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How you can stop procrastinating right now (and watch a video of cats at the same time)! 

We all suffer from procrastination. It’s not news, and it drives us all insane.

No one wants to do that one thing from work, that one thing for school, or sometimes even go see that friend you haven’t seen in a decade. I man why would you when instead you could just stay where you are on your couch (or bed) watching that latest season of House of Cards on Netflix?

We need to change your current mindset, and there is only one way of doing it.

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Can We Pretend That We're in Love Tonight?

Ashton Irwin One Shot

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Requested? no
Warnings? this is smut!
Notes? this is based off “Is There Somehwere” by Halsey!
Word Count: 2,623

“…and I tried to refrain, but you’re stuck in my brain…”

He sent you flowers: red, yellow, and white mixtures of color to brighten your day. Although this gesture wasn’t just meant to brighten your day, in your situation, it was a calling, or a summons.

Tonight. 10pm. My place.” You read the card inside your head. “Signed, Ashton.” You read his name aloud, that way it seemed much more real. His handwriting wasn’t the neatest; his n’s connected into his i’s, and his p’s sometimes resembled g’s or q’s. Still, you could read it as clear as day because you were so used to it.  

It was earlier then usual, though. That’s what happened when you got onto the merry go round that was never going to stop. The calls were never going to stop. Ashton was never going to stop. Your feelings were starting to get in the way, and that’s exactly why you needed it all to stop.

Reluctantly, each time you walked past the flowers in your kitchen, there was an urge deep within you that said you had no choice but to go visit him tonight, just as the note in the flowers had directed. As you stared at them for a moment, a sudden rush of anger came over you like a wave crashing on the shore. The tide was high and it was pulling you out, further and further into the deep blue. In this case, your feet carried you over to the bouquet and you harshly took the flowers out the vase, stomping over to the garbage can and dumping them into the white bag.

In that moment you decided that you would go over to Ashton’s, at 10 pm, just like his note said, but you wouldn’t be going over there to please anyone, him nor you. You’d be going over to make your statement. You were going over to provoke him into hating you so that he would stop with the usualness of his gifts: the flowers, chocolates, jewelry, hotel rooms and nights spent with him. They were tools all to win you over. So far, he had succeeded immensely, but tonight you would prove his attempts a failure. You would prove him wrong and that his hold on you wasn’t as strong as he thought it to be.

Just like the many times before, the note and gift were the only attempt of conversation Ashton had put forth that day. You didn’t expect him to say anything else because he expected you to show up right at 10 o’clock.

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the signs in the zombie apocalypse
  • Aries:Ignored when criticizing others for wasting ammo, is forced to save helpless idiots but rolls eyes while doing so
  • Taurus:falls down when startled by fawn, miraculously still alive due to ability to find edible roots
  • Gemini:predicted this in a dream and kicks self for not storing more canned vegetables
  • Cancer:wanders off alone against advice of screaming audience, dies
  • Leo:survival of trite and predictable situation dependent on race
  • Virgo:thanks god for lousy sense of smell due to pre-apocalypse accident
  • Libra:still picks flowers and puts them in hair
  • Scorpio:is the first to consider cannibalism but doesn't suggest is
  • Sagittarius:luckily joins first group of strangers encountered and gets along just dandy with them
  • Capricorn:has a ton of survival skills but hides cards to keep others unaware of power
  • Aquarius:thinks making a lot of noise is a great idea, cause whatever, we're all probably going to die tomorrow so we might as well party now
  • Pisces:always on the lookout for naturally growing hallucinogens to be used as weapons

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Hey guys, the mianite card deck for Cards against humanity has been finished. You can always still request additions to black and whites cards and I’ll be willing to add them if they aren’t in the list.

The custom card deck works for xyzzy.  If you are the game admin, type /addcardcast WKGEK and you’ll have the Mianite card deck!


Thanks to the remarkable rihouston, I was lucky enough to participate in the fabulous and ambitious Wicked Grace Project! 

