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Supercat 16 sleeping together on the couch

This is the conclusion(?) to two other ficlets of the same prompt.   So, you can maybe all stop being mad at me now?  Best to read the others first probably:

Part 1     Part 2

Part 3

“To Carter.”  Kara raised her glass of sparkling apple cider and the rest of the room followed suit.  Carter rolled his eyes and blushed, but lifted his own glass at his mother’s quiet glare.  “For a clean bill of health and a full head of hair.”  James ruffled Carter’s floppy curls at the mention of his newly grown hair and he giggled and ducked away.

“Here Here!” The room called in unison and everyone took a sip.  Kara’s eyes met Cat’s and her skin erupted in goosebumps where cool hazel eyes swept over her and sparkled with mirth.  Cat was happy.  She looked relieved and free and full of the life she’s had to fight so hard for over the last few months.  The urge to cross the room and sweep Cat into a hug nearly overwhelmed her, but instead she drained her glass and began gathering frosting-coated paper plates, crumpled napkins and empty punch cups in an attempt to get a head start on cleanup and avoid the pang in her chest at Cat’s easy smile.

She tossed an armful of plates and cups into the trash compactor and turned to gather more but found her arms full of gangly teenager.  Kara rubbed his back and pulled him away so she could see his face.  He was beaming.  The shine in his eyes matched his mother’s.  Happy, unburdened, free.

“Awesome party, Kara.  Thank you so much.”  He shoved his hands in his pockets.  He was still the shy boy he’d been before all of this.  Before surgeries and doctors and physical therapy.  Kara was so happy to see him back, she thought she might burst.

“You’re so welcome, buddy.  How are you feeling?”  She knew he was sick of them asking, but she couldn’t help it.  It was almost reflex by now.

Carter rolled his eyes but gave her a half smile.  “I’m fine, Kara.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.”  Kara reached for her bag on the counter.  “Supergirl is really sorry she can’t be here today.  She’s, um, she’s really proud of you.  She said you’re the bravest kid in National City.”

Carter’s smile could have powered the city for a year.

Kara cleared her throat in an attempt not to cry.  She dug around in her bag for a moment and pulled out a small wrapped gift.  “She wanted me to give this to you.”

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Little list of Ravager-family headcanons that somehow always find their way into my ideas:

Tullk is the one who has been with Yondu the longest, perhaps even back when Yondu was part of Stakar’s team, perhaps he was even longer a Ravager than Yondu himself. Whatever is the case, he probably knows Yondu nearly the best out of the Ravagers, knows the Ravager culture and how this galaxy works well enough to know that his glory days are already over. He’s fine with that, though, more than content enough with letting Kraglin take the place as Yondu’s first mate. He rather stays in the background, unless a third voice is needed to get some semblance of order into the wild bunch of men they gotta work with.

Apart from that, he’s a tease when he knows people well enough – a snarky remark there, a joke there, he’s always here for that, and sometimes, it drives his colleagues up the wall. He knows when it’s not the time to joke around, though, and can switch to serious business in a matter of seconds.  

(He’s the first one to notice when Peter goes from something-more-than-cargo to family for Yondu, has known since the beginning, but he has kept quiet all these years, deciding that it’s none of his business, and really, there is worse than having Peter as part of the family, even though the boy can be a troublemaker and a lil’ shit.)


Oblo is not the smartest of the bunch, but possibly the one with the softest heart. He’s loyal to a fault, believes in his colleagues although trust and believing is far from common in their business, and sometimes may or may not find too much delight in cute little things.

He’s the first one to throw himself into a battle if there is someone he deems worth fighting for, and he has long ago decided that Yondu and his colleagues (friends, family) are worth it. You will find him at the frontline of every battle – even though he doesn’t always know the reason for the fight – ready to get of whoever stands in his Captain’s way.

Oblo likes to create, and he’s glad he’s good at that at least, when numbers and letters are really not his things. Be it painting, crafting, carving, he has tested it out, and he loves all of it. Perhaps his nimble and practiced fingers are also the reason why he’s a pretty good mechanic, working out the finest details of devices and equipment. Need to repair something that’s so tiny you can barely see where the damage is? You go to Oblo.

(He actually believes Peter to be a Terran baby at first, or at least a little child, seeing as the boy is crying a whole lot when they pick him up and doesn’t understand their language – only later hearing that Terrans apparently don’t have translators. He immediately takes a liking to the little boy, liking the way he is able to show someone around and explain things when usually, he is the one getting things explained. It’s a right confidence boost for him to see Peter look at him with awed eyes, and Oblo retaliates the niceness of the child by crafting him little toys that are supposed to look like Terran animals or by slipping him extra dessert on quiet evenings.)


