and these are more or less love themes

Lost Forever.

Impatiently waiting response from work so I can progress with it while dealing with heavy rl health issues in family I just wanted to relax and fill out time and as I had this concept in my mind forever… it was a good theme to work with. Alas as Jake is my favourite survivor + his calm spirit perk was perfect opportunity to play out this concept. 

I loved the concept art images of the “world” with collapsing edges as the Entity only put together enough to cover a trial not more and not less, but obviously gamewise putting walls were more sensible. Yet I like the idea of this “loop” where no matter how far the survivors wander from the campfire when there is no trial all they find is nothing, as there is no escape. And as the devs hinted the crows not real crows but more like eyes of the Entity… this happened.


Arospec Awareness Week at AroAceFaq

We are very excited to reveal our topics for this year’s Arospec Awareness Week, which starts tomorrow, February 19th, and goes through February 25th! We have our submissions opened and would love to see your posts on these topics! Submissions can be made through our submissions tab (preferred) but also via asks, or by tagging us on your posts. 

This year’s themes are: 

  • Feb. 19th: Coming Out stories! Share your tips, experiences, and advice with others. Have questions on how to come out as arospec? Let us know! 
  • Feb. 20th: Things you want non-aros to know. Sometimes people get things from, or there are misconceptions about arospec identities and lives. This is your chance to address these! 
  • Feb. 21st:  Arts and Crafts. Show off your arospec themed arts and crafts- they can be any kind of medium.
  • Feb. 22nd: Humor. Its a well known fact that aspec people are the masters of puns and other humor. Tell us your favorite arospec joke here! 
  • Feb. 23rd: Types of love and identities. The aromantic spectrum is a diverse place, full of different experiences and identities, some of which get less attention than others. This day is for sharing those experiences, and bringing more light to them! 
  • Feb. 24th: Advice. Since arospec awareness is such a new thing, and irl communities can be hard to find, online advice is essential for many arospec individuals! This day is for giving advice on things you’ve experienced, or asking others for it. 
  • Feb. 25th: Affirmations day. You’re allowed to be proud of who you are. This is a day for all things positive, including selfies, text posts, etc. Be proud of your identity, and share it with others! 

anonymous asked:

im new to seungchuchu is there any headcannons for them that u personally have or that are pretty widely accepted?? that would be super cool if u could share :">

oh boy you dont know how long ive been waiting for this [cracks knuckles]

- seunggil is the embodiment of the “[nudges boyfriend at 3 am] chad? wake up chad” meme, hes constantly waking phichit up in the middle of the night with weird epiphanies or completely bizarre questions. phichit, instead of telling him to go the fuck back to sleep, grabs his phone and they stay up another two hours researching the history of circumcision in ancient china.

- seunggil, as a korean person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. phichit, as a thai person, takes great pride in his ability to eat spicy food. the result is that they constantly engage in wordless competitions with each other, both refusing to back down until at least one of them ends up hospitalised.

- seunggil has a one-track mind and no concept of social decorum. this results in thought processes such as “phichit is cute –> i want to kiss him –> i will” which results in occasionally inappropriate public displays of affection (with seunggil being completely unaware as to its inappropriateness). similarly, if hes #thirsty, hes super blunt about it, tugging at phichits shirt and nuzzling against him until phichit caves.

- phichit loves korean drama, and constantly drags seunggil into watching them with him. seunggil eventually gets into it, and then somehow gets the idea that kdrama = phichits ideals of romance. not knowing any better, he does dumb cliche shit like pushing phichit against a wall and making out with him. phichit does not complain.

- of course, in korea, the kdrama on tv dont have subs on. so theyll cuddle on the couch and phichit will “dub over” with increasingly ridiculous lines. seunggil, who actually understands the dialogue, tries so hard every time not to laugh.

- phichit, being a southeast asian person, cannot stand the cold (as a southeast asian person i can verify this okay). whenever hes visiting seunggil in korea, he spends 90% of the time huddled under the covers with seunggil and his dog. in general hes also super clingy because body heat, seunggil, itll keep us warm, no wait dont go.

- conversely, seunggil is very much not okay with how damn hot thailand can get. phichit therefore makes it a point to be super clingy, only because of how much seunggil keeps muttering about how gross it is, ew, youre so sweaty, stop sticking to me. but they end up falling asleep curled around each other in patches of sunlight anyway.

- whenever theyre all out together, and seunggil does something nice for phichit, guanghong would tug on leo sleeve and say, very casually, “look at how nice phichits boyfriend treats him”. whenever leo does something cool for guanghong, phichit hums and says “wow, isn’t it great that guanghong has such a capable boyfriend”. leo and seunggil have a begrudging respect for each other.

- seunggil likes watching phichit apply his eyeliner. phichit likes taking seunggil through his morning routine. neither of them get bored of it, even though they do the same thing every morning and every night.

- whenever they want to frickle frack, they decide who tops and who bottoms by playing video games. sometimes (most times) when theyre too embarrassed to admit what they want (because #asians) they lose on purpose / let the other person win on the person. usually the other person is pretty damn aware of that too, but neither of them say anything (lol)

- phichit runs a livestream of his hamsters cage. seunggil keeps it open all the time, just in case phichit ever decides to pop in to check on them.

- phichit forces seunggil to watch the king and the skater with him. seunggil Suffers ™ through it. the day after, he presents phichit with a fourteen page paper on the anti-monarchy themes explored in the movie, a plan for a programme based off the characters’ routines, and a detailed analysis of each character. phichit has never been more in love.

- seunggil sleeps a lot. he loves to sleep. and he doesnt care where he sleeps, as long as he wakes up to phichit beside him.

