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Oh my god ( Jacksepticeye x FemReader )

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(A/N): lmao this isn’t Marvel. Nope it is not because I do and can write other things. Kind of. Hey, this might end well because I used to learn German but do not expect much.

Request:  Oh, you write for dear Jackaboy? Would you mind writing something in which Reader is the most subscribed German Youtuber (like Jack is the most subscribed Irish one) and his girlfriend and they play something together with Mark and Pewds (preferably Prop Hunt) and every time she dies, she cusses the boys out in German? Calling them things like Pissnelke (Piss Carnation) and Arschgesicht (Ass Face). Yes, those are real German insults. Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Boi there will be multi bilingual swearing up in here


“Hallo!” (Y/n) greeted eagerly, gesturing toward her set up camera “I am here, again. Back with my lovely friend Felix. And two other idiots, I don’t know, they kind of just joined…” she mumbled the last part into her microphone and snickered to herself.

“Ouch,” Mark cried and Jack laughed “You could at least introduce me as your boyfriend…” Mark faked wiping a tear to his own camera; a big grin upon his face already.

“Oi!” Jack called “That’s my line you twit.”

“Alright, alright, no fights guys,” Felix mocked, giving his own shit eating grin to his setup camera “I am the favourite so I make the rules.”

“God has spoken.” (Y/n) added. Currently starring at the loading screen of Prop Hunt, she were surprised as to how much already happened without the game even being loaded yet.

“Lmao, you guys are fucked.” she said cockily, glancing into her camera, once the game finally loaded.

“MISS (YOUTUBE NAME), THE ONE AND OnLY!” Felix called into his mic, exactly after your statement. “THE MOsT SUBSCRIBED GERMAN YOUTUBER.. even though she doesn’t have an accent, like what, totally fake fan… IS ABOUT TO GET. HER ASS HANDED TO HER. ON A SILVER PLATTER.”

She couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle quaintly, as Mark bellowed with laughter and was quick to agree. 

“Don’t be touching her ass, mate,” Jack warned “I know where you live.”

❆      ❆       ❆

“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” (Y/n) yelled as she died quickly. “Who just goes around and shoots every fucking mug??!”

“Uh ha, this guy.” Mark stated smugly “Now where, oh where, is your leprechaun boyfriend?”

She twisted her face “Mark, I want you to know that you are a huge arschgesicht, and we are no longer friends”

“A what?” He asked and looked directly into his camera.

Felix couldn’t help but spit before chuckling soundly, shaking his character’s gun a bit and looking at his camera as he laughed.

“Whaaat? What does that mean?” Mark whined and turned back to his game.

❆      ❆       ❆

“Honey, I’m sorry it has to be this way.” Jack said, hurt lacing his voice but masked by a grin beginning to form on his bearded face.

“No you’re not! Let me live, holy shit.”

Her lamp couldn’t seem to move fast enough as she shifted her way through furniture and debris; away from Jack’s hunter.

“I love you!” she called

“Love ya’ too!” Jack said back and blew a kiss at his camera.

“Oh you fucking lustmolch…” (Y/n) finally insulted once she got shot. She pouted into her camera.

“Fookin’ what?” Jack repeated, laughing unsurely.

“Fucking slut you are Jack.” Felix breathed out after laughing again. He glanced at his camera and winked “Ah, (Y/n), if you were here, I’d give you a highfive.” and he chuckled some more.

❆      ❆       ❆

“So all I learned from today was that both Mark and my own boyfriend are both asshats,” (Y/n) started “and that Feli’ is my only true friend.”

Felix’s character was sat on top of (Y/n)’s chair in the middle of the kitchen.

“That’s right.” Felix smiled and shot at her character until she died. “Love ya’.”

“You goddamn pissnelke!” (Y/n) laughed and the round ended.

“HeY!” Felix began to laugh as well, with Mark and Jack joining in. “Watch your fuckin’ mouth!”

❆      ❆       ❆

“Okay my friend’s, that was Prop Hunt with the Holy Threesome.” (Y/n) smiled at her camera.

“Hey!” Jack and Mark said in unison, over top of Felix saying ‘kinky’.

“You learned that Mark and Jack are untrustable bastards and Felix can speak German!” she snickered.

“Ja.” the swede agreed heartily.

“So until next time; click this,” she gestured to the air on her right “to see my previous video. And any of these links to check out Mark’s, Jack’s or Felix’s channels.” she gestured to her left “Have a lovely evening!” she said finally.

“Bye!” your three friends said as well, in mock of a German accent.

“Oh my g–”

So there’s that. I really actually liked the request and so I hope this story maybe did it justice. Thank you for reading!

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Adrien practicing physics pick up lines to a broom in his empty classroom: how about, I'd fall for you even in the absence of gravity. No that's so stupid. She would think I'm an idiot! How about, your smile must be a black hole, nothing can escape its pull student, barging into his classroom: excuse me, mr. agre- what are you doing with that broom? adrien: *high pitched scream* IM BUSY

I’ve changed my mind. The broom needs to become a mop because Mopinette.

I’d like to think that after one or two awkward walk-ins, the students become fully aware of Mopinette. They can pick her out among the other mops in the janitor’s closet and are excessively fond of her.

One day after school, Marinette hears a student greet Mopinette as she passes the janitor in the hall. Both she and the janitor exchange odd looks.

Two can play at this game - Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Ooohhhh!!! Or a Christian & Jay scenario where they both like her or something? Sorry, I can’t make up my mind!! -Anon who asked for Christians scene.

I wrote this with 2 point of views; Jay and Christian and tried to make it as petty as possible lol. I was going to do a third one from the reader’s p.o.v but that got too complicated so that idea was scratched. Also, there will be another part to this story.

 I hope this is easy to follow :) Happy readings xx

It’s your birthday party tonight and you have invited your close friends to your house for a small party. There were still many things to do before everyone arrives. You have to get the cake, prepare food, decorate the place, buy drinks and maybe squeeze in a little cleaning if you have time. You left your house early morning to buy the grocery and once the cake shop opens, you would pick it up. 

Jay’s P.O.V.

Tonight is [Y/N]’s party and I can’t wait to give her the present which I bought. It’s a silver bracelet that she liked when we walked past the jewelry store the other week. I was afraid she was going to in the store and buy it herself, but I told her to wait for another week because that is when they usually have sales. I lied, of course. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help because I know she has heaps of things to do before the party. 

“Morning [Y/N], how’s everything?” 

“I’m drowning with grocery bags at the moment and out of all days, there doesn’t seem to be any taxis around. And I still need to pick up the cake,” she replied. 

“Are you shopping at the usual place?” 


“Great! I’m like 10 minutes away so I’m on my way. Text me where you are standing and I’ll meet you there”.

Christian’s P.O.V.

Yes! I just finished wrapping [Y/N]’s present. I hate wrapping presents but I’ll sit through a million how-to wrap videos for [Y/N]. I got her a personalised watch and hand bag. I put her initials on the watch’s band and the bag. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help since I know how hard it is to plan a party. 

“Good morning, [Y/N]. Do you need any help?” 

“Hey, Christian. Yeah I’ve just done the shopping and I’m just waiting for Jay to come and help me,” she replied. 

“Jay? Isn’t he working today?”

