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Baahubali: Fact Vs. Fiction
  • “Prabhas and Rana were not the original choices”

The entire team of Baahubali worked so hard for 5 years on the 2 films, so it’d be great if people didn’t disrespect the actors by recasting their roles. Also for the love of God, kill the rumors that the movie was first offered to Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham or whatever bollywood actor’s diminishing career you’re trying to validate. Here’s proof from Rana himself:

and this is the article that he was referring to:

And here’s a direct quote from Rajamouli from this interview:

“Surprisingly it is quite difficult for people to believe that he was on board even before the script was done. I wanted to make this huge, epic war film for a long time and we didn’t have the script on hand, but somehow I knew that he was my protagonist. I used to tell him…I didn’t have the story so I didn’t have anything to tell him, but I used to tell him the kind of historical kings we had, the characterizations of Rana Prathap, the characterizations of Sivaji, of Sri Krishna Devaraya, of all of the kings of India. And I used to tell him that these are the lines that I’m thinking on and wanted him to play. He loved it, he loved the idea, and when I finally told him the story of Baahubali, and said that I would be needing him for one or one and a half year, he laughed and he said ‘You’re not going to make this in one and a half year, I know it will take more time, let it be two or three years, I’m there for you’ and he gave his dates without committing to any other film”

  • “The VFX was done with hollywood talent”

There were also so rumors that Baahubali utilized the same VFX team that worked on Jurrassic World which was denied by producer, Shobu Yarlagadda. One of the co-founders of Makuta VFX, which previously worked with Rajamouli on Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna, and Eega, stated: “ Most of Baahubali was developed in Hyderabad, home to Tollywood, and used local talent. It was principally a homegrown feature produced by homegrown talent.“

  • “Karan Johar came on board because Baahubali needed Bollywood money to be made.”

That’s not true. Arka Media Works produced both films. What started as a single film, shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil was then split into two after realizing the scope of the story. The Hindi version was not on the cards until Rana, who has bollywood connections due to his prior movies, pitched the film to Karan Johar and convinced him of its capacity to be a national phenomenon. Then only did Karan Johar come on board as a presenter. He certainly deserves credit for heavily promoting the film and grabbing bollywood’s attention by having his name attached but he was not involved in the film making process. Rajamouli has stated many times that if Prabhas committed to Baahubali by not taking on any other projects, Rana did so by being the team’s “mascot” and taking it to new terrain.

  • “Rajamouli enhanced the character of Devasena after the criticism of Avanthika in the first part”

I have my personal opinions about the character of Avanthika but in general some of the criticism the character received is valid. However, the character of Devasena was not changed in order to avoid the backlash. Devasena is the character she was since the film went on floors. When the movie was first started, it was supposed to be a single film which is why they began shooting with the flashback portions that are seen in the second part. This still, which is from a scene in The Conclusion, surfaced even before the release of the first part which shows that the story did not change much. Also, the team has stated in many interviews that they did not make any changes to the story after the response to the first one. They did make some changes in terms of editing and VFX but the characterizations did not change.

Tamanna has said before that she came on board pretty late into the making. Its highly likely that the character of Avanthika was added to bring some “masala” and appeal to a larger audience. If you consider the role of Avanthika, the film could have technically happened without her in the story but that is not the case for the strong characterization of Devasena which is the driving force of second part’s plot. This isn’t to excuse some of the issues with Avanthika’s character but just to say that it was a result of last minute tweaking and Devasena was not was an “afterthought”.

  • “The Hindi audience supported Baahubali more than the Telugu audience”

Obviously if we look at the numbers, the Hindi version did bring in more money than the Telugu Version. However, its really unfair to say that Telugu people did not support the film as much when it was us who saw its rise from being a rumored project to the sensation it is today. If you want to look at the numbers, just look at the stats of the Hindi audience vs. Telugu. The Hindi speaking population in India is almost at 50% whereas Telugu is around 8%. Then take into account people living in the diaspora and there’s no way we can compete. Also there is a huge audience that does not speak any of the languages the film released in and by default probably saw the Hindi version because its closest to their native language or the one they’re most familiar with. Either way, we shouldn't quantify support with BO numbers because the odds are always going to against non-Hindi speakers. Don’t take this victory away from the Telugu industry that has long been ridiculed in the national media for producing only “masala” films. Don’t make this about you, because its really, really not. oh and btw, STOP TAGGING BAAHUBALI CONTENT AS BOLLYWOOD

  • Final Thoughts

Its really easy for us to sit here and just say, ‘of course they all gave their time and dedication to this project, anyone, given the chance, would have. its a once in a lifetime kind of franchise’. But keep in mind that when the film first began production, it was seen as HUGE gamble that had the capacity to end careers if it had gone wrong. It’s because they committed to this project and worked day and night on it that it is what it is today, not in spite of it. So please don’t undermine their success and hard work by basically deeming them as replaceable and let’s give credit where its due. 

Of course no cinema is without its faults but sometimes we just need to set aside our critical lens and lets ourselves succumb to the masterpiece in all its glory.

Also the team is full of genuinely kind and humble people who have racked up a lot of goodwill over the years in the industry and I couldn’t be happier that they’re the ones receiving all this success and glory because if it was anyone else, it probably would’ve gone to their heads. 

and finally for good measure here’s an Instagram post from Rana, just in case you didn’t love these two enough already

Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 1 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

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Words: 1646

Warnings: Swears, typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: Okay, so I decided to make this a series with 3 parts, because writing just one would have been wayyy too long. I hope that’s okay with you. Also about the time travel, I considered using the character of Shadowcat for it, but my approach was a little different and it wouldn’t have worked with her, so I decided to introduce another time-travel mutant (It’s not important or anything, I just thought I’d mention it). Enjoy! xoxo

Part 2 - Part 3

It took Charles a moment to find back to reality and shake off the painfully familiar nightmare. Then he forced himself on two elbows and reached for his wheelchair. He knew, if he went back to sleep now, the dream would pick up right where he left it. And that he definitely didn’t want.

The mansion was quiet and dark, as it was supposed to at 3 in the morning. Charles’ mind randomly wandered through the rooms of his students, picking up their dreams, not staying long enough to see any details, but long enough to know that they were fine. Looked like he was the only troubled one in this starry night, he thought, stopping by one of the big corridor windows.

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Passione (Bruno's) gang seeing their crush in a wedding dress.

[ Ok cos this is crush not S/O ill keep the marriage altar options out HAHA feel free to send an ask if u want to see me write that one I also throwed Trish and Fugo in cos idk do you guys count them as fully part of the gang whatever i have time im going to wrITE THEM. Its overall not too long for each character cos i wrote for all of them apologies]

- I doubt this proud Capo would shed a tear but regardless it would definitely stun him. He’d think he was prepared to see you [I mean it’s just a dress how different will it be.] But he wasn’t prepared when you walked out of the room.
- He’d have to pause for a moment and walk up to you to take a good look at your face before he agrees that he isn’t dreaming and relax.
- If you two are alone he’d start letting the flatter stream in, telling you how angelic you looking in such an extravagant dress and how gorgeous he thinks you are.
- He might even offering to take your hand to give you a spin in the glorious gown, making sure he can soak in how good you look in all of it, the way the cloth hugs your body and how his wish so badly he’d get to marry you someday.
- If there are others around he’d surely be much more calm about it, the lightest blush covering his cheeks yet no one would comment anything and his actions wouldn’t be much different. However shooting the other members a look of disapproval if Mista they give any inappropriate comments about the way you look.

