and they always try to one up each other

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I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life lately and logging on to tumblr to talk to everyone has helped me so much. I promise I won’t get cheesy but you all mean a lot to me, even if we’ve only talked a few times. Seeing everyone stick up for each other made me happy. I’m so thankful I have a little internet family that I know has each other’s backs. 

I try to have a personal relationship with everyone on this list but sometimes I forget to message back or things get hectic. So always feel free to say hi or come to me if you need anything. 

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i was just watching bridget jones amvs with my mom, as one does, and dont @ me because i dont remember the plot at all besides 2 men fighting over a girl since i saw it when i was maybe 9 BUT: the au i was thinking shd be where johnlock are the 2 men, sherlock is just faking and trying to get information by getting close to her (and its from his pov so we never have to question how completely gay he is OK) and john actually kinda likes her but then he butts heads with sherlock and he spends more time with sherlock than he does with her but always under the guise of it being about her and sherlock only even keeps it up because hes worried johns working for some bad dude trying to extract info too and anyway then some Intricate Rituals happen and they just end up making out.
alternatively: femjohn rejecting 2 men fighting over her for femlock and then the men get with each other too
also just generally a bridget jones au not even a johnlock one where that happens

if season 2 doesn’t deliver canon klance here are some things i am willing to accept:

  • lance trying to impress keith,,, and succeeding
  • alternatively, lance blushing whenever keith does something cool, clearly impressed
  • both just being captivated by each other
  • rivals, yet friends
  • mutual compliments
  • longing gazes from a pining keith
  • both of them always standing beside each other like in season 1 but like CLOSER
  • lingering contact (i.e. hands on shoulders, high fives that end in fingers clasping, hugs where neither of them want to let go)
  • supportive of each other and treating each other as equals
  • c o m f o r t i n g one another
  • keith defending lance in any way and vice versa lance defending keith
  • teaming up and being absolutely unstoppable together 
  • anyone ever assuming they’re a couple/comparing them to a couple
I Would Hate You If I Could
I Would Hate You If I Could

I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me
Like you always knew things wouldn’t work out.
And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to,
Like it matters who you’re sleeping with now.

Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or
Any time that we spent with each other?
I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory
When you’re just another meaningless lover.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

And I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep.
You were always trying to walk in circles around me.
I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood.
I would hate you, I would hate you if I could.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

I would hate you but I’m not finished yet.

Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come
When you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are.
When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke
And wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.

Slytherin + Hufflepuff friendship would include...

  • both being very protective of their friend in different ways
  • “Do not touch my friend if you ever want to see the light of day again.”
  • sneaking the other one into the dorm at night to have a sleepover
  • “You shouldn’t do that.”
  • the hufflepuff always baking / cooking for the slytherin and bringing it over, the slytherin shutting anyone down who dares to try and make a comment about it
  • sitting together in silence without getting bored
  • wearing each others scarves
  • the hufflepuff standing up for their slytherin friend, no matter how many rude comments they get from other houses
  • “I made you a knitter.” - “Please tell me you’re joking.” - “No, but you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.” - “Give it to me.”
  • the slytherin dragging their friend outside because they stayed up in their room for days, snuggled up into layers of blankets
  • the slytherin having to hold back the hufflepuff because once they get mad they’re scary as hell
  • “Do you want me to beat them up?” - “…” - “Is that a no?” - “Maybe just a little.”
  • the hufflepuff introducing the slytherin to all their other friends, so they can all hang out together
  • staying up late together and starting to talk about weird shit
  • “Do you want me to talk to him for you?” - “NOOO!”
  • endlessly loyal to each other
  • the hufflepuff always laughing at the slytherins sarcastic retorts
  • knowing all the family members and embarrassing family stories of the other one and having met them all at least once
  • the hufflepuff always singing along to horrible songs and the slytherin just silently putting up with it

so the fact that yuuri and viktor are skating to michele crispino’s serenade for two in the opening just further highlights the exclusive nature of their relationship???

because cmon man

it’s a serenade for two

only two

just you and that one significant other in your life

and if this is what they’ve been trying to tell us the whole series, that katsuki yuuri and viktor nikiforov were always meant for each other and only each other from the very start

i am going to cry

Ransom and Holster are totally the type to like go to a bar and pretend they don’t know one another in order to flirt and try pick each other up

One of them always ends up mentioning the other’s wedding band near the end of the evening, and the other always responds with something cheeky about his husband. they chuckle and flirt until one of them breaks character and kisses the other and said man acts all scandalized at first like “but we’re both married” and then they wind up laughing and kissing again

imagine r2d2 and k2so……. they would literally try to kill each other on a daily basis fighting over who is more heroic cassian or luke….. k2 has definitely picked r2 up and tossed him AT LEAST ONCE….. k2 is always talking about how low luke’s odds of surviving are and how inexperienced he is and r2 would magnetize the floor or some shit and leave k2 stuck there until someone noticed…… one time r2 implied that cassian isn’t THAT handsome and k2 lost his shit……. the rebels would hear on the comms “avoid hangar 3, the droids are going at it again” and no one would be surprised, they’d just redirect all traffic to hangar 4 


One of the greatest obstacles that women face in all businesses – not just the industry, but it’s pretty prevalent in the industry – is that women aren’t always very nice to women. Men do this thing where they sort of band together and they support each other and try to lift each other up and try to encourage each other to get these different positions, and women somehow seem to be fighting against each other instead of for each other.