“Nah I don’t think so. He called me earlier and asked if I needed help. I told I was doing the grocery so he’s meeting me soon. OH shit! I forgot about the cake?! Damn. Can I call you back, Christian?” 

“Cake? I thought you ordered it?”

“I did, but I need to pick it up and it’s across town. I should have told Jay to pick it instead.”

“I’ll do it, [Y/N]. Give me the address.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Christian! I’ll text you the address and I’ll call them in advance so they know. Can you drop it by my house when you get it?”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you soon then”.

Jay’s P.O.V.

I got off the taxi and saw [Y/N] standing there with grocery bags surrounding her feet. She must be cold as she was only wearing a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers. 

“You’re saviour is here, [Y/N]. No need to look further.” She laughed. It is always good to hear her laugh at my jokes. “Here take my jacket. You must be freezing.” 

“Thanks so much for coming and yeah it’s so cold. I didn’t expect to buy this many. Now can you please hail a taxi, Saviour.”

When we got back to her house, I got the grocery bags and as we were walking up the steps there was somebody sitting there. It was Christian. What the hell is he doing here? Doesn’t he have to shoot those Instagram videos with them fancy visuals? Or go on Instagram Live just to show everyone that he vapes. What a loser. 

Christian’s P.O.V.

When I received [Y/N]’s message, I immediately got in a taxi and went to the cake shop. When I got the cake, the staff told me [Y/N] had already call them in advance. They also told me how lucky she was to have such a caring boyfriend. Even though [Y/N] and I aren’t a couple, I didn’t correct the staff instead I smiled and nodded. By doing that, I’m not hurting anyone right? 

I got to her house but she wasn’t home yet. Where the hell is that Jay taking her? He probably told the cab driver to take the route where his gym is. Just to show [Y/N] where he works out. What a loser. 

A few minutes later, a cab arrived in front of her house. I saw [Y/N] walking out of the taxi and she was wearing a ripped denim jacket. It looked far too big on her. As I was watching [Y/N] another figure exit the other side of the cab. The one and only Jay so the jacket must have been his. Look at him, carrying all the bags just to show off. 

“Hey Christian. You didn’t wait long at here, did you?” she asked.

“No I just got here. I saw the cake design. It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” 

“Christian, my actual birthday passed already. You don’t have to say nice things anymore. Well once every week is okay.”

We both laughed. [Y/N] unlocked her door and went in first, then me and lastly Jay. I didn’t bother helping him with the bags or greeted him.

Jay’s P.O.V.

“It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” Ugh. Who says things like that. That was so cringy I nearly dropped the bags. And that idiot didn’t bother to ask if I needed help or at least, hold the door. Why is [Y/N] friends with him.

I set the bags on the table and saw the two of them in the kitchen. They were huddling in front of the fridge. Probably looking for Christian’s sense of humour. 

“What are guys doing?” 

“We’re trying to fit this cake into the fridge. Ah there! Perfect.”

[Y/N] turned to face us and crossed her arms. 

“So, I have to start preparing the food. If the both of you are not busy, can you stay and help me? Please.”

“I’ll stay here to help you.”

Christian also insisted to stay. Great..!

Christian’s P.O.V.

Dammit, Jay also volunteered to stay. This is going to be fun..

“What do you want me to do?” 

“Um, well I need these vegetables cut and I still need to decorate the place. So one of you can help me in the kitchen and the other can decorate. So boys, choose your role.”

Jay’s P.O.V.

Obviously, I’m going to be the one helping [Y/N]. I don’t want her to be alone with Christian. 

“I’ll help you in here. Christian can decorate. He’s probably better then me, anyway.”

Christian’s P.O.V.

“What? I’m not good at decorating. Jay, you can’t cook so why would you be in here? It doesn’t make sense. You’re a musician, I’m sure your creativeness will shine through once you start to decorate.” I then threw one of the bags that had what looked like decorations in it. Or something that looked like a green balloon. It didn’t feel like it when I picked it up but oh well…

Jay’s P.O.V

“Ow! There’s a fucking melon in here, you idiot. And [Y/N] is cooking, I’ll just be cutting the vegetables and shit.”

Christian just threw a fucking melon at me. I swear, if [Y/N] wasn’t here I’ll beat his ass.

“Wow. I didn’t know I had two 5 years old in my house now. Okay, so why don’t you split the role. You guys can swap later on. Ok? Ok. Let’s get to work.” [Y/N] suggested. “Now, let me go get change into something comfy. These skinny jeans are sucking the blood out of my legs. Oh and I need to make a phone call as well. Jay, I’ll leave your jacket here.” 

As soon as [Y/N] left our sight, I turned to Christian. 

“Dude, why did you throw a melon at me? That shit hurts.”

“Oh I’m sorry, but don’t you work out and have abs or something. Surely you can take a hit from a melon.”

“Whatever man. Just stay out of my way, ok?”

Christian’s P.O.V

“Stay out of your way? What are you, a ‘do not enter’ sign? Jay, [Y/N] is also my friend so I have pretty much the same rights as you. I know how you feel about her and you probably know I feel the same way too. 

Damn.. Should I have just said that? Did I just let him have an advantage of some sort? 

Jay’s P.O.V.

“Yeah bro, I know you like her too. Kinda obvious. So what are we suppose to do? A fight to the death? 

“We’re not living in Rome [ay a reference ;)] , Jay. It’s not like we’re gladiators in those olden times. Plus she’s not a prize.”

“I know, she’s not, Christian. Well, Imma do my thing and um you do yours. We’ll let her decide?”

Christian’s P.O.V.

I don’t know how I feel after hearing Jay agreeing with me. It was good to know he’s actually serious. I’ve always thought he was somewhat of a player..? But after hearing him agree that she’s not a prize and the fact that, he wants her to choose… I can live with that. 


We Need to Talk

Pairing: James McAvoy x reader

Word Count: 904

The Request: Can I have one with James McAvoy where we’re dating and my best friend, Steven, is on a movie with him and after a couple of weeks he starts rumors that I am cheating on James but they’re not true. James believes them and we break up. One day, I am on the set (as a make-up artist) and James hears Steven say that it was all fake and he fights with him and I break them up and at home I clean his wounds and with a lot of fluff?

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Request for @anyfandomimaginex

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“Y/n, we need to talk,” James’s voice told you over the phone, and you froze. In your experience, nobody ever used that phrase to say a good thing. Nervously, you replied.

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Gif source:  Bucky

Imagine Bucky having a huge crush on you and whenever you’re in a room with him he can barely get a word out because he’s so nervous. He grows more and more frustrated with himself; Sam and Nat’s teasing doesn’t help, either.

——— Request for anon ———

He just knew you thought he was strange. Hell, he thought it himself at this point. Not being able to get a single word in whenever you came in the room was an issue, and a major one considering just how much he was into you. He knew he hadn’t been this nervous and awkward around a woman since well before the war. Yet, despite how ridiculous he must look, whenever you came in the room he got all choked up.

Like now, here you were, giving him that same smile you always did and offering a, “Hey,” as you greeted him after Sam, Nat, and Steve.

But all Bucky could do was let out a strangled noise and an awkward increment of silence before clumsily stammering out gibberish, “Uh, he— y-yeah, sure, right.”

