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Eternal Love (Tom x Reader)

Request from anon: Can you do a TomxF!Reader imagine where they’ve been together since they were young & they’re at the final HP Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere and she is also in HP,apart of trio, and while she does her speech with the the trio,Tom proposes to her? ❤

Ahhhhh!!! I love this idea! Thank you so much for requesting anon! *If my schedule has worked correct, it should be Friday atm*

Originally posted by k2sodone

This was it; in a few moments, you’d be sealing what had been the greatest adventure of your entire life; Harry Potter had brought you love, eternal friendship and so much happiness. You looked at yourself in the mirror, still feeling the same nerves you felt ten years ago when you were turning up to the Philosopher’s Stone premiere - now here at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, you quarrelled on how quickly time flied. You still recognised yourself yet you had matured - you had experienced so much and you were so lucky.

Practicing your mantra in an attempt to control your breathing, you took a breath for seven seconds, held it for five and exhaled for six. “Having fun?” You heard an all too familiar voice chime from behind you. You turn around, spotting Tom stood leaning against the doorway. “I’m so nervous.” You declare, walking over to him to give him a peck on the lips. “You look ravishing.” Tom comments looking you up and down with a smirk. You were wearing a navy full length dress that hugged your curves in all the right places. He was wearing a navy suit (which just so happened to be the same shade) and his hair was tousled just the way you like it. “So do you.” You replied in an oddly surprised tone. Tom hadn’t really bothered with the previous premieres, even turning up in jeans and a t-shirt to the last one. “You sound so surprised, love.” He chuckles, intertwining his fingers with yours. “I am, I didn’t think they’d make you look this sexy. Now I have to compete with all the other girls.” You chime, reaching up to peck his lips once again. “You’re not competing, Y/N, I’m already your boyfriend. Besides, you look amazing, should I be worried about any man trying to steal you away?” Tom asks with a grin on his face. You shake your head. “Of course not.” 

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anonymous asked:

rfa+ Saeran going to pride for the first time with with MC?

A/N: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY GUYS! THOUGH IT’S ALMOST OVER? (For where I live anyway, pride month is June! I heard some places celebrate in May??) I STILL WANTED TO TRY AND GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AAA ~Admin 404


               -You didn’t even tell him what this parade was for

               -All you said was “Do you want to go to a parade with me”

               -And he was THERE

               -Parade? FUCK YEAH! Loves him some parades

               -Fried food, bright colours, fun booths, cute floats? Yes yes yes!

               -You decided to just wait until you brought him to tell him what the parade was actually for

               -Though when the two of you got there, and he noticed literally everything was rainbow, he kind of pieced two and two together…


               -Was actually really honoured that you wanted to go to something like this with him?? Like you’re loud and proud about your relationship and that makes him giggle

               -Seeing all of the insane outfits was definitely fun for him!


               -“MC… we… we don’t have to be naked or anything for this.. right?” No baby it’s okay


               -I know I said as red as could be, but that’s because you didn’t think he could get any redder. But oh, were you mistaken

               -He turned almost glowing red when he watched you just shoving the condoms in your pockets

               -“I’m not gonna just waste these, Yoosung, that’s rude” OH MY GOD MC DON’T TALK LIKE THAT OUT LOUD

               -Was disappointed that he didn’t get to dress up or anything like that so you found a group of nice people with some body paint and asked if they could do something for him!

               -Cutie walked around with a completely rainbow painted face (yours matching) and could not stop taking pictures

               -10/10 sent any and all photos to the group chat, always talking about how much he loved you and this parade!

*ZEN: Male!MC

               -“MC! It’s the pride parade!”

               -Oh no

               -You’d love to go with him, of course!

               -Your relationship is…. well it’s absolutely perfect to the two of you but there are still those who question it

               -His fans are practically split in half between completely idolizing your relationship, and the other half just wanted Zen for themselves

               -So you were pretty afraid to attend pride like that, so out in the open, so…exposed

               -But he was a-okay with it

               -He didn’t care what others have to say about the two of you???

               -Once the two of you actually got there though, it was a m a z i n g

               -People would recognize Zen left and right and they would be so excited that he even showed up!

               -But when they saw the two of you holding hands, they practically exploded (in a good way)

               -THEY WERE SO ECSTATIC!

               -Their favourite actor is part of the LBGT+ community and they are HYPED

               -People are coming up frequently to congratulate the two of you on your beautiful relationship

               -He even sang a few love songs up on a few stages, loving as the crowds went wild!

               -The one thing he couldn’t stand though, was all the hateful protesting

               -He tried to ignore it at first but as the day went on he couldn’t stop himself from walking over and yell back at them

               -To prove a point, he pulled you into a deep kiss- eliciting hundreds if not thousands of whistles and cheers from the crowd at the parade

               -You had to physically hold him back from fighting one protester though

*JAEHEE: Female!MC

               -“Jaehee! The pride parade’s coming up! We should go!”

               -P A N I C

               -She loves you and most definitely isn’t afraid to tell you that, but…

               -She is afraid of others hating her for it? She really dislikes confrontation

               -But you assure her that it’s a completely safe space! It’s full of allies and others celebrating same sex love!

               -Agrees to go along, and even dresses up to match you

               -The two of you have adorable shirts with unicorns on it that says “Squad goals”!

               -Embarrassed because she doesn’t use slang like that but the two of you just looked so cute!

               -And honestly? Seeing all of the happy couples expressing their love, the loud and proud people just enjoying their time, thousands of colours and confetti everywhere; she’s in love

               -Like?? It’s a place?? In public??? Where she can kiss you all she wants??

               -She does every now and then but she’s still embarrassed the poor bby

               -L o v e s the booths!

               -Thinks it’s important to support those in the LGBT+ community who create works of art!

               -Honestly bought like 20 pounds in books solely because they look amazing and are by up and coming LBGT+ writers (not to mention they all promised part of the proceeds go to charities!)

               -She’s part of the RFA she feels it’s like an unspoken duty of hers to do anything related to charities


               -Lowkey wants to set up a booth next year for your coffee shop

               -“It’s a good business investment, MC” “You just want to come to pride again next year, you don’t have to lie” “A GOOD! BUSINESS! INVESTMENT!”


               - ah yes

               - jumin han does gay

               - im soRRY I COULDNT RESIST

               -He was kind of against going to this parade

               -Not because it was for pride or anything but because he was just iffy about all the people

               -Does he really want to go and be surrounded by thousands of people, all of them bumping against him??

               -Well one look into your puppy dog eyes and the answer was yes, yes he did

               -You had to convince him to leave (most) of the body guards at home

               -There were a few that followed a moderate amount of distance behind but you caught them lowkey fawning over the two of you when he would give you a quick kiss on the nose or squeeze your hand

               -Honestly a few other couples would stop the two of you and tell you how cute the two of you were??

               -It would get Jumin so flustered and you were SO THANKFUL because wow look at my cutie he’s adorable

               -If any protesters even thought about something rude to you the bodyguards were there in an instant

               -You dragged Jumin along with you as you looked at each and every booth, placing the beaded necklaces they gave out around his neck

               -The funny part is, he just let you?? Like okay MC

               -At one point the necklaces stacked so high that you couldn’t see anything lower than his eyes

               -He didn’t want to disappoint you by taking them off so he left them until you noticed and laughed your ass off

               -Definitely took pictures before you distributed most of the necklaces among the two of you and the body guards

               -“MC, do you think Elizabeth would enjoy this rainbow collar?” “Juju that’s not for cats” “….Would you enjoy this collar?” JUMIN NOT IN PUBLIC

               -He saw some… interesting outfits, to say the least

               -“Commoners are very… odd, aren’t they?” that’s rude

               -Saw someone walking their partner on a leash

               -The moment you saw him side-eye you, you jabbed him in the ribs with your elbow, eliciting a slight grunt from him

               -“Don’t even think about it pretty boy”

               -To get back at him for even thinking about walking you on a leash, you poured a ton of glitter over his head while he was looking at some merchandise

               -Actually chased you through the large crowd, picking you up and spinning you before kissing you gently once he caught you

               -People cheered because wow look y'all are so cute together


               -You wanted to go in support of your friends!

               -But more than anything, you wanted to go and support your boyfriend!

               -He was pretty against going at first, because he was afraid of what people would think about him

               -It’s not like he advertises that he’s pansexual, so what would his friends think? Would they change their opinions of him?

               -“Saeyoung, you just love whoever you love, it’s not as if gender truly matters, right? So why would our friends be against who you are as a person?”

               -That’s what got him thinking- you completely support him… so why wouldn’t his friends be supportive?

               -After all, they are supportive of all his gender-swapped costumes….

               -You reminded him that he didn’t have to come out if he didn’t want to. A lot of people who are simply just Allies attend as well, no one would know how he fit into the community unless he told them

               -He had seen pictures of a few parades before, and he noticed all the insane costumes people wear

               -So of course?? He had to go all out?? If he had to go, he might as well, right?

               -Completely decked out in rainbow body glitter, boxers with hearts all over them, and you even helped him put temporary hair dye to make it rainbow!

               -Honestly he was in love the moment the two of you showed up??

               -So many people dressed up insanely without a care in the world, bright colours flying everywhere, people being loud and proud

               -His jaw honestly dropped at the sight of it all

               - Every time he saw a dog wearing a rainbow bandana he’s smacking your arm- you have bruises by the end of the day

               -He’s yelling, singing, laughing, and you haven’t seen him have this much fun in a while and you were absolutely loving watching him enjoy himself

               -“MC! Look! Look at how proud everyone is to just be themselves, isn’t it amazing?” he held your hands and looked down at them, “I wish I had the confidence to be like them. I don’t even know where to start!”

               -“Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go at your own pace! Hey, you’re in a parade full of strangers you probably won’t see again, why don’t you come out to someone? No one here is going to judge you!’

               -So he did! Actually, he did quite a few times! And he felt a m a z i n g

               -So good in fact, that he told you he was ready to tell his friends!

               -He spent the rest of his day at pride asking people how about their experiences with coming out, getting tips about the best way to do it, and getting nonstop support from tons of people! He felt so at home, the next week or so he was clinging to you, never knowing how to fully thank you

*V: Female!MC

               -THIS BOY LOVES LOVE

               -Any and all love is beautiful for him

               -So he’s super duper excited when you suggest going to pride!

