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man a few years ago for new years eve i was completely alone in london. no friends, no acquaintances, no one to spend hours upon hours with me in the freezing rain as we waited for fireworks over the thames. but i was in london!!!! for new years eve!!!!! so i was determined to go out and have a great night. and after miles of walking around peering forlornly into bar windows, i eventually found a bar in camden that seemed fun. and as the night progressed, i ended up approaching a super cool group of girls who had this tangible energy around them, and was all, “hey, i’m alone, i don’t know anyone, can i join you all?” and they ended up making my night incredible!!! and at one point, one of the girls – like, drop dead gorgeous – turns to me, and she’s like, “are you straight?” and i hadn’t been Out yet to really anyone and i got a little nervous and so after a pause i said that i was. but the girl just laughed and grinned at me and was like, “you paused, that means no~~” and then she kissed me at midnight as the whole bar was celebrating and i think i died and went to heaven

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Everyone seems to be freaking out about Ep 11, but I'm just like it's fine?? I have complete faith in this show, there's no way Viktor and Yuri's relationship is in trouble. If anything, this episode was less emotionally impactful than some of the previous ones. The ending just told us that they're going to have an important talk about their futures as coach/skater. I'm feeling like the last ep will make us all cry tho! Not looking forward to the end x.x

@cosmos-art @squishybummie @6259059 @littlebritishboys First of all, sorry we’re regrouping everyone’s messages here, but we want to avoid spam on our followers’ dash :’) Hope you understand !

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Support your healers

I have this friend on Overwatch who I met through a game. They’re super nice (I’m not sure of their gender), and they’re a Mercy main. I mean MAIN. They have almost 100 hours as her. And while I played a few games with them, if they were healing me or damage boosting me, I tried to protect them as best I could. If we both died, I would wait for them to respawn and say “hi” and go into battle with them.

If they healed me when I needed it, I thanked them. If they needed protecting I’d try and rush over to save them. And if I needed healing but was too far from them, I would go over to them and tell them I needed healing. Not once did I have to spam the chat.

More than once they resurrected me, and I was always grateful. And if they got a card at the end of the game, I always upvoted them. Even if I myself got a card.


Boyfriend Ten...

• you met because Johnny and Ten was checking you out
• “damnnnn she cute” he screamed
• you turned around and he quickly ran away
• and then you saw him again
• and he jumped and ran away
• finally jaehyun was like, “holy shoot ten please shUT UP AND GO TALK TO HER WE GET SHES CUTE”
• he is so fricken slick jfs
• “hey do you have the time right now?”
• “yeah it’s 10:23”
• “no the time to get your name and your phone number…”
• you died laughing but at least he got your phone number by the end of the day
• “babe can you do this”
• “BABE”
• “ babY!!!”
• god he also spams the hell out of your phone and when he doesn’t reply
• “honey how are you? ^^”
• “baby are you here?”
• “sweetheart??”
• God so many cringe worthy nicknames
• he also calls you to leave random voice mails
• "hey I’m currently with taeil right now I just want you to know that you are disgusting BUT I LOVE YOU!!!! See you tonight darling”
• sometimes you call him Chittaphon
• “Chittaphon darling”
• you also love to make fun of him
• he’ll walk around the house singing Destiny Child’s Say My Name
• "say my name say my name~”
• “ one two three four five six seven eight nine TEN!!! You are TEN!!! Your NAME IS TEN!!”
• he dead ass stared you straight in the eye
• “….good bye” n walked out
• he likes to slap your butt
• so you like to slap him back
• sometimes you guys will just walk around the house seeing who can slap more
• “awe YEEEAH 8-6 Ten is leading”
• honestly one time taeyong caught you and he just
• judged so hard
• but then smirked and left
• you hear whispers next door
• and all you hear is Johnny next door yelling, “GET IT IN”
• he also has such a cheeky smile
• you never know what he is up to???
• he makes dirty jokes all the time
• but he is honestly so pure as pure as a muffin??
• literally he bought you flowers once just cause
• and also bought you your favourite food to eat
• because “happy 237 days”
• you met his mom and sister before
• they took you in you are part of his family now
• his mom cooks bomb thai food
• and his sister dragged you out to have a heart to heart
• “Honestly I’ve never seen Ten so committed with a girl because he always prioritized his career and training… But with you it’s different”
• then Ten came and ruined the moment
• but lemme tell you his sister dragged both you and ten down when y'all played 2v1 basketball
• one time he dragged you out to the park to take his dogs for a walk
• he made you pick up the poo
• you chased him around the substance while his doggies looked at you guys like… Tf…
• he made you a card for your birthday
• and drew a birthday cake
• and sang you happy birthday while jeno and jaemin held the cake out
• and took you into his arms and whispered
• “ you need not wish for anything on your birthday, you have me already”
• you pushed him away and told him that you could “wish for whatever you wanted”
• but before blowing out the candle you realized he was right… You don’t need to wish anything because you have the entire world
• “ I wish that Ten and I will be together as long as forever allows”
• “I heard that darling”
• he smiles and kisses you on the cheek
•honestly Ten is a 10/10 and you would spend the rest of your life with him


