and therefor it is good

O` Allah I ask You in the name of two grand personalities born in month of Rajab-Mohammad the second of Ali and his son Ali ibne Mohammad.

I seek Your best nearness through both of them. O from Whom good is sought and from Him is asked what He has.

I ask You like a Sinner Confessing his sins which have completely covered him and whose unsound character has bound him down.  His bad habits and vices have therefore become protracted.  He seeks from You, pardon, a good return to You, forgiveness of his Sins, protection from hell fire and amnesty of his misdeeds for You are O` my Lord! his great hope and worthy of confidence.

O` Allah! I ask You in the name of Your noble affairs and lofty resources to cover me in this year with Your vast Mercy and with Your well-spread bounties and grant me a convincing soul till my descent into the grave and its final destination, where it shall meet its fate.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen

—  Dua of Imam Mahdi (as) on the month of Rajab

Tumblr and the internet at large has a misunderstanding of how the alignments work. The character alignments of D&D are motivations for the character’s actions, not a moral judgement of them.

Take for example Judge Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Most people would classify his alignment as Lawful Evil. Because he’s a very strict guy, and he’s an evil bastard. But that’s your judgement of his character, not what drives him to act.

Being Lawful Evil means using systems and rules in order to fulfill selfish needs. And while Frollo definitely does that, it’s not his primary motivation.

His primary motivations are to use the law and the church to purge the world of evil, sin, vice, and corruption. His actions in the name of this goal and his hypocrisy make him evil, but he himself is driven by the desire to do good. Therefore, his alignment would be Lawful Good.


Bates Motel | Proof Alex Romero Gives The Best Hugs | @anextrapart & @jq37


  • going through reblogs of ur posts and reading all the tags to see if anyone complimented your handwriting 
  • “no no procrastinating is okay see this is different this is studyblr so it’s educational therefore it’s all good that I spent 5 hours on tumblr and now I’m not going to finish my final essay" 
  • zooming in on photos to read people’s notes 
  • quietly googling terms used in other education systems (gymnasium? revisions?) 
  • wanting to get a white desk/sheets just so you can take artsy pictures 
  • let me just stand in the middle of the moleskine store and take 500 pictures 
  • realizing that almost everyone in the community is a ravenclaw (GO EAGLES !!) 
  • *feels like a regular Sherlock Holmes after painstakingly figuring out what brand pen that is* *sees price* *cries internally* 
  • *is aggressively artistically challenged* *teaches self to draw banners anyway* 
  • at the end of the day, feeling v loved and supported and accepted (where you may never have been before) in this oddball community of fellow dorks and motivated students *cheesy music, fades to black*
In the womb of your mother you were growing so peacefully. The atoms and cells merged themselves together so that they create the form of you. The elements of the Universe were added into your body, granting you life. Your spirit travelled from a distant place to find home in your body. You were brought to existence on this wondrous Earth to bask in her full glory, to honour and nurture your spirit. You were created for a good reason. So therefore, love your life and love your existence. You are not only flesh and blood. You are stardust and living force of the Universe.

Poirot’s chief personality characteristic was undoubtedly his overweening - but lovable - egotism. On rare occasions he would present an appearance of modesty, but it was patently so forced and false that it fooled no one. Some of his own evaluations from one story or another: “Hercule Poirot… is of a cleverness quite exceptional;” “impossible to deceive Hercule Poirot;” “me, I know everything.”
- Russell H. Fitzgibbon, The Agatha Christie Companion

Mind is the creator of everything. You should therefore guide it to create only good. If you cling to a certain thought with dynamic will power, it finally assumes a tangible outward form. When you are able to employ your will always for constructive purposes, you become the controller of your destiny.
—  Paramahansa Yogananda

Honestly, my biggest problem with 343i’s halo games is related more to the books.
It’s the fact they require you to read like three novels and five comics to understand what’s going on in halo 4. I understand it’s a jump of four years and much has changed, but they really could’ve explained that in a better way.

