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Spank Me

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Summary: Dean encounters the reader at her sorority house.

Prompt: “Stop staring at my ass and help me!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @feelmyroarrrr

“Sammy! You ready?!” Dean bellows booking it down the narrow hallway towards his roommate’s bedroom.

“Hurry up, man. I’m wa…” Dean strolls into the room without knocking before raising an annoyed eyebrow.

“What the hell is this?” He huffs, a glare now directed at Sam who’s dabbing on cologne.

“I thought we were going to the gym?”

“Nah. I finally got the balls to ask Jess out. So I’m stopping by her sorority to hang out and then we are getting drinks.” Sam answers, a huge grin gracing his handsome face.

“Sorority.” Dean’s whole demeanor instantly brightens, his scowl now replaced with a devilish smirk.

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JB making sexy face ME: I think he knows were watching him, giving us everything for the tea. Okay see you soon JB, see you Soon.

Girllllll if you guys haven’t watched it yet, here’s a rundown of GOT7 interactions with them…

  • When they first came out JB mouth was wide open and then he said “Wow” and kept looking over at them.
  • And when the host started talking about them, (their turn to discuss who they could be) Mark and JB turned their chair to look that way.
  • Then JB stood up , he was so engaged in the conversation!
  • If you didn’t notice the girls were there sitting in their box on the far left, bottom and JB was looking over at them the most. Him and Yugyeom.
  • Youngjae didn’t know what close his mouth meant.
  • Jinyoung was speechless and just kept looking like O_O the WHOLE time!
  • They got so excited on the lip sync round but they didn’t do that with the other contestants (by saying “woahhh” “ahhh” lol) they were anticipating the girls’ turn. and JB took a sip of water.
  • During the lip sync round Younjae said he got chills from their voice and they literally just started singing lol he loved their voice! (he was serious too. he kept getting chills from their voice).
  • JB, Jinyoung and Bambam stood up to watch them while they lip synced.
  • And also during the lip sync round GOT7 kept making commentary and saying “Whooo” “ahhh” and JB still stood up clapping for awhile everyone else starting to sit down lol.
  • When they were bringing them out all of GOT7 stood up (except Mark) even the other side were still sitting.
  • Mark almost chocked on water when she said “Hi how ya doing?” to them.
  • JB was smiling soo hard when she turned and said “Hi how ya doing” and he literally had his head tilt (cute af) but then slowly tilt his head back like he realize what he was doing xD (and still smiling.)
  • JB was smiling the whole time when they brought them out and it was cute, I love his reaction when they brought the 3rd girl out, he almost broke his neck looking around that corner.
  • Bambam was clapping for the 3rd girl when she came out and JB was smiling so hard. He probably knew he was going to get snatched.
  • Jinyoung was whispering to JB when she came out, I guess they were trying to figure out who they really are?..could be anything
  • Bambam was all hype engaging with them when they came out. and he told her “say something” lol that when she said Hi.
  • Bambam came all the way to the front to watch them sing. (he was sitting in the back).
  • Youngjae sat closer on the floor.
  • I’m sure you all saw how they reacted to their singing, so I’ll skip that part
  • Yugyeom was holding his heart
  • Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae motioned that they have the chills.
  • Bambam told them “I love you guys cool” and she blew him a kiss but they didn’t show their reaction too that..fuck!
  • You probably missed it but Bambam dabbed to them and one of the girls did it back to him lol.
  • Mark kept whispering to JB while they were leaving and JB was clapping for them.
  • THE END!!
  • Any questions? Lol!

Imagine Loki spots you walking down a street and thinks your beautiful and can’t stop staring. He bumps into a little old lady and accidentally knocks her on her but. He can’t apologize enough, but after helping her up she, starts whacking him with her bag and yelling at him. You see it and come running over as you and your Grandmother had only separated temporarily while shopping and were meeting at a coffee shop two doors over. 

“Nana! What are you doing?” 

“This big idiot knocked me over!” Loki gives you one of his panty melting smiles while shaking your hand. 

“Hello, I’m Loki.” For a moment, you almost forget she’s there until she smacks you in the arm. 

“Uh Nana, this is Loki.” She narrows her eyes at him. 

“Yeah, so?”

 “Really madam, I do apologize.” You smile back at him without breaking eye contact as a little flush of heat courses through you. 

“See Nana? He’s sorry.”

“I’ve been in love with you since, like, forever. I thought you knew.”

“You’ve known me since, like, forever. When do I ever assume anyone is in love with me ever?”

“I literally told you.”

“I thought you were just saying it to cheer me up! You know - I love you, friend. Great job! Glad you’re not dead, type of I love you.”

They stared at each other. 


Jules: Is there any reason why your romantic associate is dancing alone? Didn’t you ask her to accompany you?

Kayson: She wanted to dance so she’s dancing. 

