and there's a beautiful connection between them

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Let's put camren as a relationship aside for now and think about how beautiful and pure Camila and Lauren's friendship was. They are literally the same person, that's so precious. Every factor from their heritage, to their music taste all coincided with the other's. Take them out of the industry there's no doubt they would be soulmates and who knows even find romance in friendship. If they don't reconcile in the future, what a waste of a genuine and real connection between the two.

I completely agree. It would be such a waste if they didn’t reconcile in the future, at least. 

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in a different universe Sherlock bumps into John while running through London and he might be high because what else is there to do and there's no one to stop him. But he still notices John's eyes; beautiful and haunted by the terrors he's seen in... Afghanistan? He keeps his pace though, only hearing the mumbled 'sorry'. They don't feel the string that forms between them, a connection they don't feel yet but will later when each of them feels like something draws him to the other. Inevitably.