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Eternal Love (Tom x Reader)

Request from anon: Can you do a TomxF!Reader imagine where they’ve been together since they were young & they’re at the final HP Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere and she is also in HP,apart of trio, and while she does her speech with the the trio,Tom proposes to her? ❤

Ahhhhh!!! I love this idea! Thank you so much for requesting anon! *If my schedule has worked correct, it should be Friday atm*

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This was it; in a few moments, you’d be sealing what had been the greatest adventure of your entire life; Harry Potter had brought you love, eternal friendship and so much happiness. You looked at yourself in the mirror, still feeling the same nerves you felt ten years ago when you were turning up to the Philosopher’s Stone premiere - now here at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, you quarrelled on how quickly time flied. You still recognised yourself yet you had matured - you had experienced so much and you were so lucky.

Practicing your mantra in an attempt to control your breathing, you took a breath for seven seconds, held it for five and exhaled for six. “Having fun?” You heard an all too familiar voice chime from behind you. You turn around, spotting Tom stood leaning against the doorway. “I’m so nervous.” You declare, walking over to him to give him a peck on the lips. “You look ravishing.” Tom comments looking you up and down with a smirk. You were wearing a navy full length dress that hugged your curves in all the right places. He was wearing a navy suit (which just so happened to be the same shade) and his hair was tousled just the way you like it. “So do you.” You replied in an oddly surprised tone. Tom hadn’t really bothered with the previous premieres, even turning up in jeans and a t-shirt to the last one. “You sound so surprised, love.” He chuckles, intertwining his fingers with yours. “I am, I didn’t think they’d make you look this sexy. Now I have to compete with all the other girls.” You chime, reaching up to peck his lips once again. “You’re not competing, Y/N, I’m already your boyfriend. Besides, you look amazing, should I be worried about any man trying to steal you away?” Tom asks with a grin on his face. You shake your head. “Of course not.” 

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the signs as bo burnham quotes

Aries- The world is not funny. 12% of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. The world is not funny. Guy Fieri owns two functioning restaurants.

Taurus- She came out of the shower, her hair wet, her shoulders wet, it was a shower… it’s water.

Gemini- I wanna have a daughter, so I can finally have someone around the house who can fit their hands inside a Pringle can. YES, I’M STILL ON THE PRINGLE CANS THING.

Cancer- Holy fuck, I think she might be the one! There’s something about her, I just can’t describe it… tits.

Leo- My father recently told me that I act too flamboyant on stage and I said, “Really, dad? *throws glitter* PROVE IT!”

Virgo- You’re incomparable, like a…

Libra- He meant to knock the water over, yeah yeah yeah! Art is a lie, NOTHING IS REAL.

Scorpio- I saw a woman at her daughter’s funeral. Ha ha ha, classic comedy.

Sagittarius- Sticks and stones might break your bones, but words can break your heart. But if you don’t know where to go, I’ll show you where to start! KILL YOURSELF.

Capricorn- Why is it that when a woman wears revealing clothing, she is labelled a slut, yet if I were to wear her skin as a jacket, I’m a murderer?

Aquarius- Magic isn’t real, you idiot. (READ A BOOK.)

Pisces- You might think your dick is a gift, I promise it’s not.

BTS Kicks Off U.S. Leg of Wings Tour With Sold-Out Prudential Center Show

Only a handful of K-pop acts have been able to fill up stadium venues in the U.S., but on Thursday night (March 23), BTS held the first of two sold-out shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

With their loyal Army cheering them on from start to finish, the seven-member boy band kickstarted the U.S. leg of the worldwide 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour with a nearly three-hour long show that incorporated the group’s most boisterous hits and the introspective songs of its record-breaking Wings album.

BTS members Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin and Jin sandwiched the show between their most recent pair of singles, beginning the night with the riotous “Not Today” and, nearly 30 songs later, saying farewell with the inspirational “Spring Day.” Following the first song and its militarily precise choreography, the septet introduced themselves to the crowd and expressed their excitement at performing in the U.S. After the propulsive “Not Today” set the tone, the group performed its southern-inspired, Keb’ Mo’-sampling “Am I Wrong” and the slickly choreographed fan-favorite “Silver Spoon,” the only non-Wings B-side featured that night.

Though appearing a bit lethargic – they had flown in from Brazil following two shows and a stop in Mexico the week prior – BTS showed earnestness and an eagerness to please as the members attempted to connect with the fans who had propelled them to becoming one of K-pop’s most popular acts. Each of the members made dedicated attempts to speak in English throughout the night, raising cries of support from throughout the stadium as they thanked their fandom, the Army, and credited the light stick-waving fans for the group’s skyrocket to the top of Korea’s music industry.

The show’s intro portion came to a close with BTS’ energetic 2015 hit “Dope” before moving onto a segment featuring the group’s solo and unit tracks (“Lost,” “BTS Cypher Pt. 4”) off of Wings. The solitary, reflective showcases moved the audience, culminating in responsive cries of “we love you” from the crowd during Rap Monster’s “Reflection.” (Neither he nor Suga performed any of the tracks featured on their impassioned mixtapes or other projects separate from the rest of the group.) Though there were many memorable moments – Jin being raised on platforms while singing about being unable to fly during “Awake,” Suga backed by an orchestra and playing the piano while rapping about his instrument being his “First Love” – and some audio inconsistencies, by the time J-Hope rounded the segment out with his upbeat, choral-like ode to his “MAMA,” the audience was ready to see all seven men together again.

BTS reunited with the bombastic party song “Fire" before taking a break to chat with the audience once more. The group followed up with a medley of some of its earliest singles, including debut track “No More Dream,” to evoke a sonic journey to the past that Jin later compared to “a rocket through the history of BTS.”

