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“Really? The first occultation in a thousand years?”



The Irish Academy of Magic is housed in a cozy castle balancing precariously on the cliffs of Inishmore. The school, appearing to muggles as a unspectacular crumbled church ruin, is actually quite large in expanse, and caters predominantly to Irish students. Since the establishment of Hogwarts, the school has seen a steady decline in numbers, although the student population has started increasing in the years leading up to the battle of Hogwarts. At the academy, Gaelic spellcasting takes precedence over Latin spellcasting. Many students, however, elect to learn spellcasting in both languages, which results in a wealth of charms at their disposal (even more so if they can master mixed language spells). In their sixth year, students have the opportunity to study abroad if they wish. For the first time in decades, students heard the chilling wail of a banshee outside the entrance of the castle, whose cry foretold the deaths of students who were studying at Hogwarts at the time of Voldemort’s infiltration. It is rumoured that there exists an entrance to Tír na nÓg, the Land of the Young, off of the shores of the cliff, below the surface of the ocean. However, no one has discovered its location, and some believe it was sealed off using magical means by a witch who was driven mad by the passage of time in the mortal world after journeying to Tír na nÓg and back.


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