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I'm on mobile so I can't access the master list, but did you already do recs for single dad au with either Yuuri or Victor as the dad? I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

I haven’t done this list yet, and I’m downright ashamed of myself for not doing so! This is such a great AU, thank you for requesting!

Single Dad AU

starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 57k (WIP)
In which yuuri is a simple barista, viktor is a famous movie star, and yuri is an 8 year old kid stuck in the middle of it. Love!

We Close At Six by beAUtiful (future_fishy), 5.3k (WIP)
Yuuri works at the rental desk of an ice rink. Viktor is a business man who happens to go to said ice rink every day after work. Throw in an adopted son, a gossipy best friend and a lot of mutual pining and you get this. Great fic so far!

Lost Child: Long Blonde Hair, Keeps Cursing In Russian by theberries, Teen, 4.5k (WIP)
Yuri’s starting second grade, Viktor may or may not be a bad father, and Yuuri just wants to survive another school year of 20 seven and eight year olds packed into one class room. SUCH A GOOD FIC OMG

A Moment Like This by neeharu, Mature, 19k (WIP)
Through the journey of learning how to become a father, Viktor is captured by the adorable beauty of Yuri’s kindergarten teacher, Yuuri Katsuki who seems to have a knack for children, skating and smiles- everything Viktor was searching for. LOVE!!

Sensei, Onegai Shimasu by TheSilentOtaku, Teen, 16k (WIP)
The fic in which Viktor Nikiforov is a single father, Yuri Plisetsky is Viktor’s six-year-old son with an obsession with tigers and crayons, and Yuuri Katsuki is the cute first grade teacher that Viktor can’t seem to get out of his mind. Amazing fic!

From A Random Playing Card by Noitratoxin, Gen, 13k (WIP)
In training premier danseur, Katsuki Yuuri, under the guidance of Lilia Baranovskaya was asked to train the new generation of Russian figure skaters in ballet and found himself with a 4 year old Yuri Plisetsky, adopted son of the one Viktor Nikiforov, clinging to his legs demanding he comes home with him. Lovely single dad AU ft. dancer!Yuuri!

Storytime by PiggyInTheMiddle, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Victor takes custody of his orphaned nephew Yuri. He’s having a little bit of trouble. So cute!

Stay Close to Me by Teabunny, Mature, 16k (WIP)
Throughout the years, Viktor held that tiny hand like a lifeline, coaxing Yuri through infancy and adolescence, both on and off the ice. The sound of skates scraping that cold surface was likely Yuri’s first cognizant memory. Thumbs up!

real - victuuri by volleycatnika, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yakov tells Victor and his son, Yurio, that they should interact with and do more for the public. Somehow they end up restoring an old ice rink and Japan, where they live for a year.

The Ties That Bind by QueBae, Gen, 7.2k (WIP)
The first time Viktor saw Yuri Plisetsky was by pure chance at a private rink in Moscow, skating for his dedushka. He thought they would never meet again but it seemed he was lucky in life. Great fic so far, can’t wait for more!

Hot For Teacher by i_like_my_eggs_benedict, Teen, 10k (WIP)
Victor is late for a parent-teacher conference with Yuri’s super-strict teacher. Forced to wait outside the classroom for his inevitable fate, he meets Yuuri Katsuki: Yuri’s former teacher. A really cute, smart, funny guy. Who’s also really hot. LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Lessons in Love by fangirlandiknowit, Mature, 21k (WIP)
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do. He just didn’t expect to become a fan, too. Fabulous fic! Highly recommend!

Starting Anew by timid_turtle_timi, Gen, 1.6k
Viktor Nikiforov has retired from his competitive skating, now coaching his young protege Yuri Plisetsky as he trains for his senior debut. In the same city Katsuki Yuuri handles his shattered self esteem, and takes on a new career teaching physical education during the day, and children’s figure skating in the evenings. Check out the rest of the series too!

So I’m 27. Not married, not dating and no children. I’m the last in my family to not have kids and everyone is looking at me like “does your vagina even work?” I am however the first in my family to get a college degree and after graduating with a BA in Journalism, I went to a pristine (highly overpriced) hair school and became a licensed cosmetologist. They’re always telling me “you’re so pretty. Hair and makeup is always fabulous so why can’t you find a nice black man and have babies?”

You know, sexy comes in all colors. I’m not gonna be restricted to my own race just because every woman in my family brought home a black man. I don’t want children now either. I’d rather buy high heels than diapers. My career is on the move and I’m not gonna stop making money just so I can be barefoot and pregnant in someone’s kitchen.

Why can’t they just understand?

