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its not about the cars.
it’s never truly about the cars.

how did you get turned on to cars?
maybe your family; a gearhead dad or an older brother with a cool, fast car.
maybe a movie; James Bond, Dominic Toretto, Randall Raines… hell maybe herbie the lovebug or speed racer.
maybe you are lucky enough to live in a town that has a booming car culture and you grew up watching lowriders, muscle cars, and tuners roll down your streets every day.

but what has kept you clinging onto cars?
despite the late nights trying to finish a project so you have a vehicle to get to work in the morning.
despite the thousands of dollars you spend just to get a car on the ground let alone looking and driving the way you dream.
despite the confusion of gremlins, the heartbreak of crashes, the frustration of nothing seeming to work as it should.

if your answer isn’t ‘the friends you made along the way’ then you are missing out on the greatest part of cars and car culture.

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anonymous asked:

Your posts about how Dan always compliments Phil and says he misses him are making my life. He's realy quite emotionally open, I think, when you get thought the layers of sarcasm and irony. So, it got me thinking, what do you think about how Phil expresses these things? I mean, obviously he likes Dan, duh. But I see him as much less open about his feelings. Like the difference between how they described each other in the SitC Book, you know?

I love this question. It is one that I have wanted to address since the original post on Dan (x). I think you are very much correct in the fact that Dan seems so much more emotionally open with us. I actually find it quite funny that although they are intensely private in many respects, Dan can really be quite the “sharer” at times. He offers a lot up about himself and his feelings in a way that almost starkly contradicts what you might expect of him. And in a way that sometimes opposes Phil’s form of public expression.

But everyone has different ways of showing affection. Dan is just quite obvious with his displays. He’s very present with his emotions and is all about communicating with words. And his face is an open book. It’s so easy to read how he might be feeling. But Phil…Phil has an incredible poker face. It’s very difficult to gauge what he’s thinking at times. He rarely gives too much away and can be quite closed-off. I get the sense that it is much easier for him to distinguish between being off camera and on, and knowing when to pull back to avoid private territory.

So they certainly have different approaches, at least when on camera. Where Dan is all about words, I’ve always pegged Phil to be a man of gestures. I feel like he might show his appreciation and love through actions the most.

It’s simple things. Like making Dan a cup of coffee or answering the postman for him in his pajamas. Or starting the stir-fry before the liveshow is over. Or listening to him waffle during an existential crisis. It’s sneaking McDonald’s into the hospital for him when he’s sick. And getting everyone in the audience to cheer for Dan at the anti-bullying campaign. Or planning a trip to Japan for them when they desperately need a break. And saving Dan from the giant moths and spiders when they infiltrate the flat (x). Or talking a mile per minute because he hasn’t seen him in like 10 hours and now there’s so many thoughts he wants to share. The little things that convey a lot.

It’s things like the “Reacting to Old Photos” video. The way he captures the unassuming moments. The ones that to anyone else seem quite ordinary on the surface. When Dan is completely unaware, looking away or occupied by a task, just candidly himself. You can guess that Phil must have noticed the beauty in those moments or saw something special that made him feel compelled to immortalize them in some way. And we only saw the smallest portion of those photos…god only knows how many have been taken over the last 6 years. (cont)

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Mary’s Confidante

I’m rewatching HLV. This bit struck me as odd:

From a narrative perspective, this line feels like it is setting something up for a future reveal. Mary has a confidante.

I’ve seen meta suggesting this is Janine (x) and also David (x). These are certainly possible. But the gut sense I got rewatching this was that Mary’s confidante must be someone we know, and knew at the time of this scene. 

David is Mary’s ex-boyfriend. He’s involved only in TSoT as an ex, and perhaps serves as a foil to John’s “ex”, Sherlock. But otherwise we don’t really see much of David. It’s possible he’s being set up as the baby’s father, which gives a better explanation as to why he exists at all in the story. But as Mary’s confidante? That would hardly be a rug-pull moment since the viewer doesn’t know David and has nothing invested in him. Furthermore, he’s already in the position of “on Mary’s side" as her ex-bodyfriend. Also being her confidante is sort of <shrug>, not a reveal.

Janine – Janine gets involved in Sherlock’s plots in HLV, so it would be a bit of a surprise if she had deeper ties to Mary and knew she was an assassin all along. It would also explain (possibly) how Mary got into Magnussen’s office (though Mary could have just done her assasiny-spider man thing, as we saw her scaling a building in the black outfit in S4 setlock). But again, it’s not that much of a rug-pull because we don’t have much invested in Janine .

