and these two idiots give me a lot of feels

Still trying to play tough guy? Then go act like one.

I was heavily bullied in grade school and tried to kill myself in 8th grade via overdose. After a summer of therapy and mental health checkup, I came back to the only high school in the area for Freshman year, and I’d like to think I came back with a thicker skin.

It was the second week in PE class, and I was talking to one of my closest friends (Let’s call him VG, for Vape Guy) when one of the dumbest and self-centered kids I’ve ever met in my life showed up (for the purpose of this story, let’s call him IB, for Inbred). This douche got back from ALC from the whole bullying mishap, being one of the ringleaders, and decided to take it out on me.

Before we move on, I have to mention that the bleachers we were sitting on were about 5 feet high but they are pushed back to give more room in the gym. The gym teacher lets us sit up on the top because he really doesn’t give two sh*ts about his job. I mean, if he did, he would of a). kicked this guy out for not being in his class and b). stopped this whole thing before it happened.

Like I said, we were talking when this inbred idiot showed up, and it went as I figured it would, but I wasn’t going to curl up and hide.

  • IB: “You got me in a lot of trouble, CityofCyn_.”
  • Me: “Well good for you, your parents actually taught you what trouble feels like.”
  • IB: “You almost got me sent to juvie, you f*cking fairy! My dad paid a good chuck of cash just to bail me out!”
  • VG: “You sure it wasn’t because you almost killed him?”
  • IB: “You stay out of this, you damn douchebag.”

This went on for about 5 minutes, and though this entire time he was punching my shoulder. Now, I bruise easily, and I’m probably the farthest thing away from a masochistic, but learned in therapy not to show fear or sadness. So instead of getting upset, I got annoyed.

  • Me: “-and will you stop f*cking hitting me, you piece of white trash?”
  • IB: “What are you going to f*cking do about it?”

VG (who is like 6 inches taller then me (5'8) and out weights me by 30 lbs (170 lbs)) was about this close to knocking him out, but before he could do do anything, I already had a plan.

I had my book bag in my hands (about 5-10 lbs depending on the week) decided to take some aggression off. I grabbed one of the arm straps and swung it into Inbred’s face. While he was dazed, I grabbed his jacket and threw him out of his seat, off of the bleachers, and onto the wooden floor 5 feet below us.

The slam got everyone to turn around to see a guy face first on the ground and me and VG sitting up there with concerned faces (everyone says i can be an actor if I tried). He gets up with no obvious injures and turns to me with a “WHAT THE HELL!?”

I just turned to him and said, “Yeah, these bleachers are not the safest to get out of in this position, you really need to watch your step.”


I jumped off the bleachers and whispered “You really want people to know you got beat up by a f*cking fairy?”

VG is just cackling to himself and IB looked like a vein is about to pop. He storms out of the gym to (not) go back to his class and just left everyone there unknowing of what happened.

He never bothered me again, and even dropped out a few weeks later due to his extremely low GPA. I never got in trouble for what I did, funnily enough.


You gonna bust on me now for being sentimental?

Clexa Prompt: Finger guns

‘Finger Guns and All” by dreamersdeservebetter

“Hey, bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony and all but I-”

Clarke stops at the door, stunned by the vision before her. The bridesmaids smile and quickly excuse themselves to give the couple some privacy, squeezing past Clarke, who stands frozen in the doorway. Lexa’s in front of a long oval mirror, a bouquet of wildflowers clutched in her hands, and she smiles timidly at Clarke’s reflection.

“Hi.” Her voice is soft and it brightens the already-sunlit room. Clarke finally snaps out of her trance and enters the room, seeing nothing but Lexa. Lexa in white. Lexa with her hair swept over her shoulder. Lexa with green eyes shining. Lexa, her bride.

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Can someone give me a reason why there aren’t more Gabriel possesses Sam fanfics in the sabriel fandom? Because I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and the idea just has so much potential, both in terms of fluff and angst.

