and they are completely honest here and so full of hope

Look at this popular guy… (*´艸`*) Dazai’s such a complex character, but here’s my best shot! 

Dazai Osamu


  • There are two traits that I can see Dazai being drawn to, whether he knows it or not. Firstly, the person that captures Dazai’s attention is someone who likes to smile and laugh. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the master prankster or the class clown type, or even very outgoing! Shy, soft laughter is also very endearing, as long as it comes from honest joy. Secondly, this person will also be earnest in the things they do, be it their job or hobbies or habits.  
  • The best way I can describe this person is with the term “full of life”: Someone who works hard to make every day meaningful, but also makes sure to enjoy the journey. Someone who knows when something should be taken seriously, but also when something can be laughed off and let go of. 
  • Because Dazai himself seems to be living just for death (╥﹏╥), he’ll find himself watching you because you’re a mystery to him just as much as he’s a mystery to everyone else. He’ll find himself thinking and wondering about you often. Eventually, he’ll find that he simply likes being around you, because when he’s with you, he starts feeling that there’s something to live for, even if he doesn’t know what it is.

Important moment(s):

  • Even after feelings develop between the two of you, I feel like a serious, lasting relationship might not cross Dazai’s mind. If it does, he would probably brush it off, not because he doesn’t want to be with you, but because the idea is foreign to him. He’s used to being alone, mostly due to his intellect. Within the Port Mafia, it had elevated him to a position high above others, one that allowed him control of people, but not connections. The Agency was a good start for creating relationships, but even so, they’re not as strong and open as they can be.
  • (But suddenly, here you are, wanting to be with him. Someone who has slowly started to remove the barriers he’s always had, someone to whom status doesn’t matters. Well, he’s had two relationships like that for a certain period of time, but that didn’t end well, so maybe subconsciously, he’s not sure something like this could actually work.)
  • The topic will come up when the two of you are just hanging around and talking, although I think you’ll have to be the one to bring it up. What are we? Where are we heading? He’ll realize that this relationship is real, that something he hadn’t thought would happen actually did.
  • Because he hasn’t allowed himself to consider it before, his answer won’t be immediate. He’ll ask you for some time to think (and he’ll tell you to think about whether this is what you want as well), and for the next little while, when he’s not working (or distracted), he’ll find himself just staring into space, wondering what he should do. It’s very rare, but the words “I don’t know” will sometimes enter his mind.
  • When he finds you again, he’ll keep you at an arms distance at first while you speak to each other. He’ll ask you if you thought about what it’d be like to be with him, considering his past and his character, and if you say that you have, that you understand why he needed to think, and that you still want him, there’s a pause. Then, he’s walking up to you taking you into his arms. He’ll pull back a while later, and with his hand on your cheek, he’ll tell you his answer and that you’re truly an amazing person. 

Relationship things:

  • Dazai is a man of surprises, as in he likes to do things like lift you up and spin you around, sneak up from behind to hug you or squish your cheeks, or hide behind a wall to kiss you when you walk by. But let’s go back to the lifting you up thing, because it’s really cute. He likes how you grab onto his arms or shoulders, and your shocked noises and voice when you protest. He also loves that after the initial shock, you start to laugh, and he can see the trust in your eyes because you know that even if he teases you, he’s not going to drop you.
  • Dazai will try to distract you when he’s bored. You can bribe him with kisses to get him to leave you alone, but he’ll stay put for maybe ten minutes before he comes up behind you while you’re cooking or washing the dishes, wrapping his arms around you and swinging you from side to side. He’ll probably sing something silly in your ear, and ask when you’ll be done so you can go lie down with him. Tell him you’ll be done sooner if he helps, and he might actually do some work.
  • Dazai is not shy about your relationship, at least not when you guys are in the Agency. If you work at the Agency, he’ll be constantly showing off, loudly declaring that he has the best significant other ever whenever you do something for him, or praising your beauty or cuteness or whatever (he truly means it). He’ll probably whine about your absence if either you or he is on a mission without the other.  
  • Talking, cuddling, and taking pictures will happen frequently, and will happen anywhere in the house: On the sofa, with Dazai’s arms wrapped around you, or lying side by side on the floor, or with someone’s head in the other’s lap, or in a blanket burrito in bed. 
  • He likes it when you wear his clothes, whether that’s walking around at home with his button down on, or outside, wearing his coat when you’re cold. He finds it really cute, and there’s a hint of possessiveness there.
  • A favourite headcanon of mine: He’ll have these serious moments in the morning, when he sometimes wakes up first and you’re still sleeping beside him. He’ll spend the time until you wake up staring at you, just marveling at the beauty and joy of the relationship, and his luck in finding someone like you. Eventually, he’ll want you to wake up so he can actually see your smile and hear your voice, so he’ll slowly try to rouse you by rubbing his thumb slowly on your hip until you stir. When you finally open your eyes, he’ll give you a really bright smile and a loving kiss on the cheek.