and these two were soooo great

About the exordium last night in mexico city

I’m posting the transformer part again :)
So here’s what happened:
So they were singing and dancing transformer as always ❤️ and at this part where they all walked to the front and dance, the audio cracked and we all (including them) were so confused but Suho (baby i love you you are the best leader) continued dancing and singing so the rest of the boys followed him WITHOUT MUSIC and all the fans were singing/screaming the lyrics so they would follow along. It didn’t last much because at the end they all laughed and were so happy we were trying to make the best of a bad situation but I swear that moment is when you realize you are in the right fandom.
That moment was the moment you see how amazing the fandom and EXO are, the love we have, the support and the care. It was just a mistake from the staff
Or whoever is in charge of the music, but they made a very magical moment.
At the end Suho said that the passion from Mexican fans (and also the international fans that were there) was so great that we crashed the audio xD and then he said we were lucky because we were going to see transformer two times (yes we were)
And we all know it’s a tough dance specially for Jongin and yet he danced it two times and he was soooo tired but he gave HIS BEST and we were all united screaming “Kim Jongin” supporting and giving him our love.
Maybe it’s not the same for other people that were there but for me it was one of the best moments of the concert because you could see that even in the hard times exo and exo-ls are united and there for each other.
It was amazing, it was the best concert ever. I’m so proud of them and proud of all the fans that were there. I’m sure that all who were there are going to agree with me and say it was one of the best concerts (if not the best) of the whole century. It was magical, perfect, amazing, out of this world, nothing can describe it.

I cannot emphasize enough how careful with Doki Doki Literature Club if you have certain issues. I know I’ve seen at least one post about it already, but so far I’ve seen

😮 graphic self-harm

😮 incredibly realistic depiction of depression

😮 some sudden eye contact that done fucked my paranoia right up

And it’s great at being very creepy and is getting a little squick-y as I’m entering Act Two.

I’m having a lovely time; I’m having great fun with it, but the depression bits were edging up on my tolerance tbh soooo yeah.

Use caution.

Songs and Vamps

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Word Count: 2,220

Author: Deka

Warning: Blood, violence, weapons, sexual innuendos, fluff, a litlle angst, that’s it.

Pairing: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: After a good morning song, the boys and Y/N went on a hunt to kill some monsters, what could go wrong?

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i’m honestly so sick of people trying to defend makeup. i wear loads of it every day and i hate it. it’s taken over parts of my life.

since the seventh grade, i have only gone to school without makeup ONCE. i’m about to graduate high school.

in the span of almost 5 years, i have never gone to school without makeup, except for one day when my therapist made me. 5 YEARS. i refuse to go without it. the one day i did it (a month ago) i cried. i kept my head down the whole day. i felt like i was showing the world i was lying to them.

i won’t go to family events without makeup. i won’t pick up food without makeup on. most of the time, i won’t even go to fucking walgreens without makeup on.

i have been taught by society that my natural face is not good enough. at first makeup was fun and cute and girly and now it’s a prison. it’s a mask i wear that makes me hate myself.

i don’t want people at school to see the real, ugly me. i don’t want my relatives to see that their pretty niece or granddaughter or cousin is actually ugly. i don’t want people to look at me and see my ugly. i feel like i’m lying to everyone.

i feel like such an inadequate girl and the least i could do is doll up my face. people tell me that i look fine as i do normally and i do think that i probably don’t look bad but… i will still feel like i’m ugly.

it’s great that liberal feminism helped me push down some of that self loathing!! at least i was smashing the patriarchy with my eyeliner! i’m sure guys were soooo intimidated by my makeup and they totally wanted to respect me more! it’s not like other old men were profiting off the self loathing i felt for myself!

i’m still trying every day to break free from these feelings but it’s so hard. so if you’re trying to shame me for speaking out against the beauty industry, i have two words for you - FUCK YOU.

“so i have taken some time to digest my feelings on the new movie but before i dive into spoilers i loved almost all of it. there were definitely some things that disappointing me but overall i thought it was pretty fucking fantastic. 

if you wanna discuss message me!!! 


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Mimi the show was soooo goood!!!! I'm kinda mad at them playing Jin dirty and cutting his video off >:/ but his performance was great and so were the rest <3333 which one was your favorite?? I loved mic drop and go go!