The question is: a confidante for what? Even though she’s speaking of Sherlock coming back from the dead here, I’m not convinced she’s speaking of her own “resurrection” as Mary Morstan 5 years ago. Again, it’s not that relevant story-wise HOW she took over the dead baby’s identity. She simply did. I don’t see that figuring into a big future reveal.

What if the thing Mary’s “confidante” is helping her with is the scheme to infiltrate John life and become involved with him, Mary’s whole “nicey nurse” personna at John’s work? That’s much more relevant to the main arc of Sherlock. And what if it’s someone we know? Someone in the main story who has helped Mary all along?

Mycroft? Lestrade? Mrs. Hudson? Molly?

My bet is on one of these. It could be any of them, especially Mycroft. Yet let’s take a look at  Molly. Now THAT would be a rug-pull. I submit:

1.  We have Molly saying at the Sherlocked con that she was Mary were “good friends” (on screen) in (or by the end of) S4. 

2. We have that odd tweet from Amanda to Loo after the S4.E3 readthrough (”What are we going to do?”), implying somehow they were in the same boat.

3. We have Molly appearing during setlock at the beach bit when Moriarty makes his appearance. Why the hell would lab scientist Molly be there? Unless she was a plant all along. (I was looking for the photo she posted of her shoes in sand/rock during that setlock but couldnt’ find it. If you have it please add!

4. We also have this “Molly in disguise” from S4.E3 setlock. Why?  

Also, Molly has medican knowledge, so she could have helped Mary with faking being a nurse.

On the con side: If Molly was BOTH SHerlock and Mary’s confidante Mary would have known all along that Sherlock wasn’t dead. So that opens some new questions. Was she hanging out with John waiting for Sherlock to return?

Am I positive about this? No! It’s just a theory. Take it as you will.

anonymous asked:

I wore short shorts to school yesterday and today my crush asked me out. I'm starting to think I shouldn't be self conscious about my legs bc I think they have some sort of power? Did you have an aha moment like this but with your gorgeous face?

Honestly, yes. It was about a year ago when i broke up with my abusive ex. He always said things like “im the only guy who will ever love you” or nit pick how i dressed or looked or anything. When i first dyed my hair an odd color i did it orange, like fire orange ad he just sad i looked like a stupid highlighter. He would flirt with so many girls and any moment a guy said i was pretty he would tell me “he’s only telling you that since he feels bad for you”

It was bad. He nitpicked my body, my style, my personality. And then i found out he had been cheating on me for half of our relationship. We had been together for 3 years. So one day when he went away for a week i separated everything, dropped all his stuff at his house, deleted everything of him, tossed out all photos, just cut him off and when he came back i just said it was over and left.

And i was still really shitting feeling about myself. The only guy i had ever dated or even kissed at the time, made me feel horrible. And then one day in woodshop i was using the table saw and this guy came up to me. He tried talking to me and i told him to shut up, im trying to use a fucking saw dont mess with me right now. And when i walked back over to my project he just smiled and said “You are so oblivious.” and i was confused and he said “You really can’t tell when someone is trying to flirt with you” And i was like what. flirting? No one has done that to me? I used to being used and told im a piece of shit? Flirting? This is a joke right? Like i did not trust him. And to add to it, he was pretty much one of the most attractive guys in the school. The most beautiful man just tried flirting with me, i couldnt trust it. Like i brushed it off and said “whatever” I honestly didnt know anything better. I honestly only felt like guys only try to flirt with me to mess with me, since that is what i was told for 3 years.

But then a different guy asked me out. and i am not even going to play this one off, he was actually a male model (fun fact if you have seen that post with all the texts from corbin, this is him) Like he legit did modeling, he was fucking beautiful. And then other guys showed interest in me. It was a slow build but then one day i was like “dude, im fucking beautiful. Guys show interest in me because i am becoming more confident.” And then from then on out i was just like fuck anyone who says shit about me, It doesnt mean anything. I dress the way i dress for me, i dye my hair for me, i do my makeup this way for me, and i fucking love me. And when i love me and i show it and i am confident people are interested. 

Last night i made out with a dude and he is pretty damn pretty. Like it just clicked that i can’t let a guy make me feel less about myself. I owned up to my beauty, i owned up to my personality, and i showed my confidence. and it fucking worked, and i just stuck with it.

