and these two were soooo great

About the exordium last night in mexico city

I’m posting the transformer part again :)
So here’s what happened:
So they were singing and dancing transformer as always ❤️ and at this part where they all walked to the front and dance, the audio cracked and we all (including them) were so confused but Suho (baby i love you you are the best leader) continued dancing and singing so the rest of the boys followed him WITHOUT MUSIC and all the fans were singing/screaming the lyrics so they would follow along. It didn’t last much because at the end they all laughed and were so happy we were trying to make the best of a bad situation but I swear that moment is when you realize you are in the right fandom.
That moment was the moment you see how amazing the fandom and EXO are, the love we have, the support and the care. It was just a mistake from the staff
Or whoever is in charge of the music, but they made a very magical moment.
At the end Suho said that the passion from Mexican fans (and also the international fans that were there) was so great that we crashed the audio xD and then he said we were lucky because we were going to see transformer two times (yes we were)
And we all know it’s a tough dance specially for Jongin and yet he danced it two times and he was soooo tired but he gave HIS BEST and we were all united screaming “Kim Jongin” supporting and giving him our love.
Maybe it’s not the same for other people that were there but for me it was one of the best moments of the concert because you could see that even in the hard times exo and exo-ls are united and there for each other.
It was amazing, it was the best concert ever. I’m so proud of them and proud of all the fans that were there. I’m sure that all who were there are going to agree with me and say it was one of the best concerts (if not the best) of the whole century. It was magical, perfect, amazing, out of this world, nothing can describe it.

i’m honestly so sick of people trying to defend makeup. i wear loads of it every day and i hate it. it’s taken over parts of my life.

since the seventh grade, i have only gone to school without makeup ONCE. i’m about to graduate high school.

in the span of almost 5 years, i have never gone to school without makeup, except for one day when my therapist made me. 5 YEARS. i refuse to go without it. the one day i did it (a month ago) i cried. i kept my head down the whole day. i felt like i was showing the world i was lying to them.

i won’t go to family events without makeup. i won’t pick up food without makeup on. most of the time, i won’t even go to fucking walgreens without makeup on.

i have been taught by society that my natural face is not good enough. at first makeup was fun and cute and girly and now it’s a prison. it’s a mask i wear that makes me hate myself.

i don’t want people at school to see the real, ugly me. i don’t want my relatives to see that their pretty niece or granddaughter or cousin is actually ugly. i don’t want people to look at me and see my ugly. i feel like i’m lying to everyone.

i feel like such an inadequate girl and the least i could do is doll up my face. people tell me that i look fine as i do normally and i do think that i probably don’t look bad but… i will still feel like i’m ugly.

it’s great that liberal feminism helped me push down some of that self loathing!! at least i was smashing the patriarchy with my eyeliner! i’m sure guys were soooo intimidated by my makeup and they totally wanted to respect me more! it’s not like other old men were profiting off the self loathing i felt for myself!

i’m still trying every day to break free from these feelings but it’s so hard. so if you’re trying to shame me for speaking out against the beauty industry, i have two words for you - FUCK YOU.

Songs and Vamps

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Word Count: 2,220

Author: Deka

Warning: Blood, violence, weapons, sexual innuendos, fluff, a litlle angst, that’s it.

Pairing: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: After a good morning song, the boys and Y/N went on a hunt to kill some monsters, what could go wrong?

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Husband and Wife Tag (Josh Dun x Reader)

Warnings: none. Well, there is this highly deadly gif of Josh at the end.

Female Reader.

Y/F/C: Your Favorite Color

“Come on Josh! We need to film this before you have to leave.” You said, sitting down in front of your camera.

“Ok, ok, ok,” Josh said, sitting next to you.

“You ready?” Josh nodded. “Hey, guys! So, you all know my husband Josh,” You pointed to Josh, who waved. “And we’ve been married for a year now! Soooo, I thought we’d do the husband and wife tag!”

Josh wrapped his armed around you and said, “I’m going to be great at this.”

You shook your head, laughing, and grabbed your phone. “Ok, first question. How and where did we meet?”

Josh pretended to think for a second. “We met backstage at a concert. Pete Wentz introduced us, and I was surprised you knew who I was.”

“How could I not know who Josh Dun is? Question two! What was your first impression of me?” 

Josh blushed. “I’m going to be honest, I thought you were the hottest girl I’d ever seen. And then I thought you were the nerdiest, and that’s a good thing, girl I’d ever met.”

You laughed. “And I thought you were the hottest drummer I’d ever seen.” You kissed him on the cheek before continuing. “Alright, number 3. What and where was our first date?”

“I think this was our first date. We went to Starbucks to get some dirt water together and we talked for awhile.” Then he paused. “Was that our first date? Or was our first date eating pizza and watching TV on the bus?” 

You laughed at the worried look on his face. He was worried he was wrong and you were going to be mad. “I counted Starbucks as a date. So you got it right.” Josh’s face lit up. “Number 4. Where was our first kiss and how was it?” 

He pecked you on the lips before answering. “Our first kiss was on that balcony,” He pointed behind you guys at the balcony doors. “And it was sick as frick.”

You giggled, looking behind you at the balcony, remembering the kiss. “Yes, Josh, it was sick as frick. Now, question 5, halfway through. (I cut out a lot of the questions because I didn’t want this to be too long. Sorry) When did you meet my family?”

“I met your family about nine months after we started dating.” Then he started to really remember the day, and how nervous he was.”It was terrifying because your dad doesn’t like guys with tattoos. Or piercings. Or dyed hair. All of which I have.”

You hugged him and laid your head on his shoulder. “But he likes you now. And that’s what matters. Next question is: How did you know I was the One? With a capital ‘o’.” 

He smiled. “That time you helped me through that anxiety attack when we were on tour. Remember? It was the first one I’d had around you but you knew exactly how to help me.” He stopped talking for a moment to look at you. “That’s when I knew. This is really cliche isn’t it?”

“It is. But it’s also adorable.” You looked at your phone. “How long have we been together? Dating and marriage.”

“Um, let’s see…we dated for three years, right? And we’ve been married one, so about four years.” He answered, confidently.

“Good job, Jish.” He blushed at the nickname everyone calls him. “How do we resolve problems?”

“We talk about it. And try not raise our voices, because that can make it worse. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to open up about why we are mad, but when we do it helps a lot.”

You nodded in agreement. “Relationship advice with the Duns! When and why did you fall in love with me?”

“I fell in love with you because we like a lot of the same music, you’re really smart and pretty, also you’re willing to talk about aliens at 3 a.m. with me. As for when, I realized it was after I dropped you off at your hotel after our Starbucks date.”

“Ok, Mr. Dun, your last question is: What is….my favorite color?” You asked the easy question dramatically.

Josh feigned pondering for about a minute. “Well, Mrs. Y/N Dun, I’m going with Y/F/C?”

“That’s the question you’re worried about?” You asked, laughing. 

He nodded. “Was I right?”

“Of course you were. Well, that’s it for today’s video guys! Like and subscribe, please. We’ll see you next week!” You and Josh smiled and waved at the camera. Then you stood up and turned the camera off.

“That was a lot of fun, Y/N,” Josh said, walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You turned around slightly to kiss him. “Yeah, it was. Thanks for doing it with me. I love you Jish.”

“Anytime. And I love you, too, Y/N.”

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^Not sure if it goes with the story, but fuck I love this gif.


Soooo thank you all who wished me a great time in my previous pic about the email.
I always check who reblogs and read the tags xD I loved them all.
But @aquacadetrc put something in the tags that I was instantly interested in.

That he gives good hugs.

I can confirm this (like, 100%) xD I gave the guy like, 3 hugs. Two when I took pictures with him, and we were talking to him before we left, and when we stood up to leave, he stood up and said “hey, wait, lemme get another hug”.
Needless to say I haven’t stopped smiling since we first met him.
My heart was pounding and I want to to back and just sit with him again.
He’s so sweet and kind, and I swear this man is so beautiful.
I’ve never known anyone more beautiful than him honestly.
Plus I felt more relaxed talking to him (despite the inner fangirl) than me talking to most people at school.
:) I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who wished I had one! I definitely did!
I srsly just wanted to stay there forever and hug him ❤

Lilacs Pt.2 (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 1,145

Warnings: Implied smut, FLUUUFFFF

Authors Note: SURPRISE!!!! I was supposed to work on a Herc x Reader but I just could not put this on the back burner so I just churned this out! Lucky you, two fics in one day!!! This is actually complete fluff after about half way through. I’m surprised I could write this without putting any angst in it. hope you enjoy!! MESSAGE ME YOUR FEEDBACK, REQUESTS, ANYTHING YOU WANT. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCHHHHH!

Request: Lilacs part2!!!!!!! Loved part 1!! Great job!!

Part 1


Today was the day. You were getting married. Truthfully, you didn’t know if you were ready, it all felt rushed. Your mother adjusted your veil in the mirror and gave you a smile. You did your best to return a half smile. Your maid of honor came in with a small white envelope in her hands. “Here, your lover wanted me to give this to you.” She said handing the envelope to you. It was all white but your name written in black ink. “We’ll give you some time.” your mother said ushering out the other girls from your room. You opened it and ready every line carefully. You were on the verge of tears, and tried hard not to cry because of your makeup. You looked up at yourself in the mirror. It was at this time, you knew you had made the right decision. From this point to the ceremony was a blur. Before you knew it you were walking down the aisle next to your father. You walked up, and looked at your to-be-husband for the first time in 24 hours. He looked extremely dashing. Getting lost in his eyes, all of your nervousness melted away. The pastor began the vows.

“Do you Y/N take Lin Manuel Miranda to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

You looked down at your bouquet of purple lilacs and looked up to meet Lin’s eyes.

“I do.”


Lin’s note to Y/N

I always knew your favorite flowers were lilacs, but I never took it upon myself to ask why. Lilacs are the flowers of first love. That is what you are. My first love. My last love. My only love. Not everybody is lucky that their first love is their last, or their first love is their only but I was. I do not know what I did to deserve you, but I promise to remember how lucky I am to have you. You, Y/N, are my lilac.

X Lin.


One month later….

