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Karasuno vs Nekoma in skirts
Karasuno vs Nekoma in skirts

We should make the entirety of Haikyuu!! be contested in miniskirts. That would make things a lot more fun.

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likorys-shimenawa replied to your post “anti-tony meta: tony sTark dOESn’T KNOW what its like,,,,,,,2 be held…”

This makes Tony sudden grief-rage in CW even more hipocrytical, you do realise that?

oh my god, yeah, i’m sure that if you  watched a video of someone who was standing three feet away from you (who you had just broken the law and flown across the ocean to help) beating and strangling your parents to death, and you found out that someone you trusted–who had given you shit for keeping things from you while he Lived In Your Home and let you pay for all of his stuff and let you have his back and handle the fallout from every decision he had been making for months, someone you cared about so much that the thought of losing him was shown to be your worst nightmare, someone who had been held up as a example and something to aspire to for your entire life by your father who you had just watched being murdered a week before christmas when you were nineteen–that guy, That Guy, mister “we’ll do that together too”, had Know About This for Years???

he had Kept This From You Deliberately For Years, had looked you in the eye for years and known that this had happened and had said absolutely nothing even while guilt tripping you for keeping secrets, had said absolutely nothing while you were throwing millions of dollars at tech breakthroughs that might possibly make it easier to process and live with the grief that had been eating you alive for several decades, while you were fucking up your brain and giving yourself migraines just for the possibility of that load being lessened a little and that load was FROM THIS PARTICULAR EVENT, AND HE KNEW the Entire Time, you had been begging and bargaining for more time and more options on his behalf to keep him and the team he led from being shot on sight and he didn’t even give enough of a shit about you to tell you something like this, even while asking you to help the man who had killed your family, even while asking for So Much from you

AND this was happening after All Of That Shit In That Post Also Happening to you in the span of a few years, plus a nonstop barrage of near-death experiences and your father figure lying to you and using you and trying to kill you and nearly getting stranded on the other side of a wormhole on this guy’s call, all of that shit, all of that, and i’m sure that in that moment in which all of the painful ridiculous bullshit of your entire life culminated into one spectacular moment of What The Fuck you would be putting bucky motherfucking barnes’ feelings first and holding his hand and singing him a fucking lullaby

like, was it a good reaction to have? no! but it was a human one! it was the one that made sense for him and his character at the time!! fuck off with this “tony stark isn’t ever allowed to react to the endless stream of toxic shit being thrown his way” bullshit! it was irrational and terrible and he did it anyway because he’s a human being who reacts to things in human ways and doesn’t have the luxury of watching it happen from another person’s distant perspective and having ample time to process that before deciding that he wouldn’t do it like that like holy fuck buddy are you serious


“The only human contact Oga appreciates, in the end, is his fist in the face of another of another boy.”

i think we all know how the beelzebub manga SHOULD have ended

"She was my Hero." A Supernatural Sister Fanfiction. Prologue

Since a few of you said I should write this story (see my last post), I decided to actually do it.Oh my god I’m sooo excited!!
Okay this is kinda of my first fan fiction, because I’ve always wrote imagines don’t be too hard on me.Okay?

Plot:“So instead of Mary coming back from the death, it’s Sam and Dean’s older sister. She died as a Teen and only Dean has Memory’s with her, but not Sam because he was 7 month old when she died. So she still looks like a 15 year old Teen, but she’s older than the brothers..”

There will be more chapter, but for now theres just this prologue, enjoy!


Since the beginning there was always one single job for Dean Winchester.
One duty, which was more important than any hunt, or any monster.

“Keep Sam save!”

The only three words his father was always telling him every morning, every evening, and every day of the year.

And these this sentence was her last wish, the last thing she said to John was :“ Tell Dean to always look out for Sammy! ”

It was a cold night, the impala drove down an empty and old street.
Their destination was a small town, near Kansas, a group of werewolves were killing innocent people.