Jules: Shouldn’t you be joining her though? 

Kayson: I was but then when I was dancing with her you were glaring at me so…

Jules: I wasn’t glaring. I was just staring intently.

Kayson: Looked like glaring to me. If you want to dance with Neha you should just dance with her instead of glaring from a distance. You’re not an evil villain, man so you need to stop doing that. 


Hi it’s me that had recommend the group The Legend. As I was getting to know them more, I came across this interview about them. The interviewers chose the fan messages of two black sistas to show to the group. In the first one, the members were impressed with her message she gave to them. For both of videos, they were looking hard, cheezing, and smiling at them. Here’s the video and the fans’ messages start at 21:23

so as you all know… i went to the bbcan2 finale back in 2014. neda was my favorite. i was so excited to meet her. when they finally ended, we were told we’d get to meet and speak with each houseguest. i was so excited! 

however, this is what happened when my favorite houseguest, neda, walked down the stage stairs. she was rude, not classy and she lost a long time fan that day. I walked into the $350 M&G and said hello. she replies with ‘fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. as I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking ‘you saved my life’ I say ‘you’re the reason I’m alive today.’ 

she looks me dead in the eye and says ‘you’ll die soon enough fatty’ and then whispered ‘obesity.’ I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said ‘are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my vagina. I headed out of the M&G section and that’s when Neda started speaking whale to me and yelled that I purchase one of her Blk and Saint shirts.

So funny story we were messing with paint and naturally i drew the first thing that came up on my brain when i saw Black.
Nothing special i do this messy paint art a lot.

My class mates just sat up and stared at me and i thought it was cause of my other art that i was doing at the moment.
But one of them- just pointed at Dark and said.
“That shit is nightmare fuel.”

And i told them when i started drawing Dark i tended to have nightmares about him every once in a while and that is how his whole characterization sparked n shit.
They were like cool how is he.
And i started telling them???

So that is the story of how my whole class is now terrified of a edgy community character.

Shadow of the Stars

A Captain America and Winter soldier story

Jaylin Rogers has always struggled with being the daughter of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, mostly because of her lack of freedom. After a failed attempt to do something about this, her life is changes forever when a shadow from her father’s past returns to haunt her.  

Chapter One

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A pair of piercing blue eyes was staring at me. They seemed to scream so many things I couldn’t hear. So many words that were lost to me…
I sighed and closed the notebook, hiding the eyes.
It had been more than three months now. Three months of me trying to come to peace with my memories. And they had obeyed; with the help of my father’s teammates, I had started to remember who they all were. More importantly, I remembered who I was.
Sadly, I couldn’t just remember the good parts. I had to relive everything that had happened after my disappearance, even the excruciating pain cause by torturing machine.
In my dreams I was back in that chair, screaming, trying not to plead, trying to not let them win. So many nights I ran to my father’s room, hiding underneath his blanket. And I barely dared to run through the dark hallways, afraid there would be somebody to take me back. For there were cold hands around every corner, evil eyes in every shadow. My mind was booby-trapped with fear.
Although, I remembered different things, too.

I remembered Winter, or… Bucky… taking care of me. Showing me the pictures I had made. Muttering in Russian the stories I had told him.

I had this vivid memory of him holding the crunched up drawing, supporting my back with his metal arm, and frowning deeply as he stared at the lines I’d scribbled down. Unsurely and hesitantly, his rough voice muttering the Russian version of my tale. He mentioned a golden light, but also my mother’s grave. He remembered it was near my home and that I liked the colours.
Then he laid me down again, while my vision already started going dark. His blue eyes were the last thing I recalled.

It had also been him who’d remembered me my name was Jay.
Why he had done it, I didn’t know. I could only guess. My best bet was that he knew what I had been going through. That he knew how it felt to be ripped from your real self. And that even though he may not remember who this …Bucky… was, he still realised he wanted to know.
Of course I had also realised what those screams had meant; they had wiped him again. And I wondered if someone already so far gone could recover the way I had done.

When dinnertime came along, Sam watched anxiously as I walked to the dinner table and sat down. Natasha was already there, and dad came to join us. He shortly took my hand, as had become our habit. I knew it was a reminder, for me, that he was there. So I wouldn’t start trembling again. So I wouldn’t lose myself again…
Today had been a quiet day. I silently ate my spaghetti, while I could feel the sideway glances of the people around me. They did that often, all of them; they were afraid I would suddenly fall back. There was enough reason for their concerns; I had had bad days, on which I awoke screaming and I yelled at whoever came to my room, until they could convince me they weren’t HYDRA.
On days like that, I would be thrashing and turning, and throwing my arms and legs around, so nobody could come close. or I would roll up into this little ball of fear, whimpering when anyone dared to come close. Not even Sam or Natasha could help me when it happened. Only my father, with his strong arms and warm eyes could convince me I wasn’t with HYDRA anymore. That I was in a place I called home. That I could believe the things I saw and heard – that I was among family.

