and they are communicating like what


TW Im not putting this under a Read More because that would be against what this post is about but TW here for anyone who does not want to read sensitive material.

You do not have to CONDONE these things. But CENSORSHIP and saying that people should censor or not even post certain material in a FANTASY setting like the RP community is only promoting ignorance. 

Lying about the TRUTH of the world is worse, these things DO happen. If you want your tumblr RP experience to be with rose colored glasses. Then don’t follow blogs that post sensitive material and UNFOLLOW and block if you want if they do. 

BUT telling someone they shouldn’t write this or that is CENSORSHIP there is a REASON we read banned books and advocate for them because CENSORING people is what creates an ignorant mass. 

SO do remember that muse =/= mun. That this world is full of terrible things and SHOULD I DARE to want to reflect that with my writing I WILL. That does not mean that I condone these behaviors or that I ENJOY them. It only means that I am trying to connect with the society I live in and understand the way people fit into it and THUS portraying my ideas to others in this manner.

So the world is full of RAPE and MURDER and PROSTITUTION and TORTURE and BLASPHEMY and ANY NUMBER of things. You cannot demonize people for writing them

OR YOU KNOW WHAT you can! Because me telling you not to would be censoring you. 

On my end of the spectrum it makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when people deny the negative aspects of their characters through roleplay especially in the historical community. Because it’s erasing the realities of the situation. i.e founding fathers that owned slaves

AUs are fine. AUs in which your characters didn’t do those bad things they did are fine! But erasing history is what puts us back to square one. 

Back to censorship. I will NEVER unfollow because of squicky content or something your character does because HUMANS do terrible things. Watch the NEWS. My character on this blog OWNED upwards of 300 people. He was a rebel general that sent CHILDREN out on the front lines to fight his battles. I have no place to act like he is the saintly father of our country that people are brainwashed to see him as.

Unfollow blogs for your own sake if you must, if you have certain triggers put them in your rules and steer clear of blogs that might hinder your experience here. But my PERSONAL opinion is that telling people what they can and cannot write is UNFORGIVABLE. You are not the police, you are a person on the internet. 

This blog is against censorship. 

I like stories where male characters learn to accept that they are just as flawed and fragile as any other person. Male characters who learn they can do away with the macho facade because it’s not fooling anyone and it’s only getting in the way, preventing progress, and that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help in overcoming distress. I like when they get over the emotional constipation that comes with an upbringing that encourages stereotypical ideals of what it means to be masculine and they aren’t given a pat on the back for it, aren’t congratulated for getting their head on straight or pulling their heads out of their butts, but treated as any other human being; with compassion.

I’m not talking about a redemption arc for villainous characters (though sometimes that can go hand in hand), I mean in general, male characters who grow and realize they don’t have to be the rock for all their friends, they don’t have to be stoic or infallible, they don’t have to be strong or righteous, they don’t have to protect, have the last word, be leaders, fighters, or lovers, or deal with emotional issues by internalizing and stifling them.

I like characters who learn to admit they are flawed, to overcome toxic ideals they’ve come to accept and adhere to, and who grow from the experience. This isn’t limited to male characters, but AS a male, I very much appreciate seeing examples of males who subvert the stereotypes and evolve from something like a power fantasy, often depicted in a flat and unsatisfying way that doesn’t endear to me as an audience, into a rounded and human character with depth and complexity.

listen, i try not to be cute. i also try not to be super good at graphics because i’m not but what i do try is to be the best possible human being to everyone on my dash and appreciate them regardless of how long they’ve been with me or not. recently, i’ve reached 300+ followers on this blog. why ? i have no clue – i’m the shitlord of posting, i talk about my feelings and my ships like it’s going out of style ( also cause i’m hella edgy ) and yet still this community has treated me with nothing but kindness. and you want to know why  ? because you are all astounding writers, friends, and human beings ( i think, a little iffy on that last one ) – so please ignore my half assed graphic that i made within five minutes time and a second glass of wine and please understand that: i adore you, i adore being here, i adore all the things that i have seen on the dash – watching everyone be happy, laugh, write stupid jokes and just generally get along means so much to me. i come from such vile fandoms ( a few of you can attest to the nature of the DARP ) and just to see everyone just generally: HEY UR RAD is wonderfully refreshing in a way that just makes my heart throb.     for all my friends, old and new  – for those that have been with me since the beginning of my journey ( holla @ u mass effect & borderlands ) to those that have recently, and probably regrettably tuned it. 

