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Discreet(ish) ways to stim

The popularity of fidget toys has caused many schools to ban them.
If you need to stim or fidget during class and you cant be exempt from the ban i have a list of things that might work.

- theres a $24 fidget pen online. It has some of the features of the cubes and you can buy ink refills. I highly doubt a teacher is going to take it away.

- a metal nut. You can spin the metal textured piece around using your thumb. It does make noise so be careful.

- pen caps. Most people chew on pen caps or straws so this shouldnt be too out of the blue.

- fabric bracelets. I have this yellow one with a giant weave texture to it. There’s many ways to stim with this so find a way that works.

- chew necklaces. Classic stim. May not be completely discreet but i dont see these getting banned.

- stress ball. Hide it in your pocket and squeeze when you get frustrated. These have be banned in some schools so be careful.

- diy tangles. A friend gave me a necklace made of out the rubber band loom stuff. It works great as a tangle. Kind of obvious but it works.

- your clothes. There might be a seam that feels nice to rub.

- make up wedges. They have the best texture. Squeeze squeeze.

- mini stuffed animals. Hide in pocket. Instant comfort.

- feathers. Stroking a feather is nice.

Thats all i can come up with. Suggestions are welcomed and you can add more ideas to this post.

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You like any other games besides Undertale and overwatch? ( Btw there's this game called 'heartbound' that people are saying it's the new Undertale, but hey people say a lot of things )

a crapton of games. I’m a gamer at heart I know way too many games to put them on a list. Tho if you mean the ones i’m currently playing just a lot of online ones

a list of parking lots i have cried in and the ratings

Kroger Parking Lot

2/10 theres too many people, too many families and happy people with food who look at you weird when you’re crying in your car alone to Ariana Grande and eating a banana

Wendy’s Parking Lot

4/10 not nearly as many people as Kroger but you have to deal with cramped quarters and the gross smell of Wendy’s “always fresh never frozen” bullshit burgers and limp ass salty fries

McDonalds Parking Lot

7/10 They won’t ask questions. Not even if its midnight and you’ve been in the parking lot in your car for literally 2 hours sobbing gently while eating fries…it doesn’t have 10/10 because for some reason the mcflurry machine is always mcfreakin broken

Taco Bell Parking Lot

0/10 too cramped, smells bad. The last thing you want whilst crying gently to celine dion in your car is to have rando drunk people up chuck their baha blast and 5 Doritos tacos

Rally’s Parking Lot

10/10 Dude asked me if i was ok and threw in 2 extra orders of fries and gave extra ketchup. Rally’s is pure and good, also open till like what 3 am?

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what is your favorite acnl blog??♡

my fav acnl blog is me ~❁ omfg jokes ah theres too many to choose from!! i’ll probably give u a list of a couple ;o; 

@mayor-aby @mayor-mami @lostmitten @applehsia @lazybeau @mayorintheshadows @phantasmita @cupcakecrossing @nookish @yamgrove @mylostboy @acnlvevo @rosey-crossing (sorry if i missed anyone ah it was from the top of my head)
theyre mainly my friends but theyre such sweet people to follow ;o; thank u for asking though~!

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are their any blog/blogs that you've made a connection with in this fandom? if so who? i wanna start my own dt blog but im scared i won't really talk to anyone, so maybe a few recommendations would help :))

Hell yea their is! I don’t talk to all of them a lot, but I sure do love all of these guys💕
@scuteedolans Leena’s actually the best person I could ever ask to collab with
@dolayn sweetest person ever
@dolan-twin-trash MY MOTHER SHES SUCH AN ICON
@curlymotherfuker another icon
@artdolan actually perfect everything she posts is iconic
@graysdol gorgeous inside and out
@edjjr0401 he’s been one of my most loyal followers to date
@avacadolan HILARIOUS
@4odolans legit one of the prettiest people i know
@poeticallydolan actually love her blog
@dolantwinsgifs love her blog too
Ok so pretty short list, but theres actually so many people I love the list is endless💕


Both Turkey (red flag) and Pakistan (green) have suffered devastating terrorist attacks in the month of March 2016. There have been more than 10 attacks in Turkey in March alone by several organizations. Pakistan suffered a terrible suicide bombing in Lahore today (3/27/2016) and hundreds of people were wounded and killed–many families were in the park today, some celebrating Easter. It’s important to remember that theses attacks are not as visible in western media for a variety of reasons. But they’re happening way too often in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. That they happen at all is too much, but please remember the people who are grieving in those places too. My heart broke for people in France and in Belgium this year, but also for the people in Pakistan today.