- phichit loves taking pictures because you should always capture the moment before its gone, you know? but after a while the pictures he takes of seunggil grows less and less, because he realises this moment, its never going to go away. seunggil is never going away.

The Onesie Squad

(You might have seen @queenkubdel and @randomestfandoms mention this before but here is the Official Post ™)

Kim is definitely the kind of person to unironically wear onesies to bed. With the footies and everything.

  • Max thinks it’s adorable, maybe a bit amusing to see this jock in a onesie holding a teddy bear.
  • Alix thinks it’s freaking hilarious

Max and Kim eventually get matching onesies

  • Kim offers Alix one, but she says “Thanks but nah. Ask Mylene or somebody.
    • Mylene secretly loves it.

Kim starts commissioning Marinette to make him more onesies. Cue Marinette designing and making designer onesies.

  • Marinette brings the onesies to Kim in class. Cue more people commissioning her for onesies. Marinette more or less has a onesie business at school
  • Kim asks for a Dark Cupid onesie, because he likes the design even if being the akuma wasn’t all that great. 
    • When she brings it to school everyone else starts asking for akuma-themed onesies.

Basic descriptions and the sleepover in the next post

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If you still accept requests I'd love for you to write 7 or 10 of the kiss theme prompt for nalu.

10. The characters kiss as if they’d been waiting for it forever. 

Warnings: steamy kisses; a lil’ skin on skin.

A little less conversation –
and a little more touch my body 
‘cause I’m so into you, into you.

;My Treat

Lucy’s gaze followed the bead of sweat trickling down Natsu’s neck. With steady precision, the rivulet dipped into his collar bone and veered down into the middle of his exposed chest, which heaved with the strenuous efforts of their training. 

A fading sun shone in from the west window, signalling the climax of the afternoon. She knew they were supposed to stop well over an hour ago, but the truth of it was simple: Lucy didn’t want to. No matter how much her limbs pleaded, no matter how much it hurt, Lucy couldn’t tear herself away from this moment. From him. 

‘You’re dead.’

Lucy glanced up at his face. ‘What?’

‘I said,’ he started, pressing a fingertip between her breasts, ‘you’re dead.’

Lucy blinked. ‘Oh. Sorry. I was thinking about something else.’

Not something. Someone. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Lucy tugged at the elastic of her ponytail before settling into a fighting stance. She glanced between her arms – which were raised to protect her face – and caught him staring at her through his own defense. Their eyes locked.

‘Come on, Lucy. Pay attention this time,’ he said. ‘You wanna learn to fight without your spirits, right?’

Lucy nodded. ‘Yeah. I realise I can’t always rely on them to come to my aid.’ Especially if I lose my keys. ‘Sometimes I’ll need to get the upper hand without magic.’

It’s not that Lucy couldn’t fight. Rather, it had never been her focal point in training. This way, she figured, she could spend time with Natsu and work on her physical strength at the same time. 

‘That’s fifteen to Natsu and zero to Lucy,’ Happy sang from the hammock behind him. 

Fifteen?!’ Lucy gasped.

‘Let’s make it sixteen,’ Natsu said. ‘I’m all fired up.’

Lucy shivered. She really hoped, for the sake of her trembling legs, that he wasn’t as fired up as his eyes suggested. His expression hardened. He was ready. 

‘Come at me,’ he challenged.

Lucy let out a nervous laugh. Lunging forward, she moved in with a right hook. Natsu blocked her advance, grabbed onto her wrist and tossed her effortlessly over his shoulder. Landing on the mats with a groan, Lucy stared up in a daze at the ceiling. All the oxygen seemed to temporarily leave her lungs. 

‘You didn’t have to be that rough with her,’ Happy scolded. 

‘I told you I was fired up!’

The cracks in the ceiling began to blur together. ‘Shouldn’t you be teaching me something useful?’ she murmured. ‘Instead of, you know, using me as a human punching bag.’

‘Oh, right.’ Natsu bent to one knee beside her. ‘Sorry. I got a little carried away.’

Lucy took his hand and let him pull her into an upright position. His face inched closer and he placed a sweaty palm on her forehead. 

‘You’re burning up, Lucy. Why didn’t you say anything?’

How could he even tell when his own body temperature was so high?

‘Am I?’ she asked. 

Well, now that he mentioned it, her cheeks felt disturbingly hot. The warmth spread down the back of her neck and tingled its way through her shoulders. Her eyes shifted to the hand he was still holding.

Natsu had always held her hand before. Why should this time be any different? Ah, but then – this time: they were dating. At least, they were supposed to be. Truth be told, nothing had changed since the two of them had confessed to each other. But then, she supposed, it would be weird if it did. Natsu was Natsu. She loved him the way he was. And yet…

‘You should get a new elastic band,’ Natsu said, wiping stray skeins of hair from her face. ‘This one doesn’t seem to be doing a good job.’

‘No…I guess not.’

The stench of sweat clung to the room, to his glowing skin, but Lucy didn’t mind it. She’d gotten used to it, after all. 

Natsu still hadn’t moved to help her up. Their eyes locked in a quiet moment, a moment that dragged on for a lifetime, and then suddenly he was inching closer. Lucy became frighteningly aware of his presence. 

‘W-what’re you doing?’ she stammered. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as she leaned away from him. 

‘Your punishment.’

Lucy grimaced. That’s right, he’d said the loser would face a punishment. Squeezing her eyes closed with anticipation – and a pinch of dread – Lucy waited for the pain to come. It didn’t. What he called a punishment turned out to be more of a reward than anything. His lips closed in on hers, brushing so lightly, so gently, they barely made contact. But there was no doubt in Lucy’s mind that they had. 

When her eyes opened, time stopped. Natsu’s breathing was laboured. Lucy’s heart thundered in her chest. His eyes were filled with desire. 