- Mista wouldn’t be anywhere near remotely subtle about it, he’d immediately walk up to you with the brightest blush on his face and drown you in flattery.
- Sure as hell expect him to throw in cheesy pickup lines asking you if you’d wear that for him someday too or about how he’d never thought you’d look so good in white, and how you’d look better naked. In which then Bruno or Abba would have shot him a look and lightly punched him.
- Opposite of Bucci though, if others are in his presence he’d be loud about his affection but if its just the two of you he’d shy away over too, too embarrassed to look you in the eye. Giving you side glances as he blushes and compliments you.
- Sex Pistols would definitely want to have a say in this, alone or not they’d pop up and start hovering around you, sitting on your shoulders or clinging onto your hair and smushing your cheeks they can’t get enough on how cute you look.
- In which now Mista would be furiously apologising for their behaviour or he himself commenting about how he wish that was him, and how it was unfair that his stand could get so close to a goddess like you but he wasn’t allowed to.

- Abba would not make eye contact with you at all, averting his eyes to look at everyone but you’d he’d still tell you that you looked good. Maybe casually say something like good luck on this mission or something along those lines.
- Deep inside thought his cold heart is racing, his head only forming images of you standing at the altar with him and this man cannot handle it.
- Abba being Abba would also mentally note the exact time and day where this happens and you’re sure as hell when he’s alone in the mansion he’d replay this moment with Moody Blues as he smiles to himself without anyone noticing. You’ve enthralled this poor man.
- If its just the two of you he’d let his hands cup your face, his fingers trail over your cheeks before adjusting your hair and just looking at you with a full blown melancholic look on his face. He’d would have internally swore to do all he can to see this waiting for him at the altar someday. It’s now his new personal goal.
- If its with the rest of the gang around he wouldn’t even stand near you, probably sitting on the couch and taking in your full beauty from there, and when the other members ask him if he thinks you’d look good he’d just shrug and say something like “ Yeah whatever of course she’d look good.” while his own face heats up.

- Within seconds of seeing you, regardless alone or not, he’d already have used Gold Experience to form a rose to give you, or even helping put it into your hair.
- You look Amazing, and the poor Don doesn’t know what to say, deep inside he’s thanking his ancestors already for giving him a chance to see you in a wedding dress before he even got to confess to you.
- Giorno being the suave boss that he is would shoot you a soft smile and give you some nice compliments about how elegant you look.
- If theres other people around he’d [not so] subtly do it instead maybe saying stuff like how even with Gold Experience he’s never seen any being so beautiful before and giving you such a warm smile you yourself feel the shivers go down your spine. It was a rare sight after all to see your boss so happy with you.
- Giorno might also dismiss the other members in the room to give the two of you some time alone instead as he just wants to remember such a precious moment with only the two of you and no other distractions. Maybe even using such a time to hint his affection towards you.
- He’d internally swear to protect you forever, telling himself he’d make sure he marries you someday. You were the most beautiful thing to exist in his dark world of the Mafia anyway. He would make sure you never get tainted again.

- She’d definitely first comment about the state of the dress, asking you a flurry of questions about the material, brand, design. All of course to cover her embarrassment.
- You look stunning and she hates it, how could you look so much better than her! She’d soon enough demand to get to try on the dress too just to see if you’d be as flustered as her when you see her in it.
- Trish wouldn’t flat out say it but she’d definitely leave a comment or two about how good you look in it, and the slight passive aggressiveness on how good you look. “ Dammit your figure is too slim for such a dress! Let me wear it instead!”
- If there are other members around she’d try to act more nonchalant about it, trying not to let anyone notice her gawking at you, especially making sure You of all people don’t notice.
- However if it’s just the two of you Trish herself would be nicer about it, telling you how good you look and maybe offering to style your hair for you or do your makeup. She herself wants to see you fully dolled up anyway, she knows you’d be stunning.

- Like the excited child that he is Narancia would just gawk at you, be it if its just the two of you or everyone else is watching, the poor boy would just stare with his mouth open and blush rising to cover his face.
-  With some nudges from the other members he’d eventually close his mouth before taking a deep breath and letting out the loudest “ Wow.” All he wants now is to let you know just how much he loves you
-  His hands are covering his face now as he lets out a flustered blur of compliments all full of stutters as Aerosmith flies around him now to try and cool him down. The other members are laughing at the sight and so are you and the poor child is really overheating in embarrassment.
- If its just the two of you. Its worse. He’s trying his best to act as cool as he can and giving you the weirdest compliments like how “ I like you as much as I like orange juice.” and giving a awkward wink and shaky laugh.
-  And if you were to comment on how cute this scene was, teasing him, he’d totally lose it and blurt out something like how much he likes you and regret it right after.
-  Its the cutest sight and if you didn’t like him before. You sure as hell do now.

- Fugo would just looked shocked for a good few seconds before regaining his usual composure however with a bright blush covering his face. Nothing else about him will change, snide remarks would still leave his mouth but everyone would notice how much more embarrassed he seems.
-  If the other members tease him about it he’ll go full defensive mode asking them to shut up and threatening them while constantly making eye contact with you. If you were to laugh at his cute ordeal, his face would just get even reader.
- If its just the two of you alone and you make a comment about how flustered he looks he’d quickly brush it off, scolding you a little before admitting in an accidental outburst to “ Stop fucking around I’m embarrassed enough!” and regretting it right after.
- Of course like everyone else he’d be imagining you walking down the aisle to him in that dress and god bless Fugo might start tearing up a little, he’s just thinking about just how much he doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful as you especially with his stand and job being so ugly.
- Fugo would still be trying to soak it all up and memorise your beauty for this, and after seeing this, might secretly beg Giorno to let him help you out on this mission instead in full overprotective mode. He doesn’t want you to get hurt at all after seeing such a blessed sight like this one.

Stripper!Eren x Levi (Smut)

Written for @xavier-the-gay-unicorn sorry it took so long *scratches back of neck and awkwardly laughs*

Side note: for some reason, the bottom part wouldn’t paragraph.

It was June of 2000 and something so, as you can imagine, it was scorching hot outside. However, that also meant one thing. Exams. Oh the joy. Spending a third of your day indoors learning about trigonometry and calculating the radius of a circle. How stressful and tedious. To one pupil, this was the easy part. The hard part was rushing to work after school to work an eight hour shift. His name was Eren. He didn’t work where you’d expect to find an average lad working, like McDonald’s. No. He worked in a strip club.

It all started one day where he was only there to serve drinks to all of the horny guys who’d just finished work and needed to relax. One of the members of staff had accidentally spilled his drink on Eren. The liquid seeped through his shirt revealing the outlines on his torso.

“Hey kid. If you wanna up your wages… how about you get up there and take that shirt off”

As you would’ve guessed, Eren took the job. It only made sense.

The school bell rang and Eren was already out the door. He didn’t want anyone to see him. He felt nearly ashamed but, some income is better than none.

He turned a corner at an alley way which was very secluded and ahead of him was the strip club. Before pushing the door open, he stared at his reflection wondering if it was worth it or not. He was still a kid but never got to feel like one.

“Suck it up. You need the money so, just go in and do your best.”

These personal pep talks were becoming too regular.

The other members of staff were pretty occupied with cleaning up the place before it opened, Eren was just in his own world.

“Oi. Drink this. You need it.”

“Cheers boss.”