After marriage and the honeymoon phase, everything settled back to normal. Lin worked hard every day, and you began to work overtime to get the promotion you had been dreaming of. Both of you were workaholics, and were practically married to your work now rather than each other. One day you were in depth typing away a new article when Lin slammed his hands on the table. “That’s it, that’s enough. We never spend time together anymore.” he whined, pouting his lip at you causing you to laugh. “Well, you’re always working.” you said refocusing on your laptop. “Well, so are you.” He said pointing at your laptop. You sighed before closing it, putting your hands up in surrender. “What do you want to do?” you asked him, still sitting on the couch. “Gardening?” Lin suggested. You couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter. “You do realize we live in New York City right? The last time I saw dirt was probably online” you said still laughing and snorting occasionally. Lin grumpily sat back down in his chair putting on his headphones in defeat. The next day you came home at your usual time. “Lin?” you called into your empty apartment. ‘Huh?’ you thought. Lin was usually home before you. You settled your bag on the table and began to raid through the pantry for a snack when the door to your apartment swung open. There was Lin with an indoor garden. “Oh my god. You actually did it.” you said slightly amused watching your husband drag in the indoor garden, slightly struggling. “Well don’t just stand there, help me.” he said getting frustrated. You groaned and made your way over to him. “Didn’t you say you would never forget how lucky you are to have me? And now you’re making me do manual labor?” you gasped joking with him. “God you were so much more tolerable when we were dating.” He joked back. You two both got the garden set up by a window when he walked over to a plastic bag. “I also bought the first thing we should plant.” he said pulling out a pack of seeds for lilacs. You two had surprisingly bonded a lot though the indoor garden. You made time to water the plants and eagerly await for them to grow. One Saturday morning you woke up to an empty bed. You walked outside of your bedroom to see Lin staring lasers into the plants. “I don’t think they’ll grow any faster if you stare at them.” you said catching Lin’s attention. He laughed softly. “Worth a shot.” he said heading to the kitchen to fetch the watering cans. He filled both of them, and returned to the indoor garden handing you a can. “I think you’re watering it too much.” you said observing him. “No, I’m doing what the instructions said.” he replied still not moving his eyes from the unsprouted lilacs. This was when a funny idea popped into your head. You raised your watering can on top of Lin and poured some water on him. He slowly turned to you, you began to giggle uncontrollably. “Oh you’re on!” he said pouring water over you as well. Both of you acted like you were kids, pouring water over each other. The fight quickly ended when the cans ran out of water. Both of you were drenched and your white sleep shirt stuck to your body, Lin definitely noticed. His eyes roamed up and down your body. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” you taunted moving closer to Lin and pretending to pose. “I think I have some better ideas than a picture.” Lin replied pulling you closer by your waist, his eyes never leaving your body.


You had got home early to surprise Lin, and boy was it a surprise. You got nervous just thinking about telling him. You, however, weren’t given much time to think as Lin walked in the door. “Y/N? You’re home early.” he said giving you a peck on your temple. “I bought some new seeds for the indoor garden.” you said handing him a packet of white lilacs. “More lilacs? We already planted a whole bunch of them.” he replied looking at the packet of seeds. “Yeah, but they’re white. They mean young innocence, and I thought we should add them to our plant family if we’re adding to our real family.” you said slowly looking up at him. “Are- are you…” Lin stuttered catching on to what you said “Pregnant?” he finally finished, you nodded slowly smiling at him. He swooped down and twirled you around the living room. “I’m gonna be a dad!” Lin exclaimed still holding you up. “I’m so glad you’re happy.” you said when he put you down. “I’m so glad you’re mine.” he replied, putting a hand on your stomach.

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lmao i'm the anon that said last week the "alec being so sweet with magnus!" tweet would be alec tenderly cradling valentine!magnus' face. i was fucking joking i can't believe that's actually what they were referring to. they need to stfu with the teasing tweets when they just lead to disappointments. like the "2x18 is full of great malec scenes, amazing episode for them!" soooo... two scenes then? probably one with them both stood in the background while it focuses on clary i guess

Honestly, I really, really wanna give them some credit after the 2x07 disaster but they are all making it so damn hard. And even though a naive part of me is still like… changes might be only visible from 2x14 on, I am still so done with this. Like… do they actually think we can enjoy the first time seeing Alec being affectionate and all touchy and sweet when it isn’t even with the real Magnus??? It already stung last week that Alec refered to Magnus’ loft as “home” with the real Magnus didn’t hear. But this was ten times worst. So really, just stfu with the hyping up and teasing if this ends in something like this. Neither the characters nor the fans deserve such treatment. End of story.

Alec Martinez - Surprise

Can you write an imagine about alec martinez where you surprise him like on a road trip and he’s super happy to see you and you guys just hang out and cuddle before his game and he’s in a super great mood?

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A/N Here you go …. Sorry it took soooo long hope you like it. 

-Lisa 😘

Between the guy sitting next to you who had no idea what personal space was and the screaming baby, you were beyond ready to get off the plane.  Thankfully you were only here for two days and could pack lightly.  Because you only had a carry on you were able to bypass baggage claim and go straight to the taxi line.  You texted your accomplice to let him know that you were on the way to the hotel and settled back for the ride.  During the ride you received a text from your boyfriend asking how your day went. You answered back that the day was passing slowly without him.  You had just sent the text when the cab stopped in front of the hotel.

You texted your accomplice that you were in the lobby and sat down in a chair to wait. Less than five minutes later Tyler Toffoli came strolling around the corner spinning a room key card in his hand.  You couldn’t help the enormous grin that came across your face.

“Room 2941.” Tyler told you.

“He doesn’t suspect anything, right?” you inquired.

“Not a thing. ” Tyler answered confidently.

“Great. Thanks again for all your help, Ty.” You smiled over your shoulder at him as you headed to the elevator.  Riding the elevator to your boyfriend’s floor, you looked both ways down the hallway to make sure the coast was clear before heading in the direction of his room.  Quickly knocking on his door, your hands went to smooth your hair out in a nervous habit.  On the other side of the door you heard a rustling and a muffled “What do you want now Tyle…..” The last part of Tylers name fading out as Alec swung the door open and realized it wasn’t Tyler on the other side of the door.  Reaching out he grabbed your hand and pulled you into the room.  Once he got you in the room he picked you up off your feet and spun you in a circle.  “what…. Why… How?” he couldn’t settle on a question.  

“I thought I would come take in a game then go visit my family. The fact that I got to surprise you was just a bonus.”  

“I don’t have anything special planned” he looked sad for a moment.  

“all I need is you and hopefully some cuddles.” You responded.

Pulling on the hand that was still holding his, he directed you over to the bed.  Once there he gently pushed you down so that you were laying on the bed before climbing in himself and laying down beside you.  

“I’m so glad you’re here” he said with a kiss to your forehead.  

You guys spend the rest of the night cuddling and talking about Suits.

The Dare !

A Sirius Black x reader story !

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Lily Evans sat on the carpetted floor of her dorm room, with her friends Marlene, Alice and (Y/N).
The girls sat in a circle, and Lily held a bottle in her hands.
“Ok !! Gonna spin it !!” she announced with an evil grin.
She spun the bottle. It went round and round for sometime, before halting. It pointed straight at Alice. 
“Alrighhhttttttt” said Lily. “Alice, whats it gonna be ? Truth or dare ?”
Alice thought for a moment and said “Truth !”
“Awwww whats the fun in that ?!” Marlene said. “Ok, Lils, ask !!”
“Are you and Frank dating ?”
(Y/N) laughed. She had caught Alice and Frank snogging once, and Alice had begged her not to tell anyone.
“Ive seen thingsss” sang Marlene.
“Oh alright !” sighed Alice, blushing. “Yes ! We’re together”
“Yay !!” Lily and Andrea said together, laughing.
“Ok, spin away ” Lily handed the bottle to Alice.
The bottle went spinning, and then stopped, this time, pointing at (Y/N).
“Oh YES !” Marlene squealed.
“Truth or dare, (Y/N) ?” Lily asked her bestfriend.
“This girl has no truths that we dont know about !” protested Marlene. “ (Y/N) - Come on, DARE”
(Y/N) bit her lip, thinking. Then gave up and said, “Ok, dare”
“YES baby ! I have a nice one for you !” announced Marlene. “Come on”
She stood up, and pulled (Y/N) to her feet. She walked out of their dorm, followed by Alice and Lily. They moved towards the stairs, and saw the Marauders sitting down in the common room.
“Alright. So I dare you, (Y/N) , to go and kiss Sirius Black. In front of his friends.”
“Woah woah woah !” said (Y/N) , raising her hands, and backing away . “No way !”
“Sorry, its a dare “said Lily, shrugging. “You have to do it”
“Lily !!! I cant !!” whined (Y/N) .
“But you people made me kiss James one time !” Lily said. “Just the same now !”
“But that was James !!!” said (Y/N) .
“He likes you !! This is Sirius Black !!”
“So?” Marlene asked, grinning. “Just another boy ”
“No !! HE IS SIRIUS BLACK !” hissed (Y/N) . “Half of the girls in Hogwarts fancies that man !”
“This girl so likes him !” said Marlene, smugly.
“Do not !” said (Y/N) , folding her arms.
But of course she did. She adored Sirius Black. And even the sight if him gave her the shivers. She was absoultely terrified about this. She didnt want to do it.
“You have to do it !” Lily said again.
“You guys planned this didnt you ?” said (Y/N) glaring at her friends.
“Totally” said, Marlene. “We’ve been trying to set you up with him for so LONG (Y/N) , and this is perfect ! Now go on !”
“We’ll come too” Alice offered, only to recieve a murderous glare from (Y/N) .
Lily shoved her towards the stairs.
“Im gonna so regret this” said (Y/N) , as she went down the stairs.
The girls were in their night clothes.
(Y/N) wore a soft pink full sleeved night gown that came up to her knees.
Hearing footsteps, James looked up from the book Remus was showing him.
“Hey ” He said, grinning at Lily. “What are you doing here this late ?”
“Ooohh nothinggg” said Lily. “Hi Sirius !”
“Evans” said Sirius looking at Lily, and winking.Then his eyes fell on (Y/N) , who looked like as if she had seen a ghost.
(Y/N) turned to Marlene with pleading eyes, and she jerked her head towards Sirius.
“Everything ok ?” Remus asked.
Lily gave him a thumbs up.
“ (Y/N) …” Said Lily, poking her on her rib.
“ALRIGHT !” said (Y/N) loudly, and went straight to Sirius, and bent down, pressing her lips to his.
Remus dropped his book and James whistled.
Sirius was too shocked to move at first. Then, he kissed her back slowly.
(Y/N) ’s hair fell forward, which Sirius tucked behind her ear carefully. She felt giddy inhaling his lovely scent. His lips were soft and he tasted a bit like chocolate. It was all too much for her.
(Y/N) pulled back suddenly, and bit her lip, embarrased. Sirius gave her an amused look, and sat up straight.
Marlene and Lily laughed, along with James. Remus and Peter were too shocked.
(Y/N) gave her friends another glare, and ran back up to her room.