Steve saves him by gesturing to the other room and saying, “Oh, I have that book you lent me that I finished,” easily maneuvering you away from the rest of the group as you went to collect your things.

“Smooth,” Natasha quips with a smirk that she just couldn’t hold back. “Did you learn that technique during your time in Romania?”

“Watch out, Nat,” Sam warns with his own budding grin at Bucky’s expense, “we’ve got a real lady-killer over here; no woman is safe.”

“Thanks,” Bucky responds with dry sarcasm, internally mortified at how idiotic he’d sounded in front of you, unable to form even the simplest of greetings, “you two are so helpful.”

unfinished business.

Words; 1,713

pairing; yoongi x reader

Request; “holy. what… how am I friens w/ such an amazing writer¿ how was I graced w/ your frienship?¡ I just don’t get it!! but honestly kaila I am so frickin excited for these (also I’d like to see Seokjins or Yoongis first bc they sound most interesting)” - @devinscissorhands

A/N; i really hope you guys all enjoyed the soulmate!seokjin imagine i had previously wrote, i kind of feel slightly disappointed with it now but it was all worth it right? so, in regards to that, i hope you all enjoy this one far better than the last! at the moment i am writing this, i rlly like this one but in about 24 hours i’ll feel bad about it lol xD but either way i hope you all really enjoy this imagine, please feel free to leave your opinions in my ask! thank you ( ˘ ³˘)♡

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“Why is my hair mint?” You questioned your family angrily after storming down the stairs in a fuss, not understanding the situation at all. “I bet you did this to me!” You accused, pointing a finger straight at your brother. But to your surprise, you fell completely silent and confused when they just began laughing at you.

“I think your soulmate just dyed his hair mint Y/N.” Your older brother mocked, poking and laughing at your lack of knowledge and understanding of soulmates.

You groaned in response, “when I finally meet him I swear I’m going to kill him,” you stated; running back into your room to fix your problem.

“I hate everything about this whole soulmate thing right now.” You complained, muttering under your breath. You were on your way to an interview for a job you’ve been anticipating for a while now. The only problem was the fact that the job was so sophisticated and so professional, especially for someone at your age. You weren’t going to deny it, you were still young; plus, you’ve always wanted to have dyed hair at some point in your life except not right now. You were wearing a huge, oversized sweater over your business outfit, the hood pulled tightly over your head. Your gaze had stuck itself to the ground, watching your feet take each step on its complete own. Out of the corners of your eyes, you could barely see the long and brightly colored strands of your hair. You scoffed at the sight of your hair, knowing the exact reason behind its look was so pathetic; you threw your hair over your shoulder and out of your line of sigh as you pushed yourself onwards towards your destination.

“Sir please, I swear it was my soulmate who did this.” You had finally arrived at your interview. Your hoodie has been thrown off to the side and now here you were, standing nervously in front the man who would decide your fate right now. You resembled the way you looked earlier, instead this time the tiled floor had caught your attention as you twiddled your fingers in front of you. You had finally reached the question you had been dreading this whole time, why is your hair the color it currently is? You hoped too the heavens that your boss understood the concept of soulmates, hopefully more than you did.

When it came to soulmates, you didn’t actually know very much about them. All you really knew was that in this world, your soulmate was the one for you; the one destined to love you and be with you the rest of your life. And you couldn’t lie, you’ve always dreamt of having someone like that; but the world is cruel, because you’re never really told your soulmate. You just have to figure it out yourself.

The world was only generous enough to give tiny little hints as to who your soulmate was, making you play life like a whole scavenger hunt. In your world, the key was hair color. If your soulmate never dyes their hair, your rain remains natural; but once they decide to take that first step of dying their hair, they should be ready to sacrifice their soulmate’s hair as well. Dying your hair would make a mark on the world, because doing so wouldn’t just affect you. It affects your soulmate, your other half in either a good or bad way. It was just like getting a tattoo, marking marks on your body. You’ve always been a spontaneous person, and you’ve always been one who has always wanted to dye their hair… the only thing that held you back was your soulmate. But when they started changing their hair with the seasons, you immediately regretted not dying your hair earlier.

You yourself were able to call yourself quite lucky, due to the constant changes of your hair color. It seemed to you that it would be much easier to find your soulmate, because of their vibrant and uncommon hair colors; instead of those who strayed from the concept of dying their hair. You were never failed to be amused by the colors that seemed to run through your hair, you even began to worry about the health of your own hair compared to that of your soulmate’s. There were days when your hair was your natural hair color, but when you woke up the next day it was a whole other color. You’d had gone through colors like grey, red, red, and pink before, every once and a while your hair fading back to your natural color. You had always been told you had a very interesting soulmate, and you always accepted that. You wondered what kind of person your soulmate had to be to have to dye their hair like this, maybe a delinquent or something? But right now you couldn’t care less about the person they were. You more or so just wanted to give him a good punch to the face when you met him for the first time. Your only opinion of him right now was “wow, this guy’s timing is amazing,” all because he decided to change his perfectly fine, natural hair color to mint right when you had scheduled an interview for your new job.

“I understand Miss Y/N, please just step outside for now. You seem to be perfect for this job, your hair color should not make a difference if it was not your doing,” you had suddenly been broken from your thoughts. You noticed the blank look on your boss’ face, wondering if his words actually meant anything or if they were just empty for the sake of soothing you. You made your way out of the room, listening to the quiet click of your heels with every step you took. You could feel the billion pairs of eyes land right on you, as you stepped into the main lobby of the building. It felt like your hair was burning from the intensity of their stares. You rushed to leave the building, to pass through its doors leading into the street, growing self-conscious of the looks you were receiving; almost too conscious, so much as to not notice the boy leaning against the wall of the building with the exact same mint hair as you did.

Thankfully, you ended up getting called back for another meeting, meaning you had been approved for the job, despite your hair color. You were on your way back to the building where you felt your heartbeat speed up as you got closer and closer to the tall building. You had pulled your hair back into a bun, hoping it would help you capture a more sophisticated look. You tightly clutched your bag against your chest as you felt the cold breeze rush in your direction. You pushed yourself forward, even against the wind who seemed like your worst enemy at the moment. You squinted your eyes, as they felt like they’d be pushed out by the wind. At one point you ended up closing your eyes, but suddenly you had felt yourself hit the ground. Your eyes remained tightly shut, like you were waiting for something to happen to you, but all you got were a couple words.

“Uhm, are you okay?” The voice chuckled, and you finally decided to open your eyes. The first thing you saw was mint, the color mint. Your eyes traveled down to see he was crouching down to you, attempting to lend you a helping hand. You look a glance at your bangs, the single strand of hair in your face; attempting to match the shades off hair together. You finally took the hand he offered, finally realizing you would be late if you didn’t speed things up. For now you had thought nothing of the similar hair colors, you wouldn’t believe that he was your soulmate. You were quick to apologize, but then thank him right after. You were about to leave the boy behind before he grabbed you by your wrist. He spoke, words falling out of his mouth that completely passed you by. You had felt captured in his gaze, almost like he had just tied you up using his eyes. You felt frozen, as words continued to tumble out of his mouth; until you heard the word soulmate.

