and theres a snail

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So I ended up naming a male lavellan OC I have Basil too. I know some people would be offended and like their on originality. So I just wanted to see if it was okay I shared an OC with the same name. I'll change it if it bothered you but I just felt the name fit. Much love and appreciation! :)

I dont own the name or anything lol go for it!! That was sweet of you to ask anyway but I was inspired for his name from the book ‘the picture of dorian gray’ myself !

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Name: Cierra
Age: 19
Country: Canada

My name is Cierra, I’m a 19 year old INFJ. I love memes, nature, all kinds of music, reading, film photography, scrapbooking, thrifting, camping, tattoos and binge watching netflix. My favourite movies are she’s the man, mulan, and spirited away, and my favourite shows are gilmore girls, friends, and brooklyn nine nine. My dream is to one day have a tiny house, and have 11 cats like my dad.
I’m not good at maintaining physical friendships as some days are harder for me to get out of bed, so if theres someone out there who loves snail mail as much as I do, and wants to talk about everything and anything, I’m your girl.

Preferences: No preferences, I’ll write back to anyone who writes me!


Found this little cutie in my snail tank. Don’t know how they got there considering all of my snails are too young to mate and I haven’t seen any eggs. Oh well

When my OTP decides to do their own thing, mental plot outline be damned.
  • Me: *glares at characters*
  • Me: I know you want to do the thing, but don't do the thing.
  • Characters: Please? S'il vous plait?
  • Me: No. Stop. I know you're my OTP, but--
  • Characters: Pleease?
  • Me: Oh come on guys. The library is like THE most predictable place to start making out.
  • Me:
  • Me: Okay, you win.
  • Me: *under breath* Again.

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fluff or angst with V???? my mint chocolate chip ice cream cone bab needs love

instant nut because holy shit i love v i love v so much hes the light of my life

fluff bc i cant do angst its not in my nature


-he loves cuddling im crying already

-i have this one game on both PC and my phone where its literally you taking care of a pot of succulents and they grow in real time and you can sing to them too and its really cute

  • soft piano and classical music are played in the background
  • anyway my point is v would have that game and get super excited when one of his plants grows a lot and would totally show u
  • you can also name your plants and he would name the middle one after you and the rest after his friends
  • and theres a little snail too he would name it something cute like turbo or casper

-if you watch anime he would lowkey get into the series and see u get so excited when he names or recognizes a character and he melts bc youre so cute

  • “that’s…. todoroki right?”
  • “y-yeah! how’d you know?”
  • and he mumbles the truth and!!! you melt

-im gA y

-cuddling while watching either your or his favorite movie/series

  • he gets so excited when his favorite part is about to come up on the screen and makes sure youre watching
  • if its your fav movie then he watches u point and squeal and hes so in love with you


-*chants* couple cosplay couple cosplay couple cos

  • please,,, give this man happiness please
  • would cosplay from the anime u watch together


  • would buy u cute tshirts from wherever u want
  • bc he loves u and loves seeing you happy
  • u deserve it
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Are the snails in Undertale normal snails or monster snails? On Napstablook's farm you can talk to the snails and several of them will talk back, plus there's that one snail who sold its shell so they're clearly intelligent enough to barter, AND Napstablook says Asriel absorbed their souls too. However, they're also apparently able to be purchased and Toriel explicitly bakes them into pies. Are the snails on Napstablook's farm aware that their lives will inevitably end on a dinner plate? Is Toriel actually responsible for hundreds of snail monster deaths? If so, how much LOVE has she gained? Considering the snails have currency, would a snail be able to buy itself out of the farm? Would it gain rights or would some rando still be able to squash it or eat it? What about the snails in Thundersnail? Those are presumably not available to be purchased, but in exchange spend their whole lives performing and occasionally catching on fire. Did they agree to this, figuring it was better than becoming a pie? Why is Napstablook of all people running this hellish joint? How


Someone mentioned a “behind the scenes/making of ffxv” where the cast are friendly and up to shenanigans you wouldn’t see in-game, and I couldn’t help but try making one into reality! Prompto still has his freckles (that isn’t hidden by makeup) and Cor dons the rare smile! @sentinelmutt and I came up with the idea that all pictures with a smiling Cor can’t be posted on social media to protect his character’s style so you’ll often hear Prompto being so disappointed !! 

Aramaic Translations!
Aramaic Translations!

Contains: Me translating your asks into Aramaic! It’s also commonly referred to as Chaldean, but the proper language is Aramaic.

So I asked you guys to send me words or phrases to translate into Aramaic, and so I made an audio out of it so you all can hear me saying it!

A/N: I am so sorry about the lack of audios here recently. Lily leaves in about two days, actually, and in that gap of time when she’s gone I’ll be doing audios for you guys and hopefully have enough so that there isn’t a gap like there was this time. Thank you all so much for your patience!!