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QMi AU - Smooth

What was it about the night that made everything so mysterious? As if a sudden mystical aura took hold of reality and veiled the bright truths of daytime. Night held the same secrets as Day but hid them so much better.

Everything about Smooth jazz club was luscious, yet discreet luxury; the décor straying from ostentation. It was almost too fitting for the one occupying its centre stage three times a week.

It was his eighth time there that month alone. He had earned the right to his own spot by now, a fact that both thrilled and embarrassed him.

It was the busiest time of the year at the office. For Zhou Mi that meant skipped meals, nights in his office and power struggles with other department chiefs. The hell of stress never failed to reach almost unendurable limits. It made him want to escape from it. And one night he did.

He had come upon the jazz club by chance and confidently walked inside, considering it a welcome means of relaxation. What he saw there that night had immediately made him a regular visitor from then on. And 8 months had passed in the blink of an eye.

He hadn’t met anyone. Not really. Instead he had met a voice. One that enveloped him, tickling his skin like the finest silk. One that crawled so deep into him, it could drag his soul away and nail it to the stage in front of him.

To call himself a man on a mission would be ridiculous, but he was there with a purpose. To have those eyes on him.The singer’s eyes.

Cho Kyu Hyun. He had learned the name on the third month. And there was no doubt on Zhou Mi’s mind: he was in love, although those eyes had never once looked back at him. But love can blind you in so many ways. It will make you dream and hope until it takes everything from you. He embraced it nonetheless.

Cho Kyu Hyun had shaken and invaded his mind. He wouldn’t allow him to leave his life now. Even if he wasn’t truly in it to begin with. That particular night was just one more night like the others. Zhou Mi sat frozen in place, willing a pair of eyes to rest on him. Willing them to look at him forever. He wanted those dark, endless eyes to become his whole world.

It took him more than a moment to realize someone was taking the seat opposite him, his brain still sluggish in a struggle to return to reality after total immersion on the performance that had just ended. The shock of seeing the man who sat there forced the whisper of a name out of him.

‘Kyu Hyun…’

Those eyes were finally on him. Piercing him. Claiming him. Making him doubt he could take another breath. But then in one quick move, without him knowing how or why, the man that had owned him, bewitched him for all those months, eliminated all distance between them. If there was a taste of silk and sin, this was it. Zhou Mi felt it travelling through him, overwhelming his senses until all he could feel were smooth lips stealing his heart away.

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