and they all have one thing in common

I’m just gonna sit in my corner and enjoy Bendy and the Ink Machine for what it is and completely ignore the porn.

Just.  Don’t even bring it in my direction.  Let me have this one thing

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So, you don't have friends? Like, no one? How's that possible?

Like, I do have friends who live near me. But they’re not friends I have things in common with. Just friends I’ve had since school and catch up now and again. I want friends who come on adventures with me and be creative with and not talk about mortgages and babies all the time. The friends who I share actual interests with don’t live near me so I do a lot of things alone. Plus I’m introverted and socially awkward af

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You have mentioned before that some people see markson as one dimensional when they pick and choose moments (the bad joke ones), what do you think is more to marksons relationship with each other

I think of them as mutually supportive friends who have known each other for a long time. And despite their different personalities have a lot of comforting common ground like with being foreigners in a new country where they went through a tiring training process on top of learning a new language and social norms. Their personality differences of being an extrovert and an introvert are things that they fully accept and have praised about one another too and that’s key in understanding the friendship beneath the old jokes they have made back and forth. ‬Jackson has been saying for a long time that Mark is more talkative now and they could talk all night if they are together and he also said being quiet isn’t a bad thing directly when talking about Mark too so there is more than the old wall jokes. Mark has made jokes about Jackson being too loud as well but he has also praised Jackson’s outgoing and humorous good nature

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Hi there...I'm going through some very painful memories in my sessions. I've been seeing the same T for a long g time. But lately I feel like my T only cares because she has to...Like because I pay her. She doesn't really care though. She only cares because she is supposed to. How do I get through this? Thanks for all you do. Hope you are well.

hi anon,

Can you talk to your therapist about this? I think it’s common to be uncertain about your relationship with your therapist because there is a financial transaction. One thing to consider is whether you’ve had authentic, caring relationships with other people who are paid in some way or another- for example, a teacher, professor, coach, camp counselor, boss, coworker, religious leader, etc. If you have, you can think about why you felt confident in that person’s regard towards you despite the financial component. 

specific personal parisian details from a parisian for ml fic writers:
  • High school gets out at around 5:00 for a lot of people, so theres not a lot of time after school to hang out. However in some school, Wednesdays are half days (however in high school that possibility diminishes).
  • In winter it’s dark until 8:00AM and during the summer, it can stay light out until 10:00PM
  • It’s very common to go to a Boulangerie with friends before school
  • Driving doesn’t really get you places. The most common form of transportation is the metro. Although there are many days where all of the lines are down because of protests.
  • Baguettes are necessary for any meal. Even from the age of 6 a kid can be asked to go to the boulangerie at the corner of the road and get a baguette for two euros.
  • There are Boulangeries EVERYWHERE there are every kilometer you can probably find a new one.
  • Parisians usually are rude and have a certain distaste for americans.
  • Biking is really common. There is this thing called Velib’ and basically you can take a bike for an hour if you pay and you have to put it at another Velib’ station when you’re done.
  • Teens hang out at cafes a lot after school.
  • Cafes have an outside portion with cute chairs and tables on the outside, but they also usually have a bar inside.
  • Les Champs Elysés is a big shopping center, so if Le Bon Marché.
  • Drinking is not that big of a deal in France. Most children start drinking wine at home from a young age. But the true drinking age in 18.
  • Driving age is also 18.
  • Most teenagers and adults smoke. That’s why the streets of Paris smell very smoky.
  • Most people don’t go right to college after High School. There are preparatory schools where people go to pursue their interests. After that they apply to colleges.
  • There are cutes shacks at the beach around france and at Paris Plage where they sell crepes, drinks, and candies.
  • At restaurants if you order a soda they will give you the small bottle and a glass.

i might do a part two to this honestly this is just because i miss france. but if any of you find this useful that’s awesome.

Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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fakers and freezers: taurus, gemini, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, and aquarius.

what all of these signs have in common with each other is that they have some of the deepest capacities for feelings in the zodiac. this is not to say that the other signs don’t have deep feelings – just these particular signs have feelings that are so interconnected to their souls and identities, that they sometimes can’t mentally, emotionally, or even physically handle their feelings being hurt. because of this, they end up in one of two groups: fakers or freezers.

