and there were like 100 other cities

Israel On Fire

Fires are currently going on in a few places in Israel.
The biggest ones are in Haifa, the 3rd largest city in Israel (also were I happen to live.) Some of the other cities effected by fires were Modi’in, Rishon Lezion and recently Sha’ar HaGai.
The current suspicion is that people took advantage of the strong wind and dryness attacking Israel lately to ignite fires (that the wind would spread.) The people who have caused this are unknown yet, however, but it is currently decided that this happened due to political reasons.
In Haifa, more than 60,000 citizens were informed to leave the city. More than 100 were hurt by breathing smoke. No one died, and we’ll keep praying for it to stay like that.
Israel is receiving help rom Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Russia and a few others to put out the fires.

City Living First Impressions

-Unpopular Opinion: I did not like the CAS content. They had no hairs for kids and the hairs for female adults were too poofy or very cultural. The only one I liked for women was the ethnic bun (those headwraps were pretty amazing though)

-Back to the cultured thing: I am so happy City living is diverse. However, I felt that 60% of the clothing was too heavily cultured to be worn regularly without appropriating.  30% was too modern and weird and 10% was usable on a regular basis.

-The build mode and buy mode items were 10/10 though. The mirror that has those panels on the side is my fave by far.

-San Myshuno is very different than the other worlds and I adore cities so I like San Myshuno a lot.

-Lot trait head sparkle things come off with ‘headlineeffects off’ cheat

-Darling Walsh is 100% transgender and I love it.