I almost got “Super Saiyan mode” but they played his clip two times so I was like “Well you saved it Mnet” (I also saw his new baby two times, what animal is that? (Update and anon told me it’s a Sugar Glider) I wanna adopt one!!!!). Also did you see this guys I am still laughing

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Husband and Wife Tag (Josh Dun x Reader)

Warnings: none. Well, there is this highly deadly gif of Josh at the end.

Female Reader.

Y/F/C: Your Favorite Color

“Come on Josh! We need to film this before you have to leave.” You said, sitting down in front of your camera.

“Ok, ok, ok,” Josh said, sitting next to you.

“You ready?” Josh nodded. “Hey, guys! So, you all know my husband Josh,” You pointed to Josh, who waved. “And we’ve been married for a year now! Soooo, I thought we’d do the husband and wife tag!”

Josh wrapped his armed around you and said, “I’m going to be great at this.”

You shook your head, laughing, and grabbed your phone. “Ok, first question. How and where did we meet?”

Josh pretended to think for a second. “We met backstage at a concert. Pete Wentz introduced us, and I was surprised you knew who I was.”

“How could I not know who Josh Dun is? Question two! What was your first impression of me?” 

Josh blushed. “I’m going to be honest, I thought you were the hottest girl I’d ever seen. And then I thought you were the nerdiest, and that’s a good thing, girl I’d ever met.”

You laughed. “And I thought you were the hottest drummer I’d ever seen.” You kissed him on the cheek before continuing. “Alright, number 3. What and where was our first date?”

“I think this was our first date. We went to Starbucks to get some dirt water together and we talked for awhile.” Then he paused. “Was that our first date? Or was our first date eating pizza and watching TV on the bus?” 

You laughed at the worried look on his face. He was worried he was wrong and you were going to be mad. “I counted Starbucks as a date. So you got it right.” Josh’s face lit up. “Number 4. Where was our first kiss and how was it?” 

He pecked you on the lips before answering. “Our first kiss was on that balcony,” He pointed behind you guys at the balcony doors. “And it was sick as frick.”

You giggled, looking behind you at the balcony, remembering the kiss. “Yes, Josh, it was sick as frick. Now, question 5, halfway through. (I cut out a lot of the questions because I didn’t want this to be too long. Sorry) When did you meet my family?”

“I met your family about nine months after we started dating.” Then he started to really remember the day, and how nervous he was.”It was terrifying because your dad doesn’t like guys with tattoos. Or piercings. Or dyed hair. All of which I have.”

You hugged him and laid your head on his shoulder. “But he likes you now. And that’s what matters. Next question is: How did you know I was the One? With a capital ‘o’.” 

He smiled. “That time you helped me through that anxiety attack when we were on tour. Remember? It was the first one I’d had around you but you knew exactly how to help me.” He stopped talking for a moment to look at you. “That’s when I knew. This is really cliche isn’t it?”

“It is. But it’s also adorable.” You looked at your phone. “How long have we been together? Dating and marriage.”

“Um, let’s see…we dated for three years, right? And we’ve been married one, so about four years.” He answered, confidently.

“Good job, Jish.” He blushed at the nickname everyone calls him. “How do we resolve problems?”

“We talk about it. And try not raise our voices, because that can make it worse. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to open up about why we are mad, but when we do it helps a lot.”

You nodded in agreement. “Relationship advice with the Duns! When and why did you fall in love with me?”

“I fell in love with you because we like a lot of the same music, you’re really smart and pretty, also you’re willing to talk about aliens at 3 a.m. with me. As for when, I realized it was after I dropped you off at your hotel after our Starbucks date.”

“Ok, Mr. Dun, your last question is: What is….my favorite color?” You asked the easy question dramatically.

Josh feigned pondering for about a minute. “Well, Mrs. Y/N Dun, I’m going with Y/F/C?”

“That’s the question you’re worried about?” You asked, laughing. 

He nodded. “Was I right?”

“Of course you were. Well, that’s it for today’s video guys! Like and subscribe, please. We’ll see you next week!” You and Josh smiled and waved at the camera. Then you stood up and turned the camera off.

“That was a lot of fun, Y/N,” Josh said, walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You turned around slightly to kiss him. “Yeah, it was. Thanks for doing it with me. I love you Jish.”

“Anytime. And I love you, too, Y/N.”

