyun and Chanyeol looked and acted absolutely adorable.

I can just imagine Chanyeol’s epic reaction to Baekhyun’s flawfless aegyo.

They were so aware of each other during weekly idol. As they usually are.

External image

Although many thought this was a bad weekly idol episode for baekyeol shippers, because they did a lot of skinship with other members…

Some people sulked. The order in which Baekhyun ranked the EXO members was this (for all those who don’t know/don’t remember)

1- Himself

2- Kai

3- Tao

4- Sehun

5- Suho

6- Xiumin

7- Kris

8- Lay

9- Luhan

10- Chanyeol

11- Chen

12- D.O

Some people believed he ranked the boys in a jokingly way, and some people think he ranked the ones he’s very close to at the bottom just for fun and laughs. Other consider this a heartbreaking non-baekyeol moment because Chanyeol was in 10th place.

About Sehun screaming: “Chanyeol’s over there!”, it does sound suspicious, and I noticed it for sure, but if we’re not mistaken Sehun shouted the same thing when D.O was picking the members, so it could have meant nothing. Who knows, really.

Yet still, at the end of the day, Chanyeol focuses the most on Baekhyun and Baekhyun focuses the most on Chanyeol, it’s really undeniable.

Look at how Baekhyun’s eyes keep drifting back to Chanyeol’s face (where he was located) and how he begins to show a hint of a smile, and then we see the reason why: Chanyeol’s adorable, super beautiful “pick me please” puppy dog face. 

This moment was enough to make this the best weekly idol EVER.

-admin SFS

Just like SFS said, Sehun said the same thing to both Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, so by that fact alone it would be hard to draw the conclusion that he knows about Baekyeol. But Sehun gives us more reasons to suspect him, so he is definitely on our list. The thing is, as some people pointed out, if Baekyeol have feelings for each other, pretty much all of Exo would know. Plus Baek and Yeol aren’t exactly that subtle about it while they are in public, so imagine how they must be at home when they feel comfortable. I think members could tell us a story or two. Or a thousand :3

Also, that episode of Weekly Idol was love. Can’t wait to see them as guests again!

-admin MTL

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im new to guild wars what are mursaat?

Let me just pull my Mursaat Stanning Scrapbook off my shelf…

The Mursaat are a super swaggy and sexy race that are seen in Guild Wars 1 Prophecies and the War in Kryta campaign. They look like Academy Award statues: all golden and swole with nipples (v. important) and also have black tendril-y wings floating around them that make them look creepy. Despite having two feet, they don’t walk. Instead they float around and it looks so amazing kjsdfkljsdf GOD I love zoning into the Southern Shiverpeaks in GW1 and seeing them float over the ice and snow

Look how swaggy he looks omfg hearts outta my eyes <333

In addition to looking flawfree, they are highly skilled and powerful spellcasters with spells that will eat your party alive. I remember Mursaat Eles and their dangass Thunderclaps causing many a party wipe back in the day. They also have access to a based monster skill called Spectral Agony (which has been my Tumblr background since the day I made this blog 98745 years ago). The skill destroys you and you need to follow a questline to upgrade your armor in order to withstand the damage caused by it. Or you be a super noob like I was get confused doing the armor infusion quest and just die 9000 times instead!!!

They show up in the Prophecies campaign and I recommend Prophecies to everyone but I highly highly recommend playing Saul D’Alessio’s stuff in the Bonus Mission Pack as you get insight on their relationship with the White Mantle and how it all started. Since you are new to Guild Wars and might not own GW1, there’s plenty of playthroughs on YouTube that you can watch. Watching the cutscenes or even reading the missions on the wiki (GW1 Wiki is far far superior compared to GW2 Wiki) can help paint a picture of the storyline!

Anyway I could write a million years about them in the lore but the tl;dr of it is that most of the Mursaat were killed off in the events in GW1. While I want to believe there is an underground bomb shelter of Mursaat just chilling and biding their time playing Dirty Apples to Apples, there’s only one well known Mursaat survivor: Lazarus the Dire. You interact with him in Eye of the North and he’s basically like yolo Ill be back lmao!!!! Which has kept Mursaat stans hanging on ever since. Not to mention ArenaNet has dropped lil’ hints here and there about them and I cry and die everytime. 

I’m super hype about them and I can talk about Mursaat all day erryday so if you have questions about them, feel free to ask!