What The Mortal Instrumenty Taught Me
  • <p> <b>Jace taught me:</b> Love is not a weakness. It's a strength.<p/><b>Clary tought me:</b> It doesn't matter what size you are. It's inside what counts.<p/><b>Simon taught me:</b> Geeks are people too. Love them.<p/><b>Izzy taught me:</b> Nothing less than 8 inches.<p/><b>Alec taught me:</b> Never be ashamed of your sexuality.<p/><b>Jonathan taught me:</b> A parents love can destroy an innocent child.<p/><b>Magnus taught me:</b> Just be freaking fabulous.<p/></p>

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Imagine Maggie as a softball coach, teaching kids how to throw, how to catch, pushing them to improve their skills, taking the team out for pizza after games, making sure that they remember winning's great, but not the most important thing, listening to problems when necessary, and basically being the coach you still talk about after you've grown up. All the kids insist on vetting Alex after she shows up at one of their practices, because they have to make sure she's awesome enough for Maggie.

It’s not like she’s swimming in free time, but she can’t resist the kids.

The kids with the big eyes and uncoordinated runs, who want to play softball but don’t want to be separated along gender lines from their friends; who don’t want to be chewed out by people three times their age for missing a catch; who want to be part of something, but don’t want to go through the ritualistic humiliation that is most organized sports to get it.

So every Saturday, without fail, her work phone is off. Her captain knows; her captain approves.

I think he might be… you know… in your community, he tells her out of the side of his mouth one day about his nine year old son, and she immediately takes the boy onto the team.

Every Saturday, she pulls her ponytail through the back of a beat up Brooklyn Dodgers cap, and trades in her boots for cleats, and slings two bags more than half her height over her back, full of bats and balls and mitts and caps and water bottles and other assorted treats for the horde of nine year olds who stream onto the field she’s reserved just for them in varying states of readiness, varying states of dress (sometimes in skirts, sometimes in older sibling’s baseball jerseys, once – memorably – in a rabbit onesie because it’s Purim, okay, and who says rabbits can’t play softball?), varying states of excitement to get away from their parents, their homes, their schools, for a few solid hours under the California sun.

The only thing she doesn’t accept on the field is giving up; but she does accept anxiety and she does accept tears, because whoever said there’s no crying in baseball clearly has never played softball with a band of misfit kids who spend so much of their time trying to be perfect that sometimes it takes a while for them to realize that on this field, with these kids, with this coach, they can revel in their uniqueness, in their imperfections.

She has a system worked out for their little bodies slipping into existential crises: the swing set nearby. She holds the crying kid, whoever it may be at the time, and she rocks them, and she wipes their tears and she gives them a bottle of water and some animal crackers, and she sends them with two friends – always two friends – off to the swing set for a few minutes, so they can swing the sad away.

She keeps on eye on the ball and the other on them, and they always sprint back with smiles and giggles, ready to keep going, ready to learn more, ready to be more.

So she teaches them to throw and she teaches them to hit; she teaches them to move their hips right along with the rest of their bodies, and most importantly, she teaches them to let go. To let go of what everyone’s ever told them about perfection, about winning, about success, about their self-worth. Because each of them are stardust, and doesn’t that sound cooler than defining themselves by winners and losers.

They run drills and they support each other when the ball trickles through someone’s feet and they eagerly shout me me me me me! when Maggie stands at home plate with a bat in one hand and a ball in the other, knees bent and ready to aim a hit at each of them in turn.

They play against the other local teams, and even though they don’t always win, they always shock the smug-looking parents and coaches of the other teams, and they always win over some new friends – with the more expensive uniforms and pressure to win constantly on their backs – because they always look like they’re having more fun, like they’re feeling more confident, than anyone else to ever step onto the field.

And the first time Alex Danvers steps onto the field, Maggie’s spare cap backwards on her head and a red bandana sticking out of her back pocket and a nervous but thrilled grin on her face, they decide that they need to interrogate this pretty new lady holding Maggie’s hand and helping her carry her bags.

Because Maggie’s never held another girl’s hand before in front of them before, and she’s certainly never let anyone carry her bags for her before.

“Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Alex. Alex, this is the squad.”

They all form a line, squinting up at her and trying their best to look intimidating, and Alex is forcibly reminded of that Sandlot movie Kara made her watch over and over when they were kids.

She glances at Maggie, who’s regarding them gravely, and she follows her girlfriend’s lead, biting down her amusement and contorting her face into seriousness as she squats down on her haunches to be more on their eye level.

“You all seem like you have something to say to me,” she says, doing her best to not address them like they’re nine, but rather, like they’re a threat to her physical safety.

A girl with Bantu knots and a serious set to her jaw steps forward and gestures at Alex with her red glove.

“Coach Maggie told us she was bringing someone special to meet us. Coach never brings anyone special to meet us.”

“Yeah, even though we’re pretty sure you’re not the first girl she’s dated. She’s pretty pretty!”

“Shhh Andy, let Chase talk, we all agreed!”

Maggie closes her eyes to keep from doubling over with laughter and Alex reminds herself that she can beat a polygraph test.

“So we just want to make sure you’re really special enough for her.”

“Because Coach Maggie’s the best!”

“She brings us for pizza after every game!”

“Even when we lose!”

