and there's not nearly enough of him on tumblr

gabriel reyes crush hc’s

  • i don’t mean to cast shade on anyone, but if you have a fav, gabe could outflirt them
  • suave as shit. even the most innocuous of things can suddenly be a topic of flirtation.
  • he likes to pay special attention to you, the object of his affection: giving you a nickname, drawling your name out, greeting you first.
  • he’s got a special smile reserved for you: the corners of his eyes crinkle, and sometimes, he likes to wink
  • who taught mccree how to smirk? this guy.
  • he likes to compliment you until you’re blushing: “look at you - gorgeous. unreal. you’re too damn beautiful, cariño. beautiful!”
  • he’s confident and sure of himself, so he doesn’t feel the need to show off, but he’ll draw attention to certain aspects of himself from time to time, just to play himself up. “[y/n], tell me i don’t have the best assets in this place.”
  • expect a good bit of innuendo
  • gabe notices a lot more than he lets on - so expect him to start mentioning specific things you’ve said, or talk about things you’ve mentioned in the past. 
  • bedroom eyes for days.