               -SUPER ALLIES, MC AND JIHYUN!

               -Honestly, all of the happy people, bright colours, glitter, and especially all of the couples obviously in love make him S O E C S T A T I C

               -He brings a backpack full of brand new SD cards for his camera, and he 10/10 believes he’s gonna fill them all

               -He asks people in the most outgoing outfits if he can take their photo, and he giggles at all of the poses they do

               -Up close and personal to all of the floats to get pictures of every single detail

               -When he sees couples getting cozy, he asks to take photos to celebrate their love!

               - v that can get a lil creepy

               -Always offers to take a photo on their phone for them as well so he seems less crazy

               -He’s pretty sassy when he wants to be, if you didn’t already know

               -So when he sees protesters with such hateful signs, he takes it upon himself to fight back

               -He finds someone with extra signs and holds them up proudly!

               -When people shout out hateful things, he gently asks them why they think that

               -Always talking to them soft and gentle, which confuses the hell out of all of them because?? They’re trying to be hateful?? But this soft giant is talking to them so nicely???


               -It’s such a large difference in demeanor and even you’re thrown off guard

*SAERAN: Female!MC

               -He’s actually the one who asked you to go to pride with him??

               -In private, he told you that he might… have wanted to attend… to show support for his brother?

               -He’s really bad at showing he cares but he’s trying to do it bits at a time

               -But when Saeyoung brings it up he acts like he’s against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to go to that, there’s going to be so many people there, I don’t want that”

               - but goes anyway

               -He didn’t want to really want to dress up, but you convinced him to at least let you paint a small rainbow flag on his cheek (though it did take several days to do the convincing)

               -He was really grumpy at first, being dragged to and fro either by you or his brother

               -Having to squeeze through half naked, loud, or already morning-drunk people

               -Started to really regret attending until he saw how much fun his brother was having?

               -He had never seen Saeyoung this relaxed in his life and he silently decided he could put up with all of it for him, just this once

               -The two of you enjoyed visiting all of the booths though

               -At every booth, you get a  couple of bead necklaces

               -Saeran put them all on. All of them. All of his, all of yours, all of Saeyoungs.

               -Completely covered in bead necklaces, and he l o v e s i t

               -If you ask for some to wear you just get this look from him- not a glare, but a kind of look that screams “don’t even think about it”

               -He also demanded ice cream as much as possible

               -You tried so hard to cut him off but he just didn’t. stop.

               -Saeran pls there are 47 ice cream wrappers in my pocket p l e a s e


the signs as bo burnham quotes

Aries- The world is not funny. 12% of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. The world is not funny. Guy Fieri owns two functioning restaurants.

Taurus- She came out of the shower, her hair wet, her shoulders wet, it was a shower… it’s water.

Gemini- I wanna have a daughter, so I can finally have someone around the house who can fit their hands inside a Pringle can. YES, I’M STILL ON THE PRINGLE CANS THING.

Cancer- Holy fuck, I think she might be the one! There’s something about her, I just can’t describe it… tits.

Leo- My father recently told me that I act too flamboyant on stage and I said, “Really, dad? *throws glitter* PROVE IT!”

Virgo- You’re incomparable, like a…

Libra- He meant to knock the water over, yeah yeah yeah! Art is a lie, NOTHING IS REAL.

Scorpio- I saw a woman at her daughter’s funeral. Ha ha ha, classic comedy.

Sagittarius- Sticks and stones might break your bones, but words can break your heart. But if you don’t know where to go, I’ll show you where to start! KILL YOURSELF.

Capricorn- Why is it that when a woman wears revealing clothing, she is labelled a slut, yet if I were to wear her skin as a jacket, I’m a murderer?

Aquarius- Magic isn’t real, you idiot. (READ A BOOK.)

Pisces- You might think your dick is a gift, I promise it’s not.

BTS Kicks Off U.S. Leg of Wings Tour With Sold-Out Prudential Center Show

Only a handful of K-pop acts have been able to fill up stadium venues in the U.S., but on Thursday night (March 23), BTS held the first of two sold-out shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

With their loyal Army cheering them on from start to finish, the seven-member boy band kickstarted the U.S. leg of the worldwide 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour with a nearly three-hour long show that incorporated the group’s most boisterous hits and the introspective songs of its record-breaking Wings album.

BTS members Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin and Jin sandwiched the show between their most recent pair of singles, beginning the night with the riotous “Not Today” and, nearly 30 songs later, saying farewell with the inspirational “Spring Day.” Following the first song and its militarily precise choreography, the septet introduced themselves to the crowd and expressed their excitement at performing in the U.S. After the propulsive “Not Today” set the tone, the group performed its southern-inspired, Keb’ Mo’-sampling “Am I Wrong” and the slickly choreographed fan-favorite “Silver Spoon,” the only non-Wings B-side featured that night.

Though appearing a bit lethargic – they had flown in from Brazil following two shows and a stop in Mexico the week prior – BTS showed earnestness and an eagerness to please as the members attempted to connect with the fans who had propelled them to becoming one of K-pop’s most popular acts. Each of the members made dedicated attempts to speak in English throughout the night, raising cries of support from throughout the stadium as they thanked their fandom, the Army, and credited the light stick-waving fans for the group’s skyrocket to the top of Korea’s music industry.

The show’s intro portion came to a close with BTS’ energetic 2015 hit “Dope” before moving onto a segment featuring the group’s solo and unit tracks (“Lost,” “BTS Cypher Pt. 4”) off of Wings. The solitary, reflective showcases moved the audience, culminating in responsive cries of “we love you” from the crowd during Rap Monster’s “Reflection.” (Neither he nor Suga performed any of the tracks featured on their impassioned mixtapes or other projects separate from the rest of the group.) Though there were many memorable moments – Jin being raised on platforms while singing about being unable to fly during “Awake,” Suga backed by an orchestra and playing the piano while rapping about his instrument being his “First Love” – and some audio inconsistencies, by the time J-Hope rounded the segment out with his upbeat, choral-like ode to his “MAMA,” the audience was ready to see all seven men together again.

BTS reunited with the bombastic party song “Fire" before taking a break to chat with the audience once more. The group followed up with a medley of some of its earliest singles, including debut track “No More Dream,” to evoke a sonic journey to the past that Jin later compared to “a rocket through the history of BTS.”

After a fun-filled rendition of “21st Century Girl” that ushered BTS off the stage in a conga line, night one of two at the Prudential Center started to wind down with J-Hope returning by himself to perform a dance break to “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” before the group moved into a dynamic performance of “Blood Sweat Tears.”

As the seven men left the stage after assuring the audience they had performed their “last” song (“Outro: Wings”) of the night, fans around the stadium put colored plastic bags over their light sticks, creating a rainbow effect throughout the Prudential Center, in anticipation of an encore. With the first successful fan-coordinated event of this magnitude in the U.S., the BTS Army proved firsthand the type of support that had helped BTS to the top 40 of the Billboard 200 and the top 10 of the iTunes singles chart.

As they came back on stage to perform two final songs (“2! 3! (Still There Will Be Better Days)” and “Spring Day”), the BTS members expressed shock and delight at the visible outpouring of love they received from their fans. Rap Monster took the opportunity to thank their fans for the group’s impressive charting on the U.S. charts, declaring that it was was due to the effort of their Army: “You guys made that for us,” he told the cheering audience. “[The] glory is all yours.”

The first night at the Prudential Center was followed by another show on Friday. BTS heads to Chicago and Los Angeles later this week.


So I’ve been Considering the Coconuts extensively for a while now, and think I want to get some of it out into words, because Moana is personally important to me in a way no Disney film has ever come close to being. Close enough to write meta about it, which is a thing I basically never do. But I cannot stop my gushing thinky love and particularly about how this movie nuances (I don’t think subverts is the correct word) the Campbellian Hero’s Journey, in a way that I think is extremely interesting for what it says about the stories we tell, and have the potential to tell, about girls’ coming of age. Now my academic hat is off so this isn’t going to be Rigorous but. Here are Coconut Thoughts. Below the cut: on the inflection of two (and a half) Campbellian moments in Moana.

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But You’re You (a Lin/Reader imagine) -Chapter 1-

So, this is my first Hamilton imagine (and really only my second fanfiction ever). This is going to be a multi-chapter Lin/Reader story (because I’m trash). A quick warning: I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve never acted in nor worked on a Broadway show. I also know next to nothing about the actual Hamilton cast. Wild liberties will be taken. 

Feel free to shoot me a message with feedback (so I know whether to keep this going or not) and requests.

I’m cross-posting this on Ao3 here, if that’s more your bag.

A brief idea of what you’re getting into:

Summary: When your childhood friend offers you a job as a stagehand on the Broadway show she’s starring in, you jump at the chance and make the move to New York. What follows? Friends, flustered flirting, and more pining than you know what to do with.

Pairing: fairly slow burning Lin/Reader

Rating: T, I guess. No funny business here.

Words: 851

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SIGNATURE HEADERS: © truebangtan









❀ - fluff
☾ - angst
ℳ - mature


◦ if it’s you ❀ ; jin only wants one person

◦ a boy like that ❀ ; bassists are underrated


◦ candy floss ❀ ; a date gone wrong turns into a date gone right 

◦ red umbrella ☾ ; a girl with a red umbrella meets a boy with a microphone

◦ don’t breathe ❀ ; yoongi wants to prove he’s not a monster


◦ going crazy ☾ ; hoseok meets his first love again

◦ falling fast ❀ ; a jaded dancer meets a carefree violinist


◦ five stages ☾ ℳ ; grief takes its toll


◦ remedy [1] ❀ // fairyhouse!au [under revision, but you can still read (hint: don’t)] // AU PROMPT
◦ mind games ❀ ; two psychology majors suffocate everyone with their sexual tension // AU PROMPT

◦ fire with fire  ℳ ; an assassin breaks his number one rule // AU PROMPT

◦ princess ❀ ; jimin is very tolerant


◦ amaranthine ☾ ; taehyung falls in love with the one person he can’t have

◦ drive ❀ ; a short story of a sober girl and a good-looking bartender

◦ miss priss ❀ ; a little boy tugs on his crush’s pigtails

◦ scintilla ❀ ; it’s the way he looks at you 


◦ order ☾ ; the short-lived romance between a bodyguard and his client
   ↳ rebellion  [part two]
◦ i’m in love ❀ ℳ ; the only person jungkook is whipped for


Y/N is anxiously waiting for the day of her debut under BigHit Entertainment with a girl group, after having trained for five years. When that day comes, there seems to be a slight change of plans. [reader x bts]

00 / 01 / 02 / 03


Y/N is a self-proclaimed ‘vampire caretaker’ and helps newborn vampires get back on their feet at a mysterious house on the mountains called the ‘Violet House.’ She also goes by the alias ‘Violet.’ She’s gotten pretty good at her job, but a particular good-looking and troublesome vampire may screw everything up. [reader x vampire!bts] // AU PROMPT

00 / 01


A series of love stories that take place within two hundred days. [reader x bts]

yoongi / hoseok

Call me an easy-to-please dumbass but...