“And she told off Janelle’s parents when they tried to tell her she couldn’t wear a tie or shop in the boy’s section!”

“Yeah, and look how fabulous I look now!”

“And she – ”

“Order on the field!”

Alex’s eyes open wide and wonders if in a decade or so, Chase would be interested in a job at the DEO.

“So,” Chase continues happily when silence falls immediately. “Tell us why you’re special enough for her. What are your intentions with the best coach ever to coach?”

Maggie bites her lip and stares down at Alex for a moment before squatting next to her.

“Guys, you’re like the inquisition, Alex doesn’t have to – ”

“No, no, Maggie, it’s fine. I love how much they love you.”

She looks squarely at Chase, then at each of the children in turn as she takes a deep breath and speaks.

“And you’re right: Maggie only deserves the most special things and the most special people. Because – and you guys all already know this – she is so, so special. And she’s special to me. The most special. I ask myself the same question every day, you know: am I special enough for her? And honestly? I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone can ever be special enough for Maggie Sawyer. Except maybe you guys, but that’s different. And as for my intentions?”

She turns to look at Maggie and puts a hand on her knee, and Maggie immediately puts her hand on hers to steady herself, because her heart is in her throat and her eyes are watering at Alex’s words.

“My intentions with the best coach ever to coach – the best girlfriend ever to girlfriend – are to try, ever day, to be special enough for her. To care for her – to love her – better than she’s ever been loved. Every day, every night, and every moment in between.

“Ally.” Maggie’s whisper is barely a breath, and it’s almost lost in the whisper-shouting conferring of intensely defensive nine year olds.

After a few long moments of staring into each other’s eyes, a few long moments during which the softball team confers with each other in the consensus-driven style Maggie taught them, Chase nods and clears her throat for Alex’s attention.

“Dr. Danvers, would you like to play ball with us today? We’re going to learn how to slide into second base, and we think it’d be great if you learned with us.”

Maggie beams and kisses Alex’s hand as Alex shakes Chase’s with her other one.

“It would be my distinct honor.”

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Hi when will the media become suspicious that when Bruce adopts another kid, batman get a new robin??

well, i don’t actually buy that people pay laser-focus attention to bruce’s life, because he’s kind of like steve jobs but with less of the american dream, and i don’t know anything or care to know anything about steve jobs. i didn’t know kylie jenner was a kardashian until twitter got up in arms about some t-shirt thing. i didn’t know donald trump existed until he started running for president, and he was literally on TV. there’s bound to be more people like me and hal “who the hell is bruce wayne” jordan, who give negative shits. 

the point is, i don’t think bruce wayne is all that famous outside of the circle of people who read business insider or live in gotham city, and if he is nationally famous, it’s because two fabulously rich white people were gunned down in an alleyway and they just so happened to be his parents. it’s not everyday rich white people die violently, so it might have gotten some media coverage. it’s probably listed as the top reason to never visit gotham city in your life in all the travel guide brochures, because if that could happen to them, it’s three times as likely to happen to your average american. the people who are actually going to know, and also care, about bruce wayne having adopted another child are going to be limited to gotham’s wealthy, and those are exactly the people who bruce puts on his act for. once you see a man come into a meeting wearing his pants inside out, you safely rule out any idea that this could potentially be batman. batman broke a man’s arm last night, and the next morning, bruce wayne was in the park waving enthusiastically at pigeons. he uses the back camera to take selfies when he has the newest iphone, do you think this man could really be batman?

that, and there’s also an amount of time between the adopting and the Grand Robining - there has to be at least six months leeway for them to train, and in tim’s case, he wasn’t adopted until after he was already robin. the only one that’s even kind of immediate is damian, and, uh, bruce wasn’t even there. so, no, i don’t think it’s all that obvious to people who don’t already know the Big Secret

Embarrassed? (Platonic, Poly Hamilsquad x Reader)

Summary: originally for @lafayettemoncher but I feel like I could do better. You’re a teacher.

TW: None?


You sigh and slip your heels on. Open house was always the worst. You had already been to school for a few weeks, so the newness had worn off, but the parents were still shocked. You taught primarily freshman English, so the parents were so excited and very involved. You smooth your black pencil skirt one last time before stepping out.


Philip glares at his parents. They adopted him almost a year ago and decided that they needed to make up for the thirteen years they missed. “You promise you won’t embarrass me?”

The four men laugh slightly before Alex speaks up. “Promise.”

Philip rolls his eyes as his dads walk out.


You put on a fake smile as the parents of your third-period class walk in. You watch the couples try to keep each other in line. Most of them were in their forties or fifties, so the romance had kinda worn off. You were about to start when four shockingly young men walk in. “I told you it was 103, Alex,” a man with a French accent mutters.

The man who you assume was Alex responds by gently slapping his arm. You watch as the man with long, curly hair looks over your figure, earning him a punch in the arm from the tall, well-built man, who whispers something in his ear, causing the shorter man to blush.