After a fun-filled rendition of “21st Century Girl” that ushered BTS off the stage in a conga line, night one of two at the Prudential Center started to wind down with J-Hope returning by himself to perform a dance break to “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” before the group moved into a dynamic performance of “Blood Sweat Tears.”

As the seven men left the stage after assuring the audience they had performed their “last” song (“Outro: Wings”) of the night, fans around the stadium put colored plastic bags over their light sticks, creating a rainbow effect throughout the Prudential Center, in anticipation of an encore. With the first successful fan-coordinated event of this magnitude in the U.S., the BTS Army proved firsthand the type of support that had helped BTS to the top 40 of the Billboard 200 and the top 10 of the iTunes singles chart.

As they came back on stage to perform two final songs (“2! 3! (Still There Will Be Better Days)” and “Spring Day”), the BTS members expressed shock and delight at the visible outpouring of love they received from their fans. Rap Monster took the opportunity to thank their fans for the group’s impressive charting on the U.S. charts, declaring that it was was due to the effort of their Army: “You guys made that for us,” he told the cheering audience. “[The] glory is all yours.”

The first night at the Prudential Center was followed by another show on Friday. BTS heads to Chicago and Los Angeles later this week.


But You’re You (a Lin/Reader imagine) -Chapter 1-

So, this is my first Hamilton imagine (and really only my second fanfiction ever). This is going to be a multi-chapter Lin/Reader story (because I’m trash). A quick warning: I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve never acted in nor worked on a Broadway show. I also know next to nothing about the actual Hamilton cast. Wild liberties will be taken. 

Feel free to shoot me a message with feedback (so I know whether to keep this going or not) and requests.

I’m cross-posting this on Ao3 here, if that’s more your bag.

A brief idea of what you’re getting into:

Summary: When your childhood friend offers you a job as a stagehand on the Broadway show she’s starring in, you jump at the chance and make the move to New York. What follows? Friends, flustered flirting, and more pining than you know what to do with.

Pairing: fairly slow burning Lin/Reader

Rating: T, I guess. No funny business here.

Words: 851

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On Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship in the ACOTAR series

“My note to Tamlin was short. It conveyed everything I needed to say.

Thank you.

I hope you find happiness, too.

And I did. Not just for what he’d done for Rhys, but…Even for an immortal, there was not enough time in life to waste it on hatred. On feeling it and putting it into the world.

So I wished him well–I truly did, and hoped that one day…One day, perhaps he would face those insidious fears, that destructive rage rotting away inside him.”

This is actually one of my favorite parts of A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

Regardless of everyone’s opinions of Tamlin (including my own) I think this passage from Feyre is so important when it comes to her own story, but also to anyone who has had a close friend or a lover and lost them the way that Tamlin lost Feyre (and vice versa). I love the moral that comes from it–to forgive and forget because life’s too short to hold grudges. It’s okay to never see that person again based on what they did to you, but it’s instrumental in healing yourself and regaining happiness by wishing it for that other person in their life as well.

I am enormously proud of Feyre and the character development she’s gone through, but this passage really proved to me that she’s matured, even in this book alone. In book one she fell for Tamlin, book two she fell out of love, went through the stages of denial, and developed a burning hatred and need for vengeance against him. But in this book, Feyre learned to move on, truly move on. Both she and Tamlin did terrible things to each other, both believing they were in the right. And both realized they were wrong, got even, and moved on.

This book series not only has shown us how people fall in and out of love, but also how to value and stand up for yourself, that it’s okay if your first love isn’t your true love, that it’s okay to remove yourself from an abusive or neglectful relationship, it’s possible to heal, revenge never was happiness, and finally, to learn from your experiences and move on with no grudges weighing you down. It has painted a realistic picture of people in an unrealistic setting, which is truly impressive. Despite them being Fae, Sarah Maas taught so many important lessons when it comes to self-worth, true love, and forgiveness, which I think is the best reason why this is my favorite book series.

BTS reaction: their idol girlfriend is in a group under YG Ent.


Namjoon would be a proud bitch type. He would tell everyone that his girlfriend is so good that she had passed the YG audition. He would support you since the first moment you entered YG and when you finally debuted he would be worried that everything must be perfect when you’re on stage. Your group is now 2 years old and you’re one of the most famous kpop vocalists so NIKE offered you to be a model for their new female clothing line. At the same BTS were doing their compaign which means you had a chance to pose with Namjoon for one of the biggest sportwear companies.

“Now, beautiful, smile. We have to show everyone how nice we look together ”

“I think your fans won’t be really happy seeing me around you”

“They will love you. Many Armies are in your fandom”

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Jin is mommy so he would be worried about your health. He knows how exhausting can be dance practices. He would be too concered about you coming late home and literally fall down because of fatigue. At first, he would want you to leave the company and find another less grueling work, but he would realise that he shouldn’t act like that since he understand how much you wanted to be an idol. So now when he sees you performing on stage with your group, hearing the fans screaming your name he is lowkey fanboying. But he still is worried about your well-being.

“Jagi, have you eaten something?”

“Oh, Jinny, I had no time for lunch”

“I’m on my way to YG with your favourite Caesar salad and some buns”

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Suga wouldn’t say many congratulatory words when you entered YG. He would say a simple “Great job” and continue writting text for his new rap song. You wouldn’t be too upset because of that because you know that’s how Suga always acts. Your group after debut won hearts of many kpoper all over the world and now you are known as a ‘rap herself”. Suga would be secretly proud that his girlfriend is also a rapper with her own unique style. Once, during Gaon Chart Awards famous rappers battled with each other to show their rapping skills. As a rapper you had to take part. Your opponent was the greatest Min Suga himself.