Horuz, right next to Tullk, is probably one of the Ravagers who have known Yondu the longest. He may often not agree with Yondu’s decisions on certain things, saying so clearly, but in the end, he’s deeply loyal to his Captain and follows through with the orders he gets, even if he’s not always alrigth with it, grumbling under his breath as he goes.

He is one of the smartest out of all of the Ravagers, being the one who can read fluently in most of the “common” languages and an ace when it comes to math, he’s also the one taking care of bills and swiftly looks over the pay shares Yondu has prepared for everyone before giving his okay. While clashing a lot with Yondu and others – mostly Tullk – there is still no doubt for anyone that Horuz would give his very life for the crew, loyal until the end, so that may be a big reason why they let him complain aloud most of the time.

(He’s the one who can never really get over the fact that they kept Peter instead of delivering him. Peter is something he did not see coming, can’t help but be suspicious of, because the boy changes the friends Horuz has known for so long, and that in a dangerous way – they are getting soft, blind to the danger Peter could mean for them, and Horuz can’t really deal with that, so he makes very clear what he thinks of the Terran staying with them. He still ends up being the one to teach Peter how to write and read the alien languages and to calculate the units as easily as anything he would have known from Terra. He has to admit that the child is by far not his worst student.)

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it varies depending on the situation, but a good rule of thumb is that if FANS know of a bearding situation? then it's probably not a secret to anyone, let alone people in the industry. and with d, specifically? lord, everyone knows. mostly bc he's not really trying to hide anything. he might not be bringing her around events like "hi here's my beard," but it doesn't need to be said bc it's clear already. also, what fans may perceive as 'secret' are usually SOP within the industry (1/2)

PART GODDAMN TWO: like having a +1 who isn’t your real partner. or having a team fabricate things solely for public consumption, that’s totally separate from your private life. which you may only be concealing from public. everyone in the business has their own shit they’re lying about. i’ve heard things like “oh he’s here w/ his boyfriend, & over there is his ‘wife’” like it’s just business as usual. the thing w/ d is that it’s obvious he doesn’t even want to fool the public anymore.


Your determination has paid off:) I feel like this should be the best response ever because of how long it took to arrive in my inbox. But i think you make your points perfectly and I agree. So there simply isn’t much more to say. 

Obviously just like everything in life, it is situation and person specific. No question. And i don’t pretend to know about any one else nor do I have the right to comment on anyone else as i know none of the details or facts. 

But I think I have learned enough about this particular situation to have a pretty good handle on it.  And there is no possible way d is hiding from the industry.  As you correctly point out, if there is a fandom created around one’s “secret” it isn’t very secret. And we the fans can see the truth, i would imagine it is quite glaring to those socializing and networking with d.   Plus whatever rumors we hear I would assume are magnified a million times when it is where you live and work.  Let’s face it, we are all human and everybody likes to gossip. So even people he doesn’t see, I would imagine have heard it through the grape vine.

Not to mention, I can’t imagine d&c never go out together. To think that they only spend time together within the confines of their homes is ridiculous.  And considering the public story is they aren’t friends and haven’t seen each other in two years (except for Queen), it would make a person question the narrative when they are seen together out and about whether at an event or walking Cooper around the neighborhood. 

And finally, as i constantly repeat, and I know not everyone agrees, to me, d is beyond ready to scream his truth to the public and he has projected this in every manner possible.

P.S. as much as i dislike her, I am glad she is not introduced as the beard. I think that would be a little tacky, right?

Okay but am I the only one that thought there was something off about the “Razzle Dazzle” line? Because if this was season 1-2 he probably wouldn’t have added the “for the war effort” part

That line was very Lance™ but the lines following after it makes it seem off?? Probably because in season 3 it’s confirmed he doesn’t feel apart of Voltron and he’s trying to be serious he’s trying to make the others take him seriously

So how I saw the “razzle dazzle” line was Lance being regular old Lance who we LOVE but then quickly back tracking because he’s trying his best to not be the goof ball


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So remember on page 10 when I did a plug for my Patreon, and I said I was looking for a ‘real’ job, but I would probably end up with a bunch of side hustles?

Well, as of today I now have three part-time jobs to hold down. 1. Freelance graphic design, 2. Working in a print shop, and 3. Busting suds in the back of a sushi restaurant.

Donating is still this comic’s best chance of reaching page 200 as planned: 

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I think Cheritz only made Ray so attached to MC so we’d be tempted to drop V and the RFA for him and join Mint Eye (cuz god knows pretty much no one would leave the RFA for Rika alone), instead of implying the probability of a Saeran route, but damn… I know the Secret Endings already addressed a bit of Saeran’s recovery process, but I crave more. In the last scene of the secret endings (the group pic), he’s supposed to be seen as part of the RFA, but it looks like he’s just tagging along. (1)


(2) I need Saeran actually realizing the RFA can be his family (and the RFA seeing him as one of them), I need to see him laugh and dare to have hope and trust people again. To me, the saddest part of V route was how obsessive he became out of fear of being abandoned again, how sometimes he made himself so vulnerable by talking about his past, his loneliness and how he yearns for warmth. I really wish there was a route specifically about his recovery, but I don’t think there’ll be one *cries*


To be fair, I think Cheritz has an history of teasing routes before they are released, AKA what they did to V. 

