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This Apple patent could reveal the future of your phone — and your laptop

  • The future of Apple products could one day entail your iPhone or iPad turning a hollow shell of a device into a touchscreen Mac.
  • Or, at least, that’s what an Apple patent filing for an “electronic accessory device” from September suggests.
  • First spotted by Apple Insider, the patent outlines a laptop-like device that has a dock for an Apple smartphone or tablet.
  • It also comes equipped with hardware like a large display, physical keyboard, batteries, GPU and ports.
  • But the rest — processor, graphics card, storage, memory — comes from an iPhone or iPad. Read more (3/24/17)

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theuninvitedghost  asked:

Do you think we could ever see the supertype "Basic" on cards other than lands? I'm sure there isn't a ton of design space there, but who doesn't love a challenge?

I’ve talked with numerous Rules Managers about it. The basic supertype doesn’t actually do a lot of what people think it does. For example, deck construction rules allow you to have more than four of a basic land not the supertype.

anonymous asked:

Kaiba is literally "Screw the laws of Nature, I have money!" in the last movie". XD Like dude, at his point, don't pretend that you hate Atem. You just SCREW the laws of nature for go in the afterlife, being yourself alive. Don't say that it's just for a DUEL!

Even in the dub version, it is so clear that this is about much more than a loss at a card game, that Kaiba’s anger is about losing Atem, period.  I like the idea that it is framed around a duel though, because dueling is how the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh!, especially Kaiba and Atem communicated and connected.  So it seems fitting that Kaiba’s desperate need to see Atem again would be framed in terms of wanting to duel Atem, because that seems to me to be the most appropriate way for Kaiba to express his sense of loss and grief.  And the incredibly expressive animation reveals Kaiba’s emotions better than any words.

And I love the sublimely oblivious way Kaiba rejects the laws of time and space in favor of total determination, space elevators and dragon shaped technology.

willow23214  asked:

Hi! So I'm doing a speech about anime for school, and I wanted to do a sort of interview for it, and I absolutely love your blog, so I wanted to "interview" you. I just have one question: What draws you guys to anime/what started your interest in anime? Thanks in advance!

Admin Baka: Woah woahhh, we are probably late on answering this though. I don’t know on what draws me to it?

The issue is that I had been watching anime way way more than cartoons in general since I was young? My house didn’t have the Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network stuff. Like maybe the shows that are shown here in Singapore on the television is different than the ones in other countries or like in the States? But I have always remembered watching Sailor Moon, Doraemon and Akazuki Chacha since I was young. (I had a collection of Sailor Moon cards as well) And I pretty much grew up with anime. Like my “cartoons” was anime itself. So I don’t really see the significance of people going, “watching anime is special” or “different” as watching it was pretty much a part of me as I grew up. 
(Sorry I am not that helpful here)

Admin SM: Well, it was actually my cousin that influenced me to start watching anime & reading manga. He is a manga fan & he collected A TON of it. So whenever I went to his house, I will always be in his room reading all the books that he had. We had quite an age gap so like Admin Baka, I started it since young. And the storylines in manga are very different from the cartoons I watched in Disney/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon, which I guess this is where it captivated me.
(Sadly, my cousin threw away almost all his manga after he had his current gf. But he is still reading it online so, I guess his passion is still there.)

Admin Kit: Like Admin Baka said, my interest in anime has always been fairly constant. Started with Pokemon/Digimon/Cardcaptor Sakura/Sailor Moon and Doraemon when I was a kid and I don’t think I’ve stopped liking anime since, heh. It’s probably because we’re in the SEA region and liking anime is way more common here, since we grew up with it. 

anonymous asked:

William is so spoiled, all he has to do when he's in trouble is say how horrible it is that he lost his mommy 20 years ago. He never says he's sorry and blames others for his mistake, I mean he was Always a spoiled child, but after Diana died he got even more spoiled

when the fuck does he talk about his mother? And if he was to talk about her all damn day, what the fuck does it matter to you? Have you lost a parent? Do you know what that feels like? If no, SHUT THE FUCK UP.. If yes, you should know better than to speak this way.

