and these are my life choices


a bunch of doodles and things that i think i haven’t posted here?? anyways, here’s my blonde idiot alan. he likes being self-destructive and tinkering on cars and making choices he later regrets! he’s in a webcomic as well, if ya wanna see more of his awful life choices ;^)


Me: broke

Rent: due

Drawing: art

I would like to not be forcibly removed from my apartment D8

I’m lacking about 180 some dollars to cover rent annnnnd it’s coming up due in er about three days. So I’m having a ULTRA COMMISSION SMACKDOWN this weekend, finishing up previous requests and taking new ones at the usual prices…

5 Sweet Buckaroos USD$ and you get a B/W pic: Your OC As Birb OR Birb of Your Choice OR Fanart of Birb Characters OR Chibis (Your Character or Fan Characters)

Want them in Flat Colors? It’ll be 10 Sweet Buckaroos USD$

Do I like tips? You bet your sweet bippy I do but it’s entirely up to you if you want to tip, I still love ya regardless.

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thank you for any help, be it reblogs or commissioning me, thank you thank you thank you…

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I am having an awful time... I keep fighting and getting back up but I keep getting pushed down. What if I wasn't meant to be happy and successful? Do you have any advice?

There is no thing as “meant to be”. We are the ones who forge our fates by using what life gives us. I studied medicine my whole life and won many prizes…and then the accident happened and it ruined both my hands. Does that mean I wasn’t supposed to be a doctor?

Then I found the Ancient One and became a sorcerer. It is a matter of time until I recover the movement of my hands. So did that mean I was indeed meant to be a neurosurgeon? Or was I meant to be the Sorcerer Supreme?
I could give up sorcery and return to my old life…or continue being a sorcerer. It is all a matter of choice.

You said you keep fighting and fighting.
Remember how I defeated Dormammu? Every time, when you lose, when you stand, you stand stronger. Always.
So keep fighting. Because when you win, you will have grown so much…you have no idea.

People who are insistent like you and I…tend to succeed. Because the game only ends…when we give up. So if you never give up…you’ll win. If you didn’t win yet…it is because the game still isn’t over. Good luck. You can do it.


pls watch the most boring video in all of existence with my roommate @riversdream and i talking about my poor life choices and also the texture of oatmeal

Lyrics To Live By

This is a small, personal project of mine. I’ve been in a very bad place mentally for a long time now, and I feel like I need to focus more on the positive things in my life. Apart from my loved ones who help me every day, music is one of the things that makes me happy and have helped me through my life.

This is why I wanted to make a list of all the positive song lyrics that makes me want to be the best person I can, every time I listen to them.
The lyrics are all from melodic/power/folk/melodic death/symphony metal, because those are the genres I enjoy the most.

The songs and lines I choose are based on what the lyrics and music makes me feel.

I understand why not everybody might agree with these choices. But please refrain from reblogging with negative comments or tags, as this is a personal project, which is intended to make me happy and feel motivated to live my life.

Feel free to reblog the list if some of these lines inspires you, too.

Please be aware that I might update the list from time to time - and if you know of any positive metal songs, please feel free to give me a heads up in my ask box!

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Hello! I just got inspired to read more after going through your blog. Do you have any novels recommendations? I'd love to see your recs. Thanks!

Wow, that’s… flattering, for some reason :,,D Anyway, I definitely do! You didn’t mention any specific genre so I’m going to give you a few random titles amongst my favourites!

Sputnik Sweetheart - Murakami Haruki: I am a fan of Murakami in general and I loved all of his oniric atmospheres but this novel in particular sits amongst my favourites because it’s one of the most cryptic ones, imho. If you enjoy reading something that will make you think, please consider reading this book, or Murakami in general. Other titles I really loved are Norwegian Woods, and 1Q84

The Unwind saga - Neal Shusterman: it’s a YA biopunk dystopic novel that got me hooked since book one. It deals with some heavy topics like the ongoing argument between pro-choice and pro-life factions in the abortion dabate, and it does so from an interesting perspective: the novel is set in an “utopic” world where the problem has been “solved” by a law - the Unwind Accord - banning abortion with the clause that a if a kid turns out to be “problematic”, they can be retroactively aborted if their parents decide to sign the Unwind Order. Basically, “unwinding” means that their body will be divided in still-living parts and donated to hospitals to be used as substitute parts for surgeries; this way, society justified the murder of their problematic kids by reasoning that the “parts” will still be living, only in a divided state, so it’s not murder at all. The moral standings of both sides is explored through the novels and makes for a really interesting read. The saga also deals with a lot of other heavy topics, and is also one of the few YA novels that portrays teens acting like proper teens. Stupid decisions and messy situations included. Ah, another reason to read it is that there’s PoC characters between the MCs, and ethnic diversity and native americans are also portrayed beautifully.  