He leaned in again. Faster, his free hand reaching up around her neck. His lips collided with hers a little more passionately than before, melting against her mouth in a series of clumsy, hot motions. Beads of sweat trickled down her temples as his body heat washed through her skin. For a moment in time, Lucy felt as though she were on fire. It was alarmingly pleasant. 

Moving her free hand to his shoulder, Lucy urged him closer. Freeing his hands, he pushed her back onto the mats. Her fingers snaked into his hair.

Someone cleared their throat. 

Turning their heads towards the noise, both flushed in embarrassment as they remembered the poor Exceed standing watch in the back of the room. He floated in the air, arms folded across his chest. He was grinning. 

‘If you’re that hungry, Natsu, we should get some salmon,’ Happy teased.

‘We should go out for dinner.’ Sitting up, Lucy fanned her face with one hand. ‘I’ll treat you.’

Natsu licked his lips. ‘You already did.’ 


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more reasons to love seto kaiba

1. his dedication to his aesthetic despite being the president of a multi-billion dollar international corporation (blue eyes white dragon themed everything)

2. the fact that he put his pre-teen brother in the position of V.P. of said corporation and no one seems to have a problem with this

3. got himself adopted into money by winning a chess game

4. survived years of childhood abuse to protect his little brother and came out of it way less of an asshole than he could’ve been (with varying success)

5. relatable awkwardness about expressing real feelings 

6. so smart he could probably do anything but still prefers to invest his time and money into children’s card games (and dragon-shaped jets)

7. probably gay

8. no chill

anonymous asked:

can you explain why being an artist on tumblr is difficult? Because I really want to open my own art blog but I'm scared ;;, lov you

It’s been 1 year now that I post my drawings and I noticed some things so I’ll try to explain! Also I will only talk about the kpop fandom!

  • the lack of reblogs

This is the worst, and this mainly affects writers and fanartists (but writers are the most affected by this). People love to like, but they dislike to reblog, and that’s why new artists can work very very hard but never gets attention.

For example, a drawing can have 20 likes. If 3 people reblog it the drawing can gain +50 notes or even more, and just thanks to 3 reblogs. Only 3 reblogs. Reblogging means sharing! By reblogging, the artist gets more attention, meaning more people enjoying their drawings, meaning more confidence for the artist and more drawings etc… Without reblogs it’s impossible for the artists/writers to evolve. So they stop doing what they love and it’s really really sad.

I think the reason why people don’t like to reblog is because of the “blog aesthetic”. If I take a fic as an example, some people might think that this long paragraph isn’t going to look good on their blog. So they just like it. It’s the same for drawings. If the drawings doesnt fit the theme or the aesthetic of the blog they wont reblog it. That’s why I think editors are less affected by this (doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected by this at all). Because edits are pics/gifs of the boys, it’s not words or a drawings. 

  • tumblr users are picky

Before reblogging or liking something they need to enjoy the content. And damn boy thats even more difficult. So:

 It needs to be beautiful ofc, aesthetic is always great, it can be funny but not too weird or they wont reblog it but weird memes are ok. Tumblr users love ships, but you need to draw their ships like THEY want or they will report you for “offensive content: bich im sorry but when jikook have a date, jimin takes a BLACK COFFEE NOT A CAPPUCCINO, get it rite”. Realistic drawings are the best but if an eye is too much on the left, and by too much I mean 1 millimeter then it’s good for trash. Give them the aus: astronaut!jimin au, dora the explorer!yoongi au, potatowolf!jungkook etc… AND OFC DONT DO SOMETHING TOO ORIGINAL, THEY WONT LIKE IT.

Like do you see how  its hard to produce something that people will like? At the end of the day a majority of artists wont do something that they like. Mix that with the lack of reblog and it’s harder than fire choreography.

There’s also other reasons, like the lack of networks for fanarts. or because there’s a lack of help between artists (even if it’s getting way better now) or the fact that tags aren’t tags anymore and you can tag a “jimin smut” under a screenshot of a funny twitter post about Yoongi. 

If you want to begin an art blog, do it, and dont give up, it’s not because you’re not good, it’s because sometimes tumblr sucks. 

Yep, there’s a lot of problems who can’t really be solved. So if you see a fanart that you like, maybe try to reblog it. It won’t change your life, for sure, but it might change the life of the artist.

accurate song titles

you thought i was going to stop shitposting bmc?? nah

jeremy’s theme : play this behind me wherever i go thx

more than survive : the eight minute emotional roller coaster ft. u get it guys jeremy masturbates it’s a reoccurring theme

i love play rehearsal : fUcK chRistiNe is sO GOOD

the squip song : the plot begins, but all i care about is rich’s lisp

two player GAYme : so michael is jeremy’s romantic interest right?? no?? what

the squip enters : rip my fucking ear drums part one

be more chill (pt. 1) : “lOoKin pRETTy sEXY bRookE”

do you wanna ride : can’t hear you over the sound of how gay chloe and brooke are

more than survive (reprise) : my life? still pretty shitty, but now it’s like, less shitty !!

a guy that i’d kinda be into : BITCH 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻 THOUGHT 👏🏻

the squip lurks : OwO what’s this !11!1!1!!!1!

upgrade : my only friend who’s stood beside me in everything? fuck him

halloween : i just ditched my best friend but lETS GET FUCKING SMASHED 🍻🍻🍻

do you wanna hang : so does chloe have age play kink or smth

michael in the bathroom : fuck you jeremy

the smartphone hour : rich is a fucking arsonist ! Let’s Talk About That (good mythical morning music)

the pitiful children : i know everyone looks happy but trust me..their lives me

the pants song : lmao just in cause you still thought this musical was straight

the play : wow how convenient all our main characters are in the play ft. rIP MY FUCKING EARDRUMS PART 2

voices in my head : if this were live i’d be SOBBING

So this past weekend I fell down a rabbit hole

A digital rabbit hole. I feel the need to say so because my friend legit thought I fell down an *actual* rabbit hole. You know who you are ;P

I fell down a digital rabbit hole of octopus tattoos. Don’t even get me started. I’m getting myself started because I really want to know what other people think of the awesome tattoos I found. I really want a hella colourful octopus on my thigh. It won’t be for a few more years, but I’m just so damn excited!!!!!

