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Baby Bump [Park Jimin]

1.3k words | Scenario | Fluff [☁]

Request: this may be odd to you, but could i request a scenario where Jimin and his s/o are expecting but have kept it a secret since they wanted to enjoy the privacy and also to give them time to announce it to friends/family, however the news gets leaked into the media when they least expect it?”

A/N: And I’m writing at 4am again, lol. I couldn’t help it, this request really inspired me, so I knew I had to try and get this up today. I hope you enjoy this scenario, anon!

Requests are open!

You and Jimin had been trying for a baby for what felt like ages, despite him being in the prime of his career, and you hardly getting started with yours, you both decided to start trying three months ago when you and Jimin looked at baby clothes and such at a store, and from then on it had been failure after failure. The first time you guys tried you actually got pregnant, but you lost the baby in the first week, which absolutely crushed your heart into a million pieces, yet the two of you kept trying. You bit roughly onto your tongue as you sat with Jimin in the doctor’s office. You didn’t trust pregnancy tests since they could give false results, so you would always go with Jimin to get your blood taken, since it would give a guaranteed result. You felt your hands beginning to shake slightly like they always did in these cases.

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this crown of thorns.


She never knew Jughead Jones. She would never know the man in that video, happy and carefree amidst all the death and war around them.

She knew Winter; a man who was fearless, feared. A man who was quiet and cold, almost a statue of a human being. She knew a man with enough demons and monsters to echo her own. She knew a man that stayed up all night, thoughts plagued with nightmares of deaths he wished he could forget. She didn’t know the war hero, she knew the asset; the man who brought war with him. She loved Winter. She didn’t love Jughead.

MARVEL AU. Some events were taken from CA:TWS. Betty = Black Widow. Archie = Captain America. Jughead = The Winter Soldier. Veronica is Hawkeye, Reggie is Iron Man, and Cheryl is Scarlet Witch although they’re only really mentioned, not key characters in the story. 

As of right now, this story is just a one shot. I could consider adding another part if anyone wants it, though.

Thank you to @bettydooper and @itstenafterfour for cheering me on with this fic. And thank you to @jaded-youth for helping me with the ending. You guys are too good to me. 

Jug speaks Russian in this fic so a few translations are (and don’t blame me if they aren’t entirely correct. I used Google, lol.):

Не стесняйтесь - Do not hesitate. 

мое сердце - My heart.

Вы мое сердце - You are my heart. 


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Little miss almost perfect pt1

At this point my life turned out to be a lie.
My parents, are not my parents or actually anything they claim to be, my name is Rosalie Alice Quince, or so I thought.
I now sat in the living room with a letter in my hands, “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”
Nervous and cold sweat covered the palms of my hands as my ‘mother’ spoke “He’ll be here soon, get ready Ro” she said quietly still using my nickname, I wipe the remaining tears of my cheeks and go to my bedroom.
I grab my coat and put on my boots, grabbing my rucksack and phone before returning downstairs.
My mum lets out a few tears before I’m pulled into a bone crushing hug from my dad and her.
Then my dad drove me to the Kings Cross station, platform 9 ¾ and quickly boarded the train.
I sat alone reading my book, suddenly I was interrupted by a knock on the door, suddenly a girl with quite frizzy hair who held hands with a ginger appeared “do you mind if we sit here? Everything else is taken?” she gave me a small smile and I returned one, “not at all come in” I said and they sat down across me, soon followed by an average height guy, round glasses and a stressed out look on his face, “taking in one more?” he gave a weak smile and I returned one motioning him to sit down. He sat next to me and they all suddenly gave me a confused look, “is there something wrong?” I asked no one in particular, the girl smiled “Not at all, but we thought you were going to question us and Harry but I guess not. Also I’ve never seen you before, first time at Hogwarts? But then again you are too old for a first year..” she was suddenly cut off my the ginger “Hermione you’re rambling” he whispered and she blushed.  “That’s alright, but yeah it is true this is my first time at Hogwarts and frankly I didn’t know it existed till yesterday, I mean I knew I was a witch, that definitely but never really thought there was a school for it, but I’m Rosalie, people call me Ro, just for short” They all quickly introduced themselves I learned that Ron, the ginger and Hermione, the girl with frizzy hair are together and that Ron has a sister called Ginny and she is dating Harry, who happened to be the chosen one, they explained what has happened over the years and gave me a slight warning as joke more of, “Stay away from Draco Malfoy, you don’t want to cause any trouble with him” Hermione said and laughed, I didn’t I felt bad, I didn’t even know them quite well and they’re already talking bad about some people, ugh.
I got changed into my robes and followed the ‘golden trio’ as I heard they were called, we entered the school and I was side tracked by Miss McGonagall, she led me upstairs to her office, “let’s get you sorted into your house first, hm?” she asked politely and sat me on a stool placing the sorting hat on my head, it mumbled “AH! Wonderful, wonderful a heart of gold, but there are very good dauntless qualities with you, you seem to not be frightened easily, I think….SLYTHERIN!” it said and I sighed, as if I was holding my breath for too long, soon professor took the hat off and with a hint of disappointment she showed me where the Slytherin table was, I sat down and listened carefully to what the teachers at the front were saying, I glanced at the front of the table where a boy with platinum gold hair stared me down, my cheeks flushed with a bright color of pink as I looked away.
suddenly I was taken out of my trance, “Hi, I’m Samantha! You must be new!” she said and I nodded flashing her a welcoming smile, she sat down and we talked until professor McGonagall came and said it was urgent for me to talk to her, yet again I found myself sitting in her office, she sat at her table in front of me “Have you heard of Severus Snape?” she asked a bit shakily, I shook my head no and she sighed.
She gave me a letter and an apologetic smile, I took the letter from her, a weird feeling washing over me as I read it.

Dear Rosalie,
By the time you get this you would’ve been grown up to a fine young witch, I wish I could’ve been there to see you grow and develop, to make friends and find love.
But due to the circumstances I couldn’t, meet me in the potions classroom after reading this
Severus Snape

I looked at professor and she gave me a slight nod, she took me down to the potions class room, I stayed quiet the entire time, walking in the quite dark and dull classroom there were eyes on me, the three of those eyes I recognized the rest not so much, the professor had black hair and was quite tall and almost scary, “Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you lost?” his voice loud, harsh. “No sir, you said I should come to the potions classroom right after I read your letter” I said finally finding my voice, his sharp eyes soften and he responds “Oh, very well, I will meet you outside” he said suddenly his voice more calm and soft, a couple of confused looks were shot my way, the boy with platinum hair still staring at me, almost drooling really snapped out of his staring when the professor shouted “Malfoy stop bloody staring and get to work!” the wave of laughter shot up in the classroom, so he was Draco Malfoy.
Soon professor Snape and I left the classroom and stood outside the door, I was then pulled into his arms with a long sigh from him, “You have your mothers eyes” he said almost as a mumble, “professor? Are you alright?” I asked backing away slightly, “Terrific! My daughter has returned” he whispered to what seems himself and I stood there confused. Daughter?

Hey guys! i know i haven’t written in a long time but this is something i wrote ages ago and been wanting to post it for a while so, show some love and tell me what you think! There will be smut later on so…you have been warned lol, enjoy! Sonya- xxxxx