                               * * *

(Y/N) buttered her toast glumly.
“ (Y/N) , stop sulking” Lily said, passing her a glass of juice.
“I hate you all” said (Y/N) , taking a bite, and chewing slowly.
Marlene controlled her urge to laugh.
“Dont tell me you didnt enjoy it ! ” she said.
“Dont you dare !” (Y/N) growled, stuffing her toast into her mouth all together.
“I hope you are aware that you’re stuffing you mouth, (Y/N) ” Lily said, shaking her head.
“Shut up” (Y/N) said, trying to chew her depression away.

(Y/N) froze hearing James’ voice behind her. She struggled to chew and to swallow, so she covered her mouth with her hands. James sat beside her with a wild grin.
Sirius sat opposite to her, beside Lily, and, Remus and Peter beside him.
“Hungry, (Y/N) ?” James asked, seeing her struggle.
(Y/N) ’s eyes darted to Sirius, who watched her with raised eyebrows.
Blushing madly, she looked down to her plate, finally swallowing her toast.
“Soooo” Marlene began, nudging (Y/N) . “Black”
Sirius smirked as he took a sip of his juice. His eyes were still fixed on (Y/N) .
“How boring, you two” Marlene said.
“Are you gonna ask her out or what, Black ? The girl kissed you !!”
“MARLENE !!” (Y/N) was a bright shade of red by now. Grabbing her bag, she hopped off her seat, and walked out of the hall.
Sirius stared at her in surprise.
“Great going, Mar” said Lily.
“Are you gonna move your arse, Black?” Marlene asked, sending James into fits of laughter.
“Just go already, Padfoot ! You’ve finally got your chance !” Remus said.
“See you in class” Sirius told his friends, and went after (Y/N) .

                             * * *
(Y/N) felt tears stinging her eyes as she walked towards the Gryffindor common room. She felt so embarrased, and humiliated. It was true that her friends meant well, but yet, she didnt like what she did.
Half way through, she was yanked into a different corridor.
“ (Y/N) ” Sirius Black’s voice was soft and husky. “Are you ok ?”
“Im sorry Sirius” (Y/N) said, now sobbing. “They dared me to”
“Hey hey” he said, wipping her tears away with his fingers. “Please dont cry”
“But I-”
“I loved it”
(Y/N) stared at him with teary eyes.
“You have no clue how long I’ve wanted it…I was afraid to say it…”
He took her hands in his.
“You are such a good girl, (Y/N) . Your brilliant and studious and so beautiful ! I was afraid if you will ever want to be with someone like me”
(Y/N) was out of words. The one boy she ever fell for was now holding her hands and calling her beautiful and brilliant.
“I’ve been in love with you for so long, (Y/N) ” Sirius said, now cupping her cheeks with his hands. “I know Ive been with a few girls before, I always end up comparing them with you, and none of it ever worked out. They could never be you !”
“I love you, Sirius” (Y/N) confessed. “I always have”
Sirius laughed, touching her forehead with his.
“Can I call you mine, now ? He said.
“Please, dont make me wait anymore”
“You can” (Y/N) replied with a smile.
Sirius pressed his lips to hers. It was the best kiss ever. And they have never been happier.

Crimson Love Letter

Oh my god! Today I saw the new Detective Conan Movie in our cinema! (It was an really early preview Event in Germany of the DVD/Bluray-Publisher of the movies)

It was soooo great!! And you could clearly see that it was different from the other movies since… oh let me say there were hints, that it will or could be connected in some way to the normal story of the manga!

I loved the characters in the movie and so much action…. can’t wait for DVD/Bluray-Release!

FFXV Scenarios - Ignis/Retainer!Reader (pt. i)

i / ii / iii

I’ve had this idea floating around my head for sometime but I can’t really put it into drabble form atm So I’ll be putting this down with bullet points to make it easier for myself ahaaa ;;; I tried my best to make this as gender-neutral as possible so everyone can enjoy our favorite spectacled chocobro

So here’s how it goes: 

  • You’re one of the many retainers for the Lucis family and your family prides itself with being the best butlers/maids/stewards, etc.. The unfortunate thing is that you are NOTORIOUS for being an absolute CLUTZ. Think Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates, cause she’s the inspiration for this and you’ll see why later on too *wink wonk* 
  • Broken dishes, laundry taking a mysteriously long time to get washed even with the top-notch washing machines and dryers in the Citadel, pots being burnt, it’s just-    it’s kind of amazing and sad
  • It’s mind-boggling to your family and so they’re about to pull you out of working for the royal family but whaaat Prince Noctis wants you to be his personal retainer??? Your Highness, are you sure about that?

  •  Yes, John Cena, I am

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New cb chapter was lovely! Yeah hi, @ God... can I have my own Ben for real tho? Thanks. Also I saw someone ask when you knew you were a Kylo fan. Literally the day I went to see TFA, I was like i don't see what's so special about this guy that's gonna play Kylo we'll see he probably won't be great haven't heard of him much, bih as soon as that mask come off and he acted the way he does, I walked out that theater like ok let's go I'm here for this movie I'm here for this man. It was over for me.

omgggg!!! I wish that were me but it took me two tries and then I was sold; adam is such a fuckin great actor and plays kylo soooo well i’m proud


Being in Scott’s Pack and being a Vampire would include:

• Being closest to Scott

• The pack knowing how to deal with you when you get thirsty

• You only drink animal blood, so they’re not scared that you’ll hurt them

• Being an amazing addition to the pack

• Especially since you have super strength and super speed

• Scott having Stiles drive you into the woods when you’re thirsty so you can feast on animal blood

“Wait…you’re HOW old!?”

“I was alive in the 1800′s. That’s why I’m so good at history, I lived through most of it.”

• SOOOO many Twilight jokes/references

• Malia not trusting you at first, but she eventually warms up to you and you two become great friends.

• Lydia being like a sister to you

• Scott helping you regain control when you go too long without blood

• Liam being slightly intimidated by you (though he would never admit it)

• Being insecure of your powers at first. You thought the pack would look at you as if you were a monster

• But they assure you that they don’t mind and they completely support you.

• The pack offering to watch TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries” or “My babysitter’s a vampire”

• It amuses you how they try to make you feel at home but it also irritates you slightly.

• When Stiles pisses you off with his sarcasm, you hiss at him, showing your fangs, and laugh as he falls out of his chair in fear.

“Is it true that you’d die if I stabbed a stake through your heart?”

“Well, wouldn’t you die if I jabbed a giant piece of wood into your heart?”

much adoe about nothing

you can’t see my face but there are actual stars in my eyes and i’m very like to catch a fly sooner or later. POP UP GLOBE IS SOOOO GREAT. i was the first person into the yard and had to wait half an hour for the show to start but barely noticed because i was too busy soaking up the atmosphere. SO AWESOME.

some notes on the show (because i can’t review proper) ((also the pronouns are going to be all out of whack because the male parts were played by female actors and vice versa and will depend on whether i’m talking about the actor or the character)):

  • don john was really interesting. still quite the two-bit villain except for one point, when he, borachio, and conrade surrounded him at the masque and it actually felt dangerous, like, here is a dangerous man which i’ve never really felt in don john before. AND THEN they repeated similar staging with hero in the middle being hemmed in by don pedro, don john and claudio on three sides, ughhhhhh it was a good moment (also margaret reacted wonderfully and i’m so mad i didn’t see him exit off stage because i had my head turned and they never reappeared)
  • claudio was given a stutter so that … people would feel more sorry for him? i don’t know if it’s because i’m entrenched in anti-claudio or the actress had higher status than benedick in some scenes (notably when benedick issues his challenge), but it didn’t really work for me. (ha, i’m having a korero with my head of dept on fb about this at the same time and she says “Claudio should just be hot… and wrong.” truth.)
  • benedick was actually the prince’s jester. i’ve most recently watched tennantate, and dt can throw on high status like the flick of a mantle, but this benedick (was fantastic), don pedro and claudio didn’t take the challenge seriously at any point - they knew he was in earnest but it didn’t cross their minds that he was a serious threat. interesting dynamic.
  • fantastic use of the yard, particularly in benedick’s gulling scene. benedick took an audience member’s hat so she could blend in, and took the time to make giving it back a beautiful moment. beatrice’s ways of avoiding detection bordered on too ridiculous but damn did that boy commit and pull it off. i laughed ‘til i cried and had to hang onto the edge of the stage (things they don’t tell you when describing the experience of a groundling).
  • OH the number of times benedick and beatrice nearly kissed. after the church scene, long drawn out slowly moving towards each other then beatrice turned her head and benedick had his “i will kiss your hand” - hilarious and kind of heart breaking how careful/cautious/scared/uncertain beatrice was.
  • leonato made me cry. much ado was the very first shakespeare play i ever saw, on film and stage, but i’ve never felt leonato’s grief myself before.
  • DOGBERRY (ALSO VERGES), those two were so great. they had a really long intro before beginning their scene but the transition into shakespeare was seamless. i mean, nothing in their voices or demeanor suggested they were now speaking something other than their natural tongue, it was impressive. also, the things they could do with their faces, fucking charming.

so many things i could talk about. i was told before hand that this play was going to be better than tennantate and i can’t say that’s not the truth. nothing compares to live theatre and if you haven’t seen shakespeare performed in front of you (on top of you - the jig at the end was slightly alarming from right at the stage edge), you haven’t lived. there was a kid sitting on the steps behind me giggling away, and i was like, yeah, that’s my shakespeare.


This is a prompt from @bookwarm85
The reader and Jai are on a movie set and she is so enamored by her costar she keeps forgetting to actually stop kissing him. So in doing so they have to do retakes.
Warnings:  flirty, naughty, talking Jai
Words: 1334

You were nervous to finally do this movie with Jai Courtney. The Jai Courtney. You know the one from down under with the accent and abs. The one who could make The Grinch smile. Mr. I’m on magazines and been in movies with other major stars Courtney.

