and these are a good ones

“the troubles that lgbt people go through for being lgbt can be recognized and reflected by lgbt fans in bts’ storylines and song lyrics” yes!!!

“bts constantly talk about how they use their work to fight for young people who are discriminated against and confused by society” yes!!!!!!!

“and all the members have said and done a ridiculous amount of things related to lgbt rights that could mean they’re gay………………..” yes!!!!!!!

“and all of this is PROOF that JIKOOK IS REAL and theyre in a gay relationship and in gay love~~~~~!!!! and every time bts mention gayness they’re HINTING that SOON jikook are gonna PUBLICLY COME OUT as a gay couple and show their love to the world!!” NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the best quality, but I am so damn happy with the current state of this sketch that I decided I needed to post it! (and why not make it a video, huh? what was I thinking?? X”D) I’ve been too negative again lately, for which I’m sorry Finished sketch coming up soon-ish! Keep an eye out for it ;)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I have to say I really love SSLL. Everyone is just so cute and trying their best! Though I'm not fond of her ex as a character. He just seems rather one note. Just someone to get the ball rolling and add conflict later on, rather than a fully fleshed out character. So I'm asking is there ever going to be more to his character? Not a "sad/sympathetic backstory" but something that makes him more than a very one trick pony. If not I understand, it's still an amazing story that I really love.

Well, with the ex, we only really see him at his worst–and through the eyes of the Reader.   Sorry to hear that he comes across as one dimensional.  

Honestly, the ex is meant to be a crappy ex someone reading it might’ve had.  That’s why he doesn’t even have a name; he’s just “the ex.”  I’ve been purposely vague with him.  Maybe that’s just my reader-insert preference, though.  

But yeah, we haven’t seen the last of him, and there’s more to him than just someone hung up on the Lady and trying to keep inserting himself into her business.  We just haven’t gotten back around to him yet.