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^Not sure if it goes with the story, but fuck I love this gif.

maroonhood  asked:

Hi, congratulations on hitting a follower milestone! I was wondering if I could get a drabble with Tom and us hanging out with our dogs because we both have pit bulls and that breed is soooo underrated (idk if you've ever met a pit but they're so sweet and just want constant lovings and for kids to be safe). Thank you my love I really appreciate it 💕

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This is sooo sweet yes, I love pit bulls and literally all dogs!!! LIKE ALL DOGS ARE GOOD AND PURE. WOW this is such a great request! (I’m so sorry its short…) I hope you like it angel! 

click here if you want one!

There were only two things in the entire world that made you so happy:  your lovable pit bull and your lovable boyfriend, Tom. Bonus: your lovable boyfriend Tom also had a lovable pit bull named Tessa. It was a match-made in doggy heaven.

Tom and you had both met while walking your dogs in the neighborhood one warm, spring afternoon.  Jogging down the road in your active wear and your dog’s leash at your waist, you were surprised when you saw Tessa run up to you, even more startled when you saw Tom desperately running after her. Thankfully, she was so sweet, giving you big, wet kisses and you couldn’t help but laugh at how friendly she was.

 "Hey, oh my god. I’m so sorry - I don’t know what’s gotten into Tess, normally she listens so well but I think she saw you and your cutie over here and decided she wanted to be friends.“

“No problem, she’s adorable!” you replied, and couldn’t help thinking the same about her owner.

“I’m Tom by the way, pleasure to meet you,” he grins happily.

“[Y/N], the pleasure’s all mine,” you smile back.

And then, fast forward a year and a half and you four were inseparable. Summers were filled with camping trips (both pups in tow) and outside barbecues with plenty of food and cuddling once the nights got cooler. Going on walks together were your favorite, you two hand-in-hand as Tom would hold Tessa and your pup’s leashes. Passerby’s would stop to admire how cute they were, taking pictures and asking how long you two have been married for. You’d blush and Tom would just laugh, grabbing you by the waist while whispering, “soon,” into your ear.  

Tom had a busy day filming but promised he would be home today for your regular movie nights. You were waiting for Tom to arrive, relaxing on the couch with some tea, and your pup and Tessa snuggling together cutely. You couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable they were and quickly snapped a picture, sending it to Tom.

You, 18:27PM:

“These two are the cutest..💕”

Tom 18:32 PM:

“Not as cute as you, love.😊  See you in 30 seconds”

The next thing you know, the dogs’ ears perk up and rush to the door as Tom enters with a sing-songy, “I’m home!”

You laugh and set your mug down on the coffee table, and Tom is bombarded with two happy dogs.

“Tess, you’re getting my clothes all dirtied!” Tom laughs lightly as he struggles to keep the excited pup at bay.

“She just missed you way too much, Tom. As did I,“ you reply and he pulls you into his arms and gives you a soft kiss. The dogs are wagging their tails eager for attention, and Tom just continues to stare into your beautiful eyes. “I’m so lucky to have you, [Y/N]. It’s like living a dream.”

“Then, I love living this dream together with you. There’s nothing more I could ask for,” you whisper, and he brings you close as you sigh into his chest, appreciating the warmth of his arms around you.

Just then, Tessa whines and nudges your legs. You both burst into laughter and Tom jokingly says “Look’s like our darlings want part of our dream too.”

“They’ve been part of it since the beginning,” you smile.

Lilacs Pt.2 (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 1,145

Warnings: Implied smut, FLUUUFFFF

Authors Note: SURPRISE!!!! I was supposed to work on a Herc x Reader but I just could not put this on the back burner so I just churned this out! Lucky you, two fics in one day!!! This is actually complete fluff after about half way through. I’m surprised I could write this without putting any angst in it. hope you enjoy!! MESSAGE ME YOUR FEEDBACK, REQUESTS, ANYTHING YOU WANT. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCHHHHH!

Request: Lilacs part2!!!!!!! Loved part 1!! Great job!!