Y/N Winchester, brought Dean and his younger brother to bed this evening.
And since John needed her on this hunt, she had to leave the two brothers on their own.

“Sleep well tonight, darling.”,she whispered to the older brother, and gave him a small kiss on his forehead:“You know when I’m coming back, we’re going to bake pie together, okay?”

Dean giggled and smiled up to his big sister:“Apple or Cherry Pie?”, his smile was everything to her, and one of the reasons she kept fighting everyday.

“You can decide,okay?”

But they never baked a pie, because she wasn’t able to do it.
That night a werewolf shot her down, John was able to kill all of them. But his 15 year old daughter was still injured and he knew deep down she would die.
And she knew it too.

With her head on his lap, Y/N look up to her dad, and while blood dropped out off her mouth to the ground she whispered :“D-Dad there’s one thing I want you to do.”

“Y-Yeah?”,he managed to answered even though all he wanted was so scream. He was so pissed at himself, so angry that you were shot and not him. After all you were his little angle, and the only woman left in his life.

“When I die, and I’m going to die!”,she whispered as a tear rolled down her left cheek:“Tell Dean, that it’s his duty to look out for Sam. He has to keep his little brother save, as long as he can.”

When he came back the next day, Dean was sitting on the couch waiting.
Waiting for his sister to come through the door, hugging him.
He wanted to go to the supermarket with her to buy all the ingredients for a Cherry Pie.

But when his dad entered the Motel Room, Y/N wasn’t with him.
And as he saw that John was crying, he knew immediately that something was up.

“D-Dad.”,he said standing up from the couch, and walking towards him:“Is everything okay, where’s Y/N/N?”

John looked down at his son, and smiled as soon as he heard that nickname for his daughter:“S-Shes at a better place now.”

He was going to explain it to him when he would be older.

The following years Dean always asked for his sister, and at the age of 10 John finally told him the truth.

“But, you have to promise me one thing!”

“To look out for Sam?”,Dean asked while the tears started to form in his green eye’s. Y/N always told him how beautiful they’d be.

“That’s right.”,John said:“But never, and I tell you, never tell Sam about Y/N. I don’t need another broken heart.”, John’s voice was cold, stone cold :“He doesn’t have any memories about or with her, and I want that it stays like that, you understand?”

“Yes, dad.”

“You’re too old to call me that.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Kuroo Ships

(Sorted on popularity)

KuroKen - Childhood friend angst.  Oh my god the angst.  The MakoHaru of Haikyuu!!  Fics are 100% guaranteed angst.  You like this ship? Get ready to take the Angst Train to Feelsville.  You’ll probably relate to this relationship even though you never had a childhood friend.

KuroTsuki - Not a rare pair. Snark ship. That one power couple that could probably drag you to hell and back.  Beautiful people being beautiful and mean. May have killed a dude but we don’t know.  Is it angst? Is it crack? We may never know.  But it’s hot so who cares?

KuroDai - Single Hot Dads™.  Not so single anymore but still.  This ship is made of cloud feathers it’s so damn fluffy.  Do you like thighs? Do you like dads? Then this is the ship for you.  Lots of flirting in fics/fanart/etc.  College Au’s galore.

Bokuro - It’s not gay if you say no homo.  For some reason everyone who ships this thinks Bokuto and Kuroo would be frat boys who are scared of being gay (which makes me think they’ve never met guys from a male volleyball team.)  Oh? Did you think this ship was going to be fluffy? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…no.  Get ready for unsuspecting feels.  College fics with 50% more weed.

Kurooi - That Couple.  You remember them.  That one couple that got voted cutest couple every damn year.  They call each other disgustingly sweet things and have no sense of public decency.  Do you hate PDA? You’ll hate this couple because they are PDA.  They also probably talk shit about people. Alternatively this is the fluffiest damn ship on the planet.  People have attempted to angst this ship and have promptly failed.  It’s perfect for a rainy day.

