and they all make mistakes

  • Markiplier: includes trans, gay and nonbinary folks in A Date With Markiplier
  • Y'all:
  • Mark: publicly supports the womens march
  • Y'all:
  • Mark: donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity including the human rights campaign, a LGBT+ charity
  • Y'all:
  • Mark: publicly calls homophobes and transphobes wrong
  • Y'all:
  • Mark: apologizes to his fans when he makes tasteless mistakes
  • Y'all:
  • Mark: says that we need to not label people as evil and treat them like people even when they do bad things
  • Y'all: MARKIPLIER 👏 IS 👏 CANCELLED 👏 i cant believe he just revealed what a BIGOTED, HYPOCRITICAL, NAZI APOLOGIST HE IS he's such an AWFUL PERSON

My favourite guys, I love you both dearly.

Seán, don’t be too hard on yourself, it was brave to speak your mind like that and people who know you well know what you meant! It’s sad to see though what people who didn’t get your point are causing and the amount of hate that spewed up… you don’t deserve that! Please know that the community is proud of you

Felix, stay strong, okay? It’s unfair how things have been being taken out of context lately and how unfair the media can be at times, you make millions of people laugh every day and I know that you’re not a bad person at heart, so don’t worry! It’ll blow over eventually, all the best to you til then, bro

We all make mistakes or do things that we regret later or wish we’d done them differently, but that’s just how it goes sometimes and that’s okay. Keep your heads up, guys!

You all already know this, but Hanyu is just amazing. He made mistakes on previous jumps so he makes an all-new layout on the spot. Still, he maintains the quality and calm throughout. Imagine the mental strength that requires.

And guess what? He was still number one in the free. Just incredible.

I never thought I could respect and admire Hanyu even more than I did before this, but he is really something else. Not just as a skater but also as a sportsman.

i promised not to self harm again but the scissor is right there and i feel that if i keep it to myself i’ll end up doing it, or I’ll excuse it by spreading the blood on a canvas and calling it art but it will not be art. 

Art is the two tattoos I designed to put onto my skin that told me NOT TO DO IT AGAIN, to never emotionally hurt people again, to never stab a bed that isn’t mine to avoid stabbing myself. Art was getting high with my friends and slapping “It’s a perfect day for some mayhem” on my deepest scar, allowing the scar to erase part of it. 

I am art, and art never dies. I’m still this little girl somewhere in there.

Okay guys...

I would like to take a moment to look at something that is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind: the PewDiePie issue. I will NOT speak about the issue directly here; I want to focus on the people who HAVE. I’m not here talking about Felix. I’m here to talk about Mark and Jack.

As most YouTube fans know, both Mark and Jack have put out videos responding to the issue, and they each did it in a very different way. Mark chose to use the issue as a springboard for his comments on a much wider subject: human decency. He called for people to stop using harsh labels and spewing hate at others, because doing that is not giving that person a chance to be an equal. We all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, we all make people mad. BUT- that does not give anyone the right to attack someone else or throw a horrible label on them and stigmatize them without looking at them as a whole, real, living human being. Mark’s message was one of respect for your fellow man as an equal. He is now being called an enabler of hate and a coward.

Jack posted a video, about twice as long, addressing the issue directly. He looked at things such as the WSJ’s article and media attacks on Felix (at his personal address, mind you) and YouTube cancelling Scare PewDiePie’s second season, a season that Jack was costarring in. He stated that he admits Felix messed up big time and has to face some consequences, and that technically the newspaper and YouTube have the rights to run/not run, air/not air anything they want. That is within their company rights. Jack tried to let people know that Felix is a good person, but he just made some choices that were unwise. Jack is now being called a backstabber.

Now… let me break it down to its very simple points:

Mark: Posts a video that is, more or less, a response to the PewDiePie issue; not one that attacks the problem directly, but instead looks the elements surrounding the issue. And he’s a “Nazi-enabling coward”.