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include:
  • Heart stopping kisses
  • Waking up to his face next to yours
  • Neither of you being morning people
  • Challenging him to several rounds of arm wrestling
  • Calling each other mean nicknames like “jerk” and “punk”
  • Recipient of Bucky being a smooth sweet talker 24/7
  • Going to the shooting range together to practice
  • Whispering to each other during times you’re supposed to be quiet
  • Reading novels to him because he asked you to
  • Getting him up to date with the trends
  • Video chatting every night when one of you is on a mission
  • Running your fingers through his hair all the time
  • Late night pizza runs at the pizza diner he would always go to back in the day
  • Movie dates every Friday night
  • Him trying to use his license from the 40’s for a senior discount
  • You slapping his arm every time you find out he does
  • Getting spied on by Steve when the two of you are on a date
  • Him finding Steve in the bushes all the time during your dates
  • Jokes that never fail to make you laugh
  • Holding hands all the time
  • Warm hugs
  • Making chicken noodle soup when he gets sick
  • Him always praising your cooking
  • You never having the heart to tell him you got it from a can
  • Always finding him staring at you at random times
  • Sexual tension 24/7
  • Quickies everywhere
  • Hot, mind blowing sex
  • Scratch marks on each others’ backs
  • Him finding out you have a kink for his metal arm
  • Him using that knowledge to his full advantage
  • Teasing you with his metal arm all the time throughout the night
  • “You don’t want them to hear, do you?”
  • Covering your mouth with his hand to avoid getting yourselves in trouble
  • His hands all over your body
  • Your hands all over his body
  • Trying to hide hickies and marks made the night before when the two of you walk into the kitchen the next day
  • The Avengers fully aware of what you’re doing
  • Secret high fives exchanged among them as their ship sails 

plot about muse a and muse b who were two high school sweethearts who had a really bad break-up but are always kind of on each other’s minds even as the years pass and then one day muse a moves into an apartment complex miles away from their hometown because of a job and their neighbor is constantly having sex and it’s just getting really annoying so one night they they go knock on the door to say ‘HEY CAN YOU STOP BANGING ALL THE TIME I’M TRYING TO SLEE–’ and then whoops it’s muse b. surprise!!

Lil SportaRobbie Things Pt 1

  • Touching each others hair whenever they get a chance. Robbie’s is always so gelled up and Sportacus always hides his.
  • Robbie forcing Sportacus to lay down and cuddle, which is one of the only times the elf will willingly stay still.
  • Robbie constantly apologizing for his past actions and Sportacus telling him it’s all okay now.
  • Sportacus making Robbie blush by flexing
  • Constant hand holding
  • Sportacus trying to explain sports and Robbie trying to explain engineering but neither of them get it
  • Stealing Sportacus’s clothes and wearing them
  • Bonding over their hate of coffee by drinking tea
  • Going outside on rainy days because no kids are out
  • Having to take care of Robbie because he got sick from going out in the rain
  • Playing with the towns stray kitten
  • Sportacus making Robbie sick by kissing him with traces of healthy food in his mouth
  • Robbie knocking Sport tf out by kissing him with traces of sugar in his mouth
about sirius/james brotp : a list of unorganized thoughts
  •  before the sorting ceremony, even if they knew each other since barely half an hour, sirius made james swore he won’t stop talking to him if he ends up in slytherin
  • they think they have invented everything. like “what do you mean remus we didn’t invent drinking games in the dorm ? excuse you !”
  • they have the most complicated secret hand shake ever which includes singing and rock paper scissor.
  • sirius had always said james should give up on lily because he didn’t like to see his brother hurt, but he was the first to notice lily was warming up to him and wasn’t hating him as much as before, and he started to play matchmaker.
  • james is doing the exact same thing with sirius and remus since fucking day one. he forced them to settle in the beds next to each other.
  • they try to finish each other’s sentences and fail all the freaking time.
  • they also always ask “are you thinking what i’m thinking ?” and end up thinking about something completely different and make a mess
  • sirius started the gryffindor cheerleader team. he was the only member but didn’t care and performed before every match anyway to cheer on his bro
  • try and tell me everyone didn’t believe they were a couple.
  • because they cuddled all the time
  • private jokes all the time
  • and now with the angst.
  • james knew since year 2 about sirius’s home situation, and he always knew it would end up like that. he had already asked his parents countless times if they would adopt him if he needed
  • and when it finally happened, sirius slept in james’s bed for the rest of the holidays. the only exceptions were the times remus visited and james gave them some couple privacy
  • when james and lily went to their first date, sirius was sincerly crying because he was scared james would leave him now he had someone else important in his life. it took two hours to remus to comfort him.
  • during the war, sirius would burst into the potter’s home whenever it was too much for him
  • and when they went into hiding, sirius cried for three days. literally.
  • and
  • the
  • 31th
  • of
  • october
  • he felt like his mind was blank and all he could think about was to kill peter. it was the same thought who occupied him most of the twelve years in azkaban - that and his remus who was alone and vulnerable.