fakers: gemini, libra, sagittarius
fakers get this title because they seem to be two-faced. they say one thing and act or do another. in relationships, they seem to be so genuine, so loving, so perfect, and then one day they’re either giving the exact same thing to someone else or they cut you off from those feelings. this is because they can’t turn off their feelings and they want to keep from getting hurt. first, they feel what they feel and bottling up is too detrimental because it goes against who they truly are. the problem is that they will pull that from someone the moment they deem them undeserving. cross them or take them for granted or something that otherwise deeply hurts them and they will change in a heartbeat with no apologies and sometimes with no explanation, in an emergency exit plan of self-preservation. on the other hand, they don’t want people to push them away, so they perform in specific way to get specific responses from others that are generally positive. 

freezers: taurus, scorpio, aquarius
freezers cope with their intense emotional capacity a bit differently. instead of throwing themselves all the way in emotionally and then very suddenly withdrawing when it’s no longer emotionally productive, they choose to always keep a part of themselves away from everyone. they may refuse to share certain feelings or they may just never fully be themselves with other people, but there’s always a part of them that absolutely no one will see. if they let you in, you’ll definitely see more than anyone else has previously, but you’re still never going to see everything. the kicker is that they are 100% honest about everything – except this. because they feel so deeply, they often feel that by keeping a part of themselves secreted away from everyone, they prevent people from having the power to truly hurt them. no matter what others do, they will always have that piece of themselves to retreat to because it’s untouched. this is also why scorpio enjoys seductive power, because they know that they can make others give their whole selves without reciprocating – it gives the illusion of being invincible. 

So I noticed a common theme when I was rewatching Voltron. When the Paladins are all standing together (excluding times when a specific paladin needs to interact with the environment or when they’re scattered around) it typically goes Lance, Keith, Shiro, Pidge, and then Hunk. Over time, Lance and Keith seem to switch places, but other than that one exception, the order remains consistent.

But when I was looking at those two scenes from the season two trailer…

Lance is suspiciously absent.

I realized that Feyre has things in common with every member of the Inner Circle:

- Cassian was also starving at one point in his life.
- Azriel was trapped and isolated by people who should have cared for him.
- Morrigan was groomed the same way Feyre was at the Spring Court in a different one, and defied all of it.
- And well okay no one has anything in common with Amren because Amren is Amren but Feyre is a rare figure who can actually garner some affection/protection from her and that’s pretty cool.

EDIT: Someone pointed out that Amren and Feyre were born in different forms to what they are now.

Basically the details of these books shock me to
no end.

real life RFA members:

im jaebum got7 as han jumin

  • DADS
  • both cat-person
  • kink daddies
  • han jumin is literally im jaebum in suit ( and tie   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜

mark got7 as 707 / saeyoung choi

their personality didn’t entirely match 100% but both are cinnamon rolls that need to be protected at all cost

jeonghan seventeen as ZEN / ryu hyun

ok gotta admit the only thing they have in common is their hair but no one can pull off a zen except jeonghan tbh

bambam got7 as yoosung

  • both are cute sons
  • both are fluff ball of sunshines  ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

jeongyeon twice as kang jaehee

both are the definition of femme fatale

┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓ bonus  ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓

kim taehyung bts as saeran choi / unknown

  • both are very sexual 
  • but innocent rolls at the same time
  • their smirks resemble each other 
  • sigh…. i hate them both

Now I know in most common scenarios the kids have to split up for college and only get to see each other during holidays and vacations but can we take one moment to consider the fluffy fluff of: The kids not being physically able to be apart so they all end up going to the same college and sharing a cute little apartment in the city?
•It would be a small apartment only consisting of three bedrooms, the kitchen, a living room and O N E bathroom.
•Mike and Will sharing one bedroom, Dustin and Lucas too, and El of course gets her own.
•Lucas through the years remaining faithful to his role as the dad friend who makes a schedule for the chores of the apartment so everyone has responsibilities.
•Even though, most times the boys procrastinate to do them so literally everything falls into his and El’s shoulders
•Mike will some times help too but only when it’s Eleven who’s struggling with the chores.
•The five of them squeeze together in the living room’s couch marathoning movies
•Will somehow ends up making most of the cooking around the place and is literally the only reason these group hasn’t fallen into an endless cycle of take-out fast food.
•Even through the years, some of the stuff Eleven has seen will just simply never let her rest so there’s Mike and Eleven at the kitchen in their PJ’s as 3:00 AM talking about the universe and drinking cocoa from the same mug
•During finals, everyone becomes a coffee-addict except for Dustin who literally only drinks hot chocolate and still manages to be the most cheerful one always.
•The boys sometimes fall asleep at random places such as the kitchen counter, over the living room’s coffee table, or even the hallway’s floor and Eleven always getting a blanket from to closet and draping it over them like the house-wife she is
•Will having Arts Major struggles™
•Their first hallowed together they totally forget to buy candy
•and they’re so emotionally wasted because of school they get super
•They improvise, preparing some Eggos from El’s reserve, put them in bags and call it a day
•Eleven was devastated, she had to give up SEVERAL boxes of Eggos to avoid getting their door egged
•The next day, however, Mike drove all the way downtown to buy her many more.
•Thanksgiving is also a mess
•They almost burn down the building trying to make a proper meal
•They end up eating turkey sandwiches at the gas station at midnight.
•Also, Will being hella exited about decorating the apartment on their first Christmas living there
•"Will, we live in a tiny-ass place, the fuck you wanna buy the biggest tree in the store??“
•Dustin keeping his tradition of making sure Mike and Eleven end up under a Mistletoe at some point every year
•"Dustin?? We’ve been dating for??? Years now???? This isn’t awkward anymore, not even funny.”
•Pretty much, the kids living one happy life as the family they are.
Feel free to add your own!