so without further ado, i give you my list ( which is more or less everyone i follow so brace yourselves )

NO BROMO ; fam, what would i do without you ( probably fall into a ditch knowing me )

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SEVERAL FOR POSTERITY ;  y’all are freaking great, let me kiss you ( and finally write you things ??? ) 

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i’m also missing so many people on this list, please understand that if i follow you – you are on it i just — /inhales sharply, love u guys no hetero ok  and legit adds people to this list despite it being published fight me ???

To be honest, insensitive “I’m checked out until I’m finished this task” Rob is nothing new. He’s crazy ambitious and tunnel visioned. Look how he was with the whole Andy thing. He lives and breathes it for weeks and Aaron even had to take his phone out of his hand so Rob would speak to him for a moment…

It’s who he is and why they shouldn’t work but it has never really been an issue before because Aaron knows what Rob’s like and they can both be a little snippy and unafraid to piss off the other.

The reason it’s an issue now is because it’s confirming Aaron’s own worries and it involves Rebecca. If it didn’t, I can guarantee Aaron would have said something more but he didn’t and why? Because they’re ‘not talking about it’ and they’re horrific at communicating which is how they’re in this sorry mess… and so 💥

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Do you have any posts or blogs for someone who knows almost nothing about witchcraft to get educated and start getting into the practice?? Thanks soooo much!!

I can certainly point you to people I personally look up to and follow! Of course, there are different kinds of witchcraft, and I recommend going through the witchcraft tags and see what blogs you are drawn to! Talk to them if you can, make friends in the community, and figure out what you like to do and what you don’t like to do!

Now, onto the blogs!

  • @spirit-mouse is an amazing tarot reader and she’s so lovely 💖
  • @urbanspellcraft is an ask answering ninja, I’ve never seen someone be so helpful in my entire life! 
  • @spiritvexer is actually in the @spiritconnect chat with me and some others, and they are so helpful and knowledgeable!
  • I’ve always been super dooper fond of @magic-for-the-masses, though I missed a lot of their posts while switching to this new blog, whoopsies~
  • @recreationalwitchcraft was actually the first blog I came across when I joined witchy tumblr, and they have a lot of easy and fun spells to do!
  • @swimminginscales is amazing and gosh, I’m not 100% sure she’s a witch but I’ll add her to the list anyways!
  • @ciarmay is a friend of mine and their tarot readings are so cool, as are they!
  • @chaosjelly is a super cool person even though we’ve never interacted, and I always enjoy his blog!
  • @da-at-ass has an awesome magic blog, @merkavahpartyvan!
  • If you’re looking for a cinnamon roll witch, check out @undauntedwitchery! She’s so caring and sweet, too pure
  • @howl-wind-sing is simply amazing! I would talk to her sometimes on my old account and she posts a lot of witchy things!

I think this may be it for now, though I’m entirely sure I missed a bunch of people. I hope this helps nonny! Good luck, and if you ever need help with anything just let me know!

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I've always imagined that founders era witches and wizards were pretty far separated. Like, the trade of magical information was poor at best, and any understanding of technique or ability was passed through generations. The founders knew what they did through traveling to different places (each for their own thought out reasons in my own mind), and eventually figured the best way to save as many of their own kind as they could would be to teach the youngest survival skills. (1/2)

{{{(2/2) -survival skills. So initially I imagine Hogwarts to have been word-of-mouth whispers between as many magical contacts as the founders had accumulated until a way of finding students without alerting muggles could be sussed. I also imagine they cut the age at 17, because that was an age that they considered old enough to be teaching those younger than them and because most of that age or older were working and making families. I also imagine early Hogwarts to be year-round.}}}

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Does anyone have any idea what these mysterious "resources" are the exclusionists claim to defend so ardently from acespec individuals? I am somewhat puzzled. Also what's with this "you oppress us by being able to profit from the cishet privilege?" Like yeah, every morning I wake up and start profiting from cishet privilege apparently. What substances do they all take?