Eren necked his couple shots of vodka and got to work.

“It can’t be that bad”

Finally, opening time.

The locks on both entrances opened and a sea of people came flooding in with fat wads of cash in their fists.

“Where’s that boy with the bright eyes”

“Have you seen his ass?! Just thinking about it gets me rock fucking solid”

Eren sort of liked being objectified, it boosted his confidence. A lot.

However, there was one guy in the crowd, not saying much. He sat down, the three top buttons of his shirt undone, tie loose round his neck, sleeves lazily rolled up and hair wild. He looked like a “try before you buy” sort of guy. Seeing what these beautifully built guys had to offer before he left.

Eren caught his eye.

Loud music started moving through out the club and the guys started cheering.

Eren removed his button down shirt and started caressing his skin and slightly flexing his muscles.

This guy just stared in amazement at Eren. He never knew anyone this beautiful existed.

Eren then removed his trousers, just standing in his Calvin Klein boxer breifs. The guys started wolf whistling, especially when they saw the bulge Eren carried.

It had been a good night for Eren.

“Holy shit, £500…”

He went off stage and began to dress himself.

“That was quite a performance, Jaeger, I’m impressed”

“Thanks, I guess”

“Oh, Eren! Before you go, theres someone here to see you, his name’s Levi. And I’m trusting you to lock up this place, okay?”


Eren turned round. There he was. That guy from earlier.

He looked like a work of art up close. He had eyes the colour of the sea during a storm surge and his hair was the colour of midnight. Lets not get started on his manly physique.

“So. You’re Eren? I’m Levi.”

He held out his hand for Eren to shake.

“H-hi, Levi” Eren gulped.

“Look, I’m gonna be blunt here. You’re obviously young and you wouldn’t be working here unless you were desparate, right?”


“So, how about I help you with your finances?”

“Uh… okay?”

“You have to do something for me though.”

His eyes darkened with lust and mischeif. He wanted to fuck Eren so badly right now.

“Name it.”

Before Eren finished his sentence

“Sleep with me.”

Erens lips parted. In shock but also excitement.

“Right here. Right now.”

“Okay daddy. Anything you want.”

Levi pulled Eren in by the collar and kissed him. His tongue slipped into his mouth. After a few seconds, he pulled away and lightly pulled on Erens bottom lip, just to tease.

He pushed Eren onto the couch and took this as an opportunity to find out what Eren liked.

He kissed and sucked on his neck, hurriedly yet passionately.

Eren rolled his head to the side, his breathing was already getting quite rapid.

“Oh God.” He whisper-yelled.

“Daddy must be doing a very good job, right?” He teased some more.


Levi sat eren up and ripped his shirt off of him.

“No wonder the guys go crazy for you” he smirked and traced the outlines of his abs.

Levi kissed up and down Erens’ torso, leaving little wet patches. Eren placed his hands on the bag of Levi’s head, tightly shutting his eyes. “We haven’t even got to the good part yet.” Eren was internally screaming. He was about to receive something better than the £500 he got today. Levi worked his way down to Erens jeans, slowly unbuttoning them just to frustrate Eren a little more. He pulled them off along with his boxers and threw them to the floor. His erection was… standing at attention. “Wow. Thats going to be a… mouthful.” Eren tried to supress the blushing and without any warning, he was in Levi’s mouth. Levi’s cheeks hollowed and his head bobbed up and down. His hand was pumping the part that he couldn’t fit. “Oh fuck…” Eren said under his breath. Levi began to circle the tip with his tongue, making Erens’ legs quiver. Again, with out any warning, Levi swallowed him whole. “Keep going, Levi… please, don’t stop!” Eren’s breathing was at its quickest. Levi seemed to pick up on this so, he stopped. “Why did you stop?” Eren interrogated between each pant. “It was a bit… hard to swallow” Levi smirked. Levi held eye contact with Eren and began to undress himself. He just couldn’t wait to get his hands on Eren. “Face down. Ass up. Now.” Eren complied. Levi grabbed Erens hips and slowly pushed his way on. Eren had never experienced so much pleasure. Levi slowly thrusted in and out and with each thrust, Eren pushed back. “Easy tiger.” Levi’s hand forcefully smacked Eren’s ass “Sorry, daddy.” That riled up Levi even more. He began thrusting at a magnificent speed, making Eren’s eyes roll back until only the whites were visible. He took one of his hands off of Erens hip and grabbed his cock, pumping at the same speed. “Daddy, I’m gonna-” 10 minutes later, Eren had come back to his senses. “He kid, you okay? For a minute, I thought you died.” Levi said while buttoning up his shirt. “I’m fine. Actually, I’m more than fine.” Eren grinned Levi pulled out a thich brown envelope from his breif case and threw it on the couch. “Here’s 10k.” “Levi…thank you.” “No. Thank you.” Eren innocently smiled at Levi even though he was still spread out on the couch naked. “Here’s my card. If you wanna go again, just call this number” his infamous smirk appeared once again. “Oh, and Eren?” “Yeah?” “That camera at the top left of the ceiling was on.” He deviously winked and shut the door behind him.

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Little idea nugget I had the other day~ Bucky loved Peggy first.

omg i spent such a long time thinking about this and now you got me shipping them thanks anon as if i wasnt already in rarepair heLL HERE WE GO