Beware, this post might be long for the pictures I’ll be putting, along with why I like each one, because I wanna record and share that. Here we go!

I started with just googling octopus tattoos, then I changed it to colourful octopus tattoos. Because my first two tattoos will be black ink, I’ll want this octopus to have SO MUCH COLOUR!!!

I love the texture and colours in this one, it really looks like an octopus’s skin! I love the way the ink seeps out around the tentacles, makes it look like fresh paint!

LOOK AT IT ITS AN OCTOPUS BUT ITS ALSO SPACE! SPACE SPACE! SPACE SPACE SPACE! SPACE! Okay sorry, but this is hella cool. You’ll see galaxy is possibly a common theme here.

I also really love octopi and watercolour, its just gorgeous and really gives a feel of fluidity to the octopus, and it acts like water behind him! I love the subtle details in the simple black linework, I love the sketch-like look of it, its really a work of art. The only change I’d only want would be to have less pink.

I adore this one because of the purple and blues and he just looks adorable!!!

THIS GUY. Look at him! I love the starry galaxy behind the octopus, more than the galaxy being IN the octopus like the picture a bit higher. I’m not sure if I’d go with orange, its a really nice colour, but I’m not sure if it’s for me.

NOW I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!!! I love the colour scheme, I love the geometric shapes hidden in the octopus, I love the EYES. I love the specks of orange, the transitions for the other colours. Its wonderful!

These are the pictures I have saved on my phone, but trust me I found many many more!

There are aspects I want from each picture here but somethings can’t mix: like I can’t have a watercolour one and have it be realistic. I know I want this to be very colourful, I believe the octopus deserves to be so colourful, given that it can change colours! Some octopi can even change TEXTURE! They are just fascinating creatures.

So, I love the texture effect of the first one, I love the galaxy/space of the second, I love the watercolour effect of the third and fourth, I love the bright colours and the space behind him of the fifth, and I love just about everything about the sixth!!

Basically, I am so excited for the future. I don’t even have my first tattoo, though I hope to get it this summer, and I already have plans for three more (so four total).

I put a lot of time and effort into the research for tattoos. I know so much more now than I did a few years ago. I have been sitting on the inspiration for what will be my first tattoo for nearly two full years. I will be repeating a similar process for any other tattoos, so it will involve a lot of waiting. But oh boy will my excitement for tattoos never die. I love them, I’ve wanted one for so long. Hope this was somewhat interesting for anyone to read. Have a great day!

georgiapanics  asked:

hey! so what kind of music do you think the guys would listen to???

i actually had to do a lil bit of research on this because i have no idea what kind of music is popular in japan lol. i’m not going to mention (very) many specifics because it would take me like 4+ hours and a wikiwalk to look into everything but i can kinda give u the basics here (& maybe mention some american music i think they’d like)


  • probably just leaves the radio on a popular station on low when he’s studying or something like that??
  • doesn’t have a preference for anything tho u know he’s a fan of risette always
  • got a poster of her and everything
  • got a fondness for instrumentals and jazz tho. smooth and soft, something that fades in and out of the background at leisure
  • (may or may not be inspired by the fact that i’ve kept beneath the mask’s instrumental on repeat for the past three weeks)
  • secret weakness for technoswing
  • aftertherain has been rly popular lately and also perfume so


  • probably a sucker for hip hip
  • like a bit more american hip hop than japanese honestly but he loves hip hop artists from japan too
  • probably some classic dabo, some rhymster, and he might or might not have a poster of hime
  • if he learned any english outside of the classroom u can bet it was from like jay z or something like that
  • actually probably he has the best pronunciation out of most of his friends because of listening to hip hop bc it’s less formal and ms. chouno’s accent is prolly atrocious
  • he also shamelessly listens to theme music from video games


  • hoo boy
  • this hipster ass dumpster fire here will tell u he really loves shinto music…….
  • and honestly he really does lbr here he’s not a hipster for the sake of being a hipster
  • he puts it on when he’s painting so he can get in that ~~mood~~ for some good traditional artwork.
  • also probably a fan of jazz music like akira
  • almost never listens to things with lyrics as he finds it distracting


  • p much all he listens to are anime themes and game music i stg
  • as he runs on the treadmill he’s got final fantasy music blasting in his ears and when he goes rock climbing it’s the title theme from shingeki no kyojin
  • he’s a fan of jjba also so that got him into some classic american rock and pop music
  • but yeah this boy totally picks his favorite bands based on who did the credit music for X anime or game.
  • and i mean??? who wouldn’t they’re p fuckin great???
  • JAM Project and masato shimon 👌👌👌


  • this keklord is one of those idol fanboys
  • so risette, obv
  • but also momoiro clover z, AKB48, morning musume
  • basically if she’s cute and can sing decently mishima probably has her music on his ipod
  • ok this is kpop but basically:

TBT’s Love-Luring Charging Box

This DIY charging box, brought to you by Rose of TerraBellaTarot, is meant and designed for the luring of love into your life. You can use amulets, casual jewelry, trinkets, and more for this box! 