That’s the thing. It’s not a case of ‘aces conned their way into the secret club and never refill the Brita’. Aces of any and all romantic orientations are already part of the larger lgbt+ community. Chances are, your run of the mill ace got their info and identity inspiration from an lgbt+ resource. Whomever’s worrying about the asexy bogymen are very much misguided.

LGBT+ resources are in fact limited. For instance, a crisis shelter for lgbt+ youth will most certainly be run on a precarious edge of private or government sponsorship/donation. I assume that people are imagining a crowd of aces barging in and taking up the seats for the soup kitchen. In reality, these shelters and organizations will be visited by those who need them, and if everything else acephobes claim is true, then aces won’t be in the picture regardless if they’re expected.

And if we do turn up to take advantage of these kinds of resources? If an abused ace is escaping from an unsafe space, and is wondering what their options are? Then no one has more of a right to their wellbeing, and anyone who claims otherwise is disgusting.

There is intersectionality within the lgbt+ community, and yes, that will lead to differences of needs. Cis white men and women, for example, are notorious for being violently exclusionary towards other lgbt+ individuals. And it’s not a coincidence that they’re the same people claiming the same for all aces.

- Fae

Seventeen and horny,
Few days before my birthday,
Wondered what my surprise would be,
Parents in AC for the day
So we had the house free,
Started foreplay
At noon and fucked till three,
And when she got off me…
Back up.

Barely seven on the sideline
Dad calling me a faggot for playing soft,
Practices like a college combine
And when I said I had fun he scoffed,
Big brother made varsity freshman year
So I got sent to camp too,
Eight hour days in full gear,
Barely 4'5, seventy pounds, but always played through,
Ball with impending college kids, full speed,
Concussions and bruises,
That’s the shit they said I’d need
To grow up hard, no excuses,
Came home bloody, lost weight -
My fault, time for work-outs,
Starting to hate
The routine, had to build muscle back up to make cut,
He said there’d be scouts -
I’m only eight, door shut
And locked, can’t I at least eat?

She said Philly fucked her up but she missed it,
Uncle raped her at twelve and she lost the baby,
Parents didn’t believe, or just couldn’t admit
That family can be disgusting and crazy,
Started dating at fifteen, watched her snort
Lines on the dryer with her dad and wondered if I had
It that bad, I guess at least she had support.

She stood up to a bloody mess on my lap,
Dark and thick, inches deep,
Silent until I started to ask what hap —
She started to weep,
“It can’t be happening again”
She ran down the stairs,
Took me a moment then
I realized there’s
The blood of my unborn all over me,
Heard her shriek she’s got to kill herself,
Panicked state of mind, there’s got to be
Something I can do, rubbing alcohol on the shelf,
She was a cutter and kept a straight razor near we
Always argued about, handful of towels, some to clean, some to staunch,
Minutes pass as the trash can fills with all I’ll know
Of the kid I’ll never have, I hunch
Over and cut, deep enough to show
It’s the source, stumble to the gauze and wrapping tape,
She’s on the floor, kitchen knife to her chest,
I know she’s thinking of her baby from the rape,
I lie next to her, head on her breast,
I lie, the best lie I’ve ever told,
Whether she really believed, I’ll never know.

