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Perks of Dating an ENFJ
  • Always ready to see you
  • Wants to do all of the nice things for you
  • Asks you questions to pick up on your quirks to be even sweeter to you
  • Will pick out your outfits and dress you themselves if you’re not very good at it (@intps)
  • Gets really Mama Bear protective of you, if someone starts fucking with you
  • Will handle all social interactions for you, and make you look great, even if you’re not very good at being social
  • Has already packed your lunch for you
  • Remembered to bring everything that you forgot because they knew you would need it
  • Will listen to you talk about your problems for however long you need to, in order for it to be helpful
  • Doesn’t care what the two of you are doing, as long as you’re happy
  • Knows what you’re going to say before you say it, and answers you before you get your words out
  • Subtly gathers information about what things you like (drinks, food, activities, clothing) and gets them for you, without saying anything about it
  • Probably plans on paying for you, if you go out together
  • Probably wants you to get sick, so they can take care of you
  • Is going to try to take care of you, regardless
  • Let them
  • It makes them happy, too
  • Gives calm, useful advice for any of your problems
  • Really likes to know that the things they do for you are appreciated, don’t forget to show them that they are!
  • Soft on the outside, but tough on the inside
At Hamilton 6/24/16

I was fortunate to get tickets in October. Still more than twice list price but I was even more fortunate to have the money (well, according to a certain set of priorities). Front row of the front mezzanine, in the middle of the house right section. (I waited extra months for the front row.)

For everyone’s future reference, I advise house left if you can, because Hamilton is facing that direction turned 90 degrees away from the audience a lot, so I had a good view of the back of his head a lot of the time, plus there’s some important spotlighted moments that are front-facing but extreme stage right. But I was in the perfect area for it to feel as if Lin was looking right at you when he turns his head up after Alexander Hamilton, and I am never forgetting that long moment.

Maybe I’ll make a post later about memories of the show, if I gather enough, but this is a different post. A venting post.

So the couple next to me were definitely rich bitches who, I’ll just say it, by their behavior didn’t deserve to be there. Especially considering all the enthusiastic, dedicated and much more appreciative people who can’t see it not only because of simple numbers but also because the demand combined with the spending ability of people like this is driving up the price. And especially considering the nature of the show, what it uniquely means for people who have a very different experience in society than they do. I don’t think it’s unimportant or bad for people with privilege to see the show (I’m one of them–though I don’t have this couple’s kind of money–and I was definitely conflicted about how that made it possible for me to see the OBC), I think that can help improve the problems in our society that Hamilton is pretty much about. But I don’t exactly think it made a difference to these people.

First thing when I sat down, they pointed at Lin in the Playbill and said, “Is this the guy who’s leaving?” Didn’t know or seem to care who Leslie and Pippa were, when I told them that they were also leaving and who they played. Like, you don’t have to come into a show knowing or even caring about the actors in it to be a “good audience,” but for this show, with the amount of and mounting publicity it’s had, and at this time? The last couple weeks of Lin’s honestly historic tenure in the role (see above about the people who can’t see it)? That’s just… a bad sign.

Then the lady half of the couple, who was next to me, actually significantly impacted my experience in a negative way because she kept audibly chewing gum, I mean throughout almost all of the show, and I have a thing where chewing noises are unbearable and impossible to ignore for me. And she disrespected me by continuing after I asked her twice (just told her, “I can hear your gum,” and yeah, she KNEW what I meant), and when I think I’m being directly disrespected I get very distracting affronted, angry feelings. She rummaged noisily in her purse for a very long minute at the beginning of Wait for It to get out another piece. (Holy shit, I missed a perfect opportunity to turn to her and say, “Wait for it.”) The guy she was with checked his phone during Burn.

When she wasn’t there for a short bit after intermission, I was SO MUCH more present with the play. :(( >>:|  So on top of having problems remembering as much as I would about the show without depression, that interfered a lot.

BUT I had the exact opposite on my other side. A teenage Latina first-generation New Yorker who crowdfunded most of the money for her ticket which I was able to discount, was already obsessed with the show for over a year, was quiet as a mouse except for enthusiastic cheering, and cried.

