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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Hey copperbadge. I did not pay enough attention to the directions on the post for the fundraiser so I exited out of the donation page before being forwarded to your ask box. No idea how this works so here's to hoping it all ends up going to the same place. Could you please write a fic about Cap Steve & Clint being bros? I feel like there's not enough of those two being awesome together in the world. Thanks in advance! - Meg

You did fine! Thanks for coming to the askbox, the forwarding-to-it was really just a fun thing I set up that I didn’t know Paypal could do before now :D 

“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right,” Steve said, looking up at the outfield facade of Yankees Stadium. 

“Is there a wrong way to do a baseball game?” Clint asked, following his gaze.

“Bucky and I always had a plan,” Steve told him. “You get popcorn and nuts before the game. Third inning, before everyone gets hungry in the fourth inning, that’s when you get yourself a Coke. You get hungry round about the sixth inning, that way, so you get your hot dog before the seventh-inning stretch, and then on your way out you get candyfloss for the train home.” 

“I see you’ve got it all figured out,” Clint said. “How much did that run you in 1930?” 

“About thirty-five cents each,” Steve said. “Don’t worry, I calculated for inflation, I brought forty bucks. But here’s the important part about going to a ball game.” 

“What’s that?” Clint asked.

“Sneakin’ in,” Steve said. 

“But we bought tickets,” Clint said.

“Still the best part,” Steve replied, and started to climb the outer facade of the stadium. “Come on, Clint! We used to just hop the fence, now we’re goin’ up and over!”

Clint grinned. “I do love urban climbing,” he said, and rubbed his hands together. “Up and over and onwards to overpriced popcorn!”

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Love your Elsewhere U and reading all the things made a thing pop in my head - dudebro makes the fae really irritated because he realizes that people are taking the 'fairy' thing seriously and mocks tradition. He disappears for week and when he comes back there's a coffee mug of cream by his door every night and he never says another word of 'fairies' again. Also he's abruptly terrified of the Tinkerbell on his little sister's things when he goes home on breaks.

There’s always one every year, with such regularity that upperclassmen take bets on which freshie is gonna vanish the third week of september this year. It serves as a useful warning to anyone else so inclined, which is why the Gentry are usually less harsh then they’re inclined to be,

(You’ve got it wrong on one count, though - the Tinkerbell doesn’t frighten him, although his mouth twists when he’s near it. The things that frighten him are the  tree branches at night and the sound of dogs barking and the shadows of hands. He keeps his back to a wall for a long time, after that.)


Two of my babies in Naoki’s family on their wedding day. Look at how happy they are! Aspen and Hazelnut. Precious. Especially since Hazelnut can keep Aspen in check, the flirt.
Progress drawings, obviously. :3

Based on the outfit I made a while ago.

I honestly can’t believe Pudding’s flashback that happened during this chapter. Big Mom finds her third eye creepy and wants her to grow her bangs out so she doesn’t have to see them yet in chapter 854, we see Pudding conversing with Big Mom while her third eye is present. Something doesn’t add up 

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have you ever dabbed in public?



bc i go to a school that just opened up and theres a total of 35 ppl that go there and 8 in my sophomore class, we got interviewed by my local news on like the second or third day of school

u had to show up at 5 am ish and the interview itself was at 6ish

and i didnt want to get interviewed bc its an alternative school adn they were asking WHY we picked that school and it was for semi-personal reasons and????

so i was in the background.

and there was a break in the conversation.

and i did it.

i dabbed.


and i can safely say that maybe half of the population of my town was watching plus some towns around my town

goddamnit thats a lot of ppl

afterwards i got like 7 or 8 snaps on snapchat all saying along the lines of DID U JUST DAB ON THE NEWS???????

and i tell you anon

it was amazing

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hello again! I just wanna say a few things concerning epictale. First I love how you wrote Epic!Frisk,their personality is pretty much me when I feel like acting evil. Second, I'm working on a project in school where I'm drawing different versions of the Frisk in this story I'm working on and hope to draw both Epic!tale Frisks(neutral and Pacifist) after I finish it. Third I was wondering what would happen if Epic!Frisk Pacifist appeared in Epic!tale when Neutral is there too?