“S-soulmate?” You whispered, not feeling the need to waste your strength on shouting, he was already close enough to you anyway. “What about soulmates?”

He just laughed at you, “Did you not hear me jagi? We’re soulmates, look at our hair!” He carefully pulled a strand of your hair out of it’s bun and held it against his head. It almost looked as if the hair blended into one before he dropped your hair, letting it fall back to your chest. “So, how’d you like my wonderful pallete of colors?” He continued with a smirk, gesturing towards your hair, “You never dyed your hair either. How boring you must be, my love.”

You couldn’t help but feel flustered at his words, but you definitely weren’t going to break your promise. You flicked the boy on the forehead, laughing as he flinched and fell backwards onto the ground with you. “That’s for almost making me lose my job idiot.” You decided to stand up first, leaving your wrist out for him to take. “Sorry to ruin such a beautiful moment, but I have a meeting I happen to be late for.” You said, pointing a finger against his chest, attempting to imply that this was all his fault. You shared a nod goodbye and you ran off, but you had almost forgot something. “I’m Y/N. Meet me back here in an hour or two.”

He held his hand out to you once more, this time to properly greet you. “I’m sorry love, but I can’t promise you anything. I’m Yoongi.”


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Request:  Could you do one where the reader is pregnant with newts baby and going into labor in the chest and not being able to climb back up? I love your blog by the way!

An imagine where the reader and Newt are married and she goes into labor, she has complications while she’s giving birth to the twins, one boy and one girl but at the end everything turns out fine and a happy ending. Please make it fluffy.

You were wandering around the case, heavily pregnant with twins. All the beasts had become very protective of you and the unborn babies, which you loved. It was nearing the due date and Newt had told you to stay in your bedroom out of the case, in case (lol) something happened. You sort of blew him off, said everything was going to be okay. This was going to be your last day down with the creatures and who knows when you’d see them again. Your worst fear was that you’d die in child birth and never get to say goodbye to them so that was what today was for. You were currently with the Bowtruckles. Pickett was with Newt, who was feeding Frank and you were just talking to the Bowtruckles. “So, as you guys know, I’m going to have my own babies and today is the last day I get to see you before I have them. I just want to say that in case, in case I die in childbirth then I want to say good bye to you lot, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.” You said tears dripping down your cheeks. You always had a soft spot for the Bowtruckles and you had your little friend Greg who was one of them. You walked away but you heard a splash. You looked down to see that your water had broken. “Newt?” You called. He dashed towards you and immediately carried a worried expression.

“What? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” He asked frantically.

“My water broke.” You said awkwardly.

“Oh. Oh! Well we have to get you upstairs, to St Mungo’s!” Newt panicked. He started pacing. You felt a contraction and had to sit down.

“Newt! We don’t have time to get upstairs. I can’t get upstairs now that I’ve started having contractions.” You said, wiping a bit of sweat off your forehead. “We have to apparate.”

“No! I’m not letting you apparate! What if you splinch?!” Newt thundered.

“I don’t know, I can’t just have the babies here Newt! Come on!” You reasoned.

“I’ll set up a blanket and you can just, I can help you-”

“No! You aren’t going to birth our children, I’m apparating.” You said finally. Newt sighed but held your hand while you apparated to St Mungo’s. You were immediately rushed to a hospital bed where the nurses put your legs in the things. (You know the thingies lol) After a long four hours in labour you finally had your twins in your arms. Rose and Hugo. After a couple of days you were allowed to appparate home, something you didn’t really want to do with two babies. You were successful though.

“I want to show our babies to the babies down in my case.” Newt said excitedly. You smiled and nodded.

“Me too.” You said smiling like an idiot.

“Just apparate down.” Newt said, and then was gone. You apparated and were greeted with Frank nuzzling the babies with his head. You smiled and gave him a pat. You went and showed all the weird and wonderful creatures you babies, which they all took to be new members of their family. It was a lovely moment for all four of you. You and Newt had a wonderful family.

The King’s Daughter...

((I REALLY liked this request!!))

((Word Cont: 2,099))

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He…actually he wasn’t sure how it happened. He had watched you grow up, hell he had been in the hallway dressed in his white Kingsguard armor when you were born. It wasn’t the age difference that made it uncomfortable for him. After all, in Westeros age didn’t matter. It was the fact he had known you as a little girl. He had helped you learn how to ride a horse and he had cheered you on when you finally got your way and was allowed to learn archery and the art of sword fighting. It was wrong and it made him feel so dirty, but you were sixteen now and so beautiful. Your Baratheon black hair fell in soft curls down past the middle of your back and your Baratheon blue eyes with specks of Stark grey shined so brightly with laughter and joy. It was contagious and he had never been able to stay upset when around you. And he was always around you. He was, after all, the Kingsguard Knight that had been chosen to act as your personal body guard on the direct order (and threats) of King Robert, your Father.

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It's Been Slow - E2 Harrison Wells Imagine

Barry’s POV

“You can’t like Y/N! I like her.” Cisco said to me.
I scoffed, “So? I’m pretty sure she would chose me over you.”
“If you’re basing that off of looks, that’s just cold.”
“You two are idiots.” Caitlynn said.

Cisco and me looked at each other before looking at Caitlynn, giving her our undivided attention.

“What do you mean?” Cisco asked.
“Yeah? How are we idiots?” I add on.
Caitlynn rolled her eyes, “She’s with someone.”
“Who?” Cisco and me shout at the same time.
“I don’t know, why don’t you ask her yourself.” She said pointing behind us.

We turned to see Y/N behind us, a cup of coffee in each hand.

“Hey Y/N.” I greeted.
“Hi Barry. How’s everything been?” Y/N asked.
“It’s been slow.” Cisco answered.
Earth Two Wells walked in, “I have to agree with Cisco. It’s been slow. Barry hasn’t had to leave once.” Wells gave Y/N a small smile, “Hello, my love.” he whispered before leaning down and pressing a small kiss to her lips.

Cisco and me looked from each other to the couple in front of us over and over again.


Originally posted by tinar-ru

you’re Kirk’s sister and Bones loves you. So he gets overprotective of you on a mission and both Jim and Scotty (you’re his second) warn him that he better treat you right.

A.N: I put it under the read more as it’s a bit long.

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I believe they have accepted me as one of their own! Thank you for asking, @elaan-the-bard and @thewifeofichimatsu! They appear to be on their way to greet me!

Gracious, just look at this! Thank you, citizens!

I take to the skies like a Barbaloot!


Cookies n' Cream (Kai)

“Babyyyyy~” Kai whined from the couch. I peeked from the kitchen
“Can you go buy me some ice cream?” he asked
“We have more in the fridge.” I stated. He shook his head and got up. Entering the kitchen, he opened the freezer and proved to me that there, in fact, was no ice cream left.
“I ate it all yesterday…” he chuckled nervously. I sighed
“Why can’t you go?” I asked
“The fans will notice me.” he answered
“You’re such a baby, Jongin-ah.” I went to grab my jacket.
“I love you too, boo-boo.” he sent my cheeks a kiss before sending me off. I got in the car and rang up a friend

“Whatcha want Ms. Soon-To-Be Kim.” she, Kaelin asked
“Want to come grocery shopping with me? I’ll pick you up.” I asked
“Of course. Anything for you and my soon to be niece or nephew.” she agreed and the line dropped. I started the car and drove off to her house, a few minutes later, she got into the passenger seat and buckled up

“Okay, what are we getting today?” she asked
“Ice cream…” I answered
“Let me guess…Kai?” she guessed. I laughed and nodded
“I was planning just to get ice cream, but we’re out of milk and I want to get some things for myself as well.” I drove off.
“Alright, what flavor does he like?” she asked. I called him. Yes, I know his favorite flavor, I just wanted to talk to him.