  • peggy was a liasion from the british government to help the SSR, and she was serving under colonel phillips. after project rebirth phillips was assigned to take the SSR to europe to fight hydra and he made peggy and howard a part of his staff. so peggy goes to europe, leaving steve rogers behind in america for his uso tour. steve rogers, the skinny boy from brooklyn who looked at her and saw something worth looking at. steve rogers, whose face she pictures, the same now even with a different body, with his twinkling blue eyes and serious mouth, his artist hands. she wonders if she’ll see him again, now that the rest of the world has its hands on him. and she finds herself hoping she she does - steve, so sincere and the kind of good that can’t help itself, smiling at her sweetly and making her feel warm all over. but then he’s gone and peggy has her orders and he says “until next time, agent carter,” and she finds herself eagerly awaiting for next time.
  • peggy finds herself in europe with the 107th. its early 1943 and she’s surrounded by all these men who either look at her like an ice lolly or something they scraped off from under their shoe and most of them have tried hitting on her with little to no success.
  • at some point phillips starts working with the higher ranking officers and thats when she meets seargent barnes, who’d only been on the front for a few months or so but had passed his training at camp mccoy in wyoming with flying colours and was supposed to be the best shot of the entire 107th
  • and he’s so polite and he’s all schoolboy charm and the perfect manners of a boy raised by harsh, strong women who’d whack him if he gave them lip and he literally kisses her hand when he introduces himself and she raises her eyebrows and that smug grin on his face really grounds her nerves but she finds herself smiling back at him if only for a moment, and she gives him a sharp dismissal and he winks as he goes back to his duties
  • she’s met his gaze around the base a couple of times, or seen him showing off or trying to impress her, but they havent really been given any assignment together yet and one night he marches right up to her with a few of his men flanking his side who look thoroughly terrified of her and he’s a little tipsy but still with that boyish grin as he spouts some rehearsed bullshit in her ear so only she can hear about how the nazis will never get him but he might just die if he never knows the touch of a woman like her, agent carter, and she snorts and bids him goodnight and he watches her leave with this dopey expression on his face like she’s just paid him the highest honour and when she passes his other men on the way out she tells them they ought to have their eager little puppy desexed before he starts humping the furniture.
  • she gets more assignments with the 107th and starts seeing more of him. he flirts and teases and pulls on her curls and she’ll ignore him or tell him off all the while hiding her tiny smile behind her hand and when she catches him looking at her, the tips of his ears turn bright red and she cant deny that he’s a very charming sort of person even if he probably knows it.
  • the first time she lets him kiss her, he’s so excited that the kiss is kinda sloppy and he stops and says “wait, wait, i can do better than that,” and she must admit, barnes is as good a kisser as he is a marksman. bucky doesn’t stop grinning for a week.
  • peggy likes him, she does. he’s funny and bashful and absolutely worships her, and maybe some nights his warm, rushed hands can chase the fear and loneliness away and she can forget where they are, but at the end of the day, she still thinks about skinny little steve rogers and his softspoken sincerity all the time, and barnes is just a boy and she doesn’t want to get attached - theres a high turnover rate for men in his position and she thinks of all the men she’s already lost to this war and she’s happy to indulge herself with a few small trysts but she can’t let herself feel more for him than this.
  • but bucky’s never really thought like that - bucky’s all about living in the moment and grabbing life by the balls, do first, think about the consequences later. and now he’s in the middle of this miserable war with a crush on his colonel’s right hand woman and she’s beautiful and she’s whip smart and can do ten times the push ups he can and he’s just so in awe of her and any time of day she gives him feels like a blessing. he knows she keeps him at a distance - she’s always short and brisk with him, and she never really tells him anything about herself no matter how often he asks, but he understands, and he doesn’t really mind - he just counts himself lucky a woman like agent carter seems the slightest bit interested in him, just a dock hand from brooklyn with a smart mouth.
  • and bucky’s such a little shit like peggy gets shot in the leg one day in the field and and bucky whips out a thread and needle and just sort of gives her this apologetic smile and says “this is gonna hurt” and she’s like “no, you’re not touching my leg, where’s the doctor” and he’s like “a couple miles away, but my ma taught me how to sew real good so you’re in good hands” and that smile she finds so charming is starting to look infuriating and she concentrates on his face while he works, furrowed brow in concentration and covered in dirt but still devastatingly handsome and when he’s done, he grins at her like he’s just won a medal and there isn’t a rain of bullets around them and he says, “there you go carter, perfect. pins look good as new..” and she really wants to slap that grin off his stupid lovely face and she just seethes our through gritted teeth “you are impossible” and he just shrugs his shoulders because she’s told him this a thousand times before and responds in a matching tone “and you are gorgeous” and then she really does slap him
  • and then the 107th are sent off to azzano and peggy’s been saying goodbye to all these men for months every time they leave on assignment, she’s been saying goodbye to bucky for months and never expecting him to ever come back but he always does except this time he doesn’t and it stings a lot more than she thought it would
  • whats left of the 107th come back to base and give intel on how many died and how many were captured and eventually peggy has to help phillips with the paperwork of marking soldiers who are MIA or KIA and she feels her heart drop through her stomach as she marks down sgt.james barnes
  • and then one day steve rogers rolls into camp and she was always a little stuck on steve, and he’s asking phillips in his tent about his best friend bucky, and it suddenly clicks and she decides to help steve get to austria because steve was meant for more than being a dancing monkey, and steve was meant to lead them towards victory in this war, and steve so desperately wants to get his friend back with a desperation she’s never seen before and maybe a tiny little part of her hopes that seargent barnes is ok, and she wants to help steve, and she wants to do something good, and she wants to contribute, and she never agreed with leaving all these captive soldiers in azzano and she so desperately wanted to help these poor men she’d spent the last few months with who’d been abandoned by their generals, so she’s ready to go and steve smiles at her like she’s the sun, and then he disappears off the helicopter and into the snow and peggy had never been one for religion but she finds herself praying he comes back to her.
  • when steve comes back, he is radiant with victory, all the kindness and selflessness and loyalty of the inside finally reflected on the outside and she’s so proud and deliriously happy to see him and to see all the soldiers alive, sickly and broken but alive, and so happy to have been a part of something good, something that meant something, and she wants to throw her arms around steve and kiss him senseless and she marches right up to him and looks at him, all bravery and bright eyes and her perfect match, says “you’re late,” and he quips bright back “couldn’t call my ride,” and he’s beautiful, beautiful like he was the first time she ever saw him, but bucky’s standing just behind him looking skinny and empty and destroyed, watching peggy look at steve in a way she never looked at him
  • and bucky, he’d spent the last few months strapped to a table wishing that he’d just die only to have his skinny, small best friend steve rogers who is neither of which anymore storm the building and save his life, and he gets back to camp and sees peggy, who he hasn’t seen in months, looking at steve like he hung the moon in the sky and in that moment he doesn’t know if he’s more proud or more hurt, and he yells “lets hear it for captain america" and he cant help thinking about how it was always him that had to look after steve and how steve and his kindness and loyalty was always something he could keep to himself in a way but now, everyone sees him, everyone is proud of him, and bucky’s disappeared into the crowd, steve doesn’t belong to bucky anymore, he’s too big for him now, and even peggy is just looking straight through him as if he doesn’t even exist. he didnt even know they knew each other
  • and then he makes a pass at peggy right in front of steve at the bar because she looks so beautiful and he thinks, you know, im still me, i feel okay right now, maybe i can still be that guy, but he’s practically aiming for the rejection because even before all this, peggy would never even bat an eyelash at him in front of the other men and that was their thing, sneaking around in tents and forests so why would now be any different? maybe because of what he went through, being captured, maybe she’d take pity on him and give him all her attention, but that’s not peggy and he knows that’s not peggy, she’s been in this war a lot longer than he has and she used to tell him “stop moping barnes, get to work!” and he’d pull on her curls and she’d bat his hands away with a grin but now it’s like he’s not even there, she’s looking at steve and talking about the right partner and he jealously thinks that steve is a horrible dancer and it’s bucky who was always the best, and he cant help himself when he mutters “i’m turning into you, its like a horrible dream,” but steve just laughs it off, laughing, says “maybe she’s got a friend,” but bucky knows that peggy was only friends with him and dum dum and a few other men anyway.
  • the three of them are in each other’s spheres for a year in a half with the howling commandos shutting down hydra bases. he and peggy are friendly and he stills flirts with her and pulls on her hair and she smacks his away and calls him infuriating but its just not the same, and bucky gets a bullet in his chest one day and peggy grins down at him and asks if anyone’s got any needle and thread, but steve’s got the medic and holds his hand the entire time.
  • and he wants to be happy for him because if anyone deserves peggy its steve and if anyone deserves steve its peggy, and he knows what the two of them had was fleeting and hopeless and neither really thought they’d survive very long anyway but
  • bucky loved her first, and nobody even knows
  • and steve tells bucky at night how gone he is for her, how he can’t stop thinking about her, how when this is all over he wants to marry her, and bucky knows that ever since he was captured by hydra theres been a bitterness inside him, a meanness that wasnt there before, a boy who was only used to being the shining light in his own life now forced into the shadows of all this pain and suffering that keeps him awake in the night, and he thinks he could tell steve  but he just smiles and slaps his shoulder and says “i know, stevie, i know.” he swallows his spite. he doesn’t say, “but i wanted her first.” he doesn’t say, “but i wanted her longer.” he doesn’t say how peggy used to lecture him when he tried to turn on the charm or how she’d tell him to “stop whining or i’ll give you something to whine about” or how she only called him ‘barnes’ because “bucky is a child’s name” (and yet she calls steve by his first name) and she once held his hand in the back of a van in france and told him if they survived this she was going to smack him until he saw stars. he doesn’t say any of that. because none of it ever meant anything. at least, it wasn’t supposed to. she’s steve’s girl, probably always was, and to be honest, she was never really his at all. so bucky just says, “i know.”
  • When bucky died, the first thing peggy did was find steve. she held his hand while he wept, poured him glasses of the alcohol that wouldn’t get him drunk and stroked his hair. after an hour, she told him to get his act together - barnes would want his decision respected. she knew that. and steve knew that. “this war isn’t over steve. let’s win it for him,” she whispered, and he nodded miserably, pressing his lips to her knuckles.
  • peggy spent that whole night crying. when the sun rose, she got dressed, put on her lipstick and reported for duty. There’s a war on - she’s too busy to mourn.
  • years later, when peggy started SHIELD, she had James ‘Bucky’ Barnes as the first named engraved on the wall of valour. this was his legacy, that boy with the bashful smile. james barnes, purple heart.
If Les Amis Were In Bake Off
  • Enjolras: He would always be in the bottom two, he's a good baker!! he insists, his face red and sweaty hair tied back as once again, his dough has failed to prove.
  • Courfeyrac: The one with the ridiculous ideas. A bread in the shape of a giant psychic octopus? What if I put BEETROOT in a BLACK FOREST?? A fan favourite.
  • Combeferre: The national treasure. He creates puns that give Mary Berry the 'O' face. He uses syringes and various other medical equipment to ensure his bakes are "moist". He made a giant anatomically correct moth for biscuit week made of out five different kinds of biscuit.
  • Joly: He's the health nut. He makes Mary and Paul try strange things. Hemp flour. Low fat doughnuts. That kind of thing.
  • Bossuet: He would accidentally steal someone's custard and be all over the news. By the end of his run, he is covered in blue plasters.
  • Feuilly: He's the one that brings in home made tools and stands. Sue Perkins is obsessed with him. He's the only person who can stare deep into Paul Hollwood's eyes and live to tell the tale.
  • Marius: The panic baker. He tries lots of flavours from all over the world. Some work. Some don't. The only consistency is that every week there's a shot of his D: face alongside the countdown music. He once dropped his bakes.
  • Grantaire: He fails technicals. Every time. No matter what week it is. But he only gets to stay in each week because of his showstoppers; a real artistic lil fuck. Can build a lion out of bread. Makes a giant dragon out of chilli biscuits. Doesn't use organic/ethically sourced produce and has off screen fights about it with Enjolras.
  • Jehan: Jehan is the worst contestant anyone has ever seen. He doesn't know how to use the oven. His kneading technique is pitiful. He likes to add rose water and lavender to everything much to Paul Hollywood's dismay. He makes the funniest comments though and Jo Brand thinks he's the greatest contestant on Bake Off ever.
  • Bahorel: He's also a national treasure. He looks like a body builder but then his bakes are so delicate and he takes such great care. He's amazing at sugar work. You need something iced? He's your guy. Mary Berry worships the ground he walks on
  • bonus round:
  • Cosette: Aces the technical challenges; always gets finished early and helps out the others when their bakes go wrong.
  • Eponine: The type that chooses the back bench and watches what everyone else is doing to make sure she does it right. Has a rivalry with Paul Hollywood. Refers to him as "the male judge"

