and these are my life choices

Fun little anecdote my mother told me not long ago

Preface, I was born with Spina Bifida Myelomenigocele, a neural tube defect of the spine. Back in the 80′s there weren’t many ways to detect if a fetus had Spina Bifida. Sometimes it could be detected through ultrasound, but that was apparently quite difficult for one reason or another

Now, when my mother was pregnant with me, she went for an ultrasound, as you do, and on the ultra sound pictures, there was a white spot on a certain part of of my spine. The doctor told my mother this was a technological malfunction, and that I was basically a fine healthy child. Some months later, I was born, and low and behold - I had Spina Bifida. Needless to say, my mother freaked the fuck out, she went back to the same doctor who did this ultrasound and was basically like…

(Gif Caption. Dean Winchester saying “What the hell”) 

As you do, as you would, right? I suspect my mother probably had some other choice words for him at the time.

 She questioned this doctor as to why the Spina Bifida wasn’t detected on the ultrasound and why she was not informed. The doctor then admitted that it in fact was detected - remember that white spot on my spine in the ultrasound picture? - but that this doctor was a pro-life advocate and he didn’t want my mother to have an abortion. The unethical todger lied! 

My mother admitted that had my disability been properly detected before I was born, there is a good chance she would have had the abortion and I would not be here

Now, before any pro-life side of Tumblr shouts VICTORY!!

(Gif Caption - Jesse Williams telling you to “Sit Down”)

My mother’s right to choose was taken from her. Nothing about that is okay. Am I angry that my mother admitted that she, at the age of 21, may have made the choice to have an abortion at the time because of the potential of her child being born with a disability she knew nothing about, and thus nearly 30 years later, I would not be here typing this? FUCK NO

I am a proud disabled person, even after years of struggle, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mistakes of my own doing. I am glad I am here


I have one thing to say to that doctor, and any doctor who would pull the same shit on any other young expecting mother 

(Gif Caption - Janice from Mean Girls waving from across the room and giving the “shove it/fuck you” gesture with her arms) 

Fun story, eh? 

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Why do you want us to be wrong? This is what happens when you give us a choice. Just make a storyline without having us all ruin it. if you're saying "worst" or "best" that means you have the stories planned out and just want to see us destroy your perfect ending.

:/ did I ever tell you I was taking away your happy ending?

In life you’re given choices.
In an ask blog the asks guide the story.

If I’m getting ten asks all screaming to check a different area of the underground, I would be pulled like a toy between ten children.

Taking a poll would even it out to continue where the most people see fit, reducing my stress.

Each outcome provides a different and impactful part of the story, so unique that I couldn’t choose between one. The fact that two are “better” and “worse” does not interfere with the “happy ending”. I told you all you’d get one and I haven’t gone against that.

You can take the highway to the city or use the back roads, but either way you’ll get to the city.

I really don’t know why I need to tell you all this.

For the last time since anti can’t seem to get it through their heads

Saline does not burn skin.

saline in water with salt. Not even a lot of salt, I believe it’s less salty than the ocean and since that won’t burn and kill your baby that should tell you something.

But in case that’s not enough for you, saline is what I use to clean my fresh body piercings and not only does it not burn me, if I use it when the piercing is already burning, it stops the burning. 

Can we stop spreading the same, not even slightly believable lies now?

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But what if mari did not go back to study at Uranohoshi and kanan just accepted the fact that mari is now doing well and that she made the right choice to push her away bc she has more future outside uchiura and being a school idol. but then she accidentally met her 5 years later in an event and shit just went down bc she didn't push her away to have a great future to just want her back again into her life. she was just so conflicted bc kanan is selfless and selfish at the same time it hurts.

Imagine Mari using her experiences abroad to sort of wiggle her way into business. Since she comes from a successful family, she was able to use her connections to learn more about foreign business, and by the time Mari comes back to Japan, she’s ready to become a successful businesswoman and continue to build her family’s hotel chain. 