I was one of 7 artists who took part in creating five suits of cards for a one-of-a-kind Wicked Grace deck - an original and unusual birthday gift project for the fabulous Greg Ellis. 52 individually painted designs for 52 cards. Also, every card has a balancing ‘opposite’ card. I painted 10 cards in total using GimpShop (with a mouse since I don’t own a tablet *cackles*). Each card has a different symbolisation, and a character from Dragon Age to match. 

I will be opening card-style commissions in the next week or so - please send me an ask if you’re interested. =)

Other credits under the cut. Please do not repost my art without original text and credit. Thanks all!! ^_^

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act1emo1 asked:

Do you get a lot of questions about the Throat Wolf joke?

Not any more. It’s a very old joke.

For those that never heard of Throat Wolf, it was Magic’s first urban legend. Supposedly, Throat Wolf was an ultra rare card printed on its own sheet. Each Throat Wolf was different but they all had “firstest strike”.

anonymous asked:

ah yes, anders, the neurotypical rich healthy cishet white boy. oh, wait. fandom is so gross

you know what’s funny though is i see the fandom pull this “privilege” card with anders but almost never any of the fandom babies and far more deserving candidates like alistair and cullen. the fandom also rarely holds them accountable for the shitty problematic stuff they do, but i guess if you can romanticize a character’s trauma and make it “””pretty””” and fixable (like the shitty love cures all trope) by your player character—-particularly a female one—- then they get a free pass. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

An Unexpected Visitor

Deeks is quiet as they leave the Mission and head towards her car, walking with his shoulders slumped and his hands in his pockets. Kensi tries to catch his eyes, but his head is tilted down. She stares at his profile instead - he seems completely lost in thought.

She knows he lied to Hetty just now, just as she’d known he’d been lying to her earlier when she’d given him Detective Rivera’s card and he’d said he wasn’t sure why IA might want to investigate him. She’d made up her mind then that she’d follow his lead in this no matter where it led, but she needed something to go on.

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ccgnick asked:

So, since Ravnica, I have been really tired of gold themes/subthemes/build around me cards (It's felt like every block is built around some sort of multicolored factions since Innistrad, and I dislike the forceful shove in deckbuilding. This is, incidentally, why I loved core set drafting). Am I going to be disappointed in the future? I know you say things ebb and flow, but you've also said that the philosophy around gold has changed and that you wanted to include it in every set.

One of our goals is to make each block have a deep draft environment which means we need to have more deck archetypes than just five monocolor ones. Opening up two-color options adds ten more deck possibilities.


The Boy (6th grade) was in the chorus for the high school play. The after-party is being held at a local church and is scheduled to go until 2:00 a.m.

Does a 12 year-old really need to be out until 2:00 a.m.?

Of course not.

But he’s worked hard at this, maintains a straight-A report card, and is generally no trouble. More than that, he goes out of his way to be helpful.

So he gets to stay as late as he wants.

You only get a few high school cast parties in life.

As a 6th grader, you only get a few opportunities to hang out with older kids who are cool with having you around.

If I had any question whether it was the right decision, my texts with him convinced me I’m glad we let him stay.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on people creating their own card divination systems?


Seriously. If you have a system that works for you, then by all means, use it! If an established system doesn’t quite work right and you want to tweak it, then tweak it. There is no One True Way of card interpretations, not for tarot, not for playing cards. Take or make what works for you and continue refining it. Consistency and reliability is more important than tradition or historical use.

In my opinion.

Which is never humble.

anonymous asked:

so it seems that hinami is ten of hearts, shuu is ace of diamonds and banjou is five of cloubs!

Oooh, thank you for that info! I plan on translating the list once more names are available. I should look up what those cards mean in the meantime. (*´ェ`*) 

To people who want a list of the cards, here’s a link. o/

i went to the bakery because i wanted a single ricotta cookie and they were like “you need a $5 minimum purchase on a debit card” and i was like ok :) i’ll take 8 more

Apologies for the Zelda spam

Well, it’s more of a “sorry not sorry”, and I tag all of it #legend of zelda, but there may still be a slight admixture of Zelda content in the usually-scheduled MTG stuff.  Because I’m not super-hyped about Dragons and I just finished Twilight Princess and holy ship, Link and Midna are so cute.

And hm, does anyone have any ideas for cards for Link and Midna?