and these tears are deadly

Fire boy and Ice Ice baby

After a while in the fandom, i was in the mindset of “ Hey but it makes perfect sense for Keith to be fire and Lance to be water
Because they blue and red ahah”

But then,

Actually it’s more than that : listen ;

Because at first, honestly :

Lance’s bright, loud personnality ScrEAms fire to me. A true good Leo. He got the bragging, the look, the style, the lead thingy. He’s a shiny sparkle. He lights the mood and he throws tantrums sometimes.

Keith’s calm, arms crossed while leaning against a wall silent is a Signature™ move for him, he’s rather cold at first. He’s a lonely broody boy. He relies on instinct more than skill, apparently. 
And if he’s actually a scorpio it’s bonus round for making Him : WATERBOY.

But then we had “Keith’s a hothead” and some Insecure™ Lance, added to a whole lot of battles.

And while Fighting actually, Keith litterally jumps in the fire. Like, really, litterally, the boy straight dived from a cliff to a burning village. He’s never gonna stop until he runs out of things to punch. He goes for the face. He’s fast, and well… Burns. He’s all emotionnal about fighting, barely thinking before throwing a punch.

On the other hand, Lance’s pretty cool headed while under fire. He sats down and look around, reason differently depending on his teammates, wait and he’s silent as needed. He keeps cool. He’s fluid and doesn’t stop the mission but he never really bursted in them either. He’s what you need to make things flow.

His Bayard’s a long ranged one. More on the protection side, he’s a support. He can reach everywhere, we’ll see this.

Keith’s bayard is a Sword. It progresses little by little, piece by piece, tearing down anything at its fast pace. It’s deadly but only to what touches it, to what encounters it directly. It propagates.
Across a battlefield, Keith is a raging fire propagating.

Have you seen those rainy tragic moments of warzones movies ? Rain’s everywhere. In the ocean, every single person, ally or enemy, has their feet in water.
Water flows. It saves, protects, covers and drown, but everywhere at the same time. Funny how only some kind of rifles-like weapons can relate to this omnypresence and versatility on battlefield ?

So in battle, they meet up fire & ice/water expectations ; ( more under the cut because this is getting long).

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He wanted her gone. He wanted everyone in this damn hallway gone. But there was no one he wished would vanish more than Alice cooper.

Couldn’t she fucking see? She was ruining her daughters. She was ruining Betty.

And that? He was not down with that.

As Betty lunged for her sister, the burly man in the white scrubs took a step towards Betty. No he couldn’t let that happen, he was hardly able to move before he was shoved against the wall.
They didn’t need a scene, he just needed Betty, he wanted to reach for her. But he couldn’t.

Suddenly Alice was dragging her away, Jughead following closely, as soon as they were outside Betty ripped her wrist free.

“Get off of me.” She was fully crying now, tears streaming down her face, but she looked deadly. Her tone even and cold.

“Betty don’t..” Alice tried to gain ground, reaching for her wrist again.

“I said get off of me.” Her eyes were still focused, but he noticed the shake to her shoulders, the way she backed up. He assumed Now was a good time to interject, he couldn’t sit by and watch this anymore.

“I’ll take her home mrs. Cooper, you should go.” He reached his hand out, intertwining their fingers and squeezing.

“Excuse me, this is my daughter I’ll decide..”

As Betty sunk lower behind him, he heard the soft whimper she was trying to hide. No, consequences be damned. He wasn’t handing her over to that monster.

“All due respect but like I said, you should go. You’re not wanted here. I’ll get her home safe. Go home.”

The blonde older woman, spared a glance at Betty before slamming the door to her car and speeding off.

Almost instantly the dam broke.

He had her wrapped up in his arms faster than he thought possible.

“You’re okay, pollys okay, I’m here. I’m right here” he whispered into her ear.

They didn’t speak, they stood in that parking lot for thirty minutes, just holding each other. Eventually the bus came, and jughead took her by the shoulders, leading her to a seat.

As soon as they sat down she had rested her head on his shoulder, falling asleep purely out of exhaustion.

Looking down, he frowned. She didn’t deserve this, she was so good, so loving, she cared so much. Dropping a kiss to her forehead, he closed his eyes. It was quite a bus ride back to riverdale and he knew he would sleep better having her by his side.

They were both jolted awake as the bus came to its final stop.

She smiled up at him sadly

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep. I wasn’t such great company today was I?”

He moved to help her off the bus.

“Are you kidding me, I couldn’t have asked for a better sleuthing partner.” He winked

He thought he saw a genuine smile but maybe he was biased.

They walked in comfortable silence, hand in hand.

Arriving at her door, he saw her shoulders start to shake

“Call me. No matter what happens. You call me, I’ll answer, whatever hour. I’ll answer. I can be here in ten minutes flat.” He said seriously, staring deep into her eyes.

She nodded and then lunged, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing so tight he thought he might suffocate. He didn’t care he wrapped his long arms around her waist, holding her to him.

After what felt like hours he pulled away looking into her eyes.

“Call me.”

She nodded before walking into her house with a wave.

Climbing the latter to her room, he scanned her over quickly. She was okay, no visible changes.

She was smiling, that was good. He could make her laugh, that much he knew.

she was ranting, talking about being crazy

He placed his hands in her shoulder, staring into those deep sad eyes.

