and they act like this too

Hey pals. Apparently this is a thing that we, as an internet femslash community, need, so it is time for Grouchy Aunt J’s Guide To Fandom Deportment.

1. I know that you really like your favourite actors, especially the ones involved in your fave wlw ships. I totally understand this! They are pretty, and wlw fandom is really fun, and if your ship is also a canon ship then it is super exciting and validating to see yourself reflected in media that you love. I, too, love that feeling and get really passionate about the media that I watch, which is why I am a Fandom Old.

2. The actors in your favourite ships are people. Like, real people, with anxieties and food preferences and sometimes they have weird hair days and some of them are introverted and some of them are extroverted, etc etc etc. When they are acting in your favourite media, they are going to work.

3. Part of an actor’s job these days is to sometimes be around on social media. Sometimes not! If they are kind/friendly/available on social media, that is a fun perk of someone who is going the extra mile for their job. You are not entitled to this.

4. Even if you super like a ship and are really passionate about fandom, there are things it is not alright to do. Actors are people, and when fans start treating them poorly it is unkind and potentially frightening or traumatic. Plus, your behaviour reflects badly on all fans and means that fandom as a whole doesn’t get to have nice things anymore. (Thanks, jerks.)

5. It is never okay to:

  • harass actors on social media because something about their character is interfering with your ship/they’re not supporting your ship enough/they’re supporting the wrong ship too much/their character is problematic/the ship you think their ship is better than is problematic/just whatever please stop it this is not their problem. Tweeting at them will not fix whatever is upsetting you on the show you like, but it is probably pretty hurtful for them and not something they should have to put up with.
  • harass/question actors who are involved in queer ships about their sexuality in public spaces. People’s sexuality is private, and being involved in portraying a queer canon or subtext ship doesn’t give fans the right to know about an actor’s queerness or lack thereof unless they choose to volunteer that.
  • tell actors on social media about any sexual fantasies you may or may not have about them, b/c sexual consent also applies to actors.
  • send actors unsolicited links to/hand bound novellas/lovingly hand-lettered scrolls of fanfiction, especially smutty fanfiction, especially especially if that author is not aware that their fic is getting sent to actors inappropriately.
  • send actors your nsfw fanart about them, or someone else’s nsfw fanart about them, oh my g o d.
  • ask them to read your fanfiction or autograph your fanfiction, damn.

5a. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I, or another a reasonable person, want to see this [insert fanwork of varying levels of nsfw] about a representation of myself/themselves? Most actors are actual people who find this just as upsetting as you might find it, if someone drew fanart of you and then brought it to your workplace.

5b. Yes, I know, there is a certain amount of distance involved in creating fanworks because they are about fictional characters and that storytelling and play is one of the things I love about fandom. But I also never, under any circumstances, would want any of the actors involved in my ships to read my fanfiction because it would be super uncomfortable and that’s the point

6. Also, your favourite actor’s non-actor family and friends are just that: not actors. Don’t bother them. Don’t - hypothetically - stalk them and try to catfish them to get information about your favourite actor. It’s super super not okay and it’s a huge boundary violation.

In conclusion: social media is super great and has changed fandom in a lot of neat ways, but having cool TV and movie actors available to connect with in that way is a privilege, not a right. Let’s all act like we are worthy of it.

wardenmcpherson  asked:

Rich said he had acted under the assumption that Gabriel had a vessel or avatar or whatever stolen from or fashioned after Loki. And that he sealed Loki away in order to convincingly masquerade as him amongst the gods. Whatcha think of that? I had always thought of them being "same deity/different culture." Kind of like how Romans renamed the Greek pantheon.

this is actually something that i put in God’n’Gabe III! it’s my favorite portion. since it’s been out a while, i’ll show it now:

THIS is my favorite portion of the entire book. probably some of my absolute favorite comic work that i’ve ever done, too. i thought rich’s idea was brilliant, but i did take twist it some. i made loki a prisoner in his own vessel, more or less. i like the idea the gabriel tricked the trickster when he was at his most vulnerable.

(if this looks familiar, it was original done in a video format, which i reworked to work in the book’s format!)