All the decisions Hanyu’s made in his career thus far have turned out to be practical, and sound ones (even when they didn’t seem like it at first) while remaining exciting. This one is no less so, even if it might seem disappointing at first. Why is this, you ask? Let’s put a few things (28, to be exact) into perspective (I’m not blindly positive, y’all):

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The Other Lodge (Part 3)

Originally posted by justin-gingerlake

Pairing: OC x Reader

Requested: Nope

Synopsis: Veronica Lodge and her twin brother Jackson ‘Jax’ Lodge are new to Riverdale. He thought he was going to hate it here but then he met you.

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

“Well, it’s not the Met ball.“ Veronica said as you, herself, Betty, Archie, and Jackson walked through the entrance of the gym where the dance was held. The dance was in full swing, everyone was having fun and dancing. You glanced over to Jackson, who stood next to Betty the other side of the group, and you had to admit he looked good in a suit.

“I’m… uh going to get some punch.” You informed the group and walked away before Veronica could protest. When you got to the punch table you poured yourself a glass, you didn’t actually want any you just wanted to get as far away from Jackson as you could. He was your weakness, the longer you were in his presence the more you want to forget about everything and hook up with him. You were leaning against the table scrolling through your phone when Veronica came over with Kevin. She cleared her threat trying to get your attention but to no avail so she snatched your phone out from your hands. “Hey!” You exclaimed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Veronica asked. Her perfect eyebrow arched.

“I was on my phone.” You replied, emphasising on was.

“There is a handsome guy wanting to dance with you so go dance with him.”

“Okay, if you’re referring to your brother, he doesn’t. Secondly I don’t want to dance. I don’t even want to be here so can I have my phone back.” You asked attempting to get your phone from Veronica but she moved it out of your reach in the last second.

“No you can’t. You are going to dance with my dear brother. We’re here for Betty so if we all dance it will hopefully make her relax and finally tell Archie how she feels.” She said grabbing your hand to guide you where Jackson is. “Also, you’re not getting your phone back until you dance with him.” You both stopped where he was standing and she nudged you towards him before going off to dance with Kevin.

“So..” You started.

“So… I’m guessing she took your phone too?” Jackson asked.

“Yep.” You replied.

“Well, I guess if we want our phones back we better fulfil her bizarre wishes.” He decided and took your hand leading you to the dance floor. He slipped his arms around your waist and you crossed your hands around his neck. It was a slow song on so you were both swaying to the music. You were looking around trying to avoid eye contact with him. Jackson sighed when he noticed what you were doing. “Why can’t you look me in the eye? Am I that bad?”

“Depends. What did you mean when you said you pegged me as a cheerleader?” You didn’t mean to ask him tonight, or at all, but you had enough and not knowing was driving you crazy.

“What did you mean when you said you didn’t peg me as someone who plays football.”

“I asked first.” You were getting impatient with him now. You stopped dancing and removed your arms from around his neck.

“Okay… you’re superficial, self-centred, bitchy. Your parents are rich so you think you’re untouchable. You’ve probably been with the whole football team, if not most of it. You are fake and you don’t let anyone see the real you.”

“That’s a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?” You crossed your arms dumbfounded at his presumption of you.

“Oh like you haven’t done the same.” Jackson retorted. He was standing close to you now, towering over you.

You scoffed. “Wow, I was right about you.” You shook your, disappointment laced in your tone and flashed across your face. You hoped you were wrong about him like you were wrong about his sister but tonight he proved you right. The music soon stopped for Cheryl to introduce Josie and the Pussycats to the stage as well as make a speech about Jason. You turned away from him and started heading to the door leaving Jackson standing in the middle of the dance floor on his own. You wanted to not draw attention to yourself but Little did you know was that two people were watching you. Cheryl was standing on stage and noticed you walking off out of the door, it was easy for her as everyone else was standing still.

The other one who was watching was Veronica. She was watching the exchange between the two of you the entire time. When you walked away looking upset she was confused, she didn’t know why or how it went so wrong. She caught her brothers gaze to which he looked away immediately and walked off. Veronica followed her brother and caught up with him. “What the hell happened?” Veronica demanded. She grabbed his arm so he would look at her.

“Nothing. It’s none of your concern.” He replied turning back to the punch table grumbling at the lack of alcohol in it.

“It’s obviously not nothing. Y/N walked off clearly upset. What did you say to her?”

Jackson scoffed. “She was not upset and I told her the truth. Why do you care so much anyway? Isn’t there someone else’s life you can be meddling in?”

“I care because you’re my brother. What did you say to her, Jax?”

“I told her she was fake. Look, I know the type V. The typical cheerleader.” Veronica’s face dropped. She was angry, no she was pissed. Jackson saw the look that clouded his sisters face and knew immediately what he did was wrong.

“You’re joking right? Please tell me you didn’t actually say that to her.” Veronica looked at her brother waiting for an answer but he just stood there speechless. “I can’t believe you. How could you make an assumption about someone after everything we’ve been through.”

“V I-.” He started but Veronica held her hand up to tell him stop and continued.

“And if you must know Y/N is the least fake person I know. She’s nice and caring and definitely not like the girls from our old school but of course you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t even bother getting to know her before you made up your mind about her.”

“She did the same thing, you know.”

“Then you prove to her that she’s wrong.” Veronica shook her head in disappointment at her brother and scoffed. “You can take the boy out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the boy.” She looked at him in pity and shoved his phone to his chest. Once again Jackson was left on his own in the middle of the dance floor realisation that he messed up flooded him. He liked you, from the moment he met you he liked you, but now he’s messed up. Any chance of being with you gone.

“Don’t give up on her. She’ll come around. You just have to work even harder to win her over.” Cheryl assured standing beside him. Jackson was startled, he didn’t hear her or see her come over. ‘She was right’ he thought but now he’s got to win you and his sister over, both he wronged.

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I saw your response to an ask about what service dogs can do. I'm hoping to get one in the future for my anxiety and derealization but I was just wondering if you know of like ways I can learn how to train my dog for those tasks ? Thanks in Advance xx

I really hope you’re able to get a dog! Service dogs seem like the most wonderful of companions. ^_^

Owner training is definitely possible, but it does take a lot of research! I’ve been researching and practicing dog training (on friends dogs and with some lowkey clients) for over a year and a half, and I still haven’t gotten a puppy yet. Some people jump right in, but with anxiety and dissociation over here, I like to be prepared going in. 

Service dog training essentially happens in three stages.

Stage one: Basic obedience and manners (up until about 6 months old). This is teaching basic etiquette, socializing your dog, and practicing basic obedience in a variety of situations (so the dog is used to staying on task/listening to commands in any situation). Any basic obedience is great for this! I’m a huge fan of Zak George’s dog training videos and also reading a lot of blogs. Taking group classes in this stage is a great resources too. The ultimate goal is to train to pass the Canine Good Citizen’s test. After they pass this, they then become a service dog in training (SDiT).

Stage two: Public access skill development (6-24 months). This kind of happens in two stages–first just practice basic obedience in new environments, like a friend’s yard, a dog friendly park, a calm dog friendly store. Slowly increase distractions and keep proofing your dog’s skills. Once your dog is shown to be really good in pet friendly places, you can move onto other places for training (presuming your state allows SDiTs access anywhere, not all states do). 

Then in the last period of time (like last 6 months, so 18-24 months old) start really focusing on public access skills needed to pass the public access test. You can find these listed online. 

Stage three (same time as stage two, can even start towards end of stage one): Task training. Basically training the tasks your service dog will help you with. There are lots of blogs and youtube videos on this (just google the specific tasks!). All the tasks are learned in steps. Here’s a good anxiety alert training example! Task training can start at any time, and you’ll want to proof these behaviors in different environments too. Most SDs end up perfecting tasks before all the public access skills. 

Some notes: 

  • Keep a training log! If you ever need to prove your SD is legit, then this can be taken to court. 
  • Be consistent. You have to train at least once a day, if not two or three times. Short training bursts (10-15 mins) after exercise are what most handlers say works best. 
  • Learn a ton about dog body language. This will help you realize if your dog is stressed about training, in which case you want to stop immediately and switch over the play, comfort, and rewarding your dog. They did their best! 
  • Also research dog development. Like the rebellious teenage stage!
  • Dogs can wash out/not be suited for service. Go with a reputable breeder and temperament test the puppy to start and it lowers the risk. 
  • I’m speaking from the perspective of a US future SD handler!

I’d also recommend checking out the Owner Trained Service Dogs and Service Dogs for Invisible Disabilities groups on facebook. They can have a lot of resources and tips there!  

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I just reached the halfway mark and I’m almost to my goal! <3

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Hiiii!!! i have to ask something that has been worrying me for days now: do you think touka will die? or that she will suffer a drastic change (like, for example, casca from berserk) ? i dont know what hurts the most.. i'm just so worried.. i feel like crying.. help my soul i know that touka is someone really important to kaneki's character, and that she helps him grow, but do you think ishida would do something like that? AAAH I'M SCARED TT A TT

(Man I really need to read Berserk)

I don’t think a drastic change is coming to Touka since it wouldn’t really fit any arc parallels. As for death - well, it ain’t impossible anon, but I still don’t think it will happen. 