Jack: Posts a video response to the PewDiePie issue, tackling the subject directly and giving us all the information he knows, and then commenting his thoughts that, YES, Felix f-ed up big time and there will be consequences, but that does not mean we and the media should be so brutal. And he’s a “backstabber”.


Mark - doesn’t address the specific issue, is a “Nazi enabler”.

Jack - addresses the specific issue, is a “backstabber”.

Does that sound a little fishy to you? Because it sure does to me. It is a lose-lose situation. Because people are so willing to go to war with other people over the internet and will look for anything to start a fight. I am not going to say I think one or the other handled it better. I am just here to lay it out the way I’m looking at it. It would not have mattered which route they took, because they would have received hate ANYWAYS. Doesn’t that sound WRONG?

Disagree with them all you want! They both have embraced the discourse! Totally fair opinions to hold. But, everyone is missing the main points of their videos entirely. These two guys, both similar pop culture icons to and good friends with the man in question, are trying to satiate their communities and possibly offer solutions to the pure vile hatred coming from those communities. And both of them lost. If you don’t like Mark or Jack, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE OR WATCH THEIR CONTENT OR FOLLOW THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. If this particular issue really squicked you that badly, maybe open a polite discussion over it. Or, if you can’t/don’t want to do that, just calmly take a break from the content and let this thing work itself out. Hell, unsub if you feel like you must. Just… you can do ALL of those things without spitting acid at them in the process! You don’t have to have the last laugh, because there’s nothing here either of them are laughing ABOUT! It’s like at the top of some fanfics, “don’t like, don’t read”. People have claimed that I am biased on this subject because I am a huge fan of both Mark and Jack. Okay, maybe I have some bias. I see them as brave heroes for doing what they did. That’s my subjective opinion, my bias. However, the objective issue still exists:


And that, folks, seems pretty wrong to me. I stand by Mark and Jack. They do not deserve this. These are two dudes in their mid-twenties trying to make a living by making people from the ages of around ten to probably thirty or so laugh. They are human beings. They have lives outside of a webcam, families, friends, girlfriends… They’re just like you and me. They just have a YouTube channel that happens to 16.5 and 14.5 million subscribers. They’re wonderful guys who give to charity and go visit sick kids and help animals and reach out those in need… Mark is not a Nazi enabler. And Jack is not a backstabber.

I’m sorry this went on so long, I wanted it to be short and to-the-point… but there is so much happening with this issue right now that I feel like I had something to add to the discussion.

“It was just a joke, he’s not actually Anti-Semitic.”

Fuck you, no it wasn’t. It’s not a fucking joke. Fuck any grown man so insensitive to our social climate that he would pull shit like this. 

He did it for shock value. He knew it was wrong, because he deliberately did it to shock people. No matter what his views are on any Jewish person of any origin, the act was Anti-Semitic. He abused his audience and influence to trivialize real horror taking place in our world right now. There is real danger. And fuck him for spitting on it.

And there were those that came to his defense. People with influence just as vast want us to leave him alone. 

“He’s still a human, guys. We all make mistakes. Treat this human with respect.”

Do you not get what respect is? 

Merriam-Webster defines it as thus:

“A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” 

There was nothing to admire. There was no achievement. You want me to revere a person that disregards the plight of an entire demographic, because you don’t like your audience’s very angry, and frightened response?

You know what? Fuck you, too.


I loved Connor and Jude’s storyline. I did. But does that mean I have to sit here and be bitter because Connor is gone? No. Jude is finally moving on and he is happy. He is making mistakes, but all teenagers do. He’s learning, and Noah is cute AF. if they’re not going to last that’s fine, but sitting here being all “why are they forcing joah on us???” It’s just really unfair to everyone in the joah tag when all you do is whine and send hate. It’s a fictional show, it’s not something you should feel the need to send hateful messages over. Connor was great. Jonnor was great, but Jude is happy and he’s moved on. Let’s just try and either support that, or at least keep the negativity out of the tags where the fans like to see good posts.

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