Part 1


Today was the day. You were getting married. Truthfully, you didn’t know if you were ready, it all felt rushed. Your mother adjusted your veil in the mirror and gave you a smile. You did your best to return a half smile. Your maid of honor came in with a small white envelope in her hands. “Here, your lover wanted me to give this to you.” She said handing the envelope to you. It was all white but your name written in black ink. “We’ll give you some time.” your mother said ushering out the other girls from your room. You opened it and ready every line carefully. You were on the verge of tears, and tried hard not to cry because of your makeup. You looked up at yourself in the mirror. It was at this time, you knew you had made the right decision. From this point to the ceremony was a blur. Before you knew it you were walking down the aisle next to your father. You walked up, and looked at your to-be-husband for the first time in 24 hours. He looked extremely dashing. Getting lost in his eyes, all of your nervousness melted away. The pastor began the vows.

“Do you Y/N take Lin Manuel Miranda to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

You looked down at your bouquet of purple lilacs and looked up to meet Lin’s eyes.

“I do.”


Lin’s note to Y/N

I always knew your favorite flowers were lilacs, but I never took it upon myself to ask why. Lilacs are the flowers of first love. That is what you are. My first love. My last love. My only love. Not everybody is lucky that their first love is their last, or their first love is their only but I was. I do not know what I did to deserve you, but I promise to remember how lucky I am to have you. You, Y/N, are my lilac.

X Lin.


One month later….

After marriage and the honeymoon phase, everything settled back to normal. Lin worked hard every day, and you began to work overtime to get the promotion you had been dreaming of. Both of you were workaholics, and were practically married to your work now rather than each other. One day you were in depth typing away a new article when Lin slammed his hands on the table. “That’s it, that’s enough. We never spend time together anymore.” he whined, pouting his lip at you causing you to laugh. “Well, you’re always working.” you said refocusing on your laptop. “Well, so are you.” He said pointing at your laptop. You sighed before closing it, putting your hands up in surrender. “What do you want to do?” you asked him, still sitting on the couch. “Gardening?” Lin suggested. You couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter. “You do realize we live in New York City right? The last time I saw dirt was probably online” you said still laughing and snorting occasionally. Lin grumpily sat back down in his chair putting on his headphones in defeat. The next day you came home at your usual time. “Lin?” you called into your empty apartment. ‘Huh?’ you thought. Lin was usually home before you. You settled your bag on the table and began to raid through the pantry for a snack when the door to your apartment swung open. There was Lin with an indoor garden. “Oh my god. You actually did it.” you said slightly amused watching your husband drag in the indoor garden, slightly struggling. “Well don’t just stand there, help me.” he said getting frustrated. You groaned and made your way over to him. “Didn’t you say you would never forget how lucky you are to have me? And now you’re making me do manual labor?” you gasped joking with him. “God you were so much more tolerable when we were dating.” He joked back. You two both got the garden set up by a window when he walked over to a plastic bag. “I also bought the first thing we should plant.” he said pulling out a pack of seeds for lilacs. You two had surprisingly bonded a lot though the indoor garden. You made time to water the plants and eagerly await for them to grow. One Saturday morning you woke up to an empty bed. You walked outside of your bedroom to see Lin staring lasers into the plants. “I don’t think they’ll grow any faster if you stare at them.” you said catching Lin’s attention. He laughed softly. “Worth a shot.” he said heading to the kitchen to fetch the watering cans. He filled both of them, and returned to the indoor garden handing you a can. “I think you’re watering it too much.” you said observing him. “No, I’m doing what the instructions said.” he replied still not moving his eyes from the unsprouted lilacs. This was when a funny idea popped into your head. You raised your watering can on top of Lin and poured some water on him. He slowly turned to you, you began to giggle uncontrollably. “Oh you’re on!” he said pouring water over you as well. Both of you acted like you were kids, pouring water over each other. The fight quickly ended when the cans ran out of water. Both of you were drenched and your white sleep shirt stuck to your body, Lin definitely noticed. His eyes roamed up and down your body. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” you taunted moving closer to Lin and pretending to pose. “I think I have some better ideas than a picture.” Lin replied pulling you closer by your waist, his eyes never leaving your body.


You had got home early to surprise Lin, and boy was it a surprise. You got nervous just thinking about telling him. You, however, weren’t given much time to think as Lin walked in the door. “Y/N? You’re home early.” he said giving you a peck on your temple. “I bought some new seeds for the indoor garden.” you said handing him a packet of white lilacs. “More lilacs? We already planted a whole bunch of them.” he replied looking at the packet of seeds. “Yeah, but they’re white. They mean young innocence, and I thought we should add them to our plant family if we’re adding to our real family.” you said slowly looking up at him. “Are- are you…” Lin stuttered catching on to what you said “Pregnant?” he finally finished, you nodded slowly smiling at him. He swooped down and twirled you around the living room. “I’m gonna be a dad!” Lin exclaimed still holding you up. “I’m so glad you’re happy.” you said when he put you down. “I’m so glad you’re mine.” he replied, putting a hand on your stomach.