Well your intentions were to be flawless and show how professional you were. You had studied for this part and you were ready to show the director and crew how much you wanted this and how glad you were that you were chosen. You had worked hard at auditions like the other actresses to be in this film. Went through all the call backs and then some.

Initially that was the game plan. That’s actually easier said than done though. You have an attractive man standing over you, smelling like come hither, holding you in his arms, pulling you closer to him, he kisses your shoulder, then your collar bone with peppered open mouth kisses that trail to your neck then he hooks your chin with his index finger and he says the line.

“….. I crave every ounce of you.  Nothing will ever taste as good to me as you do right now. I’m going to taste every crevice of you. Now.”

Then his hand slides down your back, ever so seductively, he sensually cups your ass. You wrap your legs around his waist while he hoists you up and walks backwards towards the couch. Then you straddle him. You are supposed to kiss him and the director yells cut.

On the first take he’s supposed to initiate the kiss. Except looking in his eyes you grabbed his collar and pulled him in for the kiss. Your tongue traces his bottom lip as to beg for entry and you kiss him slowly, and hungrily. He closes his eyes and allowing you passage. He moans low in the back of his throat. His grip tightens around your waist possessively. He steps into the kiss.

“CUT” The director yells. “(Y/N). Ok that was different. Not in my notes. But, I liked it. Very take charge. Let’s go again.”

It took you a minute to breathe and regain your composure.  Makeup came and readjusted your lipstick. You looked over at Jai he too was getting the same treatment. He looked at you and winked.

Now on the second take you’re up in his arms. He’s holding you while you look down on him. He slides you down his body slowly. You let him lead the kiss like he’s supposed to in the script. Except this time, you start grinding on him as he is walking backward to the couch.

He slaps you on the ass and kisses you deeper. You wrap your arms around him tighter. He falls back on the couch and your mouth moves to his neck. You bite him.  He turns away to allow you full access to him and you feel him grind under you.

“CUT!!!!” The director yells.

“You guys. Whew. I don’t know what that was but, I believed it. Marking him. Nice.  Let’s set up again for the shot.  Can someone wipe the camera please? Little steamy cause of Jai and (Y/N).”

The next take you guys were kissing and Jai’s foot got caught on the cord that was hooked to the phone in the shot causing you to fall on top of Jai.  He took the brunt of your weight making sure you didn’t hurt yourself. You two laughed so hard tears came to your eyes.

“Jai you aren’t getting out of work that easy. Set up for the shot.” The director laughs to the camera man.

You begin to get flustered from all the making out you and Jai have been doing. You step over to the side to take a reprieve. You can’t believe how lost in the moments you have gotten.

It seems like when he says action you are the couple in the movie. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your part. Now you are on the fifth take. The director was resetting the shot. You walked to the side to gain your wits. You felt a hand wrap around your waist.

“Ello’ love? You okay?” Jai asked you.

“Yea. Sorry I’m just wowed by all this.” You responded.

“Eh. It’s really ok. You’re doing great. I mean think about it.  I mean I could be making out with Bert from Craft Services.” He joked to make you laugh.

“I heard that. You’d miss all this.” Bert called out laughing.

“I like my partners with less facial hair.” He turned to you.

“So what’s got you so frazzled? I know I’m not much to look at. You could imagine you are kissing Tom Hardy if it helps. He’s a rather nice bloke. I’d kiss him. But, would he call me?” His hand moved to your shoulders to settle you.
You laughed out loud. He was trying to ease your nerves.

Internally you knew that was so not the problem. All these takes and getting hot and heavy with Jai was getting to you. Being in proximity with this man was making it hard to be professional.

“I’m just nervous.” You lied.

“I get that.” He replied. “Well the director looks like he’s ready. Let’s go give them a show eh?” He turned and winked at you.

The set up was ready and you were now wrapped in his arms. He grabbed your bottom lip sucking it in his warm mouth , then he bit it softly with his teeth, tugging it ever so slightly. You kissed him back, sliding your tongue in his mouth. You land on the couch. You know the director is about to yell cut.  You are finally ready to stop.

You look to Jai and he gives you a devilish wink.  Jai pulls you back wrapping his hand in your hair pulling you to him. He nips at your neck, then your earlobe, he turns you to him kissing you, he flips you on your back while straddling you on the couch. He leans over and kisses you again. You instantly wrap your legs around his waist.


Jai kisses you again.

“I said CUT!!!!” the director calls.

He gets off you reluctantly. He pouts while pulling you up with him.
Now he has this look in his eyes and the color has changed. A slight lustful one. You shake your head because you’re seeing things now. Jai is always professional at all times. But, he looks like he wants to bite you and in a good way. You hurriedly scramble off of his lap. The look is telling you he’s thinking something. But you couldn’t pin point it and you were to nervous to find out.

“Alright that’s a print!! I’m seeing passion and lust. This is better than something on tv. Damn the script.  That’s lunch people.” The director calls.

“Great job you two. We got the bedroom scene next.” He winks.

You move to leave and head for the trailers. You need air and cold water.

Jai catches your hand and pulls you back to his chest.

“MINE!!” He says. “Like a spoiled little boy.”

You smile.

“Soooo….baby how did I do?” He asks you bending you back for a kiss.

“Good if every take is to make me horny and want to jump you.” You answer.

He laughs a deep hearty laugh.

“So you and me making out all day and getting paid for it is a bad thing then?” He asks you.

“UH we have a bedroom scene next!!” You yell at your fiancée.

He picks you and throws you over his shoulder which makes you do a quick scream. “I know let’s go the trailer and practice. I believe in accuracy in my films. We need to make it look believable. So I don’t care how many times you have to cum. I’m willing to risk it.”

(Requested) BSM; Nightmare

I’ll edit this by tonight. I wrote this at two in the morning soooo it might not be great

Nightmares were a really typical thing for you, in fact it seemed to run in the family. There wasn’t a night that went by that you didn’t have some terrifyingly realistic nightmare that would have you sobbing in the motel bed. Your brother’s knew you had nightmares but you refused to ever wake them up. Sure some nights it would be great to get a hug and cuddle up next to one of your brothers instead of having to slide out of the bed you were sharing with one of them that night and hide in the bathroom till you calmed down. But you all worked super hard. Sam and Dean were raising you, a sixteen year old, on top of hunting all day every day. So they deserved to sleep, since neither of them were having nightmares lately, and you could suffer alone.

You were up around three again on a Thursday morning, choking over the sobs that were trying to escape your throat from the current nightmare. The worst were ones where Sam, Dean, or Cas were getting hurt. You quickly looked over at both beds, making sure both boys were breathing and still there, before sliding out from under the covers and sprinting into the bathroom. You shut the door quietly before sliding down the wall by the tub and dissolving into quiet tears. You didn’t notice the door opening before you heard Dean’s gruff, sleepy voice, “Hey, hey what’s all this?”

            You jumped to your feet, wiping your nose and choking, “De-Dean? You’re supposed to be sleeping-“

            “I needed to take a pee,” he yawned, coming closer into the bathroom and flicking the light on. “Are you hurt baby?”

            “No-no I’m fine,” you shook your head quickly, refusing to look at him.

            “Kiddo, you were just sobbing in the bathroom in the dark,” Dean was slowly becoming more and more awake. “You wanna try answering me again? Or do I gotta get Sammy and the puppy dog eyes?”

            “Sammy!” Dean shouted over his shoulder, leaning in the bathroom doorway and grinning as he heard Sam let out a muffled shout and fall out of bed.

            “Dean? Dean where are you? What’s wrong?” Sam’s voice called groggily.

            “Bathroom little brother.” Sam stumbled in a few seconds later, holding a gun in one hand and rubbing his eyes with the other, “What’s going on Dean?”

            “Your little sister is crying her eyes out in the dark,” Dean jutted his head in my direction, making Sam straighten up and stare over at me. “And she won’t tell me why.”

            Sam came closer to me, Dean remaining propped up against the doorway watching as Sam bent down in front of me, “Sweetie what happened?” I shook my head, staying silent for a few seconds before glancing up at Sam’s soft face and Dean’s concerned one with a wobbling lip, and collapsing into Sam’s shoulder crying softly.

            “I’ve been having nightmares every night and they’re so bad but I just want you two to sleep,” I hiccupped, burying my face into Sam’s white tee. “I don’t want to wake you guys up and bother you but they’re so scary De. I hate them.”

            Sam rubbed my back, glancing over at Dean helplessly. Dean came and crouched in front of me, pushing back my hair and tilting my chin up so that I could look at them, “Baby. That was wrong to not wake us up. We’re your brothers, it’s what we’re here for. You wake us up every time you have a nightmare, you hear? No more playing soldier, we don’t want you to do that.”

            “But-“ I pouted, staying mostly cuddled into Sam’s shoulder, but not breaking eye contact with Dean.

            “But nothing. Those are my orders, understand?” Dean said softly. “Now I think you need some more sleep, so c’mon kiddo, you’re gonna come sleep in my bed and Sammy is gonna be in the bed right next to us. We’ll meet up with Cas in the morning for breakfast and everything is going to be allright.”

1000 Days Of You - Part 3

Chapter 9 - Drops Of Jupiter

“That’s great!” Caroline commented while she ate her cereal. Stefan filled her in on all the tiny, minute details of what went down with his mother the previous week, why he was so hesitant to meet her in the first place and how relieved he was that they worked past the mess that was their past. “Like super great!” She said enthusiastically.

“When you’re back in Chicago you should get to know your sister” Caroline said as she reached for her coffee.


“Yeah.. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be back before you know it..”

Stefan blinked at her.

“Why are you looking at me like I just spoke Latin? Coffee not kicked in yet?” Caroline asked him.

“No… I uh.. I guess I haven’t given much thought to Chicago in a while…” he said finally.

“New York not so bad after all huh?” She joked. He gave her a soft smile. Not bad at all.

“So what do you miss most about Chicago?” Caroline asked. His mind drew a blank again.

“I donno… Just the familiarity of it I guess… I mean.. It is my hometown.. I never thought I would live anywhere else. New York was more like.. Punishment.. you know..”

“mmhmmm..” She mumbled going back to her coffee.

“I guess I miss my dad not treating me like the black sheep of the family… keeping me at bay so I won’t affect his reputation..”

“He’ll come around” She said, not missing a beat. Stefan smiled slightly.

“You know.. Chicago does have great pizza!” He mused. 