Snape Appreciation Month day 24: Favourite Moment

Scorpius: Thank you for being my light in the darkness.
Snape looks at him, every inch a hero, he softly smiles.
Snape: Tell Albus - tell Albus Severus - I’m proud he carries my name.
[Cursed Child - Part II Act 3, scene 9]

I’ve heard a lot of people saying Snape was really Ooc in Cursed Child, and Idk (and probably part of me doesn’t care too much, lol), but his appearance really hit me in the chest. I didn’t like a lot of things in CC, but…this one, I did.
I probably have too many favourite moments to count, but I wanted to use this occasion to mention this part, kind of a tribute (besides, I’ve already told ya my fav moment is the Half-Blood Prince one, hehe)

This thumbnail has caught my attention.
Why? It’s different. The past thumbnails for these have all had the same old background, black sound proof foam. This one still uses it, but there’s colours to it now. Red and Blue. Dark has Red and Blue outlines on him. People have been getting Dark vibes from the video, too. More evidence? The video was made after Dark came back. The others weren’t. We know that Dark can fool us and act like Mark as well.
@hufflepufftrax @fear-is-nameless

Reader and Smoking Weed With The Jocks

Request: Okay… But smoking weed with the jocks tho and getting hella sideways. Like not just “one too many bong hits” fucked up bc that’s not shit but more like “I’m laying on the floor bc l just ate nine edibles and can’t feel my legs h e l p m e” kinda fucked up and the guys act like their laughing it off and stuff but they’re lowkey SUPER nervous and a tiny bit worried bc you literally can’t move, one of them had to help lift you on to the couch and your talking to Justin about something crazy like


A/N: Sorry for the wait on this. As you’ll soon tell, I’ve never been high, but I hope this is somewhat accurate.


Warnings: Drug use.


Reader and Smoking Weed With The Jocks…

  • Okay so when you first met the jocks you had never gotten high before

  • It all started with you hanging out with them when they got high most days after school

  • You never really joined in with them, but it was funny watching all of them lose their shit

  • You almost felt the need to take care of them in a way. You didn’t want them to hurt themselves while they weren’t able to think clearly enough to understand the seriousness of the situation

  • And then came finals week. And you’d had a super shitty day with school and your home life and just decided you were going to join them

  • They were super hesitant at first, but figured that with all of them there you couldn’t get yourself into that much trouble

  • But they were wrong

  • It started off fine. They made you take things slow, and you were just relieved to have the weight of the world off your shoulders

  • Then you couldn’t get enough of the feeling

  • The fact that it was your first time getting high went out the window completely, and you didn’t care how messed up you got, you just kept taking hits

  • It got funnier as time went on

  • Everything was funny. Zach’s voice, Justin’s shirt, Alex’s hair. All of it was hilarious to you

  • The boys were high too, but they just found you so cute that they completely forgot to make sure you paced yourself

  • You kept up with them the entire way, even taking a few more hits than they did

  • That was how you ended up sprawled across the floor, the ceiling turning into a beautiful motion picture above you

  • Half of the boys were gone with you, and you all lay spread out around the room in a daze

  • You’d eaten half of the food in the cupboard, even fighting with Monty over a small snack sized bag of chips

  • It didn’t really hit anyone how beyond gone you were until you started giggling to yourself

  • “What so funny?”

  • “I can’t move my legs”

  • That’s when the panic set in a little with the boys. They all started to argue between each other what they should do. Monty even suggested they call Jeff for help, but everyone knew that would just end in a full on lecture

  • You just brushed them off though, you were fine, really, more than fine in fact. You felt perfect. The boys soon figured out you could in fact move, you just had no desire to and no strength left in you

  • Justin picked you up with Zach and they put you on the couch, where you snuggled into Alex’s side

  • After that none of them would let you out of their sight. They kept checking up on you and declared no more smoking for the afternoon. The funniest part was when they all had to come together and come up with a lie to tell your parents as to why you couldn’t go home that night. Needless to say Jess received a few messages begging her to cover for you all

  • The boys were reluctant after that to let you get high again, but you of course used you puppy dog eyes and it wasn’t hard to convince them. It was a favourite pastime for you all, and you honestly adored the weightless feeling it gave you

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NCT Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin's ideal type (appearance)


Anon: hi hi !! could you please do the next 5 members for the ideal type post? if you don’t want to that’s okay, too. Thank youuu!

Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. <3

Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait! Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 2 members (Chenle & Jisung)! Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


Originally posted by exoticnctlife

Mark wouldn’t really have type or preference when it comes to appearance. As long as your personality was spot on, he literally wouldn’t care. He’d, of course, be one of the members who’d be the most open to dating someone from a different country and looks different to himself. He’d be able to make them feel confident and unafraid of people criticising your relationship; he’d just have that effect over people. He’d be happy to date someone very sim, or slightly chubbier; someone shorter than him or taller than him. He might slightly prefer shorter people though, because he is still quite young and probably would want to be the one who dominates and looks after the other rather than vice versa. Someone who dresses simply and doesn’t like bright or weird designs or patterns. Definitely someone who laughs and smiles a lot and will always laugh at his jokes even tho most of the time they r CRaP lmfaooo.


Originally posted by neotechs

Someone who’s not too short nor too tall, so about his height. Dresses with beanies and sweaters and likes odd patterns and colour matches. Someone with long wavy hair, who will let him braid and play with it. Likes to smile and giggle and tends to cover their mouth with their hands subconsciously (I think he’d like those kind of habits that only he noticed) Someone with big, innocent eyes that are warm and inviting. Someone with a calming aura who usually is surrounded by people who are instinctively drawn to their chill self, but always spots him and will focus their attention on him. Someone who wears a lot of denim and has matching denim jackets with him, with matching pins, badges and patches on it. Someone who smells really nice; a flowery and light scent that’s kind of unique and reminds him of home.


Originally posted by na-jmin

Someone who’s a little more on the curvy side and likes to look after themselves and work out. Doesn’t have to be a gym-junkie or anything, but he’d like it if they at least ate healthy and did a little exercise. Someone who can be a bit daring with their look whether that be with their hair, clothes or makeup. Someone on the taller side but still short than him, and acts very adorable and sweet. Maybe someone with shorter hair with highlights that catches the light well and suits their face shape very well. I see him liking if they wore a lot of necklaces and bracelets and rings all with meaning and symbolic reference to them; he’d be the type to want to have couple accessories and gift you very expensive and special jewellery.  


Originally posted by donghyukslee

Someone short and a little curvy or chubby! He’d love how innocently cute and adorable they looked, and would probably tease them about their height too. Really though, it’d make him feel very responsible and manly if they were way shorter than him. Someone with darker skin who will share in his problems with some people thinking they should have lighter skin. They’d really help them through those kinds of things and would give him a good-old ego boost, without even having to try. Someone who has a feminine sense of style, but still looks good in simple things like jeans and doesn’t mind altering their look once in a while. I don’t know why, but I think he’d really like big lips? sorry if that sounds weird lmaooo but He’d just like the look of them and would think they suit them really well.


Originally posted by suhyngho

Someone with dark and glowy skin; he’d find it really attractive and exotic and would totally be the type to gush, to your and to other people, about how well it suited you. In general, he’d be the type of boyfriend to compliment you a lot and talk about you a lot to other people. Someone with a big smile and a feminine and sweet laugh, who’s not shy about their smile or looks. Someone who likes pastel colours and skirts/shorts. Still manages to look good in simple clothes, and won’t mind wearing clothes that he’s picked out and bought for you. Doesn’t really care about height; he’d find all heights attractive and not a deciding factor in whether or not to date someone. Someone whose hair is always styles differently and looks very glossy and smooth; will let him play with it and run his fingers through it.

deviri  asked:

So my friend just adopt a 1 1/2 year old gsd/husky mix and she's sweet as can be; she wants to do nothing more than cuddle and be pet, with the only aggressive act she's done being pawing me in the face because I stopped petting her. However, she doesn't like puppies. She's been introduced to adult dogs and is shy but curious, but when it comes to puppies she gives them a sniff and then a low growl. Can you think of why she does this?

It sounds like for whatever reason she’s not comfortable around puppies, and she’s behaving quite politely about it too - a greeting sniff and then an indicator of discomfort.