Just imagine:

  • Dean immediately realising that it’s not Sam anymore and the inevitable shouting match that would ensue.
  • Sam doing his best to hide his true feelings about Gabriel.
  • The two of them being clueless idiots and somehow not realising how they feel about each other, even though they’re in the same body.
  • Gabriel and Sam swapping out who has control of the vessel. Bonus angsty points for Sam coming to talk to Dean about some important issue/disagreement they’ve just had, and Dean thinking he’s Gabriel initially.
  • Sam bitching about how much candy Gabriel is eating.
  • Or Gabriel being pissed off that candy just doesn’t taste as good now because he’s got Sam’s taste buds and why the hell does that mean he wants to eat salad now?
  • The two of them being BAMFs and working together in a fight with swapping control

There are so many situations in canon when it could work too. Gabriel agreeing to possess him so Lucifer can’t. Gabriel’s vessel having been destroyed by Lucifer so he needs to possess Sam while he tries to find a new body. Instead of Gadreel, Gabriel being the one to possess him at the beginning of S9. Just. I want more fics like this.


4 years of Hemmo1996…it feels like it was not that long ago that I stumbled upon these two boys that did a horrible cover of A Day To Remember’s If It Means A Lot To You. I honestly feel so proud of them, but sad that they are not my little secret anymore….Luckily, this family that we’ve built is so amazing that whether you are a new fan or a veteran, we still love and support our boys and each other. Thanks 5SOS and 5SOS FAM for giving me the chance to be a part of something great. Sorry I’m rambling, and there are probably some grammatical errors, but I love these idiots with all my heart and words cannot express how much they have done for me; even though they don’t know a thing about me.

They Don’t Know About Us by @josjournal
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: T

Zayn ducked his head to watch the sign as Liam drove underneath it and into his home for the next six weeks. Camp Inspiration was printed clearly, and he felt a little thrill run through him. 

Liam let out a low whistle as they pulled into the car park in front of the main building, a glass and wood structure that loomed three stories tall. “This place is posh, Zee.” He pointed towards a gate surrounding a sparkling pool. “The lake is a couple hundred yards that way- what’s the point of a pool?”

Zayn laughed. “I don’t know. I just hope they put as much money into their supplies and equipment as they did the buildings and amenities.”

Liam stopped the car, turning his body to look at Zayn. “At least I know you’ll be comfortable. Not like the bunks I’ll be staying in that were built before the turn of the century.”

Zayn’s laugh echoed inside of the car, although it felt a bit forced as he thought of Liam having to sleep somewhere other than beside him. “It’s not that bad. Plus, you’ll just be across the lake and we have the same days off.” He grabbed Liam’s hand, squeezing. “I’ll still miss you, but this is so great.”

Zayn had been dreading the summer hols, to be honest. He’d grown used to sharing a room, a bed, with Liam, the total-stranger-turned-best-friend-turned-boyfriend, over the last school year. He wasn’t sure how he was going to handle going the entire hols without seeing him. Then they’d found job postings for summer camp counselors at camps that were directly across a small lake from each other.

Camp Funoverwin was a footie camp where kids spent the summer honing their skills, a perfect fit for Liam, star of the uni team. Camp Inspiration was a fine arts camp with a wide variety of disciplines. Zayn would be working with the artists in the morning and writers in the afternoons. They would both be off on Sundays and Wednesdays while the campers were attended to by other staff members. They were both eager to see what the kids at their respective camps were capable of.

“You’re practically vibrating, love,” Liam said, chuckling. He leaned over to press a kiss to Liam’s cheek. “Go. I’ll talk to you as soon as the rugrats are asleep.”

“I love you, Li,” Zayn said, kissing him quickly before getting out of the car. He waited for Liam to pop the boot, having already agreed that Liam wouldn’t get out of the car, it would make leaving even more difficult for both of them.
Once Zayn had his bags out, he closed the boot, rapping his fist on it twice. Liam pulled away, one hand out the window.  Zayn kept waving until Liam turned out of sight.

“Your boyfriend?” someone asked. Zayn turned to face a curvy boy with short hair that fell over his eyes. Zayn nodded. “His arm seemed right fit.” They both laughed. “I’m Louis. Musical Theatre.”

“Zayn. Art and Creative Writing,” he said, holding out a hand.

Louis rolled his eyes, using the hand to pull Zayn into a hug. “We’re family here. That’s the second rule of Camp Inspiration.”

