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Why I ship Red and Lizzie

I’ve seen folks writing about why they ship who they do and I think it’s great. Doesn’t matter if we agree or not, we should only ship who is in our hearts. So I will tell you my story and hope you find some value in it.

First of all anyone that knows me or reads my blog (iloveredmorethanever) knows that I strongly believe in Lizzington and I always look for a positive take on things. I think some folks like to read my stuff because I am never negative about my ship. I almost feel kind of like it’s my responsibility to keep the faith for all, to help you get back up if you are feeling negative, and to try to get you to re-look at things again in a more positive way. And I enjoy doing that.

I first started watching The Blacklist on Netflix a little over a year ago. I was hooked from the very first show - from where Red kneels down on the FBI logo with his hands behind his head. What an awesome opening! 

Now to be honest, I did not pay close attention to the Red and Lizzie dynamic when I first started watching The Blacklist. And I had first thought Red was Lizzie’s father, especially after he killed Sam. But then I started to notice things - like the Cigar Bar scene in The Kingmaker that made me go - uhhh I don’t think so. So I decided I better re-watch Season 1 and see what the heck is going on. And this is what I found starting with the way Red looked at Lizzie when she first walked down the stairs:

Regardless of how Red knew Lizzie when she was a little girl he did not raise her or have contact with her. Red left her with Sam and did not see her again in person until about 20 years later. When he sees Lizzie walk down the steps during the pilot episode he sees her for what she is now - a beautiful young woman. She is not that little girl from his distant memories.

The way Red said “Oh I think you’re very special” to Lizzie was kind of erotic. And she was taken aback. I found the original pilot script where the script calls for Red to say this in a weirdly erotic way. You can read that analysis HERE. It also includes the clue in the crossword puzzle Red was working on when Lizzie stabbed him in the neck - YouHadMeAtHello

The next episode was The Freelancer. And here is where Red started to get super flirty with Lizzie especially when they went out to dinner. He tried to impress her by ordering French cocktails, he kept asking about her job, and then he lowered his voice and whispered - “Tell me my profile” in his sexy Spader voice. And Lizzie flirtatiously whispered back - “Why would I do that” and Red started beaming.

Also Red always likes to touch Lizzie. In the Wujing episode for example, he kept rubbing his thumb against her back even well after she got the message that Red wanted to know where she was at with the encryption signal.

Also Red just says stuff that would be inappropriate to say to a daughter or niece. For example he talked to her about the G-Spot and Deep Throat and even more telling, the stories he tells Lizzie sometimes include some of his sexual escapades with past women, especially the quirky ones.

In addition several of the Blacklisters we meet - many of whom have known Red a long time - refer to Lizzie as his girlfriend or equivalent:

  • Anslo Garrick - Have to admit Red I never thought you would come out of the box. Then her.  She was unexpected.  The old boy still has got the touch.
  • Madeline Pratt – Tell me about her. How did you pick her? Red – Fate. Madeline – She’s a little young for you.  Red – Ya think?
  • Berlin - Until one day I made a connection. Elizabeth Keen. That’s why we’re sitting here today. Because of Keen. I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife
  • Luther Braxton - Well, you better hurry. ‘Cause your girlfriend, the princess, she’s got the answers in her head that I’m looking for.
  • Solomon -  What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both. (What is funny here is that Solomon is speaking for many fans who wonder the same thing.  The Blacklist does like to play both sides.)

So what else? Red describes the art of negotiation to Lizzie as a tango - with a focus on seduction and sex

Many of the key Red  and Lizzie scenes contained music with romantic undertones - for example “Wicked Games” played during this scene in The Courier

And “Sweetheart What Have You Done to Us” played after Lizzie confronted Red about killing Sam in The Kingmaker:

Also the romantic trope of getting down on your knees before the one you love:

So let’s get to it now. The way Red looks at Lizzie… At times he is looking at her body, checking her out:

And sometimes just the way he looks at her in general:

And the way she looks at him:

And the way he lusted for her to the point he was speechless when he first saw her blonde:

And then of course Lizzie’s sex scene dream about Red approaching her in bed. I also included Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp’s tweet on this scene:

In addition, the way Red teased Lizzie in the Cigar Bar buy playing his tongue against the tip of the cigar to get a reaction out of her - and he sure did.  Full discussion of this scene in The Kingmaker HERE

The way Red runs his hand up the inside of Lizzie’s leg before he grabs her hand in Episode 02 x 22, Tom Connolly.

