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ok, i feel the need to post this because it was so adorable. there are these two boys in my science class and i ship them SO MUCH. they flirt with and stare at each other all class. one of them has longer hair, and the other one plays with it and they are just perfect for each other. a few days ago, we were working in groups at lab tables and they were HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE. i almost cried. they were sitting on one side of the table and the girl they were working with was on the other, and she had no clue. she (from what i’ve seen) has a huge crush on one of them, and i felt bad because she had no idea that they were doing that, and they were making little inside jokes and references that she didn’t understand. anyway, my school doesn’t really “allow” gay anything, so im just proud of these boys for being together. sorry i made you read this, it’s not johnlock, but me and my friend were fangirling over them all day.


Science never looked cooler.

By Erica Gonzales for Harper’s Bazaar

In a turn of events no one saw coming but we absolutely won’t argue, Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut. The two unlikely models made an appearance at the Nick Graham Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. 

Though unexpected newbies in the world of fashion, Nye, 61, and Aldrin, 87, were a perfect fit for the presentation, since the theme was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” With motifs of space and the future, why wouldn’t you want a Science Guy and former astronaut in your model lineup?

Nye narrated the show, which we know he does so well, but he walked the runway at the end too, with a signature bowtie and a tailored gunmetal suit. (Look at those finger guns!)

Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon (after Neil Armstrong) was the last to grace the catwalk. Afterwards, he said that walking the show “was as easy as walking on the moon,” which he did in 1969. That metallic bomber is a sleek upgrade from a bulky spacesuit, though.

He even got the “candid model backstage” look down.

After the show, both newly-inducted models had a moment with the designer, where they all did their best alien poses, obviously.

Mr. Nye and Mr. Aldrin, we better see you on the runway again next season.

Source: @harpersbazaar

This was floating around my head, and I had to get it out!

“No way, this is not happening. I refuse to believe this.”

Veronica lodge stood in front of Betty Coopers locker staring at her, as if she’d grown two heads.

Normally Betty would ask her best friend what was bugging her and try to comfort the spunky diva, but today

She was too damn sick to deal with this.

Betty had woken up with a splitting head ache that made her whole body hurt, her eyes were killing her and all she wanted to do was lay in bed and try to sleep it off.

Unfortunately she had a perfect attendance record to maintain so that was off the table.

“Hello earth to Betty? Don’t you want to know why I’m so astonished and amazed?”

Veronica pouted, waving her hand in front of Betty’s face.

Sighing Betty turned to close her locker and face her friend

“What’s up Ron?”

Immediately Veronica tapped the frames of her glasses and raised a brow.

Betty smiled slightly, she had forgotten she put on her glasses this morning.

“They’re just glasses Ron, I have a really bad head ache, I know they may not be in this months edition of vogue, but I work with what I have.”

“no that’s not it, you actually look really cute, I’m thinking of getting a pair, although I have perfect vision. ya know jughead jones, the boy you’ve been dreaming about since the beginning of the school year?”

Betty immediately placed her palm over Veronica’s mouth

“Ronnie! Please. Just keep it down” she scanned her surroundings.

“Oh please you know that boy stops by your locker at the same time everyday, we still have” she looked at her watch. “Thirty three seconds. Anyway as I was saying you would not believe what he’s got on today.”

“Ronnie, you know I’m not as into style as you, what does this have to do with my glasses?”

“Hey green eyes.”

She turned around at the familiar rumble of her favorite boy, smiling before her eyes caught on to his.

He had on glasses. Big goofy looking glasses, that made him look even sexier, if that was possible.

Apparently her glasses took him by surprise too. he just looked at her wide eyed before smiling and tapping his rims.

“Great minds think alike bets.”

She smiled at him
“They look good on you.”

He pushed a silky strand of her behind her ear, and whispered just for her to hear.

“Didn’t think you could look any prettier, but you just love to prove me wrong don’t you?”

She blushed about as pink as humanly possible before muttering

She was taken aback by the look of concern on his face.

“You don’t feel well? Did you sleep last night? Your moms not shoving those anti sleep pills down your throat again is she?” He rushed out grabbing her by the forearms and checking her over.

Smiling at his concern
“Just couldn’t sleep, I’m okay.” She placed her hands on his face rubbing his cheek with her thumb, feeling the always present butterflies when he closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.

“What about you? What’s with the glasses?”