‘Dad,’ I began slowly, making a decision I had been trying to make for a very long time. ‘I want to know. Everything, I mean.’ I looked up at him and saw him put down his cutlery.
He sighed. There was no defiance in his eyes whatsoever. There was only resignation. ‘You’re right. I should have told you sooner-’
‘But you wanted to me save from your past…’ I finished his sentence.
He smiled sadly and looked down at his hands. ‘Yes, that tuned out great… but I will tell you now. You deserve that.’
He remained quiet for a moment, breathed in deeply, and then started telling his story.
He told me about his past, about his family, about his life in Brooklyn. How he hadn’t had much, but he had always had his best friend. He frowned when he mentioned him. Probably because he missed him. They were all dead, or very, very old, I realised, as his story enrolled. All these people, lost in time. All that he had cared about in his life, gone. Only because he wanted to save millions of people he had never met.
The next bit of the story I already knew, roughly, as this was Captain America’s story, not Steve Rogers’.
‘I was not one you’d call healthy, or strong, but the man who made the serum saw me and decided I was worthy of becoming the Captain. Someone killed him after they changed me, and because I was the only Super Soldier they’d created, they didn’t think it was a good idea to let me go into battle. Until they captured… ‘ something dark rushed past my father’s eyes, ‘my friend. I helped him, and many more, escape from HYDRA. Afterwards, we became the howling commandos, a team specialized to take down HYDRA. Ultimately we failed, though we didn’t know that at the time.’
‘Steve…’ Natasha said warningly. ‘You’re not telling everything.’
Dad shook his head. Even more sadness darkened his usually bright eyes. ‘You’re right.’ He pinched the bridge of his nose, and again, inhaled deeply. ‘During one of our missions, my friend fell of a train… I thought I lost him, but, it turns out…’ he rubbed his forehead, ‘Bucky-’
‘Is the Winter Soldier,’ I interrupted him. I stared into blank space. Vague moving pictures danced in front of me.
‘Yes… how did you know?’
‘Because he told me…’ I said very quietly. I remembered that night. He’d stood over me, panic filling his eyes. He’d been truly afraid, that day. He’d found this piece of a puzzle that would change everything, that would force him into reality. And he had come to me.
‘He… remembered?’ There was a bit of hope in my father’s voice.
‘I don’t know. He was the one who kidnapped me, right?’ The others nodded. ‘He told me he didn’t have a name, until the last time I saw him, then he told me someone called him Bucky, that must have been you, right?’ Dad nodded. ‘They wiped him afterwards…’ I muttered. His agonising screams echoed inside my head. ‘He’ll remember neither of us.’
I shuddered, thinking back at the pain, at how it felt being stripped from your own mind. I felt a hand on my arm and when I looked up, I saw Sam smile reassuringly at me. I smiled back. A hinge of guilt crept into my heart. The same guilt arose every time one of the team members did something nice, but mostly Sam. Because how could I have forgotten Sam? How could I have looked at him in horror? Apart from my father, there was no one more important in my life. Even now, I sometimes scurried away when he startled me. Everything seemed to startle me, but I could see the hurt in Sam’s eyes every time he was the one who did it.
‘Jaylin,’ dad said suddenly. It sounded as if he had made up his mind about something.
‘Yeah?’ I looked at him. There was this determined look on his face, determined and maybe a bit scared.
‘Would you like to come with me to the Smithsonian?’

a few days ago in my government class we were talking about the six major networks on television and the slide said abc was owned by walt disney and a guy went “that’s why once upon a time can do so much stuff from disney” and then he whipped around and stared at me. why must this be what i’m known for i didn’t ask to watch this show

What Springs Forth

I stare at the boy sitting across from me on my bed. “… What? How?” My voice is thin, scratchy.

“I fixed some bindings because I’m jaysome!” He grins.

The grin almost makes me feel like before. “Stop. It hurts,” I get out, scrambling back against the wall.

“Huh?” He looks baffled.

“Your smile. You –  jaysome. It hurts.”

“But jaysome isn’t a hurting.” He pouts. I’ve never seen anything like it. Or him.

“What are you?”

“I’m Jay! Oh, and that’s also a what,” he says proudly.

“… I was – are you an angel? Is this Heaven?”

“Nope! You were going to break bindings. So I fixed them for you!”

I stare at him, show him my wrists. “You weren’t here last time.”

“I’m here now.” And he says it not like a fact, but like an absolute.

“Why are you here?” I whisper.

“Because I thought you might need a friend and I’m really jaysome at making friends!”

I flinch back. The grin fades.


“My life is mine, the way it is. You’d – you’ll change that. With your weapon.”

“Jaysome isn’t a weapon,” Jay protests.

