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The atlantic division as college students during finals
  • tampa bay lightning: Been keeping up with their readings and homework for every class all semester. each week they made more flash cards and studied them. get As on all their exams.
  • toronto maple leafs: aren't doing the readings but still getting good grades anyway. cram study before the finals and pull all nighters and get As.
  • detroit red wings: were a total mess before their finals, almost had a breakdown during the test. started crying when they saw they passed all their exams.
  • boston bruins: stopped caring about university two semesters ago. only borught one pencil to the exam. chose letter D for question 3 because they liked saying 3-D in their heads.
  • Ottawa Senators: took part in group study sessions, pulled all nighters, read all the readings. got a C.
  • Florida Panthers: did all the right things last semester and got straight C's on everything. they've given up. now their version of studying is opening their textbook and then looking through twitter on their phone for a few hours.
  • Montreal Canadiens: also only brought one pencil to the exam. it was out of lead.
  • Buffalo Sabres: slept through three of them, went to the last two, might have spelled their name wrong on one, used pen on the scantron.

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could you do queerplatonic logince??? pls?

This is really short, sorry ‘bout that! I hope you enjoy anyway!

“I’m not sure I’ve ever loved you more,” Roman purred while his head was in Logan’s lap.

“It’s just a scalp massage, Roman,” Logan said with an affectionate eye-roll. “But I love you too.”

“It’s more than just a scalp massage. It’s a scalp massage from my zucchini,” Roman protested.

Logan just chuckled. “You’re ridiculous.”

“You’re worse.”

“How so?”

“At least I’m the one who doesn’t feel romantic love all the time,” Roman said with a chuckle. “You’re the one who deals with those feelings.”

“Yes, yes, you’re demiromantic, don’t rub it in,” Logan grumbled. He carded a hand through Roman’s hair. “It’s bad enough that I have to deal with these illogical feelings, never mind that you somehow feel them less frequently than I do.”

“Nerd,” Roman scoffed.

“Egoist,” Logan shot back.

“Egoist?!” Roman protested sitting up. “I love you, don’t I?!”

“We’re both sides of the same person, aren’t we?” Logan fired back.

Roman opened his mouth, ready for a retort, but it never came. “You’re still a nerd.”

“I can live with that,” Logan said, kissing Roman’s temple. “So long as I’m your nerd.”

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How many missing persons do you think are actually dead?

If someone has been missing without trace (as in no sightings, no contact with family, no usage of bank cards) for more than a month, the chances are incredibly slim that they are still alive.

Unless a person is deliberately trying to disappear, or they are being held hostage somewhere (these things do happen e.g Ariel Castro case, Natascha Kampusch case) the vast majority of missing person cases involved deceased people who simply havent been found yet.

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Listen I work with cards too and I get the whole energy and time bs but $4 a card that's so expensive. I don't ask for money in return because I think it's a lot nicer to not ask for money and I need the money, but I still don't charge because that's not fair, not everyone has money to just give

They’re not just giving me money. They paying for a SERVICE. Do you go to a resturaunt & eat for free? I doubt it. $4 a card is SO cheap compared to many other diviners out there. Please go to your local metaphysical shop that offers readings & check the prices. They’re going to be way more expensive than what I offer. If you don’t like that I charge, you don’t have to purchase an in-depth reading. It’s really that simple. I offer FREE general readings for people that cannot afford in-depth ones. That’s very kind of me & not something I have to do. There are cheaper readers than me on Tumblr, go to one of them. There are free readers on Tumblr, go to them. Sorry not sorry. You can unfollow me & all messages you send it from now on will be deleted because I really don’t need to justify myself to you & I was kind enough to do so up to this point. 🕊🌿


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Can I use More or Less to change a card's name? Say, "Gimme Five" to "Gimme Four", or "Better than One" to "Better than Two"? "The Countdown Is At Two"? "Four-Headed Goblin"? I have no idea why anyone would want to do this, since it doesn't change the rules text in any way, but I'm sure I'll find a crazy exploit somehow.

You can and it does matter; there are numerous silver-bordered cards that care about qualities of the name.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tips!

-SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. These are extremely valuable and the hardest currency to get more of. Don’t waste them early on small projects that take minutes; some projects take days and some items are leaf ticket exclusive. Trust me, you can wait the few minutes in the beginning.

-Honey and fish nets aren’t really worth their price. If you look in an area multiple times (leave and come back) you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. Honey and fish nets are also sometimes given to you as a log-in bonus and that’s really the best way to use them.

-Calling cards and request tickets are extremely useful; they let you do more requests and earn more materials and build affection with the villager you choose.

-If you shake fruit trees and leave the fruit on the ground, the tree can grow more while you leave the extras for when you need them to save on inventory space. They won’t spoil!

-Shaking trees that don’t grow fruit sometimes drops bells!

-Ask your friends to help you in the quarry, don’t use leaf tickets. It’s not worth it. Helping friends get into the quarry (the orange shovel icon next to them, helping is a button tap) earns you bells, so help each other!

-Bells are fairly easy to come by, but don’t waste them all either. I like to keep about 5,000 at all times in case.

-You unlock more villagers as you level up! Currently there are 40 villagers, with more to be added with future updates.

-Villagers affection level is locked at 7 by default, but building amenities that fit the theme they like will increase their max affection up to level 20, at which point you’ll earn their photo.

-Do all of your villagers requests to earn the supplies you need to craft new objects. Each villager gives out different materials, so help all of them to get what you need!

-Talk to your campsite villagers often, they have gifts for you!

-Don’t put rare items in your market box- they’re the least likely to sell. Sell extra regular items instead.

-Don’t worry about your loan from OK Motors too much. The upgrades don’t add huge amounts of space, so take your time.

-Remember this is a mobile game, and it’s not meant to be played 24/7. This is an app, and it’s not supposed to be played like a regular animal crossing game (playing for longer periods of time). Check in a few times a day and have fun!

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