He shrugged sliding his hands down her arms
“Honestly I was reading in the office and just forgot to take them off.”

She laughed, wincing at the pain in her head.

His hands went to her temples massaging them gently.
She relished in his cool hands and they way his fingers worked her skull.

“Umm hi, Veronica lodge, still here, still standing in the middle of the hallway”
The raven haired beauty broke them both out of there spell.

Jughead rolled his eyes,

“Come on ladies, ill walk you to class”

Veronica linked arms with Betty as jughead walked in front a bit. She whispered right into Betty’s ear

“Told you astonishing and amazing.”


Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky had the perfect Valentine’s Day planned out for you…

Genres: fluff

Warnings: Teensiest bit suggestive if you squint real hard

A/N: 😘 based off the “who should I write about for a Valentine’s day fic” Bucky Edition. I’m planning on doing a Steve one too, hopefully before the actual day… is it okay if that one is angsty though?!

Masterlist here

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touch my body, make me insane

Pairing: Kara/Lena (Supergirl)

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “Kara just landed her dream job as a reporter and they know she’s happy, truly. She’s always talking about how exciting having a notepad and pen is at big events, she tells Alex about the articles she writes even when it’s supposed to be secret, and she got them all two copies each of the magazine with her first article. It’d all be easy to deal with if Kara wasn’t overworking herself. She was barely sleeping, spending too much time at the office just to make sure everything was perfect before turning it in. She was stressed most of the time even if she denied it, and her constant mood changes and the purple bags under her eyes were confirmation that she needed to take a break.”

Or, the yoga au nobody asked for in which Lena is a yoga instructor and Kara is a very stressed and very gay reporter.

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I know that what happened to michael is proof the white cishet man can die too. But, although he wasn’t perfect, michael was everything the white love interest should be? He cared deeply about Jane’s background (those spanish vows were the most romantic thing ever said in a tv wedding). He used his privilege to help her family (he stopped abuela being deported like 3 times). When he was called out he changed his behaviour (remember in chapter two/three when michael said he was “glad to be the male presence in house meetings” and jane said “that’s not going to go well in our meetings” and Michael was just like “I’m glad to be invited???”). And how even though he behaved appallingly when he first found out jane was pregnant by the end he considered mateo his own son (he and jane always talked about having “another kid” cos they already had mateo???). Overall michael was just a great guy and I wish more cishet white male love interests were as good as him.

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 4

 Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.7k


Part 3 <<< >>> Part 5

It would take Jughead a great amount of time to figure out who exactly Iris was, but there were already a few things he could cross off the list. Queen B and girl next door being his first two wrong guesses. As the last week of holidays passed by and the first day of school rolled around, the mystery grew thicker instead of unfolding itself.

In High School the rule about the new girl is that she stays the new girl until another one takes her place – it was very unlikely that another young girl moved to Riverdale of all towns and that before school starts again, but it did. Iris had been the new girl for about two months, during which everybody talked about her to the friends they met up during the holidays and tried to get a glimpse of her – though she was hell bent on enjoying her peace and only getting out of her house at the wee hours of the day – but a day or two before school began, another girl came to Riverdale, and suddenly Iris’ little person wasn’t the center of the universe anymore.

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Basement Ball

It had taken three hours. He’d sacrificed crucial campaign time for this, but to Mike, it was totally worth it. As he stepped away from the light blue sheet draped on the basement wall, he felt satisfaction grip him.

It didn’t look too great; the snowflakes were choppily cut and some didn’t even have glitter (also two had fallen, he kicked those under the sofa), and there was no music just yet — it wasn’t even December.

But there was space. And their friends wouldn’t be by because they were busy at the Palace. It was the perfect time to do this. To make it up to her.

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I hope it is fine that I answered it like this! The two ideas were really good and I think it turned well! @letsmysticmeessenger @justdoitryro

> This boy was so happy he was able to protect you. Being by your side was really good too. Yoosung just wanted to enjoy that time with you, without worries.
> Then you told him about leaving RFA. He asked you to say it again. One more time. Yoosung was shocked! What were you talking about? It was not the perfect situation and there are some secrets… But even so!
> While you explained the reason, his expressions were changing every second. No, no. This isn’t happening. You are going to stay with him and RFA.
> Yoosung said about talking with your parents. After all he did, this was simple he was really nervous and he said so many reasons to make you stay. Yoosung was talking for hours.