tagged by @itstimetodrew for top 10 fave characters
these are in no way in order

Gintoki (gintama)
Kaiji (kaiji)
Vash (trigun)
Milly Thompson (trigun)
Lavernius Tucker (red vs blue)
Foo Fighters (jojos)
Pit (kid icarus)
Bang (blazblue)
L (death note)
Zelgadis Greywords (slayers) and Hiei (yyh) are sharing a spot because im a cheater shhhh

aughhh this was too difficult, theres so many more people i wanted on this list

i tried to do one a series but i just love milly so much
i tag @donesparce, @imsopopfly, @koukoulatte, @gouec, @scorpiomon, @sadjazzdad, @thegravityqueen, @anacondadrewberry, @lightyagamemes, @wormiez and anyone else who might wanna do it

shuffle tag

rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people!

tagged by @min-yoongle

this is probably gonna be mostly bts since a majority of the songs i downloaded is bts :^)

1. boy meets evil (bts)
2. epilogue: young forever - japanese version (bts)
3. run (bts) 
4. first love (bts)
5. stigma (bts)
6. two! three! (bts)
7. fire (bts)
8. fire - japanese version (bts)
9. butterfly (bts)
10. epilogue: young forever (bts)

tagging @bangtan070 @ithappens-yaknow @cherie-erii @rapmooni @adoreseokjin @cleffafairy @selflessjin @kimtae95s @nenedemiel @3joonie

Naruto Fleet

Rule: List your top 10 Naruto ships in order and then tag 10 people you’re curious about.

I was tagged by @denilmo thank you friend ^.^

I don’t really rank my ships since which one I prefer just depends on the day but here are some of the ones I like the best!

  1. KakashiSakura
  2. MadaraTobirama
  3. MadaraKakashi
  4. ObitoKakashi
  5. TobiramaKagami
  6. TobiramaIzuna
  7. KakashiTenzou
  8. SakuraKisame
  9. KakashiMinato

Is my obsession with Kakashi being too obvious? I ship this boy with everyone because he deserves so much love that I will literally find some for him in any warm human being available. Unfortunately most of my ships have very few stories about them compared to others and I am slowly trying to change that. 

SO! I hereby tag @purple-possibilities, @cassandrasdreamworld, @syndellwins, @fineillsignup, @moonfox22, @kunoichi-ume, @thetoxicstrawberry, @awintersrose, @lavendersblues, and @kakashi-bby

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )

currently playing:

  • kichimura washuu [ tokyo ghoul ] - active
  • sebastian michaelis [ kuroshitsuji ] - active
  • mayuzumi [ tokyo ghoul ] - semi-active
  • matsuri washuu [ tokyo ghoul ] - semi-active
  • kaoru hitachiin [ ouran high school host club ] - semi-active
  • koujaku [ dramatical murder ] - hiatus

have played/might bring back:

  • alois trancy [ kuroshitsuji ]
  • charles grey [ kuroshitsuji ]
  • levi ackerman [ shingeki no kyojin ]
  • jean kirschtein [ shingeki no kyojin ] 
  • petra ral [ shingeki no kyojin ]
  • nile dawk [ shingeki no kyojin ]
  • tamaki suoh [ ouran high school host club ]
  • zera [ litchi hikari club ] 
  • various original characters [ kuroshitsuji, fandomless etc. ] 

want to play:

  • every single washuu [ tokyo ghoul ]
  • william t. spears  [ kuroshitsuji ]
  • handsome jack [ borderlands ]

tagged: tagged by @white-reaper <3

tagging: i think my entire dash has done this by now, please steal if you want to. just say i tagged you <3

How To Get Big

For all of the difficulty I had doing it, it’s undeniable that gaining fat is a simple process. It may not always be easy, especially for hopeless people like me, but it’s definitely simple–just consume more calories than you burn, and you will gain weight. If you’re not gaining weight, eat more. Nothing more to it; couldn’t be simpler.

On the other end of the spectrum, though, is gaining muscle. On the surface, it seems like it would be equally as simple, right? Go lift weights, get bigger. A lot of people certainly think that. (I’ve heard too many people say they’re afraid of ’accidentally’ getting too muscular.) While that’s the oversimplified gist of it, when you start to delve deeper, it feels like things get exponentially more advanced. Suddenly, there’s a ever-growing list of factors to consider.

What routine do you follow? How much weight should you lift? How many sets? How many reps? Slow or fast motions? How long should you wait between sets? How long should your workouts be? How often should you go? Can you go too often? Should you do cardio? And then there’s food. How much should you eat? How many grams of protein? How many carbs? How many calories in general? What foods are ideal? How many meals per day? Can you eat too much? How much rest should you get? What supplements are worth taking? Which ones are bunk?

There are answers to these questions, but the trouble is that the answer you get depends on who you ask. Simply Googling any one of these common questions returns countless contradictory articles and guides that people just tend to pick one that sounds compelling. As such, everyone tries to make their answer the most compelling. Endless ‘bro science’ with questionable terms, promises of bodybuilder-quality results with no need for illegal drugs (despite the promises being made by people who unquestionably are taking such things), and just plain-and-simple exaggerations and misinformation.