“So, Jagi, let’s see what you can do against me”

“OK, but don’t leave me because I’m better”

“Prove that serious statement”

When you two were rapping one after one the audience were sitting with open mouthes. Noone expected such an intense competition. Now you two are called as CL and GD of the new generation.

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J-Hope would be even more happy than you when you told him that you are going to debut in a new YG girl group. He imagined himself on one stage with you when both your groups are recieving daesung and as is known dreams are becoming truth. It is 2 years since your debut and you are on MAMA. All idols of 94 line are prepairing to perform with a special dance. Among those idols are GOT7′s JB, EXO’s Kai, KARA’s Jiyoung, A PINK’s Naeun, GOT7′s Jackson and Jinyoung, Miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Krystal and of course Hoseok and you.

“Y/N~ya, are you ready to go on stage”

“I’m a little bit afraid that I would forget some moves”

“You will do great. And remember, when you are with me, you should be afraid of nothing”

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When Jimin heard about you joining to YG he was on the seventh heaven. He would teach you how to dance and sing properly and be not afraid to perform in front of thousands of people watching you. He would be a great help. When you debuted the knowledge he gave you was so needed. Your group kept in the top of search queries on Naver. You were invited guests on many TV shows like Weekly Idol and Running Man. And because of your great fame you were offered to be MC of Inkigayo together with Jimin and Minhyuk of Monsta X. 

“Thank you for keeping with us and see you next Sunday”

“Ji Min Y/N” insert here the first letters of your name to get something like JinJiDo

“Jagi, you did amazing today. And your dress, by the way, suites you perfectly”

“Thank you so much, oppa”

“Guys, can you stop being so sweet. I need to find a girlfriend”


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Taehyung would be the biggest fanboy of your group. Since te very first moment your first song was relised he would already be learning the words. But not only Taehyung loved the songs of your group. Your fandom got 1 million fans for the year. You were nominated for any awards as a new rising stars. So once you performed on Seoul Music Awards Taehyung was fanboying too hard during your parts.

“That’s my girl on stage. Do it. Do it. You are amazing”

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Jungkook would try to keep your relationship in secret, but he failed when doing red carpet interview for Golden Disk Award. He is a fanboy of all YG idols and when his girlfriend became one he was super proud. Your group were asked to appear on the event. You knew that Jungkook was going to be there so you tried to look as beautiful as possible. When you arrived you saw that BTS were talking with the interview about their comeback so you must wait when they will be done. Jungkook didn’t notice you at first, but when Jimin told him that you are looking he quickly turned his head in order to make sure his hyung wasn’t joking. Jungkook were looking in your eyes and whispering to Jimin

“My girl is so gorgeous. Look at her”

“Jungkook, she’s beautiful, but do you want others to notice you strange glance at Y/N?”

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It is your request @xyourpinksky Hope you’ll like it

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how can you be so convinced jikook are dating?? I'm not sure because of Vmin, they're so close lately, and ISAC was a lot :( would you mind sharing your thoughts?

I was going to do my long personal jikook analysis , but i don’t think that’s what you’re asking for so I’m just going to keep it short here .

-personally i believe that they’re currently involved in a romantic relationship, because of so many reasons I’m going to tell you a few.. I’ve been following them from afar and what really caught my attention is “ how subtle their moments are, they’re not for fancervice it’s just them enjoying each other’s company , speaking of enjoying each other’s company ; during “bon voyage” have you noticed how many times they were caught in the bg together just the two of them doing something..  well that proves how much they like spending time together when they don’t really have to ;

There is also the thing they’ve been doing where they stare oh so freaking seductively at each other through the camera, when literally no one can tell they’re doing it , it’s just between them just the two of them , like when they were reacting to their stage performance, you can go check it on youtube “freshipping” has noticed it , during that video jimin was looking so feaking turned on while staring at jungkook and jungkook just .. when jungkook caught him doing it I’ve never seen him bite his lips that way and his eyes looked darker than ever i know this sounds exaggerated but go watch it for yourself anybody can see it .. it is what is it . x x <— (here you can see lip biting / eyes thing)

keep reading there is more.

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reTHG: The Hunger Games - Chapters Eleven and Twelve: Tactics and Strategies

Starting with the prompts this week:  First of all, let me say that if I was a tribute, I would be dead within moments, most likely.  But - imagining myself as sixteen - what my particular skills were, then - and if a beneficent writer was keeping me alive long enough for plot purposes, what would I have done?  When I was younger, I was a decent sprinter - nothing spectacular, and not good at distances at all.  At that time, I actually owned a bow and was a decent-enough shot that I would have felt like I could have handled it (whether or not that is true is another story). So, I would have been marginally tempted to grab it, but I would have been far more interested in getting away, fast, finding water and hiding.  I wouldn’t have dared grab the backpack and I would have probably just jammed.

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No histrionics from Theresa - just controlled, civilised outrage: QUENTIN LETTS on the PM’s most powerful Downing Street statement

By Quentin Letts for the Daily Mail 24 May 2017

A nearby clock tower had just tolled 11am when a plainly affected Theresa May stepped out of No 10 to make a statement about the killings. Normally the mood in Downing Street before a Prime Ministerial appearance crackles with chatter. Yesterday the mood of the Press corps was subdued.

The shiny black door swung open and photographers’ shutters click-click-clicked. There was no other sound. No helicopter droned overhead, as sometimes happens.

No crowd of protesters jeered slogans at the distant gates. And there were no lensmen’s exhortations of ‘over here, Theresa’, when they try to get her to look their way. Not yesterday. Just silence.

She was in black trouser suit, black, flat shoes, respectful jewellery, tidy hair.

The narrow legs of that trouser suit accentuated her slim-shouldered frame, more vulnerable than you might expect. As she came out of the doorway I was struck by how fragile and lonely she looked.