> The party was a success. The mystery about Mint Eye was solved. All about V, Rika and Saeran was settled. Finally Saeyoung could propose to you.
> Well… We could say he was not expecting that. You stayed by his side and made him fall in love with you… Then you are leaving RFA? Everything will get better!
> Saeyoung wouldn’t stop asking questions about why your parents decided that, where you were going to live, what was the name of that guy.
> Yeah. He went to see your parents with you. With a list of things about that guy. Why he wouldn’t be a good match to you, all the wrong things he did and why Saeyoung was the perfect man for you.

> Zen saved you from Mint Eye and a bomb. And his heart wouldn’t calm down when he was by your side. Yet he felt really sad if you weren’t there. Is this… love?
> Wow, you are very good at acting. He would insist that was a lie. Then he would try to calm down and listen your reasons. It would go well if Jumin stayed away for some time.
> That was the worse. Zen is your knight. Why did your parents decided something like that? Shouldn’t you choose? And he was a nice and handsome! He would treat you like a princess! 
> Sends photos to your parents to show that he is better. Also invites them to watch him acting. Just tries to show his best qualities.

> That was a chaotic week for him. But at the same time Jumin was able to met you and know more about what you liked. Even discover more about himself.
> He made you stay with him all the time even if you had to be in Rika’s apartment. Let’s say he was shocked when you said about leaving RFA. And that he asked if you were drunk. 
> Jumin was the whole time thinking if he did something wrong to you and why your parents couldn’t choose him? He is pretty, rich, nice and smart. And Elizabeth 3rd.
> After the party, he goes talk with your parents. Even if you have to go by plane. Jumin is going to solve this problem. That same day. This business man.  

> You were more than a best friend, but this girl doesn’t have the courage to say it now. Maybe later? After all you did for her, maybe you could enjoy some coffee together?
> Did Jumin said something to you? Saeyoung can joke sometimes too, but it isn’t a good reason to leave RFA. What would she do without you there?
> Now she started to understand. That happened with some families and in some countries. But she was depressed it could happen with you. She didn’t even say how she feels about you.
> Talks to your parents about that not being the right time. And how you could stay with her and help her with the coffee shop. Then befriend your parents and tell them the truth later. Success.


> Jihyun wasn’t hoping everything could be solved so fast. And that he would fall in love again. With a pretty lady like you. Even think about making the surgery. 

> The first time you saw him look really sad, surprised and confused at the same time. Why would you do it? Everything was solved and you could help more people from now on. 

> V tried his best to not punch something. His happiness would go far away from him again? Then he didn’t want to fall in love. It would be better if all that hadn’t happen. 

> Jumin was angry with him and scolded Jihyun like if he was a 7 years old child. It made him notice that there was hope. He still could try to change your parents’ mind about it. 


> Even if he said rude things sometimes, Saeran made sure you knew how important you are to him. He was grateful and wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. 

> At first, he was okay with it. It wasn’t a problem. You could still help them and live with him and Saeyoung. Right? 

> Now Saeran was angry. Maybe he screamed with you? Yeah. Some things were knew to him and you had to explain everything. With calm and answering him. 

> Saeran wanted to solve that problem. That day. He just went to talk with your parents, without telling you. Saeyoung went with him too or Saeran would say what he shouldn’t. 

thoughts on Iron Fist (spoiler free)

The harshness of the critics astounds me — not that the show is perfect, of course, but such virulence is surprising. Could it be that after the greatness of Luke Cage, their expectations were too high?  

Anyway, here’s my opinion no one asked for: 


  • The show starts slowly. Realistically so, perhaps, but given how uncomfortable the first plot line is, the first three episodes could have been covered in one or two.  
  • Danny starts with blatant flaws; he is impulsive, naive, and can get pretty darn irritating. Even if these are understandable seeing his past, it took me a while to get attached to him and there was quite a bit of second hand embarrassment.
  • Some parts made me really uncomfortable (ex, the hospital). Though I guess that is probably what was intended, and therefore a success in that way, it’s not a feeling that I enjoyed, and I don’t think this angst was relieved satisfyingly. 
  • I wasn’t sold on the romance. Not even because it was so straight (Netflix’s Marvel has made me root for straight couples in the past) but the chemistry left me a bit lukewarm. The most in love person of the show was D****, god damn it (season 2 is going to hurt).