You clap your hands together and begin your presentation, which you finish early. “Any questions?”

The French man slightly raises his hand. “Oui. Our son is incredibly intelligent. Is he in the right class?”

You laugh slightly. “Well, I am also certified to teach multiple AP classes, so I like to think that my advanced freshman English class will suit him. Any other questions?”

You almost don’t hear the tall man whisper, “Can I have your number?”

You laugh slightly and take other questions. As the parents walk out, you watch the four young men walk out together, wishing you could join them.


Parent-teacher conferences were the worst hours of your life. You had to listen to the parents of terrible children tell you that you were just a terrible person, and the parents of good children ask what they can do to improve.

“Does anyone have a conference slip for me?” you ask a few minutes before the bell rings. Philip Hamilton slowly walks over to you.

“I, uh, my dads are coming. I’m sorry.”

You take the slip and give him a confused look. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“It’s just- they’re loud, and the four of them tend to catch people off guard.”

You suddenly remember the four men who walked in on open house. “Philip, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m just surprised they want to meet with me. You are doing wonderfully.”

He smiles slightly. “You aren’t going to judge me based on my parents.”

You shake your head. “No, no, of course not!”

“It’s just-”

“I understand, but I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. The bell is going to ring soon.”

He nods slightly and goes back to his desk.


You sit behind your desk, waiting for the next parents walk in. The four men look at you, a hint of recognition when you see them. You smile and tell them to pull up chairs.

“Philip’s parents, correct?”

The short man with his dark hair pulled back responds, “Yes, ma’am.”

You smile. “I must say that your son is doing fabulously in my class; I don’t really have anything to talk to you about. Do you have any concerns?”

The man with the French accent speaks up. “How has he been? I know that we just moved here and that our family is a bit different than most…”

You look down. “It really isn’t my place to get into a student’s personal life, but he did apologize multiple times before you came. He was worried about how I would react. I can assure you that he had no reason to worry and that my door will always be open.”

The tallest man with the beanie looks at you. “He’s embarrassed by us?”

The short man looks at his husband. “Oh. Thank you for your time, Ms. (L/N).”

EXO Reaction to their toddler son trying to be like them

Well I found some time today so… I hope y’all like it! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Come here Chanyeol Jr! One day you’ll be my height… but for now on you are more like the squishy Kyungsoo”


*Tutorial: How to be like Kris* “You want my advise son? If you want to be cool like me… you have to play hard… be unique.. be…. Galaxy~”


*Observing* “That boy… he looks like his father.. he’s going places… like his handsome father…” *Sassy*


“There’s just one missing thing here son… some Gucci accessories… maybe we’ll find some little clothes for you” *All supporting*


*Watching his son’s festival* “Woah! He moves like me! when did he learn that choreography! He’s definitely my son!”


*Overwhelmed* “Oh my sweet boy… you want to be Superman like you father? You are so sweet… of course I’m your hero and one day you’ll be a better version of me!”


*Daddy is proud* “Oh who’s there, who’s there! That’s right! It’s my boy! Sweet Bacon Jr is following his daddy’s steps!”


“Listen son.. you probably won’t understand this now but… remember. To be like LuHan… you have to be a man! Understood? Very very manly…but pretty and perfect” *Sassy Lu is always hidden somewhere*


“You know what should help us to look more alike? Matching clothes! Let’s get some, you’ll be mini-me!”


*Like all proud parent* “I can’t help it… he’s the center of my world… my little boy… following his father’s steps!” *Will always be there to see the great man he will become*


“Rule number one to be like dad: always give love to the ones who surround you. That’s everything you need, now give me a Lay-like-hug” *Dad Goals*


*Fab* “That’s my son! So young and so fabulous just like his father! Making me so proud this kid…!” *Never loses style*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Reading these confessions brings home that some people just shouldn’t have kids. All these women scarred by their self hating family. My heart bleeds for you…Because I read these I’m very careful with my niece who is darker than all of us. We all make sure to pump her up and constantly enforce the fact she is fabulous and hope that when she enters the world her self esteem will be high enough so that she can withstand all the issues some of yall seem to be going through.

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Could you do the otp thing with Matt Murdock please?

