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Dating Got7 Jackson would include…

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Jackson Wang


-when he’s mad he’ll only respond to “Mr. Wild and Sexy”

- Tons and TONS of Aegyo

-stable relationship

-greattt communication between each other

-He’ll get super self conscious around you so he’ll always need confirmation

-but Jackson ALWAYS looks good

- great sex ;)

- not any vanilla type shit Jackson Wang is a freaky sob

- He’ll still want to flirt with the rest of the members so get used to it babyyy

- BUT that doesn’t mean YOU can flirt with the members apparently it doesnt work that way.

-Jackson is a loyal puppy so he would NEVER cheat on you.

-Jackson would be super protective of you.

- He might get a bit territorial

- Be SUPER careful around other men, the members, or other groups you DEFINITELY cant get too close because Jackson once again is a jealous bean. 😂❤️

- the type of boyfriend that will let you go out but wants food or leftovers when you get home.

-but he’d make sure you’d take the right “precautions” before going out.

- Jackson won’t let you wear anything he deems as too revealing.

-He’ll be such a sweetheart and if you ever wanted to learn chinese or anything in general that he knows he would teach you.

-He’d have sooo much patience with you.

-If you’re in a bad mood He’ll do anything he can to cheer you up.

-type of boyfriend that would buy the whole store when you’re on your period. 😂

-Car rides would never be quiet.

- Jackson would rap to you when you’re grumpy.

-He would watch special stages or performances with you of got7 or any other group.

- Jackson LOVES quality time and you could never really be alone.

-but as anyone else would need it jackson would need his space sometimes too.

-Jackson would probably be a more long term relationship boy.

-The brakeup would be UNBEARABLE

-jackson will use whining, pouting, or aegyo to get what he wants. 😂

-you get to go on all of his Idol “dates” with him.

-Jackson will be your biggest fangirl.


-jackson would never do anything that would potentially hurt you.

- He probably likes roleplay 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk

-thats all i got lol thanks for the request and i hope you like it :))) ❤️


Gryffindor! Namjoon | moodboard

“Even before entering the Great Hall, Namjoon already knew everything about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. Since he was a muggle-born, Namjoon wanted to read all the books he could find and the ones he was going to need for his first year. Most especially ‘Hogwarts: A History’, and he certainly did that. If the other students were aware of that particular aspect of him, they would understand Namjoon’s face of shock when he was sorted into Gryffindor House. He was so sure he would be a Ravenclaw. 

Namjoon was clumsy, and most of the times he was just a shy boy with no bravery at all, or at least he thought. One day, an older boy from Gryffindor sat at his side and simply commented: ‘Do you want to know a secret? If you are brave enough to fight your own fears, then you belong here, in Gryffindor.’ 

And Namjoon just smiled, his dimples smiling with him.”

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Jeonghan; ideal type and kinks

Requests: Hey! The post on Jun’s ideal type and kinks was great and I was wondering if you have one for Jeonghan?

ideal type and kinks for jeonghan? <33

Remember that everything is based on my opinion!

  • oh boi this one is gonna be hard
  • the angel devil of seventeen huh ;)))
  • hehehh jk i love jeonghan
  • ok so, his ideal type
  • i think he’ll be more strict on this side
  • i think he’ll want someone older to take care of him??? and i think he likes sexy ones
  • and someone who’ll suit him well
  • he would flirt 24/7 so it will be good for him if his partner flirts back all the time too
  • and of course, it’s a must for his partner to listen to the group’s music and support them
  • he likes to annoy the people he loves (that’s kinda his way of showing his affection mine too) so he would poke and annoy and joke with his s/o
  • but he does it out of love so he would be happy if his partner doesn’t take him seriously :’)
  • so i think this is pretty much it for his ideal type
  • and now, let’s move onto the kinks
  • and he would probably try out everything
  • from positions to toys, bdsm and costumes
  • i think he loves soft bondage (you know these light lingerie sets and handcuffs and soft blindfolds) just enough so his partner can’t touch him and let him do everything and also enough to not hurt his s/o
  • it’s a big turn on for him not letting his partner touch him and let him pleasure them
  • he’s also very dirt minded
  • by that i mean he’s really perverted and will also do things such as masturbate to his s/o photos and selfies when they aren’t around
  • weakness-ass and thighs
  • especially aSS
  • he’ll do everything to bend you over his knee and spank you, leaving red bruises on it so he can look at them later and think “oh, she/he’s mine”
  • and not only during sexy time, he’ll regularly grab it or squeeze it haven’t we all seen pics and videos how he touches the members’ asses all the time lmao
  • he’ll also always grab onto the thighs while thrusting inside you
  • also one of his biggest weakness will be mutual masturbating
  • like he’ll set up a rule like “not touching each other ok”
  • and make you lay in front of him and touch yourself while he does the same
  • and make you look into his eyes as you cum
  • but he’ll probably not keep this rule and end in a great sex most of the time
  • but if he wants to tease or get jealous over something, he’ll definitely keep it
  • oK SO I THINK THIS IS ALL FOR HIM ahh i love him he’s such an angel <33 and a devil sometimes lmao
🍬 Reaction to having triplets 🍬

