and these two idiots give me a lot of feels

Can anyone recommend any good spells to help with school work comprehension?

Ive found lots of things to help motivate me to do school work or to give me a bit of luck on tests, but what I really need is something to help me actually understand things easier, since at the moment my brain is pretty much fried.
All the motivation in the world doesn’t help when you have no time to do any extra studying and can’t understand the material to begin with!

Can someone give me a reason why there aren’t more Gabriel possesses Sam fanfics in the sabriel fandom? Because I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and the idea just has so much potential, both in terms of fluff and angst.

Just imagine:

  • Dean immediately realising that it’s not Sam anymore and the inevitable shouting match that would ensue.
  • Sam doing his best to hide his true feelings about Gabriel.
  • The two of them being clueless idiots and somehow not realising how they feel about each other, even though they’re in the same body.
  • Gabriel and Sam swapping out who has control of the vessel. Bonus angsty points for Sam coming to talk to Dean about some important issue/disagreement they’ve just had, and Dean thinking he’s Gabriel initially.
  • Sam bitching about how much candy Gabriel is eating.
  • Or Gabriel being pissed off that candy just doesn’t taste as good now because he’s got Sam’s taste buds and why the hell does that mean he wants to eat salad now?
  • The two of them being BAMFs and working together in a fight with swapping control

There are so many situations in canon when it could work too. Gabriel agreeing to possess him so Lucifer can’t. Gabriel’s vessel having been destroyed by Lucifer so he needs to possess Sam while he tries to find a new body. Instead of Gadreel, Gabriel being the one to possess him at the beginning of S9. Just. I want more fics like this.


4 years of Hemmo1996…it feels like it was not that long ago that I stumbled upon these two boys that did a horrible cover of A Day To Remember’s If It Means A Lot To You. I honestly feel so proud of them, but sad that they are not my little secret anymore….Luckily, this family that we’ve built is so amazing that whether you are a new fan or a veteran, we still love and support our boys and each other. Thanks 5SOS and 5SOS FAM for giving me the chance to be a part of something great. Sorry I’m rambling, and there are probably some grammatical errors, but I love these idiots with all my heart and words cannot express how much they have done for me; even though they don’t know a thing about me.