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Hello! Based on a lot of requests and positive reactions, I am looking to commission some pieces from my designs! This would be a paid commission/collaboration.

So what I’m looking for is a seamstress who has at least 5+ years experience under their belt. Someone who has a portfolio or something that can showcase their work. Also possibly professional references or a website. (Please understand I need to make sure someone can be trusted with this big project especially since I would like to put good money into professional quality clothing). I need someone who understands this style and aesthetic and has great knowledge of construction and textiles. All questions and negotiations will be discussed privately.

Privately message me for serious interest ONLY.

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“It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.‘”

Um… okay Chyler, but have you seen your own face in this scene…..?

I did get to watch most of the episode, though! Good stuff, good stuff:

  • Travis: “Can I stand at the bow of the ship… heading for a new landinNewYorkyoucanbeanewman”
  • Loved Vax making an effort to hang out with Grog more now that he’s gnomeless. Getting forgotten in a game of hide-and-seek and falling asleep in a barrel was great, as was Grog’s reaction to Vax falling off the ship.
  • I love that in these three days Tary’s started to get along a little better with the others–it cracked me up so hard when Tary and Percy announced that they were working on projects together, and then Sam and Taliesin proceeded to completely ignore Matt to have a whispered and giggly conversation for an extended period of time. Vex said a very cheerful “Hello!” to him, but I think everyone’s mood was best summed up by Vax rescuing him during the fight, reassuring him repeatedly that he’s okay… and casting Divine Sense to make sure he’s not a fucking demon.
  • I am pretty darn delighted by Taryon deciding Keyleth is the clear leader of Vox Machina and trying to pattern his own decision-making after hers.
  • I love how gleeful Sam was over Tary getting a kill with an absurdly powerful hit… and simultaneously knocking himself off the edge of the ship with the recoil.
  • The pirate battle was something the group needed, I think–nobody dropped down to less than two thirds of their max health, they got to have some really badass moments that showcased what they did best, but there was still a sense of risk and excitement and it was a good time.
  • The rescue scene for the prisoner in the hold was really awesome–Taliesin played Percy’s “I don’t know what to do!” panic really well and then had him help out in the only way he could by keeping Keyleth out of the water, Vax was great diving in there and using his lockpicking to save the day, Vex dove in to help evacuate the prisoner, Keyleth had so much faith in her friends that she didn’t drop concentration on the spell even when she was about to fall off the ship. Good stuff.
  • The twins getting competitive over who was better at healing a dude, amazing.
  • The whole scene with Keyleth worrying that she’s being replaced as Percy’s BFF was really adorable, as were Vax’s attempts to be comforting while simultaneously being just so pleased that this is the worst of their problems right now.
  • Percival “Edgelord Supreme” de Rolo over here like “what if… I killed someone who deserved it… and then brought them back to life just to make sure I haven’t been sending everyone I kill into the same pit of endless torment I escaped from….” like my dude, I am Concerned. I keep thinking of the Raven Queen telling him he’d have to be careful or he might find himself in opposition to her works. It’s so interesting and it’s all completely in line with the fascination he’s had lately with who gets to live and why, but man, somehow I feel like this isn’t gonna end well.
  • Taliesin and Laura sold the hell out of that conversation–there’s a really genuine fondness that comes through when Vex and Percy chat that just brings those barriers down. It’s very sweet, and that breakdown of barriers is a neat contrast to the Vax/Keyleth different-brand-of-sweet heart-on-the-sleeve conversations.
  • Getting a little TMI here, but I saw that reddit post about somebody saying how they felt like Vex/Percy’s really physical aspects didn’t seem natural, and honestly? I’ve had Vax/Keyleth-esque really sweet, shy, sometimes awkward relationships where every step was quietly discussed and analyzed and it just sort of evolved into a lovely, comfortable intimacy. I’ve also had a relationship that we’ll just say bears certain thematic resemblances to Vex/Percy, and even though we knew it was a short-term thing from the start, it was incredibly fun and healthy as well. I get that not everyone’s gonna read it that way, but one of the things I enjoy most about this show is how the relationships (platonic and romantic) in this show feel realistic and seem deeply familiar, in a weird through-a-fantasy-mirror kind of way. A lot of relationships on TV (again, both platonic and romantic) feel sophomoric and contrived for maximum drama, but these folks are so invested in playing their characters as genuinely as possible that I think they wind up escaping a lot of really common pitfalls. They’re all genre-savvy enough that they shy away from misunderstanding for the sake of misunderstanding, which is refreshing.
  • I choose to believe Keyleth was taking notes just as assiduously as Marisha was, furiously scribbling into her notepad and glancing up occasionally when the conversation got real. The smile and delivery on “She’s alive” just killed me.
  • I love Matt’s strategies to counter the fact that he’s got a massive party of what are basically demigods at this point. Giving them a big and dangerous monster that’s gonna try to kill them… and they aren’t allowed to kill it? Really clever. This should be fun.
Reaction to: pranking you (for like a surprise party) and you cry but they don’t expect it

