and these also tried my coloring abilities for this show

Rebecca Breeds Gif Hunt

Below the cut are 100+ gifs of Australian actress Rebecca Breeds. She is best known for her role as Ruby Buckton on Home & Away. All gifs were created by me, off of YouTube videos, as I live in America and do not have access to better quality videos of the show. All are small/medium in size, and I tried coloring them to the best of my ability. I really only made these because I wanted to played her, but I decided to share them to the world incase someone else wants to play her! Enjoy. {Also, more will be added in time.}

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Fic: Love and Other Immovable Objects (complete!)

Summary: Blaine didn’t make friends with his students. That was his rule. As it turned out, his exception was small and blond and spent most of the third class of the semester asleep in the second row.

*That’s right kids, it’s a crossover! Think of it as the one where Jack comes out, Kurt organizes a bake sale, and Shitty performs Shakespeare, but not necessarily in that order.*

WC: 19K       Fandoms: Glee + Check, Please!     Pairings: Klaine + Zimbits    

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five   

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Thank you to @stultiloquentia and @iaminarage for being unparalleled betas and sounding boards! This fic wouldn’t be half of what it became without your help. And thanks, of course, to @ngoziu, for letting us play in your world.

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