who’s the one to wake up the kids: Matt. That is if he’s not passed out, or stranded somewhere because of his work. His hearing is so good he can hear the second the kids move, so he gets up really easily.
who makes the breakfast: You. Matt can’t cook anything to save his life. He can make eggs, but they’re burnt. Matt’s the only one who likes it that way. You can make really good pancakes and french toast, which pleases everyone, including Matt.
who’s the one to cry for everything: You. Matt cries sometimes, but usually keeps his emotions bottled up pretty well. You’re not a big crier, but definitely more than Matt.
who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Matt is more disciplined, because that’s the way he was raised. You’re more lenient, and try to get him to let up on some stuff and just have fun. It’s hard for him because of all his training and stuff, but he lets go when he’s with you and the kids and knows that everyone is safe.
who helps with the science fair: Matt and Foggy create amazing stuff, so the kids go to them and they bullshit some fabulous thing that makes a huge mess, but makes the kids win the science fair. This usually happens late at night, and they make a mess on purpose.
who does baby talk: Both. Matt does it a lot more than anyone expected. You did it immediately, and Matt at first came up with some really weird names because he didn’t know what to say, but wanted to express his love for his kids (aka he’s Leslie Knope describing Ann with strange, flattering names)
who wakes up for midnight feedings: Matt. If he’s home, of course. His hearing is too good. He’ll know the kids are about to wake up before they even do.
who’s the one who always worries: Matt. He’s nervous about bad things happening to the kids, and you have to constantly reassure him that everything will be okay, they even have a masked vigilante looking after them.
who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Matt sleeps during the day if he doesn’t work, so not him. Sometimes you’ll pick the kids up, or let them stay home from school, so you can all cuddle in bed together. Your kids enjoying puzzles, coloring, and board games, while their dad sleeps in the background.
who’s the competitive parent: Both. Matt has always been competitive, so he is always kinda ready to fight. You don’t like anyone who thinks they’re better than you or your kids, which makes you feisty a lot.
who kisses the ouches: Both. Sometimes the kids have to kiss Matt’s ouchies, so he returns the favor. Of course you do, too, especially because he’s away a lot.
who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Well, not Matt. (i’m sorry) But honestly, the kids whine and he pretty much melts in their hands. Although, you cannot stand their beautiful sad eyes, so the kids kind of get their way a lot.
who makes the “dad jokes”: MATT. He also makes a lot of sight jokes, which always make you and the kids angry laugh because they’re so bad but so good.
who embarrassed their kid for fun: Doubtful of either. You’ve both probably done it accidentally, but I don’t see you doing it on purpose.
who’s the over protective one: Matt. He’s seen too much shit, and had too much happen to him in his childhood to not. You tell him that you grew up in Hell’s Kitchen and turned out just fine, and so will your kids.
who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Matt. Although he rarely follows his own advice, and you’re the one to tell him to take a sweater. He is such a mess, he doesn’t do anything to take care of himself, yet expects his kids to do it somehow.

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I had a woman one day randomly decide that putting her CHILD on top of my MOVING CONVEYOR BELT was just a fabulous idea. Like no, don't worry people don't put their food there or anything. And as a cashier I'm actually not allowed to say anything to parents EVEN if their child is in danger. So... I had to let this poor kid fall like 2 to 4 feet off of my belt, keep in mind she was on her phone this entire time. She threatened to sue me. I called my manager and left. They don't pay me enough.

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Top 5 movies!!

Just because you were struggling- heres mine.

Top 5 Movies:

5. La La Land (2017)

Originally posted by flamingoparadise

This film made me understand what emotions were made for and how to use them to their full potenital…Ive never laughed or cried so hard in my life. I’m proud to say I saw this film 3 times, I own the DVD, the vinyl record of the soundtrack and the soundtrack is on my phone.

4. The Theory of Everything (2014)

Originally posted by like-a-real-bitch

This film is just everything to me (excuse the pun), but my god it is. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones nailed their roles as Stephen and Jane and I’m so upset that Felicity didnt get any awards but 

Originally posted by mtv

And again I also own the DVD, soundtrack on vinyl and the soundtrack is on my ipod.

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

I have loved this film ever since I was a small child and it’s become my go-to film when I feel like absolute sh*t. It never fails to make me laugh or make me have a good cry. Poor sweet Lindsay Lohan, if only she stopped there.

Originally posted by kpfun

And Natasha Richardson…she was so beautiful :’( (even when stressed about seeing Nicholas Parker after 11 years)

Originally posted by ezekiels

And we all need a butler/friend like Martin

Originally posted by abigayle12000

2. Beauty and The Beast (1991)/The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

So I couldnt exactly choose my second spot, so I went with two (haha, oh god I’m loosing it). Beauty and The Beast (1991) is not only my second favourite film but also my all-time favourite Disney film. I’m just sad I dont own enough BatB merchandise :(

Originally posted by ofallingstar

I’m so sad this part wasnt in the new film…

Now- The Man from U.N.C.L.E, when I first saw the trailer I was itching to see it. I never did get to go to the cinema and see it, but my Mum bought it for me as an Easter present…and I still love it. And I love the soundtrack.

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Now, my number one favourite film has been a solid for the last 3 years. 5,4,3 will probably change but I doubt this one will ever change…

1. The Guest (2014)

Oh boy! Where do I begin? I find it strange how I saw this film with my ex girlfriend and it’s my most favourite film in the whole world. Apart from the fact it has Dan in it…

Originally posted by gwendoline

But I also adore Maika Monroe…I somehow think it will be hard to find a better horror duo than these two…

Originally posted by aliceleeeee

And the soundtrack is such a huge part of what makes the film so great. I have the OST and score on vinyl and on my phone and I have the film on DVD. And I will also state that David Collins is my favourite film character of the last 5 years and he can come and be a guest in my house anytime to recover.