  • While it takes three or four episodes to start, once the intrigue is set, the show is fascinating. It is intelligent. It’s not just about defeating a powerful enemy, it’s about finding out who the enemy is, and when your point of view is that of such a naive, trusting character as Danny, it is not an easy task. 
  • On the same note: great plot twists. 
  • While Danny starts with some pretty major flaws, not only are the consequences from these taken to their full length in a very realistic manner (as Netflix has shown to do with the other Defenders — when they fuck up, they pay the price), it also leaves space for impressive character development. He evolves very interestingly throughout this season, and I can’t wait to see how the other Defenders are going to change him.
  • CLAIRE. TEMPLE. Seriously. She has now become my favorite character in this universe. 
  • More generally: the female characters. The men of this story can be sexist and underestimate them, but Colleen, Claire, Joy, Gao and even another whose name might be a mild spoiler — are characters of depth, strength, and intelligence, each in their own way. I do believe that the sexism they face was not the proof of a sexist writing, but instead the insightful writing of a sexist setting which is sadly realistic, yet from which they triumph. 
  • CONSENT. I don’t want to spoil. You’ll know it when it’s there. I slow clapped in front of my screen. It was beautiful. 
  • I thought the fight scenes were pretty damn cool. 
  • The Iron Fist’s special effects are beautiful.
  • As with the previous shows: cool easter eggs references to other Defenders. 
  • I loved the finale. 

Overall, I’m very excited for Defenders. I think the characters are all in positions in which they need each other to grow, and I’m looking forward to see their interactions. (Plus, there’s going to be heaps of romantic drama, which i hope won’t break my heart. Too much.)

BTS reaction after your first kiss


Jin would be about to go on stage, but would tell you he needed a good luck kiss. It would be sweet and lingering as the boys stared in jealousy awe at how cute you two were. He’d pull away with a simple ‘see you later Jagi’ and a wink to go on stage. He’d put on the best performance of his life that night.

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Your first kiss would be a little while into your relationship, he wouldn’t want to rush things. But good things come to those who wait because it would be perfect. He’d pull away and just look at you with the most adoring eyes you’d ever see and a small smile before taking your hands in his and kissing them too, a rare show of affection to remind you how much you mean to him.

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After dropping you off home after your dinner date, Hoseok, having practised this a million few times in his head, would boldly grab your waist and press a searing, passionate kiss to your lips. Smirking slightly he’d leave you flustered, heart pounding on your door step, saying a simple ‘good night Jagi’ over his shoulder.

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You two had been dating for a while and you both really wanted to get your first kiss right so when he finally leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss, everything was perfect, the time, the place and the person. However, when Namjoon cheekily said ‘hmm, I think we need a bit more practice don’t you?’ you were more than happy to oblige.

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Jimin’s kisses would be sweet and loving with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, so when you felt him nibbling on your bottom lip, your first kiss may have turned into a little bit more. So when you finally pull away, a rosy blush flushed on your cheeks, he would smile at you bashfully saying ‘aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed!’

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Tae would just pull away wondering to himself if you could be anymore perfect. His mind would be so consumed with thoughts of you that he wouldn’t even notice when he caught himself staring at you while running his thumb over his bottom lip causing you to blush. ‘Oh I’m sorry Jagi, you’re just so beautiful and that was amazing.’

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He’d come back from his third date with you to a full on interrogation from the boys. After many questions, Namjoon piped up with ‘did you kiss her?!’ ‘…maybe’ he’d reply to huge ceelbrations from the rest of the boys, their little Kookie was growing up. He just sat there, his face glowing like this:

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Word count: 535

You remember it clearly, the day when Paul told you the truth about being a werewolf. You were mesmerized, happy to finally know the truth. He was relieved too. Now, two years later, your relationship is beyond perfect. And that’s why you can’t understand why you’re crying on the bathroom floor with a pregnancy test on your hands.

You have this problem, always overreacting. But now it’s something much bigger. A baby will change your life forever. Paul never said anything about kids, so it’s kinda obvious he doesn’t want them. So the possibility of him breaking up with you is what’s killing you right now.

But you need to tell him. Right now. He’s with the pack and should be home in a hour. So you get up and take a long shower to calm down. The warm water makes you cry even more, almost making you want to let it all behind and run away from confrontation.