What You’ll Need:

- An empty box; small to medium in size

- Rose buds or rose petals

- Bay leaf

- Symbol of love (sigil, drawing, etc.)

- A small gemstone that you associate with love (rose quartz is recommended)

- Writing utensil

- Glue (hot glue is recommended)

- Jasmine or rose or ylang ylang essential oil

- Lighter or other contained source of flame

- Fire-safe dish

What To Do:

1. Prepare all of your items in one cleared space for working. 

2. Customize your box in any way that you choose, keeping some room for a symbol or sigil to be drawn. You can put beads, ribbon, string, etc. (I used some small decorative roses.) Once it is customized to your liking, write ‘love’ on your bay leaf and add the symbol or sigil representing love to your box. (I made a sigil from “I deserve love and love will come to me.”) 

3. After that, burn the bay leaf in a fire-safe dish until it is all ash. Once this is done, put the ash into the box. Bay leaves can be used to make wishes, so by writing your wish (in this case for love) onto the leaf and burning it, you’re utilizing intent to get what you wished for.

4. Now you can put your stone into the box with the ashes. 

5. Now you can throw in the rose petals or rose buds, or alternatively glue them to the bottom of the lid of your box for extra ‘oomph.’ (I glued three rosebuds to my lid.) Then, add one drop of your preferred essential oil to every rosebud or one for every three petals.

6. This is the last call for alterations and additional decor for your box. Once everything is as you want it, close the box and let it charge either under the full moon, the sun, or charge it with a crystal grid or energy work. 

7. Pick out the item you want charged and charmed inside the love-luring box, and make sure it’s something that you can either wear on your person or have in your pocket. (I chose a simple rose ring to keep the theme going.)

8. Leave the item you’ve chosen in the charging box for at least an hour, or if you’d like to keep it charged for longer, a full 24 hours. The less time it spends in the box, the more often you have to recharge it.

9. If you feel as though the box is losing its power, recharge it using the same method you chose in step #6.


Although this design was originally meant for romantic love, this box can be customized in many ways to achieve a similar but other intent. (Ex. pink or yellow rose petals/buds for love within friendship, ash of palm for love between family, etc.)


- Rose @ TerraBellaTarot

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Results of My Survey

I asked yesterday for feedback on Blogatog. Here’s what people said.

Question 1) What is your favorite thing about Blogatog?

There were a number of popular answers. People liked the accessibility. They enjoyed the behind the scenes glimpses. A lot of people liked that I mix my tone being both serious and silly. Numerous people called out the humor specifically. Others enjoyed that I was honest yet approachable. The biggest response though was people liked the volume. I create a lot of content. (Interestingly, to a smaller group this was a negative. I produce too much content.)

I’m happy so many people enjoy what I do here. I plan to continue all of the above things people like.

Question 2) What is your least favorite thing about Blogatog?

There was a clear front runner for this one. Most responders disliked how often I answered the same questions. Others complained about how I don’t always completely answer the posts especially when they ask more than one question. Many people told me I have to be better about updating my FAQ. The final big complaint was variations on why I was unable to answer their question.

I am going to be a lot more conscious of not answering questions I’ve answered numerous times. I’m also going to try and update my FAQ soon to add a lot of these commonly asked questions. I’m thinking of doing more “please see my FAQ” posts. The other two complaints fight each other, longer, more thorough posts mean less questions answered. I’m going to be more careful about choosing questions, opting to avoid most multiple question posts. If you have numerous questions, please just ask them in separate posts.

Question 3) What change would you most like to see on Blogatog?
Question 4) What would you most like to see added?

These two questions seemed to have very interchangeable answers so I’m going to combine them.

The answers to this were all over the board. The most popular requests were more visual elements and more themed events (like Jeopardy day where you have the answers and I created the questions). This is also were some people told me to answer less questions.

I want to try some more experimentation on Blogatog. I really would love to do more visual elements but I have to figure out how to do it in a time efficient way. I will also try to do themed things more often. As for less questions answers, I feel that would make as more people unhappy than it would make people happy.

Question 5) Any comments you would like to make about Blogatog not captured by any of the above questions?

This was mostly used to say nice things to me about my blog. All the kind words were most appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer. It gave me a good insight into what I can do to improve Blogatog.

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Sense8: Trailer Analysis

Contrary to my analytical friend @ww-n-double-d​ I will leave KALAGANG for the end. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Rembrandt painting “The Night Watch” is a portrait of different militants whose purpose was to protect the Dutch people. Rembrandt painted them separately, giving importance according to his opinion and not according to the orders given to him (which he did not like much at all). Perhaps it is a metaphor, where these militants represent Sensates at different levels with different characteristics but that, in the end, contribute something to that work of art (good and evil). In our case, this painting represents the series. The emphasis of this painting represents a play on the lighting (typical of Sense8) and the vivid colors that catch your eye on top of the dark ones (Typical of Sense8). There is LIGHT (good) and SHADOW (Evil). The light colors may be of a lesser quantity, but they stand out a lot more.

Second point: We see the Sensates united, Sun is still in jail, so it may not be the end of the season, but they seem happy. Why? There are many problems for them to face. Why are they so relaxed? Maybe they are taking in some air before confronting a big problem.

Is this one of Jonas’s memories? It looks like India, but I’m not sure.

On the other hand, we see Will very focused, as if trying to do something with his sensate nature, maybe he can reach the Whisper Cluster without seeing him directly? I would like to remind you that Will does this same exact thing while trying to connect with Nomi in the first season.

Throughout the trailer we see the challenges that Sun will have to suffer through, from her escape from prison with her beloved cellmate, until she sees her trainer and kicks some ass. And although they aren’t told much in the trailer, I think it is a trick (I will explain later). I will not discuss anything else from Sun @ ww-n-double-d has done great.