In the Christmas DLC, Jumin’s route, they included a lot of hints at V’s backstory without actually revealing anything, for example, when Jumin mentioned V’s mother and his family situation. It doesn’t make sense to include a new bit of information without developing it if it doesn’t affect the plot, so I instantly considered it suspicious. Then, it turned out that they were teasing to reveal all of this in V’s own route. 

V’s route may have given Saeran a big role just for the reason you mentioned, but also it could have been done as a way to tease for a future route, simply because we got a lot of new information regarding him (the Ray/Unknown/Saeran case for example) that wasn’t properly explored or addressed. 

That said… A route specifically about Saeran’s recovery is incredibly unlikely, simply because it wouldn’t fit with the 11-Day structure Mystic Messenger has, and Saeran’s recovery process is not something that can happen within that time-frame. This could be done with V because what he lacked was an epiphany, a realization of sorts about what he needed and who he was, not an entire process of psychological recovery and de-brainwashing, like Saeran needs.

My opinion is that it’s possible we get Saeran-centric content in the future, but it may come in one of two flavours:

1) A full-route where we get him out of Mint Eye and get to trigger the start of his recovery process, but we don’t get to witness it. His further healing is only implied after a timeskip in the ending/After ending. This route won’t be perfect because there might be different deaths and losses in the process (most like Saeyoung or V), as Mystic Messenger has made it quite clear that we cannot save everyone in every route. 

2) A DLC content similar to the Valentine’s one where we get to have some Saeran-centric information, perhaps focused on the Secret 02 ending, where we witness part of his recovery process and it’s not tied to the 11-day structure. It’s mostly visual novel mode, or a small, 2-to-3 days event centered on a very specific aspect of Saeran’s story, and the possibility of seeing his bond with MC and the RFA flourishing and helping in his recovery by providing him with the love and stability he seeks, but it wouldn’t be a full-blown route.
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“You were worried about me?” I ask, a little teasingly.

“Pfft! No! I just know that you would probably get lost or something stupid and… I well… “ his voice trails off at the end, making it impossible to hear whatever last minute excuse he had. Once Katsuki was about an arm’s length away, he just stood there in an awkward silence as he ran his hand through his hair. It was obvious that he wanted to say something else, and far be it from me to break this silence and to just wait until Katsuki is ready to say whatever it is that he has to say.

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Something I've grow to notice is how fandom has actually no idea how bearding works. M/ia's job isn't only play his GF to the public/fandom but for people in the industry too. Unless it's close friends to him, I doubt they know she is his beard. I mean they may have their doubts but Darren hardly will be like 'oh you are right. I'm gay and she is may beard'. It's normal that she would hang out with him at Ricky's house since all the others were with their so. But I think Ricky M probably knows.

(part 2) especially since he was on a situation like D a few years ago. So I don’t think it is a surprise he would try to help D play out the whole ‘gf’ of many many moons’ hanging with his Co stars


I am not going to really argue whether she was or was not at the party, Some say they hear her laugh in a video. I didn’t, but it is possible, no question. I personally think there would be at least one photo. But i could be wrong and i don’t have access to the very private IG.  It really doesn’t matter. If she was there, it is for networking. No way anyone in that cast believes she is the gf. No one. I would imagine Darren spends his breaks happily and joyously talking about his amazing, golden globe award winning, NY Times best selling author, soon to be director partner.

Further, I disagree about the industry and the perception of D and his situation. I think there are very few people in Hollywood, on Broadway, or in the music industry that know or are aware of D that actually believe he is straight. I would take that further, I think almost all know who his actual partner is.

Bearding is for the GA.  It is also for her to mingle and network with industry peeps as someone trusted and chosen to beard. But she is not hiding his sexuality from them.  My opinion of course, but too many people are aware of the trith and he and Chris live together in LA for 6 yeas.  It would be near impossible to hide from the industry.

Guys we just got hit by another huge earthquake
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Power was cut and internet is intermitent for now, I’ll probably be offline the rest of the day

Please please mutuals followers and users in general from Mexico stay safe

Today is also the anniversary of the 1985 quake that destroyed a good part of the capital, and exactly 32 years later we had another big one…

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My grandparents left their home country as children when they heard the whispering of antisemitism starting in their home town. They got out and fled to America so I and future generations could be safe from persecution and mass murder. Only 2 generations ago.

And now America is becoming that country that they probably would have fled.

If you are not resisting, you are part of the problem.

And yes, I want non-Jews to reblog

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