and when has he pulled the “mom” card when in trouble? And when the fuck has he ever blamed anyone else? Give me examples and don’t just talk out of your ass anon.

so yesterday i went to hot topic 2 get sum swim trunks n the dude n lady at the register told me i was preapproved for the credit card n i said id get it n buy more shit if they both ate a box of those godforsaken bertie botts jellybeans so long story short i watched 2 very brave souls down 2 boxes of jellybeans and i now owe hot topic like 200$ 

smileanddropthecliche  asked:

Hello! I just got my first tarot deck and I was wondering if you had any tips for getting to know it. I see spreads on tumblr all the time, but I know so little at the moment. ❤️

Alright, the first step is to just flip through it; look at the cards and get a feel for them. Next, bring out the little white booklet that probably came with your deck and go through it again with that book at your elbow. But you have to realize that the best way to get to know your deck is by using it. Draw a card of the day, set aside time for readings when you have free time. If you need more, a really good site to check out is Biddy Tarot. Good luck!

-Mod S

I love tarot decks based on books, TV shows, etc. but I’m kind of tired of seeing the villains cast as the Devil or the Tower. It’s easy to stick the villains in the “spooky” cards, but heroes too can be obsessed with something (see: so many revenge stories) and I think these projects seldom take the opportunity to show heroic characters at a point where they’re not in a good place.

The reverse is also true: the Magician can be an amazing creative force or a con man, the Hierophant is the upholder of tradition, and how often is “tradition” and institutions the Hierophant represents used to oppress people? How often do we see corrupt religious institutions in media?

IDK it would just be nice to see a little more creativity in this regard.

Cuddles and Netflix

Happy #fluffy rafi friday! 


You pushed your glasses back up your nose and hunched over your laptop.

You’d been working all day, though technically this was your day off.  You had this idea, so you had to write it out, but it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind and you ended up writing more than you intended. This led you to edit more than you intended and now here you were 6:00pm on your day off working a story.

It was a good story, your people would love it.  

You sighed running your fingers through your hair and tying it into another bun.

“Mi amor?” Your boyfriend’s footsteps were fast approaching catching you by surprise and in the act. His gaze found your crisscrossed on your bed with research files, sticky notes, and index cards scattered around you.  He chuckled softly as he stepped into your room.

“Hey,” you looked up at him guiltily.  

“Leave it to me to fall in love with a fellow workaholic.”

“It started with an outline and then…” You trailed off eyes falling to your mess. “Well, now I’m here.”

“It’s fine, I get it!” He settled behind you as you continued to type. His hands found your shoulders and you let your head fall back.

“How long have you been working?” He kissed the top of your head.

“Just most of the day.” His hands stopped massaging and you began to pout a little.

“I had an idea, you know how I am when I get an idea!” You replied defensively. “And it’s so good!” You turned to face your boyfriend.

“Time for a break,” his hands massaged down your back.

“Rafi,” you tried to sound in control, but clearly you weren’t as his nimble fingers worked your tense muscles. “I am on a roll.”

“I came to your apartment for a reason,” He kissed your neck. “I have some red wine in the living room and I am going to prepare you dinner,” you looked back at him with a smirk. “Okay, I ordered dinner, it will be here in 10 minutes,” he admitted. “But the wine is there.” He kissed your cheek and the bed moved as he stood up. He looked at you expectantly.



“But, I’m on a roll.” He looked down at your pout and sighed resting his hands on his hips.

“But…” His face looked almost pained as he spoke the next words.“I want to cuddle.”

“You want to cuddle.” You giggled.

“Yes.” He sighed. “Look, mi amor, you need a break and we have a TV series to catch up on.”

“How can I say no to cuddles and Netflix?”

So it’s been quiet, huh?

Whoops! I haven’t been making too many posts on tumblr in regards to Soma Spirits: Rebalanace. And the reason for that is that there’s just really not a whole lot to show off right now.

Why? You might like the reason a bit more than you were expecting. Here’s the gist of it!