It might be that like Kaneki dies and Touka is left behind at the end of the first manga, Touka dies and Kaneki is left behind at the end of this manga. That’s a possibility for a parallel, and the ring Kaneki got this chapter serves as a potential device for Kaneki to remember Touka by after she is gone. Because I don’t want to be accused of wishful thinking, I acknowledge the possibility of this outcome. If Ishida is more nihilistic than I anticipated and :re is in fact about the impossibility of breaking the cycle of tragedy, this could be the way things go.


Because Touka seems to be aware of her own deathflags, I think that we can expect a curveball from Ishida and be hit by a different death in the family. Because of various pieces of foreshadowing, such as the rotten womb poem, the artwork of a person with characteristics of both Kaneki and Touka, and the unprotected sex in 125, I think the real death we can expect is of their child. In fact it’s Touka’s awareness of her vulnerability (esp when/if she finds out she’s preggo) that’s going to keep her alive, although it will be her choice for action that will ultimately result in the child’s death.

Since Kaneki’s had his Sun phase now, what remains is Judgement and The World. Will Kaneki really be able to continue into The World phase if his Sun is extinguished? The loss of a child will be hard, but would the loss of Touka now of all times even be bearable?

Finally, I don’t think :re is about an endless cycle. I don’t see what would be the point in writing it in the first place if that was the case - I would think the original series would be tragedy enough. Touka and Kaneki have already successfully fulfilled the failed missions of their parallels Yoshimura and Eto, proving that the cycle can be broken. And, as is the tagline of :re:

That sounds like a call for hope if I ever saw one. Say it’s only referring to Haise’s dreamworld if you like, but it remains at the tagline for the start of the whole series, and ought to be reflected in the entire thing, just like how “Melancholy becomes this mysterious man of the new age” defined the entirety of the first manga. And the last two stages of the Fool’s Journey are ones of triumph, not failure. Ishida has always championed faith in front of the gaping void. At the end of the first manga, Touka seemingly hopelessly has faith in Kaneki returning to Anteiku, but, come :re, that’s just what happened. 

That’s why I think :re is about hope. Maybe that just means Kaneki will survive, but I think, for something resembling a happier ending, Touka has to be there too. So don’t cry just yet anon, I think we should have faith just like she always did.

Sebastian Stan Imagine

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You and Sebastian were getting ready for an event where you both were nominated. In the dame category actually. You found this nominee very silly, but faltering at the same time. Relationship Goals was the category, nether of you even knew there was such ting, well now you do. It was Sebastians idea to dress in the same color outfits. You had out on floor length red dress, with a split V-neck. 

“wow” you heard Sebastian, when you looked up in the mirror to find Sebastian looking up and down at you, he then walked next to you, placing his hand on your waist. You both looking in the mirror, “we really are relationship goals” he kissed your cheek and smiled looking how you slowly started to blush. He always managed to make you blush with just a look. “Well my dear , are you ready for tonight?” you put your arm around his 

“Yes I am” so you were on your way to a nigh you have no idea how it will turn out. At the red carpet you and Sebastian were getting more attention then you expected. Having Sebastian by your side, kissing your cheek, smiling at each other, it was so sweet, it made it feel less stressful. At one point you got so lost on each others eyes, you complete forgot about the flashing lights and that you had to move on. Walking inside you met many people, some of your co-stars, some just friends, Sebastian met his, so for a brief moment you and Sebastian went your separate ways. 

“So you and Sebastian are nominated for something very cute” said Emma giggling like a little girl. 

“Yeah, who comes up with these nominations?” you laughed just as a strong arm started to wrap around your waist, by the touch you already knew it was Sebastian, when he was right next you smelled the cologne you got him for his birthday. 

“I’m sorry ladies, but could I steal this beauty away from you” they all nodded and with smiling faces watched you and Sebastian walk away. “I have some good news” he said leading you to the bar. 

“Really? Well do tell” he handed you a glass of champagne. He slowly started to raise his glass. 

“Remember, what we’ve always wanted. From the moment we met?” he smiled seeing how you were remembering. 

“Yes” you hoped that what you were thinking was right. 

“We got it. We got the parts in the movie plus, Chris got to direct it” this really was dream come true. You and Sebastian always wanted to film in a movie together, but it never happened. Ether he was working on a movie already when there was a chance or you were already filming one. Now it was finally happening. He was done with all his project and you just finished yours. It was perfect timing. 

“That is amazing” you gave Sebastian a kiss and both took a sip from your drinks. 

“Well well, is this our competition?” Chaning Tatum and his wife were walking your way. Sebastian and you, Chaning and Jenna were both nominated for the Relationship Goals nominee. “Are you two cerebrating our win so fast?” he joked giving Sebastian a hug and a kiss on your cheek. Ever since you filmed a movie with him you all became very good friends. They always come over for dinners, and you all end up playing a game of Pictionary. 

A small talk later you were siting in your seats and watching the show. It was  a great night all the people you want to win won, you had so much fun then came your and Sebastian’ category. As the announcers talk Chaning looked back at you and Seb, giving you a glare then a big laugh. While you laughed looking at each other you didn’t even notice them announcing the winner. 

“Go” Jenna yelled at you and Sebastian. Turns out while you and Sebastian had one. He helped you up the stairs as the gentlemen he was. You got the award. 

“We don’t really know who we should thank for this” Sebastian joked looking at you “But I do have two people to thank. I want to thank Y/Ns parents for bringing her into this world, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be having this amazing girlfriend and we wouldn’t be Relationship Goals. He gave you a quick kiss, his words made you so happy and brought back the butterflies in your stomach you didn’t know what to say. Sebastian held your hand was you walked off the stage. 

“Well this is something” you said looking at the award. Sebastian stood in front of yo, just as you looked up he cupped your cheeks and kissed you. Every time you two kissed it was more passionate then the last time. You didn’t need an award to prove how amazing your relationship was, you didn’t need to put that thing on display to show people or you both know how much you care about each other. You feel the love each day, with each kiss, with every touch. 

Sun, Sand and Swindling Walkthrough (Liar! Uncover the Truth and Liar Office event)

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Please only click “keep reading” if you are willing to know the answer. If you are on mobile and do not wish to see, please scroll down fast!  

Note: Answers are translated from Japanese by me so wording is not exact however  A/B/C choices are guaranteed. Official translations are up now.

Event requirements
Stage 1 - 200 CP
Stage 2 - 500 CP
One Route - 600 CP
Two Routes - 700 CP
Three Routes - 800 CP
Four Routes - 900 CP
All Routes - 1000 CP

Routes for Kazumi, Sotaro, Azusa, Yusei and Keisuke are available after the main story.

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in



A/N: I had to skip episode seven because (which I forgot) it’s dedicated to Clarke and Lexa, so please excuse that. Anyways, I wanted to say thank you for being so involved in this story and helping me right when I asked :) it makes me so happy to know you all are so invested in this story. When I started it I never even thought that it would become this loved and well appreciated, so once again thank you!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 03x08, 03X09 and 03x10

Warnings: spoilers?

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“It’s an old saying, but it’s true… the walls have ears. And we can’t afford any more assumptions about who’s a friend and who isn’t. Not your old acquaintances, not your husband, wife or lover.”

Taking a deep breath, you looked over at those around you, unsure of how to react to what Pike was saying. The radio piece that allowed you to listen into their conversations that you’d managed to hide in the Chancellor’s office and set up, clearly worked. But it also wasn’t hard for Pike and them to get the sense they might be being listened on.

“We’re fighting two wars now and the more dangerous one is here inside this camp.” Straightening your back out, you watched your father stepped closer to the table, clearly intrigued to hear what Pike was going to say. Steeling yourself, your prepared yourself for the worst.

“We can’t prove it yet, but Kane and his accomplices passed information to Octavia.” You bit your lip, your head falling to your hands. At this stage they already knew Kane was an accomplice and it wasn’t too hard to see you were one too, especially with Bellamy knowing more he hadn’t told yet. Though, as of right now, that may only be a matter of time. “I know none of you signed up to investigate your neighbours, but Monroe and Lacroix died because the traitors in this camp sold them out to grounders.” 

You hadn’t even know Monroe had died… 

“Whoever did that will be hunted down and exposed for what they did to their own, for what they did to us.” You flinched as Pike’s voice slowly raised, anger evident in his tone; “now you get whatever resources, whatever personnel you need to make that happen. Dismissed.”

Reaching out, you clicked the radio off in frustration. Turning to your father, you waited.

“If they’re gonna play that game, we need to play it, too.” Kane stated.

“And how do we do that?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Kane turned, getting up from his seat as he uttered; “meaning we don’t meet here anymore, for starters.” Shaking your head, you crossed your arms over your chest, trying to push down the panic you felt building up within you. “We change our patterns, forget our habits. Take a different route through camp every time we go out. Assume that there are eyes on us at all times.”

“Or we could just shock-lash Pike’s fascist’s ass and hand him to the grounders.” Harper spat. 

“That would be murder, not to mention treason, and that’s not who we are.”

“And maybe that’s who we should be.” You argued, shrugging your shoulders. “I mean they’re hunting us like prey. And clearly our methods aren’t working.”

Miller nodded from beside you; “I agree with Y/N. Maybe it’s who we need to be.” Kane looked at you, seemingly looking over things before shaking his head. “Not yet.”

You sighed, frustration and fear deciding your actions. Taking a breath, you kept your mouth shut as Miller rubbed aggressively against his face, sighing heavily. “Alright, then what’s the plan?”

“Hey, anyone followed?”

Turning to your father, stopping your pacing and shook your head no. “And what about you?”

“No, no. I’m good.” Kane shook his head, turning to Harper at the radio. “Any word from Octavia?” 

She shook her head, playing around with the radio; “been flipping through different channels all morning, nothing.” She replied. Keeping your breathing calm, you crossed your arms over your chest, biting your lip. Octavia not answering could mean a number of different things and at the moment, none of you had anyone out there available to discover which one it was.

“Nothing, I mean either she’s out of ranger–” Harper rambled. “Or they already got her,” Miller finished for her. Your father turned to him quick, shutting down his option; “or she ran her battery down, or she needed the radio silence to run the blockade. There are a lot of reasons why she might’ve gone dark.”