As to why she isn’t comfortable around puppies I couldn’t begin to say, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. Dogs don’t have to like all other dogs to still be good dogs.

Seventeen Reaction to: Finding Your Sex Toy

S.Coups: ”Oh! What’s this?” He’s embarrassed and not sure if he should bring it up, in case you’re embarrassed. Although he does wish you had told him, he wishes more so that he could see you use it.

Originally posted by imaginesofkpopandthings

Jeonghan: ”Don’t be embarrassed! I’m an adult too, I understand. I have a toy as well. Do you want to see?” ;)

Originally posted by shownusgrl

Joshua: Internally, he’s a little hurt. He feels firstly, not good enough and secondly, offended that you didn’t tell him. But he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so he grins and acts like he’s cool about it.

“Oh, what’s this? That’s cool. Great, even. Mad? Me?! No. I’m fine.”

Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash

Jun: Will act like he’s mad at first, only for his act to crack and he starts laughing. “Relax, I’m just kidding! I do wish you had told me but if you were too shy then that’s fine! Just know that you can tell me anything and I won’t ever judge you.”

Originally posted by performanceunit

Hoshi: Laughs at it. He’s not judgmental about it or thinks it’s weird. People have needs so where’s the crime in it? That won’t stop him teasing you though; “Hey, guess what I found today! ~”

Originally posted by visual-17

Wonwoo: Finds you immediately, staring you down and roughly pulling you close. “What is this? Did I give you permission to buy this? Don’t you know that I’m the only one who can make you feel good.”

Originally posted by leelchan

Woozi: Wants to act like he hadn’t seen it, to avoid the awkwardness of the situation. But you catch him as he’s running away, making him stop and laugh from nervousness. His entire face was as pink as his hair.

“Ahahaha, hello there. How are you doing today? Lovely weather we’re having. Haha.”

Originally posted by wonw00

DK: ”Oh, what’s this - Oh My Gosh!” Finds the situation so hilarious, down to even how funny the toy looks. “What’s with the weird shape? What are you into, Y/N?”

Originally posted by changkyu-n

Mingyu: ”Why don’t you show me how you use this?” He’s got no issue with the toy, and enjoys fantasizing about you using it, while he’s away.

Originally posted by itseventeen-hasmoved

The8: ”What do you need this for? Am I not enough?” Will probably punish you, with toys of his choosing, and teach you not to touch yourself without his permission.

Originally posted by hanwooz

Seungkwan: He’s so extra, like always. It’s not that he’s against it but he was just so shocked, to go looking through your drawer for a receipt only to find a dildo staring up at him.


Originally posted by wonnhao

Vernon: *pouty baby*

“Babe, what’s this for?” He knows exactly what it’s for but doesn’t like that he didn’t know about it. Or that he hasn’t had to chance to use it on you …

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Dino: *smiles awkwardly*

“What is this?” It’s kind of a knock to his ego, as since his eighteenth birthday, he feels that he’s now a man. So why would you need that toy when you have him, an adult man, around?

Originally posted by mountean

I heard someone asked for a JRATW camp counselors au…  maybe @ghost-in-the-library will stop pestering me now

A few notes…

1.  I’m trying out a couple different styles so I like this for now but I might end up taking it down and changing it later

2. I absolutely refuse to draw Nico without his lab coat

3. Jim Robbie as a grumpy toddler with an attitude and attachment issues is my new favorite thing.  Props to @ghost-in-the-library for giving me the idea of giving him prosthetics 

Well that’s it… Hope y’all like it:)  Maybe now I’ll draw something not JRATW but I highly doubt it

Clark and Diana sometimes (too often) get in this silly mood where they fly-chase each other, sing ridiculous songs, stare off, giggle at god knows what and generally just act stupid around each other. And of course they’ll drag Bruce along. He used to fret at first but he realized the more he fights it, the more annoying they get. And everyone else sort of hates it. They’re like those too-good friends in the squad that are weird with their damn chemistry. The Trinity nickname is no joke.

Redder Than Ever

This is part five of the Good Little Angel series!

Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Word count: 1,082

Warning: smut, riding

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request! This is a part five.

