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Book 1 vs. Season 1: Catelyn on the Sidelines

Catelyn Stark is a character adapted patchily in season one, and sad to say, that’s about the best of the adaptation she sees. The show did an excellent job (for the most part) in capturing her concern for her family and how love for them motivates most everything she does, good and bad, wise and unwise.

But for Catelyn, being a wife and mother encompasses more than just keeping house and watching over her children. Her dynastic ambitions far outstrip those of her husband, she’s a capable diplomat and high-level political advisor, and pretty much any book scene where she watches military planning demonstrates she has a working knowledge of strategy (though very little confidence in that knowledge). She sees using those skills as part of her duty to House Stark. This aspect of her personality is lost mostly in the front end of season one, when the show wishes to make those vital first impressions.

In the back end of season one, a new issue emerges. Though book!Catelyn and show!Catelyn are never again closer to being the same character, show!Catelyn must compete with Robb for the focus of the storyline, and it’s a competition Catelyn loses comprehensively.

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Arrow 100th: My Thoughts

The 100th episode of Arrow has finally arrived, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. Some good and some, well…not so good. I’ll start with what I loved.


  • Stephen Amell gave a great performance tonight. His scenes with his parents and Thea were amazing and brought all of the feels. Oliver saying goodbye to Moira was bittersweet and especially heartbreaking.
  • Felicity and Cisco are such a fun dynamic. I enjoy her scenes with him more than Curtis. They are both geeks, but they aren’t carbon copies of the other. They have their own skills and a brand of humor that mesh really well. One of my favorite scenes involved Felicity showing Cisco Oliver’s bow, so he could locate everyone. Felicity mentions that it’s broken, but she also asks that Cisco not do anything to alter or destroy it.  It’s a subtle Olicity moment because even though it’s already broken, Felicity treats Oliver’s bow with care and deference. It shows how much she truly admires and respects Oliver.

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