Originally posted by ltsuitsyou


I just cant go without mentioning this film because I love it so much and the concept is absolutely fabulous and the play still needs to do a UK tour…

12 Angry Men (1957)

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The one I love | Fionn Whitehead


Anonymous said: Yay, so I have a couple of them if you don’t mind lovely! Alrighty, first one if you could, a fluff one of when fionn and y/n were having a convo-debate about something and it made him realize you were the one? Or along those sentences thank you!

Word count: 1,624

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

I think I changed it a bit, but I hope you still like it!

Coming from a family full of artists, your future was decided to be as successful as your family’s since the moment you were born.

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Boyf riends "I know its 3 in the morning but I cant find my cat"

Michael clicked the tv off, plunging the basement into thick darkness. He had spent the past countless hours playing a first-person shooter game. After positively annihilating his opponents for the twenty-fifth time, Michael decided that it was about time to call it quits. He had messaged a couple quick good-byes to his buddies, ignoring their requests for him to stay and play “just one round more.” 

He pulled out his phone, blinking at the bright light. Almost 3 AM. Fabulous. At least, tomorrow–wait, scratch that. At least, today was Saturday, so he could sleep as long as he wanted. Michael stuffed his phone back into his pocket and felt against the wall as he made his way upstairs, out of the basement.

Michael pressed a fist to his mouth as he yawned, shutting the door to the stairs that led to the basement. Once it had snicked shut, Michael began to creep to his room. His parents generally didn’t give a crap about his whereabouts, but the last time he had been caught up after midnight, his father had flipped out and–

Well, that was neither here nor there. 

Michael just wouldn’t get caught. Simple as that.

He eased the door shut to his bedroom, cringing as it clicked shut, obscenely loud in the silence. Michael froze for a moment, anxiously waiting for that familiar grumble and the creaking of the hallway. Nothing. He was safe. Michael sighed in relief, intending to collapse into bed and sleep the rest of the weekend away.

A sharp tapping at his window derailed that train of thought.

Michael turned quickly to the window. Jeremy waved at him, gesturing to open the window. He smiled crookedly, cocking his head as he waited for Michael to acquiesce. Michael wanted to say that he was surprised, except, who else would be at his window at–Michael checked his alarm clock–3:04 in the morning

Jeremy rapped the glass again, harder this time. Michael rushed over, yanking the window open. “Be quiet,” he hissed. “If my father hears you, we’re both dead.”

“Hi, Michael,” Jeremy greeted, tumbling through the open window and onto the floor. He hit the ground with a loud thump that had Michael jerking towards the direction of his bedroom door and just praying that– “I missed you.”

“Are you… drunk?” Michael asked, his nose wrinkling at the scent of alcohol that seemed to seep off of Jeremy’s clothes.

Jeremy frowned at him. “I missed you, Michael. Do… Do you not miss me?”

Michael rolled his eyes. He didn’t have time for this. It was three in the goddamn morning. “I did miss you, Jeremy, but I would have much preferred for this conversation to take place when the sun was up.” Michael punctuated his comment by gesturing to the stars that still glittered outside.

Jeremy followed Michael’s gesture, leaning against the window frame. “Yeahhhh… But the stars are just so pretty, aren’t they? I wish I could just have one for my own. Just one.” Jeremy started to reach for a star, Michael supposed, and began to tilt out of the window dangerously. Michael grabbed Jeremy’s shirt before he could fall to his untimely death (though, Michael was just about exasperated enough to shove Jeremy out and deal with all of this in the morning) and shut the window before Jeremy could accidentally–or not so accidentally, depending on how fed up Michael became–tumbled to the ground.

“That’s nice, Jeremy, but what in the world are you doing here?”

“Oh. I can’t find my cat.”

Michael stared at Jeremy, wondering if he had misheard his best friend. “Your cat?”

“Yeah, my cat. It’s orange. I think. Huh, I can’t remember now.”

“That’s… Jeremy, you don’t have a cat,” Michael explained.

Jeremy grinned. “Well, that would explain why I couldn’t find it!”

Michael pinched the bridge of his nose. He loved his best friend, he truly did. But, he just couldn’t deal with a drunk Jeremy right now. “Okay, we solved that mystery. You’ve got to get home.”

Jeremy’s forehead crinkled. “You… you want me to leave?” he asked, almost pitifully.

“No, Jeremy… Well, yes, I do, but not because–”

It was too late. Jeremy had begun to cry.

Michael really just wanted to pound his head against the wall, but that would really wake up his father. He hadn’t realized that Jeremy was so… emotional when drunk. “B-but, Michael,” Jeremy was blubbering, “I–I don’t want to g-go. I want to stay here with you!” Jeremy grabbed Michael’s waist, pulling him onto the bed.

“That’s, uh, nice, but, Jeremy, I really need to get you home.” 