At first i felt like my beauty came from what a guy said about me. Then i realized that i am already beautiful, and what a guy says about me is because i am beautiful, and he is acknowledging that. My worth does not come from my abusive ex, or what any guy says, my worth is already here. My beauty is not determined by a guy, and if a guy ever tries to make me feel different, he is a shit bucket. 



Okay so where do I even BEGIN?! I was minding my own bUSINESS, rocking out to taylor, doin my THANG okay. First let me say our seats were the farthest right to the stage you could get (there was no section after it) AND we were at the very top row. Basically, we had the highest seats in the entire arena. OKAY ANYWAY then (Taylor was on her AHYDTWS speech I believe? or right before it IDR IT’S A BLUR) out of the corner of my eye behind me I thought I saw Mama Swift. And I did!!!!! I turn around and I just GASP out of amazement because she was standing right in front of me. I soon realize she is with a few other members of her team. I said “OH MY GOD.” and then I asked “can I hug you?!” She nodded so I hugged her. And I was just… I was so in shock. THEN ….. GET THIS. SHE TOLD ME “TAYLOR SAW YOUR POST. SHE WANTS TO MEET YOU.” and those words coming out of her mouth made me ….. I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN. IT WAS SO CRAZY. NOT do you want loft? or anything like that. she said TAYLOR. WANTS. TO MEET YOU. ME???? TAYLOR SWIFT WANTED TO MEET ME. I screamed “NO” and she said “yeah!” and i hugged her and then she gave me the goLDEN TICKET. Mama Swift then put the bracelet on my wrist (she had a hard time getting it on lol) and she said “I’m so happy you were standing, that way we could see you!” and I hugged her a few more times and screamed a lot more times. She said she would see me later. And…. I just. I WENT BANANAS. I, LITTLE TINY SPEC OF THE EARTH ANTHONY, WAS GOING TO MEET GODDESS OF THE WORLD TAYLOR ALSION SWIFT?????? gotta go.

okay so of course I got right back into the concert (jk not really bc I was freaking out but) and danced my little booty off as I always do. Let me just tell you how HARD I went during out of the woods. @taylor if u readin this: the (2nd) OOTW bridge is honestly me life. thanks for it girl. also wait let me just mention something (that i didn’t realize until AFTER the show) but during one of her speeches she was talking about how she loved that we were honest with her online. aND I JUST CAN’T HELP BUT THINK she was talking about me and the long post i made about my accident (i’m sure most of u know, but b4 u ask, i’m talking about this post). SO THAT JUST MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY :) :)

OKAY ANWAY AFTER THE CONCERT WE MET AT THE SECTION THE TICKET TOLD US TO and blah blah we got in line sat down she told us the rules and some other things. then we wALKED back stage and soon were in the promise land that is Loft 89 (as we walked onto the floor the go backstage there was just piles of confetti EVERYWHERE. so of course i grabbed a hand full and stuffed it in my 1989 Tour Dad Hat!).

I immediately went to the photo booth and motioned my brother to follow. We took some pics NBD and then I got a water and we sat down on the (iconic) Loft 89 couches. I got some pics of myself snapped on the couch and in front of the I C O N I C “Loft 89” neon sign and then we made our way back to the couch. I was a bit nervous, but I was quiet. I didn’t talk much but I was somewhat calm, i was just ready for Taylor to come. I passed the time by going over what I would say to Taylor, and also taking some BOMB selfies like any ordinary night! Okay so idk 10-15 minutes later we were told to put our phones away (that’s when we knew Taylor was about to come) so we did and then I got up off the couch so I could see her walk in. (WAIT pause I just wanna say I was pictured Loft 89 to be bigger but it was SO small. So cozy and so homey odmfodkakekc I love Taylor ok anyway). The lady in charge told us to cheer REALLY loudly and after a minute or so of cheering tAYLOR FINALLY WALKED IN. EVERYONE KIND OF CROWDED IN FRONT OF ME SO I DIDNT SEE HER AT FIRST BUT I SAW HER SHOES AND HER LEGS AND I WAS LIKE “OK GOODBYE SHES LITERALL RIGHT THERE” AND THEN SHE TOOK ANOTHER STEP IN AND I SAW HER FACE AND I JUST. I DIED. I COULDNT BELIEVE SHE WAS REAL???? (I STILL CANT TBH). Okay so there were about hmmm I wanna say about 7-10 groups total and so she started with the ppl near the entrance. This might sound creepy (I’m not I promise) but I was just like….. Watching her talk to each group and it was so….. Mesmerizing. You could just tell how involved she was in each conversation and that she truly cares and OAKDICJRKSJD I LOVE HER TO DEATH. Oh OH something I want to point out ok when she walked up to the group that was right before us (that had 2 small children) and she yelled “TINY CHILDREN!!!” And I just laughed ok sorry I just wanted to let you know it was so cute.