“Maybe not for you, not to you. But it – I don’t – I can’t be who I was before. It’s not allowed. They know my secret. My parents. And they – you stopped me –.” I can’t find any more words to meet the look in his eyes. Understanding. Sadness. An acceptance that takes my breath away.

“I was doing a helping.” He scratches his head. “I could make them forget if you want! People like to forget things all the time, even that they are jaysome!”

“And the price?”

He sighs. “You people always want those. The price is being jaysome. Not now, but later.”

“I can’t –.”

“You can.” He holds my gaze, and this smile is – different. Stranger. “Jaysome isn’t something you can be, not all the time. Not without being changed a lot, and you probably don’t even have a splanch in the first place.”


“Sorry. I’m trying to –.” His eyes unfocus. “Consider jaysome. Consider just happiness. Consider what springs forth if you never let yourself be.”

“Be happy?”

“Just be.”

“That’s not –.”

“Jaysome is something people are, not something they do. If all you want is darkness, it’s what you’ll get, and it’s going to hurt.”

“Hurt who? Me? My family?” I almost spit out the last word.

“It will hurt. Surely that’s enough?” he says, and the gentleness in his voice is uncompromising.

“I can’t –.” And I don’t even know what I mean. I look away, and he’s not there when I look back.

Mom knocks on the door not long after. No jokes. Nothing nasty. She doesn’t know my secret; I can see it in her eyes. After she leaves, I just sit. Stare into space. I don’t know what Jay expected. I don’t know why he helped me. But what springs forth is tears a few minutes later, and they hurt.

And they help.

And they hurt.

Yesterday I accidentally smashed a bottle of red wine on the shop floor. Three customers said, “Oh dear,” as they walked past and gave me like that joking, ‘you’re gunna get in trouble’ vibe.
One customer tried to walk straight through all the glass and liquid (????)
And two stayed with me just staring at the red wine puddle (bit uncomfortable) as I waited for my section co to get kitchen roll.
Oh and while all three of us were waiting 😩 another customer came up to me and asked where in the mince pies were. It’s March.

Hard to Trust ch. 9

Hope you all enjoy this lovely chapter from @pathybo!!

Here is our handsome Warren. Enjoy, my loves!

Hard to Trust 9

On your final week, three days before your initiation was over, Warren approached you in the cafeteria.

“Hey Y/N, how are you doing? So tonight there’s a club opening at the pit and I wanted to know if you want to go with me.” He said a little shy.

“Warren, really? I would love to!”  You said deciding to give this guy a chance. You didn’t know what your relationship with Eric was. You were close. He constantly stared at you. He even got extremely close once, with your noses touching, almost like the time when you were staying at his place, but he seemed to control himself and just left you wanting more.

Later on you and Alicia went to a few stores to find some clothes for the club opening. She and Chris were going as well. You picked up a black short dress that highlighted your round butt and showed a little cleavage from your plump breasts.

“Honey, you are going to kill those guys at the club, I bet Warren won’t be able to control himself seeing you dressed like that.” Your friend said. You went back to the dorms and started to get ready for the party.

Warren came to pick you up and you and your friends decided to go together to the club. You, Warren, Alicia and Chris arrived there and you noticed a few heads turning when you entered the room. You took a look at the place and saw Four coming towards you. Scanning the room you found Eric hanging at the bar and to your surprise Amy was back and all over him.

The moment he saw you he pushed her away and stared at you with his jaw dropped to the floor. You couldn’t help but smile.

When Four was in front of you Warren said he was going to get a few drinks and left you with your oldest friend for a while.

“Y/N, you look amazing, wow.” He stuttered.

“Thanks Four. You clean up nicely yourself.” You said. He then came closed and kissed you on the cheek making you blush. Your thoughts were interrupted when Amy came toward you.

“Well, well, well, stiff, you’re still here. I thought you would be factionless by now.” She spat.

“Amy, just beat it. Go away,” Four defended you.

The girl babbled a few words and left. You knew it wasn’t over.

Warren came back then with your drinks and invited you to dance. You were having fun, Alicia and Chris dancing beside you, and Eric staring at you from the bar.

You told Warren that was your turn to get the drinks and you went to the bar, but you didn’t see Eric when you got there. You asked for your drink and waited impatiently.

“Looking good, initiate.” Eric came beside you bumping his shoulder into you.

“Thank you, sir.” You said, smiling. Were you trying to flirt with Eric? The bartender slid over your yellow drink and gave Eric a beer. He came close to you and whispered.

“You look hot as hell!”

You blushed at his comment. “Thank you,” You whispered back.

“Tell me, what’s in that drink?” He asked you making sure his tongue tickled your ear.

“Is that really what you want to know?” You whispered back in his ear. “I can tell you that it is pineapple juice and coconut rum.” At this point your hand was on his chest while the other was holding your drink. He placed his hand on your hip while talking to you, he was looking right through to your soul. You could feel the warmth of his breath and you realized that a lot of people were looking at the two of you. His hand traveled lower to your butt.