Requested by: @jojo0225 This is for their birthday! Happy birthday sweetie!

Rowoon: Hugs you and whispers “Don’t cry Jagi, you need to blow out the candles”

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Youngbin: “Don’t cry, baby. I love you too much for you to cry. Even if they are happy tears”

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Zuho: He just silently hugs you until you calm down, then quietly asks “Are you okay?”

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Taeyang: Wipes your tears “it’s okay hun. Do you want me to hug you for awhile?”

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Inseong: Pulls you close and pats your back “Don’t cry, hun. You’re too pretty”

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Jaeyoon: “You good baby?” He calls from the other side of the room

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(LoOK hoW HAPPy hE Is!! I just ima cry i love him so much)

Chani: Awkwardly hugs you. Pulls back, it looks a little funny because the way he pulled back gave him a couple chins (do yall know what im saying like he leans his face down and the skin rolls together? does that even happen to him?), and asks, a little robotic, “You ok?”

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Hwiyoung: Chuckles and pulls you close. “Do you want me to make Youngbin hyung tell dad jokes to cheer you up?”

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-Ye Jin

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So I, a common 14 year old had to explain I'm asexual to a surprisingly incompetent girl. She didn't let me speak or fully explain, and took it all as a joke. Being the patient and calm person I am... I gave up and yelled out "I MAKE CLONES OF MYSELF TO REPRODUCE MY SPECIES SO I CAN DEVOUR ALL OF HUMANITY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? WAS THIS THE ANSWER YOU WANTED? NOW GO AWAY AND DON'T TALK TO ME, YOU GIVE ME HEADACHES". Yes, very calm and rational (coughcoighI'mdyingnowthatIrealizewhatIdidcough)

100% calm reaction great job

Brief Episode Reaction: “Rocknaldo”

***spoilers ahead***

I get the cuteness and importance of preaching acceptance and love and all of the stuff that Steven was saying, but I did not like this episode. Ronaldo was really irritating the whole time and it was uncomfortable and idk. It was great that Ronaldo chose a gem name and that Steven was accepting and made the switch easy. Maybe as a transgender individual that resonated with me a bit more than most viewers.

I think the best part was Amethyst’s line about Ronaldo being dead when he was just asleep and Pearl saying to Amethyst “that was really good!”

the shit with why Steven doesn’t use his gem name at the end though like wow just slide that in really quick okay

I’m not unhappy the episode exists, but I would venture to call it a filler.

BTS/Hyung Line Reaction to them seeing their crush naked for the first time

>> Kim Namjoon

You were chilling with your best friend Namjoon at his house, which became a normal thing after a while. Having fun with him was always amazing, since he was such a great person. Gentle, kind, thoughtful, careful. You didn’t want to admit but he was your crush since always. The thing was: you were sure he didn’t have any kind of feeling for you – at least romantic feelings.

Namjoon had a big pool in his back yard, and luckily the weather was pretty hot. You were looking at his beautiful cheeks while he was checking his phone on the couch, when he suddenly turn his eyes at you and asks:

“Uh, what do you think about… Swimming?”, he said teasing you for a bit, holding your knee with one of his hands.

“That’s for sure a good idea, pal. But”, you took off his hand and put on top of his own lap, “I don’t have a swimming suit or anything like that.”

“That is not a problem, genius. You can have one of my old clothes or something. C’mon, let’s get you dressed properly.”