“Hi!” he answered
“What flavor do you want?” I asked
“You’re kidding right?” he asked, I could feel his frown through the phone
“Well, there are a lot of flavors…Chocolate, mint chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, cookie dough, strawberry, mixed flavors…” I named
“Cookie n’ cream!” he answered. I laughed
“I can’t believe you don’t kno-”
“I’m kidding! I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” I cut him off. I imagined his face turning red and him grinning like an idiot.
“Okay, Miss Cheesy, hurry up and come home so we can enjoy ice cream and cuddle.” he demanded. Kaelin squealed in the back:

“You two are so effing cute!”
“Who was that?” Kai asked
“Kaelin.” I answered
“Ahhh, hi Kaelin!” he greeted
“Hi Kai-yah.” she replied
“I’m going to buy things now, see you at home!” I ended the all
“Okay, can you buy me some milk and eggs? I’ll go get the ice cream and possibly toppings.” I planned out. She nodded and we separated. I was searching through the ice cream when:

“YOU!” someone called out. I looked up to see about 3 girls approaching me
“Me?” I questioned, pointing to myself
“You’re with Kai, aren’t you?” the one in the middle asked. I slightly nodded
“How dare you?! Leave Kai-oppa alone!” the one of the right exclaimed
“She’s even pregnant with his baby! You slut! Who do you think you are!?” she one on the left added. Then the middle one stepped up and smacked me across the face. I held my cheek but didn’t cry.

“Abort it.” the right said
“What? No. Why should I?” I asked, glaring at all three
“Because you don’t deserve to carry Kai-oppa’s baby!” the left answered
“And what makes you think that you can?” I questioned. At that, I received a smack on the same cheek.
“Get her!” middle said. I grabbed the ice cream and ran towards the milk aisle, hoping to see Kaelin. Once I saw her placed a large carton of milk in her basket, I ran to her

“Help me!” I hid behind her
“Let me guess, sasaeng?” she questioned, eyes flaring
“You’re fantastic at guessing!” I answered, she turned just in time to see the 3 running at us. Did I mention Kaelin knows taekwondo?
“You go pay for items, I’ll take care of these…things.” she classified the girls in front of us. The middle one scoffed
“Things? Excuse me, we are women!” she corrected
“Are you sure about that?” Kaelin asked
“Thank you so much, I owe you.” I whispered before running off.
“We’re after her, not you!” I heard one of them say before footsteps were heard again

“You want her, you’ll go through me first!” Kaelin yelled and a grunt was heard. I quickly paid and got to my car and drove home. Once I entered the house, Kai came running up with an excited face.

The grin fell when he saw my cheek

“What happened?!” he asked, caressing it gently
“Nothing important.” I answered, pulling out the bucket
“Nothing important?! Your cheek is red! Someone dared to touch my baby.” I saw anger in his eyes
“Jongin-ah, it’s alright. It was just 3 sasaengs.” I answered him
“Oh my god, please tell me you two are okay.” he asked, placing a hand on my baby bump.
“They didn’t touch the baby. If they did, I would’ve been in a cop car and they’d be in the hospital by now.” I smirked
“How’d you get away?” he asked, leading me to the couch
“Kaelin took care of them.” I replied.
“She’s the best, after you of course.” he kissed my red cheek before setting us both on the couch. He hugged me tightly and got himself comfortable

“Baby?” I asked

“We forgot the spoons.” I reminded him. But he never released me so the ice cream was left on the table.

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  • “i hate you and unfortunately you’re the only one who knows im not human and while im trying my best to fit in here you fuckinG CALLING ME ET WHENEVER WE’RE IN PUBLIC IS HONESTLY RUINING IT”
  • “you humans thought we had come to earth to invade it or whatever but we just came by because we saw that you guys had inhabited it and wanted to welcome you to the galaxy”
  • “bro b r o you gotta help me, i swear these guys know im not human and they looked just like those people in that movie with the suits and sunglasses and everything and—why are you LAUGHING THIS IS SERIOUS THE MEN IN BLACK ARE AFTER ME PLEASE”
  • “you know these alien movies are honestly so insulting, you all really think we’d just come and invade your little planet? what are we, savages? Ill tell you now that my homeland has some of the most precious temples in the galaxy. are you listening to me susan? this is degrading”
  • “on my planet we often send out care packages to other planets in need, but apparently you tell me that i shouldnt of come? heh, BOY, do you know what global warming is? cause lemme tell you—oh you mean everyone would freak out? okay, that i understand”
  • “i work for the men in black and i swear i knew, i knew that bitch wasnt human. holdup lemme get my big guns cause we knockin them the fuck out”
  • “apparently back on your homeworld you had extensive studies about all your neighboring planets, which includes mine, and you’re telling me we have what down in our ocean? youre surprised we’re still alive?? YEAH ME TOO I GUESS”
  • “i was tracking an abnormal lightning storm and i hIT YOU WITH MY CAR ALONG THE WAY”
  • “im on your special elite team or whatever and you people keep handing me papers as if i know how to read your goddamn language, i dont know what this fucking shit says”
  • “hey baby, i heard u a freak in the sheets, i wanna know what makes you so special. two tongues? ..oh. well damn…im still down i guess if u wanna—”
  • “i leave you with my idiotic roommate for two seconds and now they have you cursing with every sentence that you say. no, dont greet me with ‘what is up bitch’, damn it LOOK WHAT YOU DID”
Crawl Home To Her (part 5)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 6 part 7

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 841

Summary: Reader is Steve’s little sister and Bucky’s best friend. She temporarily moves in with Bucky when her apartment catches fire. Only problem is, she has a crush on him. Living in such close proximity with him cannot end well.

A/N: It’s been over two weeks since an update, I know, so sorry  (I was on vacation and I left the tag list home like an idiot :) I have 3ish more parts planned for this one! Thanks for sticking with me!

Warnings: nadaa

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

The two of you were sat across from each other reading through the restaurant’s menus when a tall woman walked up to the table, her heels clicking hard against the tiled floor. You looked up from your menu and were met with a beautiful, tall, blonde woman. Her skin was perfect and her makeup was flawless. She briefly assessed you, frowning lightly, then turned her attention towards Bucky, her smile stretching impossibly big. She greeted him in a high-pitched voice, “Bucky! I can’t believe it’s you! I haven’t seen you in forever!”

