and these will be random



so… i totally did not expect the response that i got to this post about my own personal journey regarding sexuality (and gender, but that post wasn’t focused on gender) and how that journey is very much connected to my queer identity. interesting. the post was entirely about myself and my own experiences, but judging by the number of notes on the posts and the tags that people have reblogged it with, there are a lot of people who can relate to it…? i know that that probably shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it is a happy surprise nonetheless.

i’ve seen posts going around (none of which i can find right now because i didn’t reblog them, apart from this one) saying that people who experience multiple gender attraction (mga), trans people and non-binary people are especially likely to identify as queer. i can only imagine that the odds of a person identifying that way increase if a person happens to be more than one of those things. similarly, i’ve also seen posts saying that the majority of people who identify as queer also identify as one or more of those things…. i haven’t done any actual research on the topic, but somehow all of this strikes me as true.

on a semi-related note, i found this today:

with its ace colors and cape-like rainbow patches, it’s now my official queer ace thingamajig. made by a kid named Lucy in an orphanage in Kenya just for me, apparently.