So now we come to a key scene early in season 3 - Marvin Gerard. Red is going to be a little more direct in telling Lizzie how he feels about her, i.e. he is not going to use a metaphor like in the ‘hideous fish” scene. Well at least he attempts to tell her:

But then he is filled with so much emotion he can’t finish his sentence and smiles at her instead:

But then Red takes another sip of brandy (or whatever they are drinking) and leads her outside and this time does not leave Lizzie (or us) hanging:

Alright Red! Now we are getting somewhere. And notice the way their hugs are getting more intense as we progress over time:

And the sensual kiss on the cheek where Red tilted his head hoping Lizzie would meet his lips instead:

Also Red is showing his feelings more even after The Director episode 03 x 10. He sounded like a love-sick puppy when he told Lizzie “He missed her” when she found him in her apartment in Episode 03 x 12. He showed jealously when Lizzie told him that she and Tom would be raising the baby in Episode 03 x 16. And we know from the clip that played on the Jimmy Fallon show for Episode 03 x 17 that Red is begging Lizzie not to marry Tom, close to tears really. So yes there is real emotion brimming up here that will come to a head soon all of which make me think that Lizzington will eventually happen.

So what else makes me want to ship Lizzington? How about some of the comments by Megan and James:

Megan Boone said during an interview after Season 1 that she thought The Blacklist was a love story, and the person she thought Lizzie would end up with is Red. You can see the video HERE.

James Spader has said during interviews that whatever the past relationship is between Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington, it is NOT the most significant question to be answered. Because really what the show is about is the relationship - and it creeps up on you - but what is the nature of their relationship NOW and what it will be building over the next few years. The most compelling relationship is, in fact, what it’s turning into.

And let’s be honest. I just enjoy seeing these two on screen together. They have a great chemistry on the set. And one of the things James Spader is known for is picking out projects with sexual undertones so I hope this one comes to fruition too.

Those are just a few of the reasons of why I ship Red and Lizzie. I am not trying to convince anyone else to feel the same way I do, I am just trying to show why I feel the way I do. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Reblog or add to this post if you think it is worthy or it resonates with you. Thanks for reading.

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One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Chapter 7

Paul opens the door and Caroline didn’t need her heightened hearing to notice his heart beating faster or the audible gasp he tries to hide the second he lays eyes on her. She decides to stand there at first just enjoying the affect she was having on him before interrupting his daze “you know it’s a good thing I’ve already been invited in” she says with a little tile of her head as she maneuvers around him through the door.

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Little Legacies pt.3

Originally posted by queensmaker

(GIF is not mine, credit to owner)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Feels, angst, fluff, adorable children

Summary: Trying effortlessly to contact each other the reader and Dean both have very different plans on how to do so. 

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white-queen-lacus  asked:

For the fandom game: Kuroshitsuji, please! :)

(Sorry for the delay in answering. A family emergency kept me offline for a bit.)

Favorite Male Character

Without a doubt, my favorite is William. :)

Favorite Female Character

Is there any question it’s Grell? I adore Grell.

Least Favorite Character

Okay, this is a hard question. I like most of the characters, but there are a few I never warmed up to. For a long time, I would have said Aleister, but I think he’s grown on me just a little. I still don’t really care much for Charles Grey, although I like him better in the musicals.

Favorite Ship

It’s all about the Grelliam!

Favorite Friendship

I like Grell and Ronald. They are my brotp without a doubt.

Favorite Quote

Hmm…I’m not 100% sure. I’m horrible at remembering quotes honestly. The first one that comes to my mind isn’t in the manga, but it’s from Book of Circus where Grell is talking about how women fall for cruel men but Beast had fallen into the snares of the worst one. I don’t remember the exact wording.

Worst Character Death (if any)

Agni. :( I loved the character, so that was a hard one to see. His final words were beautiful, but his death was so brutal.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment

That lovely picture of Grell and William sharing an umbrella made me happy. :) I

Saddest Moment

Agni’s death is the first that comes to mind. Before that, it was Doll’s death. I’m also sad that Lizzie is unhappy.

Favorite Location

I just love all the historical locations that are included honestly. The scenery sometimes is amazing.