After much trial and error, what happens next–or at least what is happening to me lately–is that you begin to believe that no one actually knows what the 'right’ thing to do is. You begin to distrust everyone equally. Everyone’s full of shit, even–or more often especially–the ones who claim to know what they’re saying.

I love weightlifting, I really do. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities I’ve ever done.  It’s  satisfying and I’m proud of how dedicated I have been to this path. I don’t care if it takes longer or it’s a lot harder or will yield worse results towards my goal of being 'big,’ I can accept that. I am patient. To a point.

I simply hate spinning my wheels. I hate the feeling of futility. I hate taking someone’s advice and then later finding myself disappointed with my progress and learning that they were full of shit. I hate feeling comfortable with my routine or my diet and then being told unprovoked that I should be doing it a completely different way. This happens constantly. It’s infuriating. 

I’m very proud of how well I’ve been able to stick to what I’m doing, even if it’s out of my comfort zone. I just want want to know what what I’m doing is what I should be doing. And I’m convinced I’ll never really know that.

Apologies for the rant, but I feel much better having done it. The world of muscle-building is just so much different than the low-stress world of gaining. It takes some getting used to.

The Parents of Overwatch
  • Soldier 76: Of course he's at the top of the list he's The Dad. Mega dad. Ultra dad. So dad it hurts.
  • McCree: Unwilling dad. Why are there so many anklebiters running around oh my god. Will claim he's too mature to hang out with the "youngins" and then two seconds later will be playing Dance Dance Revolution with D.Va.
  • Reinhardt: The Ultimate Grandpa(TM). The coolest out of all of them.
  • Tjorborn: That grumpy grandpa who's always complaining but really does care about everyone a lot.
  • Mercy: The Mom(TM), but also very much Wine Mom. There's just too many people in this fucking house. Heroes never die my ass they're gonna start dying if they don't start pickin up their shit.
  • Hanzo: Unwilling dad 2.0. Does not intend to be fatherly, often is anyway. However will join prank wars at the drop of a hat. Claims he's only playing Dance Dance Revolution to kick McCree's ass.
  • Reaper: Tries to be a dad, fails. Really just that creepy uncle no one likes.
  • Pharah: Unwilling mom. How can any of you function without sleep and proper meals for the love of god.
  • Widowmaker: Vodka Aunt

This is my first one and holy shit theres too many people I love all the people I follow for the most part. Sorry if I didn’t list you I probably couldn’t remember your URL or we havent talked in awhile…

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HI! I love your blog and I am desperate for new blogs to follow. Any recommendations? Thanks sm :)

Oh wow thank you so much! I follow a lot of book blogs so I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but I’ll put both fandom/book blogs I love, for you to see.

@aaronminyardt @rykemedows @ravnboy @richavdgansey @sebby-morgenstern @lillabard @ganseysqueen @andrevvminyard @andrewminyardi @blusargnt @pvrabatai @janegansev @arowdella @nebulaers @crzerny @witchlights @illuminosity @jeromevaelska @hiccupinlife @alittleklarolineobsession @timeturnr @gwenllian @gansgay @ganseyiil @queencarstairs @princesshavilliard @princevvhitethorn @smoakisqueen @pureblud @lunavlovegood @heirondale @heartrenders @minyardlynch @oakwald @blackthorny @eluciens @ryshand @rhycand @kingqansey @rhysaynd @estrllas @loranhale @lucillesharpie @oftheniklife @life-of-fandoms @helnblckthorn @perspephone @perksofbeingafanboy @petermaximoff @persesphcne @achancetoescape @sarchengseys @bensolcs @justgvnsey @mavencalore @technicolor-in-your-eyes @nxghtcourt @renneewalkers @rennewalker @goldenheadfreckledheart @orlasergent @pynchs @leo-freaking-valdez @minyardandrevv @cznery @havilliardes @havilliard @ryhsaend @pynch @rhysaend

do you ever just look at suho and wonder how anyone can love anyone else ,,,, like i just don’t see what people don’t see in him and it kinda makes me sad….he’s truly wonderful just so wonderful and makes me so proud to love him There’s jst too many things to even begin listing


luhan singing (and rapping) compilation

Hyelloh everyone! First off, I want to thank tyleroakleyisthebae for helping me with this because I am swamped today. Second, THANK YOU!

Never in a million years would I imagine having ELEVEN THOUSAND followers. That’s insane. 11k. 11,000. Eleven Thousand. That’s mind boggling. In the words of my sister, “that’s more followers than some religions have.”


ANYWAYS. I WANTED TO MAKE A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO I THANK, BUT THERES TOO MANY AND I DONT WANT TO LIST EVERYONE BC ILL FEEL BAD IF I FORGET SOMEONE. So basically tilly-oakley and tyleroakleyisthebae and alexdoestv and whoistroyeanyway and anyone else who keeps me the best I can be <3

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