🍦 BamBam

He would be happy. 3 kids = 3 times the fun.

🍦 Jackson

He would be a mix of JaeBum, Jinyoung, and Mark. So basically a mess….a huge one.

🍦 JaeBum

He wouldn’t be shocked or surprised, he would just shrug his shoulder. “Yea I’m just that fertile.”

🍦 Jinyoung

Once you told him you were pregnant with triplets, he would start planning on the kids bedroom, cribs, etc.

🍦 Mark

He would have 3 emotions - fear, happiness, and worried. You would have to assure him that he would be a great dad to the 3 kids.

🍦 YoungJae

Emotionless - It would take a moment for him to process that he was having 3 mini YoungJae’s or mini Y/N’s that was soon going to run around the house.

🍦 Yugyeom

He was a kid himself, so having 3 kids, he would be shocked - feeling like he was going to faint.

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anondarling  asked:

My only real complaint about King's run is how in the past few issues there is so much is happening off screen. We need to see more ON screen. Like for example, what was Bruce's reaction to Selina saying yes? When did they come up with the plan to go find Holly? How did Selena take down that big guard? What was Alfred's initial reaction? This was also one of the complaints about WJR where we didn't see enough of the war. I'm fine with King's run but I would like to see more on-screen action.

I cannot really argue with what you are saying. There is a remarkably large amount action that occurs off screen. Now the argument could me made that this is standard operating procedure when it comes to comics, but there definitely has been a great deal of story off the page when it comes to Tom King’s run.

It is quite interesting to see the wide ranging opinions when it comes to Tom King and his Batman run. Quite often, I will read/watch reviews where he is praised as one the best writers of Batman in a long time. On the other hand, there are many fans who are not enamoured with him at all and are very critical of his work.

Personally, I do not find his writing to be awful, but I would definitely not call him one the top Batman writers. I think his strengths are the ideas and themes he develops for the character, but his writing style (especially use of diction) leaves something to be desired. The War of Jokes and Riddles is a perfect example of this - I really liked the concept and the general idea, but the execution was lacking and the writing just did not have enough gravitas to suck me in.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Tom King however, there is something that he was able to provide that previous writers did not. He put Batman and Catwoman into a legitimate relationship (i.e. an engagement) in the comic book canon which is something notable writers like Doug Moench, Jeph Loeb and even Ed Brubraker did not do. If that is Tom King’s lasting legacy, I can live with that.

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that just reminds me of how banjou mistook touka for ayato when he met touka, haha. yeah, ayato's done a lot worse. I like him too, but like most people, I feel like he should get more screentime (after all of this insanity tho ofc, ishida has too many loose ends to tie together). but yeah, sadly, that's a great example of female characters getting the shit end of the stick.

Mod K:

I am so thirsty for more Ayato!! But yeah, fandom’s reaction to him proves my point. Ayato is basically male Touka and people took to him much more. They both look and act very similar.

Actual thing that happened during Ask Got7
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so hot?
  • Jackson: Just kidding that's not the question
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so daddy?
  • Jackson: Just kidding again!
  • for anyone who doesn't think they read what we say...