But the kicker is that she isn’t happy, and when Kanan runs into her, she can see that. Kanan feels so conflicted cause on one hand, Mari is as successful she wanted her to be, but on the other, Mari doesn’t smile in the same way she did when they were in school together. It feels more fake, like she’s forcing it so no one would question whether or not she was happy. Kanan begins to doubt whether or not she made the right decision.

The Kissing Booth

Summary: Two ill-fated lovers reunite at a fairs kissing booth. Neither in a position they ever would have thought possible after 7 years.

Member: Jinyoung

Part 1/?

Leaving was hard but staying away was harder. When the last straw finally gave my father no other choice I was shipped off to England for schooling-all male schooling. It wasn’t enough that I was leaving her behind but I was also leaving a life already planned for me. After highs school I’d take my college years seriously and then take over my father’s position. I would marry well and take over my wife’s company too. But that all blew up when I decided to mess up, this time, not even my cries could sway my father into letting me stay. But that was the past and there was no time to look back. The minute I stepped foot off that plane and breathed in the Korean air I thought I’d cry. Seven years later and I couldn’t believe I was back. There was an all-black car waiting on me outside and Chief Jung stood in front of it.

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sometimes i think about the fact that Jimin is 175 cm,but then I remember that during the filming of INU Bangtan didn’t have enough money to hire actors to play Jungkook’s bullies,so their first choice was him but they ended up rejecting him and using the managers instead..because..he was literally…too..small…

It’s Been a Long Time

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something serious and since I’ve talked with you guys.

Since my last upload…

  •  My girlfriend and I have broken up
  • I’ve purchased a new printer (yay!!!)
  • I’ve thought about my life choices
  • I bought waaaaay too much food

But I just wanted to check with you guys, see how you’re doing. 

Is everything okay?

How’s school?

Life treating you well?

Just remember than everything will work out in the end and that shit happens for a reason. 

Everyone has their own reaction to situations, yours is your own, don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong. 

Just be yourself and be happy.

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You made me want to watch Voltron and now, I regret all my life choices. I used to just be stuck in Haikyuu hell but now I'm being dragged into the void that is Voltron. I hear they're making a second season though. Are you going to watch it or am I asking a stupid question?

Welcome fellow paladin! No question is ever stupid~ 

IM SO EXCITED I CANT WAIT. I hope all the characters get screentime especially Hunk, I want to know more about Hunk!


the “cup”…

This was bound to happen…
(…did I really think I could carry a ceramic cup everywhere AND at some point NOT break…IT?) (no.)
15 years of traveling here and there on trains, trams, bikes and boats…together
I always knew this could happen, of course there have been many close calls but on my first day in Köln,Germany (Cologne) the “cup” jumps out of my hands…I hear that THUMP/tickle sound of breaking china (we all know well)… the “cup” is now in three large pieces…mostly.

life is moments>moments are pieces and when it all goes to pieces we have a choice of picking up the pieces and moving on…
…So the “cup” and I are “moving on”
stay with us and (see for yourself)
the “cup” (in pieces) and me…everywhere “together”.
F Jackson

in Cologne
22 September 2016

so writer’s block kinda showed up uninvited and @starshipsorceress kindly offered to give me a word every day to help me climb out of it. today’s word was “breathless”, and here is my masterpiece:

[18:27:27] Elf: he died alone, and breathless
[18:27:53] Elf: he saved his breath for no one, the bastard
[18:28:27] Elf: and it’s just as well, for it stunk terribly

she may or may not be rethinking her life choices now.

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You have more salt than all of China produces. whats the Eli salt story?

I wish I could say you were wrong lol

Okay so my Eli salt starts alllll the way back to last year when I was a baby LLSIF player, and my first ever SR solo yolo was valentines Eli! Which was cool, hey, I got an SR! Even if I didn’t really get it at the time. And since I have no life and played a lot i quickly got to my first blue ticket scout within the first two weeks, and I got Valentine Eli again. I was like okay cool not Nico (she was originally the only character I cared about and the only reason I played) but hey idolized SR. And then follows a drought of almost no SRs, a stupid choice to do a ten plus one in a non SR guaranteed box and got all rares, when I FINALLY got another blue ticket scout! I was hype because URs seemed impossible and I was just excited to get a new SR, especially since I had like 6 total, the card was bound to be a new one right? NO. IT WAS FUCKING VALENTINE ELI AGAIN. WITHIN MY FIRST FEW WEEKS OF PLAYING I HAD GOTTEN THE SAME SR THREE TIMES TWICE THROUGH BLUE TICKETS AND WAS I PISSED ESPECIALLY SINCE MY BROTHER GOT A HONOKA UR IN HIS BT RIGHT BEFORE IT AND SHE WAS HIS BEST GIRL AT THE TIME AND THAT WAS THE START OF MY SALT THAT JUST KEPT INCREASING BECAUSE SHE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE


