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The Future of this Sad Little Simblr

So, The Keyhole Estate is over and I want to take this opportunity to thank all my dedicated readers and followers! You make me extremely happy with all your nice comments and hearts and I appreciate every single one of you! For those new or wondering what will happen now, I have some bad news. After three blessed months without TS3 I will be continuing my TS3 story The Hunt. It’s awful and dark and evil and I make everyone’s favourite characters suffer. So basically: 

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But, because I love you and want to bring some sunshine into your lives, before I start murdering TS3 pixels, I will be doing a secret collab project with @something-wicked-sims. It will be cute and happy and have some elements of The Keyhole Estate Part II: Heda and Shadow Happy Ever After (wink, wink, @neutralsupply). So I guess… enjoy me setting up sets for The Hunt and the last remains of my TS4 simming before I transport you into a world of hurt and Error no. 12. 

Thank you for being here and thank you for actually making me excited about loading up the game! You guys rock! 

What’s Your Fandom?

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I was tagged by the amazing @thedragonmaster!!

1: What is your #1 fandom? Right now, probably Legends of Tomorrow.

2: What are your top three favourite characters from your fandom? Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, and Amaya Jiwe. Ray was very, very close.

3: What is your favourite pairing from your fandom? Captain Canary. No matter how painful they get, I will continue to ship them.

4: Who’s your favourite sidekick? Is Gideon a sidekick? I’m going with yes, and say Gideon.

5: Who’s got the best outfit? Amaya and Sara both have pretty awesome outfits in each episode, but I’m going to go with Amaya. 

6: Who has the best weapon? Gosh, making me choose between the Heat Gun and Cold Gun… Yikes. Going to say Cold Gun, because I think it’s pretty… Cool. ;)

7: Who’s the most athletic? Gosh, my first instinct was to say Jax-he was a football player, after all-but have we seen how much Rip can do? I mean, the man is pretty impressive in the athletic department. Although… Goodness, most of the team is athletic. Going to say Sara, under the assumption that the League of Assassins tends to make one pretty athletic. 

8: Who can you relate to the most? Ray, probably. I can sometimes be a little too optimistic for my own good.

9: Who’s the cutest? Again going with Ray, here, because come on. “Cute” is not a word that would fit most of this team.

10: The best villain? Does Leonard Snart count? I refuse to count him, actually. He’s a hero at heart. So, Damien Darhk. He’s so terrifyingly, chillingly evil, yet so cheerful at the same time. 

11: Favorite animal(s) from your fandom? MICK’S RAT!!! THE RAT NEEDS A NAME!! 

12: Best moral supportive character? Probably Amaya, although Ray comes a close second. (Amaya didn’t turn on Mick in the last episode until he turned on the team, though.) 

13: Best main character moment? There isn’t a main character, exactly, but we’ll say it’s Rip. He’s had lots of great moments, but my favorite is when he pretended to be Rip while he was still “Phil.” Because it showed how deep his heroic side runs. Phil was terrified of everything, but he put that aside to protect a team he doesn’t even remember.

14: Best minor character moment? Lily bonding with her father. That whole episode, okay?

15: Best OTP moment? It’s a tie between “That’s how a killer thinks, and that’s not you anymore.” and “I’ve been wondering what the future might hold for me, and you, and me and you.”

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i am not trying to be hateful or defensive i promise, but do u not like Bellamy anymore? :$ (A)


Bellamy Blake is one of my absolute favourite characters of all time. At no point this season did I stop liking him, I was just side eyeing what the writers were doing with him.

My top three on this show that I can’t really choose between have been Bravenlarke since pretty much…1x03. We’re all good here on the Bellamy Blake fan front. 

The Bellamy Blake fandom is…a more complicated situation. I love all the awesome people though!

Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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Meeting Dirk, Todd, Farah and the Rowdy Three for the first time in the episode 1 script (x)

 Three Degrees Madness ∙ 041116 

Winter is coming~! And I am freezing to death… Hong Kong would never reach anywhere lower than five degrees usually (last year it reached zero and everyone freaked out) so I’m trying to get used to the weather here…it’s however time for me to bust out (and buy new keke) hoodies + my all time favourite turtle necks so I am super excited!! If I were to wear those back in Hong Kong everyone would judge me… oh the beauty of university life!

Finally handed in my lab report and I am SO GLAD that I can finally go and sleep more…there’s an essay due in four days (and I haven’t started it) BUT that’s besides the point…;;; I’ve been doing some studying and went back to reading one of my all time favs The Night Circus. Book in bed with a cup of tea, winter here I come!

Song(s) of the Day: Hey Mama! - EXO & Stay - Blackpink

=Three Young Powerful Souls= WIP

Ever since I discovered Glitchtale I can´t stop doodling about it! Is just the perfect feel-destroyer and one of my favourite fandoms TuT

 l love the fact that Asriel has his weapons from his “God of Hyperdeath” form while Frisk has the sword from the past Determination Wizard`s Soul. The Scythe for Betty is just perfect, Iove it.

I’m a begginer with working on digital so that’s why I post the Wip until finished.

I love this saga and I hope it´ll keep being great as it began.


where the lines overlap (m)

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jimin x reader red strings of fate soulmates! au

8.8k words

rated m for dirty talk, creampie kink, idk i just wanted to write a jimin soulmate au but whoops my finger slipped?? :/

recommended music: where the lines overlap by paramore! it’s my favourite paramore song EVER :)

Summary: there’s an ancient Chinese folklore of the red strings of fate that connect one person to another. These two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, and the magical, invisible thread may tangle or stretch, but it will never sever. You’ve never believed in these mystical threads of fate like everyone else, but one day you suddenly gain the ability to see the threads connecting the people around you.

The door slams shut, jolting you out of your peaceful reverie. If it had been anyone else, you’d be beyond annoyed to be interrupted while doing your weekly readings, but not when it’s him. The person in question knocks gently on your door before peeking his head in, strands of his bleached dove gray hair spilling over into his eyes, and you can’t help but smile at the sight of him.

“Hey, I got dinner on the way back,” Jimin’s cheeks round out into a smile that reaches all the way to the crinkles at the corners of his eyes. Every time he comes home he’s constantly sweaty and worn out, but it’s part and parcel of the life he chose as a dance major.

Tossing aside your notes, you follow him out into the small dining area of your shared apartment, still in your sweats. When he makes a move to sit at the table, you give him a playful swat on his chest.

“Shouldn’t you wash up first? If I’d known you were this gross, I wouldn’t have agreed to room with you two years ago,” you pretend to wrinkle your nose at his sweaty form, all while ignoring the way his shirt is moulded to his chest.

“Says the one still in her sweatpants. Looks like someone isn’t that hungry tonight,” Jimin smirks back, reaching across the table to grab the box of takeout that you were in the midst of opening. “I could totally do with those extra calories after Hoseok hyung cracked down on us today…”

“I’m just kidding Chim,” you hastily snatch back the takeout box just as he opens the lid of it, the delicious smell of hot noodles and fried pork slices wafting into the air. “Oh my god this smells so good, I’ve been starving all day!”

“Wait, Jinwoo didn’t come by? It’s your free day right? I thought he usually comes by to hang out in the afternoons,” Jimin pauses in his chewing to study your expression carefully, but you’re too busy inhaling mouthfuls of stir fried noodles.

“Jinwoo oppa said he was busy today,” you say around a mouthful of vegetables and noodles. “He has that huge midterm coming up next week, so I told him he should stay home and study.”

Jimin looks like he’s about to say something snide about your boyfriend of nearly 6 months, so you stuff a large piece of meat into his mouth instead.

“Yes I know, he was busy last week and the week before that too, but we’ve been dating for a while so we don’t need to see each other so often. We’re over that honeymoon stage already.” You say in a dismissive tone, focusing on chasing the remaining few strands of noodles around with your chopsticks and avoiding his gaze.

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