Pacifist will appear on the next gen

Theres gonna be a whole plot will be revealed when they meet

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Title of the first song you land on describes how you die:
enter sandman [metallica] …omg thats not terrifyng at all

Second song will describe your love life: 
slow life [of monsters and men) im gonna die alone

Third song will be played at your wedding: 
heart of nowhere [noah and the whale] i mean its pretty good i guess

Add “in my pants” to the fourth song:
at the bottom in my pants [brand new] ohmYgod

Fifth song will be played at your funeral: 
to the sea [seafret] i do wanna go to the sea when i die so 

Sixth song is your theme song:
things ain’t like what they used to be [the black keys] accurate tbh

Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: 
see you through [bear mountain] accurate too

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song: 
make a beast of myself with a shovel and a screwdriver [twin atlantic] ok 

Ninth song will describe your week: 
make it up as you go [plain white t’s] hA

Tenth song will play when you miss someone: 
(one of those) crazy girls [paramore] scary lmao

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// after dozing off about a dozen times, i think it’s a safe bet to make that i’m exhausted. this week’s been rough. on the bright side, i hit 800 followers on april 1st. what’re the odds? XD thank you all for following me! i’m glad you guys find some enjoyment in my strange portrayal of Lupin the Third and Daisuke Jigen!

tomorrow, i’m gonna answer the rest of the asks i received from the memes as well as try to knock a few threads out. i dunno what’s planned as far as my day goes, but i’ll definitely be around a lot.

plan to try and do a follow forever, but tbh, all of you are worth following and i kinda dislike picking and choosing. it’s a bias list, i guess. XD i’ll be working on commissions and stuff as well. busy busy busy! i also plan to post a commission post with information regarding that stuff.

let’s see if i can do all of that tomorrow. XD wish me luck! goodnight! have a great morning/day/evening/night wherever in the world you happen to be!  you all rock!


otp meme - the moment that they become my otp.

You wanna dance? Pass. You know what? Let me try that again. Lydia… get off your cute little ass and dance with me now. Interesting tactic. I’m gonna stick with no. Lydia, get up… okay? You’re gonna dance with me. I don’t care that you made out with my best friend for some weird power thing, I don’t… Lydia, I’ve had a crush on you since the third grade. And I know that somewhere inside that cold, lifeless exterior there's an actual human soul. And I’m also pretty sure that I’m the only one who knows how smart you really are. Uh-huh. And that once you’re done pretending to be a nitwit… you’ll eventually go off and write some insane mathematical theorem that wins you the Nobel Prize. A Fields Medal. What? Nobel doesn’t have a prize for mathematics. The Fields Medal’s the one I’ll be winning.

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i think its either the things you mentioned, or maybe theres a possibility that there are literal demons in cartoon vessels? maybe joey in order to bring the toons to life needs to put spirits into them, which makes them possessed in a way? and this sets them free from hell and lets them out to the real world? thats the only other thing i can think of, but i hope it was your first guess personally.

I hope it’s either the first or the third guess.  I actually think the third would be more interesting from a dramatic storytelling standpoint, but I’ve got this sinking feeling it’s gonna be one of the others…

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Wow! Just wow! That fic was PERFECTION! I love domineering Hobi, and ugh, your characterization of jungkook! So fucking hot... And Omg that ending!!! I really hope you write a third part to Nudes, Not Flowers!!! I'd love to see that trio again!!!

thank you so much for all your kind words :’)) ♡
I’m actually thinking of writing a poly!junghope after Hoseok graduates and moves out of state?? but i feel like if I write that it’ll be really angsty and probably turn into a series, haha. do i need that pain in my life?? idk

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I saw your post about hiraj symmetra and I was wondering if you could explain hiraj more in depth cuz it sounds super interesting.

ah fuck i didnt mean for that post to be reblogged cause i typo’d. its actually hijra adn im on mobile so fml im gonna delete it

if u google it theres some……… decent articles explaining what hijra means but like, the basic rundown is that it by and large refers to what western society considers transgender women in india

it can also refer to trans women, trans men, and nonbinary/gnc and intersex people as a whole group, but in general it just refers to trans women of india. some of them consider themselves solely female, some consider themselves solely third gender, some consider themselves both. there’s a nuanced history of hijras being considered both one of the lowest castes but also a group of people with heavily sought blessings - its not too common, but hijras are honored and people may ask them for their blessings at christenings or weddings or day to day activities - which is why some hijras will stand at street corners and adverise their goodwill

on the other hand, india isn’t exempt from transphobia. hijras face most of the same challenges as transgender individuals in western societies - altho there are supposedly quotas for government to fill job positions with “third gender” individuals - even if the individuals themselves dont consider themselves third gender, they are put in that category by law

but also!!! theres so much history and community in india if you look in the right places and hijras find each other and its wonderful that theres so much support and closeness in that community along

idk i havent done too much reading on this, it’s all word of mouth from my aunt and some tumblr posts from indian trans women ive followed but i want to study how transgender and intersex people exist in other societies in college - so disclaimer: take everything i said with a grain of salt