Although on show, she retained a contemplative, sombre air. In some ways it was the expression of a churchgoer returning to her place after communion.

Of course, she is the least lonely person in the country, constantly surrounded by aides and bodyguards and general to-do. Yet terrorism makes an island of the person at the top. She was the one who had to make the decisions and find words to reassure the nation. How to describe the indescribable? There was a pause as she braced herself for the off. Then: ‘I have just chaired a meeting of the Government’s emergency committee where we discussed the details of and the response to the appalling events in Manchester last night.’

And she was launched on a long, powerful statement in which she averred that ‘the spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Britain’ would prevail. It was a spirit that ‘through years of conflict and terrorism has never been broken’ and never would be, she said. Her cadence turning Churchillian, she conceded ‘there will be difficult days ahead’ but the terrorists would not win.

Mancunian and British solidarity would prove insuperable. The one chink in its armour, perhaps, came when she mentioned the children who had died, and the voice momentarily wobbled.

May speeches are not always memorable. She can sometimes sound prosaic, the larynx doing that warbly, headmistressy thing. Not yesterday. She had not had any sleep and her timbre had sunk a note or two. Her weariness, stark lipstick contrasting with her pale skin, lent her grit. Though physically weary, she was tough inside.

Downing Street makes a theatrical setting. The building’s facade is as flat as any stage back-wall and the bluey greyness of the old brickwork was lifted by sunshine.

Two fine British bobbies stood on duty, out of TV shot but either side of No 10. Suited detectives guarded the Jaguar waiting to whisk her north. A few Foreign Office staff stood behind a large, wrought-iron gate directly opposite Mrs May, watching her, rapt.

One of them was a woman in Muslim head-dress. Attempts to divide our society would not succeed, said Mrs May.

She cited the ‘countless acts of kindness’ that had been seen in Manchester after the attack. The images we hold in our minds should not be those of the senseless slaughter but of the ordinary men and woman who put concerns about their own safety to one side and rushed to help.’

Donald Trump, in his own, direct and welcome way, may have mocked the terrorists as ‘losers’ but vicar’s daughter Mrs May was finding her own way of asserting our values. There was nothing boastful or histrionic in her remarks.

She voiced a controlled, civilised outrage at this assault on Manchester’s defenceless children and their families.

Our Prime Minister – and yes, that is very much what she sounded yesterday – is not a woman given easily to emotion. In the past some have accused her of being robotic. Not yesterday, they wouldn’t have done.
Not yesterday. She was poised, sympathetic, sturdy. She spoke her piece well.

- Daily Mail 

Okay, I wrote this as tags under this post, but it’s still to funny to me not to make a post about that German talk show because some of you maybe weren’t here at that time and you may not know how hilarious it was.

At first my dashboard was really worried about Louis, me included - we were like, “Oh my god, is he sick? Is that why they were late?” because he was sweaty and looked jittery. And then. Then. And then the interview happened, and we were like, “OH.” It was EPIC because in a second we connected the dots with Harry barely being able to stand on his own legs (I mean, he seemed to have more issues than the usual to stay upright), since he’d literally tripped when they’d entered the stage (orgasmic bliss i’m telling ya)



I don’t even think Louis managed to finish off because he kept adjusting HAHAHA poor boy he was so jittery that I think he was left with a severe case of blue balls. Also, his pupils were the size of two black holes lmao.

This was one of the few cases where they proved their exhibitionism kink because NO WAY they thought people wouldn’t notice and our dashboards were a combination of screaming and cheering. 


Last Night’s class was another beautiful display of how talented Mr. Vaughn and Miss Raeje truly are!  We were privy to watching two amazing performances each about a theme that has touched all of us in one way or another…The Seasons. 

(Photo set: ½)

As always we were greeted with the lovely flare Mr. Vaughn is known for, often displaying his love of Musical theater in every step as he came out on stage singing and dancing.  Each class is proving to be a mini performance each time and something highly recommended not missing.

Mr. Vaughn spoke on the difference between the seasons and how each of them can affect us in very different ways.  He asked us which where our favorite seasons and many enjoyed the changing of leaves that autumn brought but there were a few that enjoyed the coolness of winter and the warmth of summer as well.

It was also asked if any of us wanted to perform our feelings for our favorite seasons and this prompted Miss Raeje to rise and gift us with one of her amazing performances.  While it was not Musical theater, it showcased something she teaches in her own Poetry and Drama class.  The performance was emotional and moving, nearly bringing some to tears.  It was truly a display of how powerful music can be in it’s many forms.

In addition we were also visited by a member of The Crystal Chronicle, they wished to watch the class and write a piece on Mr. Vaughn.  When told of the Chronicles presence, Mr Vaughn had this to say…

“I hope she gets my good side.”

Mr. Vaughn from where we are sitting, all your sides are good sides.

Homework:  Pick a Season to perform before the class.





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requested by anon

genre: smut smut smut

taehyung smut! ur enemies w/each other! u choose the storyline!

I don’t remember how or why we started to hate each other but we did. Taehyung is one of the most loveable people to most, but he just annoyed the shit out of me. The first time we met was on set for a drama, where the two of us were the leads; we were pretty much forced to get along.

“Are you always this loud?”, I muttered as I scrolled through instagram, while we were practising our lines. “Yes, is there a problem?”, he snapped as pressed the off switch to turn my phone off. “Nope, not at all.”, I sarcastically replied as I chucked my phone onto the sofa and got out my script. “Let’s start.”, I told him and he grabbed his own script and moved closer towards me. “Do you mind?”, I said. “I have to! It’s part of the script!”, he shouted, causing me to jump slightly. “Dude, all I said was my line.”, I muttered as I moved back towards him. “Oh…let’s start again.”