You two entered his room, and it wasn’t very organized but it was still cozy and nice. He opened his wardrobe and gave you a long white t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

“I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.” while he said that, he was already going down and smiling for no reason.

You took quickly took off your clothes and the moment you were about to wear Namjoon’s clothes, you realized the view from his room was so cool and calm. You could see some mountains and a big forest. He had this giant window that leaded to this amazing view, and for a moment you just wanted to stay there observing the place. Even though you wanted to, Namjoon was waiting, so you finally wore the clothes he gave it to you.

“They smell just like him” you thought while going downstairs. He was in the back yard, sitting in one of the wood benches. He looked a bit odd. His hand was holding his face, and his legs were very close to each other. “What’s wrong with you?” you asked, touching his face.



“You know, there’s a thing called curtains, and you are supposed to uh–”, at this moment you were already dead. You could feel your face burn red, so you put your hands against it, laughing awkwardly because you were too nervous to have another reaction “You are supposed to close the curtains, Y/N. But I’m glad you didn’t. Now I don’t have to imagine your gorgeous body in my dreams anymore.”

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>> Kim Seokjin

You could feel the heavy rain roughly hit your body, but Jin was doing his best to protect you from it. Jin was your best friend and your crush. He put on top of your shoulders his leather jacket, so you could feel warmer, since it was such a cold night. You were also with his pink and fluffy scarf around your neck. Being in the rain wasn’t the best thing ever, but being with Jin like this and feel protected was such a great moment. You wish it could always be like that, but the reality is mean.

When you two finally got into his house, he left a deep sigh come out of his lips. He took off the wet clothes you were wearing - sweater, shoes and scarf. He smiled at you happily, passing his long fingers through your wet and tangled hair. You loved it.

“You can get some clothes in my wardrobe. Pick anything you want, it’s ok. I’ll prepare a hot bath tub for you.”

You hugged him tightly, appreciating his hard work. “Thanks, Jinnie.” you said knowing he would feel a bit picky because you didn’t call him “oppa”, while going to his room to pick up the clothes he borrowed you.

“How dare you, Y/N! I’m being so kind and you treat me like this?” his voice was really loud since you were in different rooms. The moment he finished the sentence, you got inside the bathroom, looking at him standing up in the bath’s side.

“I’m just teasing you, silly Jinnie.”

“Waaaaaah, this teenagers… Take your bath already. The neighbors may complain about a stinky smell later, and I’m not going to be responsible about it!” he said, getting out of the bathroom while closing the door.

You smiled to yourself, feeling too happy. You entered the hot bath tub prepared by Jin, and you barely stayed awake. You felt so sleepy you weren’t complete sure about what you were doing, until you felt something burning in your eyes. The shampoo fell over your eyes, and there were no towels close to you. You quickly washed yourself and got out off the bathroom – still naked, since you couldn’t see anything.

“J-Jin! I nee-need a towell! My eyes!”, when you completed the phrase, you could hear quick footsteps coming near to you. As you noticed how close Jin was from you, you searched for the towel, but he wasn’t with one. “W-Where’s the towel, please?”

“Do you want a towel?” he asked with a very serious tone in his voice.

“Come on, give me it!”

“Only if you call me oppa.”

“No way you are doing this.” you said rubbing your eyes with your hands, trying to get away with the soap, even though it was worthless. “Really?”

“Yeah. Call me oppa, and I’ll give you a towel.”

“J-Jinnie…” you both stayed in silence for a couple of seconds, but you soon gave up. “O-Oppa?”

The room kept in silence after you making his wish come true, even though you knew he was there. You could feel Jin’s breath against your skin, meaning that he was very close to your body. He left out a loud laughter while putting a towel against your face, going to another room.

“I can’t believe you did this. Naked.” You were red just like a hot pepper while rubbing your face against the towel. Now you could see what was going on, and the boy was half smiling at you with a serious face and you didn’t know the exact reason why would he be with such a mysterious expression. “I did hold myself that moment, but I probably won’t anymore. If you tease me again just one more time, don’t expect your legs working by tomorrow.”