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anonymous asked:

how would rfa + searan + v react finding out that mc is a huge fujoshi and otaku and ships them all together.

god im so excited i finally got to this request ive been waiting to write this since the beginning of time

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung answers a knock on his door 
  • MC stands in his dooway, beaming
  • “lets go shopping today, Yoosungie~!”
  • Yoosung was just planning on spending the day studying buuuut he’d much rather go shopping with MC
  • on the car ride over, MC calls up Seven to invite him to the gathering
  • they put the call on speaker phone so Yoosung can hear Seven saying he was looking for an excuse to ditch his work anyway
  • the three of them cause trouble in the mall for a few hours till MC’s stomach starts to grumble
  • “sounds like you’re getting hungry!”
  • Yoosung says as he playfully rubs MC’s tummy
  • “yea, i guess i am. what do you guys think about getting some grub from the foot court?”
  • “hey, i’m always down to chow down”
  • Seven links arms with Yoosung and MC on either side of him and leads the way triumphantly to the food court
  • once the three of them have food, they sit down with Yoosung and MC next to each other and Seven sitting across form them
  • “MC~~ all that shopping made me so tired! will you feed me?”
  • Yoosung rests his head in his hand and gives his chopsticks to MC with his free hand
  • “i will after i finish feeding myself, Yoosungie”
  • “i’ll feed you, Yoosungie!”
  • Seven shoved some chicken into his mouth and then picked up a piece and waved it in front of Yoosung playfully
  • MC’s eyes widened
  • “Seven, please dont-”
  • but Seven sized the opportunity while he could, and pushed the chicken into Yoosung’s mouth while he was talking
  • Yoosung tried to yell at Seven some more
  • “now, now, Yoosung! dont be rude. no talking with your mouth full”
  • Yoosung rolls his eyes and finished chewing
  • “you’re so-”
  • but Seven feeds Yoosung again before he can finish
  • Seven stars to laugh as Yoosung broodingly chews his food
  • “this is kind of fun”
  • as if this was some kind of cartoon, MC spits out their drink in a spit take-ish manner
  • Seven and Yoosung both look at them, confused
  • “you…you alright?”
  • MC looked at Seven
  • “you two love each other”
  • Seven looks back at Yoosung with a menacing smile on his face
  • “well, is it true Yoosung? do we love each other?”
  • he lifts another piece of chicken to Yoosungs mouth
  • “want me to feed you some more, babe?”
  • Yoosung wants to respond and tell Seven he’s an idiot, but they were both distracted by MC dramatically burring their face into their hands and squealing


  • MC and Jaehee were greeting guests at the door together
  • Jumin was at the party early, before the doors opened with the other two
  • about ten minutes after MC and Jaehee started letting guests in, Zen walks through the doors
  • “Jaehee, MC! it’s so good to see you”
  • he hugs them both, wearing a big warm smile
  • “you two should go enjoy the party! i’ll take it from-”
  • “Zen, nice of you to finally join us”
  • Jumin strides toward Zen, fixing his sleeves as he approaches 
  • “ah yes, here he is. the life of the party”
  • sarcasm was dripping from Zen’s voice
  • “well, considering i helped more with the party than you did, i suppose i did give it life in a way”
  • Zen rolls his eyes and scoffs
  • “please tell me you havent talked to any of the guests yet and bored them with this bullshit”
  • Jaehee continues to greet guests, trying to ignore Zen and Jumins bickering
  • MC was still standing with Jaehee, but stopped paying attention to the party goers and just stared and Jumin and Zen
  • after a few more exchanges between the two men, MC grabs Jaehee’s arm and pulls her close
  • “MC what are you-”
  • “look at that tension”
  • Jaehee looks at Jumin and Zen, who were both still spitting bitter insults at each other, then looks back at MC who’s watching the exchange…a little too closely
  • Jaehee takes off her glasses and breathes some hot air onto them, then rubs them off and puts them back onto her face
  • …yup, Jumin and Zen are definitely fighting
  • “if you dont mind, MC, i think i should attend to the guests now-”
  • MC tightens their grip on Jaehee and pulls on her again
  • “cant you see it? on the surface they fight all the time, but deep down Jumin and Zen really care about each other
  • MC, without taking their eyes off Jumin and Zen, leans toward Jaehee’s ear
  • “like…they really really care”
  • Jaehee breaks away from MC and straightens her cardigan
  • “okay….alright. just dont…”
  • MC’s still staring at the boys
  • Jaehee grabs MC and pulls them away from the entrance
  • “alright, we’re going somewhere else now”


  • “Jumin, whats this?”
  • MC was rummaging around Jumin’s penthouse looking for Elizabeth when they stumbled upon some old photo albums
  • Jumin came into the room to see MC sitting on the couch, flipping through the pictures
  • “i see you found some pictures from when i was a kid”
  • Jumin sits on the couch next to MC
  • “there are so many pictures of you and V in here”
  • “yea, i suppose there are. when i was young, V was the only kid i ever really…connected with. i had a few other friends through out the years but no one could compare to the person i grew up with”
  • MC continues to nonchalantly flip through the pages
  • “that’s pretty romantic” they mutter
  • “what was that?”
  • MC quickly shuts the book and tries to recover
  • “i said that’s, um, fantastic! yea, it’s fantastic that you and V have always been such good…friends”
  • Jumin smiles and grabs another photo album
  • he opens it up in his lap and looks at all the old photographs sloppily taped onto colored paper, with some stickers and notes about the photos strewn randomly on the pages
  • “Jumin…is this a scrapbook?”
  • he laughs a little, flipping through the messy pages
  • “yes. V convinced me to make one with him as a kid. he loved taking pictures and putting them together like this, but i was never as talented as him”
  • MC scoots closer to Jumin, looking through the scrapbook
  • “i wish i could look through the one V made…i wonder if he still has it”
  • “would you be sad if he didnt?”
  • Jumin closes the photo book
  • “yes, i suppose i would be”
  • “because you want him to treasure your friendship as much as you do?”
  • “…yea, i guess you’re right”
  • “and i bet you really miss hanging out with V all the time, right?”
  • Jumin hesitates before answering, not sure what MC is getting at
  • “i do miss V, MC, but i dont really-”
  • “cause you love him”
  • Jumin just looks at MC
  • “and you want to kiss him”
  • “okay, MC, no more photo albums for you”
  • MC and Jumin play tug-of-war for a few seconds with the books before Jumin finally wins and rips them away from MC
  • he puts them into a drawer in a desk
  • and then locks the drawer
  • “like, ever”


  • “MC! i need your help re-moistening my creative juices”
  • was the first thing that came out of Seven’s mouth when MC answered his call
  • “Seven, please tell me you have a good reason to use the word ‘moist’ just then
  • “i want to prank Yoosung, but i can’t come up with anything good!”
  • MC lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • god, why do they always involve me in their flirting
  • “Seven, why do you feel the need to mess with Yoosung so much?”
  • Seven goes silent for a few seconds
  • “because it’s funny…? dont you think it’s funny, MC?”
  • “whats funny about it?”
  • ……….
  • “just the way he’ll believe anything i say and just go along with it! remember when we made him drink all that chocolate milk! that was hilarious!!”
  • “why dont you ever prank Zen or Jumin? i’m sure they’re more gullible than you think. Jumin doesnt know anything about pop culture so i bet we could get him to do some real stupid stuff”
  • Seven starts whining, frustrated that MC keeps questioning him
  • “but it wont be as much fuuuuuuunnnnnn”
  • “Seven, did you know that when little girls are picked on by boys in elementary school, they’re told it’s because the boys have a crush on them?”
  • “how does this help me prank Yooosuuuunnnggggg???”
  • MC sighs again
  • “okay, Seven! i think i have an idea”
  • “i’m all ears”
  • “so we’ll tell Yoosung that you’ve developed a cold sore, like a really bad one that causes you a lot of pain”
  • “okay. cold sore. got it”
  • “but it’s like a super rare condition so the doctor didnt have any medicine for it, and even if the doctor ordered medicine it wouldnt get here in time”
  • “ooohhh sounds very menacing”
  • “so heres the kicker”
  • Seven leans forward in his chair, waiting for MC to get to the juicy parts of the prank
  • “we tell Yoosung that the only way to heal your cold sore is with the kiss of a virgin”
  • “what the-”
  • “and then not only will Yoosung have to admit to everyone that he’s a virgin to save you, but he’ll have to kiss you! oh isnt it just so funny, Seven?!”
  • Seven moves his phone away from his ear
  • “uuuuhhhhhh…”
  • “oh, come on. dont act like you dont want to kiss that boy. i know you do”
  • after that the only thing Seven hears is the sound of MC hanging up the phone


