and these episodes are so damn beautiful

Nostalgia and sadness at their best.

Today I searched for some of S3-S4 promos and scenes of TVD… And in some minutes I found myself almost depressed about this. Instantly I recalled every feeling I had back then, when the show felt great. And the feeling I had while watching it will always make it feel special for me. And then I remembered we have only one episode with Elena left.
For instance, remember the moment when she was lying in her bed during her transition and two Salvatore brothers sitting next to her, OH FUCK

I just remembered how beautiful, wise and great the character was, I remembered all of Nina’s perfect acting. I remembered how deep in love I was with every character, when I was desperately waiting for new episodes. Also, how different and exciting it all felt with Stelena… I was just so damn in love with those storylines.
Come on, no matter what, It’s still the same show. And now I feel really bad because this incredible époque is coming to its end. Nothing will be the same without Neens.
No, I am not a fan of the show now, I don’t care about the characters anymore because of the writings. Their lives don’t have any value to me. Dozens of new characters enter the show and leave it so fast I don’t notice them or even remember their names. But good old moments ALWAYS and INSTANTLY make me love the show again. Fall in love with the show it used to be in the past.
Gosh, it’s even kinda devastating.
If you don’t mind the current situation of the storyline – then just watch some promos and webclips of S3 [which was the best for me]. You will really regret Nina is leaving.
Anyway, everything is too spoiled, it couldn’t be saved anyway. I even think they needed to end it a long time ago. BUT the feeling I have now is so complicated I CAN’T GUYS HELP NO


Ok, so in 10X18 of Supernatural Cas gets his grace back and we see his wings again *cries*. They’re all broken and beaten like the other angels before, but since their Cas’ we all get a bit heartbroken. 

Then we have Kitty-Ink who drew endverse!Dean and Cas in this beautiful drawing from over a year ago


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What's your favorite and least favorite episodes of Korra from each book? Love your blog btw :) and your stories are addictive and amazing!

Wow thank you so much! You are so nice ;) 

Great question. Hmmm….

Book 1 - Favorite episode would be 1x07. The Aftermath. 

Book 1 - Least favorite would be 1x05 I suppose. Idk, I really love Book 1

Book 2 - Favorite episode would be the finale. Korra is so damned beautiful and amazing in that episode. 

Book 2 - Least favorite would be 2x02. The Southern Lights 

Book 3 - Favorite episode is Long Live the Queen. Korrasami trapped in the desert <3

Book 3 - Least favorite is the finale. Great episode, but I struggle watching it cause Korra goes through so much. Which is funny considering I’m writing a story based on the aftermath of that, but it’s hard to watch, lol.

Book 4 - Favorite episode is Korra Alone. Might be my favorite episode of the entire series. 

Book 4 - Least favorite episode is the flashback one. I mean excluding the Korrasami stuff that I love, it’s just a flashback episode. 

All in all though, I love them all, even something I chose as a “least” favorite I still enjoy

When I wanted to know what’s so special about My Little Pony, I started with probably one of the worst episodes to get to know our main characters. The Trixie-Episode. Damn, they were awful to that show-pony. But Rarity still caught my interest, because of her beautiful colour scheme. And we share some character traits. Yeah, she is my favourite pony by far.

But I have another favourite and that’s Prince Blueblood. I’m… kind of amazed how much hate this guy gets… And I don’t get it at all. Yes, he misbehaved, but I don’t think that he did it out of malice, but because he didn’t actually get that he was hurting other people’s… eh… other pony’s feelings. He probably just thought that it’s normal to act this way, because he is royality and nobody ever spoke up about it. I had been a pretty egotistic person myself, until I met people or had experiences which opened my eyes for the feelings of other people and I felt often times disgusted how I had behaved (Oh my god, sometimes I still do).

Especially pampered persons who have a lack of life experiences tend to make mistakes. Think this or that is right or wrong. They don’t do it out of malice, they do it, because they are probably ignorant. I think Prince Blueblood was just ignorant, because he never showed anger towards Raritiy or laughed about her or wanted to make her feel bad on purpose, in the end he was just shocked. And maybe… he appreciated it, that Rarity showed him her own anger. He finally got it. Look for the song “Becoming popular”. You can see Prince Blueblood smiling at Rarity and standing next to her. Would he do that, if he hated her? Would she of all ponys stand next to him, if she still thought, that he is an asshole? I doubt that (or this show has the worst continuity ever).