it’s just my soul responding // punk!Gally/nerd!Thomas, asshole couple!Minho/Newt // coffee shop soulmate au // for amazerunners

Author’s Note: This is one of those soulmates AUs where the first thing your soulmate says to you is tattoed on your wrist since birth. That’s really all you need to know, except that this is really fucking sappy and it is IMPERATIVE that you picture Thomas looking like Stuart from The Internship. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, here is a reference.

EDIT: Now with amazing and adorable art by vennieandroxie here!


From: Thomas

todays the day I just know it

From: Minho

every day has been the day since u started working at that café

From: Thomas

yes but today is different I can feel it \o/

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You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground

Pair : Dean x Reader

Music : The One by Kodaline

Summary : Dean never thought he could be saved, until you walked in, and changed things. Old feelings came flooding back, as you both reminisce on old memories from the past. But whats a story without a little twist?

Warnings : light angst, cursing, Smut.

READ Part 2 Here - Part 3 Here - Part 4 Here - Part 5 Here

It was a long dreadful night for the Winchesters. A case that was suppose to be quick and easy, became a month long process.

Finally, it coming to an end, the boys decided on taking a small break.Dean and Sam decided on going to a bar, to drink their sorrows away.

Unfamiliar faces filled the room. Loud music echoed around as drunk slurs slipped through peoples mouths. It was something the boys were used too.

“Damn I’m exhausted.” Dean exhaled, motioning for the bartender.

Sam nodded, running his hands through his hair. Thats the thing with long cases, some times it takes a toll on them. More than just physical exhaustion, it emotionally draining. Having to watch innocent people die, not being able to save everyone, It broke them. But they learned to grow immune to it all, to be numb.

As the night carried on, As the alcohol streamed through their veins, and their minds were hazed, Their walls came tearing down.

“I dont know man, arent you tired of it all?” Sam muttered, taking another shot of whiskey. 

Dean shrugged his shoulders. “What I’m tired of is seeing everyone I love die, or walk away. I am tired of being reminded just how much I have lost. This life, there is no happy ending. There is no ‘Apple pie’ crap. We’ve seen too much, theres no walking away from this, which means theres no moving on. Its a constant roller coaster of bullshit that we were thrown into.” He grunted, reminiscing every case he has ever been on.

“But why do we have to suffer? What did we do to deserve this life?” Sam asked, his eyes blood shot. “Do you really think theres no happy ending for us?” 

“Nah, not for people like me. You, maybe. But me?” He shook his head, and looked down at his cup. staring at the bourbon swishing around. Dean may never admit to his brother just how much he wishes he were free from this life, but he knew it were only a dream.


You pulled the door open, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your head was filled with different emotions.

Walking toward the back of the bar, you heard familiar voices. Voices you haven’t heard in years. Snapping your head back, your eyes grew wide as they laid on the familiar faces. Dean and Sam.

“Dean?” You muttered. 

His lips escaped the cup as he locked his eyes with yours. You felt your breath hitch to the back of your throat, and your stomach churn.

You left the boys after Bobby died, the man who was like a father to you. And though you didn’t blame them for his death, you just couldnt be near them anymore, it tore you apart.

“Y/N.” He finally let out. His mouth dropped, staring at you as if he had just seen a ghost. 

Sam stumbled out of his chair, almost pulling you down along with him. Dean swiftly pulled his brother up, helping him stand on his two feet.

“Y/N! Wow, i can’t believe its you! I missed you so much.” Sam stammered, pulling you in close to his side. With Dean on the other side, you were inches away from his face. His green emerald eyes, gazing into yours, It was something you never thought you missed. 

Sam began to fall once more. “Ok, lets get you home.” Dean muttered, walking his brother out to the car.
You followed behind, helping the older Winchester.

“Thanks.” Dean exhaled, closing the door to the impala. 

You shrugged your shoulders and let out a soft chuckle. “Guess things don’t change after all.”

Deans lips curved up into a small smile, his plump lips taunting you.

“H-How’ve you been?” Dean muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

You missed the boys without even realizing it. Years have come and gone and not once did you ever stop to wonder if they missed you.