“I’ve been out there patrolling for the past three months,” Miller reminded. “I know this area better than any grounder, just let me go out–”

“Guys,” Harper interrupted, looking up at you three. “Listen to this.” Pulling off her headphone jack from the radio, she set the radio down carefully, letting the message play. Your heart dropped when you heard Pike’s voice, knowing it could mean anything, anything but good.

“Results of this mornings inventory was sobering,” he started. “In no way do we currently have the ammo for an extended series of firefights, not even close.” Turning to your dad, you looked at him in question.

“So what’s plan ‘B’?” Your shoulders slumped at the familiar sound of Bellamy’s voice, still finding it really hard to listen or be near him after your last conversation with him. Your father noticed your immediate change in attitude and turned to you in concern, letting a hand fall on your shoulder. You only shrugged it off, sending him a small smile. Kane didn’t have time for your pity party, besides after everything else that had gone wrong in your life, you’re not surprised the love aspect fell.

“Our lookouts say the largest Grounder encampment is in this valley, so we deploy an assault team in Rover one, and we do as much damage as we can with automatic weapons.”

“And they’ll just fall back and make a run for reinforcements.” Hannah cautioned.

“I’m counting on that.” You heard Pike reply, “the only way there and back is over this ridge. Now we can bottleneck their soldiers and pick them off.” You shook your head, not like the plan one bit. Pike and his team, including Bellamy, a become a group of mass murderers and it made you feel sick. Just picking the Grounder’s off one by one…

“We got the fire power for that?”

“We won’t need it. We have a dozen concussive antipersonnel in our armoury.” Taking a deep breath you leaned forward on the table, shaking your head. You felt Miller do the same thing beside you. Your father and Harper who only continued to listen as their faces grew more and more panicked. “I’ve already got a weapons man rigging them with a remote trigger. We load the APD’s into the rover and mine the field before we attack. After we strike, we lure their reinforcements onto the ridge and once we have enough grounders in the killing box–” 

“We detonate.” Bellamy finished and you felt your heart dropped to your stomach. “It’ll buy us sometime, but–”

“Time’s what we need.” Smacking your hand against the table, you bit your lip. “We move at dawn.” With that, Pike ended his discussion and silence filled the room.

“Alright,” your father started. “We need to disable that rover. If they take it out, it doesn’t matter how many grounders they kill. Ten times will march on Arkadia.” You nodded, completely agreeing with your father’s plan. “And no one’ll survive.” 

“You got any idea how we’re gonna stop them?” 

“I might.”

“Were you part of it?”

Sighing, you turned your head around catching Bellamy. Though instead of replying, you only turned back to your table, looking around you as you had before. Looking at your hands, you took a moment to stare at the chip you’d been fiddling with. After your decline earlier from Jaha, he’d insisted you took one and thought over it, so you did. And you had been thinking about it before Bellamy came.

Hearing his footsteps, you shoved the chip in your pocket just before he could see it. Bellamy fell beside you, pulling out a chair to sit in. “Why?” You finally answered, “gonna lock me up too like Sinclair?”

“How many times do I have to te-”

“That you’re trying to help me.” You finish for him, finally looking at him. “Trying to not get me arrested, yes I know.” You sigh, shaking your head. “I just didn’t know you were so okay with doing it to any of your other friends.” 

Bellamy paused and you watch him hesitate before his eyes narrowed. “There’s a threat outside these walls-”

“The threats inside these walls.” You interrupted, glaring back up at him. Shaking your head, you bit your lip looking away. “But I guess now you’re the threat too.” You ignored the pang of guilt you felt as his face faltered for just a second before he composed himself. Standing up you moved to walk away before his hand gripped your wrist, tightly, holding you in place. You slowly turn your head, willing him to say what he wanted to. And he was about to, but you never got to hear what he ‘needed’ to say because of voice interrupted him.

“Bellamy!” Turning you saw Monty heading your way, until he stopped at your table. 

“Better leave, i’m sure you both have very important business to attend to.” You scoff at both of them. Ripping your wrist from Bellamy’s hand, you turn around, stalking off. When you were far enough, sure that neither of them could see you, you pulled out the chip. Rubbing your thumb softly over the design on the top, you thought over it. It was tempting, just as it had been that night, but you weren’t one to give up that easily, especially when so many of your friends and your father needed you now.

Shaking your head, you tossed it to the side, forgetting about it.

“Dad, i’m old enough to make my own decisions.”

“Not this time.” Kane interrupted, grabbing ahold of your shoulders, he cautiously looked around him, making sure no one was listening. Frustrated at the fact that your very own father was treating you like a child, you crossed your arms, pouting and looking the other way. “Please, Y/N. You have to promise me that when the plan goes into action you’ll stay out of it.”

“Why?” Was the first thing that slipped through your lips. “I mean I can help with the distraction, o-or I could help with Pi-”

“No.” Kane interrupted, “no, Y/N. Listen to me, if this goes wrong, I will be arrested. And Lincoln and Sinclair, all of them will go back to lock-up, and if Harper and Miller are unlucky they could go to lock-up as well. Pike will have me and them executed. I need you to stay out of this so if things go wrong I know there’s someone left that I can trust.”

You sighed, angry at the fact that you knew he was right. But you hated having to stay on the sidelines, do nothing and be useless, it made you feel like you were worth nothing. But you also knew that your father was right and in the long run, if things did go south, you still being thought a none traitor would be beneficial.

Uncrossing your arms, you looked over, nodding your head; “fine.” You mumbled. Kane nodded, letting go of your shoulders as he turned to go. He needed to meet up with Pike like he’d planned in order for this whole thing to work. Knowing that you won’t be able to do anything to help him, should things go wrong, you grabbed onto his arm before he could walk away. Kane turned, opening his mouth to say something before your arms fell around him.

“Be safe.”

You felt your father’s arms fall around you, accepting your embrace. You could hear his heart beating rapidly and that’s when you knew he was scared. You squeezed him tighter; “I will.” Your father pushed away from the hug, giving you one last look before he walked away.

Watching his back disappear from sight, you sighed. 

“Get the hell out of the way!” You screamed, shoving at the guards that blocked you. Standing as tall as you could, you tried to meet your father’s eyes but the stupid guards in front of you held you still and blocked any means of seeing your father. Trying to hold in your tears, you tried to push your way past but it was hopeless. The guards weren’t budging.

“Y/N,” you father called. “Y/N! It’s okay.” He attempted one last attempt at calming you down.

“Nothing’s okay.” You mumbled, pushing at the guards one final time. You winced when one of the guards grabbed your upper arm, pinching it slightly and aggressively. Though you ignored him, still trying to get through. “Let me go!” You uttered, trying to break his grip off of your arm. He relented, only squeezing tighter. “That’s my father, my father. Let me through!”

“Ma’am, your father has been arrested for treason. No one but guard detail is allowed by that door.” The other guard spoke, his voice rather calm. Shaking your head, you tried to think rationally. The mission had gone wrong and when cornered between driving through Bellamy or surrendering, your father had chosen surrendering. Now he was being kept in lock-up until his execution. You couldn’t lose him, you refused to lose the only family you had left. And not to mention the family you’d just gained.

“I don’t care,” you breathed, out of breath. “I need to see him.”

“We’re going to have to ask you to calm down and take a step back or we’ll be forced to restrain you.” The guard threatened, taking a minute, you looked back into his eyes. “Will arresting me get me to my father?”

Both of them seemed genuinely surprised by your reply and your determination. Turning to look at one another, you waited for their answer. Just before it seemed like they’d let you through, or restrain you, a voice interrupted them; “hold up.” Taking a deep breath, you turned around only to see the one and only Bellamy walking toward you and the two guards. You couldn’t hide the anger you felt at the sight of him, since he’d been the one to arrest your father.

“What are you doing?” He asked the two guards.

“I’ll answer that,” you interrupt. “I’m going to see my father.”

“i’ll handle this.” Bellamy shooed the two guards away and pausing a moment, they finally left. Turning your head down the hall, you couldn’t even see your father anymore and figured he’d already been put in lock-up. Ignoring Bellamy, you turned to walk down the hall before his hand caught your wrist. Turning to him you glared; “i’m going to see my father.”

“No, you’re not.” He suddenly let go of your wrists, his arms wounding around your waist before you could do anything. Bellamy began dragging you away, hauling you off easily enough. You fought his grip, trying to get away from him but he seemed to use all his strength to keep you there. You felt all your emotion pulled up, as you began yelling for him to let you go. All the same, Bellamy kept his grip on you, ignoring any effort you had to make him let you go.

When he finally stopped, you were well aways from lock-up. Once you felt Bellamy’s arms leave your waist, you whipped around to face him, your hands falling against his chest harshly again and again. “You murdering son-of-a-bitch!” You screamed against him, emotions clouding your judgement and actions. Sobbing you shook your head; “they’re gonna kill him!”

Bellamy let you hit him, not making any effort to stop you. Clouded by your fury, you beat against his chest, slumping when you grew tired. Your fists hurt from how hard you’d been clenching them, and you didn’t even realize how hard you’d been trying to hit Bellamy until you finally stopped. The worst part of all was he didn’t even seem effected by your lashing out as all he did was stare down at you.

You were so pent up on your emotions you missed the sliver of guilt fill his eyes, you missed the way his guard immediately fell around you. And of course you didn’t notice Bellamy finally realize the amount of emotion turmoil he’d caused you with everything he’d done. But now he could see it, just in your eyes alone, how tired and mentally exhausted you were. How hurt you were.

Taking a shaky breath, you backed off from Bellamy. There was no point trying to get your father now, Bellamy proved he could just pick you up and carry you away. You were lucky you hadn’t been arrested yet despite your eagerness before. Wiping at the tears that had cascaded down your face aggressively, you turned. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“What do you want?”

Looking around Miller’s shoulders, your eyes narrowed at the sight of Bellamy. Looking back at Harper, you composed yourself, tired of Bellamy seeing you at your weakest and waited to see what he needed. Your brows furrowed when Miller stepped back, letting Bellamy in. As soon as his eyes fell on you, his composure somewhat fell but you ignored him, crossing your arms. You were done playing games, and didn’t trust Bellamy one bit.

You let out a sigh when Monty stepped in behind him, shaking your head. “This should be good.” You uttered below your breath. They shut the door behind them, seemingly cautious of who was around. 