“Don’t you love me?” Jeremy wailed.

Michael clapped a hand over Jeremy’s mouth. “Be quiet,” Michael hissed. “You’ll wake my father.” Once Jeremy had quieted down, except for the constant mournful sniffs, Michael removed his hand. “Okay, okay, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to drive you home and help you settle down and, after you’re asleep, I’ll leave. Does that sound okay?”

Jeremy nodded slowly. “W-we’re still friends?” he asked.

“Yes, of course, we’re still friends. Even though it’s…” Michael glanced at the clock, sighing. “Even though it’s 3:19 in the morning. You owe me sushi.” Michael helped Jeremy to his feet, before pausing. There wasn’t really any good way to get Jeremy out of the house. Going out the window could very well lead to Jeremy falling to his death. And going through the house would involve creeping past his parents’ room and Michael didn’t trust Jeremy to be quiet enough. Which meant…

“Um, change of plans,” Michael decided. “You’ll stay here and I’ll just set my phone alarm so that we can get up before my father gets up.” Michael figured that he could stash Jeremy in his closet or something and then pretend to be asleep when his father would, inevitably, check on him in the morning. That would have to work. If Michael had thought it had hurt when his father had caught him up after midnight, getting caught with a boy in his room would be indescribably painful.

“Okay,” Jeremy said, laying down on Michael’s bed and pulling the blankets up to his chin. “I knew you loved me.”

Michael sighed, quickly setting an alarm on his phone and praying that he would wake up to it this time. “Yeah, yeah,” Michael agreed, slipping under the covers. Jeremy immediately latched onto him, cuddling against his shoulder. Michael stiffened for a moment, before relaxing. “Yeah, Jeremy, of course, I love you.”

the girl doesn’t really remember what it’s like to have a family. she doesn’t remember her parents, if she had any, or any siblings.

but party looks after her, checks her for wounds and gives up his water for her when she needs it. jet stands protectively in front of her during every clap, growling like an angry mother bear ready to maul anyone who looks at her cub the wrong way. ghoul tells her stories about the zones, ghost stories about the phoenix witch he heard from dr. death a long time ago, so they’re probably all wrong but they make the girl smile, and it fills the time spent in the back of the trans am moving from place to place every few days. and kobra- well, kobra tries to teach her karate, but they mostly horse around and play games like charades or tag with the others whenever the group isn’t fighting dracs, driving, or sleeping.

they’re dysfunctional as all hell, but the girl thinks of them as her family.

latino smh headcanons
  •  latino nursey is very quiet in english and very loud in spanish.
    • everything about him is louder in spanish tbh even his laugh turns into this giant high pitched howl. 
  •  while the difference is most drastic in nursey, both tango and whiskey also raise their volume. 
    • whiskey also relaxes 10x more like hes kinda uptight just a general rule but around other latinos? its like his whole personality changes. 
  • listen, also? tv is such an important part for them to connect w/ the hispanic world?? 
    • nuestro bellessa latina is so important that they dvr it but also all try very hard to schedule around it, so they can watch it in person.
    •  since nurseys not as into futbòl as tango and whiskey are, its really the climax of his life as a latino. 
  • tango cant eat spicy things.
    • he Just Cant
    • Like not even the tiniest of sprinkle of jalapeño on tortilla chips
  • nursey is unhealthily addicted to coffee, like cuban coffee that’s just basically a straight shot of espresso. not for the faint of heart. its like liquid adrenaline 
    • tango tried it once and like, could barely exist on the same plane as us mere mortals
  • whiskey also lowkey makes fun of everyone else’s accents because he grew up in puerto rico up until highschool so his spanish is excellent but he also thinks its really cute when people fuck up esp tango
    • tango has a complicated relationship with spanish bc hes always afraid of sounding too hispanic when saying things like latino countries or specific words that he cant help but say with an accent and then people look at him weird because he doesn’t look hispanic
  • tango is honestly a telenovela encyclopedia. u name it, hes seen it, can quote the most iconic scenes, and will act them out at any given time
  • whiskey is absolutely his abuelita’s child like. he calls her every couple of days if not every day he loves her so so much and nursey chirps the shit out of him for it but really he’s just lowkey jealous whiskey is so close with his family.
  • tango is also jewish and people are often very confused about how that works because both of his parents are argentinean. tango just confuses them more by trying to explain it.
  • all of them just sort of speak a unique blend of all of the slang from their respective countries like they have all just accepted the many different forms “im drunk” or “dude” or “drinking straw” come in. but the curse words that are common phrases in one country and horribly offensive in the other are a constant issue tbh
  • tango and whiskey are fabulous dancers. nursey, bless him, tries his hardest. he truly does. he just really has two left feet off of the ice
  • whiskey is truly an impressive drinker. all three of them can hold their liquor well but whiskey is just. stellar at it. he started drinking at like 13 and enters college as a seasoned alcoholic. (just kidding hes not an alcoholic!(actually tbh its hard to tell but lets just say he isnt))
  • i could forreal go on forever about this so i’m just gonna end it here: they all hate being called mexican, tango and whiskey especially (yes it’s partially about futbòl). there is something about being misidentified so grossly that really grinds ones gears. hence the gratuitous amount of clothing/memorabilia each of them own based on their nationalities.
    • if u think tango doesnt own a big argentinian flag that he definitely ties around his neck when appropriately timed, ur wrong
    • how many puerto rico tshirts can whiskey own? answer: an obscene amount. like for real at least 4 or 5. they’re both very extra