As much as I would have liked to have an episode, where he can apologize, redeem himself or whatever, I think, if you look at “Becoming popular”, that already happend (Maybe like in my comic-strip). So give this guy a break. Some people seem to see him on par with Hitler (I won’t even comment on that… x_x). Some people say he is worse than Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) or Hans (Frozen). Come on! Could you imagine that pampered prince, who is afraid to get dirty and only thinks about his mirror image, getting Rarity’s father into an asylum and killing Sweetie Belle with a sword?! Pff! Don’t make me laugh…

For future episodes, I hope, we will see him again. I want to see him nicer, but also keeping his character traits, his weaknesses. Being afraid of being ugly, dirt, common food… This is, what makes him funny and not a bland, boring Shining Armor. Yeah, I admit it, I have a soft spot for pretty boys with big weaknesses. They have huge egos, but those get shattered by the smallest of things. It’s always a delight for me, hehehe!

Pick your 5 shows before answering the following:

1. One Tree Hill
2. Arrow
3. Jane The Virgin
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Gilmore Girls

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?  It’s a tie between Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen, but Oliver wins because he’s the main and so damn tragic

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?  Rachel Gatina, I thought she was a terrible person from the beginning and never really tried to be someone else/ 

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4? Season 3 finale, because it was a giant Captain Swan movie and it was beautiful

4. What’s your favorite season of 5?   Season 2 because of the introduction of Jess

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3? like romantically? Jafael.

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 1?  Lucas Scott with anyone… or Pathan.

7. How long have you watched 4? Since the pilot.

8. How did you become interested in 3?  I saw the commercial, went that looks super dumb, but i’ll try anything once, and then i fell in love

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2?  Emily Bett Rickards, she’s so amazing. 

10. Which show do you prefer: 1, 4 or 5? That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child, *cough* one tree hill *cough* and I just won’t

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3?  There’s like 8 times as many one tree hill episodes as there is Jane the virgin so, 

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? Emma Swan, hands down

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1? Hahahahahahahaha, no i wouldn’t couldn’t ever do that. I would rather stab myself in the eye. 

14. Would a 2/3 crossover work? I don’t think… like at all. 

15. Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple. Heeheee Felicity and Tommy

16. Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5? That’s so mean because JTV is in season 1, and GG had like 7 so it’s hard to tell. I abstain from this one

17. Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4 or 5?  One Tree Hill no question. 

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Arrow 3x22 reactions

Holy hell, it was one of the best episode I’ve ever seen. I just can’t get over how much perfection there was.

First, I love the Canary cry. Laurel has really become a badass and Katie is beautiful in that suit. Love her.

Then, Roy came back. Just for one episode but I was so happy to see him again and all his scenes with Thea were so damn cute and sweet. I have no words to express my love for Colton. And at the end, Roy gives Thea his suit and in the next promo, we can see her wearing it. #cantwait. OMG.

But then Oliver. Obviously, I knew he had not become Ra’s lap dog ‘cause of the promo the Flash release earlier in this month but still. I was so glad to see the real Oliver back so soon in the episode. And even though I’ve known he had plan from the beginning, I can’t really see it. He has planned everything since the very beginning, the guy is a freakin’ genius.

And to say, I was starting to love Malcom. I hope it was all part of the plan. He telling Ra’s that Oliver betrayed him and all. I think so because clearly Felicity, Diggle, Ray & cie, they’re not dead. Anyway, Malcom saved Felicity and Laurel multiple times, I was like : Go Malcolm !

Maseo died :(( Damn, I liked the guy. But I guess the guy couldn’t have find redemption. The flashback let me indifferent though…

And finally, the Olicity scenes…. Perfection, no other words. I really loved Felicity in that episode.

I can’t wait to be next week though I’m disappointed seeing Barry in it. Even so I love The Flash, I think the shows should not do their finales together. And is Barry going in Nanda Parbat before Oliver is going to Central city ? I’m confused…


Woah, c’était un des meilleurs épisodes que j’ai jamais vu. C’était tellement parfait que je peux à peine m’en remettre.

D’abord, j’adore le cri du Canari. Laurel est vraiment devenue une badass et Katie est vraiment magnifique dans son costume. Je l’adore.

Ensuite, Roy est revenu. Juste pour cet épisode mais j’étais tellement heureuse de le revoir et toutes ses scènes avec Thea étaient vraiment adorables. Je n’ai pas de mots pour dire à quel point j’aime Colton. Et à la fin, Roy donne son costume à Thea et dans la nouvelle promo, on peut la voir le porter. Je suis trop impatiente, OMG.

Et ensuite, Oliver. Je savais qu’il n’était pas devenu le pantin de Ra’s à cause de la promo du Flash relâchée il y a quelques semaines mais quand même. J’étais tellement contente de revoir le Oliver qu’on connait si tôt dans l’épisode. Le plus génial, c’est que je sais qu’il a un plan mais je n’arrive pas à en voir tous les contours. Ce type a tout prévu à l’avance, c’est un génie.