“What do-” You closed your mouth when Bellamy signalled you to be quiet. Raising an eyebrow, your gaze fell to the knife in his hands, taking a step back. Harper moved her hands to her gun, Miller doing the same thing and you prepared yourself for the worst. 

“Whoa, whoa, hey.” Taking a careful stepped forward, Bellamy slowly placed the knife against a patch on Miller’s jacket. Sliding it through, he cut off a section of the patch, revealing an opening. You watched him turn the knife over, handing the back of the knife to Miller before reaching out and taking a small chip from the jacket. You sighed, shaking your head.

“The bag blocks the signal. Now we can talk.” Monty explained, showing the bag for explanation.

“Who put it in there?” Miller asked.

“That’s not important right now.” Bellamy dismissed, “Pike just sentence Lincoln and Sinclair to death alongside Kane.” Keeping yourself calm, you couldn’t hold back the tears that welled within your eyes. Biting your lip, you laughed dryly; “yeah, like that’s news.”

“Are you trying to scare us?” Harper asked, her own voice shaky.

“No. We’re here to help. I’m sure you have a plan to break them out. What can we do to help?” 

You shook your head, turning to Bellamy. “Did you not hear me earlier? We have no plan!”

“Y/N, come on,” Monty argued.

“Look we can pull this off.” Bellamy added, “but in order to we need people to hand them off to someone the outside.”

Looking over at Miller and Harper, you looked at them in question. “We seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.” Miller repeated, to make it more clear.

“You think we want them to die.” Monty incredulously asked.

“You know what? Forget it. If my sister wants to save Lincoln’s life, you tell her to meet me at the drop-ship in a hour.” Bellamy finished, before grabbing his stuff and leaving. Monty turned to him in alarm, calling out his name but you only looked over at him unimpressed as he looked back at you three.

“After everything we’ve been through,” he started. “You don’t trust me?”

“Does your mom know you’re here, Monty?” Harper asked, tears welling up in her own eyes. Looking away when he gazed at you, you gave him the answer he needed. It felt hard, to not trust your friends like this, but after everything both Bellamy and Monty have done, you didn’t blame you or Miller and Harper. You watched Monty slowly turn, leaving through the door. Falling back on the seat, your head fell to your hands.

“They wouldn’t let me see you.” You gasped, taking a hesitant step forward. Your heart broke at the sight of your father in chains, it reminded you of when he’d once been staring back at you in the same position. But things had changed, majorly and that wasn’t who he was now. 

As you stared back at him, you looked to see if he had any shred of fear, but he looked as calm as ever. Opposite to yourself which you were sure you were red eyed and shaking, a mess basically. Taking the intuitive, you stepped towards him, falling just short of him. You had limited time, as you had to fight to see him and Abby still needed to see Kane before the execution. 

Looking up at his face, you hated the way he looked back at you with that same, reassuring smile. Your eyes glossed over and not caring about who was around you threw your arms around his neck, taking the moment to bask in it. If this didn’t go right, which you were praying it would, you might never see your father again. Your father hugged you back as best as he could with the restraints but you didn’t so much care.

Taking a heavy breath, you tried to control your sobs. Making sure no guard was near enough, you moved your mouth close to Kane’s ear so only he would hear. “I’m gonna get you out of here, and the rest. We have a plan.”

“Y/N, no-”

Leaning back, you sent him a small smile. “I won’t lose my father too.”

Kane only gazed back at you in shock and before he could say anything back, the guard stepped forward; “times up.” You nodded, not arguing. Following their lead, you let go of your father and began to move back to the door. “I love you.” You called.

And for the first time in a long time, worry etched his features, you could only imagine it was because he knew whatever you had planned was dangerous. But you only smiled back, before you were out the door. Taking one last glance at him, you turned down the hall, nodding determined.

Walking into the room, you smiled upon the sight of your friends and father okay. Making a beeline for your father, you smiled at the sight of him and Abby, happy to see things were still going well there. When he caught sight of you, he hesitated, shaking his head. “I-”

Holding your hand up, you smiled; “no need to thank me.” Kane chuckled, shaking his head at your behaviour. Hearing a beep from the radio, you turned to Octavia in alarm. As someone who’d helped craft the plan, Harper signalling Octavia first wasn’t part of it. “OKS, come in.” You heard her voice, but it sounded hushed.

“What is it?” Lincoln asked.

“This wasn’t part of the plan.” You answered, shaking your head. Octavia nodded, pulling out the radio as she panted; “we used their frequency so they could hear us.” She explained for you, before pressing the button on the radio and bringing it up to her lips. “Go ahead.”

“Stay right where you are.” Harper whispered and your heart plummeted; “repeat stay where you are. The exit is not clear.”

“How many guards?”

“Too many,” Harper replied. “I said stay put.”

Looking around, you stood straight, trying to think of what to do. Before Monty’s voice echoed over the radio; “calling all guards. The prisoners are headed for the main gate. Repeat main gate.” You paused, unsure if you had heard those words right. Had Monty just helped you all?

“That was Monty.” Octavia breathed, and you nodded, still not quite believing it yourself.

“Guess he’s with us after all.” Miller stated, and you turned to look at him. It seemed that maybe you should’ve listened to him earlier… 

“Pike will find out.” 

“We don’t know that.” You argued, turning to your father. “We have to move, now.” You reminded in a rush, this was possibly your only chance and you needed to take it. Monty had given you leeway, better not waste it. Looking over Octavia, she nodded at you and soon enough you all began rushing through the halls. 

“Go, go, go.” Your father rushed, pushing Harper and Miller through. Looking around you, you looked for guards, pacing on your feet. A voice over the P.A. caught your attention, and you paused, handing one of your bags over to Miller to take. Kane turned to you, signalling you to go in. “You’re next, go Y/N.” Taking a look back, you nodded, finally stepping through into the small space. Your father smiled at you and you accepted the bag he offered.

“Go Abby,” Kane started ordering, “you’re next.”

“Abby,” you called, signalling her in with a confused glance when she didn’t take the step forward. “Come on.”

When you saw she wasn’t coming, you looked up at your father only to see him already stepping towards her. Looking down at your hands, you silently listened to their conversation. “I’m not going,” she sighed. “They need someone to show them the way out of the dark.”

Your attention was turned upwards when your father leaned towards Abby, bringing his lips to hers. Your eyes widened in shock at his forcefulness, and despite the moment let a smile slip through your lips as you rejoiced in his happiness. Part of it stung, seeing him kiss another woman than your own mother, but if it made him happy, you didn’t so much mind. You couldn’t remember the last time you saw him so happy.

“May we meet again.” Kane whispered. 

“We will.” You watched her walk off, your gaze falling on your father who stared after her. Stepping out of the small space, you walked over to him; “you okay?” Kane turned to you, seemingly snapping out of his thoughts before nodding, sending a small smile. “Yeah, yeah.”

Your attention was brought to Octavia and Lincoln who stepped over to you two. Leaning down, you listened to Pike’s voice as it came on the radio; “I have a message for the traitors of Arkadia. There will be an execution today. Either turn yourselves in, or the other grounder prisoners will die in your place.” Your gaze slowly moved up to Lincoln as he turned to Octavia, you bit your lip knowing what he was about to do. 

Octavia quickly grabbed ahold of Lincoln, “let’s go.” She rushed, only for Lincoln to step aside, towards the direction back to Pike. Clenching your fists, you shook your head repeatedly.

Octavia turned back to Lincoln, grabbing his wrist in panic; “no, wait.”

“I can’t let them die because of me.” Lincoln shook his head, staring down at Octavia with regret but determination. Stepping back, you respectively let them hash this out. It was undoubtedly the brave thing to do, and you knew no matter how hard Octavia fought, Lincoln was going to sacrifice himself.

“Lincoln please,” Octavia pleaded. “We’re almost out.”

Kane stepped forward; “I know what you’re feeling, but they’re searching the station. We need to go now.”

Lincoln nodded slowly, “you should.” 

“Fine, i’m going with you.” Octavia declared before she said something in grounder tongue, looking back at your father, you shook your head. Lincoln leaned forward, once again nodding as his hand fell to Octavia’s chin, rubbing his thumb over it softly. “I love you,” he whispered. He brought his lips down on hers, and you looked away just for a moment only to hear Octavia utter a soft plea of no.

Turning around you saw Octavia in Lincoln’s arms, passed out; “what are you doing?”

“Same thing you’d do for your people. Just get her out of here.” Lincoln slowly passed Octavia over to your father, and you swallowed a lump in your throat, trying to bite back the tears. You watched your father stepped through the small passage way, uttering something to Lincoln in grounder tongue.

“Lincoln,” you called, finally speaking. He turned to you and you offered a small reassuring smile, “thank you.”

Watching his back, you once again watched another figure disappear before your eyes. “Y/N.” You heard and turning, you saw Kane signal you to come through. You nodded, letting your gaze falling in the direction Lincoln had gone one last time. Stepping through the passage way, you slowly closed it, trying to be as quiet as possible. Taking a deep breath, you stepped forward. 

You’d managed to get away, but at what cost?

Hugging your jacket closer to yourself, you didn’t dark look up at Bellamy who you knew was there. Instead, you gaze at the ground, following your father’s footsteps. Octavia walked in behind you, and you wouldn’t lie and say you weren’t scared of what would happened between the two Blake siblings. As much as you hated yourself for saying it, and wanted to say it wasn’t true, Bellamy was just as responsible for the death of Lincoln as Pike was.

You stopped just beside Kane, everything in slow motion as Octavia stalked by you. Finally looking up, you watched Bellamy as he stared at the entrance of the cave, willing just one more person walk through. When no one came, Bellamy’s panicked eyes looked across the cave. “Where’s Lincoln?”

“Pike put a bullet in his brain.” You closed your eyes at the sound of Octavia’s raw voice, rough around the edges.

“O- O-” Bellamy started, stumbling over his own two feet. “I’m so sorry-”

You flinched when Octavia whipped around, not even giving time for Bellamy to finish his sentence before her fist landed across his cheek. Biting your lip, you couldn’t tear your eyes away as she continued hitting him, every emotion fumbling out at once.

“Octavia,” you father dared to speak up. “That’s enough.”