  • V has never been a particularly perky person, but MC could tell something was seriously dragging him down today
  • he was sitting at the table looking out the window at the fall colors when MC sits down across from him
  • “is something bothering you?”
  • “oh, good morning, MC. i’m just…tired today”
  • “i can tell when you’re lying, V”
  • he smiles a little
  • “alright, you got me. i called Jumin last night and we got into a bit of an argument”
  • “was it that upsetting?”
  • V sighs and takes his gaze away from the window to look at MC
  • “i just hate fighting with him, thats all”
  • yea, because yOU LOVE JUMIN
  • no MC dont say that have some chill
  • “cant you guys just make out i mean make up?”
  • “i suppose i could call him later…”
  • MC grabs V’s hands from across the table
  • “no! you should go to his penthouse and apologize in person. it’s more meaningful that way!”
  • “i guess that might be a good idea, MC”
  • V was confused as to why MC was so concerned about affairs between him and Jumin, but he’s glad they’re trying to help nonetheless
  • “you should go now”
  • “now? but what if he’s busy?”
  • “V!!! cant you see that a spontaneous visit is more…umm…sincere?”
  • maybe V should leave…MC is starting to get this weird look in their eyes
  • “okay, i’ll leave now”
  • V stands up and pries his hands away from MC
  • “dont forget this kiss”
  • “…..what?”
  • “how will Jumin know how you really feel if you dont kiss him????”
  • “how i really feel? what the hell are you talking about?”
  • MC stands up and hides their face with their arm, running out of the kitchen
  • “ugh, V! why cant you see that long lasting child hood friendships are one of the best predictors of a successful and healthy romantic relationship?! why wont you just love Jumin??” 
  • MC seems really upset….should V comfort them?
  • ….probably not


  • “Seven, MC, does Yoosung have to come over for dinner? you guys know i’m bad with company”
  • Seven and MC were preparing dinner, and it was almost finished
  • “thats exactly why we invited him”
  • Seven called from the kitchen
  • “you like, suck with people. but Yoosung is pretty easy to get along with so i think this will go well”
  • MC doesnt say anything. they honestly thought this was a terrible idea but Seven insisted so whatever
  • the dinner was kind of awkward at first, Seven sat next to Yoosung while MC and Saeran sat across from them
  • the majority of the first 10 minutes was Seven making bad jokes and teasing Yoosung while Saeran and MC silently ate
  • normally MC would join in with Seven and tease Yoosung as well, but they didnt want Saeran to feel like a total fourth wheel
  • while Seven was loudly telling a story about when he was undercover to Yoosung, MC decided to talk to Saeran
  • “so, what do you think of Yoosung so far?”
  • Saeran responded without looking up from his food
  • “he’s okay i guess….i dont hate him as much as i thought i would”
  • MC giggles a little-WAIT
  • is Saeran blushing??
  •  they just go back to eating without saying anything else
  • when Seven’s story is finished, Yoosung tries to start up a conversation with Saeran
  • “so, um, Saeran! how is living with MC and Seven? i imagine Seven probably gets annoying”
  • Saeran looks up-
  • okay yea he is SO BLUSHING 
  • with the same frowning face he always has, Saeran speaks
  • “you have food on your face, Yoosung”
  • “oh…i do? where?”
  • “on your bottom lip”
  • MC feels their face heat up
  • Seven how can you just eat your food right now as if nothing is happening
  • Yoosung licks his lips
  • “is it gone?”
  • “no”
  • to himself, Saeran says “god, is this guy stupid or something?”
  • he proceeds to lick his thumb, then, leaning across the table in front of MC slightly, wipes Yoosung’s bottom lip
  • “MC….are you okay?”
  • Seven was staring at MC, who had just dropped their fork, and is now using both hands to cover their nose
  • “um, sure i’m fine yea i just have to go to the bathroom right now”
  • “is that blood-”
  • “whats up with them?”
  • MC could hear Yoosung and Saeran talking about them through the bathroom door
  • “beats me”
  • god, boys are so stupid



There’s something ironic, Lily thinks, about practicing Defense Against the Dark Arts side by side with the people she needs to defend herself against. She can feel Avery’s hot gaze on her back, can imagine his lips in a cold sneer as he waits for her to take her turn. It’s rather hard trying to think of a happy memory with a potential murderer breathing down her neck, but Lily tries anyway.

“Expecto Patronum!” A bright blue ball of light shoots from her wand, but it’s weak, not corporeal. Lily sighs, wiping sweat from her brow.

“Good, Miss Evans!” Professor Helene says, clapping her hands. “A patronus charm is exceptionally hard, and even some of the most skilled wizards can never produce a corporeal form. Don’t be discouraged - we still have an hour of class.” Lily isn’t discouraged, she’s simply frustrated. She knows that she probably won’t be able to produce a corporeal patronus, no matter the fact that she’s been trying and failing for the better part of a year, but she’d very much like to. If there’s one thing Lily Evans isn’t very good at, it’s soul searching, and what better way to know yourself than to have your spirit animal revealed to you? So, really, she’s just impatient. Which is nothing new.

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Hayes Grier - First time

Request: Can you plz make an image when you and hayes do it for the first time and u were scared cuz nash was in the house


I was that kinda girl who planned her first time to the smallest details. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it made me feel more comfortable with it.

Hayes and I had known each other for ages, and we had been together since puberty hit us. It happened earlier to me, at that time I had this crush on him while he only cared about his motorbikes. But then he kinda grew up to me and eventually had the balls to ask me out. By the time we turned fourteen we were a couple. People always told us that this is just some silly kid love, and we won’t last long, but here we were, getting close to sixteen and we were still together, happier than ever.

With Hayes everything was natural. We already knew each other well before getting together, so this whole thing was easier to us.

He was also the best boyfriend a girl could wish for. He was caring, gentle and understanding. For example he knew what kind of chocolate I liked and always bought me when I was on my period, because he was this caring.

We discussed the whole sex thing, we were completely opened about it and we agreed on a date. It helped me to get my shit together by this time so it would go perfectly. And Hayes… He was just counting the days while being super excited.