“What the first rule?” Zayn asked as he shouldered his bags, falling into step with Louis.

“There is no fraternizing with any of the muscleheads from Camp Funoverwin.”


Liam drove around the lake, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the radio. He was sad to have left Zayn behind, but he was excited to arrive at camp. He’d attended this camp as a kid, learning all of the skills he’d used throughout his life to move from recreation ball to playing on the school team until now where he plays for the university and is being scouted regularly by pro teams. He owed a lot to that place, so when the opportunity to work there arose, he couldn’t pass it up. Especially with the added bonus of having Zayn so close.

It didn’t seem as if anything had changed in the years since he’d been a camper. Liam wondered if his initials were still carved into the underside of the bench on the main field. He pulled his bags out of the car before heading into the main building.

“As I live and breathe!” Liam looked towards the voice, confusion twisting his face at the blonde lad who hobbled over to him, bright smile on his face, blue eyes twinkling. “Liam Payne! How’ve ye been, mate?”

“Fine,” he responded, eyebrows raised as he tried to comb through his memory for this face. The boy laughed loudly, slapping Liam on the shoulder, bringing an image to the forefront of his mind: a smaller version of this lad with crooked teeth and darker hair. “Niall Horan.” He pulled the boy into a hug. “How the hell are ya?”

“Good. Good. Well, except for the knee.” He gestured down, and Liam winced when he saw the scar running from his upper leg over his knee to his shin. “Lucky the camp agreed to hire me back this year despite the injury.”

“Not your first year, then?”

“I never left. First year I was too old to camp, I became a counselor-in-training. Did that until I was able to be a full counselor. Now, I’m a head counselor. Plan the schedules and such. Let me show you to your cabin,” Niall said, attempting to grab one of the bags, shrugging when Liam refused to give it up.

“So, I have you to thank for my Sundays and Wednesdays, then?” Liam asked.
Niall nodded. “Those work out alright?I can change them-”

“No. It’s perfect,” Liam said. He started to mention Zayn, but Niall started pointing things out.

“You probably remember most of these buildings, but we have a couple new cabins, one you’re assigned to,” Niall told him, “with air conditioning.”

“You read your official rules and all of that, yeah?” Niall asked, smiling when Liam nodded. “‘Course you did. You always were big on rules. Now for the unofficial rules. No one touches my food.” Liam laughed, remembering being poked by a fork more than once as a kid when he’d attempted just that. “And absolutely no interaction with those twats across the lake.”

Liam felt a rock drop from his throat into his stomach, splashing stomach acid, nearly making him groan in pain. “Twats across the lake?”

“Yeah, those geeks over at Camp Inspiration,” Niall explained, pointing across the lake. Liam followed his finger and saw two people walking, just silhouettes in the sun. Liam couldn’t help imagining that one of the two figures he saw walking along the shore was Zayn.


Zayn sat on the edge of the dock, legs dangling over. He had his phone in his hand, frowning at Liam’s equally unhappy image. “I feel like we’re trapped in a Shakespeare play,” he groused.

“Just no killing ourselves at the end of the week, yeah?” Liam joked, sadly. He sighed when Zayn didn’t even crack a smile. “They’re a bunch of idiots for not giving you lot a chance. They don’t know how special you are.” Zayn smiled slightly in response to that. 

“Tell me about your campers,” Zayn finally said, his smile growing as Liam started talking about the kids in his cabin. 

Liam’s face grew concerned as he talked about one boy: Carter. “The other boys tease him because he’s really quiet. I tried talking to him, but he just shrugged his shoulders, and went back to running drills.”

“He any good?” Zayn wondered, thinking maybe he had a father who felt any son of his had to play sports.

“That’s the thing, he’s probably the best in my cabin. On the pitch, everyone loves him. Off the pitch, they tease him like crazy, but he just ignores them.” Liam frowned before shaking his head, a smile appearing on his face. “Your turn.”