The second time we worked together was when we were both on ‘Happy Together’, it was a ‘singers who are also actors’ special and the two of us just had to be on it together. “So1 There was amazing chemistry between the two of you during the drama! Any chance that there could be chemistry between the actors behind the characters?” “No way.”, I laughed as I shook my head. “Yeah, there is no attraction at all.”, Taehyung added. “So you guys are just friends?” “We don’t actually have each other's’ numbers.”, Taehyung announced. “Yeah, we don’t talk outside of work. It’s strictly business between us.”, I added. “No way…”, another guest muttered. “I seriously thought you guys were dating because the chemistry was unreal.”, they added.

The first time I encountered him outside of work was when I was in Yoongi’s studio. “What are you doing here?”, was the first thing he said to me, not hello or what’s up. “I’m working on stuff with him, is there a problem?”, I replied him before turning back to the track. “No, not at all…”, he muttered as he grabbed what he wanted and left. After Taehyung had left Yoongi turned towards me and asked, “Do you guys seriously hate each other?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Why?” “I don’t even remember.”

After that I kept seeing him everywhere, he was always around, even if I was simply catching up with a friend in my favourite restaurant, he was probably there. However I encountered him less and less during work. He was around in my personal life but no longer my work life. One day I confronted him, “Why are you always around?” “It’s just a coincidence, don’t get yourself hyped up.” “Are you sure? How come you were in my apartment complex?”, I asked him as I blocked his way into the next aisle in the store. “Jimin lives there, like I said, don’t hype yourself up.”

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Hi, how do you think enjoltaire's first quarrel will be like after they got together? Because I feel like they spent so much of their time bickering (back before they got together), they wouldn't know how to patch up when a serious fight actually occurs? And I can already think of how devastated R will be, and Enjolras being so frustrated and ugh (I'm sorry for bothering, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to.)

bother me?? why on earth would you bother me, thank you!!!! for taking the time to send me this!!Xx

  • right so i think their first fight as a couple would actually be because of something small and irrelevant. like you said they used to bicker and pick deliberate fights a lot before getting together, so after they get together there’s this long period of well, fightless peace w them being extra careful around each other, and they both get antsy and low key worried about not arguing anymore, because isn’t there some shady statistics stating that couples who argue often last longer??
  • so they’re both sort of subconsciously building up to it honestly, and when they do snap at each other it’s because of something silly like picking what movie to watch or choosing where to order take out from and before they know it, it turns personal pretty quickly.
  • offensive things are said. voices are raised. Grantaire storms out like the Drama Queen he is, Enjolras huffs and locks himself in their bedroom about the exact same time (who am i kidding, they’re both Drama Queens TM), and they’re sulky and #Hurt for the total of three minutes until they both just start feeling horrible about the whole thing and feel like they’ve messed up big time
  • when R comes back though, he is not expecting a half sobbing and rumpled up Enjolras to throw himself at him right at the doorway. Grantaire gathers him in his arms because his first instinct is naturally to protect his boyfriend and right then, the fight is forgotten completely because?? he was gone for like 7 mins what in fresh hell happened while he was taking unenthusiastic elevator rides up and down their building like?
  • he’s silently fuming about the state Enjolras is in like full on scheming revenge on whoever is responsible for it, and he’s also trying to be soothing; strokes Enjolras’ hair and keeps asking what happened but E isn’t really making much sense, just keeps shaking his head and clings to Grantaire for dear life. 
  • it takes a few minutes to calm him down, with soothing words and forehead kisses (and R knows Enjolras is feeling much better when he starts kissing back) and then Enjolras burrows closer still and says in a soft small voice: “please, don’t go. i wouldn’t know what to do without you. and i know i can be awful, but - just, please don’t leave!”
  • and R’s standing there silent for one beat, two beats and “what the fuck”
  • but then they talk it out because they’re both very new at this and jesus, i’m not going anywhere, Enjolras! both apologise to each other for the initial fight and when they go to bed that night they’re both clingier than usual. the end.

+ my kink is loving boyfriends E and R who actually prove to be good at the whole Communication thing and at the earlier stages of their relationship, often have long deep conversations about all the things they’ve always seemed to disagree on and come out the stronger for it.


First of all, I’m getting rather tired of Laucy shippers and Camila haters throwing shade at myself and Camren blogs for thinking that, maybe Laucy isn’t as real as you want them to be. There is no need to be rude to me for writing a theory you don’t agree with. There is even less need to be rude to the Camren blogs who reblogged my theory. If you don’t like or believe in Camren, don’t go to Camren blogs or read Camren theories. It’s really not that damn difficult.

I will reiterate, my theory was just that, a theory, based on my knowledge of how the Music Industry works, how the P.R. business works, and how the girls themselves are acting. The weird thing is, now I find myself having to explain how I thought up the theory, because it happened.

I’ll address some questions and comments I have been reading, most of which are trying to discredit the possibility of Laucy being a P.R. stunt. I’ll start with; Management wouldn’t use a female/female relationship, or someone’s Bisexuality as a P.R. stunt.

Say what!!! They do it all the damn time. Have you not noticed, over the past several years, it has become quite common for young female entertainers to come out as Bisexual. Hell, it became common practice for female vocalists to kiss other female vocalists, on stage and for the cameras. Madonna, Brittany, Christina, Miley, just to name a few. It’s one of the Industries favorite attention grabbing stunts. Why? Because men love that shit, and now days, most women do to.

“But Lauren kissed Lucy on the lips, they must be in a relationship, right?” NO!!! I just proved that question wrong. What did I think of those photos? I thought it looked like a staged photo-op. But for the actual kiss on the lips, those pics reminded me of 5H M&G photos. Lauren has done the exact poses of the first two pics with complete strangers. When I saw “the kiss” pic, I actually laughed, but I was expecting it.