“Were all crazy.” She laughed

He was choking, he couldn’t say it. Why couldn’t he say it? Just tell her.

She was so patient, understanding.

Forget it.

He had her face in his hands and his mouth on hers.

Oh god, he had never felt anything like this, he didn’t know how to feel. It was good, it felt good, it felt safe.

He pulled away, she went back nipping his mouth slightly. She was smiling.

Jesus Christ she was smiling

What did that mean?

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak her eyes had widened and she was back on the case.

They were gonna have to talk about this eventually , but right now?

There were more important things to deal with

I Will Personally Put You In This Morgue! (Sherlock)

Request: Sherlock x reader. The reader has a prosthetic leg. Anderson calls her a freak 

Warning(s): prosthetic leg (obviously, if that even is a warning), slight language, insults 

Word Count: 1,589 (geez) 

Reader Gender: Female (if this was supposed to be male/nonbinary PLEASE TELL ME AND I WILL FIX IT) 

Authors Note: SO SO SO SORRY ON HOW LATE THIS IS! I’ve had a lot of schoolwork and I’ve been out, but here it is. It was also a little challenging to write so I hope I did it correctly. I hope you like this, anon. :) Personally I can’t stand Anderson so I love this. 

Another Authors Note: This takes place in “The Great Game” (s1e3) for reference. I tried to get it as close as possible, but I did have to change it up some for the request. :) 

“He’s not gay! Why do you have to spoil-he’s not!”

That’s what I hear as I step into the room. I see Molly standing at the end of a table. Sherlock is at the other end looking into a microscope, with John behind him. I had been outside of the building talking to Lestrade about the case, when John texted me, telling me to come in. Apparently, he had done that so that he would not be alone when this argument went down. Really, I had to walk all the way down here for this? 

“With that level of personal grooming?” Sherlock says, snorting. It comes off as a question, but I know he doesn’t mean it that way. He looks up from the microscope, and glances at me. His hand moves to gesture toward an empty chair, and I accept gratefully. I hope I’m not blushing too much at him helping me. 

“Because he puts a bit of product in his hair?” John asks, “I put product in my hair.” I giggle at how offended he looks. 

“You wash your hair,” Sherlock responds, “there’s a difference.” He turns to Molly. “No,no - tinted eyelashes; clear signs of taurine cream around the frown lines; those tired clubber’s eyes. Then there’s his underwear.” 

“His underwear?” Molly looks dumbfounded, raising her eyebrows as she speaks. I look at him too, wondering where he’s going with this. 

”Visible above the waistline – very visible; very particular brand,” He says, leaning toward the Petri dishes. He pulls out a slip of paper, then says: 

“That, plus the extremely suggestive fact that he just left his number under this dish her…and I’d say you’d better break it off now and save yourself the pain.” Damn. At least he’s thorough. Molly runs out of the room, and I turn to Sherlock. 

“Charming,” I say, rolling my eyes. Even though they’re blunt, I think it’s amazing how he is able to make his deductions. But, people get hurt sometimes. He looks over his shoulder at me. 

“Isn’t it kinder to save her the time?” He asks, and I shake my head. He shrugs and looks over to John. He points to the shoes, the actual case itself. 

“Off you go,” he says to John. The man looks surprised, but picks up the shoes to attempt to get as much information as possible. Sherlock gets up, walks over, and sits down next to me. 

“I still don’t quite understand how you manage to walk so well on that leg,” he says. His voice is slow, as if he’s trying not to offend me. Strange, I think, with others he wouldn’t care. I look over at him and shrug. 

“I’ve gotten used to it,” I say as I place my hand on the prosthetic. As I do, my mind goes back to the accident. Riding in the taxi, when another car runs into the side. My leg pinned, people trying to get me out, but I couldn’t. The pain, the excruciating pain all in my leg. When people finally got me out and got me to the hospital, only to be told I’d have to lose my leg. The grief that followed. 

A hand on my shoulder brings me back to reality. I look to see Sherlock looking at me. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I swear I saw concern all over his face. As I start to say something, the door opens. In walks Lestrade and the rest of the team, including the irritating Anderson. 

“Find anything?” Lestrade asks. He looks at John, but we all know the question is for any of us. Sherlock jumps up and walks to John. 

“Tell me what you’ve found, doctor,” Sherlock says. John starts rattling off different things to do with the shoes. I get up to go look at the Petri dish still under the microscope’s eye. As I walk over, I can feel eyes on me. People always look at me strangely, due to the way I walk, so it doesn’t faze me much. I sit down at the microscope and look into it, only for someone pull on my wrist. I look over, annoyed at being drawn away from the case, and see Anderson.

Stupid prick. I roll my eyes and pull my arm out of his grasp. When I head for the microscope, he pulls it away from me. Reaching to grab it, I step off of the stool. Thanks to my prosthetic, however, I lose my balance and have to grab onto the counter to stay upright. He smirks at me, then gets up in my face.

 “You’re pathetic, Y/N,” he sneers, “and a freak. You can’t do anything on your own. You think you’re smart but you’re as smart as a rock. Why don’t you do us a favor and hobble out of here, and let the professionals handle this?” I sit there, shocked into silence. The words cut through me like razors, and I fight back tears. 