The only thing we weren’t expecting is Nash to come home for the weekend. Hayes’ mom, his stepdad and Skylynn were off for the weekend for a trip, but right when they left Nash called Hayes telling him that he would be home for the weekend in any minute.

“Why did he come home? Isn’t he like… moved out of here?” I asked annoyed sitting on Hayes’s bed. Nash was downstairs watching TV and we were trying to figure out how to solve this problem. I liked Nash, but not at that exact moment.

“He comes home sometimes, we can’t do anything,” Hayes growled in irritation. We both were so frustrated.

“But why now?” I whined. “Now we have to find another date.”

“What? No!” Hayes said sitting up immediately. “We still can do it!”

“Hayes, he is literally downstairs, he will… hear us or something. There’s no way we will do this.”

“But baby, I was waiting for this for so long!” He pulled me onto his lap and looked at me with sad eyes.

“I know, but what if he comes in on us?” I asked worrying.

“He won’t, he never comes into my room, so we are safe here, okay?” He looked into my eyes and after a little while I nodded. He gave me an encouraging smile and then kissed me.

I felt his hands under my thighs, he lifted me up and then lay me down on the bed getting on top of me. He started to kiss my neck and slipped his hands under my shirt. He took it off and looked at my chest hungrily. I pulled his face to me and kissed him. As I was about to get his shirt off I heard some noises from outside.

“Did you hear that?” I asked turning towards the door.

“What? I didn’t hear anything, just relax baby, okay?”

Taking a deep breath I nodded. A few minutes later I only had my bra and panties on, and Hayes was only in his boxers. I hugged his waist with my legs keeping him close to me.

“You look so beautiful,” he murmured into my skin as he was unclasping my bra. I smiled with my eyes closed, but suddenly I thought I was hearing footsteps.

“I think he is coming up,” I snapped and we stopped for a minute listening to the sounds around us. But I was wrong again.

“Baby, it’s okay, probably he is passed out on the couch with the TV still on. He won’t even hear us.” He started to place kisses on my collarbone, I tried to stay calm, but I just couldn’t.

When he was about to take my bra off I freaked out.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry Hayes, it’s just… I can’t.” I put my bra back on and grabbed my shirt from the ground.

“I already told you that…”

“No, Hayes, I heard you, but I just can’t have sex while he is in the house, I’m sorry!”

I hid my face into my hands, I heard him groan in annoyance.

“Okay, I understand you,” he muttered then putting his shirt on.

“I’m so sorry, I know how badly you wanted it.” I felt so bad, I could see how disappointed he was, but I just couldn’t do it.

“It’s okay baby, I get it, I can wait,” he said sighing.

I wished I could do something, but I couldn’t.

We got dressed and then headed down to the kitchen to look for some food.

“Hey guys,” Nash greeted us standing in the hallway looking like he was about to leave.

“Hey bro, are you going somewhere?” Hayes asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’m meeting some friends, don’t wait for me, I will get home late. You two will be okay?” he asked looking at us. We both grinned so widely, I don’t even get it why he didn’t suspect anything.

“Yeah, totally, you just go and have fun,” Hayes finally said.

“Cool, see you later!” He waved at us and then left.

We turned towards each other at the same time still grinning like two idiots.

“So, I guess we have the whole house for ourselves,” he said pulling me to him.

“Seems like that.” I laced my fingers through his hair and tiptoeing placed a kiss into the corner of his mouth.

“Then we should not waste our time,” he said lifting me up into his arms and went straight into his room.

A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 6/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1500

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, Christmas fluff

A/N: Ahhh, only one more part left! I hope you all are having a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate! And I hope you enjoy this part! (Also, I couldn’t find a good gingerbread house gif, oh well.)

Originally posted by xmas-wonderland

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The Lion King Sentence Meme
  • "What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?"
  • "Well forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know."
  • "It's our motto."
  • "Let me get this straight. You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And everybody's okay with this?"
  • "We're gonna fight your uncle...for this?"
  • "I can't go back. What would it prove, anyway? You can't change the past."
  • "You said you'd always be there for me! But you're not. Its because of me. Its my fault."
  • "Its your fault he's dead. Do you deny it?"
  • "Friends? I thought he said we were the enemy."
  • "Let me tell you something my father told me."
  • "Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I."
  • "Before sunrise, he's your son."
  • "Everything the light touches is our kingdom."
  • "A kings time as ruler rises and falls like the sun."
  • "I know what I have to do but going back means I'll have to face my past. I've been running from it so long."
  • "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."
  • "Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me."
  • "As far as brains go, I got the lions share. But, when it comes to brute strength I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool."
  • "Ha! Pinned you again."
  • "There's one in every family sire. Two in mine, actually. And they always manage to ruin special occassions."
  • "Danger? Ha! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger."
  • "You could have been killed! You deliberately disobeyed me!"
  • "I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble."
  • "I'm surrounded by idiots."
  • "It's to die for."
  • "Yeah! You hear that? If you ever come back, we'll kill ya!"
  • "Yet out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era."
  • "You're an outcast! That's great, so are we."
  • "Let me get this straight. You're the king? And you never told us?"
  • "You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't know even know what I've been through."
  • "Run. Run away and never return."
  • "Life's not fair is it? You see I, well, I shall never be king. And you shall never see the light of another day."
  • "Everything you see exists in a delicate balance."
  • "Bad things happen and you can't do anything about it. Right?"
  • "When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world."
  • "There's more to being a king than getting your way all the time."
  • "Long live the king!"
  • "Hakuna Matata. It means no worries."
  • "Remember who you are."
(Request) G-Dragon Angst

Anon said: Hello! Can I request a scenario where gdragon gets angry to the point where he’s mad but becomes all cute in the end? :3 thank you!

I had to be the biggest idiot in the world. Walking into my apartment on a Friday night I was greeted by a dark house. All the lights were off, no television waiting for me, and probably the strangest part, no Jiyong waiting. We had been dating for almost two years now and whenever the boys didn’t have promotions, Jiyong was mine all weekend. Which made today especially strange since it was 8 pm when I walked in from work.

Sending him a text, I waited to see when he would be over. An hour passed and I finally called him.

“Oppa, aren’t you coming over tonight?” You said when he finally picked up.

“Y/N, check the date then tell me.” He said and immediately hung up. And then it hit me. Today was the 30th. Our freaking anniversary.

Rushing over to the dorm, you didn’t even stop to catch your breath. Slamming your fist against the door, Taeyang opened it and stared at you.

“About time. He has been a complete jerk today,” he stepped aside, letting you in. You pushed through the dorm, saying a quick hi while you went straight to Jiyong’s room.

“Oppa, baby, I am so sorry! Its been crazy at work and the date just slipped my mind. I am so so so sorry!” You rushed to the side of his bed where he was laying. You perched next to him not quite touching him yet.

“You forgot about us,” Jiyong didn’t even glance at you, he just kept playing the soccer game on his phone. “Y/N, sorry isn’t going to cut it.” You gently rubbed his strong arms.

“How about we stop by your favorite restaurant, bring some food home and I will make it up to you all weekend. I will even make some breakfast in the morning. We will do whatever you want. I just so sorry about it.”

Jiyong finally sat up and pulled you in his arms. Kissing the top of your head, he moved to your neck, breathing in deeply.

“That sounds like it will work.”


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