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>> Min Yoongi

Your BFF, a.k.a crush Min Yoongi was waiting for you outside of the girl’s bathroom. He always waited for you after the P.E’s class. As usual, all the girls already changed their clothes and went to their classrooms because you were such a slowpoke for no big reason. Since childhood, you knew Yoongi and he was always there for you, no matter what. It was obvious that he wasn’t the most gentle person in the world, but being sweet was a characteristic of him that was only showed to you. You felt special, even though you knew he didn’t have special feelings towards you; like you had.

As you were opening your locker, you freezed for a minute. You were in complete shock. Your uniform wasn’t there anymore, and you were only wearing panties and bra. Someone might have hidden from you, because there were no other explanation.

Before you went to P.E’s class, you checked twice if your uniform was safe. “Fuck.” you whispered to yourself, sitting down in one of the benches. There was no cellphone with you and you gave back your P.E’s uniform to the class’s representant, like the normal routine. The only person that was there for you só you could get help from was Yoongi, but no way you were showing yourself like this for him – at least you thought so.

“Yoongi. Yoongi. Min Yoongi. Min-” you tried so hard to call him by calling his name, but unfortunately he was asleep. You did consider suicide that day.

With a quick move, you pushed your friend’s arm inside the girl’s bathroom só he could help you finally. He almost fell on the ground when you pushed him, but it was an emergency.

“What is wrong with you?!” he asked, rubbing his eyes against his hands until he realized his position and what was he looking at. “Are you sure you want to do this here?”

“Wait, what?!” you were paralyzed from what Yoongi said, but you wanted your uniform back so you needed to act quickly. You gasped before you could say something, since you felt your skin turning even more red. “I didn’t know you were such an idiot, Min Yoongi. Anyway, the point is: someone got my uniform.”

“Are you sure you really need it?” He bit his lips, coming even closer to you, almost touching you until he finally grabbed your both wrists and pressed your body against your locker. “You tease me so much, Y/N. Your body is a true art piece.”

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P.S: I’m so sorry for not doing Hobi’s reaction but I promise I’m doing more of these in the future with all of them :3 Thank you so much, I hope you understand. XD


I need to talk about this part

First let me just say I’m so happy that we got
a) more Poe
b) Ranpo and Poe teamwork
c) Ranpo and Poe teamwork vs. CHUUYA

but anyway this particular part stood out to me, so allow me to briefly analyze my otp and cry about it

This is some real ass character development my dudes
Poe’s first reaction is “great, maybe they’ll die so I can be the only winner” which is pretty much how he felt when he faced off against Ranpo the second time
Poe is very competitive, from what we can gather based on literally everything we know about him, so of course it’s pretty much second nature for him to get excited about the prospect of the competition being eliminated

he thinks about it for a second and he’s not cheering anymore, his smile is gone, and he’s wondering “what am I gonna do if Ranpo actually dies”
Poe forgets about being competitive to think about what would happen if his practical idol were to die

this man is at least slightly upset by the possibility that he might beat the man he devoted his life to winning against in the worst way possible

*mic drop*

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Can you please do a BTS reaction when they get jealous?

Ooooo spicy

Jin: He seems more like the “protect his princess” type of guy, so whenever that guy started flirting with you, you better believe he’s going to be by your side in two seconds flat. He would also kind of be a little mocking and fake-sounding when it came to jealousy.

“Hello, I’m this beautiful woman’s *lovely* boyfriend and I would like to let you know we were just leaving. Have a ‘great’ day.”

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Suga: He would keep it on the inside until you two were alone. While the whole scene was happening, he would be off to the side really ticked off. Later, he would grab your arm and drag you off and tell you how he felt about it after you got home.

“(Y/N), I really didn’t like the way he was looking at you……”

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Rap Monster: Okay, now he would be the one to cuss the guy out and run him off before he could make another move. You would have to restrain him to keep him from going after the guy (Gosh darn it Namjoon!)

“Yeah, and you better run!”

“Namjoon, isn’t that a little much”

“Sorry, my ‘God of Destruction” comes out easily in these situations…..”

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J-Hope: He would get a little bit insecure, but it would come out in a weird way. He’d act extremely joyful, but indirectly tell the guy to move along.

“Sorry we have to go! Me and my jagi~ have to go home now! See you never!”

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Jimin: He’d be extremely jealous. He would be so upset. Not Namjoon upset, but upset. He would go over to the guy and tell him to get out of his sight not talk to his girl in that way. Truth is, he’s just one insecure little baby….