“I’ve never had Chicago deep dish” She mused.

“There’s this pizza place in Chicago that has the most amazing meat filled deep dish extravaganza you’ll ever have.. We should go there for pizza night”

“Deal! If I’m ever in Chicago that is ”

That brought him back to reality. Why would Caroline be in Chicago? She lived here in New York and if he ever left, he would leave her behind too. The inevitable reality of him ending up in Chicago while she stayed on in New York dawned on him. Chicago didn’t seem so great right then.

He saw her checking her phone for the 5th time.

“Waiting for a call?” He asked sipping his coffee.

“Yeah.. sort of..”

“Ssup?” He asked. 

“Its Bonnie…”

“Everything okay?”

“I hope so… it’s just.. every year I spend my birthday with her.. and this year she hasn’t made any plans with me yet.. “ She said, her face shrouded in disappointment.

“Well you have us…” Looking at Kristelle who just  walked in to grab breakfast.

“Have us for what?” Kristelle asked her voice still sounded like it wanted to sleep in for a few more hours.

“Caroline’s birthday” Stefan informed his cousin.

“You’re not hanging out with Bonnie this year?” Kristelle asked.

“I donno..”

“We’ll do something fun” Stefan said trying to cheer her up.

“You and fun? Sounds like an oxymoron” Tell said still groggy.

“I can be fun” Stefan defended himself. Kristelle ignored him and poured herself some cereal.  The doorbell rang just then.

“Expecting someone?” Stefan asked. Caroline shrugged. They both turned to Kristelle. “I’ll get it” she groaned, heading towards the door.  She opened it to be greeted by a very loud scream “SURPRISE!! Oh wait.. you’re not Caroline..”

“In the kitchen” he heard Kristelle tell the excited girl at the door. Caroline had bolted by then screaming at the top of her lungs “Oh my God! Oh my God ! Oh my God !I can’t believe you’re here! AArrgghhh !! !” Stefan followed her and stood behind her as he saw her jump on the visitor. He recognized Bonnie from the picture in Caroline’s room.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Caroline continued in a high pitch voice. He had never seen her so excited to see anyone before. “Coz it was supposed to be a surprise dummy!” She replied. The both of them were jumping in unison as if they were on a trampoline.

He looked at his cousin to gauge her reaction. He wasn’t great at blending into social environments consisting of high decibel screaming alternated with indecipherable babble.  He figured he would just follow Kristelle’s lead. But she just stood there looking at the two girls, not really sharing in their excitement.

“C’mon meet my friends!” Caroline said pulling Bonnie towards Stefan and Kristelle.

“This is Kristelle my roommate I’ve told you soooo much about and this is her cousin Stefan, he lives across the hall.”

“Hey” Bonnie said giving them both a short awkward wave. “Sorry to barge in unannounced.. don’t mean to put you guys out”

“ooooh relax Bon! Want some breakfast? We have cereal… and eggs if you like.. or we could go out and grab some pancakes?”

“Pancakes sound good” Bonnie said immediately. Stefan frowned instinctively.

“Ok great. I’ll just quickly change.” Caroline said clapping her hands.

“Yeah I wanna get out of these travel clothes, ” Bonnie said following Caroline into the room.

“You guys coming right?” Caroline asked turning to Stefan and Kristelle. Bonnie was quiet.

“Yeah” Stefan said immediately, his hands on his hips, ticked off with the way he was introduced. Kristelle turned to him, surprised at his response as Caroline and Bonnie closed the door. More screaming was heard from behind the closed door.

“Why are we going to eat pancakes?” Kristelle asked confused.

“She introduced me as your cousin!” Stefan said irritably.

“You are my cousin” Kristelle reminded him.

“Just go change” he said walking out of the apartment.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“Nice car” Bonnie commented as they looked at the menus. Caroline was with Kristelle checking out what flavor cupcakes they had while Kristelle was more interested in pie.

“Thanks..” Stefan said awkwardly, although he knew very well that it wasn’t exactly meant as a compliment.

“So you and Caroline have been friends since you were little?” Stefan asked making small talk. He was curious to know about Caroline’s childhood.

“Yeah since we were babies! Our parents were friends; we lived next door to each other. After her parents died she practically lived at our house. Even though technically she still had her place.” Bonnie informed him. Her tone was not warm though. It was more as if she was marking territory, declaring that she was a far more important friend than he’ll ever be. It annoyed him for some reason.

“That’s nice of your folks..” he said feeling like a complete moron. Where was Kristelle and talent to engage in conversation when he needed it?

“I got red velvet!” Caroline said placing her cupcake on the table. “Did you order yet?”

“No not yet” Bonnie said going back to perusing her menu.

“Cupcake?” Caroline asked the rest of the gang seated at the table. Stefan shook his head to signal a ‘no’, Kristelle was happy with her pie.

“Don’t mind of I do” Bonnie said taking a bite.

“So you guys come here often?” Bonnie asked.

“No… I think this is the first time I’ve come here with Stefan”

“We’ve been here a couple of times” Kristelle said digging into her pecan pie.

“You have?” Stefan asked baffled.

“Yeah Stefan… It’s shocking, I know. But Caroline and I have been friends long before you so unwillingly became friends with her.” Kristelle teased

“Unwillingly?” Bonnie asked.

“We had a rocky start,” Caroline said casually licking the frosting off her fingers. 

“Not that rocky” Stefan mumbled.

“Pretty darn rocky! You were kinda rude to her… although, I guess you were way way ruder to her last week. “ Kristelle thought out loud, “I was so sure you would move out” Kristelle said turning to Caroline. Stefan glared at her. Maybe bringing her along wasn’t such a good idea after all.  Caroline chuckled and went back to her cupcake.

“Hmmm… I think I’ll have the simple pancakes and syrup combo…” Bonnie said her eyes still on the menu.

“So, what was Caroline like growing up?” Kristelle asked changing the topic.

“Hmmm pretty much the same really.. Bubbly, fun.. Head cheerleader, popular girl, head of pretty much every committee in school!” Bonnie said smiling.  Caroline rolled her eyes,

“So what do you wanna do today Bon? You know if you had just told me you were coming, I would have planned something fun for us to do!”

“Hmmmm” Bonnie said pressing her lips together and giving Caroline a slight smile.

“What hmmmmm.. what are you up to Bonnie Bennett!” Caroline asked, her eyes narrowing.

“You’ll just have to wait for it Care.” Bonnie said.

Caroline groaned “Uggh why can’t you just tell me now! You know how much I hate suspense!”

Bonnie giggled.

“One time Caroline combed through Cami’s room to coz Cami said she had a surprise birthday gift hidden and Caroline just couldn’t wait a month to know what it was!” Kristelle said beaming. “Cami thought she was being robbed” Kristelle concluded laughing.

“She almost hit me with her tennis racquet!” Caroline said laughing. Bonnie smiled.

“How long have you guys been friends again?” Bonnie asked.

“Kristelle and I have been friends for… 3 years now?”

“Yeah… pretty much..” Kristelle said nodding.

“Stefan and I have been friends for… well I we met last year November.. but we didn’t become friends till much later..” Caroline said narrowing her eyes trying to unravel their friendship timeline. “So… like 8 months?” Caroline concluded sounding almost surprised.

“Feels like a lot longer though” Stefan mused.

“That’s coz you spend ALL your free time with her.” Kristelle told him.

“So how come it took you so long to be friends?” Bonnie pressed for more information.

“What do you mean?” Caroline asked casually.

“I mean.. it’s you.. you take what 3 seconds to make a new B.F.F…”

“I donno.. ..just took longer.. it happens..” Caroline said. Stefan noticed Caroline’s eyebrows furrowing, she clearly didn’t like something about the way Bonnie was questioning her friendship, he just couldn’t figure out what it was that was bothering Bonnie so much.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

Stefan got into the car with Kristelle. They decided to give Caroline time to catch up with Bonnie.

“So, what do you think of Bonnie?” Stefan asked; his eyes fixed on the road.

“I donno..” Kristelle shrugged.

“You don’t have an opinion? That’s new!” He grumbled. Kristelle rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know her at all to form an opinion. Not like she shared her life’s story with us..”

“Yeah…” Stefan frowned.

“Are you grumpy coz there’s a better best friend in town?” Kristelle asked.


“You know what… I know you are not used to sharing your favorite things or in this case, people, by that I mean Caroline.” Kristelle said fiddling with her phone.

“I can share just fine.” Stefan mumbled.

“It’s just that.. Bonnie… she..” Stefan said after taking a minute.

“She what?”

“I don’t think she likes me” Stefan said awkwardly.

“Since when do you care about whether people like you?” Kristelle asked.

“I don’t.” Stefan said, an uneasy feeling building up in his gut.

… . .          … . .                … . .

“So I’ll be back in 2 hours tops!” Caroline said to her friend. “I am so sorry about this , I just really have this thing at school I can’t avoid”

“Caroline.. hey ! isssok ! really !”

“Cool ! Love you Bon !” Caroline said hugging her friend and walking out the door.

“I need to step out too. Will you be okay? Stefan will be here” Kriselle said to Bonnie.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine” Bonnie answered politely.

Stefan waved as Kristelle walked out of the door.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“So.. umm.. are you staying for Caroline’s birthday? You guys spend it together every year I hear..” Stefan asked trying to be polite. She was Caroline friend after all.

“No, not exactly..” Bonnie said unwilling to let him in on her plans for Caroline’s birthday.

“I get the distinct feeling you have a problem with me” He said, tired of pretending that he was oblivious to the cold vibe he got from her.

“It’s nothing personal Stefan” She replied not missing a beat.

“It feels personal” Stefan replied seriously.

“Its just that… I know people like you..”

“People like me?” He asked, his demeanor getting more serious by the second.

“Yeah the ones who live in fancy houses and drive porches. The ones with millions of dollars stashed away in trust funds that were set up when they were born. “

“What does that have to do with anything?” He was starting to get annoyed.

“I just think Caroline will be better off with people who get her”

“You don’t think we know her?”

“I think there’s a big difference between knowing a person and understanding them”. Bonnie said looking him right in the eye.

“So are you saying … I’ll never understand her because we are from different backgrounds or is it that I won’t bother to take the effort?” he asked not backing down.

Bonnie sighed.