so beFORE I GET TO THE REALLY GOOD PART let me tell you about mama swift!! she walked in a about a minute or two after taylor did. eventually (before taylor did) she made her way over the me! she said it was good to see me again as i went in for a hug. and pretty much the only thing i could say to her was thank you. i just repeatedly said thank you and i love you. and i said “thank you i am so happy” and she said “aww, i’m so happy that you’re happy. i am so happy you are here” AHHHH!!!!!!! so yeah we talked for about 2 minutes and she left us after a pic and another hug. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. thank you mama swift for coming to find me!!!!

OKAY HERE COMES…. THE GOOD PART!!!!!! So. She left the group before us and came to me and my brother and she saw me and her face just lit up. She was literally the human embodiment of the :D emoji. AHHHHHH. AND I JUST WENT IN AND HUGGED HER I COULDNT BELUEVE IT WAS HAPPENING. I GAVE HER THE BIGGEST AND LONGEST HUG. A HUG 8 YEARS IN THE MAKING PRETTY MUCH. I was just. I was so in shock. I said “hi I’m anthony” and GET THIS. SHE SAID “I know!” and I was like aldkckdnskdkskd L"NO YOU DONT!“ and she was like YES!” AND I WAS LIKE “NOOOO” AND SHE WAS LIKE “YEAH!” AND I WENT IN FOR ANOTHER HUG BECAUSE I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. She asked who was with me and I told her it was my brother and they hugged or something idk. OKAY AND THEN she just like looked at me after I hugged her and I said “you’re so tall!” (WHICH I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY BC OBVIOUSLY SHE’S TALL I MEANT TO SAY “your heels are tall” i’m a screw up) and she said “yeah.. the heels add more but I’m already tall without them” and I was just like oh I know! and then i said “your heels ARE tall” ok i hate myself. anyway….. (idr which of these came first but all of what I’m gonna say next happened within the same period I JUST DONT RECALL THE ORDER IT WAS SAID) she then said “you’re so dedicated!” and I said “yeah, I’ve been a fan ever since I heard Our Song!” and my brother said something. Then I was thinking like ok let’s get to what i wANNA SAY so i said “I don’t know if you read my long post abo-” and before I could continue she said “about the accident? Yeah, I did.” AND I DIED SIDKCKRKSKDKRKFKD. She said she screenshotted it and sent it (to her mom I think) and for mama swift to come find me, and that she wanted to meet me. She then said something along the lines of, (OK REALLY do not quote me on this because I don’t exactly remember it word for word but it went something like) “what your went through was terrible. it’s just an awful thing to imagine.” you could tell that like… IDK bc obviously that is a touchy subject for me and i could tell that taylor was really considerate about it and truly did care. and she said “I’m glad you’ve gotten better and are okay now.” and then she kinda stopped herself and said “I assume you’re okay now?” which then lead me to explain my current life situation. I told her how the post I had made back in January. So since then I had left school started to see a therapist and really just took time to discover myself - OH MY GOD I’m about to get emo - and dURING THIS SHE JUST KEPT LOOKING ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES. SHE DID NOT LOSE CONTACT ONCE. SHE WAS SO CONCERNED AND SO INTRIGUED BY WHAT I HAD TO SAY. I AM TRULY AMAZED. After she looked at me she looked relieved and told me she was happy i was okay now. And during that I think I hugged her 2 more times because.. Omg I just kept hugging her and telling her I love her bc I couldn’t believe she was real. I told her “I’m so happy” and she smiled at me and said “I’m so happy you’re happy” (probably one of the greatest thing I will EVER hear in my life) and she said she was proud of me (???!!!!) AND THEN I WENT IN FOR ANOTHER HUG. Hmmmm ok what else I said that we had come from LA to see her, and also that I was at MetLife and she was like “I know!” and then it just struck me again that shE READ MY POST(S) ON HERE LIKE SHE KNEW ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS!!!!!!! AODMFKRKSKFID. and then I said something about MetLife and then she said something about me having cool friends friends like “your group of friends are so cool”. And I said “yeah! Like Kylee and ally! You met them there!” and Taylor said “yeah!! You have a great squad. You guys are squad goals.” and then she turned to my brother and said it again “him and his friends are squad goals” LIKE OAIDJFLKAJDF. AND I WAS JUST LIKE OKAY SOFKCKRKSKFKCKRKD.. Then I believe she asked if I had anything she wanted me to sign so (obviously) I handed her the loft ticket and I asked “can you write ‘choose happiness’? It’s kind of my thing” i didn’t even get to finish the sentence and without hesitation or reply she started writing it. then she wrote “I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!” JUST LIKE THAT IN ALL CAPS!!!! NOT JUST THE I <3 NAME. WHICH I THOUGHT WAS PRETTY SPECIAL!!!!!!