Responses to childhood trauma.

Our therapist mentioned a while back that there are common responses to childhood trauma.  The obvious ones being fight or flight. But she said three others were freeze, submit and attach.

I don’t think I understood at the time but looking at my system now I can see examples of all of these responses in system members.

They’re pretty self explanatory I guess but I just wanted to share this for reference if anyone finds it helpful, like I have.  I think these are even more relevant in dissociative disorders such as DID because there are often conflicting feelings towards abusers - we are often attached to them despite their abuse.  For us that has been one of the most grueling things to admit.

I know freeze is very common, in later trauma/abuse as well as child abuse. It often happens when fight/flight can’t happen and is when a child will become silent and still, anything to avoid drawing the attention of their abuser. It comes with a sense of powerlessness.

If the freeze response doesn’t work, the child can “submit” by going along with whatever the abuser is doing, in the hope that if they comply it will be over quicker/they won’t be punished. This can be seen in animals - they “play dead” and hope for the attacker to leave them. Submit parts often feel a great deal of shame and take on the blame/responsibility for what has happened.

It is apparently common to have alters who represent these trauma responses within the same system. I can now see all of the responses in our system, for example, fight presents in hypervigilant alters such as protectors, flight can be seen in those alters who distance themselves from external people to avoid being hurt, freeze is obvious in very scared/traumatised/often younger alters who can be stuck in the trauma, submit parts can feel shame or appear needy, whereas attached parts have a fear of being abandoned/always try to be better.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone but it helped us to figure out why certain alters act in a particular way/believe particular things.

Thinspo and Social Media

The thing about our generation is that social media is a true and valid form of self-expression. It connects people with similar interests or going through similar circumstances to talk, share, and bond over this commonality.

This is a beautiful thing! Let people express themselves!

Now for thinspo blogs: it seems like we’re promoting eating disorders, but 99.99999% of us would still have an eating disorder with or without this blog. And 99.99999% of us did not start having an eating disorder because we ran across thinspo one day while on tumblr. And 99.99999% of us would not tell someone else to starve or overexercise or purge. We don’t want this for anyone else.

I, personally, love and appreciate all bodies. Thin, fat, short, tall… I just personally, want to be thin. Just because I reblog pics of thin girls does not mean I’m saying everyone should/needs to be thin. I do it because it’s what I want for myself and this is my outlet for expressing that.

My thinspo blog is an outlet for me to express what I’m going through. I can express this while seeing other people express the same/similar feelings that I have and can relate to. This is really great for me to cope with this disorder because it makes me feel less alone.

I know I talk about fancasts a lot and normally I’d just add it to the masterpost and move on. But… this one is just… so… perfect, it’s getting its own post.

First of all, we know Kent is vaguely based on Tyler Seguin

And you know who looks like a blond Tyler Seguin?

and is a world class pro athlete in a winter sport?

Gus Kenworthy, that’s who.

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  • Neil: *at three in the morning* Andrew? Are you awake?
  • Andrew: Fuck off.
  • Neil: Andrew, Aaron said something and.... Andrew, what's a twink?
  • Andrew: You.
  • Neil: Oh, okay.
  • *next day*
  • Nicky: *randomly bitching about other exy players* Oooh, Jeremy Knox is such a twink, I swear to God.
  • Neil: Andrew says I'm one of those but I don't have anything in common with Jeremy? Is it an exy thing?
  • Nicky: Oh honey...