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There was plenty of white terrorist flavored bullshit at the prepper expo, as I expected. There were booths dedicated to helping you create homemade silencers or converting semi-automatic weapons to full, and a goddamn 55 pound bag of 98% explosives grade ammonium nitrate?! I sure hope anyone who buys that shit gets followed home.

But! There were also a considerable number of booths dedicated to sustainability, medical care, green farming, and wilderness survival. Lots of solar panels and books on environmental harm reduction. I bought a magnesium and flint fire starter because it’s a little more fun than flint and steel, as well as a pack of DrinkSafe cards.

Airplane Dreams

Dreamt on the plane that Minion, Megamind, and Roxanne’s mother were BFFs.

Roxanne’s mother had called while Roxanne had been in the knocked out portion of a kidnapping, and Minion answered the phone. After a bout of screaming, and assurances that they are PROFESSIONALS, and they would never let Ms. Richti come to harm on their account, they got to talking. Little things like the best way to get oil out of a cape, or Minion’s divine tilapia recipe, and somehow they started exchanging Christmas cards, little care packages, and the like, and this goes on for -years-.

So much so, that when Roxanne’s Mom mentions she’ll be in town, Minion shows up at the airport with a sign reading ‘Mrs. Ritchi’, and kidnaps her back to town.

Roxanne is horrified to learn they know each other, and more than a bit annoyed. Less so that they kidnapped her Mom, but because they used a new, clean bag that smells faintly of lavender, as opposed to the mouldy potato smelling bag they use for her.

-And that’s when I woke up.

How to prepare and study for exams.

Since I am having my exams next week I decided to make a post about how I study for exams and some other tips ! I hope this will be helpful :)


1. Plan - A week or so prior to exams plan out all the things you need to study. Make a schedule where you have a clear overview and outline of the things you need to do on which day.

2. List - Usually once the schedule is made I make a list of the topics I need to review. Besides the list, I make a few boxes which I fill in based on my understanding. The goal is, of course, to fill in all the boxes. This system helps me to see which topics I still need to practice.

3. Notes - Rewriting your notes can help you to remember things easily but this is optional since it does not work for everyone :)

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Oracle!Anon here with your 1 card draw~. Unfortunately, this message will be in 2 parts, since it's kinda long. My apologies!! Sooo let's begin! The card is called 'the Laume': if you're stuck or blocked in a situation & this card comes up in a reading, you probably need to stop focusing on what you are trying to accomplish and give to others-freely and generously and unconditionally. try a few acts of kindness, unconditionally given, of course.

( the rest of the oracle ): give a bit more than you think you can afford; go a little further than you think you reasonably can. don’t worry – all of your unconditional giving will be returned faster than you think. I’m not sure if it’s relevant to you at all, but I tried~. Thank you for allowing me to do this, Unknown. Have a good day! :)

Give myself.

This pin is more beautiful than i could ever imaging. She measures at 35mm diameter, so it’s a great size and no dual is lost. It also has a brooch back clasp rather than a pin stud, so it’s more comfortable to wear and more secure :) hard enamel and 8 colours with gold plating. It’s a glorious thing! I made a beautiful (double sided!) backing card for it to be displayed on, too. To purchase one, follow the link in my profile to my Facebook page and there you’ll find the link to my etsy shop. Xoxo
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Joshua/OFC: Once bitter, and twice shy

Originally posted by joshuashong

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1615

Characters: Joshua Hong/Original Female

Summary: On Christmas day they go on a mission to find the best hot chocolate in Seoul. 

He definitely did not come here little enough. But it reminded him a lot of home, so sooner or later he had to buy something from here one of these days. The layout was a gaudy mango and raspberry fest which littered the wallpaper, the styrofoam cups, and the furniture. But he was desperate for something warm and it was cold as hell (excuse him for the oxymoron, he’s just used to the slang) so he went in anyway.

“I’ll have a medium hot chocolate, please.” he asked the cashier, pulling his wallet out.

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Just did my first Lenormand reading and these cards couldn’t be more accurate. Past: contracts made that will endure, long lasting business relationships. Present: pain and burdens. Future: peace and maturity. The image in the last card combines the lilies of the magician with the peak of the hermit. Even though times are tough right now, this brings me a lot of hope. #pixiesastoundinglenormand #lenormand #cartomancy

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Viktor getting approached by a haircare treatment brand to be their sponsored spokesperson lmao, only to find out that his s/o pulled an April Fools prank on him

Viktor was used to people suddenly introducing themselves in the street. After all, he was 1) a well-renowned figure skater, and 2) gorgeous as hell. 

He held his s/o’s hand, making it known that he was in a relationship in case the stranger was interested in being more than a fan. He was relieved and intrigued when they explained that they were from a hair-care brand and was interested in doing business with the skater.

“Ah, really? Yes, I’m interested. My hair is extremely fabulous, isn’t it?” Viktor flashed a signature smile. “I’ll have to think about it later, though. How may I contact you later?”

The agent handed him a business card. Viktor took it, reading over the information on the card. “Thank you for your ti—…” He trailed off, brows rising. In big, bold letters was the phrase, April Fools! Love, __.

At his side, his s/o burst into a fit of giggles. The agent cracked a smile and explained to Viktor the prank.

“Ha-ha, you got me,” Viktor said, an embarrassed smile on his face. “You have to admit, I’d be perfect for the job, no?”


Stretch reward for $50k announced

Baby Tatoo Books is adding a cloisonné lapel pin (still being designed based on Michael Whelan’s sigil) for backers of $10 of more. The campaign also reached 500 backers. As a thank you, the same backers will soon be receiving an exclusive a holiday card featuring ASTRAL MUSE!

We’re closing in on 60k with the next stretch goal unlocked at 75k, and we expect to add more original art rewards soon.

Get more information on Baby Tatto Books’ Kickstarter campaign for Beyond Science Fiction.

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 Five things you’ll find in my bag: Like a purse?

1. Driving License

2. Money

3. Hand sanitizer                                                                                                

4. Library card                                                                                                      

5. My Phone

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hey everyone

So i just got my prescription for T, but i can’t afford it. Without insurance its going to cost me over 300 dollars for a 90 day supply, and i don’t know what it will cost with the insurance applied, but i’m guessing it will still be a lot. i’m currently waiting for my insurance to give authorization so that i can go that route BUT since its still going to be more than i’d like to spend in my current state (jobless and just about broke), i’m asking for some help. 

I have tarot card readings and poetry e-books on etsy HERE

and my paypal is

I’ll happily take poetry/short story commissions, or drawings if I think I can do it. 

i could also do 4 by 6 inch paintings, like the hummingbird in my etsy shop. 

I know I don’t have a lot to offer but i would be so, so happy if any of you could help even just a little bit. 

I also have a redbubble HERE and a society6 page HERE

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The Secretary's Assistant [closed rp]

She hummed as she was on her way to the Secretary’s office, as promised by Pursha she will soon accepted her as she assistant not to mention being more close to Jhin, which made her smirk slightly as she was infront of the door and a guard was there. Before the Guard can even speak, she showed her the card that Pursha given to her in order to get in. The Guard’s eyes narrowed to both the guard and to Diana before a sigh escape his lips as he step aside from the door. With that she smiled to the guard as she gave the door 3 knocks before opening it slightly.

“Miss Pursha…I am here.”