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i get ur comparison to ur taylor love to a sister. like we ~grew up 2gether~, i'll always have that bond with her BUT i question all her life choices? i want her to listen to my advice on her hair and clothes, and i RME at her BFs. but most importantly, i can talk shit about her but if i hear anyone else breathe a word against her, i am slapping the words right out of their mouths. y'know?


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"Where the fuck did that clown come from?" + your choice!

Max was sitting at the small table in her and Chloe’s apartment, sorting through her newest batch of photos. She took a sip of water, and glanced towards Chloe, who was napping on the couch. Max continued to ponder whether she should wake Chloe from her nap soon.

‘Hmm… it is almost 4pm; I probably should,’ Max thought. She got up, stretching slightly, and started walking towards the couch.

However, as she neared it, she stepped on one of her rubber ducks (‘Why is that there?!’ Max thought in surprise), causing it to let out a long squeak.

That caused Chloe to instantly wake up, getting up and breathing heavily. “Where the fuck did that clown come from?!” she yelled.

Max blinked, before starting to giggle. Chloe turned her attention towards her, confused.

Max smiled at Chloe, calming down a bit. “Sorry, that was my fault,” she said, leaning down and picking up the offending rubber duck. “Weird dream?” she asked.

Chloe rubbed her eyes tiredly, nodding. “It was weird as hell… apparently a clown… decided to hijack my car while I was busy counting the stars? And quoted Douglas Adams while they were doing it?” Chloe said. She shrugged.

Max giggled again, sitting down and running a hand through Chloe’s hair. “I love your imagination… oh, also, I was going to wake you up anyway; it’s almost 4.”

Chloe was instantly alert. “SHIT! My shift!” she exclaimed, getting up and starting to prepare for work.

“You have over an hour to get there, dork.” Max said with a bit of amusement. “It won’t run away from you.”

Chloe gave Max the stink eye. “What did we say about fate, Max?” she said.

“That it’s 'my bitch’?” Max said with a grin.

Chloe smiled and snorted. “That too, but the other thing!” she said.

“Not to tempt it?” Max replied.

“There you go!” Chloe said. “Now, excuse me while I hope it wasn’t tempted this time and that my drive to work won’t result in engine trouble.” She grimaced. “I really don’t want to rely on public transport again.”

She went to Max, kissing her lightly. “See you later, Mad Max!” Chloe said with a grin of her own, before exiting the apartment.

Max sighed fondly, and went back to sorting her photos.

Now if only she could get the image of a cackling clown escaping in Chloe’s car out of her mind.

I feel crazy to think anyone in my life ever had the power to made me feel so trapped and stuck with no choice in my life. Im my own person again. And im free from all of it. Im free from every little inch of doubt and pain i felt before. Ripping things off like a bandaid was too painful at first, and i thought maybe it would hurt less to just keep things the same. But as time passed without you i learned that at my core, that who i was with you, is never who i was without you. Or anyone. I havent been this clear headed in years. 5 years to actually be completely honest. From one emotional trap to the next and now im over it. I still have my friends, and the happiness i get from being with them, and the happiness i have when im completely alone at home. The new friends ive made, the new friends ive yet to make. The room im going to have alone and just for me. I was so stupid to think my life would mean nothing without you, or him, or anyone else. My life is my own, its not terrible. Its stressful. Its hard. Its not terrible. I’ll live as i always have. Ill grow as i always have. Ill laugh and ill cry and it wont always be on my own terms, but ill live. Im ok. Death isnt an option.