How to write an awesomesauce paper in college:

I have been going to school for ten years. I get A’s on every paper (except for like 2, I got B’s on those… and I think I got like one C about six years ago…I am a failure lol). I even wrote 12 papers in one semester and have survived with these tips: 

How to properly lay out your paper and make it like a beautiful layered onion: 

Introduction Paragraph: 

  • Your introduction paragraph will start with a hook sentence, or an attention getter. Don’t do the webster’s dictionary thing. Every professor has seen it and they are sick of it. Your frail octogenarian ethics professor will hunt you down and kick your butt in front of your friends if they have to read another one. Start with a cool fact, a history, an interesting point, a statistic, etc. 
  • Once you’ve got your hook sentence, you go into a little detail of what your paper will be about. You cover 3-4 points. These points will also be summarized in your thesis statement, which comes up next. 
  • Your thesis statement will consist of 4-5 parts. Firstly, the entire point of your paper, then, you will give your 3-4 main arguments. Your last argument point will be the big one. The big daddy of the entire argument. It will wrap your entire paper up and leave no room for argument. (An example of a good thesis statement: This paper is going to be the best paper ever because I worked hard on it, I did my research, and I have proven my point well. (First part summed up the point of the paper and was then followed by the three points that will flesh out the paper.)
  • Then you transition into the body of your paper

Body of your paper (See how I transitioned?): 

  • The body of your paper will be organized like your thesis statement. You will take each point of evidence from your thesis statement, and expand on it, backing up each argument point with a source. 
  • Always transition between paragraphs and tie each one together somehow with the last and first sentences. If you don’t do this, your paper will be choppy like a second grader’s book report on “The Giving Tree.” 
  • Then once you have driven your point home after expanding on your third point, you go into the conclusion. The conclusion isn’t necessary but a lot of professors like if you do it. So, keep reading this post to see how to do a good conclusion, how to use sources, and use different writing methods, etc. 

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My Little Baby Llama - Part 4

N/A: I’m getting more in love with writing this phanfic everyday. I don’t think this is one of its best chapters, but I smiled trough the whole thing just imagining the scenes. I want a Lizzie in real life tbh.

For those of you that might be a bit confused, this fic is happening around the end of January/2016. Before the tour dates release. 

Have fun!

Words: 3800+ 

Disclaimer: Nor Dan or Phil belongs to me, and while I wish I had a Lizzie in real life, I do not have one either. 


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anonymous asked:

Would someone be able to make an icon psd with a little TARDIS in the corner? Like a border? thanks!

Yep, I made you a couple different ones!! I’ve put examples under the cut. Please like the post if downloading and do not redistribute / claim as your own! There are #7 PSDs (and 5 png versions) in total which were made by Lizzie. You can download them all ( here ).

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Lizzie and Oscar!

These are original characters from our Paperman Project, which you can read about more on our blog–>

The drawings are all relatively old at this point but I’m just gonna post what we had from the beginning and post more recent ones as we go. This has been in the works for almost 3 years so a lot of the concept art is pretty spaced out in skill level and design. ^^;

(I never really finished up that Lizzie sheet sadly, but she’s actually quite beefy now haha)


   Lizzie - Brandon’s adopted younger sister from England who basically includes everyone as her best friend unless otherwise stated. Her general default attitude is overly optimistic innocence. She has a very muscular and mature build from gynmastics and weight lifting and often gives the impression she may have super strength and is older, but her actual powers are just as electrifying as her personality and her mind just as naive. Despite her age, she knows when to be serious and is a good asset to The Crew.

   Oscar - A rundown guy with super speed who can be kind of selfish and grumpy but still is a part of The Crew and helps others. Lizzie helped recruit him and Brandon isn’t too happy about his presence but Brandon believes in Lizzie’s optimism more than he does Oscar and lets him stay. He’s been running to escape his problems practically all his life and, though he tries, is not always the most reliable when things get heavy.

Seriously Gimple WHY?! WHY?! 

In the finale Carol is supposedly going to end up in a LIBRARY camp…

LIBRARY camp whose inhabitants are all DEAD… 

LIBRARY camp where Carol holes up and is at her LOWEST both physically and emotionally…. 

You mean a LIBRARY camp like the one from the prison…. 

LIBRARY camp like the one where she tried to teach LIZZIE and MIKA how to SURVIVE… 

LIBRARY camp where she had set up STORY TIME for the children who are now all GONE… 

That’s where you are going to send her to in the state she is in - a LIBRARY CAMP?!? 
I mean I knew you are all-about the angsty emotional stuff but THIS….this is just SADISTIC… 
You need a TIME OUT and Carol needs a restraining order from your writing. I really-really hope you have an EPIC plan to fix this mess….and it better include at least a few nice things for CAROL! 