So then we were gonna take the pic and she asked me what I wanted to do (cute pose, funny, etc) and I said “what do you recommend?” and she thought for a moment then she said “we should sit on the couch because this is a completely chill vibe.” and inside I was like OKAY TAYLOR SWIFT LET ME LIVE!!!!!! but I really said (sarcastically) “yeah. this is totally completely calm and casual. it’s whatever” and she smiled. SO WE SAT DOWN AND IMMEDIATELY SHE LIFTS HER LEGS UP AND PUTS THEM ACROSS MY LAP. I WAS SO IN SHOCK I WAS LIKE IS THIS REAL IS THIS REAL. AND THEN I WAS AFRAID TO REST MY ARMS ON HER LEGS BUT I DID IT BC I THOUGHT “ok she literally just laid her entire lower body on my lap taylor swift will be ok if my arms lean against her legs like we’re FRIENDS it’s cool it’s okay” AND OK THAT HAPPENED. THEN WE POSED AND SHE KINDA PUT HER ARM ON MY SHOULDERS BUT IT WAS KIND OF A REACH ALMOST AS IF SHE WAS PUSHING AGAINST ME/PUSHING ME AWAy. once it was taken she said “wait. can we take another picture? I feel like I was pushing you away. I don’t want that” AND AGAIN I WAS LIKE AOSMFKDKAKDKDKDKD i said “haha okay” ANYTHIN FOR U TAYLOR. So she repositioned her legs and this time grabbed my head and wrapped her arm around it and I put my arm like on her wrists and SNAP! PICTURE GOALS SUCCEEDED!!!  she took her legs off of me and looked at me and said “body language is important” and i just laughed.

We got up and I hugged her again i said thank you a million times and said “I love you” and she said “I love you too buddy” I AM DEAD!!!!! -sidenote: after I got home, my brother said she kept calling me buddy which I WASNT AWARE OF because i was in some sort of TRANSE lmao but I did notice the last one and that just made me so happy because I’ve always half joked but half serious that i wanted her to call me Buddy. - Okay anyway and then (I think?) she again said she was proud of me. I said “you make me so happy!”  and she kind of did a high pitched squeal and said “BUDDY” as SHE leaned into ME for another hug so I hugged her AGAIN (i got soooo omany hugs omg) like can we please just relax aodmckfoekfkfjfsjdkckfkr. and thus we went our separate ways. but wait! there’s more!

OKAY SO… WHEN SHE WAS WITH THE LAST GROUP THEY WALKED OVER TO THE COUCH TO TAKE THEIR PIC (where I had mine) and as she was walking away she was about to pass right by me. but sHE STOPPED. AND SHE STARTED PATTING AND RUBBING MY FUCKING HEAD LIKE I WAS HER ONE OF HER CATS (i’m her honorary 3rd cat tbh) AND SHE JUST GAVE ME THE CUTEST SMILE AND I JUST WAS THINKING IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING???? IT LASTED FOR A GOOD LIKE 7-10 SECONDS. JUST 7-10 SECONDS OF STRAIGHT HEAD PATTING. LIKE WTF???? AND SHE JUST GAVE ME THE GREATEST LOOK WITH HER SMILE AND HER EYES AND ok so I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to hug her again since my time was up but I wENT FOR IT ANYWAY I hesitated but I hugged her and she hugged me right back :) and ok this is dumb but while in the hug i was thinking (aside for “this is nice), “I don’t specifically remember her saying she loves me (I mean SHE DID I do remember now but at the time I didn’t AND I WAS STUPID AND EMO) so right after the hug I was like "I LOVE YOU!!” and she looked at me and said with the biggest smile on her face and joy in her voice “I love you too!” and some people went “awwwwww” and I just JUMPED IN EXCITEMENT. like taylor swift and i basically had a totally casual but meaningful best friend moment whilst everyone was watching, even though it felt like it was just me and her.
Then she left and I SCREAMED I love you one last time. The end. I am dead.