Just eighteen, lonely watching Clerks at 3 am,
Spaghetti in my lap as I see
Flashing lights in the window condemn
The living room’s darkness before me,
Peek out to see two state troopers parked
Next door, figure the addicts are in for
A surprise, dog barked
And I remembered, I swore
I’d protect my brother, phone out, quick text,
“Cops out front, hop fence and I’ll let you in back”
Ten minutes on the porch perplexed
Watching stars flicker against the black,
House phone rings loud and I pick up fast,
Officer so-and-so needs to speak with my mom or dad,
I stuttered a second before he asked
Again, I whispered: “Is it bad?”
Only said it concerned my brother,
Hallway light comes up, I stand and stare
As I hear my mother
Shriek at his door, “Are you there?”
He was clever like that, door locked and lights on,
Tv on comedy central re-runs, always sounded like he was here,
Dad takes the phone as the reality dawns
On me, I’ll never hear
An answer to that text, fist on the front door,
Officer-so-and-so looks at me,
Behind him in the ambulance they try to restore
Life, mom’s stuck on the steps in tears mumbling a plea
To god to give back her baby boy, twenty-one too young,
So much left to do and be, I watch them walk quietly
As the cop describes the scene to me, DOA, lips, nails and tongue
Blue, suffocated, OD,
Check my phone again,
Heroin in his nose, kids cleaned up before calling,
First thoughts were when
The cops get here none of us are falling
As we come down, I sit on my front steps
Watching mom sob by the stretcher
Asking myself whose next,
Seems like clever
Was only worth so much,
Mom’s hand slides out to touch
Him one last time, I hear Clerks end in the background,
Check my phone again as the paramedics surround
My parents, brother gasps, mask falls off,
Spits up blood and starts to cough,
Three minutes dead, I never heard death counted
Before, mounted
On the stretcher as they hold his hand,
Twenty-one, too young, none of us understand.

Twenty-one, back in school, college class
Just an environment to pass,
Hoodie on, pen in hand,
Poetry in the margins cause I can’t stand
Another interrupted lecture, five English classes per semester,
Ten books per professor,
The Sun Also Rises on Matilda in the Pet Semetary
According to my memory,
Lost generation  terrified of death and talent,
The nice teacher after class keeps telling me I’m different,
Maybe I don’t want to be,
I’m sorry that I see
Dinah Knead-
Ing Dough is the most romantic thing I’d read,
That the worst thing racism stole
From Dunbar was his soul,
His chance to be known as a lover
Not a fighter,
8 am Mondays means another all-nighter,
Dozens of books in fewer weeks,
Each one contributing to my techniques,
But still my old style won’t die,
I check my phone again, why?
I’m starting to forget.

Twenty-three, dropped out, unemployed,
Writing shitty poetry to get out
All the feelings I didn’t want to avoid
Anymore, spent years  late night driving just to shout
Without anyone hearing, fucked up circumstance
Led me to a new Her, the broken hearted black sheep
Who took a chance
On me, ran away to keep
That dream alive, damn were we happy,
She’d paint or sing while I’d write,
We battled her anxiety,
First few weeks every night
She’d have night terrors of an abusive ex,
The mean shit he’d say reminded me of my dad,
And the rough, too violent sex
Reminded me of the death…

A year in and she’s unexpectedly expecting,
Unemployed, uninsured, disowned,
Denied by insurance and my hope is fading,
Begged her parents when she phoned,
A quick fuck off, block her texts, apply to all the local jobs,
No answers, twenty pounds lost in fewer days,
Diet of pasta salad once a day, I whisper between my sobs,
I can’t watch you waste away like this, the haze
In the needle sets in…

I carry her inside, she sleeps almost a day,
Wakes up every few hours to cry,
Fugue state and all she can say
Is “I can’t feel her anymore”, I
Rock her back to sleep as she sobs against me.

Twenty-five, anxiety and PTSD,
Broken hearted and broken hearts,
Let her go last year cause she needed to be free
Of all the parts
She lost by me,
And all I have to show
For all the love and life I know,
Are a buncha scars from hands and blades,
An ultrasound photo in shades
Of black and grey, a tattoo
Of the girl I could’ve had with you,
A buncha shitty poems from bad ideas,
A pregnancy test in a box that’s Ria’s,
Night terrors and anxious mornings,
Family and friends missing the warning
Signs, but I won’t fuck up this time,
The next life to go will be mine.

—  J.S.

- portrait of the poet -

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any legitimate online communities for witches? I usually end up leaving the ones I join because they do nothing but post things like "I SAW THIS LIGHT IN THE SKY, WHAT DOES IT MEAN" like .. it's a plane .. and no one seems to be able to spell in any of the ones I've tried so far. It makes me feel like I have to choose between my faith and my intelligence.

Yeah I feel you. And hear you. And generally support you. This is partly why I blog, too. I like to contribute more than two-syllable words.* I think that the fact that many communities are like what you describe is because there’s very few people willing to put in the effort to set that tone.