“I have met way too many entitled rich kids to know Caroline does not fit in with you lot. Caroline… she… tends to trust people easily … Gives way more than she expects in return… and I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

Stefan didn’t reply. This girl did not know him and did not care to try to get to know him; she didn’t deserve an explanation from him.

“I think Caroline can make her own decisions” He said going back to checking his emails.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“I’m baaacckkk!” Caroline yelled from the doorway. “I cleared my schedule for the next week like you asked! So you what do you wanna do Bon?”

“Pack!” Bonnie said clapping her hands.

“huh?” Caroline asked confused.

Bonnie pulled something out of her bag and handed it over to Caroline.

“Wait.. what? You got me plane tickets to Virginia? I can’t take these!” Caroline said seriously.

“Sure you can. Mom and dad really wanted to see you… they miss you”

Caroline looked like she was in shock. She continued to stare at the paper in her hand. “I donno what to say..” She said finally.

“Don’t say anything.. just pack ! I’m gonna go call my folks.”

Caroline looked up right at Stefan.  He smiled at her. “What times’ your flight? I’ll drop you at the airport” He said giving her a warm smile.

“You don’t have to do that,” Caroline said.

“Issok…I want to.” Stefan replied.


“Do you need help packing?” He asked.

“No.. I got it… “ Caroline said; she still looked subdued.

“You okay?” he asked reaching for her hand.

“Yeah.. I just.. Wasn’t expecting this…”

He entwined his fingers in hers. “Well it wont be as fun as hanging out here, but I guess it’ll be okay.” Stefan teased her.  

She shook her head slightly and smiled. He gave her hand a slight squeeze.


Caroline had been gone for almost a week. He had spoken to her two days earlier when he had called to wish her. But it had gone quiet after that. He figured she was busy with Bonnie and her family. She hadn’t been there since she left for New York, must be nostalgic to be back where she grew up, where her parents died. He hoped she was having a good time.

Someone ringing the doorbell non-stop, interrupted his musings. Either the bell was stuck or Kristelle was going crazy he figured.

“COMING!” he yelled.

“EMERGENCY FAMILY MEETING!” Kristelle yelled barging in.

“Hi” Irene said feeling slightly embarrassed. “Sorry to barge in like this”

“Don’t worry about it” Stefan smiled slightly closing the door. Irene was sweet. He wished she had a more calming influence on his cousin though.

He sat down on the couch and waited for Kristelle to explain her current dilemma.

“So I was thinking about what you said last week about Bonnie” Krsitelle started.

Stefan frowned. “What about Bonnie?”

“So there was this guy who used to be friends with Caroline, in our first year of college and then Bonnie came to visit her and poof! They haven’t been friends since!”

Stefan sighed. “I think you might be reading a little too much into this.” Stefan said.

The doorbell rang again. “That must be Cami”

“What’s the emergency?” Cami asked stepping in the door. “Hi guys”

Irene waved to her casually.

“Hey Cami, there’s no emergency, Kristelle is just being Kristelle” Stefan informed her before Kristelle could start her rant.

“I need you to tell me everything you know about Bonnie Bennett” Kristelle said in complete seriousness, channelling her inner FBI agent.

“Oh.. Okay… . umm.. I like Bonnie.  I wanted to meet her when she was in town.. but I couldn’t ! Got caught up with school” Cami said cautiously.

“Skip to the part where you give me specifics on the Bonnie-Caroline friendship” Kristelle said impatiently.

“Well, she’s really protective of Caroline… I mean.. They’ve been friends for like forever! It’s nice though that Caroline has someone like Bonnie watching out for her… You know.. With her parents gone and all” Cami said.

Stefan frowned at that.

“Tell me about Enzo” Kristelle pressed on.


“Yes Enzo” Kristelle said folding her hands across her chest. Clearly she wasn’t going to budge without getting the information she wanted.

“Well Enzo and Caroline were friends… for like… I donno… a little less than a year I guess…”

“Why did they stop being friends?”

“They are still sort of friends. They are just not as close as they used to be…” Cami said defensively.

“Cami… Do I need to pry this out of your brain with my bare hands or what?” Kristelle said testily.

“Ughh” Cami sighed. “Well all I know is that Bonnie really really disliked Enzo and after that Caroline kept her distance.” Cami said. “I don’t blame her though.. Enzo is… trouble…Why the sudden interest in him anyway?”

“You think Caroline will stop being friends with us?” Kristelle asked turning to Stefan.

“NO!” Stefan said irritated that Kristelle was obsessing over this.

“But Enzo” Kristelle started.

“We are not Enzo” he cut her off.  

“But you said she didn’t like you” She reminded him.

“Just forget I said anything.”

“What if she wants to keep her distance from us because Bonnie doesn’t like you?”

“She won’t” He said dismissing the suggestion.

“But what if she does?”

“I said, she won’t” He said standing his ground.

“Are you gonna just ignore this till it blows up in your face?”

“Nothing is going to blow up in anybody’s face.” Stefan said sounding exhausted.

“Bonnie doesn’t like you?” Cami asked Stefan.

“You look worried. Why do you look worried?” Kristelle asked, hyperventilating.

“No… I just.” She turned back to Stefan, “You and Caroline are so close.. Why wouldn’t Bonnie like you?”

“This is a disaster!” Kristelle said falling on the couch.

“Kristelle, go home, find something else to worry about” Stefan said signaling for the group of ladies to leave.

“He’s right..” Irene interjected, “You’re just making a mountain out of a mole-hill… You heard Cami, Enzo was trouble.. that’s why she took Bonnie’s advice and kept her distance. She’s not going to do the same to you guys!”

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

He checked his phone again anxiously. His mind drifted to the conversation he had with Bonnie and what Cami said about Bonnie being protective of Caroline. He had figured as much from their brief exchange of words. His phone finally rang. He quickly answered.

“Caroline!” he said

“Hey !! Did I wake you?’

“Nope.. how’s it going?”

“Crazy !! Really crazy ! But fun crazy!” She sounded really happy.

“That’s good.. when umm.. when are you coming back?”

“Next week”

“I thought you were going just for a week..” He said sounding disappointed.

“Yeah I decided to stay a little while longer” She said. He heard Bonnie’s voice on the other line speaking to Caroline.

“Hey I gotta go, I’ll catch you later ok?”

“Night” Stefan said softly.

“Stefan?” She called out to him before he could hang up.


“You okay?” She asked, she sounded concerned.

“Yeah” He reassured her.

“You sure?”

“Positive” he lied.

“Okay… sleep tight!” She said

“You too.”

He dropped the phone onto the middle of the bed and rubbed his eyes.


“You seem to be in a better mood”, Stefan commented as he opened the fridge.

“Yeah I figured just because Bonnie doesn’t like you doesn’t mean Caroline will stop talking to me! I mean, we’ve been friends way before you came into the picture” Kristelle said.

Stefan chose to ignore her.

“Did you speak to Caroline?” Stefan asked.

“Yeah she texted last night. She’s having a blast” Kristelle replied. His brows furrowed at that. The last he spoke to her was 3 days ago when she told him she was extending her trip.

“So…what did Cami mean when she said Enzo was trouble?” Stefan asked casually.

“I donno. Never met the guy”

“Guess” He said irritably.

“Umm.. he has a reputation of being flaky and rude… Tas once said he has no personality.” Kristelle said.

Stefan didn’t respond to that.  

. . …                   … . .                    … . .

“So what’s wrong with it?” Kriselle asked impatiently.

“Nothing” Stefan said looking at her laptop.

“It doesn’t look like nothing!” She said hovering over Stefan who was seated in front of her laptop

“It just needs a software update” Stefan replied.

“Ok.. so..”

“So it’s updating just leave it alone”

“I donno… You’re not exactly a computer genius” Kristelle commented.

“THEN WHY DID YOU ASK ME?” Stefan asked losing his cool.



“WHY ARE YOU YELLING?” Kristelle asked.


“Watcha yelling about?” He heard Caroline’s voice. He turned around to see her standing there watching them curiously.

“Caroline!! Hey!! You’re back!” Stefan exclaimed.

“I missed you!! Stefan is being Shrek again!”  Kristelle complained.  

Caroline giggled. “I got you guys dinner on the way here ” Caroline said placing the food on the counter.

“Why didn’t you call me? I would have come picked you up” Stefan said giving her a welcome back hug.

“naaw I didn’t want you to go to the trouble of driving all the way to the airport just to pick me up”

Stefan didn’t say anything.

“I’m gonna go take a quick shower and change. You guys go ahead and start without me” She said gesturing to the food.

Kristelle and Stefan watched as she went to her room and shut the door.

“You think Bonnie got to her?” Kristelle spoke in a dramatic whisper.

Stefan remained quiet.

. . …                … . .              … . .

“Sleeping?” Caroline asked as she sat herself on Stefan’s bed.


“Why’d you run off then?”

“You were on the phone… I didn’t wanna bug you”

“I got you something”, Caroline said as she moved closer to him and adjusted the pillows so it would prop her up.

“You did?”

“Don’t get excited, it’s just a refrigerator magnet,” She said. “I saw it at the airport and it reminded me of you”. She gave it to him. It was a little replica of his favorite Bourbon with a magnet at the back to hold it up on the fridge. He smiled.

“Thanks” He said admiring it.

“So what did I miss?” Caroline asked.

“Nothing at all..”

“How was Virginia?” He asked her.


He continued to look at her expecting her to delve into explicit details of her trip. But she didn’t elaborate.

 “That’s it? Crazy?”


“Last month you gave me a thirty minute thesis on why Gummy Bears and Twizzlers make the best study snack. You go back to your hometown after years, for two whole weeks, on your birthday no less and all I get is one word?”

He watched as Caroline’s forehead creased. It looked like she was studying his visage.

“Well, I don’t want to bore you with all the details … “ She said softly.

“Who says I’ll get bored?”

She gave him a small smile.

“Okaaaay you asked for it …” She said leaning back. “You can’t be my albatross if my recap gets too long” She warned him.

“It won’t get too long”

“Hmmm. . Lets see.. Where do I start.. So Bonnie’s folks”

“That’s not where you start…” he cut her off she turned to him confused. 

“I dropped you off at the airport… go!” He said giving her his preferred starting point.

She beamed at his enthusiasm. “Right.. You dropped me off at the airport and then Bonnie and I..”

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“And then I came home to find you and Telle yelling at each other” She finished yawning between the words. Somewhere in between telling him about her birthday cake and the trip to the lake she settled in under the covers; his hand lay loosely over her as he listened to every word with rapt attention, making sure he didn’t miss her animated expressions or the shift in her tone from happy to delirious to nostalgic. She yawned again.