“Why would Lauren risk her long time friendship on a PR stunt?” I have to answer a question with a question here. What’s the risk, if it’s not real? Honestly, the only risk to Lauren and Lucy’s friendship, is if Laucy is real. You want your lover to become your best friend, not your best friend to become your lover. When the latter happens, more often than not, you lose your best friend and your lover.

Camila reblogged the best quote for this, “If past lovers remain friends, they are either still in love, or they never were.” The timing of that quote could not have been more perfect, and it could easily pertain to Camren and Laucy.

“They wouldn’t use Lucy for a PR stunt because she’s not famous enough, and she’s not another Maverick artist. Maverick only use their artists for PR.” That is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Labels make deals with other Labels all the time. Management companies make deals with other management companies all the time. The way they are using Camila is proof enough of that.

Lucy not being "famous enough" is what makes this the perfect stunt. Almost no one expected it. The fact Lucy wants to be “famous enough” is the part we should focus on. It’s becoming more well known now, after the release of "the kiss" pic, that Lucy has been working on an album of her own. Is it a coincidence, that after the release of that pic, Lucy decided to come out as BI, a second time, because not enough people heard about it the first time. I guess it’s safe enough to say, Lauren is “famous enough” to gain her friend Lucy more notoriety.

‘What’s in it for Lauren? She would gain nothing from this PR stunt?“ Really, because I can think of a few reasons this would help Lauren. First and foremost, it puts an end to interviewers asking if her and Camila are dating. By the way, the last guy to ask that question, was planned. I don’t know about you, but when I type Fifth Harmony into my Google search bar, the first thing to came up is not, "Is Lauren and Camila dating?” Now, if I type in Lauren and Camila, or vice versa, yeah, that’s what I get. The question and answer was part of the PR plan. I loved the girl’s reactions though.

That being said, The best part about the PR stunt for Lauren would be, she doesn’t have to try and sell us on a PR relationship with another dude. Instead of going through another fiasco, like with Brad, she just gets to hang out with her best friend, and maybe kiss her for the cameras a few times here and there. I still believe her and Camila find quality time to be together on the DL, in between Camila’s naps, collabs, videos, and performances, of course. I’m sure Lauren will have side projects of her own. She won’t just be stuck up Lucy’s ass all the time. She’ll, now get to do what she wants in the off season, instead of trying to sell herself as something she’s not, with another made up male lover. Sounds like paradise to me.

“How can I believe this is a stunt, when Lauren looks so happy with Lucy?” What!!! Lauren is happy around Lucy. They have been best friends for ages. They love each other and trust each other implicitly. Besides, Laucy wouldn’t be very believable if Lauren looked miserable around her all the time, would it?

“How can I still believe in Camren, when Camila acts like she can’t stand being around Lauren, or the other girls? She even had her own bus in Europe.” Come on guys. Camila and Lauren can not publicly interact, because they can’t give fodder to the media or Camren shippers. The separate bus was explained if you were paying attention. Camila needed a quiet place, between shows, to communicate with MGK and his people about the concept and ideas for the “Bad Things” video. The very first thing she did when she got back to the States, was go to New York and shoot that video. They recorded the song during the American leg of the tour. They had to have been in constant communication with each other, during the European leg, for that to be the first thing she did when she got home. Everything was all prepped and ready for her when she got there, because they filmed it in a 21 hour period, the day she arrived. The separate bus was work related, not because she didn’t want to be around the girls.

“Why would Syco and Epic agree to a PR stunt like this?” Well, Syco, Epic, and their management teams have been trying, since damn near day one, to put an end to the Camren rumors. They have tried everything. They couldn’t use the term Camren anymore, no more cute selfies, no more cute tweets or long telling B-day posts, and no more sitting together for interviews. All any of that accomplished was making it look like they were trying to hide something. They had to change tactics, so they controlled their public interaction and let them be beside one another occasionally, which made it seem like the lack of fun interaction was Camren’s choice.  There needed to be “tension” between them, for any PR stunt to work. Nothing they tried worked, though. The Camren fandom continued to grow. The PR relationships, they tried with the guys didn’t fly. The only thing to come along and put a weak spot in the Camren rumors, was Lucy. They realized this, formed a plan, and ran with it.

Lucy has managed to do what they have spent damn near five years trying to do. Laucy has not only taken the focus away from Camren in the media, and made Camren shippers doubt the validity of their ship, it has even made people doubt their gaydar where Camila is concerned. Apparently, if she is not with Lauren, she must be “straight”. There are heartbroken Camren shippers out there, who now hope that Camila will find her a nice boy that will make her as happy as Lucy appears to make Lauren. This shit worked like a charm, like they knew it would.

Lastly, “why would Lauren and Camila agree to this if they love each other? Why would they want to "kill” Camren?“ "Killing” Camren is Managements goal, not Camila and Lauren’s. I’m going to be completely honest with you here, and tell you, I strongly believe Camila and Lauren are the ones who actually came up with the idea of Laucy. The only thing they want is to be able to interact and be themselves around each other, without the media questioning their every move, and the “fanatical” shippers disrespecting everyone else in their lives.

The hate those “fanatical” shippers are slinging at Lucy right now, is an example of the exact reason I believe the girls, not only agreed to this stunt, but were the masterminds behind it.

O.K., those are my thoughts on how I came up with my theory, and how I believe this PR stunt could work, if it’s real.

Do I believe Camren is real? I have no problem seeing the purity of the love between them. Is Laucy real? If it is, Lucy is the most forgiving understandable girlfriend on the fucking planet.


The Chance To Dance Again

by Michael Keller

We highlighted the TED talk of Hugh Herr a couple of weeks ago. But his work is too important and beautiful to leave to just one post.