Your eyes become a subject of wonder and Cas presents you with a pretty shocking question. Not to mention what Lucifer admits…

A/N: Thank you all so much for supporting this series, I will be posting a Dean smut soon but this series is definitely not over yet.

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

“You’re lying.”

“Were you lying when you said that you could see my wings?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow, seemingly unbothered.

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goddamn managers

My manager is the WORST. I blame it partly on the owners. They own 2 businesses so I get wanting to have 1 manager for both of them. I get it. But wouldn’t you think the manager has to actually be on shift sometimes for both locations?

The owners have literally told us they want the manager to work at our location as little as possible, preferably not at all. Like. It’s just me and another dude (who is a good friend of mine but is never functioning at 100%). Idk why they even have her “manage” us, she hardly knows what is going on at our end. Or just pops in to stand there and get paid for doing nothing.

Honestly, I could deal with that. But god forbid she actually gets called into our location to work. She’ll then act like WE have no work ethic, she has to save the day, and work is just far too much for her.

It’s demoralizing. I love what I do. It’s the ONLY reason I’m staying. But my goddamn manager makes me question that every day.

Not that she’s ever on Tumblr, but these can be made anonymous, right?

Salmon- A BATIM Fic

I’ve been on a Bendy kick lately and @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, specifically their head cannon involving colored inks seemed like something fun to explore, especially the mixing of colors. For all intents and purposes of this story: Salmon is (to me) a pinkish-orange color made from mixing the colors pink and yellow together. Enjoy!

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[Ask RPedia] Writing Too Much, and When It’s a Problem?

Anonymous asked RPedia: Hi! I was browsing online for random stuff about roleplaying and I found a post about what people find annoying, and one of the points was ‘replies that are too long’ and as a person who writes a lot it kinda made me paranoid? Their point was that it is useless and you should just get to the important parts, especially if you repeat yourself or are too wordy. Is it true that people find it annoying? I never thought of it, I always write long replies to explain what is going on on my OC’s head :/ 

Yep, this is actually a problem, but it’s not a problem for the reasons you’ve listed! Look, I’m gonna give you two sample posts, you tell me which one is more fun and we’ll dissect why. This is actually a very common problem, because a lot of kids really, really, want to impress their partners, but just don’t have the skills (or possibly the ability to frame new details/information) to do so yet. Your content and presentation, essentially, has to mean something, and relate to what you’re talking about in your post. Your wording should add to the story in some way; be that to elicit a response, or explain an idea you want to get across in some way so the other author knows about it. Squish unimportant things together to make them more important bullet points, or don’t say them if at all they don’t add something to the pot. That’s the major concept here. 

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FANFIC:  What’s Up Pussycat?

Summary: Graves gets hit by a spell potion that makes him sprout cat ears and a tail. There is no counter curse and he’s forced to bear with it for a week. 

Written for the lovely @fantastic-beasts-smut - should be more to come. Hope you like it man :) 

Percival was not having a good day.

It started when he woke up (which in itself was a rather depressing thought). The sound of one’s lover whooping for joy ought to have been a lovely thing to welcome the day with, and Percival, in his ignorance, had thought that it was. Then Newt had climbed out of his suitcase, dressed for travel, and proceeded to pack it up and move it from the corner of Percival’s bedroom that it had been calling home for almost a month now.

At this, he blinked.

“Good morning?”

“Good morning!” Newt replied with a wide smile, quickly stepping over to the bed and stooping down to press a kiss to Percival’s lips. He hummed against the other man’s mouth as a hand came up to cup the back of his head, tangling in his hair. The kiss deepened pleasingly into something that was making certain parts of his anatomy very happy indeed. Then Newt more of less ruined the moment by pulling away with a rather obscene ‘mwah’ noise and rocking back on the balls of his feet. “Percival, it is a wonderful morning!”