Then, I hear a calm, but deadly voice. 

“John, take Y/N out please,” Sherlock says. “Everyone else out, except for Anderson.” I see Lestrade start to protest, but after seeing the look in his eyes, stays quiet. John walks over to me, and offers his arm. I accept, and he doesn’t complain when I put a lot of weight on him. He knows what Anderson said, and he understands that it hurt. Once we get out, I head to a bench. I sit down and put my face in my hands. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Then, I jump as I feel an arm around me. 

“Sorry,” John moves his arm. I shake my head. 

“It’s okay, just wasn’t expecting it,” I respond, “some comfort would be nice at the moment, actually.” He puts his arm back around me, and I lean in. Then, the yelling starts. 


I stare in disbelief at John. His eyes are wide, and he stands up. I realize then that my face has gotten hot. I stand up, being careful this time as to not lose my footing. Lestrade comes over to me, and places a hand on my back to guide me to the door of the room. He leans down towards my ear. 

“Just so you know, this means Sherlock likes you,” he whispers. I look at him, not knowing what to say. He sighs, then whispers: “That means you should ask him to dinner, then.” 

I open my mouth but once again say nothing, being met with a smirk by John. He knew this entire time, I think. We walk back into the morgue to see Anderson on the floor, unconscious. There’s blood on his face, from being hit by Sherlock. I look over at where he is sitting. I see something different in his eyes, something I’ve never seen before. John goes to him and whispers something to Sherlock. After, he motions for everyone to leave. As I start to walk out, John puts his hand on my shoulder. 

“Not you,” he says, smiling softly. He leaves, and I turn back to Sherlock. He looks back at me, then at his hands. They’re covered in blood. I walk to a sink in the corner of the morgue, and wet a cloth. Sitting down next to him, I put the cloth over his knuckles and hold it. He looks at me. 

“Thank you, Y/N,” he says quietly. I smile a little. 

“No, thank you, Sherlock,” I reply, “for defending me. You didn’t have to.” 

“That pig deserved every bit of it,” he responds quickly. “Besides, you should never have to hear all of those lies.” I feel my face heat up again. 

“Lestrade said I should buy you dinner to thank you,” I proceed cautiously.

“That would be lovely,” he says. I look at him to say something else, then notice that I’m only a few inches away from his face. Sherlock sees it the same time I do, and I know he can tell what I’m thinking. Yet, I’m still surprised when he leans in. I close my eyes, and our lips meet. The kiss is light, as if he’s afraid he will scare me off. Yet, there’s so much there, the sense that he deeply cares for me, but in a different form than how he cares for John. 

When we pull away, we sit there for a moment. Then, Sherlock starts to smile, and I start to laugh a little. He takes the cloth and throws it across the room. Instead of an arm, he offers his hand to me. I take it, and we walk over Anderson and out of the room. As we step out of the building, all I can think is, I can’t believe I just kissed Sherlock in a morgue, and my leg didn’t get in the way.

When Soulmates Don’t Matter (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2156

Warnings: Nothing. Just all the fluff that was missing from the first part

A/N: So, this is the highly requested part 2 of When Soulmates Go Wrong and oh. My. Goodness. The response I got on that part was incredible! Thank you to everyone who was commenting on it, you seriously made my day! As usual, the Gif is not mine and feedback is welcome. Unusually, I’m going to break in here to tell you that this is probably the last thing I’ll write in a while (I’ll have a post coming out with and explanation for that on Tuesday), so hopefully I can go out with a bang. Love you guys! And without further ado, here is part 2!

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Two weeks ago:

The super soldier had read the letter over several times before it finally registered with him. When it did, however, nothing could stop the waterfall of silent tears that cascaded down his face as he curled in around himself.

Too late, too late, too late, ran constantly through his head, along with guilt at having unknowingly pushed her away.

For a long time, he stayed there on his bed, the letter lying just out of reach of his hand. Eventually, Bucky fell into a fitful sleep just before Steve came to the doorway, looking on sadly at his friend.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do the rfa + minor trio with an mc who seems really cold and rude, especially to them. They're actually really nice but everyone but them sees it because she likes them and she has horrible trust issues. Maybe they catch her at a bad moment where her cold facade breaks and they realise that she's actually really nice and caring. Maybe their thoughts for her change and they begin to like her? Thank you!

Saeran’s is pretty angsty, and there’s trigger warnings of self harm. I’m really sorry if I disappoint you, but I promise they have happy endings. 

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anonymous asked:

hi i'm fairly new to the bsd fandom, and i wanted to know why is the dazai/chuuya ship called soukoku??? i'm sorry if this sound stupid hhh h h h

Hello my love, I wish I could welcome you in the BSD fandom but it’s not my place to do so since I’m just a Haikyuu blog with a big side crush on BSD. And you don’t side stupid AT ALL dear, I was confused about that too!

Soukoku is the name the mafia, in the person of Mori, gave to Dazai and Chuuya back when they were partners (CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY CANONICALLY GAVE THEM A SHIP NAME LIKE WHAT THE FUCK), it means Double Black and underlines how a deadly and terrifying duo they were, capable of tearing and entire organization down just by themselves in the span of one night. 