- The game has been in Beta for the last three weeks. That means all of the major additions to the game have been made and it is currently undergoing beta testing.
- A lot of the work that has been done on the game this past month has been technical, under-the-hood stuff.
- Most of the Steam-related stuff is finished. That’s right! The Steam version of the game will have Steam achievements and trading cards!
- Beta testing has been going very smoothly and most of the bugs have been text-related. Mostly just typos, grammatical errors, and other things here and there. There has been very little in the way of gameplay bugs.

In short, the new version of the game is almost done! I hope to have a release date announcement soon, so keep checking back periodically!

supaslaya21  asked:

Is Armello a good game? 'Cause ive been looking at it for a while now and im still not sure if i want to get it

I’m enjoying it a lot. You really got to think of it more as a board game though rather than a ‘normal’ video game. If you like playing board games, you’ll like this.

There’s some good strategy to the cards you play, the locations you move and what victory condition you focus on. The game is turn-based like Civilisation and observing what your enemies do on their turns can really help plan what you do in response. Because part of the gameplay is based on virtual dice there is some RNG you rely on, but if you know what you’re doing you can make even terrible dice rolls work well for you. You really must plan what you’re going to do beforehand and you can’t just rush things without it coming back to bite you.

All the characters are cute as hell and have some neat animations while attacking, defending, taking damage etc. I love how River the wolf howls when she gets a kill. It’s adorable. The cards in the game look fantastic and have a painted style to them. They’re all drawn by many different artists and would look right at home in an actual board game or card game (like MtG or YuGiOh). While most of the game is rendered in 3D, the attack and defend animations have a 2D Flash animation style to them. It works well and conveys the damage you take and your defence clearly, while looking slick.

As a quick note, if you’re using integrated graphics as opposed to a dedicated graphics card, you may run into issues. The game runs well on my desktop computer with an i7 7700k and GTX1080 (as it bloody should!), but my Surface Pro 3 with an i5 4300U and integrated graphics struggles to get above 18 FPS at 720p resolution, so just keep that in mind (oddly enough, Civilisation 5 runs a lot smoother than Armello does on my Surface).

Speaking of hardware, while I’m fine with playing this on my computer or console, I really do with it was available on tablets. The single-click interface, card-based gameplay and dice rolling mechanic all seem more suited for an iPad or Android tablet, but after 2 years in development, the developer still hasn’t made the game available for those devices. It really seems like a missed opportunity as I’d love to play this on the go, especially if the game included a multiplayer ‘hotswap’ option. The only really portable option at the moment is streaming via my Playstation Vita, but that isn’t perfect.

I do wish the game had some sort of ‘campaign mode’ where you had multiple levels and a story based around it, but the game is only $20 after all, so I guess you can’t expect too much.

All in all the game gets my recommendation, just keep those things in mind!


Can’t believe it has come down to this but I guess it was about time for one of you to notice how unfair some of you have been acting towards us as admins. I’m not going to play the sad card either because at this point is whatever. I also won’t let this ruin the roleplay either because I’m not one to give up on what I started.

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Bringing this back...

It’s been a bit since I first said this, but It’s time for AMONKHET BINGO. However, I don’t yet have enough speculation to build a card. I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow, but I need your help. Reblog this and add some speculaiton you have about amonkhet. It can be plot related, mechanics, character, please just try to stay away from masterpiece series and block speculation. Here’s all we have so far…

  • Gideon dies, as @odric-master-swagtician suggested,
  • Bolas doesn’t show up until hour of devastation
  • Gold tokens make a return, possibly with a mechanic similar to @flavoracle‘s adorn.
  • The gods are the same colors as the Alara Shards

From @livefromtheloam

  • More legendary equipment weapons.
  • The planar bridge core that Tezzeret ate doesn’t serve a real purpose yet.
  • Amonket’s residents genuinely love Bolas.
  • Hound creature type!
  • Desert land type.
  • The gods are former planeswalkers that willingly gave up their sparks.
  • Each Gatewatch member has to pass a trial.
  • The Gatewatch helps Liliana kill a demon.
  • Five color Bolas.
  • The Gatewatch faces a group of antagonistic planeswalkers.
  • The Gatewatch are in way over their heads and suffer an unambigous defeat.
  • No planeswalkers die.