It’s Mothers Day on Sunday in the UK and I decided to draw something for my Mum. Both she and I are massive Monster High Fans so I only saw fit to draw something to do with it. ^^

So, I drew Frankie and her Mum (I designed Mrs.Stein by looking at the original Bride and just fabulous-ized her abit?)
I just hope she likes it <3

Tfw you’re a single parent and your children won’t let you rest. Or Jet Star being really freaking done with Fun Ghoul and Party Poison.

My love for @zone-rats has motivated me to finally post some Killjoys art here. That and the fact that I just love drawing the fro, there are never enough curls.

more emos in my art tag 👋

anonymous asked:

in a way isn't it kinda fucked up that parents think they can buy their children's destinies, when we didn't ask to be born and they created us so that means they're responsible for the fact they didn't get an abortion. like parents create kids so the kids can be people who they parents never got to be themselves. and then they aren't interested in finding out who their kids are as people and nurturing that growth, instead they are interested in putting you in to a mold made of their imagination

Pretty much. And the minute you voice any disagreement or displeasure you are now the ungrateful brat. Don’t get me wrong, there a genuine bratty children, but if you defend yourself in any way and suddenly you are “full of shit” and “ungrateful and uncaring?” That’s just a fabulous feeling to be told that.

Also like….bedrooms. I hate how some parents invade their kids bedrooms. That is their place. Yes you gave it to them, but that is there spot to feel safe and cool down. Not for you to barge in and start yelling. Wanna talk? Ask them to come out. Or hell, into your own damn room if there’s something you want to talk about. Obviously some situations are more complex beyond this over all statement but I think you catch my drift

[Malec week 2017] Day 2: Disney Day

  • Magnus was cursed when he was a child
  • Magnus’ parents locked him up in somewhere far far away
  • And he just built himself an ice castle (it’s huge af)
  • One day, Prince Alec came back from his journey and accidentally went into the where-you-shouldnt-go-because-there-is-an-monster
  • He didn’t find out any monster though.
  • But there was this fabulous also gorgeous guy called Magnus
  • As Magnus said, because Alec had invaded his territory, he had to get some punishment. The punishment was staying with him for a month. (Poor Magnus was just lonely!)
  • Somehow they become friends.
  • Somehow Alec had a crush on Magnus.
  • Somehow Magnus too
  • Things happened, idk, I’m out of idea
  • But they live happily ever after
  • this is definitely a fairy tale for children, say no to tragic ending D<

An AU where Frozen and Beauty and the Beast crossover. This beast is too  gorgeous though…

OopsDads!AU Headcanons

@bi-robbie-rotten​ inspired some of this with their comments on this post.

  • Robbie hid Áfram’s existence from Sportacus initially
    • It wasn’t for long though
    • About 3 or so days
  • Robbie isn’t in the best condition when Sportacus discovers him and  Áfram (who isn’t named yet)
    • Robbie is ill and in rough shape
    • Áfram is perfectly healthy though! (Robbie is doing a good job - at the cost of his own damn self)
  • To say that Sportacus is shocked would be an understatement
  • When he discovers who the other parent is, he nearly faints
    • Because it’s him
    • HE’S the other parent
  • He pretty much immediately bursts into tears
    • He never thought he’d ever have a biological child
    • He already feels like a father to Stephanie, and that is 100% the best thing ever
    • But never thought he’d be a biological father to anybody
    • It never crossed his mind
  • Sportacus assumes Robbie would be hesitant to have him be a part of  Áfram’s life
  • But the opposite is true
  • Robbie only hid Áfram’s existence because he was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and was panicking and had gone into over-protective mama-bear mode.
  • So Robbie is more than happy to have Sportacus be the other parent
  • And thus they eventually picked his name(s) 
    • Áfram and Alfred
  • And then began parenting!
  • And then they sort of fell proper in-love with each other
  • And all is well
  • Happy family ftw
  • (Áfram gets like.. a ton of family out of this too)
    • Stephanie as an ‘official’ sister
    • Stingy, Trixie, Pixel and Ziggy are also honorary siblings
    • Bessie and Milford as an Aunt and Uncle
    • Glanni as a fabulous self-proclaimed “Glampa”
    • Ithro as a Grand-Pabbi
    • And Great-Grand-Pabbi Áfram (who would totally be a creep and climb through a tv to visit)