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Hi I'm the annon who asked about you doing spam of kyungsoo being jealous please will you do it thank you ❤️

Hello anon, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I just recently got the time to check up on the blog again, I wasn’t in such a great place mentally for the past few weeks but I’ve finally managed to get myself together lol 

I couldn’t find as much gifs as I wanted so I’m apologize for the short compilation.

This is the gif I stumbled upon most repeatedly. As you can see Sehun and Jongin are messing around with the ribbon. Sehun is trying to tie it around Jongin’s neck as some form of joke and for some reason Kyungsoo is not liking it . You can see him clearly pulling Sehun’s elbow away and Jongin laughs instantly in reaction.Throughout the whole thing, Sehun is oblivious to it all and you can see him slightly flinch at Kyungsoo’s unexpected touch. He seems startled for a second there. He let go almost instantly after that.  

Apart from the obvious, which is Kyungsoo’s reaction to the man ( possibly hair stylist?) brushing Kai’s hair in somehow questionable way, what I find most interesting in this gif is Luhan’s subtle reaction. Look at they way Luhan seeks Kyungsoo with his eyes almost instantaneously after witnessing the man’s hand in Kai’s hair. In the third gif you can notice a small somewhat knowing smile tagging at his lips. He looks almost amused at Kyungsoo’s reaction and the whole situation. At this point, Kyungsoo doesn’t realize it and is fully focused on Kai. You can notice the way his eyebrows slightly rise up once he notices what’s going on. Humans tend to do that as instinctive reaction to questionable situations or actions they find unamusing/uncomfortable. Kyungsoo’s stare is open, straight and direct which makes it verge on being more of a glare. If you concentrate on the second gif, you will notice the subtle gulp in his throat. He looks way right after, his eyes  down, arm folded. He licked his lips few times (but not shown in the gif). It most likely translates to Kyungsoo not understanding (liking?) what he saw and it made him nervous, possibly uncomfortable. 

I’ve followed Kyungsoo well enough throughout the years that I’ve grown familiar with his expressions and his overall character. I know that he tends to switch from one emotional expression to another in curt, abrupt and sometimes unexpected manner. It’s a reflection of his reserved nature and possibly his upbringing. Most Asian cultures install in children the habit of self-composure, of modesty even in expression yourself. I was personally raised not to laugh too loudly in polite company, not show anger in public and to keep most of my emotion to myself and it be modest in the manner I express them. 

In this gif, however you look at  it, it looks much more than Kyungsoo being.. well…Kyungsoo. Personally, he seems genuinely annoyed to me in here. The way he shifted his eyes so swiftly to the complete opposite direction while dropping the smile immediately is quite telling. Many find Kyungsoo hard to read and label him as the least expressive of the group but in this exact moment, he is technically wearing his heart of his sleeves. It’s all on his face, easily seen.

This is the most interesting of all the gifs I could find. Bodies are incredibly telling. The subtlety in the way they communicate our most inner, unfiltered feelings is eternally fascinating to me. There was a full video analysis of this moment on YouTube but the creator seems to have deleted their channel. 

I’m sure most shippers remember this interview in which a girl called in. She turns out to be an old acquaintance of Jongin and then they started to talk. She spoke to him in a familiar manner and told of how she and Jongin were friends or used to know each other through school. Some other members started to jokingly tease Jongin about having female friends. Jongin brushed them off, saying that they were just normal classmates/friends or some of the like. Jongin was hunched over the mic the whole time he talked. He spoke in a low shy tone, his shoulders, his eyes and his head all pointing inward and down. He was likely uncomfortable/embarrassed with the attention from everyone or probably from the teasing. During the whole dialogue going on, the rest of members were looking at Jongin and mostly smiling, having pleasant teasing expressions, all with the exception of Kyungsoo. 

Those who know Kyungsoo well, know that he is not the fidgeting nervous type. In fact, he is admirably still in the manner that he sits and carries himself. I find Jongin the most restless of all of the Exo members. He seems to never be able to just sit still which is a total contract Kyungsoo who’s always self-composed and poised with his body and his expressions. 

Funny enough, the opposite happens here and you can clearly see Kyungsoo fidgeting with hands, mouth and nose in the gif below the picture. In different instances, he even touches the mic and his headphones couple times. His eyes kept shifting constantly, never actually focused. He looks unnecessarily restless. Students do that commonly enough during long boring classes or patients in waiting rooms.Most specifically it’s a sign of discomfort,, of nervousness, of not knowing how to react to a certain situation or not knowing what to do with your body. It translates to not wanting to be where you are, of  a desire to be somewhere else away from said source of discomfort.  In other words, Kyungsoo is not feeling comfortable in here. 

I could say that he was simply bored and disinterested with the whole interview and he just wanted to catch on some sleep or get some coffee somewhere outside but interestingly enough, his body didn’t express such blunt discomfort  at the beginning of the interview. Here is some pics of him at the same interview.

He looks interested and happy enough to be there. However the sudden almost instant change in his body language the moment Jongin’s old female friend came on air is quite noticeable and..questionable. Whenever one could argue if he was jealous or not is not something that can’t be determined ( unless one is a mind-reader lol) but I personally feel safe enough to assume that he didn’t like the obvious familiarity of the dialogue between Jongin and this girl. Kyungsoo simply felt and looked out of place during the whole exchange and that’s proof enough for me.