When you’re finally done you hear Paul downstairs with Sam, Seth and Embry.  It’s not a good time to have company, but asking them to leave so you can talk with Paul would worry not only your boyfriend but also the whole pack. Wearing your best smile you go downstairs to meet them, hiding the pregnancy test in a pocket on your coat.

“Hello, guys.”

“Hello, (Y/N).”

“How are you doing?”

“Love of my life!” Paul hugs you tight, spinning you around. The pack never hear the answer to those questions, because Paul always steals your attention.  “What is it?”

You nervously put your hand in your pocket, holding the test.

“Paul I need to talk to you. It’s… very important.” You speak too low, but everyone stares at you. “I mean, after dinner, of course. Did you guys brought something to eat?”

“Hell yeah! Lots of pizza because today is pizza’s day!”

“(Y/N), what happened?” Paul stares, worried. You attempt to take it easy for now is useless. Paul knows you too well. “Just tell me.”

You feel the wolves getting tense. The past you share with the vampires makes them worry a lot about you. Like you being in trouble again. Wouldn’t surprise them, actually. When the tension starts to scare you, and you feel like they’re just about to hunt any vampire they can find around here, you find your voice.

“No, guys, I’m okay.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying.” You say, with tears rolling down your cheeks. “I’m just… I’m just…”

“(Y/N), please. Tell me what’s happening. ”

Reluctantly you pull out the pregnancy test, handing it to Paul. The silence kills you.

“Oh, yes! Paul is gonna be a dad!” Seth screams, hugging you with a big smile on his face.

“Let her go, Seth, I want to hug my girl.” Paul pushes Seth away and hugs you with all his love, then you’re not crying anymore.

“I need you to help me.”

“Help you raising our child? You don’t need to tell me that. I love you and I love our baby.”

“I love you.” You whisper with you head against his chest. Yes, you were overreacting after all. “I love you.”

“I love you more, beautiful.”


I cannot, for the life of me remember who submitted this idea to me, so if you’re out there…this one’s for you!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

P.S. This was too long to do as a one shot so here is Part 1 out of 2 or 3

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Falling in love with your childhood best friend was an absolute dream come true.

You and Newt had met at Hogwarts after you both had been sorted into Hufflepuff together, and hit it off instantly.

You did pretty much everything together. You had all the same classes, studied together all the time, and generally never left each other’s side.

So of course, you started to fall for him, and call you crazy, but you were pretty sure he was falling for you too. Everything just felt so natural between the two of you, it didn’t even matter what anyone else at school thought of you. You had each other, and that was all either of you wanted.

It was perfect, wasn’t it?

But of course, nothing stays perfect like that forever.

At the beginning of your third year at Hogwarts, is when a woman by the name of Leta Lestrange walked into your life, and ruined everything.

Newt was instantly head over heels in love with her, and it absolutely killed you.

He stopped coming to your daily study sessions, and spent all his time following the Lestrange girl around at her heels. She developed an interest in magical creatures just to wind him around her finger even more, effectively knocking you out of the picture.

She was an absolute witch to him, yet you were the only one who could see it.

So when she ultimately accidentally got him thrown out of Hogwarts, you were furious.

You had to finish the rest of your magic training alone, and it was absolutely miserable.

Your finished school with mediocre grades, and got a job working at the Ministry, where you eventually found each other again.

So one book, many kisses, and three years later, here you were, falling in love all over again.

And it was perfect again.

So it only seemed appropriate that the woman who ruined that the first time, would walk right back into your lives and do it again.


You and Newt were cuddling on the couch in his flat, doing nothing but looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing each other’s hands playfully. There were two untouched glasses of red wine on the coffee table, and the sound of rain resonated outside.

“I really need to check on my creatures” he said between kisses, lips pressed to your knuckles.

“Why don’t you stay just a few more minutes” your gaze lingered on his face, studying his intense amount of adorable freckles.

“No, we’ll end up sitting here for hours…” You felt him start to rise, but you grabbed the arm of the couch, and held onto his tie, keeping him sat on the couch.

“You’re not going anywhere” you whispered, and leaned down, planting kisses along his jaw.

“(Y/N)…” he groaned, giving into the heat, when all of a sudden…

There was a knock at the door.

Both your heads perked up, wondering who the hell it could be at this hour.

