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Okay wait, so despite everything's that's going on and what they're doing, Lance and Keith still have genuine romantic feelings for each other and care about one another a lot, right? From what I can gather, they both really like each other as MORE then friends, but they're ignoring and pushing those feelings away for various reasons, and especially after their whole "agreement". Is that right? Is that what's going on?

Yes, you’re on point with all of it. Another way of saying it is that they both start mutually pining for each other. After they come to that agreement, they start doubting their feelings and despite they know it’s wrong, they keep up with this agreement bc it’s convenient in a way.


luke & claire | someone to stay

okay, tangled the series, we need to talk.

my heart can’t take this every week. i cant do it. i cant take it.

eugene and rapunzel you two idiots i love you both so much it makes my heart hurt. they are being so fluffy and sweet and it’s everything we have been craving and dreaming of and i love it.

it feels like it picked up right where the movie left off and i am so in love

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33. “I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.” Matt/Ren and the Senior Engineer (I miss those two idiots)

“Where are you going?” Kylo sat up, heart thudding in his chest as he watched you rooting around for your clothes. You were closed off to him, nothing but a wall of hurt, and he felt the panic starting to set in at your continued silence.

“Back to my quarters.” You answered cooly, tugging your uniform on up your legs. “There’s a tour of the engineering division tomorrow morning, I need to get some sleep.”

You were upset, he could feel it, he knew but he didn’t know what to do about it. “I thought you wanted to stay the night here.” 

“And what?” You snapped, whirling around to face him as you zipped up your coveralls. “Wake up before first shift, sneak out of your quarters so the ‘troopers don’t see, and then get ready?” 

He watched with wide, surprised eyes, and in the dimmed lights they looked almost black. There was a wetness in them, you could see that your anger was upsetting him, but honestly? You were tired.

“I don’t want to sneak around anymore. I don’t want to wonder every time we meet which version of you I’m going to get. I’m tired of walking on eggshells around you in public, because Force forbid someone realizes that you actually have feelings.” Your voice broke at that, and it was through sheer force of will that you kept the tears back.

I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.” You told him, pausing at the door. “So sort your shit out, and don’t approach me until you do.”

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What song would you pick that represents Ace and Riskua's relationship? Kitsune's and Rosinante's? I mean relationship in the very vaguest sense too. I guess just what song represents them best and what they mean to/think of each other.

(Oh boy! I’ve been waiting for this question)

Ace and Riskua; - I have two main ones for these two; Small Doses by Bebe Rexha (because even if they’re gonna end up in a relationship, they both have crews they won’t abandon so it’s gonna be a long distance thing. That and Riskua and Ace have never clicked perfectly, they tease each other and will argue) and Jinx by DNCE. If you listen to it, you’ll know why. I’ve got a whole lot of songs for them, but I’ll stop there for now. (Urge, I have loads of songs for these two idiots and I might make a list for you all at some point) Right Here by Ashes Remain too I’ll stop now.

Kitsune and Rosinante I don’t have too many picked out for these two idiots, and I’m not sure if it’ll fit in the future, but Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne.


An afternoon date~

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