You whispered is his ear. “I better get going, we are getting people’s attention,” And you went back to your friends.

You danced for a long time and you lost sight of Eric. Warren was trying to be a little sassy, but you were only concerned about Eric’s whereabouts.

Suddenly a commotion started. Two guys were fighting in the middle of the dance floor. Warren pushed you behind him to protect you while he tried to break up the fight.

You felt a hand on your arm and the next thing you know you were being shoved behind the speakers. You looked up to see Eric’s lustful eyes on you, his hands around your waist and before you could blink, his lips were devouring yours. His whole body was covering yours, the kiss was passionate and deep, your tongues dancing around each other as you placed your arms around his neck and held him close. He was pressing his pelvis against you and you felt yourself heat up. Your right leg was up and your ankle was behind his knee almost at his thigh, his hand holding your thigh closer as he moaned into your mouth. When he broke the kiss he looked at you like you were his prey.

“You are driving me crazy, I can’t stop thinking about you.” He whispered in your ear and was about to leave when you grabbed him by his collar and kissed him once more. When you were finished, you whispered.

“I was not done yet.”

“You go back to your friends and ditch Warren, then go to the dorms, I don’t want him near you, none of them. You’re mine now. Go.” He commanded you and disappeared.

You came out of your trance to find Warren desperately searching for you. You told him you were tired and told him you were going to call it a night.

He walked you to the dorms. He leaned down to kiss you, but you turned from his lips to kiss his cheek and said good night.

You could still taste Eric’s lips on yours, and feel the pressure of his body on yours. As soon as your head hit the pillow you fell asleep, and dreamed of Eric and you together all night.

Journal Entry #123

Prompto is downright sulking about leaving the chocobo behind, poor thing.

But I can only spend so much time staring at a tiny ball of fluff, so I spent most of the night drinking with Wiz instead. He started telling me about the nesting spot of this huge bird that…reminds me of the one we had to dodge around when we were getting that first stone for Dino. I don’t think anyone will mind killing it after it scared the shit out of us, right?

Cold Stares part two JugheadxReader Readers point of view

Pursing my lips I took another step towards the front of my school. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved school. I just wasn’t a morning person. Tucking a strand of my y/h/c behind my ear I push through the school doors my y/e/c searching for the superb trio. “Back off Kevin” Chuckling I shoved my way through the students to my friends Veronica and Kevin who were currently arguing in the middle of the hallway. “Hey guys!” I smiled standing next to them pulling my backpack further up my shoulder. “It’s the first day and you’re already annoying me just stop leaning on me!”. Veronica seethed towards Kevin. My eyebrows shot up an amused look on my face. “Hi y/n” She finally said turning towards me. Wrapping my arms around their shoulders I pulled them towards me “Oh! How I have missed you guys”. Veronica shrugged my arm off her shoulders glaring at me “don’t test me” she started with a glare “I have all the classes I hate today and don’t want to be bothered by your giddiness. Wait till lunch”. 

The second bell rang as all the student filled into their seats waiting for the teacher. I usually sat in the back  away from the stares of other students. “Hello students” Mr. Reed started in a bored voice. “This year we’ll be focusing on a few of my-” He was soon interrupted as the door slammed open jiggling on its hinges. Everyone whipped their head in the direction of the door staring curiously as if the president was about to walk in. The president didn’t walk in. However, a raven haired blue/green eyed beanie clad boy walked in. My eye twitched. Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. His eyes scanned the room falling on me. Right as his eyes locked with mine his jaw clenched his hand forming a fist. “And you are?” Mr. Reed said raising an eyebrow at the beanie clad boy. “Jughead” he said turning on his heels and sitting in the first available seat. “The third” he added an amused look on his face. Jughead?  You thought amusingly resting your chin on your hand leaning forward. “Okay..Jughead.. would you like to tell us something about yourself?” Mr. Reed ask. “No” Jughead said in a bored tone. My eyes scanned around the room all the girls staring dreamily at Jughead. Oh brother. If only they knew how rude he was I thought bitterly. “Moving on then” Mr. Reed finished clearing his throat and continued on his rant about all the books we’d be reading this semester. Cutting him off the bell rang as students jumped from their seats. Walking towards my locker I saw Veronica and Kevin arguing leaning against the lockers. “Hey guys!” I started pulling my book out of my bag and setting them into my locker. “How was your first class?” I asked turning towards them. “It’s only eleven in the morning and I’ve already had math and now I have Science” Veronica groaned pushing herself off the locker. “I’m just happy it’s lunch” She finished as we started walking towards the cafeteria. “And you Kevin?” I asked Turning my head towards Kevin. “It’s been okay but all anyone can talk about is the new kid. Jughead? Have you guys heard of him?” Kevin asked pushing his brown hair out from his eyes. “Yes!” Veronica giggled tying her long brown hair into a pony tail “I head he’s cute. Like a bad boy quiet type of cute” She finished sitting down at our table leaning forward staring wide eyed at Kevin and I. Grabbing my lunch bag I pushed a strand out of my eyes setting my bag on the table. Feeling their eyes on me I glanced up at them “What?” They continued staring at me eyebrows raised in curiosity. “Have you met the new kid? You did didn’t you?” Veronica asked excitedly. “Okay fine yes. He moved in next door and we um ran into each other.” Ignoring their questioning stares I grabbed the apple out from my bag. “Did you guys make out?” My mouth dropped open at her question “What? no. That’s just. ew-” I sputtered wide eyed my face covered in a blush. “Oh calm down y/n you always freak out when someone mentions boys” Veronica giggled along with Kevin. 