“I been ok.” You smiled, though you knew you were lying through your teeth.

“You look good.” He exhaled, making the blood rush up to your cheeks.

Sam groaned, catching both yours and Deans attention.
The poor guy, blood pumped with poison running through his veins. He looked helpless.
“I better get him home.” Dean stammered. “But we should meet up tomorrow. I missed you.”

Those words created your stomach to flutter.

“That sounds great.” You exhaled.

Dean pulled you in for a quick, but tight embrace. Before escaping the parking lot, and vanishing into the night.

Leaving you alone to your thoughts.

Alone to ponder as old feelings crept up, and flooded you like a wave crashing into the rocks. Dean was the closest person in your life. He was your other half, your best friend. someone you could always count on. You couldn’t help but fall in love with him. But you always felt he never saw you that way.

Little did you know, Dean loved you since you were both 14 Years old.


“Her name is Y/N.” Bobby muttered. Motioning to the boys standing in front of you.

“Hi I’m Dean.” He reached his hand out toward you, and all you could think about was how beautiful his eyes were, almost breathtaking.
“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” He smiled. His voice was soothing, especially after seeing your parents die by a demon, something you thought never existed.

“H-hi.” You hesitated.

A shorter boy took a step forward, his hair was longer and lighter. 
“I’m Sam.” He smiled.

“Yea, my annoying little brother.” Dean huffed.

Sam rolled his eyes and walked back to the couch, where he sat and lost himself in a book.

“Do you like video games?” Dean muttered, catching your attention. 

You nodded and followed him into the living room.

Something about this made everything seem at ease. Maybe it was the way bobby watched over the boys, or the way they all acted as a family. 
No matter what it was, it made you feel safe. They made you feel safe…


The sun crept through the window as you waited at the table patiently for the boys to arrive. Your heart hammered as you grew anxious to see them, both sober and rested.

You heard the familiar roar from the impala, making you snap your head toward the sound. There he was, climbing out of the car. Looking handsome then ever. But he was alone. Sam was nowhere insight.

Your eyes followed Dean as he made his way into the Diner.
“Hey stranger.” He muttered, walking over to you.

His lips curved up and reached his arms out. You propped up on to your feet, and fell into his embrace. Breathing him in. 

“Hey.” You exhaled. “Wheres Sam?”

“Oh the guy was so hungover, he couldn’t even blink.” He chuckled.

Hearing his laugh was like music to your ears. You enjoyed seeing him that way, knowing at that moment he had no worries what so ever.

Dean pulled your chair out, motioning for you to sit.
“Thanks” You exhaled.

It’s been three years since the last time you talked to Dean. Nerves and adrenaline vibrated through you as you tried to seem calm.

But every time he stared intently at you, gently grazing his lower lip with his teeth, it made your stomach flutter.

His eyes were soft, never leaving yours. 

“What?” You laughed, heat leaving your body.

“I just never thought I’d see you again.” He stammered.

As a few hours rolled by, you and the older Winchester, talked for what seemed like forever. Reminiscing old memories, laughing about little things. It was like you never left. Picking up exactly where you left off.

“Remember that one night, we snuck out of Bobby’s, and went to the carnival that was going on the next town over?” He chuckled.

Your lips curved up as the images flooded your mind. Dean helped you climb down the roof, running through the night, stealing a car. It was thrilling.

“How could I forget!” You cackled. “I remember you were too scared to go on the Ferris wheel and the swings!”

“These rides are built over night. Of course I was scared!” He grunted, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

“I hear there’s a carnival not too far from here.” You smiled. “Want to go?”

Dean took in a deep breath. He loved spending every moment he can with you.

“Let’s do this.”


You haven’t gone out in a while. Mostly spent your days hunting, something Dean could relate too.

The small chatters, and laughter filled the air as you both walked through the park.

“Wow, it’s been years since I’ve been to one of these.” Dean muttered.

You gently stared at Dean, whose lips curved up and eyes crinkled as he gazed around. Lights hitting his face, it was like being 14 all over again.

Without realizing, Dean slipped his hand into yours. Carefully pulling, capturing your attention.
“Come on!” He croaked.

Running through the crowed, you and Dean made your way to the fun house.

“Oh no, I’m not going in there!” You stammered, crossing your arms over your chest.

The fun house always scared you, and you never understood the name, because it wasn’t ‘fun’ for you.

“Come on! It’s not that bad.” He grunted. Batting his emerald green eyes.

You felt a smile creep up on your face. “Fine, let’s make a deal. If I go in, then you have to-” you paused looking around, searching for a ride you knew Dean never would step foot on.
“You have to go on the Ferris wheel with me!” You squealed.

Dean glanced over the ride, then back to you. Shaking his head, he lower out a soft groan. “Fine.” He stammered. “Just this once.”


Walking into the fun house, you slid your hand into Deans. Squeezing tightly as your heart began to race. It was dark and mirrors surrounded you.

“I hate this.” You whispered.

You were oblivious to the situation, but Dean knew exactly what he was doing. He knew you would be terrified, which meant you would hold on to him, pulling him in close.

“Its not that bad.” He chuckled.

The older Winchester, clasped his hand into your side and growled, making you jump in your stance.

“Fuck you Winchester!” You yelped, as Dean laughed into the air.

You chuckled along, feeling yourself lighten up from being so tense.

You missed this. Spending time with Dean, laughing for hours on end. It was natural. As if you two were always meant to be together. Soul mates.

Finally escaping the fun house, you and Dean still starched to each other, you were excited to finally go on the Ferris wheel with Dean.

“Ready?” You exhaled.

Dean took in a deep breath and swallowed hard.

Taking your seats, watching the workers clasp the bar over your laps, you heard soft groans escaping dean.

“Don’t worry Dean, nothing is going to happen to you.” You smiled, his face softened as the words echoed around his head.

He felt safe, secure. In this very moment, he knew he couldn’t let you walk away again.

“I’m glad we ran into each other again.” He stated. “I missed you.”

You felt your stomach flutter and your heart begin to pick up. “I missed you too.”

The ride began to move, feeling yourselves lift up off the ground. His hand grazed over yours, causing goosebumps to form all over you. 

“I mean it Y/N.” Dean exhaled. “It wasn’t the same after you left. I missed my best friend. I needed you. I felt like something was missing, but now-” He paused, looking into your eyes. “Now I feel whole again. Because even when everything goes to crap, all i have to do is look at your face and I’ll know that everything will be okay. I’m not letting you go again. I cant.”

Before you could speak, Dean pulled his lips to yours, tasting him, feeling his tongue graze against yours.

There was something about that moment, that paused time. As if everything around you, stood still.


Making your way to the bunker, Dean carried you effortlessly through the halls. His lips never parting from yours. It felt surreal. 

Gently laying you on to his bed, You both stripped from your clothes. His body against yours creating a sensation to vibrate through you. He kissed your neck, feeling him travel along your torso, down to your already drenched flower. 

Soft moans escaped your lips, as Dean pushed himself through. Breaking entrance, gliding himself inside. Your walls surrounded him, making him want you even more.

Dean laid over you, grunting as he pushes himself in and out of you. Making you arch your back and dig your nails into his back. 

“Fuck.” He grunted. 

Pumping faster, moans and whimpers fill the air. Different emotions flooded your mind. Old feelings and even new ones all coming out all at once. 

The older Winchester tangled his hand into your hair, gently pulling making you scream with pleasure. 

