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dreamadove: post-darklands Jim is my fave

i feel so bad for him, but at the same time…i want to see realistic consequences of his journey, if its as harrowing as it seems its going to be. You don’t come back from war unscathed, and what Jim’s doing is essentially going into battle alone. They started setting up the intensity of this in the finale, when they showed him in tears. Crying and recklessly embarking on a suicide mission alone because of how guilty you feel over your loved ones getting hurt or worse are not signs of a healthy mindset to begin with, but if the creators were willing to show that emotional break, I have faith we’ll see more emotional struggle from Jim later on.

Plus, they haven’t really shied away from emotional impacts of traumatic experiences or mental health in general thus far. When Toby and Jim are debating whether or not to finish off Gnome Chompsky, its emphasized by Toby just how rough this decision would be on their conscious with the “my soul will be damned” line. Claire initially believes Jim’s letter to her about “the monsters” is metaphorical for his emotional issues, his inner demons and mental monsters. When Blinky is turned human, his cover is as Jim’s guidance counselor, and Jim’s unusual behavior as a result of trollhunting is explained away to Barbara as him going through some stuff, specifically stuff he hasn’t dealt with yet, like his dad. Hell, the first episode has Strickler pointing out that Jim’s anxious and tired and obviously has a lot on his mind, even before Jim becomes the Trollhunter.

Although I’m just now realizing what a perfect metaphor external monster fighting is for internal monster fighting…Did the writers make all these metaphors on purpose? Plus the whole reference to Jim as Atlas. If anyone struggles mentally and physically, its Atlas, having to shoulder alone the impossible weight of the sky. 

I’m hoping at some point Jim will realize he doesn’t have to be Atlas; he can let his friends and family help him carry the weight on his shoulders. He doesn’t have to do it alone. And he shouldn’t. Because he’s not alone and that’s what your loved ones are there for, to support you, to hold you up when you’re struggling to stand. Which, hey, can also be another great metaphor for dealing with mental illness.

I’m hoping its more than just a metaphor though. Like I really hope we’ll see Jim actually struggle mentally and start to crumble after the Darklands until he lets his loved ones help him out.

it hurts me to see a bunch of writers who have proved time again that they know how to write these characters and they know how to write them well be reduced to writing such absolute bullshit and destroying everything they built in s1 but honestly I don’t even blame them entirely because this just stinks of the cw’s typical Straight White Male bullshit


I have a thing for weird disfigured knights who would have sameface if they weren’t messed up by circumstance.

Rune from Shattered (an old setting I started in high school; my most complete setting over the years, but abandoned when I decided I’d never officially publish original work), the nameless knight from that one childhood story that I gave a place in my headworld, and Eiddig from my Dark Souls stuff that I really want to expy.


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.



wowie.. haven’t drawn much on my tablet since that boba tea drawing of jack i did before xmas.. my hard drive got fried, so i had to get a new one ;-; there goes 74$ from my bank account :’)
Also, sorry if the colors are off.. my monitor’s color stuff seems to be wrong and idk really how to get it to the correct colors, but it’s whatever i guess.. at least i can draw now…



jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

this holiday season, i’m eternally grateful that alicia and bob knew about kent, because that means they’ve been in jack’s corner in every way since then

i’m eternally grateful they told jack explicitly, or at least acted effusive enough, that he truly thinks they “love the idea that [they’re] together”

i’m eternally grateful that jack is now 100% himself with his parents, can love bitty out in the open within most of their circle, and is thinking about coming out to all the people who he thinks should know

he’s in the nhl, he’s got an a, he’s in love, and he’s out to most of the people who matter to him. what a year for jack zimmermann! bless us every one