Bellamy shocked you with his next words; “Kane. Stay out of this.” You winced every time her fist landed on Bellamy, shaking your head as blood started to seep from his nose and mouth. Your heart dropped at the sound of her sobs and his grunts of pain as whatever had been left of their relationship was shredded.

Miller stepped up, seeming to not be able to take it anymore. “Alright, That’s enough.” Octavia only retaliated on him shoving him away aggressively.

“Miller, stay back!” Bellamy pleaded.

Octavia screamed, lashing out her fist so hard Bellamy fell to the ground. Your hand found your face, shaking it as you turned. You could hear Octavia panting, and another grunt before all sounds of punching stopped. Looking up at the entrance of the cave, you listened to her next words carefully; “you’re dead to me.”

When you dared to look back at Bellamy, the only thing you saw was the image of a bloody, broken expression.

“Bellamy, it’s Monty.” Upon hearing Monty’s voice, your gaze fell to the radio beside you. “I’m in trouble. Please say you still have your radio.”

Sinclair grabbed it from your hands, blocking Kane from grabbing it himself. “If we respond and Pike’s listening-” he warned, before Bellamy spoke up. “Go to channel seven.” He offered numbly, you looked up from Sinclair over to him. “ ‘Please say you still have your radio.’ That’s seven words after trouble. It’s code. Go to seven.”

“He could be telling the truth.” You offered, seeing the looks of uncertainty around you. Looking at your father, you nodded as he reluctantly told Sinclair to continue. Sinclair switched it to channel seven before handing it over to Kane who placed it in his lap unsure.

“Bellamy, are you there?” Monty spoke up again.

“Monty,” you father finally replied. “It’s Kane. What’s wrong?”

“Pike knows that I helped you get out.”

“Can you get to the drop-ship?”

“I think so,” he responded slowly.

“Good. Go there. I’ll bring you in.” Your father informed. “Stay off the radio. Over and out.”

“Hold on,” Harper interrupted. “What if it’s a trap and Pike’s there waiting?”

“That’s why i’m going alone.”

You immediately stood up, ready to argue before Octavia beat you to it; “like hell you are.” She spat, cleaning off her sword.

Turning to your father, you raised your chin defiantly; “i’m not letting you go alone.”

“I’m with Octavia and Y/N,” Miller spoke, standing up and prepping his gun. “Monty saved our lives. I’m going to.”

“No, you’re not.” Kane declared. “If it is a trap, i’m not marching our entire insurgency into it.”

“To stop me you’re gonna have to kill me.” Looking over at Octavia, you emotionlessly looked back at your father, shrugging when he raised an eyebrow at you. “I’m with her.”

“Octavia hopes it’s a trap.” Bellamy uttered, making your attention snap over to him. “He’s coming too.” Octavia declared. “We need a hostage to trade for Monty.” You stayed silent, regrettably agreeing. It made sense and oddly no part of you really felt guilty for treating him like a stranger and hostage, but it also felt strange. There had once been a time where you never even thought of doing this, and if you had you would’ve considered it crazy, now it seemed the best idea you’d heard in a while.

“It’s a good idea. He stays chained.” Your father complied, before hesitating. “And gag him.”

Miller stepped forward; “sir, with all due respect-” He seemed Miller didn’t quite agree with the decision either. But your father cut him off before he could continue; “he’s the enemy. Do what I said.”

He’s the enemy… Looking back at Bellamy, you meant his gaze. It took every bit of your willpower to believe that statement.

Stepping through the gates to the drop-ship, you held your gun high, your heartbeat racing. Part of you thought it typical that the place you traded Bellamy would be back at the drop-ship, where your friendship with him had first started. But you shook those thoughts away, knowing it not to be the time and instead focused on searching around the camp with guarded eyes.

“Monty?” You father called. You received no response, and after a moment of waiting you stepped forward Octavia and Kane following. “We got here first,” you stated.

“No, we didn’t.” Octavia suddenly mumbled, shoving Kane away from Bellamy to place her sword against his neck. Confused, you kept your gun up, looking around as you hesitated.

“Hey! What are you doing?” 

“Get outside… now!” Octavia bellowed and your eyes flew to the drop-ship doors. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you tensed your stance, preparing for the worst outcome as you watched carefully. Eventually the curtain moved, revealing Monty’s face. Not taking the moment to be relieved he looked okay, you kept your eyes on the drop-ship, willing more to step out.

You were right when Monty stepped fully out, followed by a gun that led to Pike. You tried to contain the anger you felt at the sight of him, not even beginning to imagine what Octavia felt, and stayed focus.

“They followed me,” Monty explained, his voice shaky. “I’m sorry.”

“Let him go, Pike!”

“Can’t do that,” Pike stated, and you felt your heart beat quicken. “One at their feet.” You jumped when a gunshot landed right beside your foot, flinching slightly. You didn’t hesitate to move back into position, gun raised. “It’s over. Put down your weapons.” Pike finished, pressing the gun harder against Monty’s back.

“Shoot him,” Octavia told Kane, and just by looking through your own gun, you knew your father couldn’t, no matter how skilled he was.

“Monty’s in the shot.”

“Come on, Marcus.” Right after his words another gunshot landed, this time beside your father. Taking a deep breath, your grip on your gun tightened. “I promised Monty’s mother i’d bring him home alive. Don’t make me a liar.”

Your father shocked you when after a few seconds he lowered his gun, pulling it over his head. “Dad,” you whisper-shouted. “What are you doing?”

“Kane, no.” Octavia panicked.

Your father threw his gun beside him, raising his hands. Looking at him for guidance, he only nodded; “drop your gun, Y/N.” Shaking your head, you looked back through your gun, contemplating if you should just take the shot. It would be risky, but it was better than surrendering everything you’ve worked for.

“I’ll shoot him in the head, Y/N.” Pike warned, “I know you don’t want that.” Turning your head in thought, your eyes fell on Monty’s scared face, regretting the thought that crossed your mind. The thought that ultimately decided your next actions.

Sighing, you aggressively ripped the gun over your head, chucking it to your side before raising your hands in surrender. You hated yourself for it, but even if Monty had done some terrible things, he didn’t deserve to die. Plus he’d saved your life before.

Pike turned to Octavia, “now you.”

Taking a step around Bellamy, Octavia moved her knife more dangerously against his neck, defying Pike. Kane’s breath quickened as he whispered; “what are you doing?”

“One in the girls leg.”

Flinching, you turned to see Bellamy had flipped his lethal position around with Octavia, her being forced on her knees. You winced at the awkward position he had her wrist bent, but lowered your gaze when you realized that it was done. Guards came out, surrounding you three as they stepped up against you all. Snarling at the guard before you, you let him tie your hands together knowing better when a gun was pointed at your face.

Soon enough, your wrists were restrained, the gun still pointed at your face as Pike stepped towards Bellamy. You tried to hide the disappointment you felt at Bellamy betraying you all once again, but reminded yourself that you shouldn’t have thought any differently. He was the enemy.

“You don’t look so good,” Pike commented, viewing Bellamy’s beaten face.

“I’m fine.”

“You got about five seconds to make me believe you’re still with me.” 

You held your breath, staring at the back of Bellamy’s head as you willed him not to say it. But you felt your heart break even more as he leaned towards Pike, whispering; “all the others are in a cave not too far from here.” Grunting, you struggled in your restraints, just the same as Octavia.

“You son of a bitch!” She bellowed, falling to her knees as she was hit by a shock-lasher.

Pausing in your defiance, you looked back at the guard before you, following down his arm to see his own shock-lasher. Narrowing your eyes, you took a step back, watching as he turned it off. 

“Give me the coordinates.”

“Bellamy,” you whispered, waiting for him to turn to look at you. Once his eyes fell on you, you softened your look. Looking at him with vulnerability only he’s seen, you looked pleadingly at him; “don’t.” Your felt yourself go completely still when he only ignored your plea, turning back to Pike.

“I don’t have coordinates. But I can take you there.”

“Hold on.”

You reluctantly stopped behind the guard in front of you, running your tongue along the gag in your mouth in discomfort. You looked around, trying to see what had made Pike stop. Looking ahead, Bellamy stepped forward, pointing forwards; “the caves just on the other side.”

You heard a rustle, making your eyes snap up from the restraints on your wrists to around you. Furrowing your brows, you hesitated.

“Keep a sharp eye out.”

Soon enough, you stepped forward, walking down the path and trying to ignore the gun pressed against your back. Though as soon as Bellamy made it to the bottom on the hill before you, a horn blew, making you jump. Looking up around you, you paused, trying to figure out what was happening.

“The blockade!” Pike declared, “anybody got eyes?” No one answered, and you let your eyes fall across the tree tops to see if you could see anybody. “Back up! Back to higher ground!”

“Drop your weapons.” You whipped around at the sound of Bellamy’s voice, only to find him pointing Pike’s own gun at, well, Pike’s head. Your eyes widened with shock, as Pike’s face contorted into confusion and betrayal as well. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Drop your weapon!”

Noticing the guards moment of dumbfoundness, you turned to the guard behind you, smacking your fist against his stomach. He groaned in pain, leaning over and you kicked the guard beside you before he could do anything. Soon enough yourheard Bellamy call out again; “we bring you Chancellor Pike of the sky people.” He announced, “O, translate.”

Octavia listened, pulling the gag from her lips as she yelled something in grounder tongue.

Once she was finished, Pike turned to Bellamy. “You’ve killed us all.”

“Take him, lift this blockade.” Octavia was quick to translate.

An arrow suddenly shot through the sky, hitting the guard beside you. More followed, knocking out the enemies beside you as grounders began running in from the trees, surrounding you all. Your head turned every which way, watching in bewilderment as you were completely surrounded. 

A scream tore through the silence and you turned to see Octavia ready to stab a knife in Pike but your father caught her wrist, pushing her back. “Hey, no.” He mumbled through the gag, before pulling it off. “No. The grounders are gonna need him alive. They didn’t get justice for Finn. We won’t get away with that again.”

“In that case-” Pike took a threatening step towards Bellamy before an arrow hit him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. A grounder stepped forward, kicking him twice in the face before completely knocking him out cold. Then a larger group stepped forward, hefting his unconscious body up.