Sure you were use to random reporters from The Daily Prophet at the door, wanting to get a word from your boyfriend, but at 11:30 at night?

“Who the bloody hell could that be” you complained, but Newt swung your legs off of his lap, and stood up. You pouted, grabbing your wine glass and following him to the door.

He waited for you to appear at his side, before he twisted the handle, and swung the door open, revealing the last person you’d expect to see.

“Leta?” Newt breathed, in complete shock and confusion.

You never thought you would have to see her again, yet here she was. The beautiful, Leta Lestrange, stood in your doorway with a suitcase, soaked to the skin.

The glass slipped from your hands and shattered on the wooden floor.

They both stared at you, as you try to comprehend what’s happening.

You blinked furiously, bringing yourself back to reality.

“I am so terribly sorry!” you exclaimed, face turning beat red from embarrassment.

“You just…surprised me, that’s all. I’ll go get a dustpan to clean this up” you backed up from the scene, and raced to the kitchen.

What the hell was she doing here.

“Newt…I didn’t know where else to go” you heard her helplessly wail, and you rolled your eyes.

You bent down to get the dustpan from under the sink, wondering if he even owned the blasted thing.

“I can’t believe I was so foolish to believe I could trust Igglehart… My business completely fell through! I lost my job, my house, my friends…I’m ruined!” You laughed to yourself.

So karma really does come through.

“I heard you lived in the city, and I just knew I had to come find you. I was wondering if I could stay here with you?” You were ready to hear Newt absolutely shoot her down, humiliating her for even stepping foot in this building.

But of course he wouldn’t do that.

“Oh…Leta I-I don’t know”

“Oh Newt, it will only be for a few nights. Just until I’m back on my feet.” She practically begged.

“Then I guess…I guess it’s fine just for a few nights”

“What?!” you cried, shooting your head up only to be met with the ceiling of the cupboard.

You cried, and rubbed your bruised skull in regret.

You pulled yourself out from under the sink, observing the scene.

Leta had launched herself at your boyfriend, engulfing him in a hug.

You swore he was about to wrap his arms around her, before you called out and got his attention.

“Newt!” you hissed, calling him to the kitchen. He furrowed his eyebrows, but followed you.

He entered the room, and gave you a confused look.

“What is it, love?” he, much too innocently, asked.

“You cannot let this…this monster back into our lives! Much less share a roof with her!”

He looked suddenly taken aback, and frowned.

“(Y/N), how can you say that? She was my best friend from school…you’re telling me I must throw her onto the streets?” You cringed, hearing those words come from your boyfriend’s mouth, but bit back your pride and scowled.

“That would be ideal, yes”

“You know I can’t do that! This is my home, and I have the right to open it up to anyone I please.”

You opened your mouth to say something, but was interrupted by shout from the living room.

“Is this wine?!” Leta called, already taking several sips from Newt’s glass. Your scowl deepened.

“Newt, this woman is nothing but trouble! She had you expelled, hell, you were in LOVE with her! Are none of these excuses valid enough?” you whispered sharply, half out of rage and half out of immense fear. You were so terrified that because Leta was back, Newt’s feeling for her would resurface, and you would be cut out from the picture again.

Newt shrunk away from your sudden outburst.

“I admit that what she did in the past was wrong, but can I not give her a chance to redeem herself? We’re all different than when we were in school.”

You couldn’t help but notice he dodged your second statement, making your heart ache a little.

“I don’t know Newt…” you mumbled, staring at your hands.

Sensing your unease, he reached down to your fingers and kissed your knuckles in a sweet, familiar fashion. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. How could you say no to him?

“Fine…only because I trust you” you say with unwavering confidence. Newt would never act upon Leta, you were 100% sure. Newt’s not the boy he use to be.

He released the breath he was holding, and pressed a grateful kiss to your cheek.

“Thank you (Y/N)” he smiled, and raced back into the living room to help Leta with her things.

You watched him talking to Leta, and your smile fell to the floor.

And suddenly you were back in Hogwarts. You were sitting alone in the library, watching as Leta took everything from you all over again.

You were beginning to regret ever opening that damned door.

I was annoyed. So I wrote. Because we had no reaction aside from Hunk and Allura about Galra Keith, and that just didn’t seem right.


“So. Galra, huh?”

Keith jumped, turning away from the window to find Lance behind him with his hands in his pockets and a warm smile on his face. Keith frowned and looked away, eyes perusing the cluster of stars they were passing. “Yeah. Galra.”