Too far Gimple, too FAR.

Although MAYBE this might mean that she might finally be able to start healing from the pain that’s been brewing for 3 seasons now! 
That better be it! And not you just being mean.

You’re an idiot.

I spent a nice day at the Barbican Conservatory and somehow got inspired to write this little Sherlolly one shot. I didn’t really intend for this to get so long but I guess I got carried away. Writing little Lizzie was so much fun and I will definitely include her in more stories from now on. Kids can just say anything. That being said, I have no idea how eloquent a child would be at the age of five nor when you actually lose your teeth. I just took the liberty of writing what I felt like :D

The prompt, first and last line are from liathwen-slays-dragons’s list of fic prompts. The prompt was “Do kids really like this” but I guess I strayed a bit from that, but i kept the first line and only added a bit to the last. Enjoy!

“She likes your butt and fancy hair.”


Sherlock had stopped abruptly, blinking rapidly as he stared at little Lizzie who casually walked on as if she hadn’t even said a word.

“What did you just say?” he asked her, gently pulling her to a stop at her shoulder.

“She likes your butt and fancy hair,” she repeated looking up at him innocently with her big blue eyes.

Smiling at him she shrugged her shoulders and wanted to walk on but Sherlock halted her once more.

“How would you know?” he inquired quietly briefly glancing at Molly who luckily was out of hearing distance strolling along the path further away.

“Molly said so. She told Mum. I heard them talking. Don’t look confused, Uncle Sherlock. I know you like her, too,” Lizzie replied grinning at him showing off her new tooth gap.

As Sherlock didn’t say anything else she turned around again and resumed jumping playfully along the path between the plants.

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Strange Magic Week Themes

The votes are tallied, and we have our themes! Starting next Monday, the 15th August, I’ll make daily posts with one of those themes each, and you are invited to post anything Strange Magic matching the theme - not only fics or art, but also meta, recommendations, or your own challenges riffing off the theme, or whatever I can’t think of right now. Please use the “Strange Magic Week” tag!

Daily Themes

  1. Fairy Tale of creator’s choice AU
  2. Wedding/Arranged Marriage
  3. Tiny People in Jars
  4. Dark Fantasy AU
  5. Role Reversal
  6. Babies/Next Generation
  7. SciFi AU

Optional Themes

Well. The 3rd and 4th on the list were tied, so what the hey, let’s have four instead of three. It’s two character based and two more general themes, so that’s a nice symmetry.

  • Fairy/Forest Fashion
  • Minor characters/Minor pairings
  • Scenery/Location
  • Original Characters

Those themes are not attached to a day; you can combine any with any of the daily themes you want. (Or if a daily theme is not your cup of tea at all, you can use an optional theme as replacement.)

Special Challenges

For the Original Characters bit: share a family tree, drawn or written.

Pick one of the optional theme, and use it for all daily theme fills you post.

Any more suggestions?

Some more ideas on the themes:

by @elf-kid2 :

SciFi stories would definitely be interesting.  Particularly cyborgs, ‘the natives of this planet we’re trying to conquer/colonize are dangerous’, space cowboys, space opera, dystopias of all the main flavors, and ‘there was a lab accident’ stories.

@dainesanddaffodils on minor characters/minor pairings day

That could include Stuff/Thang, Plum/Griselda and I know a couple people who have Dawn/Bog feelings so

Pare. Lizzie. Chitter. Roland’s lover. Or his cronies. Or Beakboy or Brutus. Just to make sure it’s out there: The prompt is supposed to be “minor characters OR minor pairings”, so including a pairing at all is not a must. :)

Tiny People In Jars got started with this post - looking at it again, the humans being alternate versions of canon characters doesn’t seem necessary. Or literal jars, for that matter.

Thank you, all who have suggested, reblogged, or voted!

If you’d like to do some public brainstorming or other discussion, that’d be lovely. Reblogging this so more people see it would be lovely. You’re all lovely. <3

*falls over, overwhelmed*


2014 was a pretty awful one for the majority of my main fandoms, and it’s unfortunately ending on a very low note, but I am always so grateful that I have so many people here that I can rant about discuss my shows with. Thank you to every single one of you!

Usually with my follow forevers, I just include the mutuals I talk to, but this year I’m including all of my favourite blogs, whether they are mutuals or not. I have been following some for years, and others just in the last few weeks, but I enjoy seeing each and every one of you on my dash :)

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