“Sounds like a good trip” He said smiling.

“Yeah…” She said, her face turned towards him, her eyes closing on her.

“What do you wanna do tomorrow?” He whispered.

“I donno… “ She said closing her eyes.

“Did you really like the stupid refrigerator magnet?” she asked opening her eyes.

“Don’t call my bourbon refrigerator magnet stupid” He joked. She smiled.

“Go to sleep” He said.

“Night..” She murmured.



Author’s Note 1: The title of Chapter 9 is inspired from the song “Drops of Jupiter”. I realize it has a myriad of interpretations. Some say it’s a song about heart-break, some say it’s about a guy missing his friend who he has feelings for. The artist attributes a whole other meaning it it. But as far as Chapter 9 is concerned, Drops of Jupiter is about Stefan missing Caroline and wondering if she’ll go reconnect with her roots, have the time of her life and worrying that maybe she’ll decide that he wasn't the kind of friend she wants/needs in her life. 


Chapter 10 - My Best Friend

Author’s Note2: Based on the Tim McGraw song about the best friend the singer is in love with; the lyrics are beautiful and very Steroline!


“OOH YOU CAN GO AS BATMAN!” Caroline shrieked.

“No” Stefan said his voice falling flat.

Caroline, Kristelle and Irene were deciding on their Halloween costumes. There was a big Halloween bash happening and the girls were excited to go.  Stefan wanted to sit it out.

“Spiderman?” Caroline asked



“You want me to go as an arrow?” Stefan asked baffled. What sort of a costume consisted of a lone arrow?

“The super-hero dummy !”

“oh.. NO”

“ugghh what do you wanna go as?” She asked.

“A person who hates Halloween?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Stefan, everyone will be in costume, why would you wanna stick out like a sore thumb?”

“I don’t do costumes” Stefan said flatly.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“Damon” he addressed the person on the other end of the phone.

“Stefan”, the voice returned the greeting in the exact same tone.

“What’s up?”

“So, we’re coming to New York this weekend”

“Who’s we?” Stefan asked.

“Elena and me”


“Because it’s your birthday and we wanna take you out to dinner”

“You wanna take me out to dinner?” He repeated Damon’s words unimpressed with the idea.


“I’m not much of a birthday celebrating kind of guy remember?” He said, hoping to dissuade him.

“Well you can make an exception this year. The restaurant’s booked. Its just dinner. You’ll survive!”

“Fine. What time is your flight? I’ll pick you up” he said reluctantly.

“Thanks brother, that’s mighty hospitable of ya! Flights late night on the 31st

“See ya ” Stefan said hanging up.  He didn’t have a moment to think before Caroline barged in the door.

“Okay we have figured it out” She said victorious.

“Caroline! I said NO costumes” he repeated himself.

“I know I know… this won’t feel like a costume at all!” Caroline said proceeding to his closet.

“What are you doing?”

“Picking out your costume” Caroline said looking through his suits.

“There” She said pointing to the ensemble she laid out on his bed.

“We decided to do a group thing.. Charlie’s angels and Bosley !!” She said clapping her hands. “You’re Bosley” She said making herself clear.

“Bosley?” he repeated.

“Yeah you just have to wear a suit !”

“Umm.. Damon and Elena are flying in that night so I’ll have to pick them up at the airport”

“Yeah I know”

“You do?” Stefan asked surprised.

“Yeah Kristelle told me. Her friends from Chicago told her that Damon and Elena were coming to New York for your birthday.”

“And you were gonna tell me this when?” He asked.

“Well I figured if it was a surprise.. I shouldn’t ruin it.. You know..”


“Anyway, you can still attend the party for a little bit and then go to pick them up” She suggested.

“Yeah.. I guess” He said reluctantly. That got Caroline exited again. She hopped on back to the apartment to Kristelle and Irene.

Halloween and Damon and Elena.. it was going to be a rough weekend!


“Okay, lets get this over with” Stefan said as he walked into the apartment. He stopped abruptly when he saw Caroline. She was wearing a skin-tight white strapless number that just about covered her ass. His mouth hung open slightly as he took in this new version of his best friend. Caroline however, did not seem to notice, she was trying to stuff something into a very small bag.

“Yeah this is not happening!” She said defeated by the little purse in her hand. “I’m just gonna have to leave you behind” She said apologetically gazing at her phone.

“You ready?” She asked looking at Stefan.

“uhuh” he managed to stutter.

“Okay come on, Telle and Irene are on their way to the party.” She said walking towards him.

“We should go.” He said, his eyes till fixed on her.

“Yeah.. We should” She said looking at him expectantly. “Stefan?”


She pointed to the door behind him.

“Right.. the doors that way” He said stupidly.

“Yeah.. are you sure you’re okay to drive?”

“Why, why would you ask that?” He stammered.

“You look.. drunk ..”

“no… no I’m fine..” he said reaching for the door handle. He opened the door and bolted out before Caroline could say anything else.  How is she single? He wondered as he pushed the elevator button 

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“So it’s nice of Damon and Elena to fly in just for your birthday” Caroline said appreciatively.



“Nothing.. Just .. Damon and I haven’t been in good terms in years.” He said honestly.

“So maybe he wants to change that”

“Yeah, I know he does..

“Maybe you should let him..” She said sincerely. They were stopped at a red light. He looked over at the beautiful, honest blue eyes of his best friend.

“What is it?”

“I donno if one dinner will get us back to what we used to be.” he mused. There was sadness in his voice that reflected the weight of a complicated past that burdened his heart.

Caroline didn’t say anything to that. She took his hand in hers and squeezed it reassuringly. He smiled, acknowledging the gesture. He didn’t say anything. He knew he didn’t have to. She knew what he meant to say. The incessant honking of the cars behind him brought his attention to the fact that the traffic signal had turned green.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He heard Caroline scream. She must have barged in to wish him he figured. “oh hey Elena. Where’s Stefan?”

“Caroline, I’ll be out in a bit” Stefan yelled from his room, scrambling to put on his clothes.  He heard Elena talking to Caroline through the door.

“Would you like to have a seat?” Elena gestured to the couch.

“Umm… yeah.. I guess” Caroline said. He couldn’t make out the rest of the conversation.

He opened the door to see Damon walk into the living room.

“Damon, this is Caroline” He heard Elena introduce them.


“Stefan’s neighbor from across the hall, she lives with Kristelle” Elena added.

“The annoying blonde who tries too hard?” Damon blurted out.

“Damon!” Stefan exclaimed trying to silence his brother.

“Your words not mine!” Damon said looking at Caroline after he was done replying to Stefan. “That is you right?” Damon said. Looked like he was at his inconsiderate best.

“Yup.. …” She said pressing her lips together. “You missed crazy and over-the top… but annoying blonde who tries too hard works too” Caroline said, her face did not betray emotion.

“Caroline..” Stefan started.

“Here,” She said leaving an envelop on the coffee table, “Happy birthday… Enjoy your dinner” She said and swiftly walked away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Stefan turned to speak to Damon.

“What? I was doing you a favor, you said she was annoying and now she won’t annoy you any more”

He shook his head in disdain and went after Caroline.

“Where are you going? We have a reservation!” Damon yelled as Stefan opened the door to go to Caroline’s.

“Caroline” He called out as soon as he opened her front door.

She did not turn back.

“Hey, hold on…” He said holding on to her elbow, beckoning her to turn around. She broke free. “I’m sorry about that” He said.

She turned to meet his gaze and let out a short laugh as though she was mocking him or was it herself she was mocking, he couldn’t tell.

“Damon misunderstood” He started

“It doesn’t matter” She interrupted him. 

“Sure it does”

“No it doesn’t!” She said not looking directly at Stefan. “I am very well aware of what a flawed individual I am, Stefan. I know I’m all that Damon said and more.. I’m annoying, over the top and a whole other level of crazy. I try too hard, I get excited over stupid things like Halloween costumes and drive people up the wall, and most of the time I don’t know when to shut the hell up!” She said pulling her hair back with her hands.

Stefan just stood there rooted to the spot surprised at what she was saying.

“It’s not like that at all …this is all just a huge misunderstanding, I swear.. Just let me explain,” He said meekly.

“Misunderstanding. Yeah …” Caroline said almost like she was talking to herself.

“STEFAN!” He heard Damon yelling for him in the hallway.

“You should go.” Caroline said staring at the front door.

“Not like this.” Stefan said, looking at the dejected face of his best friend. She didn’t seem to hear him; it was as though she was lost in thought.

“I defended you.” She murmured shaking her head, her eyes fixed on the floor.


“Nothing … forget it … doesn’t matter” She said looking anywhere but at him.

“Hey” He said reaching for her hand. She took a step back, placing herself just out of his reach. A lump formed in his throat seeing her back away from him. She swiftly went into her room and shut the door behind her gently.

He tried Caroline’s door handle to find it locked from inside. He sighed.

“Caroline?” he called out for her to let him in. He received no response from the blonde.

… . .                    … . .                    … . .

“Give us a minute” Damon addressed the waiter. He looked at Stefan, “Okay can we just address the elephant in the room” Damon said exasperated.

Stefan didn’t say anything.

“How was I supposed to know you became best friends with the annoying neighbor?”

“You still shouldn’t have said anything.” He said  “And stop calling her annoying” he commanded, sounding angry.

“Okay fine. Can we just have a good time without the brooding and the frowning?” Damon begged.

Stefan sighed.

“So. How does one go from … thinking someone is annoying one minute to being best friends with them the next?” Elena asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

“You missed a few minutes,” He mumbled correcting her.

“Pray tell” Damon said curiously.

Stefan fiddled with the fork on the table. His voice soft and nostalgic as he tried to put things in perspective for the two people who he had at one point considered the most important people in his life.

“You … Let them drag you out in the rain against your better judgment … fall sick, become an albatross, spend three days annoying the living daylights out of them only to …believe them when they tell you that you’re better than you think you are … and then … you become best friends” He said fondly.

“It’s like a twelve step program is see” Damon said sarcastically.

Stefan didn’t respond. His mind kept bringing up the image of her walking away from him, it was as though it burnt a hole in his heart that was getting bigger with each passing minute.

“So umm.. What’s this albatross thing? Is that a new drug or something?” Damon asked cautiously.