“Okay, yeah, you need to leave because I’m her boyfriend and you’re not so bye bye.”

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V: He would kind of react the same way J-Hope would, but he would just completely ignore the guy. He would also be an insecure cinnamon roll. 

“Okay jagi! Let’s go over there! I found a reeeaaalllyyy pretty dress for you!”

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Jungkook: Jungshook over here wouldn’t know what to do at first, but then would react similar to Jimin, but not as straight forward. He just would mainly want to protect you.

“Hey what’s up dude. You know if you wouldn’t flirt with other people’s girlfriends that would be great.”

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rules: reflect back on your fic from the past year, then tag other writers to do the same!

# of fics (/fandom):

20 || shadowhunters/tmi

total word count: 231,909 words

most popular fic: In the Sin Bin - 68k hits

fic you’re most proud of: Home. writing that fic was both a labor of love and pure torture. working with @darquebane on it for the visuals was an incredible experience. i hope i have more opportunities to work with visual artists on my writing!

favorite comment on your writing: there is no fucking way to pick a favorite. no way. there have been too many comments that brought me to tears, made me laugh, and/or brightened my outlook for days on end. i value every single one of them.

best flame: any hate or shitty comments i get i delete. and luckily in this case, i have the worst memory ever. so i can’t tell you what the worst comment was because i don’t remember!

what surprised you about your writing this year? that i wrote so many words when i started 2016 completely burned out and sure that i’d never write again

do you have any writing regrets/things you would do differently? not one thing. it’s all a learning experience

how many WIPs do you have? do you plan to finish them? my only official WIP is ITSB. but i have five fics i’m actively working on, and an evernote notebook of ideas that’s over 20 additional fics at this point. i’m not in any danger of running out of ideas. and yeah, ITSB will be finished

did you write any original fiction this year? i didn’t. and it was fucking amazing. i’ve been publishing for almost five years now and i needed to take a year off to regain my love of writing

what are your writing goals for the new year?

  • edit the original 100k book i have sitting in scrivener and submit it to a new publisher
  • fully outline the original series i’ve been batting around my head for more years than i care to admit
  • finish ITSB!!!

tagging: since i’m so late doing this, i have no idea who’s been tagged or not yet. do it or not, we’re cool either way :) @magicandarchery @malec-on-ice @dorkberto @lecrit @warlocksass @sarcasticlightwood @explodingcrenelation @jmcats

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According to Chyler, Jeremiah reacts well to Alex being gay and his reaction to Sanvers is "wonderful" and it's a "great, sweet, endearing moment". I need this ep now to see what's going on!

Honestly I’m just really confused by their initial reaction because to me it seemed there was tension. But maybe they are nervous???? I dunno man.

Spring Day // Min Yoongi

the prompt: Hi! I’d love to see your take on a Hanahaki disease angst. I was thinking maybe Yoongi, either him or the reader with the disease would be great. Thank you :))

words: 1226

category: angst + song fic

author note: as soon as i heard Yoongi’s rap in spring day, i knew i wanted to pair it with this request. it turned out kinda drabble-y but i like it anyway haha. pls enjoy :)

- destinee

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“I don’t know if you’ve changed
or if I’ve changed.”

Yoongi wakes up in a cold sweat and a clawing in his stomach that threatens to creep up his throat. He runs into the bathroom and coughs. Once, twice.

There are petals in the toilet. Soft pink rose petals floating in the semi-sanitary toilet water.

Yoongi groans. His first thought is you. The one who used to hold him in his darkest nights and kiss him on the brightest mornings. You, who listened to each of his songs with pride and gave him a loving kiss whenever he finished one.
You, who cooked his favorite meals and stayed up late until he came back from work.

He wonders what happened. It had to be a few weeks ago, when you told him you needed to leave. You told him that there was no spark left.

Yoongi didn’t understand. You felt no spark, whereas his heart felt like a thousand firecrackers shooting up his spine any and every time he saw you.

He felt love and passion for you like he’d never felt before.

Yoongi wonders what changed between you two. What destroyed the bond that was so strong? He thought perhaps you still loved him. He thought perhaps you would come back.

Now, seeing the petals in his toilet, he understands the truth. He is now a victim of unrequited love.


