and these are my life choices

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible

If you are pro life you better also be pro universal healthcare, pro free college education, pro public education funding, pro vaccinations, pro adopting to parents who are in the LGBT community, anti death penalty, anti prison planatations, pro clean energy, etc etc etc. Because if you aren’t all of those things and then some you are just pro flinging a child into a life in which they won’t have any of the chances you claim they deserve to have. You are just pro having a child born and then leaving the child to suffer.

also can we talk about the fact that the liches gave a whole speech about how suffering was a more powerful force than love, and then in a complete and utter luke skywalker moment, the boys threw a major wrench in their plans completely relying on THE POWER OF LOVE

Every situation in our lives can either lead us closer to God, or further away from Him. It is our choice. He is a God that cannot be moved. He is always going to be in the same place where He knows we can find Him. We are the ones moving. So, if today you are asking yourself, “Where is God?! He feels so far.” Know that He is never too far from you, you need only to seek Him out. Call on His name. He’s waiting for you to come back. He loves you.




If you liked it, then you should have put a croissant on it.

[Yes, hello, I would like to issue a public apology to all of France,,,,,]

Chloe Price: Messes with a guy’s car to steal a band shirt, gets into a fight with 2 skeevy guys at a rock show, takes on the school’s biggest jock for messing with Nathan

Also Chloe Price: Sees one pretty girl and says “nice Rachel we’re having” while talking about the weather