Now, some skk gifs because why not 

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They are one of my top otps EVER, I love them so much <3

Stay Awake

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: The reader is badly hurt, there is blood and the possibility of death. If you’re not comfortable with stuff like that please proceed with caution.

Summary: The reader is badly hurt and Dean confesses his love for her when he’s afraid she might die.

Author’s Note: So I started writing this fic as an Imagine this morning but it kind of got away from me and now we have a One Shot! It was originally going to be short and “Imagine Dean confessing his love for you when you’re badly hurt on a hunt.” but now it’s 1 500 words, oops! So this obviously isn’t a request but I’m still excited about it, so enjoy!  –xoxo Katie

If you want to read any of my other fics please feel free to check out my Masterlist.

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Y/N!” Dean’s voice rang in your ears as your knees hit the ground, the whole world tilting as you fell. You felt warm blood seeping through the fingers you had pressed against your side as you braced for impact on the hard dirt ground, but instead were greeted by Dean’s strong arms. “Y/N,” Dean said again, brushing a piece of hair out of your face and then pressing his hand on the wound where your fingers had now fallen away. You cried out at the contact but didn’t move - you knew he had to stop the bleeding, even in your bleary state.

       “Dean?” You turned your head towards his chest and tasted blood as you spoke.

       “I’m here, Y/N, I’m here.” His voice sounded panicked and his eyes were wide. You tried to focus on his face but your eyelids felt heavy. “You have to stay awake, Y/N, please! Look at me!” He gripped your shoulders and pulled you against him. “Stay awake!”

       “I’m fine, Dean,” you mumbled, though you doubted he heard you over his yelling for Sam to get the car. “I’m okay…”

       Dean’s attention quickly snapped back to you and you saw tears welling up in his eyes, even as darkness started to bloom in the corners of your vision. You reached for his hand with your shaky, blood-soaked one. He didn’t try to pull away.

       “You have to stay awake, Y/N, please,” his voice broke, “just a few more minutes.” You tried to squeeze his hand but you were too weak, and instead ended up disconnecting from him completely. Dean inhaled sharply and pulled your limp arm against his chest, your hand over his heart. The rhythm was soothing. “Please, Y/N, you can’t leave me.”

      You’d never seen Dean act like this, so open and vulnerable. It took incredible effort but you managed to say, “I’m okay, Dean,” and pulled the corners of your mouth up in a tight smile.

      Dean shook his head and closed his eyes, tears running down his cheeks. “You’re not okay, you were hit bad Y/n, we’ve gotta get you to a hospital.”

      You opened your mouth to speak but never got farther than that, your lips hanging open as your head lolled off to the side. Not quite unconscious, but so, so tired…

      “Y/N!” Dean shook your shoulders a little harder than he probably should have, then yelled for Sam to hurry up. His deep voice boomed in your ears, yet still seemed so far away. “Y/N please, you can’t leave me, not now, not before I…” he choked on his words and you managed to open your eyes just long enough to look into his, a silent nudge to say whatever he needed to say. You knew you didn’t have long now, and so did he. Another tear slid down his cheek. “You can’t leave me before I tell you that … I love you.”

      Everything slowed.

      You weren’t sure if that was from the blood loss or what Dean said but the world seemed to grind to a halt around you, everything falling away except the man holding you against his chest. Dean Winchester. The love of your life, the reason you got out of bed in the morning, the person who made you want to keep fighting an uphill battle, loved you.

      You felt tears welling up in your eyes that you were powerless to stop, tears that you had somehow managed to keep at bay when a deadly hole was torn through your side but couldn’t possibly think of stopping when the reality of what you were about to lose was so clear and terrifying. Dean. You were about to lose Dean, and he was about to lose another person he cared about, another person he loved.


      No. He wasn’t going to lose you, not today, not ever.

      With all your remaining strength you lifted your hand and bunched it up in the front of Dean’s plaid shirt, pulling him down as close to you as you could – though you knew you didn’t really do much, and your hand was a dead weight more than anything else – and said, “I – love you – too,” between shaky breaths. For the briefest second Dean’s eyes seemed to light up, a quick exhale punctuating his momentary joy, but that joy was quickly replaced with fear as your eyes slid shut and your body went limp in his arms. The darkness closed in and you drifted into unconsciousness, the rumble of the Impala’s engines being the lullaby that sung you to sleep.

      You woke up to the uncomfortably familiar beeping of a heart monitor and a pounding in your head that made you squint your eyes. The room you were in was decked out in white, the sheets passably soft and the mattress only slightly lumpy. A hospital. You hated hospitals, even though as a hunter you found yourself in them more often than you’d like, you still never got used to the weird smell or the idea that you were supposed to let a complete stranger stab you with needles and drag thread through you skin.

      Everything hurt.

      Your eyes drifted down to the IV in your arm that you longed to pull out, but you knew that was a bad idea and left if it, then looked to your other side. To your surprise you found a bigger, calloused hand wrapped around your own, a hand that was attached to a sleeping Dean Winchester. Your chest felt tight. You heard the heart monitor beeping faster than it was a few seconds ago and the memories of what happened came flooding back to you. Getting shot, Dean holding you so close you could have kissed him right there, and…

      Dean stirred when your fingers twitched against his own and the relief on his face when he saw you made your heart swell. Dean Winchester, the love of your life, the man who loved you, was staring at you with the kind of adoration that could never be adequately put into words.