Walking into my house I called for my mom setting my bag by the door. “y/n dress in something nice”. My mom called poking her head around the door that lead into the kitchen. “And why is that?” I questioned walking towards my room. “We’re going over to the new neighbors house for dinner. They invited us”. She said moving around the kitchen. “Of course we are” I mumbled trudging my way into my room. Grabbing a sweater and pulling it over my band shirt I grabbed a book sitting down reading.

“Y/n it’s time to go” Looking up I realized how dark it was outside. Walking down the stairs I walked out with my mom. “This is terrible. Why are we going?” I groaned next to my mom. “Quit being so dramatic y/n they’re a nice family. Her son is around your age and her older son is away at college. Although her husband is no longer in the picture.” Turning towards her staring up at her shocked. “You got that from meeting her once? Good god woman”. Smiling at me my mom knocked once on the door. The door opened to a smiling woman glancing from me to my mom. “Hi! Oh you must be y/n it’s so nice to meet you. My names Lily Jones but you can call me Lily”. Despite her looks she was nothing like Jughead. “Jughead’s not here yet but feel free to walk around until dinners ready” She told me opening the door for us to walk in. “Thank you” I said glancing around her house. “You have a beautiful home” I said slipping my shoes off. The moms walked into the kitchen leaving me to standing by myself in their living room. Walking up the stairs I walked around until I saw a room at the end of the hall. This must be Jughead’s room I thought grabbing the CD’s off of this desk. His room smelt of smoke and cinnamon. “Comfy?” A deep voice questioned me. Squealing the CD’s flew from my hands falling on the carpeted ground. “Sorry Sorry!” I squeaked leaning down grabbing the CD’s from the floor. “Dinners ready” he spoke in a bored tone pushing himself off the door frame crossing his arms. Nodding my head I walked quickly past him rushing downstairs and into the kitchen. 

I shoveled food into my mouth glancing up at Jughead every now and then. I chuckled when I saw how uncomfortable he looked. When he heard my laugh he looked up glaring daggers at me. Shrugging my shoulders I raised my fork to my mouth stopping when I heard my mom asking if Jughead wanted to look at my baby photo album. Right when I said “You brought that??” Jughead responded with a quick “Yes. Absolutely” Smirking lightly at me. 

“Thank you again for having us over” My mom smiled walking towards the door stopping smiling at Lily. Finally outside We made our way back to our house flipping through the album smiling at all my baby pictures. Suddenly I stopped when I saw a missing picture. Closing it quickly I walked up into my room stopping when my phone beeped. Pulling it out I unlocked it staring at the text from the unknown number:

You shouldn’t have laughed at me it read. My eye twitched He didn’t I thought staring down at my phone completely dumbfounded. This means war You thought glancing at the room adjacent towards yours watching the lights turn off. 

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angsty 22 and fluffy 14 with luke alvez pls? :-) absolutely love your writing!!

22: “Please don’t leave me.” - “I don’t want to go”

When you finally managed to lift your hand up to touch your chest, the sticky feeling of your own blood coated your fingers. There were so many people crowded around you but you kept staring at Luke, there was so much fear in his eyes. You thought you would have been able to negotiate, it was the main reason you had been hired but this time you failed and it might have costed you your life.

“Please don’t leave me.” You managed to wheeze out despite the pain in your chest, it was so immense you’d never felt anything like it, you’d heard horror stories from people who had been shot before but that was different from actually experiencing it. Luke held onto your hand tightly and tried to be the brave one. 

“Sir you need to move.” One of the medics told Luke as they tried to move closer to you, trying to determine whether the bullet was still in you or had passed through. Luke hesitated in letting your hand go but if it meant you would be okay he’d do anything.