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A white ND person getting called out on here works like clockwork.
1) They tag you or reblog a post directly from you saying some dumb offensive shit. All bold and whatnot.
2) They act like you’re the irrational fuckhead
3) They dismiss everyone and claim they’re being harassed
4) They then make posts about how “fun” and “laughable” the situation is but we all know they’re probably crying or on the verge of an anxiety attack
5) They eventually fall back because something finally clicks in their brain that they fucked up
6) They take a long break deciding whether or not to delete or make a half-assed apology
7) They start self victimizing themselves and saying the situation is just too much! Even though they were real bold and unbothered two seconds ago
8) They make a dumb ass apology that is just basically them saying “I’ll plead guilty for now to save my ass but I’m still smarter than you.”
9) They reblog a bunch of photos of black people
10) Repeat

eroticincubi  asked:

Lovely Athy, would you mind writing a HC where Shigezane and Nobuyuki discover they have romantic feelings for their respective s/o? Like their thoughts or inner conflict of whether or not to tell her of their affections as well as the fear of her rejecting them? Thanks. :3c

Heeey babe~♥ *muah* 
Sure ! Here you are~


  • Firstly overexcited 
  • Thinks talking to her about it is a piece of cake
  • Was wrong
  • He gets more anxious when she is around than before
  • “Come on Shigezane, what’s wrong with you!”
  • Tries to act cool when they are talking, but he is overdoing it
  • It is clear to everyone that he is into her
  • “If it is that clear, then why she hasn’t said anything? Maybe she doesn’t likes me…”
  • He is disappointed then he gets stubborn again
  • “No , i have to tell her!”
  • He goes into the kitchen to confess
  • Ends up asking for some water with red cheeks


  • He is so shy to the point he is more distant
  • “Why are you like this Nobuyuki, now she thinks you hate her or something”
  • He is staring at her while she is busy with something else
  • “So..beautiful…”
  • When she finds him looking ,he turns his gaze somewhere else and comes up with a silly reason 
  • “Yukimura told me you know about that thing but everything seems fine now! *awkward chuckle* Yeah so… I am going back to my room”
  • After embarrassing events like this one, he becomes more distant, thinking of a better plan
  • When he hears a conversation about her he always secretly listens to it.
  • He leaves flowers at her door.
  • MC : “Someone left some flowers at my door last night..
  • Nobuyuki : “Ohoho, it seems like you found yourself a fan didn’t you? At least did you liked the flowers?” *trying to act cool while he is trying hard not to blush*
  • MC : “Yeah they were so beautiful, i bet whoever sent them must be a wonderful person too! I can’t wait to find who he is”
  • Nobuyuki : *covering his face with his hands to hide his blush and excuses himself to fanboy alone”
Quick Rant

Spoiler for the latest video. Don’t continue reading if you care about that kind of thing.

Seriously. Spoiler.

Holy FRICK the other sides don’t know Anxiety’s name either? What? What? What?

I suffer from second hand embarrassment so bad and this video was full of it.

The name tease here was better than the car horn in the Q&A video. Fight me.

I’m sick and I laughed so hard at the Talin bit at the very end it sent me into a coughing fit.

I need to take a rest before I rewatch that. It was too much. Too much, I tell you!

Anxiety is finally acting like he’s part of the group. It’s cool.

Too many fourth wall breaks. I live for fourth wall breaks.

When morality hit his head on the camera. Oh my gods.

“You think you do? It totally makes your butt look big,”
“I know, thanks for noticing,”

Again, the Talin thing at the end. I’m dead. Beyond dead. I’ve projected into the next dimension.

anonymous asked:

Any aizawa headcanons?

(romance headcanons bc that’s what this blog is about)

Aizawa Shouta

  • He will most likely fall for an old friend, someone he’s known and trusted in for years. The feelings develop slowly over time, and he takes even longer to act on his feelings, but it’s worth it in the end. 
  • He worries more about you than himself, and can see right through any lies you try to push past him; he’s stern about getting enough sleep and training properly without pushing it too hard. 
  • He’s not the most openly affectionate, but he shows his love in different ways. He’ll do tasks and errands he knows you hate to do, he’ll leave you random simple gifts (like a book he knows you wanted), in general he shows more through actions than words. 
  • He’s the most affectionate in the morning, when the sleepiness is heavy and he won’t get easily embarrassed. He does love to cuddle in the morning but only when he has no appointments or class that day, because he’ll be stuck in bed at least another hour.