After the flashing images of the 8 sensates (which I will explain below) We see that Will has got what he was looking for, and that he is in another place. It looks like an office building.

Like this?

Just after this we see 8 images of our Sensates. While Kala, Capheus, Nomi and Lito appear surprised or distressed, Wolfgang and Sun look concentrated (and serious, as they normally do). Riley is smiling, but serious at the same time (it is a rare kind of smile. Like when you smile at someone who does not like you).

We see Lito enter the bar with the cluster (Is it the same bar as the first season? I think so). And I think everyone has tough decisions to make. And to cure the stress of tough decisions, you always have to take a shot of TEQUILA.

Another detail from the bar is that Kala is barefoot, in a nightgown.

Tequila + Wolfgang = SEX

(at least for me, hahaha) But maybe her tough decision has to do with Rajan.

My theory here is that everyone has a hard decisions to make.

Well now we are getting serious. They are going to do a lobotomy on Jonas and I think that the cluster is not going to allow this to happen. He is like a father to them. This scene clearly fits the behind-the-scene photos of Will, Riley and Kala in BPO suits, the question is why is Kala there? Is she there for real?

Somehow we return to London as we see an aerial shot of the bridge and the River Thames.

Will finds out what they are going to do to Jonas. We see Whispers at BPO with a lot of corpses in front of him. Or at least they look dead (maybe they’re alive). He is monitoring them. We see a group of wealthy men in suits and Jonas is telling Will not to trust them.

We see Amanita on her motorcycle. Why is she running? Why does she do this?

We see Whispers threatening Will, and then an aerial shot of Nairobi where we see a manifestation of people. While this is happening, we hear Nomi say her big powerful sentence. FIGHT AGAINST THE SYSTEM! (+ aerial shot of the united sense8 cluster)

Riley’s phrase only confirms what we all know, she’s the glue of the group.


She looks relaxed, as if she had everything.

Who am I? That is the question that Lito (sexual freedom), Kala (emotional freedom) and Wolfgang (Freedom in general) ask. I will answer that question now: I AM WE. There are no limits anymore with the Cluster.

Will’s phrase sounds like I’m going to beat you WHITE AND HAIRY ASS, WHISPER. AND IT WILL BE THANK YOU TO ALL OF US.

Okay, now let’s talk about the other scenes from the trailer: Fights, cops, chases, Riley back on the mountain from season 1, angry people in India, Wolfgang shooting, Pride, a picture of Angelica suffering while Jonas holds her, Anonymous hackers, DJ Riley …. and SENSE8 SEASON 2. On May 5th (in case anyone doesn’t know, haha).

Curiosity about Anonymous: The movie “V for Vendetta” was written by the Wachowski sisters, where they also used this mask that has a curious historical background. Make your own conclusions.

Kalagang Moments (which are scarce):

Moment in Amsterdam: A hand on Kala’s back? Wolfgang, is there not a better place? Well, they’re killing us.

Is Kala in the bathroom of the disco from season 1 when they connect but do not see each other? Wolfgang is near the counter and everything is very dark. My conclusion is that they are reliving something, since we later see the almost-kiss of the first season. (I remind you, that the memories are going to be very important, and that we will be able to travel through them)

Then we see a serious Wolfgang, with a surprised Felix in another very bright place. What the fuck has Felix seen? I do not think it’s any good.

Conclusion: I expected more from the trailer, perhaps small details are difficult to see, but everything is clear. Will goes for BPO & Whispers, Sun escapes … SOUND THE ALARM! We’re being fooled! They are diverting our attention from the plot. I think (just like the trailer for the first season), the new trailer shows a lot but says very little. It shows the essential story line so that you understand the starting point of the situation, but it does not go deep. It does not explain, and it can not be deduced too much. It is not like the Christmas trailer, which accounted for a lot more. And I think the less we are told about something, the more important it will be, as with Kalagang, Lito coming out of the closet, Capheus and his mother, Sun against her brother, Riley helping Will, Will and his love for Riley, Nomi and her essential hacking skills, Wolfgang getting rid of the bad guys and looking for Kala, and Kala helping with her knowledge of chemistry and clarifying who she loves, or the role of Rajan who does not even come out at all in the trailer.

There are themes in the trailer that are either kept secretive, or almost do not touch on what is going to happen in season 2. I think they are deceiving us, and in a very brutal way.

I hope you liked the analysis, and I hope to hear your opinion.

And thank you @ww-n-double-d, for letting me steal some gifs.

And as always: Sorry for my English. Jenna helped me edit it to sound better! :)

I see a lot of de-aged AUs

But how about some more old AUs?

Like Anakin being his Reckless Self touches some Sith artifact that turns him 90 years old

And while the Jedi are trying to figure out how to reverse it he just kinda goes along with it

-He starts hanging out with Yoda all the time and Yoda is thrilled because he now he has someone who understands his complaints about hairy ears and aching joints. He even loans Anakin one of his gimer sticks which Anakin gleefully uses to whack Ahsoka with during training

-Obi-Wan is DELIGHTED because Anakin has spent years calling him “old man” so he takes every opportunity to “fuss” over Anakin by asking him if needs a sponge bath, stopping 3 seconds into dueling practice to ask if he’s out of breath, fucking ASKS VILLAINS TO SPEAK LOUDER during negotiations because his partner’s hearing isn’t too great

-Ahsoka meanwhile takes advantage of the fact that Anakin now qualifies for senior discounts and drags her master to the movies, restaurants, theme parks etc since they’re saving so many credits on admission

-Anakin LOVES stopping Mace in the hallways to converse because Mace spent all of Anakin’s childhood telling him to “respect his elders” so every time Mace gets a little irritated with him Anakin loudly reminds him of his own advice

-The clones are perplexed but relieved that they are finally able to keep up with general and can more or less keep track of and protect their general on the battlefield. Kix loves how easy it now is to get General Skywalker to nap after a tough battle

-R2 and Anakin having loud swearing matches becomes an even more common occurance because Anakin lost any filter he had left

-Padme just kind of rolls with it baby proofs all the corners of her tables and such because if Anakin had terrible balance when he was 22 what will he be like now?