AkaKuro - ??? We’re not sure but we get the vague feeling that there might be some NTR feels here.  Often just tagged on to some other ship involving Bokuto and Kenma. Not enough fics.

Edit: I’m salty so I’m adding this ship even though it’s not popular (yet.)

KuroShou - The Hate OTP.  Rival ship.  It’s like UshiOi except everyones 100% more sassy.  There’s only three fics in the tag and two of them already have fucking Hate Sex themes.  This ship has a lot of potential.

Charles Xavier’s Baby

A while ago I think I posted a plot bunny based on the new Bridget Jones’s Baby trailer hoping someone would want to write me some awesome mpreg crack lol. Alas no one did so I ended up doing…this. :D


Mpreg, Cherik and Xavierine mentioned

“Oh my god,” he mutters under his breath for the fourth or fifth time, sitting on the edge of the tub with his cell in one hand and his head in the other. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

“Charles!” Raven hollers as she bangs on the bathroom door. “You’ve been in there for an hour! What the hell’s the matter with you? I’ve got a date in twenty minutes, I need my birth control!”

He starts to laugh hysterically, because if he doesn’t he’s going to cry, and maybe he should have asked for some of Raven’s birth control because apparently he has a secondary mutation of all things and condoms alone weren’t enough to keep him from getting knocked up?

And to add insult to injury, he has no bloody idea who fathered his baby?

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oh my god, i was sorting through all of the documents collected over the past 15 months and found an envelope with a bunch of photos because some places I visited required a passport style photo and I complexly forgot just how many my mum insisted on printing out and giving to me wow

I finished Homestuck omg

k last night I finished homestuck and OH MY GOD

part of me is happy that I finally finished, but now THERES NO MORE HOMESTUCK FOR ME TO READ IM SO SAD. I’m glad that there was a happy ending and I loved seeing everyone on Earth C, but people are still dead :(

Three of the trolls lived. THREE. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO VRISKA???

Hiveswap better be a fuckin continuation because like WHAT IS CALIBORN DOING AND WHATS WITH THE GIANT BLACK HOLE


I literally just laid on my bed singing How Do I Live while crying at 2 am what even is my life anymore

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Soooo... drunken oaths to the local gods of a foreign country that you are visiting... valid or invalid, do you think?

Oh man, lol! I would think it depends on the gods you made the oath to, if they will uphold any oath made regardless of the condition the person was in or if they will be more understanding. Theres also the possibility that since you arent from there they may not take you seriously, kind of eyeroll and be like “damn drunk tourists” lol! But you might want to play it safe and give an offering and apologize, even if the oath is considered invalid.

*tries to draw TT Cyborg*

how do I… okay the head is easy… now how does this. where. um wrong angle. hold on that shoulder part is weird. should be bulkier… shit i gotta expand and draw more bulky characters. theres something missing. fuck. this is the tenth time in 20 seconds im checking the reference. wait… that white part goes where?? the fuck is… how does even. w-where. whERE IS IT. how does that even bend. no thats a one piece flat metal it doesnt bend you stupid brain. he looks hard to draw and now i wanna… drop everything and cry. how did they even animate fucking machines and stuff. im amazed. smh… no. im not even gonna. follow. the blue patterns. im drawing this on my own. fuck off ref. oh god dont mention the coloring to me. aaaa. kicks chair.

MOCKINGJAY PART 2 (spoilers)


EATING HIM!1!1!1!!!!!!!1!1!!1!!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAAAAAAAANOOOOOOONNNNN !!!!!!!!

I have so much more to say but just writing this is making me want to cry

the epilogue. the buttercup scene. gales puppy eyes after prims death. gimmicks baby picture. hayffie. hijacked peeta. hayffie.

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oh my god tho I don't know if you got more requests for it but the world would love some more of felix making out with himself if you felt up to it

oK listEN HERE

this wasn’t supposed to—

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i made a jOKE

fffuck it here you go