Soooo thank you all who wished me a great time in my previous pic about the email.
I always check who reblogs and read the tags xD I loved them all.
But @aquacadetrc put something in the tags that I was instantly interested in.

That he gives good hugs.

I can confirm this (like, 100%) xD I gave the guy like, 3 hugs. Two when I took pictures with him, and we were talking to him before we left, and when we stood up to leave, he stood up and said “hey, wait, lemme get another hug”.
Needless to say I haven’t stopped smiling since we first met him.
My heart was pounding and I want to to back and just sit with him again.
He’s so sweet and kind, and I swear this man is so beautiful.
I’ve never known anyone more beautiful than him honestly.
Plus I felt more relaxed talking to him (despite the inner fangirl) than me talking to most people at school.
:) I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who wished I had one! I definitely did!
I srsly just wanted to stay there forever and hug him ❤


Goblin (tvn) and While you were sleeping (SBS) crossover! Was chatting with a friend about this hahah

Details about this au:

Prosecutor Jung Jae Chan is the nephew of Kim Shin (distant family). Having grown up with the presence of a magical goblin for an uncle, Jae Chan gets lots of things from Shin. From long coats, pink pyjamas to his own hair style. (Kim Shin is a very proud uncle) When he meets Hong Joo, the supernatural isn’t that strange for him (he has an uncle who’s a goblin and another who’s a grim reaper soooo)

In many ways, Jae Chan is Yeo’s favourite nephew. Meanwhile Shin sees himself in Hong Joo. The two dumb uncles offer their dumb dating advice. 

Basically, goblin and Wyws universes are the same (it explains the flower petals and random snowfall hahahah) Shin and Yeo play matchmakers to youth lol

I love this silly au XD Hit me up in the asks if you’re watching WYWS, it’s really good!

Red Ribbon of Fate

BayoJeanne Week day 5 (a fricken moth late I’m sorry )
Prompt: AU
Pairing: BayoJeanne
Words:  7216 (DJFDKLSAFJ no wonder it took forever)

Summary:  One can never tell when the smallest of choices might lead them to something they lost.  For Jeanne, reluctantly tagging along to a rock concert on a lonely Friday night might have been the single best decision of her life.

Author’s Note: This story is legit massive, the BayoJeanne week is over by a long shot, but the ideas keep coming, so I’m gonna keep writing, even if it’s slowly. 
Frankly, I might have to write a chapter or two more for this story, as I have not even gotten to the core bits of this AU. Regardless, I had fun writing this and I sincerely hope you all enjoy reading it. :)

PS I read all tags and comments, they are always massively appreciated. Big thanks to everyone who has said nice things about my stories, they are a fuel source to keep me writing.  

PPS. Massive, massive Shoutout to @xall4one for hosting the week in the first place, and for all the hard work she puts into the Bayonetta Fandom and into the BayoJeanne pairing. I think you’re one of our pillars in the Tumblr Bayo fandom. Rock on dude. :)

Jeanne regretted giving into her co-workers wheedling from the moment she walked into the concert hall. When they arrived the music wasn’t supposed  to begin for another half hour, but the place had already been packed, floor to ceiling, with people, not all of whom bathed regularly. The general milling noise had already been enough to start the beginnings of a headache (after dealing with teenagers all day it didn’t take much), and she’d swallowed down an aspirin in preparation  for the rest of the night.

A rock concert was not her first choice for a TGIF party, no matter how much her co-workers insisted it was better than clubbing. 

Sitting at the edge of the bar, which was at the opposite end of the hall from the stage, Jeanne was fairly certain she could write a five page argumentative paper on how dissimilar the experiences were.

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anonymous asked:

I loved your small spideytorch nz piece! I was wondering what you think might be the biggest difference having pete there?