      You let out a breathy laugh and smiled at Dean broadly, pleased to find you no longer had the coppery taste of blood on your tongue when you started to speak. “Dean, how long have you been sitting there?” Your voice sounded gravelly and you wondered how long it had been since you talked last.

      “Almost 24 hours,” he said with a grave expression. You felt a crushing guilt for doing that to him, even though you knew there was nothing you could have done to stop it. “I was so worried you weren’t going to make it that I…”

      You were suddenly gripped by fear. “You didn’t make any deals did you?!”

      Dean’s eyes softened at that and he squeezed your hand as he spoke, a gesture you were happy you finally had the strength to return. “No, I didn’t do anything stupid. But if you hadn’t pulled through, Y/N,” he looked down at your joined hands, “I don’t know what I would have done.”

      You inched over on the bed and made a space for him, pulling on his hand to tell him to move. You couldn’t say anything because you both knew exactly what he would have done, and the reality of that was too much to deal with right now. So instead you leaned against his chest and put your hand on his heart, the steady beat still calming.

      After sitting in silence for a few minutes Dean finally spoke, asking the question you knew had been weighing on his mind since he found out you were going to be okay and it was alright to think about such things. “Y/N?” he started cautiously. You made a humming noise in reply. “Do you remember anything from before you blacked out? Anything I said?” You smiled at his shyness and sat up slightly, ignoring the pain in your side where the bandages were wrapped.

      “I love you, too, Dean Winchester.” You said while looking into his eyes. Then without giving him a chance to speak you pressed your lips against his own, to which he immediately responded and placed his hand on the side of you face, avoiding your waist so he wouldn’t hurt you.

      Your lips moved against his, the kiss slow and meaningful, but before you got any further the door to your room banged open and Sam burst in, clearly too relieved that you were okay to care about the fact that you were currently making out with his brother. You reluctantly pulled away from the eldest Winchester and watched as Sam took the seat Dean had been in when you woke up.

      You and Dean didn’t say anything else as Sam talked but you moved back down and leaned against his side, savoring his smell and warmth.

      You were alive, Dean was alive, and you loved each other. Nothing could bring you down now. Nothing.

Fall 1914 (Love&War Part 6)

Chauffeur!Dean x Noblewoman!Reader

Word Count: 2,782 (it got away from me sorry)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, war scene?…just angst…some fluff at the end…

Summary: You find out you’re pregnant and you’re father isn’t all too happy who the father is while Dean is off fighting in the war countries away and you get news that you’ve dreaded the moment he left.  

A/N: Each new part will be posted on Saturdays @ 8pm EST. I hope you all seriously enjoy this next part!!! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

A/N#2: @oriona75 don’t hate me and big shout-out to @mamapeterson for the beta(as per usual)…I personally think I wrote shit, but yeah…just enjoy it I guess…

Catch up w/ the Masterlist HERE 

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if/then act ii starters

feel free to change things as needed!!

( ACT I )