Hearing you moan, made Dean come close to his peak. Pounding himself into you, You gasped for air as your mind went blank and your juices flooded Dean. 

“That was so hot.” Dean whispered, falling into you pushing himself deeper inside. 

His breathing became heavy, and you swore your heart felt like it were about to jump out of your chest. 

Dean tilted his head back, groaning as he let himself go inside of you. 

He rolled over, laughing as he landed on his back. His eyes were closed, but his smile never left his face. 

You turned to face him, tracing your finger tips over his jaw line. Savoring every moment you have with him. You loved the way he looked at you, the way he lingered as if it were his last time. 

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered, the words causing your stomach to flutter, as tears filled your eyes. 

Since the day you met him, you’ve dreamed about him telling you just that. Wishing he would be in love with you the way you loved him. 

You pulled his face to yours, crashing your lips. Inhaling him, your tongue dancing along his. 

Dean pulled you in, cradling his head in the nook of your neck. You stared at the ceiling, feeling as if you belong. As if you finally found yourself. 

Slowly, you both fell into complete slumber, breathing became in sync as the night fell into morning. 


Dean’s eyes fluttered open, yawning the sleep away. Images of yesterday, played in his head like a movie. 

He rolled over, feigning for your touch. But you were nowhere in sight. He shot up, looking around wondering where you were. 

“Y/N?” he croaked. 

Dean grew worried, confused at why you left. His stomach churned, and heat escaped his body. 

“What the hell?” 

He looked back at the side of the bed, where the pillow still had your scent stitched into it. A small paper laid over the edge, capturing Deans attention. 

Dean...” He began to read.

Enough | l.h

a/n: hi! here’s a thing that is vaguely inspired by the following quote. I don’t love the ending but I hope you guys do! please tell me either way, feedback is v much appreciated :-) I didn’t reread it so apologies if there are errors. wc: 3400 / masterlist

{ “Maybe one day years from now we will see each other in a coffee shop and fall in love all over again.” }

As far as relationships went, you hadn’t meant to stumble into one. You met Luke through a friend of a friend, a casual introduction in a bar one night after a few drinks. He was gorgeous; tall, broad, and somehow found it possible to slip from an excitable laugh to a smirk that made your stomach twist in record time. You couldn’t even pinpoint when it happened – somewhere between innocent texts and nervous not-dates – you found yourself attached. Somehow the upturn of his smile and the squeak of his laugh at become your favourite things; somehow he became home.

It was his hand you held when you were nervous or sad or just wanted something to anchor you to the reality that was your life. It was his arms you woke up in of a morning, tangled in sheets, your toes always wiggling against his legs. It was his voice you wanted to hear at the end of every day, whispering goodnight whether he was miles away or right there next to you.

As far as relationships went you hadn’t meant to stumble into one but with Luke? It had been effortless to the point you hadn’t even realised it happened. You were inseparable.

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U & I 

A/N : Hey guys here’s my first legit one-shot lol (i know about time huh). Please bare with me and all constructive criticism is welcome! When i first started writing this, this went in so many directions until i finally thought about how bad of a place Justin was in, in 2013/2014. So while reading keep in mind that this is one shot takes place around that time! This is also a song based story so if you would like to listen while reading click here (personally this edited version of the song is better lol). Hope you enjoy!!

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anonymous asked:

Oh alright. I said that the acorn scene is so weird to me. I mean, the way Thorin looks at Bilbo... the way he smiles.... we never saw him like that before. It's so tender.... and there's a grin in his eyes.... Idk, the whole moment is so intimate. Do you think it was on purpose? Or just an accident? Did PJ want to show us this.... special feeling... or it was just Richard and Martin? Thanks and goodnight!

Oh I love that scene so much! Not just as a Thorin/Bilbo shipper but simply because it’s such an amazing example of how powerful a very, very simple scene can be.

First things first: I have talked about this before [here] and then again [here]. So I’m not gonna talk in too much detail about the stuff that’s been mentioned there but rather concentrate on “why is this scene so important” and “was it all deliberate”.

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Thoughts on Roadside Attraction and Storm the Castle

So this is a bit of something different. Two shows I like have a new episode on the same day. And even stranger, the one I would normally consider superior (Gravity Falls) has a couple of issues, while the one which I thought was just kind of fun (Star) actually ended up providing some amazing work. I’m surprised, but in a very good way. So lets start with Gravity Falls… oh, and spoilers ahead.

Roadside Attraction

Originally posted by spazzdhn

While still a decent episode, I can’t help but notice a few issues with this episode that are actually pretty major. Though it does lessen the quality of the show a little bit, they’re was still plenty to like in this episode, so its not a total downer. 


  • Grunkle Stans general Jerkiness is still really funny, and the fact that it comes back to bite him literally is great.
  • On a personal note, I’m a sucker for monster girls and guys. The Spider Lady was a great villain.
  • The Spider and Mummy tourist attraction was actually pretty clever, and I enjoyed the fact that they referred to the mountain top as Widow’s Peak. I think thats three different plays on words all at the same time. Also, the implications are terrifying.
  • Dipper’s girl trouble is nice reminder of his actual age. He’s a 12 year old hormonal boy in the midst of puberty. Oh course he doesn’t have things figured out yet. I actually think some viewers, especially younger boys might be able to take a pretty good message from the end of the episode.
  • The Tourist Traps themselves are really nice to look at, especially the spider mummy place. I know that this is suppose to take place in oregon, but I live close to a place full of tourist traps, including an upside down building and a really slow tram up and down a mountain. From what I can tell, they got it all down pretty accurately.
  • I like Candy and Dipper’s interactions. It was only a certain amount of time before these two were shipped, and I still think they have some chemistry with each other. Both are smart and awkward, but Dipper is logical and paranoid while Candy creative and a bit weird. Theres a line at the end that suggest that Candy has lost her attraction to him at the end of the episode, but I’m pretty sure its going to come up again.
  • I also like how Dipper seems to be a bit freaked out by Candy’s attraction. 


  • While they do get better towards the end of the episode, the initial introduction to Dipper and Candy as potential love interests felt awkward. The entire Truth, Dare, or Don’t thing felt kinda forced.
  • Because the romance thing was the main focus of the entire episode, some characters felt forced to the side. At its most extreme, they abandoned Soos in a corn maze. That… kind of uncalled for, and a bit too mean spirited, even for these characters. Grenda also feels a bit wasted in this episode.
  • Wendy also fails to make an appearance despite being the catalyst of Dipper’s affections. The episode would of been that much funnier if she was in on the entire thing. She seems like a character who could of played a part in trying to pair Candy with Dipper. 
  • I kinda wanna see more of the girl in the Upside Down house. She seems unusually similar to the young Wendy shown in Blendin’s Game. Case and Point:

Wendy is at the right.

And Upside Down house girl is on the Left. I don’t expect her to be a reoccurring character or anything, but a little bit more parallel imagery between her and Wendy would be nice.

Other Notes:

  • I have some truly high hopes for the next episode. After all BILL IS BACK BABY

But now lets get into the episode I actually really loved tonight.

Storm the Castle

Originally posted by discordlikesapples

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions that Star is a good show that does have some flaws. When I reviewed the first episodes, I pointed out how there are several issues with the show, including a lack of originality, a terrible villain, and a tendency to be immature.

Um… those criticisms are a thing of a past. This show has cemented itself as a good show in my oppinion. I still think it could do better, but man this episode gives us an amazing idea of what this show can be.