Thanks, anon, I’m glad you liked it! As for differences, I can think of two major ones off the top of my head.  First, Peter’s inability to play well with others - 

“She should be able to take a hint,” Peter said, hatefully.  Glaring into her honeycomb cell.  Udonta looked back eyes wicked sharp, hand curled at her hip, grin pulling at her lips.

“Oh, you mean to tell me you actually gave her a hint,” Johnny said, not looking up, preoccupied with pushing warmth under Peter’s skin, playing with his fingers.

“What?” Peter asked, turning to scowl.  “Other than the arctic winds of my hatred?”  

And second, even more angst !! - 

“Lesssss wormss each time,” the surgeon hissed.  “Dying suitsss you.”

“Still gross,” he said, clenching and unclenching his fingers trying to rid the rigor mortis still lingering in his joints.  Blinking hard to gain the sight back in his eyes.

“Not him though,” the creep continued, pointing a sharp talon to another other cot.  Johnny felt his breath catch.  Peter lay there an arm hanging off, torso split in two.  Eyes wide and unblinking.  Lips blue.  Still so dead. The worms moved sluggishly repairing the damage.  “My wormsss don’t like your friend.”

“They aren’t working?”  Johnny said throat too tight.

“Alwayssss work.  Just takess longer.”

A relieved sob escaped his throat more painful than anything in the arena. “Great, out of all the bugs not to like him - ”

Like soooo much more angst -

“You were suppose to take my place,” Johnny whispered. [add]


“You were suppose to take my place on the team,” he said.  “I gave it to you, in my will, wanted to give you my family.  You’re the only one I would trust with that.” [add]

“They’ll get Jen or - or Luke -”

“I wanted it to be you.”

Alec Martinez - Surprise

Can you write an imagine about alec martinez where you surprise him like on a road trip and he’s super happy to see you and you guys just hang out and cuddle before his game and he’s in a super great mood?

Originally posted by fallenforfleury

A/N Here you go …. Sorry it took soooo long hope you like it. 

-Lisa 😘

Between the guy sitting next to you who had no idea what personal space was and the screaming baby, you were beyond ready to get off the plane.  Thankfully you were only here for two days and could pack lightly.  Because you only had a carry on you were able to bypass baggage claim and go straight to the taxi line.  You texted your accomplice to let him know that you were on the way to the hotel and settled back for the ride.  During the ride you received a text from your boyfriend asking how your day went. You answered back that the day was passing slowly without him.  You had just sent the text when the cab stopped in front of the hotel.

You texted your accomplice that you were in the lobby and sat down in a chair to wait. Less than five minutes later Tyler Toffoli came strolling around the corner spinning a room key card in his hand.  You couldn’t help the enormous grin that came across your face.

“Room 2941.” Tyler told you.

“He doesn’t suspect anything, right?” you inquired.

“Not a thing. ” Tyler answered confidently.

“Great. Thanks again for all your help, Ty.” You smiled over your shoulder at him as you headed to the elevator.  Riding the elevator to your boyfriend’s floor, you looked both ways down the hallway to make sure the coast was clear before heading in the direction of his room.  Quickly knocking on his door, your hands went to smooth your hair out in a nervous habit.  On the other side of the door you heard a rustling and a muffled “What do you want now Tyle…..” The last part of Tylers name fading out as Alec swung the door open and realized it wasn’t Tyler on the other side of the door.  Reaching out he grabbed your hand and pulled you into the room.  Once he got you in the room he picked you up off your feet and spun you in a circle.  “what…. Why… How?” he couldn’t settle on a question.  

“I thought I would come take in a game then go visit my family. The fact that I got to surprise you was just a bonus.”  

“I don’t have anything special planned” he looked sad for a moment.  

“all I need is you and hopefully some cuddles.” You responded.

Pulling on the hand that was still holding his, he directed you over to the bed.  Once there he gently pushed you down so that you were laying on the bed before climbing in himself and laying down beside you.  

“I’m so glad you’re here” he said with a kiss to your forehead.  

You guys spend the rest of the night cuddling and talking about Suits.

The Dare !

A Sirius Black x reader story !