So, yeah. That happened. Not exactly surprising, either of the circumstances. But here’s a primary source, fwiw.

the next generation: roxanne weasley-johnson

she always felt at home in the joke shop, messing around in the back room and getting to test all the products first. so it was almost inevitable that she was going to grow up to be first the terror of her teachers and then the newest employee of weasley’s wizard wheezes as soon as she left hogwarts. she put her learning to good use though, no one was better at brewing up new and imaginative potions than her after all (plus she won over her girlfriend with her extensive knowledge of dragons, although that may have been more due to uncle charlie than her teachers).

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Dan's article was a poor attempt to save Simon's ass. "see his cash cow is not going to make money anymore, it's going away because it's its decision". Not because there's a contract that's ending at the same time. The moment 1D is free there's gonna be a huge competition between labels, they all gonna want them. I bet they already talked to a few bts.

Oh, for sure. They could probably have their pick of record labels right now. They’re one of the highest selling recording and touring artists out there right now. They’re not on the typical boyband decline. They’re still extremely successful. They could walk into most labels, say what they want, and have it handed back to them for a piece of that cash cow. They’re worth millions upon millions of dollars as an enterprise. They’ll be in a far better bargaining position than they were when they started out, and they’ll have far more control. It won’t be difficult for them to find a new record label, especially with the alliances with the likes of Azoff.

A Kiss Fic - Cause there's probably already like 60.

“KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS” The audience chanted in unison.

“So, I don’t know if you guys heard, but Tyler did this thing where he raised half a million dollars for charity…” Troye explained everything to them as if they didn’t already know. I was glad though. It gave me time to prepare myself.

“There was this one moment in a live stream where we said if we reached half a million dollars…”

I cut him off. “We didn’t say. Troye said.”

“Fine. I said that if he reached half a million dollars, I would kiss him, so without further ado.”

I heard Korey mumble something behind me as Troye leaned forward to whisper something the microphones wouldn’t hear.

“Do it and get off the stage,” Troye said. I nodded. “I love you.” I smiled.

“One,” he counted, his voice sexier than normal. “Two,” he said almost sounding normal. “Three,” he squeaked. He turned back to me and his hand landed on my cheek and lips landed on mine. He positioned his hand to block our mouths from the audience’s view, just like we planned. We kissed, his lips tangling with mine, his teeth on my bottom lip, perfect, but then far too soon he pulled away.

My hands immediately covered my face as it turned bright red realizing what had just happened. I dropped my mic on the floor and quickly followed Troye off stage. I stumbled as I walked, still in daze of the boy’s perfect mouth on mine. As soon as I turned the corner behind the stage, he was there, a ridiculous smile on his face.

“We did it,” he said enthusiastically.

“Troye Sivan,” I groaned wildly.

“Yes?” he asked innocently.

“That was not how that was supposed to happen,” I growled, stepping towards him as he inched back towards the wall.


“Oh,” I repeated, closing the distance between us and pressing him against the wall with my hands on his shoulders. I raised onto my tiptoes and reconnected our lips, my tongue sliding along his mouth. He let me in without hesitation and our tongues met in a delicate tenderness.

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What's your view on the whole Steven universe fandom bashing on brownies for wanting to be a part of the fandom, and even naming it like many other fandom's have named themselves before?

First and foremost I think we should acknowledge that the SU fandom as a whole isn’t doing the bashing. Much like how many bronies say not to generalize our fandom, we should do the same and not generalize others.

From what I understand most of the fall out has been because some EQD staff was planning on doing a new site based on SU and a lot of the more rabid SU fans don’t want anyone who is also a brony in the SU fandom. However, anyone who already liked it, already liked it. Just because a site is going to be made, doesn’t mean its going to be successful and that a million people are going to become SU fans overnight. If anything, the drama has probably made more people curious about SU because of how much is being posted… so that kind of backfired. (Keep in mind, not everyone has cable or lives somewhere where it airs)

As for the naming thing, theres nothing inherently wrong with it. It creates a sense of solidarity and is often less of a mouthful than saying/writing/typing “Franchise-123 Fan” all the time. However if one were to do it with gender specific terms, that would be highly unnecessary. Brony was something a little self-deprecating and was unique in its circumstances, but that doesn’t mean it needs to happen with every fandom there is. Anyway, everyones only been jokingly about it anyway, but if there may be a small handful actually attempting to use it… which there no doubt probably are, theres some reasoning against it.