“They’re all pretty quiet, but there’s one who is a handful. Jared’s already been in trouble for climbing the side of the main building to attempt a cannonball into the pool. No concern for life or limb, that one. I distracted him a bit after dinner with a football that someone managed to sneak into my duffle.” He gave Liam a pointed look, smiling at the innocent one he got in return. “That lasted until the other kids started jeering at him for being a ‘dumb jock’.” The stormy looks that crossed Liam’s face was mirrored on Zayn’s own.

“You know who these kids remind me of?” Liam asked, and Zayn nodded.

When Zayn and Liam had first been roomed together, they’d immediately hated each other, just based on preconceived notions of the dumb jock and pretentious artist. It’d taken time and many struggles before they started seeing each other as Zayn and Liam. Once they’d broken past the prejudices, they found they had a lot in common, spending many nights talking until the sun came up. Eventually, those all-night talks became all-night makeout sessions. Finally, after returning from the winter hols, Liam had told Zayn that he was in love with him, asking him to be his boyfriend. They’d been officially together ever since.

Zayn heard something behind him, his smile tight when he heard voices. “Someone’s coming. I’ve got to go,” he told Liam, who nodded sadly, but understood. “I’ll see you on Wednesday, yeah?”

“I’ll pick you up at the main gate at seven. Make sure you’re awake,” Liam teased, knowing how much Zayn liked to sleep in, but Zayn would do anything for Liam. “Love you.”

“Love you, too,” Zayn responded, hesitating before ending the call, his fingers remaining on the screen long after the phone shut off.

“Oops!” a voice spoke up, and Zayn turned to find Louis holding hands with a boy he recognized from the photography classes.

“Hi!” the boy said, releasing Louis’ hand to offer his to Zayn. “I’m Harry. Photography. You’re Zayn. Art and Creative Writing.”

“Yes and yes. Nice to meet you,” Zayn said, standing, smiling as Harry and Louis linked hands again. “You two are cute. I’ll let you have the dock.”

“That your boyfriend you were talking to?” Louis asked. Zayn nodded. “Sorry to have interrupted.”

“No worries, I’ll see him in a couple of days,” Zayn responded, smiling at Louis and Harry who seemed to have already forgotten he was there.


Zayn was already waiting when Liam arrived on Wednesday morning, pulling the car door open before Liam could even completely stop the car. “Eager?” Liam asked, laughing against Zayn’s lips. “Missed you.”

“Missed you, too,” Zayn said, burying his face in Liam’s neck, inhaling deeply. When he pulled away, he started tugging at Liam’s jumper.

“Zayn, we’re in public,” Liam said, smacking at Zayn’s hands.

“I know. I’m wearing yours, and you’re wearing mine,” Zayn said, tossing his hoodie at Liam. “I want to sleep with your smell. I can’t sleep without you.”

Liam blinked back tears. “I know, love.” He slipped his jumper off, handing it to Zayn before replacing it with Zayn’s, smiling as Zayn slipped Liam’s shirt over his head. “So, how is Jared doing?”

“You remembered?” They hadn’t had a chance to talk since the first night, just quick texts throughout the day. Liam rolled his eyes at Zayn. “He’s still being a bit of a hellraiser.” Zayn shared tales of Jared getting into everyone’s hair, his energy knowing no bounds. The only thing that seemed to help was if Zayn took him out to play footie in the middle of the night while the other campers slept.

“He any good?” 

“Amazing, Li. Like, a young you, yeah?” Zayn’s voice held awe.

“Sounds like he’s at the wrong camp,” Liam said. “Think we could exchange him and Carter without people noticing?”

Zayn burst out a laugh. “Thought you said Carter was a good player?”

“He is, but he’s still not bonding with the others. Still too quiet and into himself, not in a conceited way, just a quiet way. Reminds me a little bit of you, actually.” Liam sighed. “I found him hiding out in the cabin during the bonfire last night. He was drawing in a notebook, and when I walked in, he threw the book to the floor like he didn’t want to be seen with it. Then he ran out of the cabin like the devil himself was after him.” 

“Did you look in the notebook?” Zayn asked, laughing when Liam reached into the backseat before tossing a leather bound journal into Zayn’s lap. “You didn’t give it back?”