Originally posted by homensdoseculo

Lily Evans sat on the carpetted floor of her dorm room, with her friends Marlene, Alice and (Y/N).
The girls sat in a circle, and Lily held a bottle in her hands.
“Ok !! Gonna spin it !!” she announced with an evil grin.
She spun the bottle. It went round and round for sometime, before halting. It pointed straight at Alice. 
“Alrighhhttttttt” said Lily. “Alice, whats it gonna be ? Truth or dare ?”
Alice thought for a moment and said “Truth !”
“Awwww whats the fun in that ?!” Marlene said. “Ok, Lils, ask !!”
“Are you and Frank dating ?”
(Y/N) laughed. She had caught Alice and Frank snogging once, and Alice had begged her not to tell anyone.
“Ive seen thingsss” sang Marlene.
“Oh alright !” sighed Alice, blushing. “Yes ! We’re together”
“Yay !!” Lily and Andrea said together, laughing.
“Ok, spin away ” Lily handed the bottle to Alice.
The bottle went spinning, and then stopped, this time, pointing at (Y/N).
“Oh YES !” Marlene squealed.
“Truth or dare, (Y/N) ?” Lily asked her bestfriend.
“This girl has no truths that we dont know about !” protested Marlene. “ (Y/N) - Come on, DARE”
(Y/N) bit her lip, thinking. Then gave up and said, “Ok, dare”
“YES baby ! I have a nice one for you !” announced Marlene. “Come on”
She stood up, and pulled (Y/N) to her feet. She walked out of their dorm, followed by Alice and Lily. They moved towards the stairs, and saw the Marauders sitting down in the common room.
“Alright. So I dare you, (Y/N) , to go and kiss Sirius Black. In front of his friends.”
“Woah woah woah !” said (Y/N) , raising her hands, and backing away . “No way !”
“Sorry, its a dare “said Lily, shrugging. “You have to do it”
“Lily !!! I cant !!” whined (Y/N) .
“But you people made me kiss James one time !” Lily said. “Just the same now !”
“But that was James !!!” said (Y/N) .
“He likes you !! This is Sirius Black !!”
“So?” Marlene asked, grinning. “Just another boy ”
“No !! HE IS SIRIUS BLACK !” hissed (Y/N) . “Half of the girls in Hogwarts fancies that man !”
“This girl so likes him !” said Marlene, smugly.
“Do not !” said (Y/N) , folding her arms.
But of course she did. She adored Sirius Black. And even the sight if him gave her the shivers. She was absoultely terrified about this. She didnt want to do it.
“You have to do it !” Lily said again.
“You guys planned this didnt you ?” said (Y/N) glaring at her friends.
“Totally” said, Marlene. “We’ve been trying to set you up with him for so LONG (Y/N) , and this is perfect ! Now go on !”
“We’ll come too” Alice offered, only to recieve a murderous glare from (Y/N) .
Lily shoved her towards the stairs.
“Im gonna so regret this” said (Y/N) , as she went down the stairs.
The girls were in their night clothes.
(Y/N) wore a soft pink full sleeved night gown that came up to her knees.
Hearing footsteps, James looked up from the book Remus was showing him.
“Hey ” He said, grinning at Lily. “What are you doing here this late ?”
“Ooohh nothinggg” said Lily. “Hi Sirius !”
“Evans” said Sirius looking at Lily, and winking.Then his eyes fell on (Y/N) , who looked like as if she had seen a ghost.
(Y/N) turned to Marlene with pleading eyes, and she jerked her head towards Sirius.
“Everything ok ?” Remus asked.
Lily gave him a thumbs up.
“ (Y/N) …” Said Lily, poking her on her rib.
“ALRIGHT !” said (Y/N) loudly, and went straight to Sirius, and bent down, pressing her lips to his.
Remus dropped his book and James whistled.
Sirius was too shocked to move at first. Then, he kissed her back slowly.
(Y/N) ’s hair fell forward, which Sirius tucked behind her ear carefully. She felt giddy inhaling his lovely scent. His lips were soft and he tasted a bit like chocolate. It was all too much for her.
(Y/N) pulled back suddenly, and bit her lip, embarrased. Sirius gave her an amused look, and sat up straight.
Marlene and Lily laughed, along with James. Remus and Peter were too shocked.
(Y/N) gave her friends another glare, and ran back up to her room.

                               * * *

(Y/N) buttered her toast glumly.
“ (Y/N) , stop sulking” Lily said, passing her a glass of juice.
“I hate you all” said (Y/N) , taking a bite, and chewing slowly.
Marlene controlled her urge to laugh.
“Dont tell me you didnt enjoy it ! ” she said.
“Dont you dare !” (Y/N) growled, stuffing her toast into her mouth all together.
“I hope you are aware that you’re stuffing you mouth, (Y/N) ” Lily said, shaking her head.
“Shut up” (Y/N) said, trying to chew her depression away.