I used to frequent a forum called “the cauldron” though that was a long time ago and I have no idea if it’s still what it used to be. It’s also a pagan forum more than a strictly witchcraft one, so it’s from a religious standpoint. I’m an atheist witch myself, but I still liked the community for its maturity.

* Brief tangent:
I have the whole “SEO” thing on my main blog, and frankly, it’s maddening. It’s nice to be able to boost the search engine results, of course, but their “readability” is an incredibly dumbing-down, mindless-content-promoting, buzzfeed-isation thing. It marks a text as bad if it has more than 200 words after a subheading, or “has difficult words.” I’m sorry, but if I’m writing about medicinal properties of sage, then that subheading is going to have a lot of words, and some of them will be “difficult”, like “antiseptic” or “disinfectant.” This stuff is also why we get low-quality communities.

anonymous asked:

Was at a party with my friends last night and the subject of communism came up. I didn’t feel I should come out to them red flags waving, but I did ask some questions and see where they were with it. A lot of them thought that communism has never worked because humans require a leader in their lives. Like a President or otherwise. Now I know what I think about that but I wanted to see what your thoughts were. Do humans require a leader figure in their politics in order for success?

Well I wouldn’t be a very consistent anarchist if I thought that leaders (as in those vested with authority) were essential to the success of any political movement. In my experience, almost every appeal to leadership rests upon an assumption of the inherent stupidity or selfishness of the individual, a population’s natural tendency to chaos and self-destruction, or the necessity of a select learned few to inspire or direct great change. That somehow we can impose order upon this mess by granting a few such individuals with power over the rest.

Media cultivates the hero’s journey and history focuses on especially prominent people, because its an easier narrative to construct and navigate. This abundance of leader figures (both fictional and historical) certainly helps foster the ‘leader necessity’ view you mentioned. But as we should do with all things, pose a cui bono to this idea - who stands to benefit from the notion that people require leadership? Local grassroots organizations and mutual aid, or corporate hierarchies and “representative” politics?

I think the left needs to adopt a leader-free mindset, where we view all people as peers, and potentially comrades/ allies. A lot of people tend to rally around strong personalities (writers, activists, entertainers, etc), which in itself is fine. We defer to others based on their expertise, and we’re glad to see someone using their social capital for causes we’re sympathetic to. But care should be taken that support does not turn into uncritical endorsement. Hagiographies and cults-of-personality should be seen as an obstacle to radical organizing, because any conflict between the persona and the cause forces supporters of both to choose. 

- Greg

✰ — banned faceclaims

a few weeks ago, an anon asked me if i could post a rebloggable version of my banned fc list so here it is! it took me a while because i wanted to change up the format, but it’s all finished now. it’s divided into sections of actors, models, musicians, internet personalities & youtubers, and miscellaneous occupations. the list is divided up by the faceclaim’s primary occupation (ie. what they’re most famous for).

here, you’ll find faceclaims that the roleplay community should ban from their groups (CENTERED TOWARDS BANDOM ROLEPLAY BUT WORKS FOR ALL GENRES). receipts are linked where available. 

if you have questions pertaining to the reasons, send me an ask! if you think there’s someone i should add, shoot me an ask (with receipts if possible)! 

please reblog/like if you’re rph!


i sincerely apologise if i’ve been very negative and brought people down, turning my blog into a…… blog? i really don’t want my blog to be a negative space for me so i’m going to try to focus on positive things and nice art and headcanons instead of just shitting on what happened. we didn’t deserve what we got and i believe we can do much better than that. thank you all for sticking around (not counting the like, 30 people who unfollowed me, honestly thought it was gonna be more)

i have my ‘and it’s always 1895 tattoo’ to remind myself of that these are our characters, that we own them too, that we have every right to give them the story they deserve and that no one can take that away from us. this community is so important to me and has been for the past five years and has brought me to where i am today. i’m queer and proud, and i’m studying to actually work with film and television myself.

we can do better than this, together.