“Damon!” Elena said looking at him displeased.

“You think I’m back on drugs?” Stefan asked his brows furrowed.

“No.. no.. Maybe. . I don’t know …”

“How many times do I have to tell you till you decide to believe me?” He asked feeling let down.

“Stefan.…when someone drags you out in the rain and gets you sick, that does not result in everlasting friendship, okay? That’s just … crazy… So I’m gonna ask you to be honest with me.. Are you back on drugs?”

“Will you believe me if I say no?” He said not answering him.

“Stefan..” Elena said placing her hand on his, trying to calm him down. He pulled his hand away as if repulsed by her touch.

“What else do you still not believe?” Stefan asked, his eyes boring into his surrogate brother’s eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t mean to kill Justin.” Stefan said.

Damon looked down.

“You were high all the time …  I didn’t know what was the truth and what was a lie any more… I couldn’t tell whether it was the Stefan I knew talking or the drugs” Damon justified himself.

“And what about later when I got clean? Did you believe me then?”

Damon opened his mouth to speak only to drag his hand over his face, as if exhausted.

“Stefan. . you can’t hold that against him … everyone doubted your intentions because of the drug use…” Elena said calmly.

He looked at her intently, his mind replaying the conversation he had with Caroline when he told her everything about what had happened that night.

“Not everyone” he said getting up.

“Stefan” Elena began.

“Thanks for flying out here.” He said searching for the valet ticket.

. . …                    … . .     

He barged in to find her sitting on the couch with Cami.

“Stefan!” Cami said alerting Caroline of his presence.

“Cami” he said acknowledging her. He didn’t give Caroline time to react. He grabbed her hand and led her into her room, closing the door behind her. He let go of her hand only to have her reach for the handle; she obviously didn’t want to be in the same room as him. He spun her around forcing her to lean against the door and face him. He placed one hand firmly against the door to make sure she wouldn’t open it.

“It matters!” he said firmly looking right into her eyes.

“It matters because you are none of those things you listed earlier. You are not over the top – you’re full of life. You try because you care … and you care a lot. .  Okay, yeah you’re crazy … the best kind of crazy. .  The essential kind. . You don’t drive people up the wall, just the opposite actually … I love that you talk a lot … and I hope you never shut up.“ He said smiling despite the situation. “ You are definitely not annoying …” He said and paused to gauge her reaction. She was staring at the wall behind him, her guard up, emotions tucked away safely.

“I described you as annoying and as someone who tries too hard because I was quick to judge and an ass. You know this. I apologized for it remember?”

She folded her arms over her chest and looked down.

“I didn’t know what you were made of back then. But I do now . . and I am so so sorry for Damon treating you poorly . .” he concluded hoping for some sort of reaction from her.

“Fine” She murmured still looking down.

“Fine?” He repeated. Caroline shrugged, her face still parallel to the floor. He stared at her for a moment trying to figure out what was going on.


“What do you want me to say?” Caroline said, her voice dull and lifeless.

“Tell me you’re not mad”

“I’m not mad” She said indifferently still unable to meet his gaze.

“Are you upset?” He asked

“No. . Maybe… I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said, her voice barely audible.

This was not just about what happened with Damon he realized reading her countenance. He took her face in his hands and tilted it gently towards him; she reluctantly looked into his eyes for a moment before shifting it to the wall behind him again.  

“You know she’s wrong about me” He said decisively. Her eyes darted back to meet his, surprised at what she just heard.

“You said you defended me. It was to Bonnie wasn’t it?”

Caroline sighed.

He pulled her hair back and entwined her fingers in her blond curls. “She doesn’t know me . . she doesn’t know us . . But you do . . You know who I am… And you know I’m not who she thinks I am. .” His voice broke at that.

She swallowed and closed her eyes. A moment later she brought both her hands to caress his wrists. “What did she say to you?” She asked.

“Doesn’t matter” he said still trying to read her.

“I’m sorry, she shouldn’t have said anything”

“It’s okay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Caroline asked him.

“Her heart was in the right place…”

Caroline covered her face with her hands, clearly overwhelmed. He pulled her hands away.

“I’m sorry” She said

“Don’t be” He said softly.

“Ugh !! I just.. I shouldn’t have . . I”

“Hey ! Stop ! It’s okay. .” He said shaking his head softly.

“No its not… I ruined your dinner”

“No you didn’t” He said letting her hands go, smiling softly at her. “Are we best friends again?”

She placed her head on his chest and hugged him in response; He held her tight and closed his eyes, sighing in relief.  She pulled away, her hands clutching his suit. His hands were still holding her, his eyes travelled to her pink lips and remained there as she wetted them nervously.

“Stefan?” She said softly, it was almost like her voice echoed in his suddenly hollow head.

“Damon is in the living room” he heard the words as her lips parted again.


“Kristelle just called him the devil” She said her lips slightly curving at the corners. He looked away from her to hear commotion from beyond the door.

“Shit!” He said opening the door as Caroline giggled. Sounded like Kristelle and Damon were in a heated argument. They never got along even in Chicago.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“MA ! ! Where’s the holy water you brought with you when you last came here?” He heard Kristelle talk into the phone.

“Why? What do you mean why? I need to cleanse my house of evil spirits that’s why ! Damon Salvatore was just here!” She said moving to her room.

Cami and Caroline were rolling on the couch laughing. Stefan just leaned back on the single seat sofa, exhausted from playing referee between Kristelle and Damon.

“Well your birthday is officially a bust!” Caroline said as she composed herself again. He could tell she was feeling bad about it.

“I never liked birthdays anyway” He said honestly.

“Still . .” She mused. “Hungry? I made lasagna … I mean.. yeah . .its no Michelin star dinner… “

“Sounds perfect” He said smiling.

“Does this mean I won’t get to take the left over lasagna home?” Cami asked looking sad.

“Probably” Caroline said chuckling.

“Oh!! You know what we should do?” Caroline exclaimed suddenly, her voice dripping with excitement. “LASANGA BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

“Da fuck is that?” Kristelle asked interjecting herself into the conversation.

Caroline didn’t answer; she went to the kitchen searching frantically for something.

She took the lasagna from the oven and placed a candle in the center and beamed at him. Stefan chuckled. Lasagna birthday cake indeed !

“Please don’t get candle wax on my lasagna” Cami said with trepidation. Caroline stuck her tongue out in response.

“Come on! Make a wish” She said smiling at Stefan. He stood next to her and placed her arm around her neck, pulling her close. “Crazy!” he whispered. She continued beaming.

“Ok quick picture!” Cami said holding her phone up. He didn’t protest like he normally would.

“Okay now cut the cake.. lasagna .. Whatever, I’m hungry “ Kristelle said.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“You know.. we should do lasagna more often” Stefan said in between bites.

“Feel free to make me some for my birthday!” Cami said enjoying her dinner.

“Still think my birthday was a bust?” Stefan said pinching Caroline’s side playfully.

“OOwww . .” She said avoiding to question. He stopped eating and looked at her, demanding an answer to his question. She looked at him, her forehead creasing ever so slightly, as if trying to read him.  “Well… like I said, its no 5 star dinner”

He shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Did you like your present?” She asked.

“What present?

“The envelope I left for you..” She said casually.

“I didn’t get a chance to open it..”

“oh okay”

“What is it?” he asked.

“You’ll know when you open it” She said smiling.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“You got me concert tickets!” He said beaming holding the tickets up.


“I love it!” he said. “Thank You!” he instinctively pulled her in and kissed her on her forehead. He went back to staring at the tickets. His phone rang and he reached to check who it was.

“Damon” He said answering it.

“So.. we are at the airport.. I uh.. couldn’t say what I wanted to with that whole Kristelle madness getting in the way..” He said awkwardly. “I uh.. didn’t mean to offend your friend.. or you..”

“Okay” Stefan said in response.

“Okay” Damon repeated.

“Have a safe trip back” Stefan said. He hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket.

“Everything okay?” Caroline asked. He looked into her eyes, there was a beauty to the simplicity of emotion reflected through them. When she was happy, her eyes danced. When she was reminiscent, it was as if her eyes were blue orbs were floating in memories. Right now though her eyes looked concerned … Concerned for him.

“Don’t worry about it..” He said fondly.

“You wanna go to the concert with me?” He asked before she could ask him again.

“Huh?” She asked. He waved the tickets in front of her.  “There are two tickets.” He said suggestively.

“Yeah I thought you could take someone who was into rock”

“Like who?” He asked rhetorically.

“I donno..

“ Maybe you could” She began.

“I wanna go with you” he cut her off.

“Okay… fine. . but if you change your mind and wanna take someone else that’s okay with me.. you don’t have”

“I won’t change my mind” He said smiling like a dork.


chiseplushie  asked:


-It started in his 1st year. 

-Madame Pomfry would always send him off with a chunk of chocolate and some pain potions. But the elves noticed he still looked a bit pale and peaky as he stumbled into his dorm room. So they sent him a cup of hot chocolate. 

-Remus was really grateful for the warm creamy cup of chocolate, but he NEEDED a bath, or a shower at the very least. 

- But… it was soooo warm and smelled exquisite…. 

-The two needs warred within Remus briefly before he came up with the perfect solution: Take the cup of hot coco with him into the bathroom. It was the perfect idea. 

-He quickly found out that extra hot water in your milky hot chocolate is not that great. Learning the impervius suddenly became a must. 

-A habit quickly formed. 

-The rest of the boys were really confused the first time they found the empty mug in one of the shower stalls. 

- It doesn’t take long for them to realize it’s Remus leaving them. Once they find out about his ‘furry little problem’ the chocolate crust at the bottom of the cup makes even more sense. 

-In his third year they buy him the biggest mug they can find. 

-Really, it’s like a really large bowl with a handle. Remus loves it instantly. 

-It’s ALWAYS in the shower. The elves wash it often because they know it’s his favorite. 

-In 5th year, for Valentine’s day, Sirius wants to do something really special for Remus. 

-He goes down to the kitchen and asks the elves for help. They readily agree to help him find the perfect chocolate/milk/whipped cream ratio to serve Remus. All from scratch. No magic. 

-Sirius brings it to Remus himself. 

-Remus is awed and just feels so special, once he realizes how much effort Sirius put into this. He even whipped the cream himself. 

-It’s their first kiss. Its creamy and chocolatey and sweet. It’s perfect. 

-It’s not long before two mugs are often found in the shower.