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In which Reigen adopts a child takes in a fairy boy as his apprentice :’)

A scene from my friend’s (and my?) Rumpelstiltsmob AU!

Let me say something as a diehard Klance fan

Y’all that are complaining that there wasn’t enough character development or romance moments (not just Klance, but any potential ship) in season 2?

You’ve been reading too much fanfiction.

The staff have said: This isn’t a romance show. This isn’t Steven Universe. This is an action / adventure show with bits of comedy thrown in to lighten the mood between epic space battles.

Also, currently NO SHIP IS CANON.


The only canon couple we see in the whole damn show are Colleen and Sam Holt.

Klance is not canon.
Sheith is not canon.
Shallura is not canon.
Kallura is not canon.

None of your ships are canon.

If you want to watch a show with deep, slow, introspective character building and lots of romance? Go watch Steven Universe. It’s a great show, I hear. But this is Voltron, and it’s primarily a show about a giant robot made out of cats that blows things up.

And I get it. It’s fun to comb through screenshots and moments and try to find evidence of your ship, (Man, I sure loved the elevator / pool scene for Klance!) but keep in mind, that you’re looking at it through shipper’s goggles. These are just fan interpretations of the whole work, when the main focus of teh whole work isn’t romacne at all.

Calm down about the fanservice, friends. We have Voltron and Voltron is fantastic.

*It could be argued that Hunk and Shay is canon, but undeveloped. We only know that they asked to see each other.

rwby prediction for the end of vol 4 for yeng……. assuming we only have 2 episodes left….. 

^This Yang, is gonna introduced on the last episode/near the end of the last episode. Basically another cliffhanger- perhaps she feels confident enough to get back out there and fight? I don’t see her going after Adam, maybe going to find Ruby with her dad? 

There has not been nearly enough development this season for Yang for her character to be able to jump to being this badass looking firecracker again. So much has been skimmed over, missed out, shoved to the side to make room for- ahem- unessential storylines. 

(Honestly, with Oscar, Whitley, Salem’s extended evil crew – please just build up the characters you have before introducing 50 more that I couldn’t care less about. Like geez, you have these 4 amazing main characters that you’re just… wasting! I can think of at least 15 underdeveloped/not even developed characters that rt still have yet to build upon! )

I think there’s a fact that y’all need to acquaint yourselves with:

Writing an ensemble series is hard.

Voltron has to juggle six different main characters, seven if you count Coram, giving them all personalities unique enough to come across as distinct characters even when they don’t have many lines, writing ways for each of them to participate in each episode/battle sequence, giving everyone lines and jokes relevant to their personalities… and that’s not factoring in having to write character-driven stories on top of the main plot.

Essentially, the writers of Voltron have a lot of characters, and a very limited time to focus on them on top of an already intricate plot. That means that in any given season, some characters will get left by the wayside. Season one focused on Shiro and Pidge with major subplots for Hunk and Allura, and everyone complained that Keith was underdeveloped. Season two focused on Keith and Shiro with an Allura subplot, and now everyone’s ticked Hunk and Lance had nothing to do. Not every character can factor in deeply to every season’s major character arcs. That doesn’t mean they never will, it just means the show needs time to get to them. In fact, Shiro, who was a major focus for both seasons, has disappeared, opening up time for the others- which was probably the writers’ intent all along.

So please, before you get all bitter, give these writers some time.

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Is it just me or are there not nearly enough characters dying in the story? Since Origins the only characters with cards to die are Ulamog, Kozilek, Avacyn, and Brisela. All villains. These are huge, world-threatening conflicts and yet all the good guys live. It ruins the story for me because it's just so unrealistic. The worst part is so many near-death experiences but no real deaths. The Gatewatch plot armor is bad enough, but plot armor for every protagonist to have plot armor? Seriously?

I think the idea that characters always have to die to show stakes is a relatively recent one (within the last 20ish years). It is - quite frankly - an incredibly lazy way of illustrating stakes, one overused by the comic book industry these days. Many of my favorite stories are fraught without any of the characters ever actually having to die. If it doesn’t seem like the stakes are high, that’s a problem with the narrative, not the body count.

Now, it sounds like you’re talking recent history, which remember is only the last 18 months. In the eight-ish real-world years since the post-mending began, there have almost always been deaths of important characters. But death isn’t the only bad thing that can happen to a character.

 Avacyn (a protagonist) was corrupted and killed; Sorin was imprisoned in stone; Odric was destroyed as a person; Bruna and Gisela were corrupted and killed; Kiran Nalaar was killed; Lorthos was killed; Kiora was broken; Chandra is beginning to experience severe repercussions for overexerting her powers; and these are just some of the post-Origins things I can think of off the top of my head.