Lance moved to stand next to him, shoulders brushing, body warm and firm. “That’s cool, man.”

Keith furrowed his eyebrows, not sure he had heard right. “What?”

He looked over at the blue paladin, who shrugged, giving Keith a side glance that made him catch his breath in his throat. “It’s cool. Like…dude, you’re part alien! Not everyone can say that about themselves. Imagine the interesting fun fact you can throw out at meetings now instead of, ‘Hi, I’m Keith, and I live alone in a desert shack.’”

Keith snorted at that and ducked his head, rubbing a hand up and down his arm. “Yeah, well…Allura doesn’t seem too happy about it.”

Lance said nothing for a moment, lowering his own head and pulling his hands from his pockets to cross his arms. “Yeah, well…she can deal with it.”

There was venom in Lance’s voice, something Keith had never heard there, and he whipped around to find Lance with a scowl on his face. “What?”

Lance looked up at him, eyes softening as he took in Keith’s startled gaze, and he relaxed his posture. “Just…I don’t see…how she can see anyone but you. You’re you, Keith, not just a Galra, and you’ve saved our lives, my life, more times than I can count. It’s just…”

He glanced down at his hand and clenched it into a fist, frowning. “I hate when people discriminate against other people for something they can’t control.”

Keith had a feeling that he was talking about himself as much as he was Keith, and something in him shattered at the broken look on Lance’s face. He moved before he could stop himself, wrapping Lance into a firm hug and burying his nose into his shoulder. Lance stiffened briefly, surprised, before curling his arms around Keith’s back and squeezing him tightly. “Thank you,” Keith mumbled, eyes prickling with tears.

Lance nodded against him, not saying a word.


You were ecstatic; your boyfriend of almost a year, Spencer Reid, had finally worked up the courage to introduce you to his colleagues. You knew his fear stemmed from not getting his hopes up, bridging his worlds and just wanting time with you to be separate from work, but you were happy he finally wanted to merge the two world a little. The timing could not have been better; you knew his BAU team members were his favorite people in the world, besides his mom.

“Y/N! They’re on the way! Everything’s all set up and the foods all ready! Are you ready?” Spencer was a bundle of nervous energy. You could tell he was exceptionally excited and nervous and you wanted tonight to be perfect, too. 

You smiled and looked at your reflection in the mirror, wondering if your dress- short, black, loose but v-neck- was showing off too much of your chest. You went out into the living room to ask Spencer, whose eyes just about bugged out of his head.

“Y/N!” he whined, “that’s not fair. I’m about to call everyone and cancel!”

“I can change,” you offered, teasing now.

“Not a chance in hell!” Spencer declared, “I can’t to be asked how on earth I have such a hot girlfriend.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and you went to greet your guests. It was a tall, muscular man and a shorter woman with blonde hair and a bright green dress on. Derek and Penelope.

“Hi!” you greeted, hugging them both, “you must be Derek and Penelope. I’m Y/N. Spencer talks about you constantly, it’s lovely to finally meet you!” You gesture them into the apartment and can tell how surprised they are. Is it your appearance or your outgoing personality or both that has them stumped.

You sit down and chat with them and, of the course of the next 40 minutes, the others arrive. Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss, JJ- you’ve heard of them all before but you’re thrilled to finally meet them. The night was going extremely well- they all enjoyed dinner and the wine was flowing. You made sure everyone was drinking as much as they wanted to, filling a glass for yourself that you never actually touched.  You were having a wonderful evening, so filled with joy. And you were even more thrilled when you heard Hotch talking to Reid and Rossi in the kitchen.

“She’s a delight, Spencer- so warm and engaging. I am so happy that you’ve found one another.” Rossi nodded in agreement, patting Spencer on the back.

“T-t-thanks, Hotch, that means so much,” you can hear the pride in your boyfriend’s voice, “I can see myself spending my life with her”. You feel your stomach flutter lightly at that, and decide there’s no time like the present.

“Hello everyone!” you say loudly and suddenly, all eyes are on you, “thank you so much for coming tonight. I’ve heard such wonderful stories about each of you and I’m so happy to finally meet you all.” a chorus of “hear hear”s went around. When they stopped, you continued, “Now…I have a little something for Spencer that I didn’t want to give him without his family around. Excuse me!” You caught Spencer’s eye- he looked truly confused- but he and the team watched as you disappeared into your and Spencer’s bedroom for a moment.