The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins: this doesn’t need introductions but it’s another of my fave dystopian novels. Aaaaah I love the moral ambiguity and the message of its ending. It gave me 1984 vibes. 

I am legend - Richard Matheson: this is the last dystopic novel I recommend, I promise! XD Idk why, but I loved reading the slow process of Neville’s mind falling apart in the aftermath of an apocalypse, especially since he never - until the every end - loses his hope. Truly an underrated book. Don’t trust the movie, it’s shit compared to the book. 

The Warlord chronicles - Bernard Cornwell: this will forever sit amongst my favourite sagas ever because it’s one of the first books I’ve ever read and I loved it to bits. It’s another look on the arthurian legend, and I loved how it let through the message that love is the strongest of motivators - it even starts wars sometimes. 

Now, for the classics: 

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte: more on the topic of love being a powerful motivator, but this time it only brings self-destruction. I loved the theme of love&revenge here. It reminded me a bit of Hamlet (even though they’re completely different stories :,,,D )

One, No One and One Hundred Thousand - Luigi Pirandello, aka the love of my life :,,D This is not a light read, but it changed my perspective on a lot of things. I loved the decomposition of Moscarda’s identity and Pirandello’s perspective on people’s personas and masks. It also influenced my own writing style actually. 

Now would you laugh at me if I told you that there’s also a few fan fictions that I consider as good as books? I hold some of them close to my heart because they taught me something, or touched a chord in my chest. Some of them might actually be published as independent works, so maybe one day they’ll be added to this list. 

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(self harm/suicide mention) I'm fucking crying so hard right now. Thank you so so much Nikk. You're so sweet and fuck i've never felt more liked and cared about then you just made me feel? Like you've never even met me but the fact that you would get pissed and want to protect me is so sweet??? I'm such a baby but that means so much to me. I never had anyone to look out for me really and i guess thats why i make such fucking bad life choices. I never knew my dad and after my mom died (1/3)

(2/3) I spiraled farther into depression and self destructive behavior. I learned to despise myself and thought i needed someone else to validate me and make me feel pretty. I started hurting myself at like age 12? And it kept getting worse until i constantly thought about death and dying. I never went through with any of the thoughts though thankfully. But i still have them sometimes. and about 2 weeks ago i relapsed after being clean for almost a year. i was in a rough space at the time.

(3/3) It made me feel even more like shit and i regretted it immediately after. But at the time i couldn’t control my actions and i just wanted to feel anything but the numbness. I just want to be happy again and not be so fucked up. I’m sorry to keep bothering you. It’s just so nice to let everything out after keeping it bottled up for so long. Both you and David have helped me so much. I’m learning to love myself again. I can actually see a future for myself. <3 ily so much. Ty for everything.

Oh btw im so so sorry if my asks were too much earlier. I just needed to vent and i feel alot better and less stressed. I just got really emotional and i literally never cry so when i like broke down when typing those i felt so much stuff that I’ve kept bottled up just leave me. But i really am sorry to have bothered you and to have vented to you. <3 I love you so so much, please stay safe and awesome <3 goodnight. Im gonna go sleep now, i’m exhausted. <3 Sweet dreams Nikk. *Tiny hugs*



Letting out those emotions is soooo good though so I’m glad I could help with that. I wish I could have known you from that age so I could have helped more but I’m here now!! lol It’s okay that you relapsed. it happens the best of em. I’m just sad you were in a space like that to begin with.

You’re welcome friend <3 There is a future and I hope to meet you one day and see you being well and happy like you should be!

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A weird choice

Searching “ehlers danlos syndrome” on Tumblr for the first time at 2am after tending to a wound that tore like a quarter of the skin off my ankle, with just myself and my partner because going to the doctor wouldn’t have been a much better evening’s plans, but now my hands are kind of shaking and maybe that’s what shock feels like?


Tumblr, I don’t know if you made me feel better or worse but you certainly made me feel some kind of emotion about it

Gonna take this pain medication and see if tomorrow could suck a little less maybe

i took this personality test, which i found randomly while trying to find something completely different 

here are the categories it measures through tricky questions and here are my answers. add your own plz 

1. Your attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

2. The way you feel in your own family.

3. Your attitude towards women.

4. Your attitude to men.
wtf do they come in a herd aren’t they supposed to be in stalls and shit

5. Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.
walk around the wall and try to get to the oasis

6. How selective you are in sexual life. Choice of a partner.
drink itttt allllllll

7. Your readiness for marriage.
use it to orient myself so i can find my car, probably ask directions

8. Your attitude to death.
walk around until i am somewhere i won’t get hurt

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What made you decide to follow this type of career? It's not a guarantee of a stable income at all, quite risky don't you think?