Hotch stood back with an apprehensive look on his face, he watched as Luke stumbled over to him with concern painted across his face. It was clear to everyone on the team about Luke’s feelings for you which only made this situation more painful. Hotch went to ask if he was already but was just met with a shake of his head.“

“I don’t want to go” Luke couldn’t leave you, not being right by your side was painful enough but if he was told to go, knowing there was the possibility this would be the last time he saw you - that just wasn’t going to happen. Hotch nodded and looked to the medics who were being stretcher in, he wanted to be angry at you for going in without a vest but he was too worried for that.

“Ride in the ambulance with her.” Hotch said and Luke sighed deeply with relief and thanked him quickly before following you out, you reached out and took a hold of his hand, gripping it as hard as you could muster.

14: “No, I’m not talking to you.”

The sight before you after you came out from the bathroom was one of pure adorableness, Roxy had jumped onto the bed while you were gone and cuddled up next to Luke, his arm draped over her. It would have been nice to be able to get back into bed and cuddle with your boyfriend but by the looks of things they were both too comfortable to move, so you instead went to go make breakfast.

Luke stumbled out of the bedroom half an hour later, the smell of bacon floating around the rooms of the small apartment. He followed the scent into the kitchen where you were stood in your pyjamas, frying up some bacon and eggs. It was the weekend which meant you could have a full breakfast rather than a quick slice of toast in the car.

“Morning.” He mumbled after immediately padding bare foot over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his his head against your shoulder. You thought it funny to pretend like you were cross with him for letting Roxy take your spot so you stayed quiet, focusing on not burning your breakfast. “Don’t I get a good morning kiss?”

“No, I’m not talking to you.” You tried to keep your voice steady despite how big you were already smiling, Luke just chuckled deeply and pressed a kiss to your neck before letting you go.

“What did I do this time?” Luke knew he hadn’t actually done anything wrong but he decided to play along, walking over to the coffee machine to make both himself and you a cup. It was at that moment that Roxy skipped into the room, her nose perked up in the air as she smelt the food being cooked. With a raised eyebrow you looked down at her then back at Luke, he quickly caught on. “You’re jealous of my dog?”

“I’m jealous she got cuddles and I didn’t!”

You begun to serve breakfast onto the two plates you had set out previously before Luke walked back over to you, cupped your face within his palms and kissed you. Whatever jealously you had disappeared when you realised it was okay because you’d be back in bed with him very soon.

You were the ledge I tried desperately to hold on to, and when I let go, I started falling fast. It’s like I never hit the ground. I just fall further and further. You’re the cliff that sent me falling, the ground I’ll never reach, the sky I’m always staring at, the darkness that I’m getting lost in. You are every metaphor anyone has ever used to describe falling in love.
—  that’s what you are to me

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ok so a few days this really cute person on my bus, they were reading but kept looking up to make eye contact w me (real significant eye contact) and smiling, and they had this super sweet smile! gosh it was exhilarating and real flattering anyway I had to tell someone. but Ive never had a connection w a stranger before and I dunno if I could catch the same bus next week? what if theyre on it what if theyre not what if they are but dont talk to me? what if i dont want to? buhhhh also Im real shy

THAT SOUNDS VERY PROMISING ANON …u should try ur luck and take the same bus again ! and if u really see them again u can probs see on their reaction if its a good idea to talk to them or not~ but if someones looking up from a book to make eye contact w a stranger then thats..idk but that seems like a Very Obviously Positive Sign to me

Dally's Little Sister Pt. 4
If you’d like to see the first three parts search or click the tag listed below ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’. I have about five or six more parts planned for this so far. I may come up with more but there’s definitely five more as of right now. I hope you all enjoy and please let me know if you’re enjoying this so far 💛

Beatrice quickly realized that Dally was a lot faster than she was and by the time she made it to the street she couldn’t see which way he had turned. She rushed back to the backyard where the guys were all sitting around dumbfounded and a bit confused.

“You’ve gotta take me to wherever he is.” She said, panting slightly from running. They all stared up at her and Two-Bit shook his head.

“Shoot, kid, with Dally it’s a mystery. None of us know where he could be.”

Beatrice’s heart sunk in her chest. “You mean you have no idea? Not one idea to where he could be going?”

They all looked at each other awkwardly and they all seemed as if they wanted to say something and finally Darry spoke up. “Look.. Wherever he’s going for the night is no place for a nice girl like you. We’ll help you clean up and if you want we’ll go out looking for him and send him on over but you shouldn’t be wherever he is right now.”

Beatrice felt like she wanted to cry but she also knew that she wouldn’t get a better offer than that so she just nodded. They all did stay and help her clean up before going off. Steve was the last one to go and on his way out the door she stopped him.

“I know you know where he is.” She told him stubbornly. Steve just sighed and looked down.

“Yea.. Yea I do. But Darry was right, Bea, it’s no place for a nice girl like you.”

“Steve..” Beatrice whispered with tears in her eyes. Steve glanced up at her and immediately felt guilty. “Look I know he’s my brother.. You’ve gotta help me please.”