AND, we’re going to see Nicol Bolas’ pet plane next. The Gatewatch have experienced a string of muted victories that I don’t think have prepared them for Bolas, and I think we’re going to see some real consequences - potentially with Ajani having to gather allies to save them.

All About

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Which popular artists hate the show now?

If you want I can tell you in private
But I tell you the reasons why they do :/
-Pyrrha should have lived
-the show was good only because of Pyrrha
-the show should have been about pyrrha fucling me

-No enpugh rwby girls (but gets exited at ren ep 😐)
- Yang should have not have a roboarm
-Jaune can die

-My ship (the W and the B of rwby) is not canon
-I hate on all the ships that are not mine
-Not enough of my favourite character
-too much fights
-Too much males

-No lgbt characters yet

That’s it for 4 but there are others :/

My last public “opinion”

I debated on if I should post this or not, even more so with how much backlash I got last week from posting a single post, but then I realized that this is my blog and I’ll post what I want, when I want. 

Ever since I joined Tumblr I’ve been in and out of fandoms, I started out with TF/2, and moved my way slowly into AH/RT and finally R/W B/Y found me. Even now I have 3+ rp blogs for this show and have moved into new fandoms, but its because I moved into new fandoms that I realized something. 

Every fandom is “Toxic” 
What I mean is that every fandom has their problem, from “X character not getting enough screen time” to “My ship isn’t canon” 

People spend so much time thinking of how bad things are that they don’t focus on the good things. This isn’t just this fandom, its every fandom. Yes they all have flaws, let me repeat that for the people in the back, THEY ALL HAVE FLAWS. But those flaws are what you get so focused on that you end up not enjoying the show at all. 

No, I’m not saying you can’t bash the show, but when you bash it 24/7 you lose your sense of wonder and soon enough all you do look for is problems. 

Just relax and enjoy it, it’s a show, it has its flaws. Chill

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That dude was probably talking about using the concept rather than the character, man

I’ve had enough people use my DnD PCs without permission, art and concept unchanged, that I really don’t have a lot of chill reserved to deal with that anymore.

Also it was 6am when I reblogged that and I was grumpy.

Just The Way You Are

Summary: The reader has had enough of feeling like she isn’t good enough. Sam helps her see things differently.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1200 ish

A/N: Here’s some Sam fluff for all of us when we forget we’re special and beautiful women. I am currently taking fanfic requests, fluff or not. Any characters.

Sam always knew when something was wrong. You didn’t have to tell him. He was standing in doorway of your bedroom watching you. He didn’t say anything, just let you get it out. “ I’m tired of it , Sam. I’m just tired. I made a stupid mistake and almost botched the the whole job. If you and Dean hadn’t been there, that family would have died. I’m not a good hunter.”

He walked toward you and put his arms around you, pulling you close up against his chest. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Y/N.” You buried your face against him. He was like a wall of solid strength and comfort, something you ached for right now.

“ I need to be good at this, Sam. I need it. The job matters to me more than it should.” You pushed away from him with both hands and went to sit on your bed. He watched you go, not understanding.

Your hands were in your lap, and you stared miserably at the wall. “I’ve been invisible all my life. I’ve never been the girl who got all the attention, the pretty one, the one who guys seek out. Every time I thought a relationship might develop, I was fooling myself. There was always someone better than me, someone else who got the guy. Always. Sure, they’d text me between women , but I was just a way to pass the time. My favorite was the guy who preferred the memory of his ex, who didn’t even want him back, to me. A memory was better than me. You started to cry brushing the tears back. You didn’t want them to fall. You wanted to be stronger than that. "So, I needed the job; it’s all I have.”

Sam walked across the room and sat down on your bed next to you. He put his arm around you, and you laid your head on his shoulder. “It’s okay to cry, Y/N. It’s okay.” It felt so safe being there with him, almost like you were wanted.

When your tears stopped, you lifted your head to look into his eyes. You reached out with two fingers and placed them on his lips. “Stay with me tonight, Sam.”

He put his hand over yours and gently moved it away from his mouth, but he didn’t let go of it. “I’ll stay, but not for sex.” You took your hand from his, got up, and walked away.

Your heart felt heavy in your chest. “Nevermind. Just go.” You were crying harder now. Sam had followed you across the room. He put his hands on your shoulders. “Will you look at me?” Reluctantly, you turned. “ I’m not rejecting you. I do want you. I have wanted you for a long time, but not like this. You’re vulnerable right now, and I don’t want you to do anything you may regret. We can’t get our first time back. If you still want me when you feel better, it will happen. I’m not going to take advantage of you.”

You flung yourself back into his arms, holding on tightly. Somehow he managed to get you to the bed without letting go. He pulled back the covers and settled you in tucked against him. He kissed you on your forehead and rubbed your back.