When you reappeared, you handed Spencer a long, thin, black velvet box. His eyebrows rose in surprise, and the BAU members looked on curiously. When Spencer opened the box, he had the most Spencer reaction you would imagine.

“Are you sure?” he whispered to you, tears in his eyes instantly. You nodded, and felt Spencer fall to his knees and wrap his arms around your middle. Everyone else remained shockingly silent until Spencer cried out, “I’m going to be a dad” and held up the pregnancy test.

Then, before anyone could properly react to that news, Spencer was no longer wrapped around you. Penelope- who’d been mid-run toward you both- stopped and her eyes widened. You looked down and realized why. Spencer was holding a small, black velvet box up at you.

“Y/N,” he started, choking on his words, tears streaming down his face, “you’ve sufficiently stolen the show and nothing can make me happier than being told I’m going to be a father. But, I can’t wait. I wasn’t planning on waiting beyond tonight and now I simply can’t. I invited these people- my family- here because I wanted to ask you to be a part of it, forever. I love you Y/N. Marry me.”

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Hmm how about all of the RFA (or just Yoosung❤) when the member and MC are spending time together relaxing and she admits that she's scared they're gonna stop loving her. And she says that in past relationships they always just stop and she's scared they're gonna do the same. Does that make sense? Sorry if it's too personal or a bother. Good luck on your blog!!!!!

Oh boy do I relate! It makes perfect sense and thank you!

You and Yoosung had been going out for quite some time now. Both of you were getting much more comfortable with one another and you couldn’t wait to visit him whenever you got the chance to.

The two of you had plans to meet up here soon and you couldn’t help but get even more excited. In the wake of your excitement there was a nagging far in the back of your mind. 

You started remembering your last relationship. Everything was good for a month or so until they just started to drift from you. Then, that was it. They had dropped you out of the blue.

What if that will happen with you and Yoosung? A pit in your stomach started to replace your excitement. You really really liked Yoosung. The thought of him growing tired scared the literal hell out of you.

The sound of the doorbell pulled you out of your thoughts. Opening the door you grinned seeing the familiar blond haired gamer. Yoosung pulled you into a hug and gave you a quick kiss. “I missed you MC.”

“I missed you too,” You guided him into the living room and rummaged though your DVD’s before pulling out a movie and putting it on.

Some time passed before the two of you cuddled up on the couch. Your mind started to wander from the movie. The fears of him leaving were starting to come back again. Without thinking you spoke up, “Yoosung…? You still like me right?”

Yoosung looked down at you looking quite surprised at her question. “Of course I still do! Why would you think otherwise? Wait- you still like me too right?”

Looking down you nodded, “Of course I still like you Yoosung.”

“Then why did you ask if I still like you?” Yoosung asked still a bit baffled. 

“It’s nothing.” Avoiding his gaze you tried watching the movie again. You could already feel Yoosung looking at you. “I just…I guess im just scared you won’t like me anymore and leave…It’s happened before and I just- really like you. I can’t bare the thought of loosing you. It’s stupid…I’m sorry.”

Only a moment passed before Yoosung pulled you closer to him. He kissed your forehead and started playing with your hair. “I would never get tired of you MC. I love you soooo much. I’m honestly so lucky to have you. I  hope you plan on sticking with me because that’s what I plan to do too.”

I hope you like it! I ended up just sticking with Yoosung and it turned out really cute! ~ Mod 606

Over a Shirt

Part one of Create Another Him

Characters: Crowley, Reader

Pairing: CrowleyxReader

Rating: M

Warnings: Breeding kink, knot kink, smut

Word Count: 623

A/N: So this was a request from a friend, and I am fulfilling it because I love the idea! Part two will be soon to follow, so keep an eye out!

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watashi ga motete dousunda 45

*spoilers if you havent read the chapter yet*

and with that out of the way…..

OH MY GOD! FREAKING FINALLY! Serinuma seriously took her time … but……TEAM SENPAI! VICTORY!

I  saw this coming for so long but it still made me so happy and they are both so kind and perfect for each other. While my view is bias because i decided to ship Mutsumi and Serinuma right off the bat, the other characters were pretty good too.

i’m excited to see what will happen now and how long the manga goes on after this