“I hate how time flows even in this moment. I guess we changed.”

It’s a Monday morning and Yoongi strolls by a cafe. He comes to an abrupt halt as he sees your silhouette in the window. You are laughing with someone else. A man, handsomer than Yoongi and apparently funnier as well.

Yoongi tries to remember the last time he made you laugh like that, where your eyes shone and your smile was so wide it looked painful.

Time is a killer. Time is nothing to Yoongi but a deadly tool to remind him that you aren’t there anymore. You don’t care anymore.

Time is there to tell Yoongi that he was still pining after his ex-girlfriend, who doesn’t want him at all. Time is there to torture Yoongi with the could-have-beens and the what-ifs.

Time is never on Yoongi’s side.

Yoongi feels the pull behind his navel and runs behind a bush. He gags and forces out a large pink rose bud. It has grown, along with his bitterness.

Bitterness and love intermingling in his brain, creating a paradox well enough for him to say he hated you, even if he didn’t.

He wanted you. He wanted you so bad that the pain of the full bud creeping up his throat was nothing in comparison to the pain of missing you.


“That’s just the way it is. Yeah, I hate you.”

He wants to hate you. He tells his friends that he hates you. He tries to make them listen to him.

They spend time at his house. They notice his desperate runs to the bathroom. They notice the spare rose petals littering the floor.

They worry about Yoongi.

Min Yoongi, who ignores his friends concerns, has cuts in his throat.

He is afraid that his love for you is growing faster than his hate. He is afraid that he will be killed soon, if he can’t forget about you.

But he doesn’t stop. He can’t stop.

Human affection and emotion can’t be turned on and off like a switch.

Yoongi’s certainly can’t. Waves of memories would wash over him.

They make Yoongi hate you. They make Yoongi long for the truth. If there had been any way to keep you from leaving him. To keep you here, in the safety of his arms, protected by his love for you.

But you no longer love him. That’s just the way it is.


“You left, but there was not a day
I ever forgot about you.”

Yoongi can’t stop thinking about you. Your hair, your eyes, your laugh, your smile, your words: everything.

He wants to see you. Every day his heart aches to go see you and ask what you’re up to. His entire body burns with longing whenever he passes you on the street.

He can see you in everything he does. Every food he eats reminds him of dinner dates with you. Every song he writes has him longing for you to take a listen. Every joke he tells has him awaiting your distinctive laughter. He can’t get you out of his head.

He can barely talk now. The roses have scratched the inside of his throat up and down. Yoongi isn’t sure how much more he can take.

His friends want to take matters into their own hands as soon as they see Yoongi cough up blood into a tissue.

Yoongi refuses to see a doctor. It isn’t that serious, he wants to say.

“I’m trying,“ he promises.

But as he speaks, another coughing fit comes upon him, and he manages to choke out a full rose, the thorns scraping every part of his mouth without mercy.

He decides to go see a doctor.


“Honestly, I want to see you, but I will forget about you now.”

If you were there, you would’ve held his hand. You would whispered sweet words, calming words, into his ear until his nervous tapping stopped.

You would’ve promised him ice cream and cuddles as soon as the two of you returned home.

He wants to see you. He wants to wrap his arms around your familiar body and hold you closer than he ever has. He wants to breathe you in and remember the scent that used to be on his pillow.

He wants to ask you why you don’t love him anymore. He wants to ask what he did wrong.

He doesn’t want to forget his love for you. He doesn’t want to stop loving you. His entire world was you for so long, and now Yoongi feels lost.

He must forget about you for now.

He must forget about the way you played with his hair when he was tired. He must forget about the way you kissed him when he was stressed. He must forget about the way you spoke to him, your assuring smile giving him any encouragement he needed.

He must forget it all.


“Because it hurts less than hating you.”

The surgery is done.

There is a scar across Yoongi’s neck, where they extracted the roses.

Beside the bed are dozens of blood covered roses, all extracted from his body. Each one represents a piece of you that has been taken out of Yoongi’s life.

He feels pain. Not so much physical as emotional. He knows he used to love you, and yet the place reserved for you in his heart is empty.

Numb. He can’t even place the feeling of your hand in his.