“all the time that I’ll adore you is how I know we’re not too late,”
“i’ll love you just as long as time allows,”
“this day may last forever, but tomorrow never will,”
“life will never seem so beautiful,”
“i’m a sorry sight to see,”
“i’m amazed he somehow found her,”
“i’m amazed that she gave in,”
“all in all, i’d say it’s win-win”
“the first time was disaster,”
“everyone’s waiting on you, kid,”
“everyone’s wondering what you’ll do,”
“i know the ins and outs,”
“if i say that you don’t scare me i’m a liar,”
"it terrifies me just to say ‘my pregnant wife’,”
“there’s this macho act i’ll sell you, while inside i lose my shit,”
“i’ll watch you, and protect you,”
“i promise, kid, you’ll be okay,”
“there’s just no telling all the things you’ll become,”
“i think we’ll have some fun here,“
"this life is what you make it. it’s cliche, which means it’s true.”
“if my asshole dad could do it, i can do,”
"i’ll do better,”
“somewhere there’s a world where you and i are man and wife,“
"we don’t know what we missed,”
"i ended up in boston,”
"some other me is homeless,”
“some other me is queen,”
“some other me has seen things that no other me has seen,”
“how’d we end up here?”
“somewhere there’s a you who simply worshiped other me,”
“somewhere i’m the president, with plans that never fail,”
“i didn’t chase my glory days long after they were done,”
“some other me’s a rock star,”
“some other me does not feel like some tired old fool,”
“we’re old enough to know that one road end where one begins,”
“somewhere there’s a world where you and i can still be friends,”
“we forgive but don’t forget,”
“no happy ends, but friends,”
“you can guard your heart forever,”
“what is it that you’re afraid of?”
“you’re a die hard, a radical, you’re a fighter through and through.”
“tell me why you’re so afraid of a cause that’s new?”
“i’ll be the best worst mistake you ever made.”
“really? sports metaphors?”
“it’s not that i don’t love you, cuz i don’t not love you.”
“i’d lie to say i’m never, sometimes, always thinking of you,”
“when something’s deeply felt it seems shallow just to say the thing that’s expected,”
"it’s the nightmare of all nightmares, and the best you’ll ever get,”
"love’s a bitch,”
"love is nice,”
"love’s a queen,”
"love’s a witch,”
"i love you, for all time,”
“you tricked me into saying that,”
“i know you meant it,”
"i hate you,”
“i love you,”
“don’t go,”
"i won’t be anywhere near the action,”
"don’t do it, i need you.”
“forget it, i know you.”
“my god, how i hate you.”
“don’t leave me, i love you.”
“don’t say that you love me, cuz what does it matter?”
“you’re going to leave me, so leave me whatever.”
“it’s not like i need you.”
“i need you, don’t leave me.”
“you know i’m not selfish but i need you to stay. okay?”
“in my life i haven’t made that many promises. just one to them, and one to you.”
“you know me like no one has known me before.”
“you know what i have to do,”
“let’s look at this calmly, discuss how i hate you.”
“don’t touch me! i hate you.”
“just leave us, whatever. we’ll get on without you.”
“i‘m tough and resourceful, i’m steady and sturdy, and freaking the fuck out.”
“screw you, you’re making me crazy so – go. wait! no.”
“i’ve always said i don’t need anyone,”
“i like our life, and i love you,”
“i swore that i’d love without wanting or needing you,”
“you’re the reason i think this life might not be meaningless,”
“you’re my north star,”
“you’re my single best decision in a life of many awful ones,”
“with you i never feel I’m out of place,”
“goddammit, you did it.”
“i knew you would do it,”
“you asshole, i hate you.”
“i totally blame you.”
“really, how could you?”
“i hate you. i hate you. i hate that i hate you.”
“i hate that i love you.”
“i love you — i loved you.”
“i loved you.”
“i loved you, i lost you.”
“goddamn you, you asshole, you motherfucker.”
“i will never let this world take me away from you.”
“i’ll see you through.”
“whatever comes, whatever i must do, it’s me and you.”
“all of those fears that held you back are gone.”
“isn’t there nothing left to prove?”
“isn’t it time to think of moving on?”
“maybe it’s the wrong time,”
“you don’t want to let yourself get stuck,”
“you learn to take your coffee black,”
"you learn to drink your whiskey neat,”
"you learn to take a shower cold, and sleep on tired feet,”
"you learn to order dinner in,”
"you learn how to amuse yourself,”
"you learn to live without,”
“you draw a bath, and then unplug the phone,”
“you learn to fall asleep alone,”
“you learn to pull the shades at night, and double check the locks,”
“you learn to speak so calmly when your heart would like to scream and shout,”
“you learn to stop, and breathe, and smile.”
“you see him in the faces of the boys he left behind.”
“you learn to count the quiet winds, an hour with no unprompted tears, and not to count the deadly days as they fade into years.”
“you learn to stand alone, at last.”
“you learn somehow to like the dark, and even love a doubt.”
“you learn to hold your life inside you, and never let it out.”
“you learn to live and die, and then to live.”
“could I please go out some less expected way?”
“we’re none of us getting any younger,”
“you can feel the time go by,”
“marriage is a bastard, but love is always good,”
“love where this world lets you,”
“love while you can,”
“our love belongs to everyone who loves us,”
“it’s not just you and me,”
“we both know love doesn’t make us perfect, it just makes us want to be,”
“if what we had before is broken on the floor, we can see the way the pieces work and make it something more,”
"let anger clean the cut out,”
"let love help us heal,”
"it’s not the love we dreamed of,”
"love if your heart lets you,”
“i believe that we get but one true love,”
“i thought you believed in me,”
“i try to let that go,”
“i can’t let you go,”
“i still love you so,”
“it’s fear that hides the heart away,”
“love and keep on living if the shit hits the fan,”
“would you let him make you love him?”
“what would you do if you could do it all over?”
“if you could go back knowing what you now, what would you do?”
“i never thought i’d get a second chance,”
“i thought i was done, then i met you,”
“i never dreamed i could learn how to love again,”
“i placed my bets, and you came through,”
“i somehow still lost, i somehow always do,”
“thank you for finding me,”
“thank you for the care,”
"fuck you for making me think that this life might be fair,”
"you promised to love me,”
"i won’t be sorry that you said to leap, and i leapt,”
“all the same, even so, i would love you all over again,”
“am i always starting over?”
“am I always back at one?”
“i’ve burned all of my bridges,”
“how can i start new?”
"i’ll love our children, both fiercely and well.”
“when they ask about you, lordy the stories i’ll tell,”
"i won’t regret the lives i didn’t lead,”
"i knew you, i loved you, let that be all that i need,”
"i’m through with fighting,”
“i’m much too old,”
"we’re always starting out with the end in doubt,”
"my love, our life is over,”
"i’ll make you one last vow,”
“my new life starts right now,”
you learn how to love with not knowing,”
"you choose, then everything changes,”
“there’s no turning back,”   

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If you're still doing the prompts can I have 16 with hobi



I gripped the edge of the table, my knuckles turning white. I stared at them from across the crowded club. Between the hustling and bumping sweaty bodies moving on the dance floor, I caught glimpses of them huddled up together in a booth. His hand was on her thigh, his mouth was pressed to her ear, whispering something that had Y/N throwing her head back in laughter. I narrowed my eyes, letting out a breath I hadn’t know I was holding in. “You can’t just keep staring at them man,” Namjoon says, joining me from his venture to the dance floor with a certain purple haired girl. “I can’t fucking look away.” I say through gritted teeth. The younger boy whom I had always seen as a brother was the one who was making me see red. I told Jimin that I didn’t care whether he dated Y/N in anger. He must have know I wasn’t serious. But then again, if he did, he wouldn’t be here with her right now. 