I apologize again anon for the belated response and I hope this answered your ask. Have a good day :)


Okay so if you had to guess, who do you think would kiss the other first? Penguin or Ed?
In my opinion, I would love if Ed were the one to do it if they actually become a couple because I think penguins reaction would be priceless

Great question! I like to think about their first kiss a lot and I completely agree with you. Oswald is the one who chose courage is willing to risk everything;) He isn’t ashamed to admit his love,to show emotions. That’s why it would be much more interesting if Ed did it first hehe And even when Ed hugged first,said kind words etc Os was so thrilled,so happy And their first kiss..this would really be priceless to see Thank you for asking me this,I love receiving messages💜

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hiiii can I just say that I love your account it's absolutely amazing, but more than that I love all your tags?? like I always check what you guys have to say about the photos and for me it's a part of what makes this acc so good :)))

I’M SMILING IRL!!! This is the cutest message omg. I know a majority of us tag the photos we post and sometimes we go HARD (I’m always typing in all caps oops), but to know you enjoy it and can probably relate sometimes– makes me happy. ^^ Sometimes I actually look at replies and reblogs to look at everyone else’s reactions/tags, too! And thank you so so much for this message, and for supporting our blog~ It’s moments like this that make me feel closer to you all, no matter where we’re from, who we are, or what we’re going through in life right now. We have such a great community going. ;u; Sorry this got really long but this made my night and I just had to let it out! Have a lovely week. <3
- Kristi

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omg imagine todoroki snorting when he gets tickled aaa,, it's the cutest thing ever and when midoriya tickled him a bit just to see if he was ticklish and he Snorted and everybody was shook because omg todoroki just snorted and midoriya is Obsessed with it he knows every spot that makes todoroki snort now,, his fav spot is right near his belly where it's slightly pudgy and it send todo in this cycle of snort and then giggle and curl up and snort and it's GREAT

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Omg hahaha I can totally see this happen, like *tickles*–SNORT and then Midoriya’s first reaction like “did you just snort?”:o and Todo’s all serious like nah did not. and then Moooore tickles and whehee this cutie’s one giggly snorty orchestra and Midoriya gets into it and starts tickling him wherever he can, finding out that some spots just make him gasp and laugh, others make him squeak and growl but that snort-spot near his belly and also somewhere near the crook of his neck= JACKSPOT ;D 

(Also Todoroki’s snorts embarrass the poor guy even more so it will double his desire for revenge, Midoriya just gets he can only use the snort-spots if he’s in for some serious tickling on the receiving end later. Which he is, in most cases :)))<3 )

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first of all, i think you guys are doing an amazing job on the podcast!! the most recent episodes have literally made me gasp in shock and need to pause and like. hold my chest and breathe for a few seconds before i continue. second of all, it makes me really sad that caleb's anger got pushed to the brink like that in episode 39. tbh now /i'm/ mad at damien for putting caleb in that position when he's come so far in terms of managing his emotions. (extra props to briggon for his work this ep).

Ugh, Briggon was SO great in this episode and is extra amazing in 40. He’s the best. 

Shock and sadness is a pretty good reaction from my standpoint - victory is not always uncomplicated!

How would seventeen react when they find for the first time that you sleep naked?

Probably sleeps naked also, so they wouldn’t care, unless they’re turned on already: S. Coups, Mingyu, Jun, Jeonghan 

Would get slightly nervous and scared they might pop a damn boner and would avoid cuddling you without you noticing: Vernon, Wonwoo, Hoshi, DK, Joshua

Would legit freak out and beg you to put clothes on because they’ll get turned on and doesn’t think it’s a great idea to sleep naked just yet: Minghao, Dino, Seungkwan, Woozi

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The true Skelebros reaction to unsatisfactory work in bed

NSFW? Maybe? Just assume yes.

UT! Sans: honestly, he’ll just flip you over and do it himself. It’s whatever. If not, he’ll go jack off.

UT! Paps: he’s not a huge sex person. He needs to have a deep connection with you, so honestly, he can never have anything unsatisfactory. If it’s you, it’s great. (That was cheesy)

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Lizz did not have time this week to see ED, but I just did it and the Thursday episode was beautiful, 10/10 for maxine. But on Friday everything was so forced, Robert's reaction to the Pup, the way Aaron found out, Rebecca's ridiculous reaction to Aaron's scream, except the first Robron scene and the bathroom scene, the rest was so exaggerated, The last scene was so manipulative.

Thursday was so good, a great few eps (well the Aaron and Robert stuff anyway) but Friday was terrible. I hated that final scene.

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A couple months ago I was too scared to come out to my brothers, so I decided to gauge the reaction by coming out to my middle brothers girlfriend while we were out and long story short I ended up p much shouting that I had a crush on my best friend in the middle of Home Depot and before she could respond I went in the bathroom and was the epitome of gay panic. (She was chill w/ it by the way. So we're both of my brothers when I came out to them in an email a little while later) ((ps ❤️ ur gr8))

Iconic and thank you you’re great too!

They worked for every ounce of that award and the fame they have. they gave up everything, Yoongi suffered intense depression and his family told him they didn’t support him, he had to abandon them, be so poor he could barely eat to finally break through and show his talent to the world. Jungkook gave up his childhood for this, he was just a little kid with an amazing voice, he was basically raised by 6 other kids who didn’t even know what they were doing themselves. Jimin suffered from low self confidence, he was just a kid himself. Jin was the oldest, he had to take care of a bunch of kids, rap monster literally worked through so much hardship to lead him and his friends to greatness. Hoseok literally suffered constant panic attacks and anxiety issues, he was definitely not the sunshine we see now, he was depressed and didn’t even know if he’d make it. Taehyung was just a small kid coming from his grandmothers strawberry farm. he had no money so his grandmother bought him a fancy jacket so the boys in seoul wouldn’t judge him. and now they’re here, a billboard music award under their belts and hundreds of millions of fans. they deserve every ounce of it, if not more.

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Actual thing that happened during Ask Got7
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so hot?
  • Jackson: Just kidding that's not the question
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so daddy?
  • Jackson: Just kidding again!
  • for anyone who doesn't think they read what we say...