  • This animation is animated in some program that’s like one step above flash, right?  Because this is some Gravity Falls/ Steven Universe quality stuff right here. This is some of the best animation I’ve seen in this entire series. The compositions are amazing, everything flows beautifully, and the lighting is amazing! Look at the above gif and that big tuft hair flowing behind Star!. Can we please have more of this please!
  • Ludo has made up for his status as a ineffectual villain. I thought this show was just going to be Marco and Star repeatedly beating the crap out of this dumb little bird. Thank God that isn’t the case. Ludo’s ineffectiveness is actually deconstructed in this series. In the episode before, he’s actually kicked out of own castle for consistently failing against a 14 year old girl and treating his minions with little respect. In this episode, he’s effectively homeless. 
  • Some of the visuals presented in this episode are really cool. The ghost unicorn that whispers in Star’s Ear after she destroys her wand is magically haunting and beautifully kitschy at the same time. There was also a great shot of the Star’s magical leeches hitting a Cage where Marco is being helf captive. The Leeches explode, but the glass does not break. We are shown this shot from Marco’s point of view, and the combination of sounds and visuals makes for a very unique image. And maybe a bit more on the humorous side of things is the monster daddy with a fountain full of tadpoles on his back. Its awesome, sweet, and funny.
  • Toffee is an amazing villain for just how serious everything about him is. He’s gentlemenly, smooth, and very much a buissinessman. There is actually very little that is funny about him personally or by himself. In a more serious work, he’d be a mediocre villain, but in the frantic energy filled world of Star vs the Forces of Evil, he rules! You’re forced to take him seriously because he presents himself as a serious character, and other characters treat him like a serious character. And yet he has moments clash beautifully with the monsters he’s surrounded with. He like the exact opposite of Bill Cipher, and yet the appeal of this guy is real.
  • The fight at the beginning was very much needed by this series. You see how cute these two can be together, but other negative interactions between the two tend to be treated as jokes (although that isn’t the case with Blood Moon Ball). This type of animosity between the characters helps flesh these two out a bit more than just really good friends.
  • Star’s ruthlessness when trying to rescue Marco is something to behold. She’s not nearly as bubbly as she usually is, and is dead serious for most of this episode. She doesn’t even give her trademark “so cute” quote when she starts turning the villains into those fat plush toys you see in gift shops. And yet her powers are still as bubbly as ever, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the sound of her wand. 
  • And going off the last thing, it turns out that if Star is enraged enough, she will go into full on Avatar mode. Her hearts and her eyes glow, and blue energy will cover everything. This… I want to see more of this. I wanna know more about Star’s past.
  • And also, on the whole, this was a very Star Focused episode, with Marco taking the sidelines. I’ve mentioned before that Marco is still an important character who keeps Star in check, but I’ve also mentioned that I want this show to follow Star herself as the primary protagonist. I want to see her get the character development, and I want to see her character arc. This episode was great in doing that! And Marco is still catalyst here, being the one kidnapped and all. These two really do need each other.


  • This episode wasn’t two episodes. This was a lot to take in, and the thirty minute run time meant a lot of details were likely cut from the final product. Given the solid three act structure of this episode and some of the questions left hanging, its kinda strange that it wouldn’t go for a two episode slot. Then again, this is the season finale, and not some ending movie. But Gravity Falls had a two part season final in its season one. So you know.
  • The wand coming back was a total deus ex machina. I don’t mind it so much because the visuals involved were glorious, and the random spanish unicorn really was a sight to behold, plus there is still a cliffhanger involving the other half of the lens on Star’s wand. 

Other points:

  • I can’t wait for season two! I really hope that this show does what Gravity Falls did with the sudden animation bump. From what I can tell, this show is getting pretty popular, so hopefully we don’t get to see this show get cancelled out of nowhere. 
  • Is this show going to gain the same type of continuity Gravity Falls has? Its funny, the series seems episodic at first glance, but towards the latter part of this season Ludo and Toffee gain a genuine subplot. Plus we get all these hints about Star’s relationship with her parents. Plus this show has its very own Gideon Gleeful in the form of Tom. 
  • I’ve mentioned before that this show wasn’t sure whether to treat its audience like kids or adults, specifically mentioning that it can try to be The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Friendship is Magic, or Gravity Falls, but it can’t be all three. I also mentioned that this show didn’t have its own identity. Well this show has its own identity now. Its fantastic and magical and manic, and yet behind the rainbows are some pretty decent gothic imagery that would appeal to those who enjoy stuff like Gravity Falls, Billy and Mandy, and Invader Zim. Its a very odd mix, almost like an inverted Ruby Gloom, but it works really well.
  • And I think I’ll end with a comparison to Steven Universe, the other Western Magical Girl Series and direct competitor to this show. Steven Universe seems to be something of a  reconstruction of the Genre. They’re are plenty of dark moments in the series, but Steven Universe overall has a very sweet tone to it. I struggle to call it a deconstruction of the genre because it celebrates the genre as much as it takes it apart, hence the term reconstruction.  Star vs the Forces of Evil is a much more straight example of a deconstruction. While I’m sure the creators of the show love the magical girl genre, this show goes out of its way to point out how wonderfully destructive a magical girl character can be.
    • On top of the Magical Girl deconstruction, though, there is another layer of meta. This show deconstructs the very genre this show is advertised as being a part of as well as reconstructs it into something beautiful. This show followed so many popular trends to the point where the first few episodes didn’t seem very original. Star was Mabel and/ or Finn from Adventure Time while Marco was Dipper, Pearl, and Danny Fenton all at the same time. Ludo was Plankton and Chuckles the Silly Piggy and Plankton, and the high school seems to have been ripped straight out of Kim Possible. Heck, they gave us an annoying sidekick in the second episode only to write her out in that same episode. Given the direction of the writing in this show, I am fully convinced that all of these cliches were done on purpose, and the writers behind this show were keen on the direction television animation was going. They used these tropes to attract in the audience of these other shows and then played with them to make something unique. This tactic actually seems to be pretty similar to what Phineas and Ferb did. Phineas and Ferb took a simple premise many cartoons have used before and used it to play with narrative. It worked for that show, so I think Star might be doing the same thing. Of course there is the cynical chance that this is nothing more than overanalyzation, but I think this has to be true on some level in order for this show to be as good as it currently is. Shows like this don’t happen on accident.

joshua-rush-fanpage  asked:

“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” - Riley/Maya

“Riley, we need to talk.”

Maya grabbed Riley’s hand in the middle of the hallway, pulling her to the side. Smackle, Lucas, Farkle, and Zay just raised their eyebrows, stopping in the middle of the busy hallway. Students rushed past, some muttering things like “Walk faster.” and “Move!”

“You guys can get to class, we’ll meet you there.” she said, turning back to Riley as the rest of the teens nodded and walked off. “Riles …. I know this isn’t the best time, but we have five minutes. Plus it’s your dad’s class next, he’ll probably let us off the hook if we’re a few minutes late.”

“What do you want to talk about?” Riley asked, squeezing her best friend’s hand. “You know you can tell me anything. The hole will probably be quiet and empty, let’s talk in there.” The other girl nodded and they walked down to the hole without a word.

Riley noticed that Maya looked nervous and was beginning to sweat. She knew that part because their hands were still together. Once Maya realized that she was sweating, she quickly dropped her hand. Trying very hard to avoid Riley’s eyes she blurted out three words. “I like you.”

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