He wants to cry out. He wants to scream. The pain is an overwhelming avalanche tumbling down on his wear shoulders. You aren’t there anymore. His senses and emotions have forgotten your touch. They’ve forgotten the way you made him feel.

Still, Yoongi knows the pain of forgetting you is nothing compared to the pain of hating you.

So he walks out of the hospital with a heavy heart, into the clear spring day that is awaiting him.

~the end~

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Hello! About Kiibo's PTA, the audience actually does say "This guy (Saihara) should've died instead of Kaede-chan". And it would be cool if you talk more about it, cuz it's so awesome and meta. Lotta the comments are the same as the criticism this game gets (shitty plot twist, don't lecture me) so Kodaka knew ppl'd hate this end but did what he felt was right. There's also the experience of watching the twitch chat freak out along with the audience in the game a la niconico douga, it's so great!

Ah, thank you for the clarification! Comun also messaged me about something similar, and finding out that the Kaede line is definitely in there is pretty incredible! Just from the interviews Kodaka’s been giving ever since the game launched, you can tell he definitely expected a huge amount of controversy and people getting up in arms after the game–he knew the fanbase would have this kind of reaction, and it’s something he definitely wanted people to think about.

The whole experience in the last chapter is so all-around meta and fantastic, I have to say it was pretty incredible from start to finish. I know a lot of people are still disappointed with the ending, but the whole point of ndrv3′s ending is not to inspire a feel-good super climactic hope vs. despair showdown, it’s to subvert it. The last trial is supposed to make the player feel uncomfortable, nervous, upset, maybe even angry. And ultimately, the point is to try and get the player to sympathize with the characters as they would if they were in their shoes.

There’s a lot in Chapter 6 about the premise of what constitutes “entertainment” and how much the same exact formula or theory can be rehashed and at what point it stops becoming “fun,” when you look at it from the perspective of the characters experiencing it, even if they’re just fictional.

Kodaka said in his interview (the same interview I translated the Ouma question from) that all fiction in the entire world is a kind of “lie” by virtue of it being real. But at what point does it stop being a lie? Real things are born as a result of fiction, and fiction has a very real impact, and that’s I think one of the most important things Chapter 6 tries to get across. But people’s reactions have been very knee-jerk for the most part, so it’s a message that has largely flown under the radar without a full English translation.

The Mom Ch. 2 (preview)

Goodness, is it chapter 2 already? I received such a great reaction to the first one, I can only hope that I live up to expectations.
You know the drill… Saturday morning, 6am (EST). Meanwhile, enjoy the preview! :)

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Agreed kai needs a cooking show haha. He tries to show off his cooking for bonnie and elena and would prob cook for damon if he would eat it. He mentioned how he spent times playing in the restaurant kitchens in the prison and then his reaction last ep about being able to eat lol. Kai would be a great cooking tv show personality lol I kinda need you to do something with this idea please haha. Future Gemini coven leader by night host of "Whats cooking good looking... with Kai" by day lmao


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You're a really great friend and you guys keep me level when I'm freaking out over the silliest things. And listen to them all, you're beautiful. Yeah, you with the face behind the muses. I'm really glad I decided to be a creep and message you! Cause now I have an awesome friend who had me try a really gross smoothie!


But hey!!!! Avocado smoothie is super yummy!!!!! XD

asdfghjkl, seriously, Chance, thank you so much! And I’m really glad you decided to message me too, because otherwise I’d be missing out on a great friend!

A friend who also happens to turn my reactions into memes XD

oh yeah, I saved it too! ^

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iim yelling because i was talking to the boy i like about the recent thing with trans students rights and i,,,, i ended up coming out to him as both trans and gay and the summary of his reaction was just "okay!" and he was so chill???? i feel like now i can be more myself with him and i feel like it's gonna bring us closer and i'm so happy!!!!

ahhh im so happy for you!!! thats so great !!!!!

tab night!!

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If you're still looking for gifs to make, I've always wanted to see a set of Astrid's reactions to people flirting with her, like Fishlegs in Big Man on Berk, Gustav in Gone Gustav Gone, and Snotlout like all the time. Or any other times you can think of. Her reactions always crack me up.

That would make a great gifset! If you could provide me with a funny Snotlout moment I’d love to make that for you. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I have the time to go through the episodes looking for a good one, sorry about that.