From @gamvaq (who I can’t tag for some reason)

  • Wrath of God or Damnation are reprinted (this was predicted before MM17 was revealed)
  • We get a functional reprint of Deicide that targets whatever card type Amonkhet’s gods end up being
  • Nicol Bolas’ planeswalker card is (a) new and (b) printed in Amonkhet, not Hour of Devastation.
  • Nicol Bolas, Liliana, and Gideon are the only planeswalker cards in Amonkhet.
  • Razaketh gets a card.  It’s an 8/8 
  • Gideon survives; Ajani dies.  He shows up with a cavalry to save the Gatewatch from their own hubris, but his second duel with Bolas doesn’t go as well as his first.
  • Liliana loses control of the Chain Veil, kicking off the “Hour of Devastation”.

From @werewolfpresbyterian

  •  - Lavinia convinces Jace to come (or firewoman’s carries Jace) back to Ravnica; he has less influence in this set.
  • If he does he solves the problem of sand-in-the-cloak with more belts. 
  • I’m gonna go contrary to @odric-master-swagtician and say that Gideon does not die, but we get a set up for Theros, where he definitely will die. This is mostly because it’s fits my lets-return-to-Theros headcanon. 
  • Gids enters whatever huge challenge thing that exists on the plane as a way for the Gatewatch to get in to meet Bolas (where I also think he will appear at the 11th hour). 
  • and lastly I predict that Gideon’s side holes in his breastplate are going to present an annoying challenge to my cosplay goal. Let’s see where this goes! [I think I’ll use this as the free space? If that’s okay with you]

From @elvish-memesmith

  • The guy on the key art is the same one who’s on one of the boosters and is also a Planeswalker.
  • The gods are creature type God, but they aren’t enchantment creatures.
  • The jackal people are ainok, the ram people are minotaurs, and the bird people are aven.
  • There is at least one kind of animal person we haven’t seen yet (maybe croc-people?), but there aren’t any other nonhumans (that means no gobbos).
  • The gods are mono-color.

And from @char7es96

  • Traps return

I’m going to tag some people to continue this: @obi-one-drop @animar-smol-of-elephants @odric-master-swagtician @bace-jeleren @shunthehexmage @flavoracle @commandtower-solring-go @island-delver-go @morbidlyqueerious

thedrown  asked:

What advice would you have for someone moving to Euskadi? (Bilbo to be specific)

The main advice would be simply to enjoy your time here as much as possible: come with no prejudices, listen to the people and learn from them instead of the books, feel the pace of the city, and try to learn as much about its culture as you can so, eventually, you can have your own personal opinion about whether you like it or not. Those advices are useful for any place of the world you visit / move to.

Don’t stay just in Bilbo, try to know the whole Euskal Herria! Everything here is very near and the most attractive places are easily reachable by bus / train (if you don’t have your own car, that is).

In more specific terms, bring some rain-proof clothes, a permanent small umbrella in your backpack / purse is always a good idea, and remember that, in many bars and / or stores credit cards are not accepted, so bring always some pocket money with you.

About public transportation, purchase a Barik card as soon as you get here, it’s what Bilbo citizens use since it makes the tickets much cheaper. It costs 5€ and gives you 3€ credit (2€ for the card, or 3€ for the card and 2€ credit, something along those lines). A regular return ticket is around 3€ already, but with the Barik card a single trip will cost you around 0.90, and it works as an electronic wallet: when you run out of money, you just recharge it with the amount you want . You can also use the Barik in the tramway, urban buses / trains, Basque inter-regional buses / trains, the Artxanda funicular, and also in some urban buses of Gipuzkoa and Araba, so we think it’d be a smart early investment. Barik can be bought in any ticket machine of any subway station.

Aaand, that comes to mind right now. If you have any doubt, please ask! ^_^