The MIT associate professor of media arts and sciences is making prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons that restore function in those who have lost legs from injury or disease. This set of gifs focuses on his team’s BiOM powered ankle and foot prosthesis

“Bionics is not only about making people stronger and faster,” he said during the talk. “Our expression, our humanity can be embedded into electromechanics.”

To prove his point, Herr and fellow researchers studied dance movement to replace the lower leg that professional dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost after last year’s Boston marathon bombing. He concluded his talk by bringing Haslet-Davis on the stage to perform a bionic rumba. 

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[STARCAST] “Tearful album made by sweat”... BTS at working studio

Maknae on top.
into sandwich now. 

Is it different for hyung (older brother)?
supplying sugar now.

the ‘feast’ has been started.
Is it BTS feast now?


Forget about the eating show.
BTS is working for their album.
Shall we turn the time back?

“Seriousness” (JIMIN and RAP MONSTER) 

“Calmness” (JIN and J-HOPE)

“Concentration" (SUGA) 

‘BTS’ is back. They are flying with 2nd studio album ‘WINGS’ in these days, right? They are attracting gaze with best ever song and dance.

Therefore it arouse our curiosity more. ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ album making story consists of blood, sweat and tears. It will be revealed from ‘STARCAST’ exclusively.

Starting with CG’V’ first ☞ 

They are ‘Maknaes’ JIMIN and JUNG KOOK. This is the corridor of working studio. Playing with the phone while lying down. Staring into empty space while sitting down. Are they just playing like this? 

No way. JIMIN was writing the lyrics with his phone. JUNG KOOK is also arranging the lyrics in his head. As they gather opinions, synergy increases. 

RAP MONSTER looks like he is having a sweet imagination. He was enjoying daydream alone on the comfortable chair. It seems like the working studio is heaven to him.

When an idea flashes in his mind, he turns into working hard mode. 

This time V really looks like he is excited. He is dancing in the working studio. J-HOPE cannot conceal laughter as well. Is this ‘Playful Boys’ that I only heard about but never seen?

The oldest hyung JIN also joined. Who ever told you to beware of three women? As three men gather, laughter never stops. It seemed like exciting talking time has started.

No way. They are serious than ever. They were sharing their own work. They repeatedly check over and over again then laughed with pleasure. 

“So serious”

And this man. We can guess who he is as we look at his black hair. His name is sweet, but his work for album is ‘not’ sweet. SUGA’s surprising allure? There is no such thing. He is serious all the time. 

“The music is my first love”

This is recording studio this time. Since this is the studio album after 2 years, they must be nervous. However, practice is the answer instead of tension, isn’t it? JIN, J-HOPE and V had battle in front of the maknae JUNG KOOK.

↓ ↓Well, shall we follow V’s gaze?↓↓ 

“Serious, JIN”

JIN participated as a lyricist at track number 9, ‘Awake’ for the first time. It is a song that a lonely boy wishing for self-reliance.

Starting with clear voice reminiscent of boy, he burst explosive emotions at the refrain part. It’s like we’re seeing a boy who passed a hurdle of growth?

“I could finish it with help from producer and members. Please listen to my song at the end. I wanted to release the feeling of ending.” (JIN)

JUNG KOOK is professional in the recording studio. He feels the rhythm by snapping the fingers, until he gets satisfactory voice and repeats recording infinitely.

All the members included solo track in the 2nd studio album. JUNG KOOK is in charge of 3rd track ‘Begin’. It was more meaningful since this is the first solo song.

He included JUNG KOOK’s feelings when he first met members such as ‘There was nothing for me when I was fifteen’ and ‘I came up with feelings because of you (hyung)’. His delicate and emotional voice is impressive.  

“As I produce solo song, I guess it was an opportunity to look back and think about myself. It was a meaningful opportunity to talk about my mind.” (JUNG KOOK)

He told an episode happened during recording as well. There was a reason that he expected a big success.

"I got an ‘OK’ sign after recording and when I tried to listen to it, there was nothing there. I could hear my voice from the part I did not record though. This is a symptom of big success, right?” (JUNG KOOK)

JIMIN has put much efforts on writing lyrics. He participated in writing the lyrics and composition for the 4th track ‘LIE’. Writing on a paper and then erase, write and erase again and again…. 

It was said two heads are better than one. When JIMIN was wondering, J-Hope helped him. He read the lyrics JIMIN wrote and cheered him up. Also shared better opinions. 

“RAP MONSTER joined” 

“Finished writing the lyrics”

“I felt really nervous. I couldn’t even sleep well although I don’t know whether it’s because I’m nervous or thrilled. I was really curious about the reaction and I feel thankful since it seems many people waited for us” (JIMIN)

And here, SUGA who has been serious since the beginning. I can feel seriousness(?) even from his back. He attracted attention by releasing mixtape in August. He worked hard for BTS album as well.

His solo song ‘First Love’ is a hip hop song which has outstanding piano playing and string orchestra sound. He expressed his story when he first started music and his passion for the music by piano.

“When we first debuted, it seems we didn’t get much attention. But as we started to sing our story fully, we started win people’s hearts. I wish to keep my passion” (SUGA) 

This is ‘V’ of free soul. He was sitting down so comfortably. Shoes have gone far away already. He looks like he is playing, but he is not. He is practicing singing harder than anyone else.

V revealed his appeal through 5th track of new album, ‘Stigma’. He emphasized his uniqueness through neo soul genre song. How does he feel?

“I was really happy since much of my opinions were put in the song including the lyrics. I expressed hard time I had in the past through the lyrics. This is the most sophisticated song in the album” (V)

Look here, hyungs have joined V due to his passionate singing. J-HOPE and JIN sang out together. JUNG KOOK assessed hyungs’ singing. No wonder the maknae on top.