Unlike every halo game prior to it, it was required reading to check the extended universe, and that was a big factor into why people disliked halo 4.

Halo 2? You didn’t need to know how Chief got to Earth. Hell, it’s even alluded to when the armory gunny asks Johnson how he got back, and the response is “classified.” Nah, you can read how they got back – that’s the book First Strike. But is First Strike important to playing Halo 2? No, it wasn’t, so therefore it’s optional. Optional books to shooters makes a good extended universe while still having very accessible games.

Unfortunately, that’s where 343i fucked up – by making the books and comics mandatory, they forced the hands of a lot of their fan base while confusing the rest. That’s why so many people became disenfranchised with the halo series after halo 4. I have all the books and all the comics, yet I felt it as well. I have gone back and I understand halo 4 much better now; but that doesn’t stop the fact that I disliked the game for a long while simply because there was too much the game acted upon which had been ‘explained’ in book format.

Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

💜minor littles are still littles💜

⭐Teens can age regress just like adults
⭐You’re no less a little just because “you’re a kid”
⭐You don’t have to stop using the title until you’re 18
⭐You dont have to be sexual to be a little, therefore you dont have to be of age
⭐Cglre is a good welcoming sfw little and carer community for minors and adults alike
⭐You’re not breaking a law by playing with toys and coloring
⭐You shouldn’t feel guilty for loving your littlespace
🌟your feelings are valid at any age🌟

Dream of Me (Padawan!Reader x Master!Obi-Wan Kenobi)

A lot of y’all have requested an imagine like this, so I hope you enjoy! Have a good Valentine’s! Just as a warning, here be smut!


You hadn’t started out as Obi-Wan’s padawan. For the first ten years or so of your training, you’d been under Master J’Org. But after you turned 18, your beloved master died, leaving you only partly trained and devastated. Your friend, Obi-Wan, though, put a stop to this.

He’d lost his master, too, and was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or some friendly advice. He helped you to be strong, and therefore the council thought that he would be a good candidate for finishing your training. His padawan, Anakin Skywalker, had recently become a knight, so he was able to take a new apprentice on at any time. He was kind enough to choose you.

That was two years ago. Now, the two of you had become even closer friends, and, if you were being honest, your feelings for him were beginning to grow even stronger than that. He was so kind and handsome, and you were so lucky to be learning from him. It would be easy for anyone to fall in love with him, and you were no exception.

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Each MBTI Type At Their Best

xNTx - Analysts

INTJ: An INTJ at its best is extremely quick to analyze situations and be able to know and understand how different scenarios will most likely roll out much better. Their Fi is much healthier and are surprisingly in control of their feelings and don’t suppress them. Organisational skills through the roof and creativity boosts significantly. They become more aware of other’s feelings and learn to respect their feelings. Knowledge of how to get things done is way more easy to find and to use. 

ENTJ: When an ENTJ is at its best the ENTJ finds a balance between being able to tolerate and control what they say and still say/demand enough to intimidate people and get stuff done. Organisational skills are absurd, to the point they could plan a trip to mars. Are slightly more in touch with emotions and learn to control them when things get to emotionally complicated. Able to play out consequences of actions very easily and therefore give good advice. More aware of other’s people feelings and more respectful to them.

INTP: When an INTP is at its best it easily manages to extract new information and store it for future use. They become more aware of other’s feelings and learn to somewhat respect them and even use them to their advantage. Creativity is heavily boosted, easily find very good ideas and have an easy time innovating. More aware of how to use past experiences to predict how their projects may turn out.

ENTP: An ENTP at its best is able to not only come up with amazing ideas but it becomes easier for them to use their stored knowledge to put those ideas into action. ENTP becomes more aware of other’s people feelings and how to respect them. They may even understand how to use this knowledge to point things their way. Knowledge becomes more clear and less messy which allows ENTP to understand things that were previously seen as too complicated. The ability to learn from past mistakes is improved.

xSxP - Adventurers comming next so stay tuned ;)       Have a magnificent life :)

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