Witchy Apps

Here’s a list of apps that I use to assist with all my Wicthy needs! I am an Android lover, so unfortunately some of these apps may not be available on iPhones.

Star Chart - A must-have for all your cosmic needs. This app allows you to easily locate stars and planets, no matter where they are! There are many apps similiar to this one, but what did it for me is the beautiful pictures of the constellations, as well as the expansions for meteor showers, comets and satellites.

Galaxy Tarot - In my opinion, one of the best Tarot apps out there. Obviously, I love the galaxy theme, but this app is far more interactive than most. This app lets you shuffle your deck as much as you want (cut it as well!) and then you tap on the deck to pick your cards. It feels less like an app, and more like a real deck. I also like that this app will tell you the meaning of the cards in your spread, as well as a deeper examination of the card combinations. There is also an optional “pro” version that gives you access to a journal and the ability to add notes as well as your own tarot meanings.

Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards - I enjoy Oracle cards. It’s a totally different feel from Tarot cards. I use Oracle cards with my Tarot to gain a deeper insight to what my Tarot deck is trying to tell me. This is another app that is very interactive and will easily give you meanings for the cards. The only downside to this app is that you need to buy the “full” version in order to access the entire deck. Indie Goes Software has many different themed Oracle Decks, however you need to buy the full deck.

Galaxy Runes - Created by the same people who made the Galaxy Tarot. It shares all the same features, just with Runes instead of cards.

Lunafaqt - A useful app for Esbats and Sabbats. It gives you the rising and setting times for the sun and the moon, as well as the zodiac sign for the moon. There is also a handy widget that shows you the moon phase on your home screen.

Candle - A very basic app without much features. It’s just a lit candle for those emergencies when you run out of the real thing.

Spellcaster - A cute app that has a simple tarot option, a spell book and daily horoscopes, as well as a link to the creator’s blog. The spell book only has about five spells in it, and isn’t that glamorous, but it is a cute set up and I think it will be great once it has been added to. This app (and the blog) is something cute to look over during your morning cup of coffee.

Chakra Doctor - This app contains a (rather lengthy) test and your results tell you what each of your chakras is ranked at (underactive, overactive or normal). Something like this doesn’t necessarily tell me that I need to do chakra work, but it does give some insight to any areas of my life that I may be neglecting. And interesting “witch” meets “psychologist” kinda app.

Binaural Chakra Therapy - A nice binaural soundtrack for meditation. There are many other soundtracks on YouTube, however this app doesn’t drain your data.

Wiccan and Witchcraft Spells - I am not Wiccan, however this app has a great amount of resources for the basic Witch, as well as playlists and wallpapers. This is one app that I actually bought the “pro” version.

Stones and Powers - If you would like a tiny dictionary of crystals, this is a good choice. It’s not super indepth, it just gives a small blurb about each crystal, but it’s a good beginner app.

Pagan Radio Stations - ‘nuff said.

Dreamboard - This is an app that is useful for those who are looking into dream work. It is super in-depth about recording your dreams, including places where you can add in your own customized notes.

Labyrinthos - An awesome app reviewed by @luna-de-flores to help you learn the meanings of Tarot cards in a fun, interactive app. *ADDED 2/26/17*

If you would like to add any of your favorite apps to this list, feel free!


Here it is, the long-awaited trailer for DT 2017! 

This is more than we were hoping for, folks, and my hopes were pretty high.

Here are my scattered thoughts on the trailer:

I love the angle the series seems to be taking, which isn’t too far from the original series or the Barks and Rosa stories. Scrooge is a mystery to Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They’ve only heard the legends, but little do they know that he’s still an amazing adventurer, that he’s “tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties” (glad they included that all-important character-establishing line in the trailer).

Strangely enough, Scrooge’s voice, while distinctly different from the classic series, is close enough to not be all that jarring. It sounds like David Tennant is a worthy successor to Alan Young, much in the same way Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is a worthy successor to William Shatner. Different voices (although Young and Tennant both have tons of energy and vivacity), but similar enough you don’t think the character is different. That’s key to recasting any role played by one actor for ages. 

Fantastic job, DT creative team!

I know this is only a 90-second trailer, but I think the nephews and Webby are going to be the biggest adjustment for me. In this teaser, they’re kinda loud and annoying at times, but I think I see the real characters in some of the snippets of dialogue we hear. For example, after finding out he’s taking them to stay with Scrooge, at least for the weekend, Louie says to Donald, “You’re finally going to sell us.” That made me laugh out loud.

I do hope the writers have given the nephews and Webby genuine moments of humanity (strange to say that about ducks, I know). Their “realness” in the original series was key to their appeal. Based on what I’m seeing here and what Frank Angones has said, though, I don’t think we’re in danger of DT 2017 misfiring too much, if at all. 

A few other notes:

Donald and Scrooge are as fascinating as ever. I wonder if they have a prior relationship in this version of the series, and I wonder if they’re estranged. 

I love the Barks paintings on the walls of Scrooge’s mansion. Nice Easter Egg, DT creative team. 

Webby recognizes who the nephews are and seems to view them as celebrities. Curious and curiouser… 

I love when Webby calls Donald “one of the most daring adventurers of all time.” Glad he’s getting his due as something other than a foul-tempered fowl. 