“J-HOPE’s voice is the best” (JIN) 

After serious recording, seven members gathered all together. Are they finishing with eating show not surprisingly? 

“Concentrating on the snack?”

Forget the ‘maknae on top’. JUNG KOOK is setting up the video. They monitored stage performance video. The snacks and drinks are just helping. They shed ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ like this. 

“Sinking into it”

♪One little 

♪Two little

♪Three little BTS

Five little (feat. Finding Jin) 

Six little

Seven little (feat. All members)

Finally, I heard BTS’s goal and the direction they should follow from the leader RAP MONSTER. RAP MONSTER proved his ability as a producer at ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever’ for the first time. This time he showed his ability again through 7th track ‘Reflection’.

“Only the first album was single. Since then, we have 9 or 10 songs for every album. There is a team that attracts listeners not only by their title song but also other songs included in the album as well. We wish to be that team. I wish to hear ‘BTS to listen with trust’” “We will be happy if our songs could give pleasure to listeners simply or have good influence to values of listeners. I wish that this album could be ‘WINGS’ for BTS. I believe we have grown up musically as well as in other aspects”

☞ Finally there are some bonus photos. Let’s finish with something handsome as we started with handsome V.

“Handsome V did everything”

“J-HOPE’s side figure" 

"A man with handsome shoulders” (JIMIN) 

"Handsome while he closed his eyes” (JUNG KOOK) 

"Handsome JIN" 

cr: star cast


- fav fics challenge : Bagginshield || Modern!AU ; theatre!AU

Love In Idleness by @bilboo (perkynurples)

Taking Bilbo Baggins, a successful movie actor who is only just getting used to the perks and intricacies of becoming A Face People Want To See, and putting him together with Thorin Oakenshield, with his very traditional (read: slightly backwards) ideas about what constitutes Real Art and Real Talent, might very well be viewed as just some clothead’s idea of a joke. But there are jokes, and then there are carefully calculated risks the size of controversial reproductions of classic Shakespearean plays - for Bilbo, it is the chance of a lifetime to prove himself to all those who have ever deemed him too one-dimensional to even attempt stage, while Thorin has the opportunity to get out of the rut that’s been hindering his career for so long now, and shine in a role worthy of his talent once again. That is if the two learn how to share the same space for more than ten minutes without wanting to tear each other’s hair out. The course of true love never did run smooth, after all…

School of Rock AU

aka the Jagged Stone AU based on this awesome film that nobody asked for that I’ve been thinking about for months and that I will never write, so here’s my bulletpoint fic version:

  • Jagged Stone is a struggling rock musician who gets kicked out of Fang, the band he founded, by his asshole bandmates XY and Bob, because they don’t like how hardcore he is
  • To pay the rent, he pretends to be a substitute teacher named Mr. Stone and lands a temporary job at the prestigious prep school Collège Françoise-Dupont, where Penny Rolling is the strict and unyielding principal
  • On the first day, he behaves erratically and doesn’t assign any work, and everyone in the class thinks he’s super cool except for Chloe, who hates him and complains to her father, who is immediately suspicious
  • The next day, Jagged overhears the students in a music class and decides that he wants to form a new band called the School of Rock with all of them to compete against his old band in a Battle of the Bands competition
  • Everyone who’s a musician gets assigned an alter ego and a disguise so they don’t get in trouble with the school or their parents
  • Everyone else who’s not a musician gets assigned to different roles- costume designer (Nathanael), makeup artist (Juleka), groupie (Sabrina), roadie (Ivan, Kim, Max)
  • Chloe has no musical or artistic talent, but she’s super bossy and aggressive, so Jagged makes her the band manager
  • Marinette, aka Ladybug, who’s charismatic, talented, and a born rocker, is lead guitarist
  • Adrien, aka Chat Noir, can’t sing AT ALL but he’s got a hell of a lot of energy and a thirst to prove himself, so Jagged makes him the band drummer, and he kicks ass
  • Alya, aka Lady Wifi, is lead bassist and Nino, aka The Bubbler, is on keyboard
  • Mylene/Horrificator, Rose/Princess Fragrance, and Alix/Timebreaker are backup singers
  • Jagged is of course lead vocalist
  • He needs to find a way to get the kids out of school for the band competition, so he befriends Penny, who he discovers used to be fun-loving and spirited before she became a strict principal
  • They bond, and it’s clear that Penny and Jagged have a special connection
  •  Penny is about to allow the students to attend the competition, when Chloe’s father bursts in and reveals that Jagged isn’t a real teacher, but an impostor
  • Jagged gets fired and the students are sad, but Marinette and Adrien rally the other students and decide not to let their hard work go to waste
  • When the real teacher comes back the next day, she sees that everyone in class is missing, because they’ve stolen a bus to pick up Jagged and take him to the competition
  • Penny, the parents, and the teacher all rush to the Battle of the Bands competition, where they watch in awe as the School of Rock performs a song called Miraculous that Marinette wrote, and they win second place in the competition to Fang
  • The audience, who loves School of Rock, is upset that they didn’t win, and Jagged is furious that he lost to his former band members
  • Marinette and Adrien reassure him that they’re not upset because it’s just one competition and they’re still rockers, and a repentant Chloe reveals that she has been talking to band producers and has scheduled meetings with several of them- proving that she’s actually a pretty good band manager after all
  • The audience shouts for an encore performance, and the School of Rock takes the stage again
  • Fast forward a few months, and School of Rock has signed with a label, and Jagged has opened an after school program where he teaches kids how to play instruments
  • He’s still alone though…that is, of course, until Penny shows up one evening at his apartment dressed like a rocker, with two tickets to a performance of Jagged’s rock idol
  • And he knows they’re meant to be :)