and these two are the cutest

hear me out....Adrien x Kim
  • kim: i promise you right here right now that i am going to fight like hell to make you like me
    • adrien: i already do??? you don’t have to fight for anything
    • kim: FIGHT. LIKE. HELL.
  • nino, marinette, and alya have warned kim in advance about how overbearing adrien’s father can be but kim’s got his bases covered. when he shows up to adrien’s for their first date, he hands gabriel three letters of reference, a printed itinerary, his phone number, his mother’s phone number, and his student ID as a form of insurance. gabriel was too gobsmacked to say no
    • spoiler alert: his three references were nathanael, nino, and alix, and max was the one that made the itinerary for kim after copying all the date ideas kim had written on his arm during history class
  • kim goes to every single one of adrien’s games. every. single. one. fencing. basketball. lacrosse. he’s there with a big sign that says “CHEER FOR MY BOYFRIEND” and he’s screaming the loudest out of everyone. 
    • he got into a little bit of trouble when he did this at adrien’s piano recital and he was asked to leave the auditorium, but it made adrien crack up so hard he forgot about his stage fright
  • adrien has heard about how much of a romantic kim is and how he showered his crushes with gifts whenever he could, and he’s determined to one-up him. so kim’s always opening his locker to find flowers, cards, sweets, movie tickets, and restaurant menus stuffed inside that make kim stick his head inside while he smiles and giggles like an idiot
    • for his birthday, adrien got him these really expensive track shoes and kim lifted him up and spun him around in front of the entire class he was so happy
  • sometimes they just straight up have dates in adrien’s room bc there’s a half-pipe, a basketball hoop for doubles matches, arcade machines, and DVD sets of dozens upon dozens of shoujo animes, and to kim it might as well be heaven on earth
  • they’re constantly working out together. adrien’s not much of a gym rat, but he’s happy jogging with kim in the mornings before school, even though he knows kim is slowing himself down so that adrien can keep up. 
  • there was one day that adrien ran up behind kim and jumped onto his back to scare him, but instead kim just immediately grabbed adrien’s legs, hoisted him up until he was riding piggy back, and started bolting down the hall screaming something about where the emergency was. 
    • adrien doesn’t ever let kim forget it and he constantly embarrasses him when he tells others the story. but the good news is that it becomes a habit for adrien to just jump on his back for a piggy back ride while they switch classes. 
  • the sappiest couple you will ever meet hands down. huge valentine’s day nerds, gigantic PDA fans, will declare their undying love for each other from across the courtyard for everyone to hear, and will not let anyone forget how much they mean to each other

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pls Vero, I saw a picture where Dans laptop had a heart and a bear sticker on it? where was that from?


so last year in a liveshow, dan did the thing where he opened younow on his laptop and made the sound echo while moving the laptop towards the camera, and when that was happening, u could see in the corner of his laptop a little bear sticker.

then, two weeks later, he does the same thing but now there’s a heart next to the bear sticker!!!!!!!!!!!

not to be an awful demon, but remember lodnon ditl when he said he didn’t like stickers on his laptop and phil tried to put one in it and ended up sticking it to his arm? well…. let’s just say it makes me happy that phil still calls him bear. that is just the cutest thing i can’t believe nobody talks about this more often. one of my favourite facts of all time.

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The ask about Bim sleeping over was adorable. He just can't keep his hands off you, wanting to feel you next to him. Doesn't mind if you lay on him, playing with your hair and brushing his fingers over your spine. Makes breakfast fir the two of you in the morning, before gently waking you. "Honey, time to get up. Come on, food's in the kitchen." before kissing your forehead and unwrapping you from your blankets.

You’d warn Bim before that you were very difficult to get out of bed. So it would be with great amusement that he’d listen to you grumble and try reaching for the blankets again. You’d be the cutest thing to him. The smell of food would do the trick though, and maybe a few more kisses ;) 

Help my wife says “you and me” anytime she sees two things that are connected or similar, whether it’s two cereal pieces that are still connect or two roly-polies on the ground and it’s the cutest thing! I love her so much