Jimin brushes Y/N’s hair back and is staring into her eyes. Y/N looks away and even from this far away, I know she is blushing. “Fuck!” I yell, banging my fist on the table, causing the glasses to shake. Namjoon puts his hand on my shoulder and I briskly shake him off. I can’t stand seeing her with him. We’ve been apart for about two months now but I don’t give a shit. I miss her so much. Things I didn’t even realize she did are the things I miss the most. Like how she would always text me, “You woke bro?” late at night whenever she couldn’t sleep. Ugh. I finally tear my eyes away from them. I’m deadly afraid that i will see them kiss and murder Jimin right in this club, but I think I’m more afraid of not seeing it happen and being able to stop it. I turn back and sure enough, Jimin is pulling Y/N into his lap in there heavy make-out session. Before I know it I’m out of my seat, seeing red.

I shove the grinding people out of my way and make my way over to Jimin and Y/N. When I reach them, I try my best to softly yank Y/N out of Jimin’s lap and land one square on his jaw. “Hyung, what the fuck?!” Jimin yells getting to his feet and squaring me. I scoff in his face and turn to take Y/N’s hand and drag her out of the club. “I need to talk to you alone.”

“No!” She shoves me away from her and tends to Jimin’s wound. I stand there looking at her trying to see the damage I cause but Jimin is just staring at me. I’m sure I look pitiful right now. I can see Jimin sees me as so in his eyes. Jimin looks down at Y/N and says, “Go talk to him. Please, for me.” I can barely hear him over the beating music but Y/n nods.

I follow her outside the club and the minute the back door closes she says in an icy tone, “What do you want?” Even though I should be used to seeing this side of Y/N, I can never get over how she used to be when we were together; kind, loving, cute. Now she’s just this stony figure with little or no happy emotions, at least with me. “I’ve been thinking about you-” I start but she scoffs. “Please don’t think about me Hoseok. We aren’t together anymore. You broke up with me.” She says, her voice getting louder. I run my hands through my hair, “I was wrong, I made a mistake.” “Yeah, you did. And I’m with Jimin now Hoseok. You’re going to have to accept that we aren’t together anymore.” She shrugs her shoulders.

“I know, I know. But seeing you together, it just, it drove me crazy and I had to stop it. I had to tell you that-” But she is already walking away from me back to the club. “Whatever you had to tell me, you should have said when I begged you to stay.” She looks back at me and I see that her eyes are glossy now. “You broke my heart. You told you fell out of love. You punched my boyfriend when I was finally moving on. Give me one reason not to walk away right now.” She says shaking her head at me. 

“I-I.” I have nothing. Y/N nods expectantly. “Goodbye Hoseok.” And then she’s gone. As the door closes I see her small figure swallowed up by the dancing forms.

“Goodbye Y/N.”


Thank you for requesting!! I hope you liked the imagine :) Also, any followers watching the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon?


NCT 127 + Jeno's reaction to you finding out that the reason they approached you was because of a bet

Request: “NCT127 + jeno reacting to you finding out that the reason they approached you was because of a bet even though you’re an item now and they’ve actually fallen for you. I’m in the mood for a bit of angst.”
A/N: I did this at school, lmao.

Once you tell him about it and ask him if that rumour that you heard was true or not he would only answer you with silence. He wouldn’t be able to even look at you in the face as you start making your own hypothesis out loud about the situation. “Taeil, please, talk to me.” He would finally look at you with teary eyes, letting you speechless. You can feel you heart breaking in a half as you leave the room and leave him alone.

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“No, Y/N, please hear me out a little.” He loves you, and there’s no way he’s going to lose you. He would be really upset with himself but his main priority would be to make you know his part of the story, how the bet started, how ‘accidentally’ he feel in love with you and how now he’s completely disposed to do whatever he has to just to make you feel happy and loved. If you broke up with him, that wouldn’t stop him. Everyday he would treat you in a even more sweetly and caring way, trying his best to make you feel loved.

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Completely heartbroken, but wouldn’t dare to lie to you anymore. Everyday this secret was killing him inside, and once he finally confirms you that rumour of him dating you because of a bet, he wouldn’t be able to even react once you leave the room. He would feel like he deserves it, after all. He would blame himself everyday and won’t have the energy to do anything. But, like Johnny, he would start treating you more kindly, even if you start treating him like shit.

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Probably would be really immature about the whole thing. He would still call you and text you and won’t let you alone until both of you can talk properly about it. Even if it’s always him the one that doesn’t listen to you. He doesn’t want to lose you, and he won’t. He already planned a whole future with you, and he’s going to do the impossible to make it happen.