(Y/N) froze hearing James’ voice behind her. She struggled to chew and to swallow, so she covered her mouth with her hands. James sat beside her with a wild grin.
Sirius sat opposite to her, beside Lily, and, Remus and Peter beside him.
“Hungry, (Y/N) ?” James asked, seeing her struggle.
(Y/N) ’s eyes darted to Sirius, who watched her with raised eyebrows.
Blushing madly, she looked down to her plate, finally swallowing her toast.
“Soooo” Marlene began, nudging (Y/N) . “Black”
Sirius smirked as he took a sip of his juice. His eyes were still fixed on (Y/N) .
“How boring, you two” Marlene said.
“Are you gonna ask her out or what, Black ? The girl kissed you !!”
“MARLENE !!” (Y/N) was a bright shade of red by now. Grabbing her bag, she hopped off her seat, and walked out of the hall.
Sirius stared at her in surprise.
“Great going, Mar” said Lily.
“Are you gonna move your arse, Black?” Marlene asked, sending James into fits of laughter.
“Just go already, Padfoot ! You’ve finally got your chance !” Remus said.
“See you in class” Sirius told his friends, and went after (Y/N) .

                             * * *
(Y/N) felt tears stinging her eyes as she walked towards the Gryffindor common room. She felt so embarrased, and humiliated. It was true that her friends meant well, but yet, she didnt like what she did.
Half way through, she was yanked into a different corridor.
“ (Y/N) ” Sirius Black’s voice was soft and husky. “Are you ok ?”
“Im sorry Sirius” (Y/N) said, now sobbing. “They dared me to”
“Hey hey” he said, wipping her tears away with his fingers. “Please dont cry”
“But I-”
“I loved it”
(Y/N) stared at him with teary eyes.
“You have no clue how long I’ve wanted it…I was afraid to say it…”
He took her hands in his.
“You are such a good girl, (Y/N) . Your brilliant and studious and so beautiful ! I was afraid if you will ever want to be with someone like me”
(Y/N) was out of words. The one boy she ever fell for was now holding her hands and calling her beautiful and brilliant.
“I’ve been in love with you for so long, (Y/N) ” Sirius said, now cupping her cheeks with his hands. “I know Ive been with a few girls before, I always end up comparing them with you, and none of it ever worked out. They could never be you !”
“I love you, Sirius” (Y/N) confessed. “I always have”
Sirius laughed, touching her forehead with his.
“Can I call you mine, now ? He said.
“Please, dont make me wait anymore”
“You can” (Y/N) replied with a smile.
Sirius pressed his lips to hers. It was the best kiss ever. And they have never been happier.

FFXV Scenarios - Ignis/Retainer!Reader (pt. i)

i / ii / iii

I’ve had this idea floating around my head for sometime but I can’t really put it into drabble form atm So I’ll be putting this down with bullet points to make it easier for myself ahaaa ;;; I tried my best to make this as gender-neutral as possible so everyone can enjoy our favorite spectacled chocobro

So here’s how it goes: 

  • You’re one of the many retainers for the Lucis family and your family prides itself with being the best butlers/maids/stewards, etc.. The unfortunate thing is that you are NOTORIOUS for being an absolute CLUTZ. Think Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates, cause she’s the inspiration for this and you’ll see why later on too *wink wonk* 
  • Broken dishes, laundry taking a mysteriously long time to get washed even with the top-notch washing machines and dryers in the Citadel, pots being burnt, it’s just-    it’s kind of amazing and sad
  • It’s mind-boggling to your family and so they’re about to pull you out of working for the royal family but whaaat Prince Noctis wants you to be his personal retainer??? Your Highness, are you sure about that?

  •  Yes, John Cena, I am

Keep reading

i had two phones, an older one and a newer but broken one

and i recently switched back to my older phone which has been great

and i gave my newer one to a friend

but i forgot i had the latest update to notice me senpai on the older phone which i dont have on my older one

and the latest update of notice me senpai on my older phone is pretty much a year old

so tldr i miss my notice me senpai boyfriend

wakatoshi you were top tier