gal pals™

  • in another life, inej and nina would be roommates in the university district
  • there’s this elusive air about them, secretive glances in each other’s direction, wordless conversations across opposite ends of the classrooms
  • and on campus, they’re always seen huddling close to each other, whispering even when no one is close enough to hear them
  • they’re the type of girls you’d inevitably spend too much time trying to figure out. and when you spot them at the cafe you can’t help stare because you want to see if they’d run out of things to say or jokes to laugh at and if it’s just the lighting or are they really glowing as they look at each other
  • it’s also a mystery how they work when they couldn’t be more different
  • inej walks around with her hood drawn up, passing through campus like a shadow, unknowable and unapproachable
  • meanwhile nina smiles at everyone in passing and would even strike up a full conversation with an inanimate object. she’s also the loudest person at any party, parties inej has never shown interest in attending
  • but the girls don’t care if no one gets them because in the safe confines of their own room no one exists but the two of them
  • they often pull all nighters reminiscing about ravka
  • and when nina is stressed out, inej always has the right proverb to encourage her
  • and somehow nina always has the right song, even if she performs it terribly
  • inej animatedly tells nina about the books she finishes when nina had been out and nina looks forward to these times more than anything
  • inej will never forget the time when she read about slave trading in ketterdam and instead of waiting up for nina she retired to bed with the blankets pulled over her head, hoping her cries were silent enough
  • in the morning she woke to tea and nina insisting they take a mental health day from classes. this memory is forever ingrained in both of them—the sound of the rain against the window, the way nina’s arms folded around inej and inej rested her head against nina’s chest for the first time. inej’s tears seeping into her shirt as she told nina she had to make a difference somehow and nina cupping her face in her hands as she promised to help her however she could
  • nina notices inej’s smiles have been shyer since. and she catches the way her face would flush when they bump into each other as they try to maneuver around the furniture in their cramped room
  • and as they’re counting out their coins to see if they have enough for their next waffle splurge, their hands brush and nina doesn’t know why she giggles but she does and inej thinks it’s the sweetest sound
  • sometimes nina trades in a night of partying for quiet walks with inej. one time they snuck into the library after hours because inej had to show nina lines from a novel that reminded her of them
  • nina couldn’t help herself after. she stole the book. they laughed the whole way back to their place and nina read the entirety of it aloud that same night with inej dozing on her shoulder
  • but these girls…they’re also those figures ambling in the the foggy haze at 2 am when the rest of the district is silent. that hint of fabric, crimson in the moonlight, is in fact the too loud girl from class that answers every question with confidence even when she’s wrong, and the small hooded figure moving as one with the billows of smoke beside her is the quiet girl from the back of the room
  • no one can wrap their heads around why they’d willingly go into the barrel. and they’re too intimidated to ask. someone once said nina had a gang tattoo, but everyone had laughed it off as a joke…
Gryffindor Friendships


  • Oh man
  • Be careful with these ones
  • They make a really good team during physical fights/duels
  • “I hate you” “No you don’t, you love me”
  • Getting drunk together
  • Crazy pranks
  • Sometimes they pretend to hate each other even when they’re actually friends
  • They give each other advice on how to flirt
  • Lots of bickering
  • “You suck” “Love you too”


  • Really fun parties
  • Hugs
  • Platonic hand-holding
  • Random declarations of affection
  • Carefully planned birthday surprises for each other
  • Movie nights
  • Making s’mores at bonfires
  • They always have each other’s back


  • Pulling all-nighters together
  • Arguing and making up
  • Ravenclaws try to keep the Gryffs from doing really stupid things sometimes
  • And Gryffs get Ravenclaws to do stupid things sometimes
  • When they first start hanging out, it’s a little awkward
  • Then they warm up and have tons of fun
  • Sometimes they don’t get each other, but they try to.


  • They come up with their craziest ideas when they’re together
  • They can have really bad arguments, but they’ll make up eventually
  • There’s a distinct possibility that they swear a lot (at least, in each other’s company)
  • Very defensive of each other
  • They aren’t always the best at showing how much they care about each other, but they really do
  • They occasionally steal each other’s stuff
  • They like playing games with each other (like Quidditch or card games or soccer)
  • Also a little but competitive
  • Sometimes a little jealous
  • But in the end, they always work out their problems.




Ok but what if Jason and Percy, well don’t have a rivalry, but always try to one-up each other…

-Like it starts off comparing stories and seeing who has the most wacky and weirdest demigod experiences.

-Then it gets applied to literally everything, such as who can make the biggest move in Capture the Flag/ War Games, who can climb the volcanic lava wall thing the fastest, etc.

-Everything is a competition between these two and everyone knows it.

-Eventually Reyna and Annabeth decide enough’s enough and then they join in a try to stop them.

-To do this, they then try to one-up them and soon they get into as well since both are naturally competitive.

-Enough’s enough’s, however, and the only way those four stop competing with each other is after Piper charm speaks them.


A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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