and these are my life choices

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"My dog/cat/bird/whatever eats better than I do!" Well good, they should eat better than you. What you eat is your choice. What your pet that is dependent on eats is your responsibility. That's what you took on when you got the pet, quit bitching.

Considering the crap we eat then our pets better damn well eat better than us. I love greasy burgers and fries, but I know I’m cutting my life pretty much in half eating that crap. Our fur babies, though, aren’t as well informed and shouldn’t be exposed to the addiction that is deliciously terrible for your health food. In their minds they eat to survive. Add that addiction to “good food” and they’ll forget about the real nutrition real quick. If you sit on your ass and eat it and get fat* and possibly a heart attack then chances are that’s pretty much ten fold for your pet. You’re there to love AND protect them. Not just love them. ONLY loving them leads to feeding them a cheeseburger with onions because you thought they’d like it without actually doing research to make sure it was even okay to begin with. -Abby

*Keep in mind I am overweight and this is NOT AN INSULT ON ANYONE just pet advice. -Abby

me: i’m not impulsive at all and i make good life choices

me 2 seconds later: after college i’m going to live in a trawler and tell people that my christian name is captain gaybeard the pirate


Sometimes you will find me sitting in my parents’ bathtub wearing men’s boxers with some alcoholic beverage as I reevaluate my life choices or getting yelled at by my dog for taking too many selfies with her (the one pictured was actually accidental). Then sometimes I’m a “normal” girl who is too gay function. It is what it is.

Oh, and my name is Codi and I like to follow back: @l0st-girl-in-neverland

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so why is it you don't consider yourself religious anymore? (I'm on the same page, just curious)

There were too many questions, not enough answers and I don’t agree with lots of the lifestyle choices associated with organized religion. ie. I definitely won’t wait til marriage for sex (and I haven’t), I’m pro-choice, support marriage equality and LGBTQ rights. I believe there’s a higher force, but there is no name for it in my life. There is no messiah in my life.  I live my life by my rules, and just basically follow the notion that you should be a good person, respect others, help others, and love your earth. 

In my whole life, I have never once met an entirely perfect person. Everyone comes with their faults, but how you choose to accept that about them is your choice to make… Minerva. You must always know that about people… they come as they will, and you cannot change them to be better, because there is nothing more human about someone than their mistakes.
—  Alexandre (Max & Min [Prologue])

i was supposed to go to s house tomorrow n just netflix n chill.. then i remembered what happened when i trusted n really loved a guy n how he hurt me in the worst way n how worthless i felt. now i cancelled n looks like I’ll be in the library regretting my life choices

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Have you ever thought about moving to Mexico and starting a life there?

All the time.

Sometimes I don’t know why I fight so hard to stay here except that my family is here, the man I love is here and I’ve built a life here.

I could probably do very well back in Guadalajara, but with the current economic and political climate? De pobre aquí o pobre allá, it’s not a hard choice

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lance,,, Keith,,,, the lights of my life,,,, where are your shades or safety glasses on that motorcycle,,,, you will get dirt or rocks in your eyes,,, (I'm not trying to be rude and point out mistakes btw. this isn't meant to offend in anyway, I'm just trying to encourage good safety procedures. I see a lot of art where they don't have things covering their eyes and that's really dangerous)

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LMAO, it is so true, noni!!
No offense taken at all, you are absolutely right XD
 and safety is the most important part (and keith should know it)