“Any guy who would use you in the slightest way, even a text because he was bored doesn’t deserve you. And if they can’t see what I do when I look at you? They’re idiots. I’m glad they are: because if they weren’t you wouldn’t be here with me.

You snuggled your head against his chest. "Do you know what I see when I look at you, Y/N? I see hair that I want to tangle my hands in, I see eyes that are so beautiful, gentle, and sexy that I want to kiss every inch of you starting with your eyelids. I want to touch you, caress you, and worship you. Yes, worship you.” His voice had dropped to a deep, sexy whisper.

“Your lips look so soft. I dream about your lips and what it would feel like to kiss you, just make you melt from the inside out. And your body, your curves make me need you so much, I can get hard just looking at you. I wish you could see yourself the way I do. You don’t need a job, or anything else to prove anything. You matter because you’re you; you don’t need to change a thing. I love you just the way you are.” The crying had exhausted you, and you fell asleep before hearing the last thing he said.“

You woke up to the sound of a whispered "I love you.” You thought you were dreaming and snuggled deeper into the covers. “I love you.” It was Sam’s voice. You had to be dreaming, but there was all that muscle under your hands and…and an erection poking your thigh. Your eyes popped open. “Sam?”

“I’m right here. I told you I would be.” He was absently playing with your hair. You felt shy and a little mortified about everything you’d said the night before.

“Sam, thank you for being kind to me last night.”

He raised up over you, so he could look down in your eyes. “I wasn’t being kind. I meant everything I said. Did you hear me? I love you, and I’m not saying that so you’ll sleep with me. I’m saying it because I mean it. It wasn’t easy being in bed with you all night and not doing anything, but I’ll do it every night until you’re ready, every night until you know you’re beautiful, every night until you know I will never use you.”

There were a different kind of tears in yours eyes now. They were glistening with disbelief, and you smiled at him through your tears. This must be joy. You’d never felt it, but this must be it. “Sam, I’ve never felt beautiful before. I’ve never…”. You bit your lip and a tear slipped down your cheek. He wiped it away. “Sam, will you stay with me? Be with me?” His kiss answered everything.

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Since you're only doing the face cards for the ffxv tarot, would you maybe sell those and your ffvii playing cards for use together as a full deck?

Good idea, but it’d be a pretty awkward deck to shuffle!

I’d actually love to do a full tarot deck for XV. The major arcana feature the major characters, and there are enough minor but still well known characters to fill the face cards of the minor arcana. I figure the rest of the deck could be creatures and monsters… somehow.

But it’d be a lot of work… and I can only do it if there’s enough interest for the final product! So this is me saying, please if you like what you see so far, spread ‘em around for me! x)

Inazuma Walker - Vol.3 Part 2

Part 1

5. After having already learned from his presence in the series and voted for his hairstyle, we finally got Fudou Akio in this episode, which is still the same !

6. There’s a special Valentine’s Day event that will be organized on Twitter ! From 10 to 17 February, there’s the possibility of offering chocolates to the characters of Inazuma Eleven !

It will be enough to tweeter your photo on the hashtag # ナ イ イ ン バ バ ン ン ン. 2017  and # <– the name of the character.

7. The next issue of Inazuma Walker Volume 4 will take place on March 24th at 8 p.m. Be on time !

Don’t forget to visit the blog of @edgarvaltinas for more informations ! (And because it’s a great blog !)

I got some informations on twitter because I wasn’t here to see it. So I thank those people for these valuable informations !

I understand that the character design process is long and difficult and sometimes something that looks great on paper just can’t be translated all that well into a 3D model.. but why is it that bioware has like, a track record for some REALLY good concepts of their characters and sub-par execution .. while also curiously enough either lightening the skin or just straight up making dark skinned characters in concept art white in the final product..

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In all fairness that betrayal probably wouldn't have happened had Rip not said that to Mick

Yes, but in all fairness, Mick didn’t just betray Rip, he betrayed Martin, Jax, Ray, Kendra, Sara and even Snart.  All of whom are innocent of any wrongdoing against him.

Furthermore, while this is apparently a controversial opinion in LoT fandom circles, I’ll say it:

Saying something mean and hurting someone’s feelings is not a capital offense.

Even Rip Hunter didn’t deserve to be betrayed to pirates who fully intended to, at best, strand the crew, and at worst, outright murder them.

So I’ll reiterate my opinion:

It says a LOT about the Legends of Tomorrow fandom that so many people have focused on how a grieving widower, who had just spent a week having a severe untreated depressive episode I might add, hurt someone’s feelings, rather than how another character decided that hurt feelings were a good enough reason to betray six or seven innocent people.