We see Launchpad at the end of the trailer in another character-establishing moment (which the trailer excels at, BTW). Launchpad made me laugh. That’s a good sign for Beck Bennett’s take on the character.

The updated theme song packs a punch and made me feel five all over again, giving me that sense of anticipation I used to get (and still get with the DVDs) whenever DuckTales began each afternoon. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary music stylings and nostalgia. 

I love that this series is about family. That was so important to the original DT and made it one of the less preachy, but more impactful series of the 80s and 90s because it demonstrated how a family works and how a family includes everyone who is close to you, not just your blood relatives. 

Finally, adventure, adventure, adventure. The action, coupled with all of the character moments in the trailer, was invigorating and chilling and thrilling and almost made me cry, lol. My gosh, I’m so excited for DT 2017! And I think the kids will be, too! My two-year-old nephew watched the trailer and kept exclaiming, “More DuckTales! More DuckTales!”

No wonder Disney has already renewed it for a second season…

What are your thoughts? Which Easter Eggs did I miss? Anyone have a copy of the premiere episode they’d like to leak to me? Are the Russians still into DuckTales? ;-)


who is going to make a highlight reel for David and Gillian to watch, featuring the best moments from each of their characters, so that they may get into the proper mindset for Season 11? 

I say just one for both of them, since (a) many of the best moments feature them together and (b) it would be good for each of them to see the good stuff from the other one as well. The theme would be, “Why do we love Mulder and Scully so much? This is why.”

I suggest that it be no longer than five minutes. Because they are busy people and sometimes being brief has more impact than covering everything you might want to (SHE SAID LOOKING MEANINGFULLY INTO A MIRROR AT HERSELF). 

Going here less for stuff that they have mentioned over the years and more for, possibly, some quieter moments. No constants. No touchstones. No pilot. No Bad Blood. No slow-motion dancing. 

I’ll throw out some ideas:

  • Mulder getting ready to go into the hospital and handing Scully the gun in Pusher. 
  • The “Tell me I’m crazy”/“Mulder? You’re crazy” exchange in Deep Throat.
  • The neck-checking scene in Ice. (COME ON)
  • “I feel, Scully, that you believe you’re not ready to go. And you’ve always had the strength of your beliefs.” (One Breath)
  • “That’s a pretty extreme hunch.” “I seem to recall you having some pretty extreme hunches.” “I never have.” (Aubrey)
  • Pick any of 1,000 lived-in, adorable, understated moments in The Goldberg Variation.
  • The last scene of Hollywood AD. (A little flattery can’t hurt.)
  • “One in five billion” from Folie a Deux.
  • The Pine Bluff Variant scene where she bandages his hand. 
  • Speaking of medical doctoring, the “manos de piedra” bit from Whatever Episode That Was In Season 8 I Don’t Know You Season 8 That’s My Purse (Vienen or something)
  • Demons when she finds him in the hotel room.
  • Small Potatoes, the “did he have a lightsaber” part. MASTER CLASS
  • Scully going bananas on Mulder at her mom’s in Wetwired.
  • “I will be right there” from Memento Mori.
  • The kiss in The Truth. 

That’s about five minutes, right? 👀

OK, that was 100% Mulder AND Scully, but, what can I say. That’s what I’m here for. 

Other ideas? DREAM CLIP PACKAGE TIME. In a manageable size so they won’t get overwhelmed and/or put off watching it. You know them. Slackers.

When I was 18 I read my first full comic series: Young Avengers V.2 and something changed inside me. I don’t know how to explain it. In interviews, @kierongillen used to describe the story’s theme as a metaphor to growing up, to that time in your life when you’re entering college and your life changes in a way that is not often explored in fiction. This is exactly what it was for me.

First of all, entering a communications environment meant constantly coming into contact with people who’d read more books and watched more movies than me, people who prided themselves on their knowledge of obscure films and independent “”“deeper”“” creators. I felt so lost. I have always loved creating fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, all things that had no place within an elitist artistic community. And yet, here was this book that wasn’t afraid of being colorful and fun and pop, without being any less meaningful. It was a breath of fresh air. It was a beacon of hope.

Not only that, but every single theme in it resonated deeply within me. Adults not understanding you no matter how hard they or you try. Friends leaving and friends coming together. Searching yourself across multiple possible futures. Wishing you were better. Having to accept you are yourself and that is good enough. Wanting to change and grow, and having no choice but to do that because you’re suddenly thrown into an adult world when five minutes earlier you were being treated like a child. Suddenly, you realize your whole future is in your hands and it’s terrifying and exciting.

Most of all, America Chavez resonated with me. Here was a Latina where I was not expecting to find her. A strong woman self assured in her identity, strong and caring. She had taken a leap of faith in the search for her identity and she has fought to make it work. She was everything I aspired to be and since then I have followed her journey through Marvel while I follow my own.

This is my last semester of college and I’m about to go abroad to get a Master’s degree. I’ll be on my own for the very first time. I’ll be starting classes in a new college, in a new city, in a new country where my identity as a Latina will be a new thing for the first time (as opposed to living in a Latin America country). I am excited and terrified of this new journey of self discovery I will be jumping into.

This year, too, thanks to Gabby Rivera, America Chavez will go to college. She will, like me, start new classes, a new life, new experiences and a new search for her identity. The timing couldn’t have been better. I can’t believe I will get the chance to have her as my companion through the next adventure in my life. I am so grateful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, representation matters. Comics matter. Stories matter. To me, at least, they have meant everything. I don’t know if I could have gotten through life this past four years without them. Maybe, but the ride wouldn’t have been this good. So thank you.