I had a dream last night that a bunch of us went to a panel where Mark was speaking to [calmly] confront him with our concerns about this series and he walked out on stage with a dog and he was like “this is my helper dog called Communication Rose [i know it’s cringeworthy but that’s really what he said sorry] and she’s going to help me understand what you’re saying”

so that’s where my subconscious brain went with this whole thing

anyway the dog was cute and didn’t help him at all

The only ones left, know that it’s real...

It’s not like you chose this to happen to you. Like the day they walked in the classroom came and you thought to yourself, “Hey, he’s/she’s not all that cute and you know even if his/her personality is shit I’m still going to make myself fall in love with them.” NONE of us do that.

We see a man or women walk into the class and they just happen to be the teacher “They’re attractive.” Is usually what passes through our heads, but not always, and soon we find ourselves watching them carefully. Or we don’t even start watching until we feel it coming, creeping up on us, never thought it would happen but it is. Slowly we start to learn their personality their likes and dislikes, how they are as a person. This is usually when we decide whether or not it’s real. Is it a real feeling? Or was it just the initial lust that hit us?

In the end the only ones that stay are the ones that feel that their feelings are real…. and that makes it real no matter what our parents, society or our friends may say. 

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Is it just me that thinks something is fucky? I know you've said it multiple times, but I feel like we must be missing something. Like in the interview where they said they were lying on one of the questions. Which question if not the one about Johnlock? And it's hard to imagine Mark Gatiss, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, leading us on like that. They are bound to see all the reactions, and yet they haven't tweeted anything about it. I feel like we're missing something.

The whole thing has an off feeling to it.I don’t know what is it. But it would be better if we could know the truth. I feel like there must be something behind this fuckery. Have you seen the ratings for season 4? all the reviews? it’s so bad. Who could do that to their own series. Either it’s over confidence of Mofftiss or there is something going on deep down.I just need to know the truth. We deserve to know the truth.

it’s just like. regardless of what happens next with sherlock, this still happened. this is a real thing that is happening and that we’ve been forced to deal with. i am hurt and my community is hurt. my brain is still having trouble grasping that this is all real. this was really cruel and unfair. and that’s what’s hurting me the most.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that if a fourth episode does come & Johnlock goes canon, then they won’t care because the writers hurt them too badly.  I understand the pain people are going through right now. It may seem like I don’t because Im still theorizing and believing, but I DO get it. However, that pain you’re feeling? I’m sorry, but that’s the whole point. Your pain, your heartache, is being used as a weapon. It’s not fair and its sure as hell not okay, but it is what’s right. 

We know (as well as many progressive allies) that Heteronormativity and queerbaiting is extremely harmful and dangerous to our community, but a much larger population does not or they do not recognize queerbaiting even when we tell them its there. As I said before, this is war. If we want to make an impact as a community, we have to cross the war line. BBC’s Sherlock is consumed by all different types of people, if the fourth episode comes out and Johnlock goes canon in a way that makes it explicitly clear why they should have always been together and why this has ALWAYS been a love story, that will be a huge progression. 

I’ve heard a lot of, “But why did they have to do these three episodes at all? Why not just make JL canon within the normal series?” Well, because the public needs to see our pain. They need to see what happens when a show queerbaits. Those with blinders over their eyes need to see us before they can understand us. Its a sacrifice, both for us and for Mofftiss. They look like utter assholes right now and I have a feeling that they did that for us. If we are going to have to suffer, then they made it so they would too. I’m willing to suffer for future generations of queer kids if it means giving them hope. Showing the public what the show looks like when Sherlock and John aren’t allowed to be who they really are, gives Mofftiss the opportunity to trick the public into rooting for JOhnlock. 

We’ve been sacrificed as fans so that we could become soldiers. I truly believe this. I’m going to stay strong for as long as I can, but I understand others not having faith. I will continue on…At least, until January 29th. Then, I too will have to begin the grieving process.

Suggest any more to put on this list of what might be some of the most influential rpg horrors out there, influential as in they are the mostly likely to get a game in the future that are inspired by them.

Put any suggestions down, I’ll think about and I may add them on. A part of one of dissertations at university involves a study within the RPG Maker Horror Gaming community, including the roots of where rpg horror started. ^o^

Only reason I put Fatal Frame and Silent Hill on there is because I know a few RPG maker horrors are inspired by these games. :)