“Dally.. he’s really complicated. I don’t know if he’s the kind of brother you’re looking for. You know.. maybe if it’s better if you just-”

“Just stay away?” Bea snapped. “Well that’s not going to happen, okay? I know what kind of guy he is. But I also know that I’ve spent my whole life looking for him. I can’t back down now and I won’t. So take me to see him, Steve, or I swear I will walk these streets until I find him myself.”

Steve shook his head as he watched you closely. “You really sounded just like Dally there.. You’re both stubborn.” he said and then sighed. “I’ll take you there in the morning. That’s my final offer.”

“Fine.” she muttered. “I’ll see you at nine?”

“Try eleven.” he laughed.

“Ten-thirty.” she replied firmly.

“Fine. But he probably won’t even be up.” Steve said as he moved to the door.

“Hey, Steve..” Beatrice murmured and Steve turned to look at her. “Thank you..”

He just nodded and went out the door.

Bea could barely fall asleep that night she was so excited and nervous. The next morning Steve showed up at 10:30 and Beatrice was already dressed and sitting outside waiting for him. They drove around silently until finally Steve pulled out front of Buck’s and Beatrice’s heart sank.

“What is this place?”

“This is where Dally usually stays.” Steve told her as he shut his truck off so he could turn to face her.


“Well yea.. he doesn’t have his own place so he just stays around wherever he can find a place.”

Beatrice was starring at the building sadly but when Steve started to get out of the car she did too. As they walked inside Beatrice felt even more upset at seeing the dirty mess of a bar. There were a couple of people passed out all over the place, empty cups and bottles all over, and a haze of smoke hung around the room and made it stink.

Steve knew right where to go and he lead Beatrice upstairs to Dally’s room. He knocked on the door for her and after some shuffling from inside the room Dally yanked the door open looking half asleep and pissed that he was just pulled out of bed. He looked at Beatrice- with her arms crossed over her chest trying to look tough- and he sighed.

“Jeez you brought the kid here?”

“I’m not a kid.” she snapped. He just shook his head and stepped aside so they could come in.

Steve shook his head a bit as Beatrice waited for him. “You go. I’ll wait in the car for you. Take your time.”

As he went off she stepped in and looked around the room sadly. It took everything in her not to start picking up the room. She couldn’t believe how cold it was in there. She figured Dally must freeze at night, especially since he opened the door shirtless. She saw that the bed only had sheets and a thin blanket.

“You can sit..” Dally muttered and she hesitantly sat on the edge of his bed while he flopped down beside her. They were both silent and she watched him as he lit a cigarette and laid back against the wall as he smoked it with his eyes closed.

“Are you just gonna sit there silently..” Dally said after a while. “Or did you have something you needed to say to me?”

“I’m sorry I woke you up..” Bea started at first and he laughed so she turned around to glare at him a bit. She sat back a bit further on the bed so she could face him properly. “So you’re my brother.” she finally said. She couldn’t keep the slight waiver of excitement out of her voice.

“Look, princess, don’t expect me to start hugging you and acting all brotherly to you okay. I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

“No I just.. I have so many questions. I-”

“No!” Dally snapped. “No questions. I don’t do questions either. Look I don’t talk about New York okay? So don’t even bother. I don’t talk about me either so don’t even try. If you were looking for some sort of family reunion or some shit than you were truly mistaken because I’m not gonna give that to you. Why don’t you just go back you your happy little life with your perfect family and we’ll both be better off, princess.”

Bea immediately got a rush of anger and she stood up quickly. Dally was lighting up another cigarette so she reached over and snatched it from him, tossing it in a cup of water on his bedside table to put it out. Dally looked up in annoyance and surprise and now that she finally had his attention she spoke.

“You seem to have a lot of rules so let me lay some out for you. Don’t you ever dare assume anything about my life again, got it? And if I were you I wouldn’t ever dare call me ‘princess’ again unless you have a serious death wish.” Bea spoke so harshly that Dally definitely saw a bit of himself in her.

“Are you done?” he asked, surprisingly feeling calm.

“I’m not looking for a family reunion. But I didn’t come all the way here for you to be a complete asshole so.. just..” Bea closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. When she opened her eyes again she stared at him for a long moment before speaking in a calmer tone. “Can I.. can I come back and see you again?”

“You’re serious?” Dally laughed a bit and she just nodded and gave him the most hopeful look she could so he sighed deeply. “Fine. But come back here during the day all right? You don’t need to be here when there’s drunk people and parties.”

Beatrice grinned at finally getting her way and she nodded a bit. She went to turn to leave but not before grabbing his pack of cigarettes. “You should really quit smoking.” she told him again firmly. On the way out the front door of Buck’s she tossed them in a trash barrel with a small smirk as she already began to get excited for the next day when she’d see him again.