“Tried. Carter acted like he had no idea what it was, but I saw him eyeing my bunk this morning before breakfast.” Liam looked bashful. “He’s probably going to toss it while I’m gone to find this, but after I looked inside, I had to show you.”  

Zayn opened the book, gasping when he saw the contents. There were pages of drawings. Subjects ranged from animals to scenery, but the majority of images were superheroes; some he recognized, but a number he suspected were Carter’s own creations. He laughed out loud when he opened a page to an unfinished drawing that was clearly supposed to be Liam in a footie uniform, a cape hanging off his shoulders. “Think you’re his hero,” Zayn said, showing Liam the picture, giggling when the other boy blushed. 

“Wish I could live up to that. I hate seeing him so unhappy,” Liam told Zayn.
“I understand, I feel the same way about Jared.” He flipped through the book some more. “As crazy as he gets, you should see his writing. He writes superhero stories that belong in the comics. The calmest I ever see him is when he’s writing.”

“The most alive I see Carter is on the field, but there was something different when I saw him drawing. A different energy,” Liam said. 

“Too bad we can’t get those two into the same room,” Zayn said, thoughtfully. He looked over when Liam didn’t respond, taking in the look on his face. “No. Oh no.”

“Yes,” Liam said. “Oh, yes.” He was nodding his head, a wide smile scrunching his eyes shut.


It was around midnight on Saturday when Zayn found himself waking a sleeping Jared, a finger pressed to his lips when the boy started to speak. Zayn tossed clothes at him, making a hurry up motion. The boy looked confused, but dressed quickly, pulling on his shoes and following Zayn out of the cabin. Once they were a distance away, heading towards the lake, Jared spoke.

“Are we going to play footy again?” he asked, glancing at the ball underneath Zayn’s arm.

“We’re going to meet some new friends,” Zayn explained. “You saw the picture of my boyfriend, Liam, yeah?” Jared nodded. “Well, he’s a counselor over at Camp Funoverwin.” Jared’s eyes grew wide. “I know. I know. So, he’s got a camper over there named Carter who the two of us think you should meet.”

“We’re not supposed to talk to them! Louis says they’re muscleheads!” Jared gasped. “Dumb jocks.”

“Do you believe all jocks are dumb?” Jared shrugged. “Do you think you’re dumb?” He shook his head. “Then not all jocks are dumb.” Zayn saw the corners of Jared’s lips quirk as they settled on the shore to wait. “In fact, Liam is pretty smart.”

After a few minutes, Zayn nudged Jared and pointed across the lake, where a light was starting to float towards them. As it drew closer, they could make out the outline of a canoe with two figures inside of it. They looked like they were arguing, and soon their voices could be heard.

“We could get into a lot of trouble for this!” the smaller of the figures shouted.

“Then, I guess you’ll have to learn to keep a secret. Just trust me, yeah?” Liam responded, and Zayn could hear the tension in his voice, see it in the set of his shoulders.

“Trust the guy who stole my notebook,” Carter snapped back. “Sure.”

“Thought you’d never seen it before,” Liam quipped, smugness evident in his voice.

They pulled up to the shore, Jared and Zayn helping to pull the canoe up far enough to keep it from floating away, while Carter stayed inside, glaring at everyone around him. “Hey, Carter. I’m Zayn. Liam’s friend,” Zayn said, remembering that Liam had said the boy didn’t know he and Zayn were a couple. He held out a hand, waiting patiently until the boy gave a huff and shook his hand. “This is Jared, one of my campers.” Zayn handed over Carter’s notebook. “I think this belongs to you.”

Carter glared at Liam as he snatched the book away. “You gave it to your friend!?” he snapped, voice incredulous. He flipped through the pages quickly, seeming satisfied that nothing was ruined.

Carter was closing the book when Jared stopped him. “You drew those?” he asked, and Carter nodded slowly, his eyes suspicious. “Those are brilliant.” He held a hand out, smiling when Carter placed it slowly in his hands. He flipped a couple of pages, stopping on a picture of a hero in a blue and black uniform, the sides of his helmet were twisted like mini-tornadoes. He tapped a finger on the page. “This is how I pictured the hero I wrote about yesterday. He controls the weather, like Storm, but he can also walk through things.”