So here we go! And if someone was waiting something else than Daud and Martin, I am disappointed and apparently failed at my job haha

Also, some beautiful day I actually design the specific tattoos for Daud but apparently this is not the day

Signing off.

We’re going to be deleting this account in a couple of weeks or so when we’ve tied up a few loose ends.
We’ve given it a try but it’s obvious we don’t really fit into the whole Libs/Carl tumblrsphere (not really into haircuts, pic spams, not-quite-true info and did they/didn’t they suppositions etc but nothing wrong if people want to do that) and some of the messages we receive are quite frankly, terrifying.
We’ll be keeping up with Facebook and Twitter if anyone follows them, but tumblr isn’t really our scene.
Merry 2017 and thanks being there for the ride; it was good while it lasted.

Okay so after seeing all of the # h2ovanoss drama that’s going on and all of the hate Sydney (aka Itskricken) is receiving after her and Evan broke up, it’s about time we end this right now before this Fandom falls apart. We don’t know about any of the details of their break up, but that doesn’t give the small minded people who label themselves as “fans” the right to spam all over Sydney ’s instagram, twitter, etc. all these hateful comments about her relations regarding to Evan and Delirious.

Please spread #kindnessforkricken everywhere, Sydney does not deserve all of this bullying that is occurring by these idiotic “fans” who don’t realize that these are REAL people with REAL lives outside of social media and youtube.

EDIT: Also if anyone has a twitter or instagram please tag or tweet her this post and spread this shit like wildfire! (I would myself but I sadly do not have either of these)

Thank you to those of you who tweeted this to Sydney! Very glad that she knows she has supporters through all this drama

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YO LISTEN UP TO THE PEOPLE VOTING FOR JAEHEE OR YOUR SO CALLED BAEHEE, look mod saeran said she was going to do all the members right ? DONT MAKE JAEHEE THE TOP CHOICE do you know how long this person is gonna take writing her one shot!! we will never see the light of day for the others! be smart be loyal to god seven on seven

IS TODAY TALK SHIT ON MOD SAERAN 😂😂😂😂😂 LMAO😂😂 YALL wild 😂😂 honestly fuck whoever is the Jaehee lover spamming the shit blame them if the series doesn’t end till June LMAO jk jk it’s gonna be a challenge I’m not looking forward too 😩😩😩 FUCK 😩😩😩😩😩

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Boo I hope you keep warm! I got a headcannon for you - Phil Coulson is the biggest Clintasha shipper, the reason they were paired together all the time when Clint brought her back to SHIELD was because he was trying to set them up

I am suffering but this headcanons eases the pain a lil BC YEAH COULSON U GO MAN

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  • Me (As Rein): Team we should group up and try to take high-ground. They have a Rein/Soldier/Hog that can punish and flank us should we push main.
  • Team: Goes opposite direction, tries to push through main/low ground, gets slaughtered by the soldier/rein on high ground and the flanking road that jumped down from high ground.
  • Team: Rein, you need to pay more attention to our flanks. That hog from high-ground is punishing us.
  • Me (As a Tilted Rein): ...........
  • Me (As a Tilted Rein): Team, on the last point on Numbani, since we pushed the cart near the end, let's go from high ground. Guys...turn around, please don't push through main..I see the Hog and Rein up top. Spams 'Group up with me' command 5 times.
  • Team: Ignores me, pushes through main, get's flanked by Rein/Hog, team wipe. Then says 'Our Rein needs to pay attention to our flanks'
  • Me (As a Rein who's about to go Bastion): I've literally been telling you guys to take high-ground when possible so that flanking would be more difficult for the other team the entire game.
  • Team: Why didn't you say anything?
  • ME (As a Mad Rein): ............
It didn’t hit me at first, you leaving. At first I felt fine, bitter, angry, but not sad. Anything but that. Next thing I knew, I was riding in the car on my way home, anxious to tell you how my day was and go on an endless spam attack about every little detail, when I realized you were gone. You were gone and the only things you left were the songs we used to play and the memories we shared and the crazy weird secrets we used to laugh about every night. No goodbye or any reason, just silence and no feelings lingering within. You showed me things I never would have known and you left me with the unknown. Crazy how things work, right?
—  You were a walking contradiction in the end
Proof of how deprived the Sherlock fandom is of content:

Doctor Who fandom: oh look a minute and a half season 9 trailer! That’s pretty cool, we only had a few months of silence, looks good I wonder who that girl at the end is? now let’s go back to tweeting irrelevant non doctor who related things.



We don’t have any giveaways planned for Halloween so I am going to call this our Halloween Giveaway. 

  • You must be following us, please don’t be a jerk and unfollow after
  • You can reblog as many times as you like as long as you are respectful to your followers and don’t spam them.
  • Likes do not count.
  • Because I started this morning i’ve only got three examples  here  here and here
  • Giveaway ends Tomorrow 5th October at 12am GMT



I hit 200 followers ;3; Before I get around to rules and prizes and such, I really want to say thanks because all of my followers are such sweet sunflowers, and you’re all really amazing.

Okay! Rules are pretty simple!

~You have to be following me and the cosponsor of the giveaway, footstepstomars

~Likes *and* reblogs count, because I don’t see a reason not to have them count, and you can reblog as many times as you want in order to increase entries! Just be careful not to spam your followers c:

~We’re going to need your address, so please only enter if you’re comfortable with that!

~Keep your inbox/fanmail open, please!



!The money limit is $150 dollars, and we won’t be giving away *anything* that is NSFW!

Ideas for prizes include, but are not restricted to:

-clothes(binders&gaffs count as clothing!), 
-art supplies, 
-cosplay supplies, 

You can ask for things in multiple categories as long as you stay under $150!


I don’t know if whoever wins will want art done? But I could try doing the art thing if it would be desired ;3; And it’s free, so it doesn’t take away from your $150 limit :3

(If anyone gets curious about what my art looks like, I have an art blog: alamenerdsartblog)

((Also, if this doesn’t get above 10 people who qualify, I might wait until I hit 500 followers for a giveaway))

(((Edit: You don’t have to follow my art blog! It’s just mentioned in case someone would want art as part of the prize/s)))

Seems to me that getting Sebastian to respond on IG has become a weird kind of contest…like what can I do to get him to notice ME? - under the guise of “Sebastian! Be my own personal advisor!!” And if he, by chance, responds…it’s time to c/p and go nuts. Now, I’m not begrudging anyone’s excitement over being the “chosen one,” but it genuinely used to be people who weren’t really trying to get his attention. They were just venting and happened to mention him.

These days, it’s seriously become a kind of game or something - even to the point of SPAMMING his friends’ IG posts. (Can we not??)

It’s annoying AF & I’m concerned that it’s going to end up making Seb pull away. I can’t even begin to imagine his notifications. Ugh And then bugging his friends, too? For fuck’s sake, people! STAHP IT!!


well i actually made it to 300 on this blog so here we go! i’m very happy that you all follow me despite my many hiatuses and the fact that there are a lot of other lovely corazon rpers. so here is some small prizes for you all! also i am a roleplay blog so this is aimed towards roleplay blogs so please remember that.


- must be following me on this blog

- only reblogs count but reblog as many times as you wan. just dont spam your followers

- giveaway ends on Friday July 31st at 11 PM

- I’ll send the winners a message and if they dont reply within 3 days I’ll pick someone else

There will be three winners!

First place can choose between 100 icons of your muse/muse’s face claim or a drawing like the one above (fully colored , up to 3 people , simple background , may not be full bodied)

Second place can choose between 75 icons of your muse/muse’s face claim or a drawing like the one above ( fully colored , up to 2 people , simple background , may not be full bodied )

Third place can choose between 50 icons of your muse/muse’s face claim or a drawing like the one above ( fully colored , one person, waist up, simple background )

i can’t think of anything right now so thank you all again. good luck!