“Where are you taking him?” Your father asked.

“To the new Commander.”

“May I join you?” Your father asked, and you stepped forward in alarm. Kane managed to get his wrist restraints off, pulling up his sleeve to show the sigil from before. “We’re the thirteenth clan.”

“Don’t slow us down.”

“Dad,” you mumbled in alarm, muffled through the gag. You went to pull it off before hands grabbed ahold of it for you, stunned you looked up only to see Bellamy. He softened his eyes, telling you it was okay as he slowly pulling the gag off your lips. Panting, you slowly nodded at him, before turning back to Kane. “Are you sure? We know nothing about the new Commander.”

“I’m sure,” he reassured, smiling. “Go home. Tell our people what happened here. Tell Abby i’ll look out for Clarke.” You hated leaving him, but reluctantly you nodded. 

Stepping away, you left Bellamy with your father, slumping against a tree. Your head fell in your hands, mentally exhausted. Staring down at your restrained wrists, you realized you’d forgotten about it getting someone to untie them. “Allow me.” A shadow fell over you, and sure enough Bellamy was back before you, kneeling down in front of you. You hesitantly looked up at him, flinching your hands away by habit when he reached out for them.

“I won’t hurt you.” The sentence was ironic enough, as all Bellamy had been doing for the past bit was hurt you. But sighing, you reluctantly let him cut the ropes in half. Once they were gone, you rubbed at the burn marks on your wrists. 

You weren’t sure what to say to Bellamy, he felt like a stranger to you now. But still you knew you should at least say something. So slowly looking up, you met his eyes, “thank you.” You muttered, knowing he knew what you meant.

“I’m so-”

“Not now, Bellamy.” You interrupted, shaking your head. “It won’t matter. I don’t know if it ever will.”

On Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship in the ACOTAR series

“My note to Tamlin was short. It conveyed everything I needed to say.

Thank you.

I hope you find happiness, too.

And I did. Not just for what he’d done for Rhys, but…Even for an immortal, there was not enough time in life to waste it on hatred. On feeling it and putting it into the world.

So I wished him well–I truly did, and hoped that one day…One day, perhaps he would face those insidious fears, that destructive rage rotting away inside him.”

This is actually one of my favorite parts of A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

Regardless of everyone’s opinions of Tamlin (including my own) I think this passage from Feyre is so important when it comes to her own story, but also to anyone who has had a close friend or a lover and lost them the way that Tamlin lost Feyre (and vice versa). I love the moral that comes from it–to forgive and forget because life’s too short to hold grudges. It’s okay to never see that person again based on what they did to you, but it’s instrumental in healing yourself and regaining happiness by wishing it for that other person in their life as well.

I am enormously proud of Feyre and the character development she’s gone through, but this passage really proved to me that she’s matured, even in this book alone. In book one she fell for Tamlin, book two she fell out of love, went through the stages of denial, and developed a burning hatred and need for vengeance against him. But in this book, Feyre learned to move on, truly move on. Both she and Tamlin did terrible things to each other, both believing they were in the right. And both realized they were wrong, got even, and moved on.

This book series not only has shown us how people fall in and out of love, but also how to value and stand up for yourself, that it’s okay if your first love isn’t your true love, that it’s okay to remove yourself from an abusive or neglectful relationship, it’s possible to heal, revenge never was happiness, and finally, to learn from your experiences and move on with no grudges weighing you down. It has painted a realistic picture of people in an unrealistic setting, which is truly impressive. Despite them being Fae, Sarah Maas taught so many important lessons when it comes to self-worth, true love, and forgiveness, which I think is the best reason why this is my favorite book series.

BTS reaction: their idol girlfriend is in a group under YG Ent.


Namjoon would be a proud bitch type. He would tell everyone that his girlfriend is so good that she had passed the YG audition. He would support you since the first moment you entered YG and when you finally debuted he would be worried that everything must be perfect when you’re on stage. Your group is now 2 years old and you’re one of the most famous kpop vocalists so NIKE offered you to be a model for their new female clothing line. At the same BTS were doing their compaign which means you had a chance to pose with Namjoon for one of the biggest sportwear companies.

“Now, beautiful, smile. We have to show everyone how nice we look together ”

“I think your fans won’t be really happy seeing me around you”

“They will love you. Many Armies are in your fandom”

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Jin is mommy so he would be worried about your health. He knows how exhausting can be dance practices. He would be too concered about you coming late home and literally fall down because of fatigue. At first, he would want you to leave the company and find another less grueling work, but he would realise that he shouldn’t act like that since he understand how much you wanted to be an idol. So now when he sees you performing on stage with your group, hearing the fans screaming your name he is lowkey fanboying. But he still is worried about your well-being.

“Jagi, have you eaten something?”

“Oh, Jinny, I had no time for lunch”

“I’m on my way to YG with your favourite Caesar salad and some buns”

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Suga wouldn’t say many congratulatory words when you entered YG. He would say a simple “Great job” and continue writting text for his new rap song. You wouldn’t be too upset because of that because you know that’s how Suga always acts. Your group after debut won hearts of many kpoper all over the world and now you are known as a ‘rap herself”. Suga would be secretly proud that his girlfriend is also a rapper with her own unique style. Once, during Gaon Chart Awards famous rappers battled with each other to show their rapping skills. As a rapper you had to take part. Your opponent was the greatest Min Suga himself.

“So, Jagi, let’s see what you can do against me”

“OK, but don’t leave me because I’m better”

“Prove that serious statement”

When you two were rapping one after one the audience were sitting with open mouthes. Noone expected such an intense competition. Now you two are called as CL and GD of the new generation.

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J-Hope would be even more happy than you when you told him that you are going to debut in a new YG girl group. He imagined himself on one stage with you when both your groups are recieving daesung and as is known dreams are becoming truth. It is 2 years since your debut and you are on MAMA. All idols of 94 line are prepairing to perform with a special dance. Among those idols are GOT7′s JB, EXO’s Kai, KARA’s Jiyoung, A PINK’s Naeun, GOT7′s Jackson and Jinyoung, Miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Krystal and of course Hoseok and you.

“Y/N~ya, are you ready to go on stage”

“I’m a little bit afraid that I would forget some moves”

“You will do great. And remember, when you are with me, you should be afraid of nothing”

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When Jimin heard about you joining to YG he was on the seventh heaven. He would teach you how to dance and sing properly and be not afraid to perform in front of thousands of people watching you. He would be a great help. When you debuted the knowledge he gave you was so needed. Your group kept in the top of search queries on Naver. You were invited guests on many TV shows like Weekly Idol and Running Man. And because of your great fame you were offered to be MC of Inkigayo together with Jimin and Minhyuk of Monsta X. 

“Thank you for keeping with us and see you next Sunday”

“Ji Min Y/N” insert here the first letters of your name to get something like JinJiDo

“Jagi, you did amazing today. And your dress, by the way, suites you perfectly”

“Thank you so much, oppa”

“Guys, can you stop being so sweet. I need to find a girlfriend”


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Taehyung would be the biggest fanboy of your group. Since te very first moment your first song was relised he would already be learning the words. But not only Taehyung loved the songs of your group. Your fandom got 1 million fans for the year. You were nominated for any awards as a new rising stars. So once you performed on Seoul Music Awards Taehyung was fanboying too hard during your parts.

“That’s my girl on stage. Do it. Do it. You are amazing”

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Jungkook would try to keep your relationship in secret, but he failed when doing red carpet interview for Golden Disk Award. He is a fanboy of all YG idols and when his girlfriend became one he was super proud. Your group were asked to appear on the event. You knew that Jungkook was going to be there so you tried to look as beautiful as possible. When you arrived you saw that BTS were talking with the interview about their comeback so you must wait when they will be done. Jungkook didn’t notice you at first, but when Jimin told him that you are looking he quickly turned his head in order to make sure his hyung wasn’t joking. Jungkook were looking in your eyes and whispering to Jimin

“My girl is so gorgeous. Look at her”

“Jungkook, she’s beautiful, but do you want others to notice you strange glance at Y/N?”

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It is your request @xyourpinksky Hope you’ll like it

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how can you be so convinced jikook are dating?? I'm not sure because of Vmin, they're so close lately, and ISAC was a lot :( would you mind sharing your thoughts?

I was going to do my long personal jikook analysis , but i don’t think that’s what you’re asking for so I’m just going to keep it short here .

-personally i believe that they’re currently involved in a romantic relationship, because of so many reasons I’m going to tell you a few.. I’ve been following them from afar and what really caught my attention is “ how subtle their moments are, they’re not for fancervice it’s just them enjoying each other’s company , speaking of enjoying each other’s company ; during “bon voyage” have you noticed how many times they were caught in the bg together just the two of them doing something..  well that proves how much they like spending time together when they don’t really have to ;

There is also the thing they’ve been doing where they stare oh so freaking seductively at each other through the camera, when literally no one can tell they’re doing it , it’s just between them just the two of them , like when they were reacting to their stage performance, you can go check it on youtube “freshipping” has noticed it , during that video jimin was looking so feaking turned on while staring at jungkook and jungkook just .. when jungkook caught him doing it I’ve never seen him bite his lips that way and his eyes looked darker than ever i know this sounds exaggerated but go watch it for yourself anybody can see it .. it is what is it . x x <— (here you can see lip biting / eyes thing)

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There is a long-standing discussion among ice dance fans about the levels of lifts and their relative difficulty.  Inevitably, it pops up in particular when a highly ranked team does an “old” lift (that has either been done by many teams in the past or a lift that has been around for many years) or a team does a lift that is so innovative/difficult that it prompts questions about being unable to reward it properly.

This is not a post that has solutions-to-these-issues suggestions.  This isn’t even a complaint against PC’s lifts this season.  My one true point is a little rant-y and basically encompasses “don’t complain about VM reusing lifts” and “don’t tell me that VM chose easy lifts or ‘comfortable’ lifts”.  But to make that point, I’m certainly looking at PC’s lifts, and comparing them somewhat to lifts that VM are doing, and a little bit about other teams.

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Beast Mode (24) - The Shield

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A/N- OOO I’m multi tasking two different series ahhhh! Ima take this time to thank @lilred91 for helping me with both series. Coming up with all the ideas for me! Much love!!!!

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