“Really?” Carter asked. “How did he get his powers? Was he born that way?”

Zayn moved over to Liam, smiling as the two boys launched into a long discussion of the character, Carter digging a pencil out of his pocket and starting to sketch some more while they talked. Both of them leaning close to the lanterns they’d brought.

“Good plan,” Zayn admitted to a very smug Liam. The two of them moved until they were out of the ring of light, just behind a tree, where they could keep an ear on the boys, while reconnecting in their own way.

Zayn leaned back against the tree, smiling up at Liam who rested a hand on the trunk above Zayn’s head, leaning into him. “Missed you,” Liam whispered before leaning in to steal a quick kiss.

The quick kiss turned into several pecks that slowed down each time until they were lazily snogging against the tree, arms wrapped around each other. They jumped apart when they heard a ball hit the tree behind them. Keeping a hold on Zayn, Liam leaned around the tree, laughing. Zayn stepped out of Liam’s arms and from behind the tree, straightening his hair, to find Carter and Jared kicking the ball between themselves. Carter was giving Jared tips, while Jared listened intently, mimicking every move that Carter made. Liam and Zayn joined the boys for a haphazard game of two-on-two, Liam and Carter winning easily, but no one was disappointed. 

When Liam’s alarm on his watch went off, they were all sweaty and laughing. The sound of the alarm sobered them up again quickly. “Can we do this again?” Carter asked, turning to look at Jared before they both turned to look at Liam and Zayn.

“Of course, but it has to be a secret, yeah?” The boys nodded as Zayn and Liam shared a hug, sneaking kisses to each other’s cheeks before turning back to the two lads. “You can’t tell anyone about this,” Zayn said, pointing between Liam and himself.

“You have to promise,” Liam added, holding out his pinky finger. Jared and Carter both nodded, hooking their pinkies with Liam’s. They all looked to Zayn, who smiled as he added his pinky to the tangle.

“We promise,” they all said in unison.

As Liam and Carter climbed into their canoe, they waved goodbye to the two on the shore. “I like your boyfriend” he said slyly to Liam as they started to paddle across the lake.

Liam’s smile was a mix of sad and proud. “Figured that out, did you?” 

“When you were snogging behind the tree, it was kind of obvious.” Carter’s voice was full of sass, but Liam just laughed. “Thank you again for taking me to meet them.” He smiled as he reached a hand to pat the journal sitting between his legs.

“I hope it helped you a little bit.” Carter looked confused. “Not everyone understands that being different isn’t bad. You and Jared are special. You’re a little mix of both camps. You get it, but the others, they don’t. So, Zee and me, that’s between me and you, our little secret.”

Carter nodded, but Liam could tell he wasn’t happy about it.  “Well, us and Jared and Zayn,” Carter responded, smiling widely. “No one else will find out, though. Promise.”

Liam smiled as the boy crossed a finger over his heart. “That’s right. They don’t know about us.” They paddled the rest of the way in silence, Liam hoping that no one spotted them or where they were coming back from.

I don’t know why, but I very often imagine Sherlock and Molly as becoming one of those really annoying couples who have a thousand in-jokes (including that one joke which makes one of them laugh their head off and the other do a thousand mile stare), and can communicate about a million things in a single exchange of looks and can argue and make up in the same breadth, simply through repeatedly elbowing each other before one of them gives in and sticks their tongue out, and speak to each other at about a million miles an hour, thus thoroughly confusing anyone else in the room.

Basically, give me best friends to lovers Sherlolly, and I’m a happy woman.

Does anyone else ever think about Molly making cupcakes?

Like she is just humming along quietly to herself and Sherlock comes in the room but she doesn’t notice him. But he can’t help but notice her. And he just watches in awe of this beautiful woman who has chosen to love him and he is just struck with how wonderful she is and how blessed he is that she loves him. And after a minute or so of watching her stir the batter and being overwhelmed with all the wonderful feelings she gives him, he walks up behind her and encloses her in a hug, causing Molly to give a small squeak. But she relaxes instantly and leans back into him. 

Because I think of that a lot. 

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I love Sterek. 

Like fuck, Sterek owns my heart. 


So, yeah :D

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