I am so happy I got to experience this and I am so happy I got to tell her about my life. And she knows how much I love her and how thankful I am for her in my life and for that experience. The fact that she knows about what I’ve been through in my life, and that she loves and supports me and CARES ABOUT ME is something I will never be able to fully express how I feel. I am forever thankful. I WILL SEE YOU FRIDAY THE 21ST OF AUGUST IN LA TAYLOR!!!! I’LL BE IN THE B STAGE PIT :D 


you guise dawn did not kill beth

i figured a thing out im so proud. heres why it doesnt make sense that Dawn shot Beth

1. in the above photo you can see the entry wound was all the way up on her forehead. dawn had her gun near her waist and pointed up the entry would should not be on beths forehead the special effects department are not that lazy. it should have been on her chin or lower face. yes i believe that speck of blood on her forehead is the entry wound. its small.. but that only means she was shot at from farther away. it couldnt be blood splatter from where the bullet exited, there would be more of it, and it would have gotten on dawn. 

2. after beth is shot, dawn mouths what most people thought was “i didnt mean to”. but i watched her death probably 50 times and the more i watch it the more it looks like shes saying it wasnt methink it was shepherd. her facial expression after beth falls is fishy. and why would they even show her reaction. why not the other cop. yes its a stretch, shouldnt at least one person see her raise her gun? i dont have an answer to that. thats why its a theory

3. it is reaching but there was no flash from the gun. they usually do a good job of making the firing of the gun realistic in that there is a flash or a small flame. there was none. i dont know if it matters or it will come up later but it doesnt add up that dawn shot beth.  

her death was not careless or for shock value there is a disguistingly evil master plan going on here. this is not the end of beths story…or maybe i just have blind faith that scott gimple and team know what they are doing…


milkbread  asked:

aaaa im sorry i couldnt find if u had a faq or if someone had asked you this before but where did u get that wig? or like the base wig to make it like that? cause lemme tell u ur noya is FLAWLESS just to let u know!!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You totally made my day!!!

This wig took a lot of work, actually, so I’ll do my best to illustrate my process!

This is the base wig I used:

It doesn’t look like a good Noya wig at first glance, but I really wanted a lace front wig. If you look closely, you can see a light layer of lace on the forehead. The reason I wanted a lace front wig is for the hairline. Lace front allows you to have a natural-looking hairline, so the contrast between your skin and the wig isn’t so sharp! They come with way more lace than you need, so you’ll have to trim it down to a length that works for you. (You can find this wig here, but it’s like twice as expensive as it was when I bought it in August. Idk why.)

Next, before I started cutting, I tied it back and started planning out the main spikes and such. I used some medium-hold styling mousse to help start the basic shapes. (Don’t judge the homemade wig head; my sister is a genius and made it for me because we both cosplay, and only have one real wig head between the two of us.):

I also turned it inside out and flipped the wefts (the lines of hair) so that they were facing upward instead of downward. This makes it easier to get Noya’s gravity-defying hairdo, without working against the wig itself:

Then, after trimming about two inches of excess length, I did some more defined spike-chunking:

Then I trimmed another half-inch or so, and started adding more styling mousse and hairspray! The mousse works best when applied to the base of the spikes, and the hairspray helped shape the actual spikiness. I held the wig upside-down when I sprayed, to get the maximum volume:

Then, I bought some hair extensions from Sally Beauty Supply (like this but blonde):

These are rad because you can sew them into your wig yourself, so you can get a ton of control over how much to add, and where. After I figured out how much blonde I wanted to add, I started shaping the bangs while they were still separate from the main wig. I used the medium hold mousse again, to shape the blonde spikes, and hairspray to lock it in once I had the shape I wanted: (Sorry the photo is so blurry :P)

Then, I sewed that sucker into the main wig, trimmed off the excess lace, and voila! $50 and two seasons of Ouran High School Host Club later, you have yourself a Noya wig! 

I know that was probably WAY more info than you bargained for, but I got really excited about answering this question! Hopefully it helped!

Let me know if you ever have any other questions. I’m more than happy to help!