Sinon, et dire que je commençais à aimer Merlyn. J’espère que sa traitrise à la fin fait partie du plan. Je pense parce que Felicity, Diggle, Ray & co, ils ne sont évidemment pas morts. Enfin, Malcolm a quand même sauvé Felicity et Laurel plusieurs fois, juste pour ça je l’ai aimé.

Maseo est mort :(( Je l’aimais trop mais je suppose qu’il n’y avait pas de rédemption possible pour lui.

Et enfin, les scènes Olicity… Parfaites, il n’y a pas d’autre mot. J’ai vraiment aimé Felicity aujourd’hui.

J’ai trop hâte d’être la semaine prochaine même si je suis déçue de voir Barry dans le final. J’adore le Flash mais je pense que les séries ne devraient pas faire leurs finals ensemble. Et est-ce que Barry va à Nanda Parbat avant qu’Oliver ne vienne à Central City ? Je suis perdue…

So I meant to just watch episodes 1x01 -1x03.  I’m currently on 1x08.  This show is just so god damn watchable.

I love the pilot of Arrow. And I’m a regular pilot hater.  I almost never re-watch them. Was the Arrow pilot without flaws…no… but the writers did a beautiful job addressing them subtly and shifting the show in the directions it needed to go in the subsequent 3-5 episodes without disrespecting what they set up in 1x01.

I just started watching shigatsu wa kimi no uso and it looks so damn expensive. The animation/scenery is too fucking beautiful. The movements and background are always on point. The sound and music are also fucking amazing. And the script holy shit, the way the main character describes things. I’m only at episode 2 and I already sense the feels

god fucking damn i loved those episodes so much. obviously brengela 2gether 4ever was incred and then cute happy future for hodgela (but not before the show ends pls), more insight into and character development of bren, aubrey continuing to go from strength to strength, discussion over the death penalty and its place in society (!!!). they were just. such beautiful and powerful episodes in so many ways I need to sleep now to recover.

castle s7 finale aftermath:

Supergirl Pilot (SPOILERS)

Okay I watched the pilot yesterday and I wasn’t going to post anything about it because I felt kinda guilty, I’M WEAK OKAY! But after seeing lots of positive reactions I wanted to contribute because I’ve rewatched it like 4 times already, so here we go.

There is A LOT I love about it. Kara is adorable and amazing, Melissa kills it! For those of you that were worried about not seeing the Kara we’re used to in the comics, she’s there. The determined head strong girl is there, you see it in the fight scenes and some of her facial expressions, it’s definitely something we could see more of as Kara and the show develop.

Kara and Alex, I am digging it so damn much! It’s beautiful to see the support they give each other. I especially love the scene with the hologram, that was probably my favourite scene in the entire episode. We saw Kara lean on Alex and Alex give Kara her full support, women supporting women.

Kara and James, I am so on board. They have great chemistry and James! Oh James, yes he will do nicely. I really liked that at the beginning of the pilot Kara was awkward but by the end she was asking him out for lunch. Some of the criticism towards the first look was that Kara was awkward and bumbling, well have they ever heard of character development? Cause in 45 minutes Kara developed hugely! These sort of things don’t need to be worried about cause characters develop.

There are so many other great things but these are the ones that stick out to me. I loved it and I will watch it in November. I really hope a channel in the UK picks it up and if I access to it I will watch.

My Secret Hotel

So, umm…

So I never thought there’d be a day when a dead body at a wedding would be pretty, but damn…that’s a pretty shot!

My impression when I see there’s no mlp episode for this week. Coolguy:*drinking coffee* what a beautiful day-. Deathspeed:I can’t believe what you’re telling me!. No way! No [DERP] damn way Luna no!. Coolguy:what’s wrong?. Deathspeed:these [DERP] hubs don’t have the new episode of mlp for this week!. Coolguy:no…!!!!!!! *then climbed up to a cliff and screaming so loud that it breaks the sun like glass*


I loved this episode so damn much. A Single Man Tear with the exorcism incantation is beautiful and Carry On My Wayward Son as well as Sam and Dean’s reactions always bring a tear to my eye.

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Did you notice, Hyesung's laugh when dongwan asked him his question during his solo concert, is the same with his laugh when members told him the cheerleader girl from SB episode 43 can knit? ricsyung jjang

yessss I more or less remember!!!
It’s this embarrassed kind of laughter though? Like ‘oh damn it’s spot on, let’s just laugh it off so my embarrassment won’t show’. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not a simple laughter xD it can be even ‘hahaha I’m going to kill you later for this’ kind of laughter xD
indeed, ricsyung jjang, long live ricsyung *-*

My Secret Hotel

ALSO DAT MUSIC, YO! My Secret Love is like the most beautifully haunting bad-ass music that makes my hears so damn happy. I MEAN JUST LISTEN OKAY?!