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Would get really angry at himself for being so stupid. He would try to explain you but you would be too done with him even want to listen to him, making him explode. It would be one of the most heated fights you had ever had and both of you would be screaming at each other the whole time. Until he doesn’t see the tears and the fear in your eyes he wouldn’t realize that he’s being a dick and that he’s only making things even worst.

Originally posted by ceohan

He would react in a similar way to Taeil. He would have teary eyes and he would have a lump in his throat. But even if he’s like this, he would still try to explain you everything before you leave him. And once you do he would spend the rest of the day locked in his room, without eating or sleeping and just being deeply lost in his thoughts.

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Pretty much like Taeil and Jaehyun. He would react with tears and a deadly silence, but wouldn’t want to bother you anymore. He wouldn’t try to explain, or call you or even send you one last text. Instead, he would lock himself in his room and spend the whole time there, thinking about how stupid he has been and crying his eyes out because he has lost you forever.

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin

He wouldn’t even try to make up a excuse. When you came to his room, and started to ask him for an explanation while being on the verge of tears his whole energy went down and he couldn’t even talk. Also, he knows what he did and you’re in completetly right to be mad at him. He would just whisper you a sincere apology and watch you leave the room with a serious expression.

Originally posted by meekokohaku

“Uh, no, Y/N, d-don’t misunderstand it…” He would try to calm at the heartbroken you with his words, but everytime he would only get to make the whole situation even worst. He would explain you when you ask him to, insulting his inmature self and giving you the right to be angry at him, but would also let you know how deeply in love he is with you now and how he doesn’t wan’t to lose you.

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Once he sees you on tears he would run to whenever you are to comfort you. You would raise your voice and act in a really rude way everytime he ttried to touch you, and he wouldn’t understand why until you finally say it. “Stop trying to comfort me, Jeno! Is that also part of the bet?” He would froze on his spot after hearing your words and some seconds later he would be hugging you. And he won’t let you go no matter how hard you try to escape from his embrace.

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the signs crying

check moon!

Aries: Look at the slightly angered, pained face. She is crying. And these teardrops are not made out of water. They’re like heavy drops of fire, smashing from the sky on the ground. After the flame burned down, you’ll see tiny, yellow flowers growing out of the ashes.

Taurus:The angels cry, oh, how the Angels cry. Those holy tears, do not dare and try catch them, therefore the angel will be even more hurt. Watch his beautiful face, even saddened it is out of our realm. But despite the outer, pretty shell do not forget: the cries out of pain are real.

Gemini: When a pixie cries, these tears will sting on your skin. Like little syringes they go their way far into your veins. Maybe the pixie will be wiser, next time she tries to play with the gnomes. Be quiet - maybe you can hear her. Echoing sounds of her doleful, pained voice, and the sound of ringing bells, when she flies away to hide her face.

Cancer: This is a cascade. A tsunami you cannot survive. Once the water has swallowed you, you’ll stay under water for as long as it wants you to be. And so are his tears. So is his sorrowful sobbing, every time he tries to catch his breath, every time he reaches for air.

Leo: You can hear it, see it, even smell it. These tears smell like antique, expensive perfume of an old Hollywood star. With a torn, dirtied dress, our forgotten Marilyn Monroe sits on a bench, her sobs can be even heard from the next street. A tiny amount of golden fluid can be found in her big teardrops.

Virgo: Is this snow falling on the ground? Or is it her iced tears? Beautifully they reflect in the sunlight, they are perfect, just as perfect as she tried to be. Oh dear, what a poor little girl. After all, when she sits in her room - so quietly and still - you’ll never see the art she does.

Libra: Imagine it: a flower girl. With big, green eyes and bowed, full lips, her petite sobs may be overheard easily, but she just tries to be as pleasurable as possible and to keep up her beauty. Her tears are full of deadly poison, the air she breathed was polluted by us.
Water her, please

Scorpio: The smell of iron is in the air again. The Scorpio has cried pure blood this morning. You can feel it. The air is still vibrant and every and each deep emotion and every and each part of their strength and power was put in the process. Don’t step in puddle of blood. It can sting like acid.

Sagittarius: Ashy, grayish, salty drops are falling from her checks down on the ground. While she runs through the woodland, the sun is rising carefully, not daring to wake up the world now. Birds are chirping but fly away quickly as they see that the teardrops transform into magma. Magma that crushed every living being underneath it.

Capricorn: It was eyes like the one of a wolf that started at you. Focusing. They hissed ‘get lost!’, because it was simply mere irritation, maybe even some kind of pride, what made him act this way. And tonight the wolf was howling. Like he was lost. Like he was left by his pack. The loneliest wolf, the must hurt, the most misunderstood. The day after you saw clues for his presence, as he left traces in the mud. But you never saw him cry his big wolf tears yourself. You never will.

Aquarius: Silence. Listen well. There will be silence first, before you will hear the sound of a single, small waterproof touching the surface There is nothing in the room, till this tall bucket of water. It’s been standing here for god knows who long. Just this crack in the roof is filling it with a tiny amount of water per day. Today it will be enough water for it to overflow.

Pisces: Alice is crying. Alice is crying, and so she is crying a sea of sweetened honey tear drops. In the sea is living every kind of creature, from the smallest fish, to the biggest, bluest whale. Even mermaids can be found in here. But our Alice is not watching, she just carries on in her paper boat.