“Well, I have a story to go along with this.
My mother had always told me that life isn’t easy and that you can only find happiness in doing what you love and loving what you do. I had always wanted to give my mama anything I could after the hell she went through with my actual father.
I assumed getting a stable job with big income would be the better life choice, and I hated it. I didn’t keep that job long and I ended up continuing my passion for music in a more focused way than I had.
I know and I have always known it’s not a stable business, but my mama had said to me once; "if you keep chasing ideals infront of you, you will miss that spark out of the corner of your eye.” And that hit something with me.

I chose singing as the career for me because I could do what I loved and I would live what I do like my mama had always wanted for me. I still have to get part time jobs when I miss out on performing at the local places but I have a stable income.
All in all, doing what I love is what drove me to singing and music in general as a life path.“

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I'm curious if there's meaning to the 10th house beyond dom parent figure & career.Uranus,neptune,& n node are all conjunct in 10th house & I've never felt career oriented or ambitious. I understand my chart well but idk how 10th house pertains 2 me

Hi, well none of these planets nor does the north node here indicate being ambitious. As a matter of fact, Uranus indicates sudden and unanticipated upheavals in the career/career choice, while Neptune makes the matters of the house seem confusing, dissolved and can make the person a bit naive or clueless to the matters of career or who they want to be in life. People are often not familiar with the house their north node is in or don’t feel “comfortable” because it opposes what they’re familiar with (in your case, you’re familiar with family matters b/c your south node is in the 4th), which would not make someone with nn in the 10th ambitious, not until later in life anyways.

Yes, the midheaven does not only have to do with the dominant parent or career, but traits that you must acquire in this life in order to succeed. These can also be traits that you look up to and hope will emerge in you. For instance I have Saturn in the 10th and so I really admire hard working, mature, structured and powerful people, much respect… and so I hope to gain these traits (as well as need to gain these traits) in order to succeed. You’d have to open up to developing Uranus-like and Neptunian traits for personal growth. The sign your north node is in, as well as the sign your mc is in will also be traits you need to acquire. 


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In Charge of Coal Cakes and Scowling Wolves

Word count: 1.726
For: @himmelsdieb I wish you a wonderful birthday! :D
Thanks: @bakuyama for your emergency beta! You are my life saver!

Summary: Stiles has a scowling wolf in the back of his cruiser but it’s not like he’s got much of a choice. It’s that time of a year again and wolfie there is not gonna ditch again. So Stiles has to get creative, and we all know how that’s gonna end up, do we?

 “Isn’t it the law that you have to inform your prisoner the grounds on which he’s being taken into custody and tell him his rights?”

 “Come on”, Stiles argued. “This isn’t your first time. Don’t tell me you forgot about it.”
A Moment of Silence - the kind of silence with heavy eyebrow communication - passed until Stiles sighed and started.

 “You have the right to remain silent. As in no sound. No talking. Whatever you say can and will be held against you in the court of law, and trust me I will do just that - ”

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what's the difference between finn and ben solo

Finn is: Smiles and exuberance and excitement at finally having choices in life and inner conflict over the best way to do the right thing while still trying to do what’s best for himself.


Ben is: Angst and over-thinking and drama and not good enough-not good enough-not good enough, and ‘I’ll bend the universe to my will if it won’t give me the choices I want’ and confusion and desperately looking for The Way.

Finn is confident in who he is, knows his mind, and is sure in what he wants. Ben has an idea in his head of what he thinks he should want and feigns confidence because he isn’t sure of anything. They are near polar opposites in characterization.

Thanks for the interesting question, anon- hope that’s helped.

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I find your choice of Dr. House as Bill-Rick's faceclaim interesting (in a good way)- any particular reasons why, or just for the face alone?

[ There were actually a few reasons! ]:

  • For some reason the first “real life” Rick Sanchez image that ever popped up in my head was Dr. House… I think because of the cynical attitude? House was also the root of my old man thirst okay I admit it
  • God complex up the ass
  • Can be immature/ childish for their age
  • They’re both chaotic characters and like to disrupt the natural flow of things for their own amusement or advantage, though House is more Chaotic Good/ Neutral and Bill is Chaotic Evil
  • both tend to use others as pawns
  • both are openly against authority (except their own) and do not censor themselves for it- they govern themselves/ others, but do not let anyone else govern them
  • House’s facial expressions can be pretty extreme (he’s so fun to use for icons)
  • both play the piano
  • I remembered this scene and it sold it for me

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